Jim Rome Smacktionary

Having trouble trying to keep up? Hear a reference or a nickname with which you're not quite familiar? Well here is where we can provide some clarity for your cloudy mind as well as some background on its origination/derivation.

To be sure, this is the "abridged" version, so if there's something that you KNOW is missing (not something you've made up and wish to add) check out the "Piehole" page and fire it down our way. Otherwise, be sure to know this page from top to bottom; as this will dramatically improve your chances at simultaneously having a take and not sucking.

But then again, you can't learn Karate from a book either... so no guarantees.

Smack Definition
A raunchy chick from the barrio pro tennis player Arantxa Sanchez Vicario for her not so good looks
aggro (adjective) to act aggressively in sports
Albucrackee Albuquerque, New Mexico affiliate
all that excellent, exceptional
All-Wonderlic (adj.) uniquely stupid (see Wonderlic) [modeled on All-American]
America's Bandwagon Cowboys [from America's Team (an established term for the Cowboys) and bandwagon (q.v.), with the Cowboys' success in the 90s]
America's Most Skilled Fat Men (adj.) A group of overweight athletes who are able to avoid injury, i.e. Cecil Fielder, Kirby Puckett, etc....in contradiction to rocked up athletes like Juan Gonzalez who continue to get injured.
American Chewy Child enticer and former Green Bay Packer Mark Chmura
amp s.o. out (to) excite s.o.; see also 'amped', 'amped out' shortening and modification of (to) 'amplify'
amped (adj.) excited; see also (to) 'amp s.o. out', 'amped out' [shortening of 'amplified']
amped out (adj.) excited; see also (to) 'amp s.o. out' 'amped' [past participle of (to) 'amp s.o. out (q.v.)'
anabolic (adj.) excited, energetic [shortening of 'anabolic steroids']
And how! Little Rascals quote from boxer Thomas 'hit man' Hearns.
Andre the Client Andre Agassi; see 'Client'; see also 'Andre the Pirelli,' 'Pirelli'
Androsteindione Bio-Cork
Arthritis Sabonis Retired Portland Trail Blazers center Arvydas Sabonis
AT&T Kittles Former Villianova now NJ Nets basketball player Kerry Kittles, for his involvement with illegal phone card use.
ATL (the) Atlanta affiliate
Atlee Glavine Tom Glavine [after Glavine's surrendering four runs in a one-inning performance in 1992 All Star game, matching Atlee Hammaker's similar feat in the 80's]
ATM Gary Payton (got held up with $60,000 in cash and jewelry on his person)
B-Lo Buffalo affiliate
bag (v.) - (to) criticize
bags (n.) - bases relating to a baseball field
Bahama Mikey Mychal Thompson, former NBA player and now Portland affilate talk show host. From his failed political attempts in the Bahamas.
ball and chain (n.) - wife, girlfriend, woman [U.S. and UK 20th cent. slang]"
bandwagoner fair-weather fan [from 'bandwagon', a political term for a suddenly successful political campaign, and its tendency to attract adherents]
bang (v.) - (to) criticize s.o. [perh. related to established (to) bang away at s.th.]
bang your monkey giving feedback to the affiliate program director (monkey) regarding the Jungle
bank (n.) - wealth, a large amount of money
Barrih Barry Switzer; see also 'Bozo', 'Bozo the Switzer' [imitative Southern pronunciation]
Barry Bones Bonds [from Bonds' wealth, see 'bones']
Barry Manilow [Barry Montana] Joe Montana; see also 'China Doll', 'Cult Figure' [based upon physical resemblance]
Basement (the) vacation time [Andrew Toney's description of his withdrawal from media scrutiny, i.e. 'I'm going to stay in the basement'; perhaps influenced by Mexico's southernly position and role as a vacation site], a place to obtain more bitterness, i.e. 'suck on some D-Cells'.
Battery Chuck Northern Californian; see also 'No-Cal', 'Water Hoarder' [from the perceived tendency of Bay Area fans to throw batteries at opposing players, particularly at those from Southern California]
Beach (the) Long Beach State [established slang]
Beano Powlus Beano Cooke (said Ron Powlus will win at least two Heismans)
Betty White NFL player Reggie White, referred to by fish hack Skip Bayless
Big Boy Jimmy Johnson (faxer likened him to Bob's Big Boy) - also Jimmy's Big Boy
Biggsy Rome's former producer and fax screener, Jeff Biggs; see also 'Fax Nazi'
Bill 217 Bill Walton, reference to page 217 of Walton's autobiography that rips Romey.
Billie Joe Gunrack Oakland Raider quarterback Billie Joe Hobert, for his red neck type tendencies.
Billie Joe Schwab Billie Joe Hobert [from the $50,000 Hobert received from boosters while at the University of Washington and spent on cars and guns], and the eponymous junk bond-selling brokerage house]; see also 'Billie Joe Gunrack'
Bitch (become someone's) to dominate another in sports
Bitter Percy Troy Percival - Attributed to his alleged consistency in being unhappy.
blast (n.) well-delivered smack 'to get off a blast'
Blob (the) A portly female sports radio host officially referred to as the Fabulous Sports Babe or unofficially the Flatulent Sports Blob. Currently unemployed.
blowin up (v.) - becoming popular, growing, thriving
Blue Hair (n.) - elderly person
Blue Line Robb Stauber [for Stauber's bold charges to the blue line]
Boat Race To become a sure winner during a competion. Comes from comparison to America's Cup where once one boat gets a lead the race is over.
bomb (the) (n.) - someone who is exceptional, talented, excellent
bone dollar; see also 'Barry Bones'
Bonecutter (n.) - resident of Tennessee [origin believed to be from Hank Bonecutter, Station Manager of the one-time Tennessee Affliate] see also 'Monkey'
Boner ex San Antonio Spurs coach Bob Hill, referred to as such by Dennis Rodman
Bones Barry Bonds; see 'Barry Bones'
Bones, Hideo Bones Los Angeles Dodger pitcher Hideo Nomo; see also 'Hideo Bones' [for Nomo's presumedly similar personality to Barry Bonds; see 'Bones', 'Barry Bones'
Bong Morris Bam Morris, NFL running back, for his arrest on possesion of marijuana.
