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About Jim Rome

With over 20 years hosting the nation's top sports radio talk show, Jim Rome is known for his aggressive, insightful, rapid-fire dialogue. Perhaps the most prominent voice in all media, Rome is a leading opinion-maker covering sports, athletes, and pop culture. Between his radio show (The Jim Rome Show), CBS Sports Network daily TV show (Rome), and his monthly Showtime TV show (Rome on Showtime), he has become the preferred choice of athletes and fans (the clones) when it's time to know what's happening beyond the scoreboard.

Recent Guests:
Jun 29, 2015 - Wesley Woodyard
Jun 29, 2015 - David Aldridge
Jun 29, 2015 - LeCharles Bentley
Jun 25, 2015 - Jon Rothstein

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Old-school Content

War Ethan!

War EthanEthan, son of a Stucknut member, heroically fought Leukemia for 8 long, yet far too few, years. He inspired us all and will be greatly missed.

Please read more about Ethan here.

Best Caller in Jungle History

Who is the best caller in the 20+ years of the Jim Rome Show? We put together a tournament consisting of 32 callers that have brought the most smack, humor, and sports knowledge.

Download Bracket Printable Bracket        VOTE HERE!


Recent Takes
Jason in Redding - First time caller, gets hooked by Rome telling him his connection was bad, reads his script again (06/29/15)

Vic in Nocal calls to reflect on the Smackoff, gets run (06/29/15)

Gino in San Antonio with thoughts on the Smackoff, underwhelmed (06/29/15)

The Stucknut Takebox is a collaboration of over 6,000 Jim Rome sound bites, including every Smack-off since 1996, classic interviews, legendary calls, emails, faxes, texts, and tweets. The Takebox is the largest Jim Rome audio archive. To listen to current shows in its entirety, we encourage you to use the Jungle Insider.

2015 Smack-off Results

2014 Smack-off Results

1.Mike in Indy Mike in Indy
2.Mark in Hollywood Mark in Hollywood
3.Brad in Corona
4.Vic in NoCal Vic in NoCal
5.Steve Carbone Steve Carbone
Date of Smack-Off: June 27, 2014

2013 Smack-off Results

1.Mark in Hollywood Mark in Hollywood
2.Steve Carbone Steve Carbone
3.Vic in NoCal Vic in NoCal
4.Mike in Indy Mike in Indy
5.Chael Sonnen Chael Sonnen
Date of Smack-Off: June 14, 2013

Listen live to the Jim Rome Show On Air Now:
The Jim Rome Show
Phone: (800) 636-8686
Twitter: @jimrome


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June 30, 2015 07:05PM ET
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Home: Toronto Blue Jays
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