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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff Wrap-Up
Leff in Laguna, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco,
Rick in Buffalo, Tyler in Edmonton, Boatie, and more!

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Takebox That Was - Stucknut Radio - November 2018 11/27/18
Parody Larry got run for Jeff in SA family smack 12/07/18
Cal in Vegas wants a Golden Ticket, takes a run at Alvie and Notch in LR, run for KY jelly reference 12/07/18
Jeff in San Antonio calls from Buffalo Wild Wings, thinks he's Smackoff material instead of Hackoff 12/07/18
Rick in Buffalo email leads to Woodscopes discussion, Brad in Corona is scheduled guest 12/06/18
Nick in Boise thought the Jamal Crawford interview was incredamazing 12/06/18
Fabian in LA talks Dodgers, Lakers, Lavar Ball, finishes his call and gets racked 12/06/18
Andrew in Omaha got run for literally answering Rome's salutation 'how are you doing?' 12/06/18
Darin in Boise @MTBDarin talks about Cruz Pedregons bid for Bell Athlete of the Year, gets call dumped during his war 12/05/18
Mike Gundy reimbursed a local radio host for a lost over/under bet 12/05/18
Rome does a straight soccer take, Gregg Berhalter named USMNT coach 12/05/18
Josh in Detroit rambles about the pump fist Michigan fans, tells a store salesman I'll take it 12/04/18
Matt in LA responds to Mark in Hollywood 12/04/18
Tweets about 'show me the video' and 'Ill catch you, guaranteed' 12/04/18
Brett in Bugaha @pattersaur - Shrapnel tweet from Edward James O. 12/04/18
Mark in Hollywood on Urban Meyer's retirement from Ohio State 12/04/18
Casey in Green Bay says Mike McCarthy's firing was unprofessional 12/03/18
Ford in Sacramento smacks Cris Collinsworth's broadcasting abilities, got run for Hitler blast 12/03/18
Irie Craig called with a bad connection, got run 12/03/18
Mark in Louisiana is Shared Beliefs greatest fan 12/03/18
Ken in Sacramento talks about how great Jalen Hurts character is, unlike Kareem Hunt 12/03/18
Kyle in Green Bay calls Matt and Tyler the real life version of Bert and Ernie 11/30/18
Couple got married at Costco 11/30/18
Rex in ABQ gets run while talking about 'guy that uses Starbucks as an office' 11/30/18
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch responds to Tyler, calls him a joke 11/30/18
Tyler in Edmonton lays out his own seeding for the Hackoff 11/30/18
Hawk talks about Paul Walker and training for the marathon, email from Rick in Buffalo 11/30/18
Sean in Fall River is excited about the New Balance revolution 11/29/18
Antoine in Grand Rapids got roasted by his girlfriend for buying a pair of New Balance shoes 11/29/18
Mike in Wichita says Amari Cooper saved Jason Garretts career 11/29/18
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