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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff Wrap-Up
Leff in Laguna, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco,
Rick in Buffalo, Tyler in Edmonton, Boatie, and more!

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Fabian in LA is not going to the Escondido event 03/22/19
John in Little Rock wins a Golden Ticket with Smackoff Fever song 03/22/19
Hawk's last pre-marathon update, Keith is also running it 03/22/19
Roman in Escondido tells a story about going to a Jim Rome live remote from a biker bar called Pounders, most likely in 1992 03/21/19
Chuck in Western New York thinks the dumacrats will squeeze Krafts genitals real hard to see the video, also talked Steelers 03/21/19
Tony in Riverside email resets Dr. Boudreaux, Rome wants it reset again in 2039 03/21/19
Rick in Buffalo wants to give Hawk some last minute marathon advice 03/21/19
Nick in Iowa is representing 'stay at home dad' nation, talks about his tourney watching setup 03/21/19
John in Houston is a 63 years old marathon runner, warns Hawk that runners die 03/20/19
Denlesks with a First Day of Spring poem 03/20/19
Trapper in Dana Point said his cancer is spreading, talked about growing up in New Jersey 03/20/19
Nick in Maine loved the Greg Herenda interview from the other day 03/20/19
Matt in LA has Romes back on the NCAA tourney, going with Duke 03/19/19
Quinn in Valencia wants to pitch in $100 for Hawk to quit the marathon 03/19/19
Nate in Wisco is a 2-time Iron Man finisher even though he ran with knee injuries, mind over body 03/19/19
Hawk with another marathon training update, carb loading with corndogs and lots of stretching 03/19/19
Detective Dan in Buffalo says running sucks, Hawk should lift weights instead, got run 03/19/19
Chad in Virginia ran the LA Marathon in 4 hours even though he smoked, ended the Run Streak at 8 callers 03/18/19
The Run Streak gets stretched to 8 after Bob in Calgary and Jeff in SoCal's calls 03/18/19
Hawk gives an update on his marathon training 03/18/19
6 straight run calls - Parody Larry, Rex in ABQ, Liz in Falls City, Jason in Harrisburg, Kasey in Pensacola x 2 03/15/19
James Dolan kicked someone out of a festival because of a sign they were holding 03/15/19
Kasey in Pensacola gets the 5th and 6th consecutive call run, wonders why Aunt Becky didn't get kids into school the old fashioned way by banging the principal 03/15/19
Jason in Harrisburg smoked Tyler out of hibernation, got run for moose knuckle reference 03/15/19
Liz in Falls City wants a Leaving Neverland-ish documentary for Toby in Houston 03/15/19
Rex in ABQ - mall kiosk guy tried to sell knockoff cologne that smelled like anal gland discharge, got run 03/15/19
Parody Larry got run for a Don McLean song for Adam Hawk 03/15/19
Joel in New Jersey wants to talk about how great horse racing is but ran out of time 03/14/19
Eric in Orlando wants to set the record straight with Matt in LA, brags about his yacht, clones react 03/14/19
Josh in Detroit got run for using a weird announcer voice 03/14/19

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