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Dan in Denver checks in with a call strong enough to keep his Golden Ticket 06/23/17
John in Little Rock calls with a Devo Whip It parody called Rip It, for Dan in Denvers Golden Ticket 06/23/17
Benny in Wisco aka Mr. Bell Ding with another cheesy call, wins Golden Ticket 06/23/17
Sarah T. in Providence calls, wants to get into the Year in Review, clones love her chowd accent 06/23/17
Mark in Hollywood RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/23/17
Matt in Vancouver takes a run at Dan in Denver, wins Golden Ticket 06/23/17
Travis in New Mexico read his script wrong, flames out 06/22/17
2017 Smackoff Promo 06/22/17
Josh in Detroit shows off his Smackoff grind versatility, gets run; Rome warns Dan in Denver that his emails and Tweets can get his Golden Ticket revoked 06/22/17
Rome lays out the 2017 Smackoff odds from Stucknut 06/21/17
Kaleb in Green Bay RSVP's to the Smackoff with a Silence of the Lambs inspired take about Leff 06/21/17
Bo in Nashville finishes off the Kasey feud, clones think he deserves a Golden Ticket 06/21/17
Devin in SLC doesn't like how Zach represents Utah 06/20/17
Kasey in Pensacola responds to Bo in Nashville, gets run for Manti Te'o catfish joke 06/20/17
Gary Vaynerchuk interview - entrepreneur, four-time New York Times bestselling author, speaker and internet personality 06/19/17
Zach in SLC calls from your moms house, finally wins the Golden Ticket 06/19/17
Luke in Fort Collins thinks the Smackoff will be boring because of the bad Golden Ticket callers 06/19/17
Calls from Blair in Green Bay, Matt in LA, Jacob in NorCal, Tim in Modesto 06/16/17
Luke in Fort Collins takes a run at Zach in SLC 06/16/17
Josh in Detroit gets a red card for saying 'why dont you go dunk on these' after suggesting Zack's next call will be from Dunkin Donuts 06/16/17
Dan in Denver runs smack at the XR4Ti crew members 06/16/17
Erron in Diamondhead gets a red card for saying Benny in Wisco pitches from the bottom 06/16/17
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch discusses Tyler and Dan's bromance 06/16/17
Tyler in Edmonton called as Dan in Denver 06/16/17
Deech in Oakland is a bar owner (The Miranda) calling from the parade. He also tells a story about legend Alvie. 06/15/17
Fake Silk checks in from Maine, gets run 06/15/17
Parody Larry sings a song for D-Bag LeBron, gets run for a scheduled interview 06/14/17
Bo in Nashville goes after Kasey in Pensacola, will smack him in the face with a Smashville catfish, gets on watchlist 06/14/17
Vic in Nocal RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/14/17
Eric in Denver says Zach in SLC aka Silk the 3rd puts him to sleep 06/14/17
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