Question for the conservatives who believe Agent Orange about the insurrection


So which is it?

Are you lying?
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Are you stupid?
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2 (100%)

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Author Topic: Question for the conservatives who believe Agent Orange about the insurrection  (Read 96 times)

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Please answer before Tucker does it for you.  :lol
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This is peak Snaketard right here:

"tHey weRe pLanniNg to kiLL pEnce in TheiR inSurreeCtion!  And iT waS aLL orChestRateD by oRange Man!!!  AnD theY smaShed a coP's BraiN in wiTh an eXtinguiSher!!!!!"

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first person to vote, had to go with both  8)
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:lol Snake seriously has the intellectual maturity of a pre-adolescent.
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He's a broken tard. :lol
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