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Twitter contest - @zpatterson15, @Zonks11, @AveryGwyn, @TotalBigE, @chrisinstpete, @jgraffius 02/24/17
Jacob in NorCal rushes through his first call talking about Bay Area sports 02/24/17
Jeff in SoCal tries to establish his brand as the womens basketball caller 02/24/17
Mark in Hollywood calls with thoughts on Magic Johnson, Rick Pitino, Jameis Winston, and the Dan in Denver vs. Rick in Buffalo feud 02/24/17
CJ in Oxnard had to let the clones know that Terrence doesn't represent the rest of Oxnard 02/23/17
Terrence in Oxnard calls high on heroin to tell Jim that he took the week off to play the lottery 02/23/17
Luke in Fort Collins with takes on Darrelle Revis, Magic Johnson, and John in Little Rock 02/22/17
Logan asked Jim about the Rat Family 02/21/17
Jeff in New Orleans likes the DeMarcus Cousins trade, but loves the Sacramento fan meltdown 02/21/17
Ken in Sacramento calls about the DeMarcus Cousins trade, followed by 2 run calls, Larry and Michael in Sacramento 02/21/17
Twitter contest - @Stucknut, @MikeDForThree, @chrisinstpete, @theStruvee, @LuisInPalmdale, @Uspsdriver, @BlaiseInKC 02/18/17
Dan in Denver calls to smack on Rick in Buffalo, Rome didn't like the wife smack 02/18/17
Jukebox Friday 02/18/17
Harrison Ford update - Told tower he was flying a helicopter 02/18/17
Phoenix affiliate reaction - @BlaiseInKC, @CalinVegas, @PCBrent1, @DanLouisville, @IamTrent1999, @pranil101 02/18/17
Tweets and emails from Liz in Phoenix, @RandallintheOC, Jason in CBus, @TheMianoPan, @Jeff_fromthe919, @Denlesks, @RitchDaRuler, @love_dem_birds, @realbrockpete 02/16/17
Parody Larry calls with a James Dolan song, Rome sets Over/Under at 9 seconds, Larry lasts for 12 02/16/17
Shey from the Bay calls to explain her video 02/16/17
Tweets about Matthew Stafford's vacation and Adrian Peterson's interest in Giants - from @DrewWestLA, Keith in St. Paul, @RayInSaintPaul, @Matt_InVan, @TwelveWood 02/16/17
Phil in Tampa calls to hype Brent 'Bones' Barry 02/15/17
Irie Craig compares Tom Brady to Fonzy 02/15/17
Harrison Ford lands his plane on the taxiway 02/15/17
Rome addresses the Shey from the Bay Twitter video 02/14/17
Mike in Little Rock wonders what happened to smack. War me. 02/14/17
Dave in Sacramento has a daughter playing basketball on scholarship, says she can break the clones ankles 02/14/17
Garbage Man Brad in Minnesota gets run for self gloss 02/14/17
Jeff in SoCal mocks UConn womens basketballs 100th straight win 02/14/17
Adam Hawk runs a 10k after a month of eating healthy and sustaining from alcohol, finished 1192nd place 02/13/17
Jim Rome bought clothes from hotel to work out, didn't have shoes so wore disposable sandals 02/13/17
William in Detroit blames Kevin Durant's free agency on Thunder management 02/13/17
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