Jim Everett and Jim Rome Incident

Jim Everett Phantom Sack

During the 1989 NFC Championship game, Jim Everett anticipated a sack and collapsed to the ground to prevent contact from the defender. The play is known as the "phantom sack".

Jim Everett on Jim Rome's Talk2 Show

Jim Rome and the Jungle glossed Everett "Fred Astaire", for his ability to dance in the pocket to avoid contact, and Chris Everett, referencing female tennis player Chris Evert.

In 1994, Jim Everett was in studio for an interview on Jim Rome's tv show Talk2 on ESPN2. Within the first 30 seconds, Rome referred to Everett as Chris. Everett gave Rome a warning not to say it again implying that it could get physical. Rome didn't back down and called him "Chris" again. Everett overturned the table and pushed Rome to the floor. The entire incident took place while on the air.


The show producer briefed Everett before the interview mentioning that he would be called Chris Evert. Everett gave no indication that it would be a problem.

"He didn't directly apologize to me, but he seemed remorseful," Rome said. "He said as he left, 'I've had to put up with this stuff for three years in L.A., and I just snapped.'"

Nobody was injured and resulted in no legal action. Rome publicly apologized to Everett afterward and called it an embarrassing moment in his career.

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