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Twitter contest - @VicNocal, @TommyFromNC, @stucknut, @Jeff_fromthe919, @SirWalterCity, @TFPWillEat 04/28/17
Chad in LA takes a run at Leff in Laguna and Vic in NoCal 04/28/17
Jeff in SoCal calls about the Bears draft, Rick in Buffalo, and Leff in Laguna 04/28/17
Matt in Vancouver gets run for being belligerent towards Rick in Buffalo 04/28/17
Voddie in Pasadena calls about the NFL Draft and Big Baller Brand 04/28/17
Israel in LA calls from Borders Books, raps about Jeff in Middletown 06/10/11
Matt in Salt Lake City hyperventilates and gets run 04/27/17
Rick in Buffalo screams through a take about Dan in Denver, wins a Golden Ticket 04/27/17
Mark in Boston lets Jeff in Middletown know that he is recycling takes from 7 years ago 04/27/17
Raider Mike's take on Marshawn Lynch signing with Oakland 04/27/17
Jeff in Middletown calls to respond to Mike in Indy, gets chased off by music 04/27/17
Jeff in Middletown has a take on Terrible Pryor, takes a run at Israel in LA and Mark in Boston 07/01/11
Jeff in Middletown tells Israel in LA I'm HIV, you're Erv and I'll make you retire 06/22/11
Jeff in Middletown - LeBum James and Israel in LA 06/10/11
The worst Ask The Pros question ever 04/26/17
Mike in Little Rock (the Nooch) calls to talk Marshawn Lynch, New Orleans Saints, NHL playoffs, crack on Mark in Hollywood, gets broken off at the end of Hour 2 04/26/17
Four consecutive calls from Utah Jazz fans 04/26/17
Mike in Indy calls to crack back on Jeff in Middletown, gets run for crude sexual innuendo; with Twitter and e-mail reaction 04/26/17
Jeff in Middletown calls for the first time in seven years, complains that Mike in Indy has turned the Jungle into a petting zoo - with Clones' reaction 04/26/17
Rome threatens to block J.B. in the 319 (formerly in the 785) for Tweeting polygamy smack about Utah Jazz fans 04/26/17
Casey in LA says Donald Sterling cursed the Clippers, wins huge call 04/25/17
John in Little Rock calls from a new smartphone, parodies Land Down Under again 04/25/17
Hookland Josh in Detroit compares Blake Griffin's injury to NHL players, gets run 04/25/17
Justin in Utah says the Clippers are a bunch of crybabies 04/25/17
Marcus in Seattle is fed up with the Clippers 04/25/17
Wayne in Florida had surgery similar to Steve Kerr and had leaking spinal fluid, plus reaction from @BigSkyTryst, @Avalanche43, @LuisInPalmdale, @GABEinthe604 04/25/17
ATP Bella Bee asks Rome what he smells like 04/24/17
Eric near the Canadian Falls - War self gloss day in the Jungle 04/25/14
Matt in LA says Ballsy needs to blow up the Clippers, gets run for referencing Romes sister hanging their cat 04/24/17
Kelly in Fairfax has thoughts on Dustin Pedroia and Manny Machado, has a message for Jacob in NorCal 04/24/17
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