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Stucknut Smackoff Aftershow
We took over 20 calls from clones including Leff, Mike in Indy, Mark in Hollywood, Trapper, and Terence in Sierra Madre

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Mike in Little Rock smacks Josh in Detroit and Cal in Vegas, wins Huge Call 01/19/18
Matt in LA is calling a Jaguars upset of the Patriots 01/19/18
Chad in LA takes a run at Tom Brady's jawbooty, gets run for saying Iafrate has low hanging fruit 01/19/18
Fake Silk with a bad Tom Brady - Micheal Jackson joke 01/19/18
FBI Mike in Toledo wants the Vikings to pump the brakes 01/19/18
Ben Golliver interview - SI writer that covered Smackoff 23 01/18/18
Chael Sonnen in studio, talking Bellator 192 and the Smackoff 01/18/18
Marty in Nocal sets the record straight that Jacob was not the first Jungle Scope 01/18/18
Cal in Vegas bids for another Golden Ticket, falls short 01/18/18
Dan in Syracuse has a weird joke about Patton Oswalt and Monica Seles 01/18/18
Jacob in Norcal talks Jungle Periscopes 01/18/18
Josh in Detroit lights up everyone, still gets run 01/17/18
Ken in Sacramento calls about the NBA violence, wins Golden Ticket 01/17/18
Joe in Pittsburgh got run for self gloss - horse monkey 01/17/18
Justin in Cleveland CFO of Car Nap Nation wants an XR4Ti tattoo 01/17/18
Lane Kiffin hired Charlie Weis Jr, tweets from @BlaiseInKC and @MikeDForThree 01/17/18
Joaquin MMA email 01/17/18
Bryan in Lincoln - no need to be nervous 01/17/18
Kyle in Green Bay got a Jungle tattoo, TwelveWood scoped it 01/16/18
Mark in Barstow calls the NBA No Balls Association 01/16/18
Nick in Iowa gives props to Marcus Williams 01/11/61
Rex in ABQ wants someone to document his scrotox 01/16/18
Mark in Chicago gets run for saying that Hawks tattoo is of Mark in Hollywood 01/15/18
Evan in Oakland has an explanation for Marcus Williams' whiff 01/15/18
Trapper in Dana Point updates us on his condition, shares stories, says Rome is nationwide like ZZ Top 01/15/18
Adam Hawk gives an update on his cat tattoo, talks about the meet-up with John in SD 01/15/18
Adam Hawk will document John in SD's tattoo, reveals that he is also getting a tattoo of his cat Griffey 01/12/18
Danika in Jacksonville previews the Steelers Jaguars playoff game 01/12/18
Josh in Detroit chimes in on the tattoo discussion, gets run 01/11/18
John in San Diego @jseggy wants to get a Jungle inspired tattoo, takes suggestions from the clones 01/11/18
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