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Chad in LA calls to respond to Brad, Rome interrupts with live coverage of the OJ parole hearing 07/20/17
Bob in Calgary jokes that OJ can't go back to jail because his head is too big for the cell 07/20/17
Trapper in Dana Point thinks OJ should stay in jail longer, announced he has stage 4 cancer 07/20/17
Brad in Corona officially RSVP's to the Smackoff, has a message for Chad in LA 07/20/17
Ben Mezrich in studio to discuss new book Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive One of History’s Most Iconic Extinct Creatures 07/19/17
Irie Craig checks in from the train to Del Mar 07/19/17
Slash in Brentwood talks about OJ's parole hearing, gets run for Caitlyn Jenner reference 07/18/17
Lorne in NoCal - 9 days sober, might have to turn off the radio because of the Busch beer talk 07/18/17
Clones want Rome's take on R. Kelly 07/17/17
McGregor Mayweather emails from Joe in Superior and Andy from Denver 07/17/17
Josh in Detroit calls to crack on Wes Clements dome, gets red card 07/10/17
Just Not Sports Podcast - Episode 80 - Steve Carbone 07/07/17
Beaks in Studio City talks about the Dodgers and Jacob in NorCal, gets red card 07/10/17
Jacob in NorCal takes a run at Dan in Denver 07/10/17
Matt in LA calls about Cody Bellinger and the Dodgers 07/10/17
Dan in Denver the Wolverine takes a run at the guest hosts and Adam Hawk, gets red card 07/10/17
Fake Canadian Star Linebacker lays out odds for a non-existent Hackoff 07/10/17
Rich in the 970 talks about the home run derby and Zack in SLC, gets red card 07/10/17
Mark in Boston responds to Cal in Vegas, tells him to fight himself in a Target parking lot, gets run 07/07/17
Vic in NoCal responds to Mike in Indy 07/07/17
Cal in Vegas takes a run at Kyle Brandt, Mark in Boston, and Matt in Vancouver. Still no Golden Ticket. 07/07/17
Mike in Indy RSVP's to the Smackoff, lays out his resume 07/07/17
Jerome in Houston doesn't like the Chris Paul trade, gets run 07/07/17
Josh in Detroit only waited 2 weeks on hold this time, still got run 07/06/17
Ben in Calgary calls to talk Tom Bradys book, smack Tyler in Edmonton, wins Huge Call 07/06/17
Luke in Fort Collins gets one last chance to win a Golden Ticket, fails 07/06/17
Fake Silk calls as Eric in Maine to talk about Tom Bradys book 07/06/17
You're Welcome! with Chael Sonnen - Ep 38 - Jim Rome Smackoff with Mike in Indy 06/26/15
Boatie in Pearland thinks Brad in Corona has plenty of time to fix his Smackoff scheduling conflict 07/05/17
Steve in Ontario has a theory about NBA free agency, thinks LeBron will try to sign with a good team next season 07/05/17
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