Bozo the Switzer Barry Switzer
brass (n.) - to have courage
break off (v.) - in reference to breaking off a phone call, sending
Brick New Yorker, New York Knick, also collectively anything East Coast in origin [from the many brick buildings in New York, and the New York Knicks' poor shooting, i.e. they shoot bricks (established basketball slang)].
Brubaker Tom Osborne (called this because of his policing of his players)
Bugaha Omaha, Nebraska. see also 'Bugeater'
Bugeater Nebraskan, Cornhusker; see also 'Eye Gouger', original University of Nebraska nickname from the 1890's, before its revision to Cornhusker; influenced by baseball player and Jungle legend Rex Hudler who ate insects on a dare from his players.
Bulldog Joe Tutino, Executive Producer of all of XTRA, and formerly of Rome's show, see also 'Update King' and 'Greatness' [unknown]
Butch Marge Schott; nickname given to her by her father and used to describe her manly ways.
Butterknife Lee Hamilton; see also 'Hacksaw', 'Smacksaw' [a disparaging comparison to 'Hacksaw Hamilton'.
C-3POlerud John Olerud - For his choice to wear his batting helmet while playing in the outfield and stoic nature.
C-bus Columbus affiliate.
C-Town Cleveland affiliate.
Cap (to) (v.) - to shoot specifically, to kill generally
car fixer Green Bay auto mechanic, as referred to by Quinn in Green Bay
Carrot Top Dennis Miller - for his use of overused material (similar to Carrot Top).
Caysh n. <kaysh> 1. money [Taken from Cotton Fitzsimmons, who said his players need to ""caysh"" in on their free throws]
Charles Nelson Carbone Derisive reference to former phone screener Steve Carbone and his alleged asexuality or questionable sexual practices (Charles Nelson Reilly)
Cheating Dique Denver Rockies or Avalanche, from the Quebec Nordique hockey team who Denver 'stole'. The Rockies for their home field advantage of playing at the little league field known as Coors Field. See also 'Coors Canaveral'
Cheesehead Wisconsinite, Green Bay Packer fan [established; Wisconsin is long-established as the Dairy State]
Cheesesteak Philadelphian [a noted Philadelphian cuisine]
Chelly Chris Chelios, NHL player
Chernobyl Tommy Lasorda [for the manager's tendency to 'melt down' i.e., lose his temper; a reference to the 1986 nuclear accident.
Chimp (the) Pete Sampras; see also 'Gimp', 'Pete the Chimp', 'Pete the Gimp' [from Andre Agassi's remark on Sampras' supposed appearance]
China Doll Joe Montana; see also 'Barry Manilow, 'Cult Figure' [for Montana's supposed fragility]
'Chise (the) Cedric Ceballos [from Ceballos' claim to then being the Lakers' franchise player.
Chowd (n.) - Bostonian [shortening of 'Chowderhead' (q.v.)
Chowderhead Bostonian [from clam chowder, famed Boston soup]
Chris Everett Jim Everett (USAGE NOTE: archaic) [from Everett's Fred Astaire like performance as a Ram quarterback, influenced by Chris Evert, female tennis player] see also '(the) Incident'
Christine Christian Laettner [for Laettner's perceived womanly qualities, such as his on-court crying and whining at calls][also from ESPY awards ceremony where Presenter Racquel Welch mistakenly reffered to Laettner as 'Christine']
Chuckie Grudin Reference to John Grudin resembling 'Chuckie' doll from the horror movies 'Child's Play'
Chuck (n.) - Northern Californian; see also 'No-Cal' 'cigarette-lobbing' 'Water Hoarder' [shortening of 'Battery Chuck (q.v.) ] 'cigarette-lobbing. (adj.) Northern Californian [from Northern California] fans' supposed tendency to throw cigarette lighters at opposing players, particularly at those from Southern California.]
Chuckster Retired NBA player Charles Barkley
Chucky Kitaen baseball pitcher Chuck Finley whose wife is actress and former video vixen Tawny Kitaen.
Clank Fu Shaquille O'Neal (of the Lakers), 'Clank' being the supposed sound of his Non-Freethrowing Ability, and 'Fu' by association with the Video Game created featuring him, titled 'Shaq-Fu'
classic (interjection) - bravo, verily
Client (the) Andre Agassi - [from Agassi's numerous endorsements]
Clone an excessively imitative fan of Rome's show [clone: a genetic reduplication
Clone-Stock A gathering of clones at a sporting event. First started in 1995 by a small group of legends.
Club Ced Cedric Ceballos (from his 4 day AWOL status from the Lakers in 3/96, where he claimed he had family problems, and was found to actually have been waterskiing at Lake Havasu, Arizona) see also 'The 'Chise'
clutch (adj.) (interjection) - very good, bravo [established]
Cocaine Wayne football coach Wayne Fontes, for his prior cocaine possesion arrest
Coke Bottle Chicago Cub [from Cub radio announcer Harry Caray's thick eyeglasses, which are said to resemble Coke bottles]
Coke Machine Steve Howe [for his many relapses back into cocaine addiction]
come correct to indicate being forthright and honest
come hard (to) (to) perform well, to be aggressive [established]
Conan the Strawberrian Darryl Strawberry, sarcastic reference to his non-warrior mentality
Concur (interjection) 'I agree', verily [established, with subject omission]
Coors Canaveral for the 45,000-seat stadium's frequent homeruns] see also 'Williamsport' [The Pennsylvania town where the Little League World Series is played]
cornerback Deion Sanders in reference to his statement wanting the position cornerback to be know as 'Deion'
Correspondent (the) Wayne Gretzky [from Gretzky's biweekly calls to Rome's show during the hockey season]
cotton "(n.) - a t-shirt [from early Rome t-shirt giveaways (see 'sportsware')
Cotton Quitsimmons Phoenix Sun basketball coach Cotton Fitzsimmons who quit early in the 96/97 season
Crack Fu Shaquille Oneal, origin unknown, see also 'Clank Fu'
Crackwagon Dallas Cowboys, for numerous players with drug problems
Crapaha Omaha, Nebraska affiliate
Crapchester Rochester, New York affiliate
Crib (n.) - Stadium, playing field
Crumbs Jerry Krause [from Krause's supposed parsimony, i.e. he pays 'crumbs' [i.e. very little], also for Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf from Michael Jordan observing donut crumbs on his shirt.
