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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 26 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Sean the Cablinasian, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mark in Boston, Leff in Laguna, Sarah T, Dan in Denver, Benny in Wisco, Mike in Indy, Silk Brah, Jeff in Southfield, and more!

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 Silk Brah is in charge of mobile homes in Huntington Beach 05/05/21
 What's Your Beef? #61 - Calls from Patrick in Three Lakes WI, Kathleen in Omaha, Nathan in Idaho, Jerome in Houston 05/05/21
 Rex in ABQ has advice for Mark in Humboldts dad, call gets dumped 05/05/21
 CJ in the Bay calls with facts on Silk Brah, Buffalo, and Chris in SE Wisco, gets his Golden Ticket back 05/05/21
 Jen in Canton compares the Packers situation to a man picking up a 3 at the bar when he has a 10 at home 05/05/21
 Johnny in Texas says Johnny Scabs should be put on the Do Not Block list 05/04/21
 Reset of Mark in Humboldt and Johnny Scabs' calls 05/04/21
 Johnny Scabs goes all in on Mark in Humboldt and his father, gets run and taken off the watchlist 05/04/21
 David in Green Bay was at Tour Stop #5, resets Bill Plaschke 05/03/21
 Mark in Humboldt says his sick father only eats Old Trapper 05/03/21
 Kevin in Madison on the Packers, they aren't keeping players 05/03/21
 Bobby in Des Moines says the Packers got Rodgers some help, with his game show hosting career, gets run 05/03/21
 Chris in SE Wisco says Jeff in Richmond played the bugle at the Kentucky Derby, Cal in Vegas was supposed to be a jockey, gets racked 05/03/21
 Brandon in Green Bay on the Packers, Jordan Love, and Matt LaFleur 04/30/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA, NHL, and Kentucky Derby for week of April 30th 04/30/21
 Paul in Houston is excited about the derby, talks horse betting, flamed and got out 04/30/21
 Margo in Buffalo gets run with an incoherent call 04/30/21
 Danika in Jacksonville was ruined after the draft in Cleveland, still has a couple of days to rack up her body count 04/30/21
 Mark in Hollywood on the Eagles draft, takes a run at Jeff in Southfield - thinks he's Mike in Indy 04/30/21
 Matt in LA on the trio of assclowns that run the LA Rams, gets racked 04/29/21
 Jeremy in Green Bay on the hated Roger Goodell and doughey Mac Jones, stays on watch list 04/29/21
 Packers draft calls from Scott in Wisconsin, Colton in Boise, Dylan in Lincoln, Mike in Green Bay, DMo in the East Bay 04/29/21
 Rusty in Cleveland is excited for the draft in his hometown, gets run for Danika pepperoni reference 04/29/21
 Momo in the 805 wants the 49ers to draft Kyle Pitts 04/29/21
 Mike in Ashland says Eddie George could run over him, asks Rome a question, gets run 04/29/21
 Jared in ABQ doesn't like his neighbors borrowing his tools, gets run 04/29/21
 What's Your Beef? #60 - Calls from Marshall in Orlando, John in NY, Kathleen in Omaha, Kenny in Albany, Suzy in Wisco, Coby in Fort Collins, Pete in Madison, Bill in Detroit, Terry in Ventura, Pete in Cleveland 04/28/21
 Margo in Buffalo says the local brewery is running a promotion to get a vaccine and free beer 04/28/21
 Silk Brah responds to CJ in the Bay, San Francisco smack, gets run for audio bit with Alvie 04/27/21
 Jeff in Southfield on Paul in Buffalo's dog Bo Jackson, Steve Carbone might lose the worst job ever, Hawk sounds like a Hallmark card, Midnight Oil parody, Trapper smack 04/27/21
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