After Summerslam, i'm considering quitting following WWE

Author Topic: After Summerslam, i'm considering quitting following WWE  (Read 749 times)

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After Summerslam, i'm considering quitting following WWE
« on: July 29, 2005, 08:00:07 am »
I will be more than happy to comeback when they scrap the separate entities of Raw and Smackdown. There's too much of diluted product right now. The creative team is not doing a very good job. They are even screwing up the Michaels-Hogan angle. They could be doing a much better job. Then again, Hogan may not want to be on Raw every week wrestling every week. Remember the days when before a pay-per-view two guys would fued and end up attacking each other every week? Why don't we see this now?

What ever happened to tag team wrestling? Its a shame that's gone.

Raw's main eventors..Ceno, Jericho, and now (gulp) Carlito? do nothing for me. Shelton Benjamin is not a main eventor.

Over on Smackdown JBL and Orlando Jordan do nothing for me.

I'll watch Summerslam to see Michaels and Hogan brawl, but i'll have to see after that.

Whether or not Brock Lesnar comes back and has a fued with Batista will help my decision. I personally like the Undertaker and do not like the role he has to take in jobbing to Randy Orton.  Triple H may keep me around but we'll see. Its boring to watch, boring to follow.