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« on: March 10, 2006, 10:46:11 pm »
You guys gotta see these... these are funny as hell (and safe for work).  These were ads for the old Sega Saturn from Japan.
Some of the games look pretty damn sweet, despite being released for a dead system. World Cup 98 Winter Heat Wachen Roeder Soccer RPG (yes... they actually made one, not sure if there's an Orange Slice bonus round or not) The system commercial Sakura Taisen (aka Sakura Wars) Sakura Taisen (the longer version) Shinken Yu-ki (the guy got his own game!) Greatest Nine '98 Dragon Force 2 Deep Fear Baseball Team tsukuro (with Hideo Nomo!) Solo Crisis  Shining Force 3  Panzer Dragoon Saga Azel  House of the Dead  Sonic R  Bomberman Fight  Burning Rangers

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