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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff Wrap-Up
Leff in Laguna, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco,
Rick in Buffalo, Tyler in Edmonton, Boatie, and more!

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Matt in LA claims that the IRS will be after Mike in Indy for not paying taxes on the $5001 06/20/19
Geo in NoCal is going to the Oakland watch party with his electric lettuce 06/20/19
Jeff in Southfield wants to go first in the Smackoff, calls out tandem callers 06/20/19
Mike in Indy claims that somebody paid the $5001 to be his tandem partner 06/20/19
Eric in Orlando is having a Smackoff listening party on a yacht 06/20/19
Mark in Boston is teasing that a 'show stopper' will join his Smackoff call 06/20/19
Benny in Wisco takes a run at the sponsors 06/20/19
Cal in Vegas takes on the Canadian bros, gets run 06/20/19
Matt in Vancouver responds to the garbage from Tyler in Edmonton 06/20/19
Jason in Harrisburg is putting his money on the BIC 06/20/19
Brad in Corona responds to Tyler in Edmonton, thanks Rich Flores, spoils Leffs call with a cameo of Parody Larry 06/20/19
Mark in Chicago with a Smackoff Eve poem 06/20/19
Tyler in Edmonton takes on Hipster Matt in Van, Alvie has something up his sleeve 06/20/19
Matt in LA is planning to call the Smackoff with serious smack, just like Silk Brah 06/19/19
Parker in West Covina is getting a prison tattoo during his Smackoff party 06/19/19
John in Little Rock sings Sugar Ray's hit 'I Just Want to Smack' 06/19/19
Cal in Vegas screamed through a Lebron-esque take, got choppered 06/19/19
Mark in Chicago on Rick in Buffalo and Kaleb in Green Bay, got run for OJ reference 06/19/19
Lenny Dykstra spent 9 hours dumpster diving outside a Jersey Mike’s 06/19/19
Jeff in SoCal calls as Fake Mona in Knoxville, gets run 06/19/19
Justin in Melbourne is taking credit for Gino in SA calling the show again, thinks Gino will win the Smackoff 06/19/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch is going to burn electric lettuce at his watch party, taking Mike in Indy in the Smackoff 06/19/19
Pooldoc calls to plug the Smackoff Wrap-up Show, Rome asks him questions about Stucknut 06/18/19
Trapper in Dana Point is back in SoCal, RSVP's to the Smackoff, wants to get even with OJ 06/18/19
Reed in North Carolina is excited for the Smackoff, shouts out to J-Stew on GMFB 06/18/19
Mark in Barstow wants to buy a Walkman with AM radio but his phone doesn’t work 06/18/19
Gino in San Antonio wants to offer the Golden Ticket callers help, takes a run at Jeff in Buffalo 06/18/19
Beaks in Studio City answers the question 'who wants to walk with Jeff in Richmond?' 06/18/19
Steve Elkington 06/11/19
Slash in Brentwood talks about the 25 year anniversary of the chase and Smackoff, gets run 06/17/19

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