Crying Irish Notre Dame fans, for their constant whining following losses.
D-Cup reference to USC football coach John Robinson's enormous breasts
D-Town Detroit affiliate
Dallas Crackwagon Dallas Cowboy football team, for excessive and consistent crack use.
Dark Gable Legendary faxer/emailer. Name came from a fax he sent in requesting Rome to choose a gloss for him from 5 choices. Ergo the name.
Day After (the) William of San Diego. a caller noted [for his destructive ""blasts"" and a 1980s post-nuclear apocalypse TV movie]
Deal with it! (interjection) expression denoting lack of sympathy or empathy.
Death Pool A list of athletes who appear headed for certain serious injury. Original pick was NFL quarterback Chris Miller for frequent concussions suffered on the playing field.
Deathstick (the) Shawn Bradley; see also 'Missionary Impossible; [by perceived physical resemblance to a golf club (see previous), influenced by Bradley's supposed poor play]
Dennis 'Oilscab' Boyd Dennis Oilcan Boyd; see 'Oilscab'
Desert Scrub Arizonan, or Arizona Wildcat [from the Wildcats calling their defense desert storm]
Detoxana Baiul ice skater Oksana Baiul, who crashed her car into a tree while intoxicated
Dick (the) Hideki Irabu, Japanese pitcher drafted by the San Diego Padres who demanded to play for only the Yankees
Diesel Shaquille O'Neal
Dionne Ewing Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks, for having 'manhole cover' like nasal passages similar to Dionne Warwick.
Diques NHL team the Colorado Avalanche, formerly the Quebec Nordiques (pronounce deek, not deeks)
Dirt Farm (n.) - The homestead of San Diego Charger Steve Hendrickson [so called by Hendrickson's inability to grow anything there]
Do not concur (interjection) 'Nay!' [established, with subject omission]. Do not agree.
Dog on a Stick see 'Hot Dog on a Stick'
dome your head
domed to get hit in the head by an object such as a baseball
Domer Notre Dame student, rooter [from the Golden Dome at South Bend]
Donkey In reference to Houston's program director that made an ASS out of himself attempting to eliminate the last hour of the Jim Rome Show. Needless to say this monkey got banged. Props to H-town clones for getting the monkey to rescind.
Donks/cheatin Donks Denver Broncos
Drone Clone in training
drops The doling out of those that have screwed up big; i.e. dropping the ball on something. The opposite of props.
drug test Sound drop formerly used on the show. An inquiry into one's state of mental health [a sarcastic assessment of an individual's sobriety.
ducat (n.) - ticket [established slang]
Duck Los Angeles Raider; see also 'Raiduh' [from Pepper Johnson's description of the Raiders 'They're just a bunch of Ducks!'; influenced by Howie 'Howard the Duck' Long]
Dude Mike Piazza, see also 'strongest man in SoCal' [though now in NY]
Dull Harris Del Harris, former coach of Los Angeles Lakers now Asst. coach for Dallas Mavericks. [Peter Vecsey's title in reference to his perception of Harris' personality, or lack thereof]
Dweller Jungle Dweller, or clone
E.T. Cassell NBA player Sam Cassell for his supposed...no, obvious resemblance to film star E.T.
Ed John Elway; see 'Mr. Ed' [for Elway's supposed equine resemblance]
Edmond Howard NFL football player Desmond Howard, for appearing to have more teeth than the average person.
Edna Nancy Kerrigan [a feminine form of Ed, and thus a reference to Kerrigan's perceived equine resemblance via 'Mr. Ed', particularly by virtue of her teeth.
eeeeerrrrr! (interjection) correction on the fly. Verbal acknowledgement of incorrect word choice while in the moment.
eject a means of aborting a weak take before being run during a phone call.
Eldrick Golfer Tiger Woods. Eldrick being his real first name, apparently in reference to him taking a break from the PGA tour because he was tired.
Eli Tim Wallach
Elvis Grabec Elvis Grbac, NFL quarterback, name mispronounced by Reggie White.
Enrico Gonzalez Shaquille O'Neal for his alias on a rap demo tape for a LA radio station. See 'Crack Fu', 'Hack Fu', 'Clank Fu', etc.
epic (adj.) excellent [established]
Escort Service (the) the Los Angeles Kings defensemen [for the Kings' supposedly porous defense, i.e., supposed tendency to escort its opponents to the net, and also its supporting role in protecting superstar Wayne Gretzky]
Eye Gouger Nebraskan, Cornhusker; see also 'Bugeater' [from Kansas State quarterback Chad May's account of his eye being gouged during a game against Nebraska on Oct. 15, 1994]
Fabio Eric Karros [from his supposedly attractive appearance and 1994 weightlifting; Fabio is a brawny, male model]
Facelift Otis Nixon, former baseball player, for his hideous grill, as in Rome saying 'why don't you mix in a facelift now and then?'
Farenheit 451 John Franco, Mets reliever who comes in during 'firefighter' situations only to torch the place, from book of same name, see also Gas Can, Backdraft.
Fat Antonio San Antonio affiliate, for being named as having the most overweight citizens in the nation in a survey.
Fat Farm (the) Angeles Clippers [from the many overweight Clippers of the late '90 s]
Fat Gilbert Green Bay Packer player Gilbert Brown, for his resemblence to Fat Albert.
Fatass Combovers with Fur Glued on the Face Clones trying to emulate the host who grow goatees thinking that it makes them cool like Rome.
Fax Nazi (the) Jeff Biggs; see also 'Biggsy' [for his role in rejecting entries in the Huge Fax of the Day contest (q.v.).
Fax of the Day (the Huge) (noun) Rome's reading of the most incisive and biting fax to his radio show [established]. Forerunner of present day email contest.
First Ballot Vince Coleman (Coleman said he's a sure bet to get in the Hall of Fame on the first ballot).
Fish (proper noun, singular, and plural) Miami Dolphin [well established]
fishhack (n.) - poor print journalist [combination of fishwrap (q.v.) and hack (q.v.); affected by Fish (q.v.), and Miami writers' perceived bitterness toward San Diego in the wake of the Dolphins' 1995 playoff loss to the Chargers
fishwrap A newspaper. see 'multicolored fishwrap' [well established]
Flamian A horrible caller named Fabian barely got on the air and flamed out (hung up abruptly). Later callers dubbed him Flamian. Now used as a generic way to refer to someone who does a bad short call 'a Flamian' or to end a call when its going badly 'I'm Flamian!'
