"Chad Diss" Lyrics

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"Chad Diss" Lyrics
« on: October 24, 2007, 01:15:26 pm »


You want me on that mix,
You need me on that mix,
Because the clones out there,
They're feening for that fix
So give 'em what they want,
I'm game, and set to throw
Blows with any one of you chumps, so let's go

Chad, you got the karaoke machine ready?
Cuz from here to Oregon, the storm's coming real steady
Reverse the world on its axis with this precise practice
Dark clouds rolling westward via touchtone access
I don't speak without the smack vocab and quick jabs
You can ask my man Step, I roll up and smoke Chad
Blow 'em out like the Bulls did the Blazers in the Finals
I'm like a fresh 45, err, Jordan with the titles
You're like Sam Bowie, I just placed you on I.R.
This verbal ass whip is the harshest, by far
No musical samples, just my voice tearing you down
I just couldn't sit back and watch a jester wearing the crown
I didn't know about these parodies, it just occurred to me
Now I'm about to get racked, like Pamela before the surgery
Chad, you're playing minor leaguers!  So yo, fight fair
Cuz Mike in Wichitard's a scrub and J.D. doesn't care
It's like Shaq posting up two midgets on a double team
It's a little troubling, so here, take this pummeling
Courtesy of the 773, 312, 708
Served up on a silver plate.  ARRRRRGH!  Time for you to retaliate.

"Chad Diss"
(J. Sandoval Jr)
(C) 2007 Second City Sunz Entertainment
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Re: "Chad Diss" Lyrics
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2007, 01:58:13 pm »
Pretty clever lyrics, but they're hard to pick up on while listening to it on the air.

Also, it takes a couple of verses to get rolling.