For those who enjoyed Malovian Triplets as a part of death smack

Author Topic: For those who enjoyed Malovian Triplets as a part of death smack  (Read 2768 times)

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These are actually post-Elba. An Elban of yore, Bitter Pat and I have exchanged some triplets after noteworthy deaths over the last few years.

From Mal-
A pig drawing up plans to take over the world,
A police officer who kills flies with a Slinky and
Michael Jackson.
A plotting thing of slop,
A swatting spring of cop,
A rotting King of Pop.

A very skinny, ornately adorned wigger recovering from a gunshot wound,
An unhappy, devious  formally trained vocalist and
William F Buckley

A girthless, clotting white blinger
A mirthless, plotting sight singer
A worthless, rotting right-winger
A computer savvy janitor with an infatuation for the Auto Club,
A grocery bagger carrying male triplets fathered by Tom Cruise and
Jesse Helms.

A hacker with AAA on his broom.
A sacker with gay,gay,gay in her womb.
A cracker with KKK on his tomb
A male pig on a homicidal rampage after having sex with one of Santa's reindeer,
A drunken Norse god spewing saliva on a ballerina and
Tony Snow:

A Prancer diddled killing boar,
A dancer spittled swilling Thor,
A cancer riddled shilling whore.

 An autobiography of Leif Ericson ghost written by an epiphanous  canine
 A well thought of golf venue after a Leprechaun has taken a  dump on it and
 An inspired Rover typed Norse
 An admired clover wiped course
 An expired over-hyped horse

Johnny Ramone's guitar style,
A pungent mammal with peanut butter on his jewelry and
James Brown:

A riff thing of punk
A Jif bling of skunk
A stiff king of Funk
From Bitter Pat -
An ugly beer-drinking piglet with some stitches in its hide,
A gay cobbler, fvcking his chairmaker lover in the ass while watching his
  Espana cricket team complete its final innings and
Joe Niekro

A Lager-swilling suckler, plain sewn-out
A Bodger-filling buckler, Spain thrown-out
A Dodger-killing knuckler, brain blown-out
A communist tibetan monk who works on a porn set,
A Rastafarian taxidermist who works out of his home, and
Gerald Ford

A red existential fluffer
A dred residential stuffer
A dead presidential duffer

An underendowed reggae hair stylist,
A rappin' skinflint Commie and
Alan Hale

A flat dred clipper
A phat red gypper
A fat dead skipper
A convicted marijuana cultivator - the product of an oft-broken home
environment, taking a dump in jail?

A drunken Nazi goose-stepper and his comical underage butt-buddy, sodomizing a
former Lakers head coach and

Georgia Frontiere

A pot-spree tiller, squatting in a cell from a numerous split.
A lock-knee swiller, slotting in Del with a humorous git.
A scot-free killer, rotting in Hell from a tumor-ous tit.
A scared pleather-wearing Rastafarian, needlessly stealing away into a shed
A bad Irish doctor administering an epidural and...

Rosa Parks on her final ride in a motorcoach 

A dred whack frady, vinylly hiding in a shack
A med quack O'Grady, spinally sliding in a crack
A dead black lady, finally riding in the back
Mal, TVO. Throwing out the white trash.