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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff Wrap-Up
Gino in San Antonio, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco, Kaleb in Green Bay
Rick in Buffalo, Dan in Denver, Boatie in Pearland, and more!

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Spencer in SLC thanks Rome for the Utah Utes karma 10/17/19
Parody Larry gets run for a late birthday song for Rome 10/17/19
Kaleb in Green Bay responds to Rick in Buffalo, gives an update on the weight loss contest 10/17/19
Matt in LA talks about the history of the Nationals / Expos 10/16/19
Kasey in Pensacola gets run for a rubba donga reference 10/16/19
Rick in Buffalo takes an angry run at Hawk's half marathon and Kaleb vs Beaks weight loss contest 10/16/19
Jerome in Houston lost his train of thought after Scotts call, Washington Nationals scare him 10/15/19
Scott in Michigan is tired of the Lions getting bad calls against the Packers, flamed out but Rome racked him anyways 10/15/19
Alvie produces Geoff in Lincolns song about Ritt 10/15/19
Matt in Wisconsin - the refs make it were he doesn't want to watch football anymore, can't put the toothpaste back in the tube 10/15/19
Eric 'Hawks running guru' reads a list of marathon times, Hawk gives an update on his recent half marathon 10/14/19
Geoff in Lincoln calls with Eddie Money Shakin parody for Gerrit Ritt 10/14/19
Rex in ABQ responds to the Brooks Koepka interview, run for 'Rory McIlroy rushing to the portajohn to build a log cabin' blast 10/11/19
Raider Mike with a Dodgers take, lives and dies by the homerun 10/10/19
Matt in LA congratulates Washington, takes a run at Clayton Kerosene Kershaw 10/10/19
Matt in Vancouver jumps in on the Jeff in Southfield and Kyle in Green Bay beef 10/10/19
Iafrate compares Dave Roberts to Marty Schottenheimer 10/10/19
Reaction to Dodgers losing in NLDS, emails, calls from Alan in San Diego, Mark in San Diego, and Damon in Santa Maria 10/10/19
Dan in San Diego asks an ATP, best call ever, resets Terence in Sierra Madre 10/09/19
Jeff in Southfield responds to a Kyle in Green Bay tweet, questions his marketing strategy 10/09/19
Jacques in Quebec calls to talk about his Rays 10/09/19
Jungle Karma defined by Urban Dictionary 10/09/19
Benny in Ventura just wanted to call and congratulate Rome on the HOF 10/08/19
Sam in DC says things are never going to change with the Redskins as long as Dan Snyder owns them 10/08/19
Mike in Clearwater is going to the Astros Rays game tonight 10/08/19
Kevin in Los Angeles is a Falcons fan, says Dan Quinn sucks 10/08/19
Matt in LA says the Dodgers have awakened and have Jungle karma, wins huge call 10/07/19
Susan in Sunset Beach works at a restaurant and made Jim a drink but didn’t get to deliver it to him 10/07/19
Dan in San Diego is an old school listener. says Rome is the soundtrack to his adulthood 10/07/19
Silk Brah bragging about being at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar Hotel 10/07/19

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