Hulk Hogan's Interview with Larry King Recap

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Hulk Hogan's Interview with Larry King Recap
« on: July 29, 2005, 09:28:28 am »
Recap of Hulk Hogan on Larry King

Hulk Hogan was on Larry King Live tonight with Linda, Brooke, and Nick. In addition to promoting "Hogan Knows Best", here are the highlights.

- On Brock Lesnar's return. "I'd love to see Brock come back. He should've never tried out for the Minnesota Vikings. He's wrestled all his life."

- On WM18- The Rock is his boy and he was very surprised of the fan reaction he got.
"Oh yeah brother, my movies still kick ass than his dude! brother, brother, *holds ear to crowd, flexes juiced muscles*, brother, brother"

- On Summerslam and why Michaels turned against him- "I guess he wanted to try and get into the upper tier that he never achieved."? ?Are you kidding me Huckster?? An upper tier he hasn't achieved?? This guy gives more stupid quotes than Orenthal.? HBK has won more titles, been the first in more matches than you have.? Upper tier, this is just stupid!

-On Owen Hart's death- "The biggest tragedy ever to happen at a live event."
Gee I guess broadcasting 9/11 all over the world doesn't count as a live event.

- On making more movies- He may make another one soon with Lil Bow Wow.
Wow it sounds craptacular

Hogan promoted Summerslam, said he will be in Montreal soon, and they said he will wrestle on Raw August 8th in Pittsburgh. They showed alot of WWE clips past and present and even some WCW. They showed some clips of this week's "Hogan Knows Best" with Hulk at the Hall of Fame banquet and Wrestlemania 21. Everyone came across well. It was a good interview
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