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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 26 Odds
Guests included: Matt in Van, Rick in Buffalo, Leff in Laguna, Johnny Scabs, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mike in Indy, and more!

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 Trapper in Dana Point RSVP's to the Smackoff, took a run at Stucknut for not putting him in Alvin's promo 06/05/20
 Sonny in Toronto tries to win a Golden Ticket with another rhyming call, it didn't work 06/05/20
 Monica in Colorado smacks Cal in Vegas, Mark in Boston, and Matt in LA, really liked Brad in Corona's video 06/05/20
 Jeff in Southfield talks about clones movie roles, takes a run at Mike in Indy, Rick in Buffalo, and Dan in Denver 06/05/20
 Rich Flores calls to announce a exclusive golf tournament and barbecue, reads the list of invitees 06/05/20
 Smackoff 26 Profile - Gino in San Antonio 06/05/20
 After a man died from inhaling psychedelic toad venom, a Spanish porn actor has been charged with manslaughter 06/04/20
 Smackoff 26 Profile - Matt in Vancouver 06/04/20
 Matt in LA addresses Brad in Corona's spoof fitness video 06/03/20
 Adam in Tulsa wants the Smackoff participants to be more original, likes Slam Man and Silk Brah 06/03/20
 Sonny in Toronto gets run for saying his name instead of Jim's 06/03/20
 Smackoff 26 Profile - Dan in Denver 06/03/20
 Johnny in Texas was moved by the Coach Moten interview 06/03/20
 Richard in South Carolina is a 71 year old Vietnam vet, respects Rome for talking non-sports topics 06/03/20
 Craig in Omaha thanks Rome for keeping the conversation going, shares his experiences 06/02/20
 Rome lays out the Smackoff 26 invitee list 06/02/20
 Smackoff 26 Profile - Mark in Boston 06/02/20
 Chris in Toronto thanks Rome for using his platform for change, says if you're uncomfortable with the topic, welcome to our world 06/02/20
 Mark in Hollywood RSVP's to the Smackoff, wonders why people get mad about the race conversation, shares stories about getting pulled over by cops 06/02/20
 Race In America Conversation Part 2 - Calls from John in Santa Barbara, Tobin in Chapel Hill, Chris in Oregon, Ody in Orange County, Paul in Santa Monica, Steve in Omaha 06/01/20
 Race In America Conversation Part 1 - Calls from Rob in Oakland, Ross in Arkansas, Kenny in Nashville, Carla in Idaho, Russell in the Bay Area 06/01/20
 John in New York with a take on Mike in Indy and Cal in Vegas 05/29/20
 Johnny Scabs in Detroit got run for Cal in Vegas hooker smack, removed from the watch list 05/29/20
 Smackoff 26 Profile - Mike in Indy 05/29/20
 Matt in LA gets run for talking for too long, got choppered 05/29/20
 Rex in ABQ wanted Rome to rip Golden Tickets so he could have one, phone cut out, got run 05/29/20
 Parody Larry is on hold to try to break a record with 3 run calls in 1 show, Rome doesn't let him back on air 05/28/20
 Sarah T in Providence with a Bobby Brady take, smacks Matt in Vancouver and Bella, keeps her Golden Ticket 05/28/20
 Jeff in SoCal on Chris in Canada, Cal in Vegas, Sarah T, and the Last Dance, stays on watch list 05/28/20
 Chris in Toronto calls to smack Cal in Vegas but gets run for going long, choppered 05/28/20
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