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Stucknut Smackoff Aftershow
We took over 20 calls from clones including Leff, Mike in Indy, Mark in Hollywood, Trapper, and Terence in Sierra Madre

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Calls from the Golden Baked Warrior, Zack in Wisconsin, and John in Shasta 11/17/17
JoJo in Maine called but all we remember is his laugh 11/17/17
Josh in Detroit likes good ol' North American hockey 11/17/17
In Santa Barbara, callers would ask Rome to announce lost dogs, Rome rants on traffic reporting 02/14/97
Dave in Denver calls about Fantasy Neckcar, Rome rants 02/12/97
George in Burbank tries to gloss himself George of the Jungle, gets shut down 02/10/97
Tyus Edney skips interview to take a nap 02/03/97
Rome puts the hammer down on Star Wars dorks 02/03/97
Eddie in OKC takes a run at Harry Caray 01/29/97
Rome doesn't like his chowd family from Boston 01/17/97
Rome breaks down a quote from NASCAR promoter Bruton Smith 01/16/97
Matt in LA has a problem with adults that wear Uggs, glossed LiAngelo Ball Jello Testicle 11/16/17
Darren in Illinois wants us to know that Giannis Antetokounmpo has really long arms 11/16/17
Paul in NoCal calls about the Chargers 11/16/17
Kyle in Green Bay calls on the 1 year anniversary of his first call, gets interviewed by Rome 11/15/17
Nicole in Buffalo is thinks Nathan Peterman will turn the Bills around 11/15/17
Crystal in Green Bay is pro Mike McCarthy, F you to the haters 11/15/17
Liz in Falls City wins huge call with Blake Shelton fat smack 11/15/17
Drew in West LA suggested that the audio from Greg Gianforte breaking the reporters glasses was Josh Beckett at the country concert 11/14/17
Podcast Voicemails 11/14/17
Emails: Drew in West LA and John in HB on Josh Beckett, Matt B horseplay tweet from @PhoenixTreeRat 11/14/17
Luke in Fort Collins trusts John Elways process 11/14/17
Rich in Detroit has so much straight fire that it triggered Alvins fire alarm 11/13/17
Josh in Detroit has a new phone but same horrible takes 11/13/17
Cal in Vegas calls out tough guy Adam Hawk, smacks Mike McCarthy 11/10/17
Drew in West LA asked if Rome was driving through the 909 to recover a stolen car 11/10/17
Paul in Orange County loves the NFL, hates Thursday Night Football, mixes in references to other callers 11/10/17
Matt in LA talks the Nate Boyer interview on the podcast 11/10/17
Rome runs Tweets that are over 140 characters, Alvin introduces a new Twitter Buzzer 11/09/17
OJ Simpson got kicked out of a Las Vegas bar for being belligerent 11/09/17
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