TNA Turning Point Reaction

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TNA Turning Point Reaction
« on: December 10, 2006, 09:47:03 pm »
TNA Recap

Didn’t catch the preshow so I can’t report on it.

Match #1: PCS Challenge

As expected, Alex Shelley and Austin Starr went at it again. The match was solid but not great, lots of high flying moves as you would expect from the X Division with Vin Diesel err Senshi coming out on top. Afterwards Shelly and Starr exchanged words, hopefully they can meet up one on one someday.

Match #2: Bikini Contest

This was the dumbest thing on the car. I mean, what’s more pathetic. Robert Rhode informing Eric Young he can fire him or having Young look like he can believe him? I got sick to my stomach when Young finally stripped down to his thong, the crowd going nuts and then Young winning the battle. Afterwards, Rhode demanded that “Ms. Brooks” sign Eric young because “the fans love Eric young” and if he joins Rhode, the fans will love him. Personally, I just  wish they would let Rhode wrestle and drop the whole Ms. Brooks gimmick. Its lame and stupid.

Match #3: X Division title: Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin (Jerry Lynn special referee)

Very slow start, the fans started clapping trying to get it going but it did not for the first few minutes.  There were a few “lets go sabin, lets go daniels” chants as the crowd seemed to be split on who to cheer for. Daniels had a good move mid match where he hopped back into the ring and did a drop pick right through the ropes. The elbow drop from the top rope on Sabin was also nice. Match ended up with Daniels hitting the BME or whatever it is called. After the match Jerry Lynn wanted Chris Sabin to shake the hand of Christopher Daniels and Jerry Lynn ended up slapping Christopher Daniels after Daniels did not want the handshake. Wow. Stunning ending to an otherwise boring match.

David Eckstein and AJ Piersynzski nearly “came to blows”. I am not sure what that is all about. I’m sure management of the Sox and Cardinals was happy to see that.

Match #4: AJ Styles vs. Rhino

This is just an all out brawl. The match started on the outside with Rhino hitting AJ Styles with a pipe. The match then spilled into the crowd and I think I nearly saw a little kid get hit in all of this. During the middle of the match, well the part of the match on the outside, Styles threw Rhino threw a wooden wall on two separate occasions. Also during the match as Styles was going to clothesline over the railing, Rhino lifted him up and Styles landed back first onto the ramp.


Good parts of this part of the match include Rhino catching Styles off the top of the rail and having Rhino give a belly to belly suplex of Styles on the floor. This match also contained the first “this is awesome” chant of the night. 

WOW. WHAT A FREAKING ENDING. AJ Styles had everyone fooled that his knee was literally hurt after he took a back body drop off over the ring. After a few minutes, Styles all of a sudden ran back into the ring and got a quick 1-2-3. Sheesh.

After a short promo of VKM, Styles and Rhino reappear fighting with each other. Security quickly breaks this up. I’d

Match #5: Flag Match. AMW vs. the Latin American Exchange

As I prepared to watch this match, I have to wonder why in the world the Tag Team titles are not on the line as well? Also, for the year or so I’ve watched TNA, AMW has been heels, now all of a sudden they are faces?  One more thought, LAX’s music rules.

This match had some nice spots. Gail Kim gave a moonsault to Hernandes. Funny how Mike Tenay bitches about Konnan interfering but never mentions anything about Gail Kim. One of the guys from AMW took a back body drop into a ladder. Storm also took Homicide off the ladder and did a sunset flip. Homicide then did a diamond cutter type move off the top rope. Hernandes also went over the tope rope and leveled Jake Storm. Unreal. Match ended when the beer bottle meant to hurt AMW “backfired” allowing LAX to win. Personally, after spending a week in Canada, the last thing I wanted to hear was the Mexican national anthem.


First part of the skit features 4 cheerleaders coming out and getting their ass kicked. Lots of “DX” sucks chants at the beginning. Then the TNA version of the fat oily guy comes out, and its pretty freaking horrible. I think they actually found a worse fat oily guy then the one provided by the WWE.  BG James then went on his rant about how Vince McMahon wants to sue TNA for the parody. BG James then brings up the fact that Vince once had WWE invade WCW with a tank that was “bought illegally from the Iranians.” BG James then states he has a “million dollar challenge” with him and Kip James in an all out brawl with DX. Not a wrestling match, no angles, no spots, no finish, just men versus “you two pussies“. Kip then ask Vince to accept the challenge or you prove to the world that he is a “gutless piece of shit”

Match #6: Triple Threat Match: Sting vs. Christian Cage vs. Abyss (Champion) for the NWA world title

Horrible match for the most part. Nothing really great happened during the match. Sting did have the title won until Tomko interfered and pulled the referee out of the ring. Lots of “chris” chants at Abyss during the match. Abyss did hesistate for awhile as it seemed he did not want to slam Sting into the tacks. Abyss ends up getting a face full of tasks from Abyss. Cage then hits Sting with a chair. All three are in the ring and Abyss ends up giving a half ass finishing remover to Sting. Crowd is stunned, all the air is out of the building as the finish went terribly wrong and Abyss is still your NWA world heavyweight champion.

Match #7: Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe (last time, yeah right)

Before this match started, I was hoping that this match would save me from regretting ordering this PPV as it has not been as good as I thought it would. Angle controls the opening minutes before Joe gives him a back body drop onto the floor. Angle then gets control again and gives Joe several face shots into the steel steps.  Other good spots of the match included Samoa Joe attempting to do a belly to belly suplex over Angle but he ended up flipping angle on his chest. Angle then did his traditional 3 German suplexes on Joe. Joe goes for the clutch but Angle gets an ankle lock. Joe then kicks out of the ankle lock and kicks Angle. Joe then goes for the muscle buster and reverses it to the ankle lock again!!!!!!! Joe breaks the hold again and as Angle goes to the Olympic slam and Joe kicks out!! Angle pulls the straps off and goes for the ankle lock. Joe somehow reverses it and gets the Cohina Clutch on Angle. Before Angle taps he reverses the hold and gets the ankle lock on again!!! Holy crap what is going on. Joe then reverses it again and has Angle in the cohina clutch again. Ankle grabs the ankle and gets the ankle lock on and sits down on the ankle. Joe is reaching from the ropes and grabs ahold of the ropes forcing Angle to break the hold. Angle then puts Joe on the top rope and Joe head butts Angle. Kurt goes for the cover after the Olympic slam off the top rope and Joe kicks out again. Holy crap what a match so far. Referee goes down and Angle is tapping to the cohina clutch but the referee does not see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Low blow by Angle and Joe goes down. Angle then heads to the broadcast booth to grab a chair. Why are they doing this???? Angle misses with the chair and Angle ends up hitting himself.  Joe finally gets Angle in the cohina clutch again and Angle taps!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOE WINS THE MATCH!!!!
Well, definitely the Angle-Joe match saved the show. Overall 3 out of 5.