Excited and anxious I await my dream....

Author Topic: Excited and anxious I await my dream....  (Read 966 times)

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Excited and anxious I await my dream....
« on: March 31, 2007, 11:43:17 am »
To escape, applaud and embrace my team.
Opening day I always can trust,
It's just for this high that I crazily lust.

Return of our hero does brighten the days,
Just briefly my troubles get lost in the haze.
The grace from the field arouses the crowd,
Reflects on the days when I was quite proud.

I'm more entranced than the average fan,
I used to play, you see, and I know I still can.
That time I drove the ball with such loft,
My legs atop shoulders as they carried me off.

This pastime and I just fade into one,
Expanded upon from father and son.
My boy is young and awkward for now,
I just need the time and can show him how.

I really am quite close...just a break away,
From straightening things out and being OK.
I can help my team to regain it's glory,
With just a little twist to the same old story.

Players say now they play for themselves,
This causes a burning within me that dwells.
The fan's the one who pays for the game,
Which bestows all the riches and welcome fame.

The players will listen but really don't hear,
All the while just hiding behind an invisible tear.
I grow tired now of all this greed,
And chart a course to set things free.
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