Frank Lee Frank Gifford (Rome gives him his wife's last name)
Fred Astaire Former NFL quarterback Jim Everett (see Chris Everett) for having 'happy feet' or dancing in the pocket to avoid contact
Frenchies Former baseball managers and brothers Marcel & Renee Lachemann, rumored to have opened a bakery after getting fired in the same year.
Fresh Prince NBA player Robert Horry due to his resemblance to actor Will Smith
Fresneck Fresno, CA affiliate
game (n.) - see (to) 'have game'
gangsta (to go) to commit a violent act upon another athelete usually without provocation
Gangsta Hooper Van Exel, for shoving a referee and past violent behavior.
Gangsta Steakhouse NBA player Jerry Stackhouse, for his brawl with Jeff Hornacek, who took numerous unanswered punches to his grill.
geek (n.) - see 'rotisserie geek'
geeked excited, pumped up
get off (to) (to) perform well [perhaps by association with established (to) get off, (to) achieve sexual satisfaction or arousal.
get off on (to) talk 'smack' about s.o. (q.v.) [see previous]
Get out! (interjection) I disbelieve you! [shortening of 'Get out of here!']
get over s.th. (to) (to) 'face it, face reality'; see also 'Deal with it!' [established]
Gimp (the) Pete Sampras; see also 'Chimp', 'Pete the Chimp', 'Pete the Gimp' [from Sampras' lingering and frequent injuries, influenced by 'Pete the Chimp (q.v.)]
Gloss (n.) - Rome's idiolect; (v.) - see (to) 'run Gloss' [shortening of glossary']
go into the tank (to) to perform poorly; see 'tank' [established boxing slang]
go yard/yahd (to) (to) hit a home run [established baseball slang]
Goat Los Angeles/St. Louis Ram [demeaning comparison with Ram; influenced by the 'goat' of defeat].
Goateater Baseball player Kevin Mitchell, so called when players wondered what happened to a goat that the Chicago Cubs were using for good luck.
Godfather (the) Oakland Raider owner Al Davis [from Davis' supposed secretive, megalomaniacal role on his team]
go postal (to) To commit an act of violence, influenced by US Postal workers' frequent heinous acts.
Good night now! (interjection) I have definitively ended the discussion. [from a favored method of local host Lee Hamilton to end a supposedly inane phone call to his show]
Goodyear Kemp Shawn Kemp due to his tendency to gain weight in the off season...and during the regular season for that matter.
Gorge Foreman George Foreman, for being a talented fat man.
Gorge Steinbrenner George Steinbrenner, not so much for being fat as for his antics as owner of the Yankees.
grab a vine (to) see 'vine' [from Tarzan movies, et al., set in the jungle]
Grandmama Lou Holtz; see Granny Holtz; see also 'Coach Dye', 'Granny Clampet', 'Granny Faust' [influenced by marketing campaign for Larry Johnson and earlier ""Granny Holtz]
Granny Clampet see 'Granny Holtz'; see also 'Coach Dye', 'Grandmama,' 'Granny Faust'.
Granny Faust Lou Holtz; see Granny Holtz; see also 'Coach Dye', 'Grandmama', 'Granny Clampet' [from Gerry Faust, former Notre Dame coach who was promoted from Moeller High in Ohio]
Granny Holtz Lou Holtz
Gravy Train someone who exploits someone else's success
Gravy Train Woods Earl Woods, Tiger Woods' dad. For exploiting his son's success.
Great American Smack-Off A Once a Year Feature of the Jungle, in which only invited callers get to run their best smack for the title of King of Smack (q.v.). Those who are invited usually have SEVERAL Huge Calls of the Day. The first champion was J.T. The Brick (q.v.). Reigning champion is Jeff from Richmond
Great White Guppy Golfer Greg Norman, for his long history of choking in major tournaments.
Greatness Rome's former radio executive producer Joe Tutino; see also 'Bulldog' and 'Update King' [from Rome's praise for Tutino's facility in arranging for celebrity guest interviews]
grill face or facial features - also pronounced 'greel' after Eddie in Oklahoma City, a caller.
Grimace MLB manager Don Baylor [based on supposed physical and sartorial resemblance to the McDonald's figure of the same name]
grip to tense up, become nervous
Grizwald Kerry Collins, in reference to his spiritual backpacking mission.
Grizzly O'Donnell Quarterback Neil O'Donnell for his ridiculous facial hair growth during the 95 NFL playoffs - e.g. Grizzly Adams.
grudge mode (n.) extreme confrontation and bitter verbal aggression, as in 'to be in grudge mode', i.e., to practice same [established].
H&R Blockhead Darryl Strawberry, for his conviction on tax evasion charges.
H-Town Houston affiliate
hack noun) poor journalist or poor representative of any skilled profession. [established slang] see also 'fishhack'
Hacksaw Lee Hamilton; see also 'Butterknife', 'Smacksaw' [for his supposedly toothy and incisive analyses; influenced by 'hack' (q.v.)]
Hairdresser Cleveland Cavalier; see also 'Mistake-by-the-Lake' [for the team's perceived lack of physicality]
have game (to) (to) perform well [established]
head slap sound drop used on show. In reference to former NFL great Deacon Jones and his use of a head slap to opposing lineman to knock them off guard.
Hick (the) Jim Harrick; see also 'Stud', 'Jimmih', 'UC Harrick' [from Harrick's rural, West Virginian accent, perhaps influenced by spelling]
Hideo Bones see 'Bones', 'Hideo Bones'
Horra' (the) (interjection) Alas!, Woe unto you! [from a line in the film Apocalypse Now]
(Hot) Dog on a Stick (n.) - Rome's previous broadcast facilities [from a common mall restaurant, specifically the one located in the Fallbrook Mall in West Hills/Canoga Park, i.e. the facilities of KWNK 670 AM].
Howard the Duck Howie Long; see also 'Bosworth P. Duck', 'Pre-Jack' [from 'Duck (q.v.), and the film 'Howard the Duck'.
