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Silk Brah responds to the Udonis Haslem interview, front line workers are more isolated 04/03/20
Deep Dive: Look back at the Tiger Woods saga in 2009, interview with Robert Lusetich, calls from John in Houston, Dan in Spokane, and Parody Larry 04/03/20
Bernie Ecclestone is 89 and has a pregnant wife, his first kid was born in 1955 04/03/20
Calls from Spencer in SLC (Bisping podcast), Casey in LA (OJ is looking for the real killers), and Dan in Michigan (wants Cam Newton on the Lions) 04/02/20
OJ Simpson has a take on the Carole Baskin husband disappearance 04/02/20
Mike in Vallejo talks Chick Hearn, UFC and Michael Bisping 04/02/20
Nick in Atlanta is a Patriots season ticket holder, wants Cam Newton 04/02/20
Matt in Vancouver appreciates Rome bringing it, not talking rasslin and rodeo 04/02/20
Deep Dive: Look back at Brett Favre's Jungle moments, interview with Jeff Pearlman 04/01/20
Geoff in Lincoln gets run for responding to Parody Larry, another beef that nobody wanted 03/31/20
Extended Beef - Matt in LA responds to Jeff in Southfield, Dan in Michigan on the Detroit Patriots 03/31/20
What's Your Beef? #27 - Call from Parody Larry 03/31/20
Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Matt in LA 03/31/20
Mike in Camarillo met MC Hammer at an airport bar in the 90's, chatted about Chris Webber 03/30/20
Dan in Michigan doesn't believe that Carmelo's life would've been different if drafted by Pistons 03/30/20
Jimmy Johnson with stories about Janis Joplin, Terry Bradshaw, and Barry Switzer 03/27/20
Cal in the 906 invites Rome to Upper Michigan, Search Results Web results Yooper's are fat Canadians, stumbles on word and gets run 03/27/20
Jeff in SoCal says Rome dodged a bullet by postponing the tour stop, Rick in Buffalo looks like a thumb 03/27/20
Silk Brah has walk up music - Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart, talks about the Matt Money Smith podcast 03/26/20
Jeff in C-Town thanks Rome for having doctors call in, thinks NFL season might get pushed back, he likes Matt in LA 03/26/20
Matt in LA is one of the blessed to still be working, went down rabbit hole of Rome podcasts 03/26/20
Austin in Montana is a Chiefs fan, Patrick Mahomes behind the backwards pass, gosh darn 03/26/20
John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) calls to thank Rome for the healthy distraction, Rome shouts out to Stucknut Radio 03/26/20
Dr. Saquib Rahim in Queens calls to discuss the coronavirus pandemic 03/26/20
Andi in Rocklin wanted to continue the conversation about Joe Montana that never happened, still has basil 03/25/20
Mark in Boston smacks on Rich Ackerman and Graham in Indy 03/25/20
Jacob in Toronto responds to Graham, he likes the Phillip Rivers acquisition 03/25/20
Deb in Melbourne watches the CBS pregame show because Rome is the life of the party 03/25/20
Graham in Indy doesn’t want Phillip Rivers, he has never really done anything 03/25/20
Denlesks with a SJP inspired story 03/25/20
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