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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff Wrap-Up
Gino in San Antonio, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco, Kaleb in Green Bay
Rick in Buffalo, Dan in Denver, Boatie in Pearland, and more!

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Matt in LA thanks Rome for changing sports radio, announces a mini-CloneStock 11/18/19
What's Your Beef? #8 - Calls from Jason in Harrisburg, Johnny in Texas, and Kathleen in Omaha 11/15/19
Jim in Youngstown thinks Mason Rudolph should get all the blame in the Myles Garrett fight 11/15/19
Mark in Hollywood takes credit for Rome's HOF, doesn't like the reverse karma for PSU, sneaks in a Diggler reference 11/15/19
Jeff in Cleveland is a lifelong Browns fan, they're the most undisciplined team in all sports 11/15/19
Wayne in NYC enjoyed Hawks stories about being in the city 11/14/19
Josh in Detroit takes a run at John in NY for his HOF appearance 11/14/19
Cruz Pedregon in studio, talks Raiders, NHRA Finals, Smackoff, and Brad in Corona 11/14/19
Adam in Indiana loved the interview with IU Coach Tom Allen, drops the 'brother' soundbite on his sons 11/14/19
Clippers and Rockets are a great NBA rivalry, Austin Rivers wanted his dad to get a technical foul 11/14/19
Reggie in Ontario tries to redeem himself but fails 11/13/19
What's Your Beef? #7 - Call from Fake Scotty in NY 11/12/19
Hawk recaps his trip to New York for Rome's Hall of Fame induction 11/11/19
Rome recaps his Hall of Fame induction ceremony 11/11/19
Matt in Tucson got dumped for doing 'Epstein stuff' 11/11/19
Alvie slowed down Matt Nagy's pennis and Cracker Jack's line 11/07/19
Parody Larry gives Rome a Hall of Fame introduction 11/08/19
Damon Amendolara plays old Hackoff calls for Romes Hall of Fame induction 11/08/19
What's Your Beef? #6 - Calls from Diego in San Francisco and Eric in Orlando 11/07/19
Liz in Falls City says the clones are a dysfunctional family, has advice for HOF speech 11/07/19
Rex in ABQ has a beef with gym locker rooms, gets run for 'crossing swords' reference 11/06/19
Johnny in Texas loved the Jon Dorenbos interview, makes a public apology for a Tweet 11/06/19
What's Your Beef? #5 - Calls from Justin in Melbourne, Jeff in SoCal, and Dennis 11/05/19
Jeff in Southfield calls as Trapper in Dana Point 11/05/19
Scotty in NY doesn't believe Deshaun Watson ate Popeyes chicken sandwiches 11/04/19
Raider Mike went to Houston for Raiders/Texans, really liked Deshaun Watsons game 11/04/19
Matt in LA says Brad in Corona is jealous of him, gets run, didn’t take Romes advice about staying down 11/01/19
Eric in Orlando is going to hang out by the yachts at the boat show with his Boston posse and some chicks 11/01/19
Lane in South Carolina doesn't like how the Redskins handle their players 11/01/19
Ron in Oakland is on cloud 9 because he watched the best looking quarterback last night and now he’s watching the best looking sports talk host 11/01/19

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