Hud-man Baseball player and Jungle legend Rex Hudler
huge (adj.) excellent, important [established]
Huge Call of the Day (the) (n.) - a rebroadcast of a caller's comments on Rome's radio show felt to exhibit the most definitive and denunciatory commentary [established; see 'huge']
Huge One (the) Jim Rome; [from an affectionate greeting used by many callers to Rome's show; see 'huge']
Huggy Bear In reference to NFL football player Michael Irvin's appearance in court on drug charges wearing a mink coat.
Hurrigangstas University of Miami football team, reference to their frequent number of off field arrests.
Ike Cox Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox, who was charged with beating his wife. In reference to singer Ike Turner who was arrested for beating his wife, Tina Turner.
Incident (the) (n.) - Rome's physical confrontation with Jim Everett on 'Talk2,' his ESPN show [from Rome's reluctance to discuss the event]"
irie (n.; pronounced /EYE-RAY/) marijuana, or marijuana user [from a variant pronunciation of a Caribbean expression, meaning 'all right,' 'how's it going?' or 'goodbye', used by 'Irie Craig' (q.v.) to describe his mood; reportedly the original Amerindian name for Trinidad, 'Iere']
Irie Bob Robert Parrish - for his alleged marijuana use.
Irie Craig a frequent caller to Rome's show [an admitted marijuana user; see 'irie']
Irie Jenny Jennifer Capriati [from her arrest and conviction for marijuana possession; see 'irie']
Irie Rider Basketball player J.R. Rider, who was arrested for smoking marijuana out of a Sprite can in a car.
Irie Sapp Warren Sapp [from the former Miami Hurricane defensive lineman's testing positive for marijuana during the 1995 NFL combine]
IROC A souped up Camaro that is a popular car among Italians in Rochester, New York.
Iron Abdul Malik Mike Tyson [from a combination of 'Iron Mike' (a Tyson nickname) and Tyson's putative Islamic name, Abdul Malik Aziz]
Iron Mike Abdul Aziz Ditka Mike Ditka [in mockery of Ditka's pugnacious image by associating him with a nickname for Mike Tyson; see 'Iron Abdul Malik']
Isiah McGyver NBA player Isiah Rider, for making a bong out of a Sprite can.
J.R. NHL Hockey player Jeremy Roenick
J.T. The Brick Legendary caller to the Jungle, winner of the first 'Great American Smack-Off' (q.v.). Now presumed to be banished from the Jungle for using his new found fame to score his own Sports Talk show on a competing Sports Station in the Los Angeles Market.
Jabba the Popovich Reference to NBA coach Greg Popovich's likeness to Jabba the Hut, grotesque Star Wars character.
jack money, cash
Jack Plummer Stadium (n.) - see 'Plummer Stadium', Qualcomm/Jack Murphy Stadium
jacked (adj.) excited [from the lifting device]
Jackie Robinson wanabee Delino DeShields, for his high leggings similarity to Robinson, also referred to as 'Delino the whino'.
Jacoby (n.) - attorney, lawyer [from 'Jacoby and Meyers' a law firm advertised on TV]
Jail Blazers Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA, for having a lot of players get arrested for various acts
Jake(s) Someone or a team that does not live up to expectations.
Jeff Evel Kent-ieval Jeff Kent for his 'denied' motorcycle wheelie accident resulting in broken arm.
Jerrih' Jerry Jones [imitative Southern pronunciation]
Jimmah's Big Boy Jimmy Johnson, Dolphin Coach, for his resemblance to Bob's Big Boy.
Joe Table Baseball pitcher Jose Mesa, a play on the literal English translation of Jose Mesa.
Joey A big gut, gloss from Rex Hudler.
Juan Antonio Samasex Olympic president Juan Antonio Samaranch for his trading of Olympic favors for sexual favors.
juice (n.) - enthusiasm, manliness [cf. 'juice' as 'electricity'
Jungle Dweller (n.) - a frequent telephone contributor to Rome's show [cf. 'Jungle; Dweller': established]"
Jungle Karma (n.) - The presumed karmic aftereffect of an athlete's either fulfilling a commitment to appear on the show (thus positive) or neglecting same (thus negative) [established]
Jungle (the) Rome's listenership and its attitudes [from the presumed Hobbesian world of sports, where only the strong survive]
Junior Dangerfield 'Because I get no respect, I'm tellin' ya', no respect'.-- Ken Griffey Jr.
Jurassic Evans Reference to the age of NFL quarterback Vince Evans, who at 40 played for the Raiders.
Kareem Abdul Jabeer Former NBA star Kareem Abdul Jabbar after he did a beer commercial much to the disrespect of Muslim law.
Karma (n.) - see 'Jungle Karma' (the)
Keyshawn Jones Keyshawn Johnson (Holtz referred to him as Jones before the '95 meeting of USC and Notre Dame)
King of Smack Jim Rome; [Rome's titleship for the 'ultimate' King of Smack] 2. Winner of the Smack-Off, a annual contest among callers.
knock (n.) - home run [established baseball slang]
Kornhole espn's 'cool guy', tony kornheiser. Oblique reference to Beavis and Butthead.
Ku Klux Kleveland Cleveland affiliate
Lachemen Bakery (the) a fictional business enterprise for fired major league baseball manager brothers Renee and Marcel Lachemen.
Ladies' Line (the) (n.) - a phone line to Rome's original radio show, (619) 543-8070, reserved for female callers, or at times for specific topics [established]
late goodbye, short for 'later', see also 'out'
Launch Pad (the) Coors Stadium; see also 'Coors Canaveral' [from the frequent homeruns at the Colorado Rockies' stadium]
Leatherface Dennis Conners, famous sailor (America's Cup) for his weathered grill
Left Turn Only Circuit NASCAR auto racing, in reference to oval track
Legend A superior caller or faxer to the show, also an athlete who is an entertaining guest on the show.
lid hair, or covering on one's dome (head)
Like Wall Rome's fax screener Travis Rodgers (now producer), hired in 1995
(Lil') Whoadie <Whoa'-dee> (n.) - partner, companion, a follower. ie. Tonto was The Lone Ranger's lil' whoadie. Watkins is Rae Carruth's lil' whoadie.
Little Mermaid (the) David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs. In reference to his favorite Disney movie and being labeled a 'soft' player.
Little Michael Television sportscaster Ahmad Rashad, for sucking up to Michael Jordan in various interviews. In reference to the television commercial with Penny Hardaway and the fictional 'Little Penny'.
