UFC 245

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UFC 245
« on: December 15, 2019, 12:01:37 am »
-Nunes vs de Randamie-
i gotta admit I like Amanda Nunes, I was surprised this went to decision. I want Amanda Nunes to close her thighs around my head and smash it like a watermelon. Figuratively not literally of course. But I will never get into a domestic abuse situation with her and that makes me sad

Hollywood Holloway vs Volkanovski
I was surprised this went to decision as well. Volkanovski found his range early, but it felt like Max was just building up a head of steam. He's a real gamer. But he didn't end up doing enough. Where were the takedowns? This was a slugfest. I'm not saying I want to watch men roll around naked but come on there's more to the sport than pugilism. Get your damn jersey dirty

Usman vs Covington is getting ready to start on my (delayed) stream, how about if this thread gets any responses from you guys maybe I'll share my thoughts on this match up later in the thread!
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