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Rex in ABQ responds to Mark Richt's Hot Dog Delight, gets run, plus reaction 02/20/20
Mark Richt's Hot Dog Delight 02/20/20
Jeff in SoCal mentions the straight fire from the debate, invites Hawk to a party in Scottsdale, gets run for warring the coronavirus 02/20/20
ATP - Crew members that used to call the show? Hawk talks about 10k with Keith Arnold 02/19/20
John in Tucson tried to bang a trashcan during a take on Joe Altuve 02/19/20
Michael in the Bay gets run for a Rob Manfred conspiracy theory 02/19/20
It's just a piece of metal, signed Tonya 02/19/20
What's Your Beef? #21 - Calls from Dee in Maine, Darlene, Bob in LA, Jeff in Orange, Mike in Camarillo 02/18/20
Adam Hawk recaps his weekend at the Riviera Golf Course 02/17/20
Andy in West Hollywood still uses a Blackberry Curve, doesn't want to use something else because of all the pictures on it 02/17/20
Trapper in Dana Point thinks that the Astros cheating helped them beat the Dodgers 02/14/20
Hawk is taking his family to a golf tournament, thinks having his kids there will increase his chances of meeting Tiger 02/14/20
Jerome in Houston says it sucks being an Astros fan, Hinch is to blame 02/14/20
Matt in Vancouver gets his call dumped with a take about Rick in Buffalo 02/14/20
Two callers run in a row, Rome questions Hawk and Alvie 02/13/20
Jeff in Southfield does a tandem call with Fake John in NY 02/13/20
Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire arrested for indecent exposure, clones react 02/13/20
Reaction to the Astros Jim Crane press conference 02/13/20
Matt in LA takes a run at Rob Manfred 02/12/20
What's Your Beef? #20 - Calls from Logan in Cincinnati, Jamie in Santa Barbara, Matt in Dallas 02/11/20
ATP - Bella Bee asks Rome about his favorite internet rumor 02/10/20
Oscars reaction, Eminem 02/10/20
Monica in Colorado is waiting for the Tour Stop announcement 02/07/20
Mark in Hollywood congratulates the Chiefs and Andy Reid, takes a run at Rick in Buffalo 02/07/20
Bo in Nashville doesn't like Rex in ABQ's childish takes 02/07/20
Logan in Cincinnati will personally take Joe Burrow around the city until he loves it 02/06/20
What's Your Beef? #19 - Calls from John in NY, Marty in Kentucky, Gabriel in LA, Rick in Buffalo 02/06/20
Rex in ABQ wins a Golden Ticket with a line about excreting a Chicago dog through his o-ring 02/06/20
Johnny in Texas didn't have a good call and Rome let him know 02/05/20
Joe in South Dakota has thoughts on the Mookie Betts trade 02/05/20

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