Lizard Eater (the) Anthony Smith [from Smith's consumption of an Oriental concoction for strength, which is said to contain dried lizard]
Lo-Cal (n.) - San Diego, a San Diego (or area) resident; see also 'Bolt' 'Swap Meet' [from certain San Diego callers' to be called 'So-Cal,' by virtue of its association with Los Angeles and its environs; affected by 'lo-cal' as shortening for 'low calorie' and 'lower California'
lob s.o. a bone (to) pay s.o. money
lob s.o. a phone call (to) (v.) - telephone (to)
Lombardi Fontes Wayne Fontes (since he thinks he is the greatest coach of all-time)
Lorenzo Mourning NBA player Alonzo Mourning after a caller referred to him as Lorenzo
Low-Jack Jack Pierce [from the eponymous auto-theft detection device, which helps retain supposedly lost objects, such as Pierce's estranged tennis star daughter Mary, who has ordered her father out of her life]
Manslaughter Seattle Seahawk football team, reference to Brian Blades shooting incident
Marlboro Man Vlade Divac [from Divac's chain smoking]
Martin Martina Navratilova [from Navratilova's perceived manly disposition]
Marty McCaysh Marty McSorley [from McSorley's lucrative 1993 signing with the Pittsburgh Penguins]
Marvin Freeman sound drop of a crying baby used on show, in reference to the former Colorado Rockie pitcher who suffered the worst Jungle Karma ever by giving a obscene gesture, throwing a ball at Romey, and crying into the microphone during the San Diego World Tour stop. After said incident, Freeman went on to pitch horribly and was released a month later.
Mausoleum (the) The Los Angeles Coliseum [for its sparse and non- demonstrative crowds]
McGee Willie McGee, for his resemblence to E.T. the Extra Terrestial
McMeat boxer Peter McNeeley, [from McNeeley's long shot 1995 fight with Mike Tyson]
meltdown (n.) - an act brought about by loss of temper or anger. (v.) - to lose control
Mensa (n.) - an individual who believes themself to be a smart person, but in reality proves to be very dumb. (influenced by the Mensa Club, a well known organization requiring a high IQ for membership)
Mexican Myopian (The) Julio Caesar Chavez (he thinks he still has game)
Milk Carton Jeff George [a ""missing child"" during his 1993 holdout from the Indianapolis Colts' camp]
Missionary Impossible Shawn Bradley; see also 'Deathstick' [from the 60s TV show 'Mission Impossible' and Bradley's two-year Mormon mission before his supposedly disappointing NBA career; from Pete Vecsey]
Mistake-by-the-Lake (the) Cleveland, or a Cleveland team; see also 'Clown' 'Hairdresser' established; by the city's proximity to Lake Erie]
Mobile Clone Clone who always calls the show with a take using a cell phone and/or who listens to the show in the car, unable to pick up the station anywhere else.
moellered To be intoxicated. From football coach Gary Moeller's incident where he was drunk and told the police to 'take me to jail boys' rather than take a taxi home.
Mohamar Spurrier Steve Spurrier - for his terrorist like tactics of running up the score against opponents.
Money Ramirez In reference to Manny Ramirez turning down $117 million dollars from Cleveland.
Monkey Any of the Program Directors at the Affiliates, who think that they know better than the Jungle Fans. Best known for cutting the length of time (down from 4 hours) that the Jungle is heard on a given affiliate, thereby angering the Jungle Fans.
Montanalow Joe Montana (mixing Montana and Manilow)
Monty Doubtfire Colin Montgomeries alleged resemblance to Mrs. Doubtfire moratorium. An edict by Rome to stop the discussion of a particular topic or term on the show.
Mule Baby Rex Hudler's child in reference to Hud saying on the air that his son was 'hung like a mule'!
Multicolored Fishwrap (The) USA Today [from USA Today's colored layouts]
Mutt (the) Marge Schott [from Schott's supposed canine appearance]
Myopian (n.) 1. Los Angeles Raider fan 2. any other overoptimistic fan [for (Raider) fans' perceived misplaced optimism and shortsightedness]
nad (n.) - see nads
Nanny Stopper Reuben Patterson - cross referencing his rape of his Nanny and his self-proclaimed 'Kobe-stopper title'.
nads (n.plural) - manliness [shortening of 'gonads']
Nasty Kersey Jerome Kersey - For when he played with the Lakers yet had an inability to shave his head completely...leaving a bumpy, nasty, flaky scalp.
neck Red neck, a member of a middle America affiliate.
Neck Moines Des Moines affiliate
Neck-Car Nascar auto racing
Neckaha Omaha affiliate
Neckbonics The language of red necks, see the Neck Gloss page.
Neckford Medford, Oregon affiliate, for its rural location and timber community.
Nextra San Diego affiliate, coined by Terence of Sierra Madre and a streak of bad programming moves.
Nickel Hardaway Anfernee Hardaway [an ironic reference both to Hardaway's 'Penny' nickname and his supposedly outrageous salary demands].
Niiiiiiiiiiice refers to someone or something being overly pleasant or good.
Nintendo Griffey Baseball player Ken Griffey for playing the game so effortlessly that it looks like he's playing a video game.
No-Cal (n.) - Northern California, Northern Californian; see also 'Battery Chuck, 'Water Hoarder' [shortening]
Nooshler Baseball player Will Clark, Nooshler being his middle name and in reference to several bad interviews with Rome.
Norwood Vee Crapchester's monkey Barry Vee, reference to Vee's inability to bring a tour stop to Crapchester and getting punked by Portland. Scott Norwood was the kicker for the Buffalo Bills who missed a field goal that would have won the Super Bowl.
Nug Pup (n.) - Denver Nugget [patronizing diminutive of 'Nugget' and 'puppy']
Nutty Professor (The) Former NFL head coach Dennis Green, reference to the Eddie Murphy movie character who kept getting fatter and fatter.
Oilscab Also Dennis 'Oilscab Boyd'; Dennis 'Oilcan' Boyd [for his readiness to cross the picketline of the 1994-5 baseball strike]
Oksana Moeller Oksana Bauil for her drunken forays on the Connecticut highways. See 'moellered'
Old Keller Jim Kelly, Buffalo Bill quarterback, who should be taken out back and shot like his literary counterpart.
