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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 28 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Kaleb in Green Bay, Brad in Corona, Sean the Cablinasian, Leff in Laguna, James in Portland, Jeremy in Green Bay, Dan in Denver, and many more!

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 John in Philly takes a run at James Kelley, wants his WYB beef reset 10/06/22
 Robert in Pearland gets run for a 'Dream On' parody for Draymond Green 10/06/22
 What's Your Beef? #112 - Calls from Stephanie in Maine, John in Philly, Ed in San Antonio, Christopher in Appleton - Reaction to Ed in SA 'go make me a sandwich' 10/05/22
 Pete in Michigan has a strange story about a blind security guard named Terry letting him run at Orchard Park, gets run for not making sense 10/04/22
 Gisele Bundchen hires divorce lawyer amid tension with Tom Brady 10/04/22
 Steven in Green Bay was at the Badgers game, saw Rome at the bar 10/03/22
 DK Metcalf got carted off the field for diarrhea 10/03/22
 Southern Sando and Tan Smack resets 09/28/22
 What's Your Beef? #111 - Calls from Bob in LA, Gerrit in NoCal, Jeff in Virginia, Bill in Portland 09/28/22
 John in South Padre recommends that Logan goes to a small school 09/27/22
 James in Portland has a take on Alvie's son visiting ASU - Boise State has blue turf and ASU has no turf 09/27/22
 Keith in HB has a son that played hockey at a small college, now plays pro roller hockey in France 09/27/22
 Ryan in Denver loved his experience at a D3 college before going to Iowa 09/27/22
 Gerrit in Nebraska regrets going to a small college for track, gets run for correcting the host 09/27/22
 Ty in Boise has advice for Logan Rome, don't go to Boise State 09/27/22
 Silk Brah checks in from Vegas, take on Chargers getting beat by the Jags 09/26/22
 James in Portland ran himself with a Richie Bones joke 09/23/22
 Alvie produces cat porn with Yoko Ono audio 09/23/22
 Bellas Cat makes her debut, takes a run at Paul's dog 09/23/22
 PJ in Pennsylvania says Mike Tomlin needs to be held accountable 09/23/22
 Fake Paul in Buffalo's returns, he's been chasing turkeys, talks about the West Virginia football game 09/23/22
 Rodney in San Diego talks about Ime Udoka's suspension 09/22/22
 Cody the Ragdoll Legend almost killed Sapphire, then took a dump in Rome's fireplace 09/21/22
 What's Your Beef? #110 - Calls from Dave in Tustin Ranch, Bergie in Florida, Ty in Boise, Richard in Baton Rouge 09/21/22
 Rich in Buffalo gets run for self gloss, Richie Bones 09/20/22
 John in Buffalo says something is different with the Bills from the 90s 09/20/22
 Matt in New England is a Patriots fan, the Bills talent is off the charts 09/20/22
 Jerry in Philly says the fans have been doubting Jalen Hurts, loves Slay 09/20/22
 Joe in Colorado is fed up with Nate Hackett 09/19/22
 The Nate Rule - play royalty free techno any time a Nate is mentioned 09/19/22
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