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Luke in Fort Collins talks about the Rockies, tries to win Golden Ticket, comes up short 05/25/17
Matt in LA responds immediately to Zack, Rome says it's not the best clone-on-clone crime 05/25/17
Zack in LA takes a run at Matt in LA, Rome can't decode his call 05/25/17
Chad in LA responds to Cal in Vegas, gives him a taste of his own medicine, gets racked 05/24/17
Justin in Melbourne FL bashes the city of Ottawa 05/24/17
Cal in Vegas takes a run at Mark in Boston and Chad in LA, does not get racked 05/24/17
Josh in Detroit waited on hold for 3 weeks, tried to push his Hook brand, got run 05/23/17
Rat Cafe in San Francisco - Email from @TFPWillEat and call from @BennyInWisco 05/23/17
Preston in Nashville is a football fan in Nashville that loved the Predators/Ducks series better than the Titans Super Bowl game 05/23/17
@TFPWillEat tweet resetting Chris Hansen soundbites 05/19/17
John in Little Rock with an Outfield parody, plus reaction 05/19/17
Irie Craig calls and sparks a horse discussion 05/19/17
Emailer compares Clarkson to a zamboni, it goes over Romes head 05/19/17
Ward in Cleveland tries to convince Rome to visit C-Town 05/18/17
Matt in LA with thoughts on the NBA lottery, gets chased off by sharks 05/18/17
John in Oakland thinks Zaza is a clumsy moron 05/18/17
Gino in San Antonio calls for 4th day in a row to talk Spurs and Warriors 05/18/17
Mark in Boston responds to Alex in Cleveland 05/17/17
Gino in San Antonio calls for the 3rd straight day to take a run at the Warriors 05/17/17
Jacob in NorCal responds to San Antonio with: I'm about to go to your river so I can drain my snake 05/17/17
Logan in Vancouver told the screener he had the first good take the show has ever heard, doesn't like callers that read takes 05/17/17
Alex in Cleveland has a message for the city of Boston, gets racked 05/17/17
Parody Larry gets run for not going directly to his song 05/16/17
Lou in Sacramento, the British caller, responds to Gino smacking San Francisco. Says San Antonio 'The so called River Walk, urine filled stream that goes through the city' 05/16/17
Gino in San Antonio calls back for 2nd day in a row to talk Spurs/Warriors 05/16/17
ATP and Twitter contest: @SmileyYYC, @TotalBigE, @TFPWillEat, @a_Troia 05/15/17
Rome resets Oren in Denver and Jeff in Richmond's feud 05/15/17
Joey in New Bedford calls for the first time in 11 years, talks Spurs, Predators, Stucknut 05/15/17
Gino in San Antonio with thoughts on Zaza Pachulia and Kawhi Leonard 05/15/17
Mike in Indy's last minute call about Jim McElwain, gets run 05/12/17
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