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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 28 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Kaleb in Green Bay, Brad in Corona, Sean the Cablinasian, Leff in Laguna, James in Portland, Jeremy in Green Bay, Dan in Denver, and many more!

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 Sklar Brothers in studio to talk about their new show Nosebleeds 08/17/22
 Christopher in Appleton asks Rome about fish fry's and how he likes his Old Fashioned 08/15/22
 Calls from Ed in Deming, Fabian in LA, and Nick in Iowa 07/29/22
 Sarah T in Providence saw Bob Kraft at the Elton John concert 07/29/22
 Vic in Nocal is starting the Smackoff season early, Qb's as movie characters, Shaquille Leonard, Cruz Pedregon needs a monster truck for Kalebs picture 07/29/22
 Patrick in Arrowhead called because Rome sounds like a frog, takes a run at Rick in Buffalo, gets run and racked 07/27/22
 Mona in Knoxville thinks Rome sounds great despite being sick 07/27/22
 Rudy in Topeka gets run for self gloss Rude Dog 07/26/22
 Manny in Oxnard on the Dodgers, Mookie Bets, Red Sox, and Lakers 07/25/22
 Nick in Iowa is riding a bike across Iowa 07/25/22
 Mike in ABQ cut the line because of his Rome tattoo, mentioned that he had a toe removed 07/22/22
 Mike in NoCal is a 49ers fan and sticks up for Jimmy Garoppolo 07/21/22
 Todd in St Louis wants Crisco in Wisco to take a break, has an explanation to Rome's vacation eating habits 07/21/22
 Silk Brah on the Lakers and Jeanie Buss, Rome claims it was his best call ever 07/20/22
 Chris in SE Wisco wanted Brian Kelly to go full Louisianan 07/20/22
 Greg in Nashville wants the Lakers to keep their Big 3 together, Chargers are Super Bowl bound 07/19/22
 Joe in Central PA on Juan Soto's contract situation 07/19/22
 Fake Reggie in the OC gets run for clearing his throat too many times 07/18/22
 Dylan in Atlanta responds to Gino's call about Greg Norman being classy 07/18/22
 Leonard Fournette got fat! 07/18/22
 Gino in SA with thoughts on the PGA vs LIV golf 07/18/22
 Vic in Nocal calls out JT the Brick for not participating in the Smackoff 07/01/22
 Silk Brah calls from a beach house at Silver Strand, showed Smackoff to students, congratulates Kaleb 06/28/22
 Westbrick jams out to Beyonce before exercising $47 million Lakers option 06/28/22
 Patrick in San Jose got the courage to call after hearing John in New York, run for self gloss as Shiny Baby 06/27/22
 John in NY gets run for a parody song called Kalebs Waistband 06/27/22
 James in Portland talks about what he learned from the Smackoff 06/27/22
 Mark in Boston explains what happened during his Smackoff call, takes a run at Sean 06/27/22
 Smackoff 28 Recap 06/27/22
 2022 Smackoff Hour 3 - Brad in Corona, Sean the Cablinasian, Mark in Hollywood, Iafrate, Rick in Buffalo 06/24/22
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