Bobby the Brain . . . DEAD!

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Bobby the Brain . . . DEAD!
« on: September 18, 2017, 03:16:44 pm »

Two days prior to Bobby "The Brain" Heenan's death, I'd searched for some vintage Shawn Michaels via the WWE Network at my youngest son's request. I settled on HBK's Intercontinental Championship defense against Tatanka at the notorious outdoor boondoggle that was WrestleMania IX in Paradise, Nevada. My boy, who's not yet five but has seen his share of Raw, Ring of Honor, New Japan et al alongside his man-child father, was enthralled by the clear stakes and constant movement. He'd all but tuned out the competing voices of Jim Ross and Randy "Macho Man Savage" as down-the-middle play-by-play man and baby-faced analyst, respectively, and probably paid no mind to third man Heenan's off-color commentary. Nor did I appreciate the Brain's droll contrast to his overeager counterparts as a kid tuning in to Superstars on Saturday mornings.

Do Rasslers even have managers anymore?
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Re: Bobby the Brain . . . DEAD!
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Brock Lesnar has an "advocate" in Paul Heyman.  I guess it's the same thing
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Re: Bobby the Brain . . . DEAD!
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Bobby the Brain and Gorilla Monsoon were the greatest wrestling commentator duo ever.   :koolaid

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