HHH Gets Punk'd

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HHH Gets Punk'd
« on: August 15, 2005, 03:21:16 pm »
Rajah.com's recap of Ashton Kutchers prank on the Game:

In the show?s last segment, Ashton Kutcher broke out his wrestling persona ?The Farmhand,? while describing the prank they would be pulling on Triple H. Taking pages out of Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, and The Rock?s books, Kutcher acted tough and talked in a deep, Savage-like voice while threatening his stool and hurting his wrist and foot in the process. He called out Hunter Hearst Helmsley and challenged him to a steel cage match in the Punk?d Parking Lot. After hitting his stool a little more, he broke down the actual prank as being a set-up in which Triple H would break a girl?s nose at a wedding. He then ran down his list of accomplices: Stacy Keibler (whose name was spelled incorrectly as ?Stacey?,) Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (whose name was spelled incorrectly as ?Stephani,?) Mike as the groom, Sharon as the bride, Ian as the best man, Jon as the photographer, and Michael O?tool as the father of the bride. Kutcher then ripped apart his shirt Hogan style, though with quite a bit of difficulty.

Triple H and Steph were shown walking down a hall and into a room in an Embassy Suites to meet with Jon (the photographer.) They explained they were there for a Maxim Photo Shoot, to which Jon replied that they might be in the wrong place. Stacy was seen backstage with Ashton as they cued the bride while Hunter backed up to push the door open, since he was pulling his suitcase. The bride fell and immediately started acting hysterical. The best man, Ian, continually yelled that Hunter had slammed the door right in her face and got the groom to explain it to him. Triple H calmly explained that they came through the door at the same time while the best man exaggerated as much as he could, saying Hunter slammed it and that the bride was hurt. The bride was taken away and Hunter casually told the best man to shut up while he again explained the situation. The best man said he snowplowed it and Hunter said he would snowplow him in a minute.

Just then, the father was cued and walked up demanding an explanation. The groom called Hunter the ?Human Slam Dance,? and told the father he broke her nose. The father said the wedding was off and stormed off. Hunter then told the groom he would be happy to take care of it if the bride had in fact broken her nose. The groom ran down a list of hospital bills, other expenses, taking care of the best man, etc. The photographer walked up and Hunter motioned for him to get back in the other room. The photographer started talking about getting paid to Hunter and explained that he had other gigs he could be doing. Hunter told him to get in the other room and that he would deal with him after dealing with the groom and company. The photographer got on the defensive and asked if he would be paid and if Hunter was going to throw a door in his face. Hunter commanded him to go in the other room, which he did, and Ashton told him to yell back to Hunter, ?Maybe you should do push-ups or something to blow off some steam.? The photographer did, and The Game did not look happy. He tried to shut the stuck door and the others told him that he should be nowhere near a door. Hunter told the photographer to go in the other room and don?t talk, which got those backstage laughing.

Just then, the bride came up crying and saying that it was ruined. The groom told Hunter to stay away and the photographer said that they should take a couple of shots of it before the swelling went down. Hunter told him to go back in his hole and Ashton told him to take out his camera to take photos. Hunter told the bride he was terribly sorry as the photographer set up the camera and tripod right next to him. Hunter told him that he would have to pick it out of his ass if he didn?t go back in the other room and then angrily told him several times to go back in the other room and be quiet. The groom got on Hunter?s case about shoving the photographer around and told him that he was his ?best nightmare.?

Then Ashton and Stacy moved in. The groom turned Hunter around and asked him what they were going to do. Ashton said they were going to get punk?d and Hunter laughed, realizing what had happened. He shook Ashton?s hand and then threatened him. He closed by telling the camera, ?I got f***ing punk?d ?. hard.? Ashton told us to see him next season for more of the farmhand and wondered how he would get home without a shirt. The credits rolled and showed him goofing around with the very broken stool.
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