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Re: Remembering Terrance
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"What about the space shuttle Neck fans?  That goes pretty fast.  That don't turn too much.  Why isn't that a sport?"


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Re: Remembering Terrance
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I go back to the 690 days. Knowing that one could easily assume that I am fond of the “old school” which is true.  However, I can tell you that I really do enjoy the “new” guys.  Brad, Mike, Leff, and even the golden ticket holders are all OK with me. I have no problem with Cablinasian winning 20 smackoffs in a row because he absolutely deserved it.  But I do have a special place in my heart for Terrance.
So many calls over the years that were absolutely entertaining.  The show requires a combination of Rome’s takes, interviews, good calls, bad calls, funny emails, horrible emails, etc to provide 3 hours of entertainment and Terrance was always a part of that.  I can remember our old Nextel phones going off on any given Friday with someone screaming “Terrance is on!” and everyone at work ran for a radio. If I was driving on the road I would pull over and stop. I was happy to hear Iafrate give Terrance a shout out in his smackoff call because Iafrate gets it.  Terrance always offered up some great sports takes which would seem appropriate on a sports talk show.  I don’t care how many smackoffs he didn’t win. That was one funny dude and I miss him.

Steve in HTown

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Re: Remembering Terrance
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