This day in wrestling history

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This day in wrestling history
« on: July 14, 2005, 09:09:09 am »
Well, it was yesterday, actually (July 13th), but this really should be noted.  IMO, possibly the greatest match in ECW history, and therefore possibly the greatest match of the 90s.  Had everything:

1996 - Shane Douglas defeats defending champion Chris Jericho, 2 Cold Scorpio and Pitbull #2 in a four way match to win the ECW World Television Title for the second time in his career. The match, held at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during Heatwave '96, is considered one of the all-time classics in ECW. The first elimination didn't take place until twenty seven minutes into the match, when Scorpio pinned Jericho with the Tumbleweed after a tombstone piledriver. Scorpio was eliminated by a Pitbull #2 Superbomb at the thirty-one minute mark. The finish of the match saw Francine turn on Pitbull #2, but ended up being Superbombed through a table for her efforts. Shane Douglas DDT'd Pitbull #1 (who ran in after Francine turned on Pitbull #2) on the Television Title belt, legitimately breaking his neck. Finally, after forty minutes of action, Douglas pinned Pitbull #2 with a belly to belly suplex to win the match and the title.

The recap doesn't mention that it was around 100 degrees INSIDE the ECW Arena that night.