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UNC Basketball
« on: April 08, 2021, 09:44:03 am »
Effective last week Roy Williams retired after 18 years at his alma mater. Before coming back home Ol' Roy was @ Kansas where he won and won consistently but, the Natty was always out of his grasp. It was until his 3rd year (2005) in Chapel Hill when he finally got his first ring. 4 (2009) years later he did it again and his last came in 2017 (almost got it in '16 damn you Kris Jenkins!). Overall, Roy has had a great run and will no doubt be considered one of the best to ever be on the sidelines.

On Monday former UNC player, 12 year NBAer, former espn analyst and assistant coach Hubert Davis was announced as the new coach (they wasted no time). Hubert was the lead recruiter for UNC under Roy and as of now none of the current recruits have backed out of their commitment to UNC. Davis is looking to hire former UNC players as he wants to "keep it in the family" (Dean would be proud). I suspect that he is going to get away from the traditional UNC style (big frontline/2 guards "inside out" mentality) to a more shooter friendly style of offense.

Thank You Roy & Good Luck Hubert!
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