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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff Wrap-Up
Leff in Laguna, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco,
Rick in Buffalo, Tyler in Edmonton, Boatie, and more!

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Fabian in LA talks about smoking with Mike in San Diego, glossed James Kelley ‘Head of the Class’, run for GD blast 04/19/19
Silk in Huntington Beach on the Raiders, Lakers, and planning a Laguna CloneStock with Nooch 04/19/19
420 eve, Carl's Jr. has a CBD burger 04/19/19
Reset of Kevin Durant shouting out to Toby in Houston 04/19/19
Lauren in Naples talks about her surgery, Rome drops her for being gory 04/17/19
Alvie answers an ATP about how he got his job 04/17/19
Rome nails another NHL prediction, gets negative feedback, might retire giving out free picks 04/17/19
Rome talks about his past NHL predictions 04/17/19
Gino in San Antonio responds to Justin in Melbourne, smacks Florida 04/17/19
Jason in Harrisburg got run for a limerick 04/17/19
Matt in LA chimes in with a Jungle haiku 04/17/19
John in New York gives Rome credit for his NHL prediction 04/17/19
Kathleen in Omaha recorded Romes NHL prediction, tried to play it on air 04/17/19
Brian in Maryland does a Russ Wilson impersonation, says he deserves the large contract 04/16/19
Justin in Melbourne says Gino in San Antonio is the Tony Romo of the Smackoff 04/16/19
Travis in Alberta talks about the NHL playoffs 04/16/19
Thomas in Bonanza tried his own marathon, but it involved smoking weed and drinking 04/16/19
Adam Hawk talks about Tiger Woods Masters win - Mrs. Hawk, please don't listen to this 04/15/19
Ron in San Diego is the self proclaimed grandpa of the Jungle, celebrating 25 years 04/12/19
Jason in Harrisburg enjoys watching the Lakers implode, nobody wants to play with LeBron, more Tyler smack 04/12/19
Jeff in Middletown lost his Golden Ticket with yo mama smack 04/12/19
Drew in West LA emails about Gabe Kapler, Rome resets the great equalizer 04/12/19
Matt in LA tries to respond to Johnny in Detroit, runs out of time 04/11/19
Josh in Detroit tries to use 'no thanks' as a joke punchline, gets run 04/11/19
Rex in ABQ talks Masters, gets run for 'hanging rope' reference 04/11/19
Matt in North Carolina has a straight take about the Masters 04/11/19
Johnny in Detroit gets removed from the Smackoff bubble 04/11/19
Eric in Orlando wanted to know more about the yacht Rome was on in Mexico 04/10/19
Kathleen in Omaha is taking the Penguins in the NHL playoffs 04/10/19
Rome's 2019 NHL playoff predictions 04/10/19

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