Olden Bear Jack Nicklaus, for thinking he can still win the Masters way past his prime.
Oliver Stone (n.) - person prone to believe in conspiracies [from Stone's supposedly paranoid film JFK.
oooh beggie! Quote from Thomas Hearns during a interview, see also 'and how'
Orenthal (n.) - O.J. Simpson 2. Adj. to explode with rage, see 'meltdown'
out (adj.) finished, done [shortening of 'out of here']
overdue library book Transplant who needs to return where he came from.
P-Town Portland affiliate
Pasty Gangsta (the) John Stockton, for his ruthless cheapshots and thuggery on the court.
Patna' <pot'na> partner. This is in reference to Houston's program director for trying to mess with the Jungle's 3rd hour.
Patty the Drunk A caller who called up while drunk and brought an onslaught of John Daly, and Wade Boggs takes. A.K.A. 'Patty From Modesto'
Penthouse (the) Rome's broadcast center on Sunset Blvd., near the ESPN2 studio [from the building's height, and Rome's recent wealth and success]
Pete the Chimp Pete Sampras; see 'Chimp'; see also 'Gimp, 'Pete the Gimp'
Pete the Gimp Pete Sampras
Phone Slap Upgraded from Phone Boy; reference to former caller Steve from LMU and then Call Screener Steve Carbone. Nickname was given to him by then Jacksonville linebacker and Jungle Contributor Jeff Kopp. Rome eventually changed it to Phone Man after fix was in during '98 smack-off, -ERRR Steve nutted it up and won the '98 smack-off.
piehole mouth
Pimp in the box Jim Rome's self gloss, from a caller who said he was a 'pimp for the NHL', 'box' being gloss for a radio
Pinocchio Randy Smith, former Pads GM, for promising that SD wouldn't trade McGriff of Sheffield, and then doing it.
Pirelli see Andre the Pirelli
Pitching Screen Former Los Angeles Dodger Billy Ashley [for his presumed poor defense, i.e., fans in left field have need of same]
Pizzafaceavich San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich, for his pock marked facial features.
Pleamaker (the) Micheal Irvin, a play on words of his self-titled 'play maker' nickname for his plea bargin agreement relating to criminal charges.
Plummer Stadium Jack Murphy Stadium [from 49er (and former Charger) Gary Plummer's imitative Sandersesque claim before a November game in San Diego, i.e., that his team would win there as it was his 'house'.
Pockavich Greg Popovich, NBA basketball coach, for his pock marked grill
Point-Two-Three (.23) Then Seattle Seahawk Coach Dennis Erickson [from Ericson's reported blood-alcohol level after an April 1995 DUI arrest]
Ponies (the) (n.) horseracing [established]
Popeye Da Raidah In reference to the resemblance of the grimacing face of former Raider coach Jon Gruden to Popeye the Sailor.
Pork Bay Green Bay affiliate for their reputation of having fat citizens.
Pornakouva Mediocre tennis player, Anna Kournakova, known more for her looks than athletic ability.
postal <poast'ul> (v.) - To commit a senseless violent act. Derivation is from the reputation of US Postal workers to commit said acts. 'To go postal'
Pre-Jack Howie Long; see also 'Howard the Duck', 'Bosworth P. Duck' [for Long's frequent fourth-quarter offsides penalties in a 1993 season playoff loss to Buffalo, and 'premature ejaculation'
Props To give credit or accolades to
Prozac Dennis Rodman [from Rodman's supposedly fragile mental health]
punked To get beaten badly or disrespected
Quittick Bowe Boxer Riddick Bowe, who joined the marines only to quit 3 days into boot camp.
R.B.S. Runaway Beak Syndrome, an affliction suffered by many, namely Stefi Graf.
rack (to) (v.) to save a call that is exceptionally noteworthy; Huge Call potential. (n.) the place that you sleep, i.e. bed.
rag (n.) - T-shirt or clothing item in general.
Rat Family Group of athletes or ancillary sports figures who resemble members of the family rodentia.
reaction (n.) a response from clones to a Jim Rome take; derived from an impression of Lee 'Hacksaw' (e.g. 'Smacksaw', Butterknife) Hamilton.
Riles The Calculator Pat Riley, for his botched 1996 free agency deal miscalulating his available salary cap room for a player.
Riles the Dictator Pat Riley (he controls every aspect of his player's lives that he can)
Robitussin Marcus Camby, for passing out due to cold medicine...allegedly.
Robo-Fat Hefty football coach John Robinson
rock (the) basketball or football
Rockhead John Rocker
rope (n.) - solid straight-forward smack. Taken from slang for baseball line drive.
rotisserie geek (n.) - overzealous fan of fantasy sports (i.e. rotisserie)
Rounding Third (reset) Satiracal reset of a fax that read 'remember when Pete Rose rounded third and took out Gene Tenance' when actually it was Ray Fosse.
run gloss (to) (v.) - use Rome's vernacular/dialect
run smack (to) (v.) - boast, taunt, ridicule
Sacacrapo Sacramento affiliate
Sadaharu Henderson Rickey Henderson, for when he threatened to go play in Japan if he didn't get his contract renegotiated
San Loser Abysmal San Luis Obispo, CA affiliate, in reference to their weak takes.
Satan Bettman Gary Bettman [for Bettman's supposedly evil influence on ice hockey in ordering the 1994-5 NHL lockout]
Satan Reinsdorff Jerry Reinsdorff, owner of the Chicago Bulls and White Sox, for his contribution to labor strife in the NBA and major league baseball.
Saturday Scrub (the) [from Rome's previous stints on Saturday afternoons]
Saving Private Cryin In reference to Cryin' Leaf's need to be rescued from the terrible depths to which he sank.
scavenger (n.) a listener to Rome's show who desires giveaway items [in mockery of the listeners' supposed greed.
schlong The popular redneck haircut; short in front, long in back. Also called a 'mullett'.
schmack "(n.) alternative form and pronunciation of 'smack (q.v.)' [influenced by Yiddish oral formula, i.e. 'schm' prefix]
Scoreboard! (interjection) 'The final score negates your argument' [used as a rebuttal to postgame complaints of bad luck, poor officiating, etc.]
