Author Topic: Rome sure likes making fun of that old Nascar caller who was calling for him...  (Read 673 times)

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I have no idea what it's about other than some old guy called in and said he and his buddies were going to try to get Rome fired because he constantly messed up the names of their star drivers on purpose.  That call got played today at some point, 2nd or 3rd hour I forget.

i've heard him say several times the past few months "that call is maybe 16 years old and he's been dead for 15 of them" and "that guys probably long gone" 

Rome still gives no fvcks about that caller and I salute that  :lol

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Sounds like #bullying to me.

That can't be the case though as I Rome doesn't believe in bullying. 

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The real question here is.................whats a popsgeez? :popcorn
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If that guy was a potential interview subject, he would come at him differently.


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