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Leff in Laguna, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco,
Rick in Buffalo, Tyler in Edmonton, Boatie, and more!

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Bob in Los Angeles gets racked with straight fire on Matt Kuchar 02/15/19
ATP - Tony in Iowa City - Good Montana vacation spots? 02/15/19
Karl Anderson's mother calls after his interview, talks about the Cincinnati tour stop 02/15/19
Anderson and Gallows reaction, chat with Adam Hawk 02/15/19
WWE tagteam Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in studio, plus tandem call from Matt and Tyler 02/15/19
Adam Hawk teases Gallows and Anderson appearance, Valentines emails from Sarah T. and Denlesks 02/14/19
Grant in Anchorage tells a story about Double Dippin' Pippen at a club in Portland 02/14/19
Matt in LA says Matt Kuchar needs to pay El Tucan 150 grrr, or don't go back south of the border 02/14/19
Drew in West LA resets Romes Geisha House investment, Rome tells a story about a valet cropdusting his luxury sled 02/14/19
Rex in ABQ with takes on Matt Kuchar stiffing El Tucan and Poop Johnson blowing mud on a linebacker, leads to Kuchar take from Rome 02/14/19
Rah in the Bronx tries to win a Golden Ticket with a Floyd Mayweather rap 02/13/19
Zack in Denver agrees with Dan in Denver, Elway is a legend for what he did on the field only 02/13/19
Roger in Massachusetts thinks Joe Flacco should retire, doesn't want to de-minimize his injuries 02/13/19
Dan in Denver has thoughts on Joe Flacco joining the Broncos 02/13/19
Trapper in Dana Point tells a story about Bob Costas 02/12/19
Grant in Tulsa wants to buy Iafrate a house, got confused with Irie Craig 02/12/19
Cleveland Browns fans react to the Kareem Hunt signing - Scott in Nashville, Daniel in Wichita, Corey in Youngstown, and Lou in Cleveland 02/11/19
JaVale McGee screams to let teammates know he's open, reaction from other screamers, Eric Snow gained a few pounds 02/11/19
Rome resets the Kyle streak after Kyle Van Noy's interview 02/11/19
Matt in LA wants the 2 day Year in Review, Weis fat smack 02/08/19
Vic in NoCal on Brad in Corona, Patriots, and Edelman 02/08/19
Henry in Tennessee is a cardiologist talking about the 80-20 rule, eat good 80% of the time 02/08/19
Mark in Green Bay talks about how junk food is hard to resist 02/08/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch responds to Dan in Denver 02/08/19
TGIF - Keith brought sausage breakfast sandwiches to work 02/08/19
Jeff in SoCal breaks down the viral video from the Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt women's basketball game 02/07/19
Casey in LA talking about the Lakers, LeBron, and Anthony Davis 02/07/19
Dana White interview interrupted by music, email from Joaquin 02/06/19
Darren in Illinois calls about the Bucks and more Giannis arm length smack 02/06/19
Dan in Denver takes a run at Mike in Little Rock, the Nooch 02/06/19
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