Screwtown Buffalo (for obvious reasons)
Script-Fu A caller that is reading, for former fax screener Chris Anderson who later called the show and was caught reading his take.
scrub (n.) substitute, 2nd stringer; also 'scrubby' [established].
scud An effective on-air critique on Rome's show [from the Iraqi missile used in the Gulf War]
Self-Employed Model Prostitute, or what Michael Irvin claimed was in his hotel room when he was busted for possession of controlled substances.
Serta NBA player Elden Campell, for appearing to be half asleep when he plays (i.e. Serta mattress)
Shaq Fu Center Shaquille O'Neal; see also '(the) Tropical Clank with Attitude' [for O'Neal's foul-laden martial play, and kung fu.
Shashank Graf Stefi Graf's father Helmut, who has spent time in prison for tax evasion.
Shim Dennis Rodman, for his cross-dressing appearances; combination of 'she' and 'him'.
sick (adj.) unbelievably good, as in 'So good it's sickening.'
Skippy Football coach Rick Neuheisel, for his preppy looks.
Slam Man Jay Mohr of 'Beyond The Glory' and 'Mohr Sports' fame.
smack (n.) - sports talk in a gloatful, uninhibited or unbridled manner; (to) run smack [influenced by established meaning: hit, blow]
Smacksaw Lee Hamilton; see also Hacksaw, Butterknife [rhyming slang with Hacksaw; influenced by ""smack (q.v.)
So-Cal California, Southern Californian [shortening]
Soup Old huge call of the day prize, weak substitute for cotton, relates back to Romie the Client.
Specialist (The) Vince Coleman (refers to the Sly Stallone movie about an explosives expert, and Coleman's incident with a firecracker after a game).
Speed Bag Robin Ventura, who took a barrage of punches from Nolan Ryan
squat established slang, euphemism for fecal matter. i.e. "You ain't 'squat'."
squid (n.) - journalist [for ink that both secrete]
Stalag Coughlin Tom Coughlin ( refers to his boot camp mentality with his then expansion team Jacksonville Jaguars)
Steaks RBI's
sticks legs, limbs. In baseball: bats
Stud (the) Jim Harrick [from Harrick's greeting to Rome: "How ya' doin' stud?"]
Sucramento Sacramento affiliate. Also 'Sucramentucky'.
Swap Meet (the) San Diego Padres; see also 'Lo-Cal' [from the supposed bargain-basement prices at which players were traded in 1993]
Sweet Dougie Gilmour Doug Gilmour [an ironic description of Gilmore's pugnacious character, influenced by his supposed baby face]
T-Bone Monica Seles [from Seles' being stabbed with a steak knife in 1993]
T-Brick Tamara the Brick, former caller who Rome bet that if the Knicks lost in the 94 Knick/Rockets NBA final she would never be allowed to call the show again. Knicks lost and Tamara has not been heard from since.
T-Rodge Travis Rodgers - Producer of show
tank (to) (to) perform poorly; see (to) go into the tank [established boxing slang]
tank (the) (n.) expired broadcast time, as in 'That's two hours in the tank.'
Teflon (also 'Teflon Man') Terry Donahue, ex-UCLA football coach, for having a job despite sub-par seasons.
'that's whack' Sound drop on the show, taken from Shaquille Oneal's rap album and is used on the show to describe disagreement or incredulousness. Popular sound bite features ex-Laker head coach Del Harris attempting to say it.
(The) Lizard Dusty Baker - for his excessive lip licking tendencies.
'The Mayor' Caller, Dave from Poway. His vocal inflections and seeming age sounded akin to a political figure, i.e. mayor.
Thump Carl Everett (for his bible-thumping personality and attitude, and for his antics pushing and 'thumping' an ump in the now well-publicized incident where he argued over the batter's box rules)
tight (adj.) - Economic in motion, energy or resources. Good and/or pleasing in nature [established slang]
Tracy Chapman Perkins Sam Perkins, retired-NBA player. For his Afro hair style similar to singer Tracy Chapman.
Tragic (also: Tragic The Myopian) Earvin 'Magic' Johnson, for his on and off retirements from the NBA and addiction to publicity.
Trailgangstas Portland Trailblazers, in reference to the large number of players on the team who have been arrested.
transplant (n.) any non-native ending up in another market yet roots for original home teams [from established sense of transplant].
Tripod Former Charger Steve Hendrickson's dog, whose leg was shot off for unknown reason.
Tropical Clank with Attitude (the) Laker center Shaquille O'Neal; see also 'Shaq Fu' [for O'neal's preference to warmer climates [Orlando/Los Angeles].
'tucky' Suffix. Neck place, such as Fontucky (Fontana in SoCal) or Albutucky (Albuquerque).
Tysonitis Malady where one has the sudden urge to eat the children of others (ref: Lennox Lewis, "I want to eat his children")
Ultimate Marble Cutter Ex-NFL player Randall Cunningham, juxtaposing his S.I. cover title "The Ultimate Weapon" and his hobby of marble-cutting.
'Unbeebable' From a quote by golfer Jumbo Ozaki, 'Ohhhh, unbeebable!' when asked about Tiger Woods Masters win. Made fun of because of bad enunciation. Is now usually played after Huge Calls Of The Day.
Update King Rome's former executive producer Joe Tutino (sp.); see also 'Bulldog' and 'Greatness' [Tutino provides news updates during Rome's show]
USS Consultant Bill Parcells, for being named consultant instead of head coach to the New York Jets in an attempt to avoid a one year ban from coaching in the NFL after leaving the New England Patriots. Oblique reference to his portly figure.
USS Parcells Football coach Bill Parcells, for his rather large girth.
Van Smack Jim Rome; see also (for Rome) 'Huge One', [from their mutual enjoyment of boastful, demeaning speech, affected by Van Exel's name] 2. Nick Van Exel
Village Idiot (The) Ruben Sierra (Tony La Russa called him this after he made some stupid comments)
Ville (The) Jacksonville affiliate. Also, 'J-Ville'.
vine (n.) entree into the 'Jungle' (q.v.). Relates to 'Jungle' metaphor of show, callers use a 'vine' to swing through the Jungle i.e. give their takes.
Vlade (go) (v.) (vloddy) 1. to quit, reference to basketball player Vlade Divac's tendency of lackadaisical play n. (vlayde) 2. Reference to Vlade Divac in general and his flop around style.
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