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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 27 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Brad in Corona, Sean the Cablinasian, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mark in Boston, Dan in Denver, Benny in Wisco, Silk Brah, Jeff in Southfield, Cal in Vegas, Jeremy in Green Bay, Tyler in Edmonton and more!

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 Brad in Corona calls out Big Head for not pronouncing Bengals correctly, predicts the Bengals over the Rams in Super Bowl, gets run for Danny Tanner reference 01/21/22
 John in Philly wants to know why CBS doesn't fly Rome on a private jet 01/21/22
 Greg in Houston told Tom that he had a good take, asked for more JD in Nashville resets, got run 01/21/22
 Show Open - Brad in Corona sets the tone with a Meat Loaf tweet 01/21/22
 Kathleen in Omaha flamed out during What's Your Beef 01/19/22
 What's Your Beef? #87 - Calls from Ty in Boise, Dickie in Iowa, Kathleen in Omaha, Matt in Alaska, Ed in Texas 01/19/22
 Diane in Niagara Falls has a take on the Bills, asks about Garoppolos future 01/17/22
 Rick in Buffalo talks about Josh Allen and the Bills beat down on the Patriots, wins huge call 01/17/22
 Gino in SA lost a bet with a 49ers fan, thought the Cowboys would outplay McCarthy's bad coaching 01/17/22
 Dan in San Diego has 4 reason why the 49ers will beat Dallas 01/14/22
 Matt in LA wants karma for the Raiders, predicts a win 30-24 over the Bengals 01/14/22
 Dave in Orchard Park works for the Bills, talks about how cold the game will be 01/14/22
 Bart Scott suggests Josh Allen use Viagra to fight cold weather 01/14/22
 Chris in SE Wisco responds to Kathleen, wants Ritts kickball league on tv 01/13/22
 Kathleen in Omaha says Tom Brady is the luckiest QB of all time 01/13/22
 Kings in-house DJ played Foreigner's Cold As Ice for Russell Westbrook 01/13/22
 What's Your Beef? #86 - Calls from Bob in LA, Gordon in Utah, Tony in Long Beach, Margo in Buffalo 01/12/22
 Pete in Long Island discusses the Giants coaching situation 01/11/22
 Ritt injured his calf playing basketball at the gym 01/11/22
 Raider Mike recaps the win over the Chargers to get into the playoffs 01/10/22
 Kathleen in Omaha says the Chargers are wasting Herberts career 01/10/22
 Frank in Brooklyn thinks the Raiders and Chargers will tie to get into the playoffs 01/07/22
 George in Houston has a message for Mike in LA, tired of Raider fan talking about championships 01/07/22
 Matt in LA weighs in on Hell Week 01/07/22
 What's Your Beef? #85 - Calls from Susie in Wisco, Ty in Boise, Carl in Indy, Dom in Erie, Chad in Nashville, Kathleen in Omaha 01/05/22
 Cliff in Wisco got run for repeating his name 01/04/22
 Beaks in Studio City claims that the Madden games have gotten worse over the years 01/03/22
 Gino in SA had problems getting through Choc, Tom Brady and AB, Bombas sock reviews 01/03/22
 Raider Mike, first call of 2022, talks about John Madden and Hell Week 01/03/22
 First email of the year, Mark in Hollywood says Rome should pull an AB the next time CBS pulls the simulcast 01/03/22
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