The Kyle Streak

During 30 shows from August 1, 2011 to September 21, 2011, Jim Rome conducted an interview with a "Kyle". Jim took vacation August 19-26 in which the streak was put on hold. He interviewed 2 Kyles on September 8th.

1.Kyle Brandt (Producer of Jim Rome Show)8/01/2011
2.Kyle Vanden Bosch (Detroit Lions Defensive End)8/02/2011
3.Kyle Turley (Retired Offensive Tackle)8/03/2011
4.Kyle Orton (Denver Broncos Quarterback)8/04/2011
5.Kyle Lowry (Houston Rockets Guard)8/05/2011
6.Kyle Williams (Buffalo Bills Defensive Tackle)8/08/2011
7.Kyle Whittingham (Utah Utes Head Football Coach)8/09/2011
8.Kyle Kendrick (Philadelphia Philies Pitcher)8/10/2011
9.Kyle Petty (Retired NASCAR Driver)8/11/2011
10.Kyle Rudolph (Minnesota Vikings Tight End)8/12/2011
11.Kyle Lohse (St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher)8/15/2011
12.Kyle DeVan (Philadelphia Eagles Guard)8/16/2011
13.Kyle Maynard (Quadruple Amputee)8/17/2011
14.Kyle Cook (Cincinnati Bengals Center)8/18/2011
15.Kyle Kuric (Louisville Guard)8/29/2011
16.Kyle Schlicher (Navy Seals Trainer)8/30/2011
17.Kyle Kingsbury (MMA Fighter)8/31/2011
18.Kyle Spicka (Professional Paintballer)9/01/2011
19.Kyle McCarthy (Denver Broncos Safety)9/06/2011
20.Kyle Fogg (Arizona Wildcats Guard)9/06/2011
21.Kyle Macy (Former NBA Player)9/07/2011
22a.Kyle Wilson (NY Jets Cornerback)9/08/2011
22b.Kyle Busch (NASCAR Driver)9/08/2011
23.Kyle Efaw (Boise State Tight End)9/09/2011
24.Kyle Kosier (Dallas Cowboys Guard)9/12/2011
25.Kyle Cartwright (Pro Poker Player)9/13/2011
26.Kyle Weems (Missouri State basketball player)9/14/2011
27.Kyle Brotzman (Boise State kicker)9/16/2011
28.Kyle Williams (San Francisco 49ers Wideout)9/19/2011
29.Kyle Van Noy (BYU Linebacker)9/20/2011
30.Kyle Korver (Chicago Bulls Forward)9/21/2011