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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff Wrap-Up
Leff in Laguna, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco,
Rick in Buffalo, Tyler in Edmonton, Boatie, and more!

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Kevin fills in for Alvie on The Week That Was, fails 02/27/15
Ken in Washington chokes and gets run 11/14/18
Will Flight Deck handle TWTW? Rome resets a story about a failed attempt by a guy with a ponytail 11/14/18
Tiger vs Phil 11/14/18
EJO and Norv T. tweets 11/14/18
Fabian in LA responds to the Fake Fabian 11/13/18
Calls from Fake Fabian (Parody Larry) and Lou in Sacramento 11/13/18
John in Kansas City is blind, thanks Rome for being a bright spot 11/13/18
Matt in Vancouver baits Matt in LA to call, he does, gets chased out with royalty free techno music 11/13/18
ATP - Bella asks who Romes favorite superhero is 11/12/18
Hawk recaps his trip to Pomona Raceway to see Cruz Pedregon 11/12/18
Alan in Virginia wants Liz to be president, dropped his own Fat soundbite 11/12/18
Liz in Falls City says there is too much drama in the JTP 11/12/18
John in New York thinks Canadians should get fat, since they want to be like the USA 11/09/18
Tyler in Edmonton talks about Jeff Pearlman's article on Kyle Brandt 11/09/18
Ron in Pacific Beach questions Ben Golliver's take on Steph Curry 11/09/18
Jim in Portland gets run for self-gloss, the Octopus 11/09/18
Trevor Pryce finally breaks the losing streak 11/09/18
Michael in Arizona talks Bryce Harper, Scott Boras is fat 11/08/18
Response to Le'Veon Bell's upside down Tweets 11/08/18
Show open - Rome talks about the shooting in Thousand Oaks, takes calls 11/08/18
ATP - Tony in Iowa City asks if Logan is interested in college yet 11/07/18
Matt in LA hypes the upcoming appearance of Gary Payton on the podcast 11/07/18
NHRA legend Cruz Pedregon in studio 11/07/18
Phil in Dallas @philindallas becomes first Twitter user blocked from the show with a Baby Jessica Tweet 11/06/18
Corey in Oregon is a Cowboys fan, Dak and Zeke got too much credit 11/06/18
Rome asks for rant requests for the CBS NFL show 11/06/18
Lou in Connecticut is a Giants fan, Beckham is frustrated 11/06/18
Dan in Denver has a rant on Iafrate and Trevor Pryce 11/06/18
Trevor Pryce has lost 6 straight picks on the RPO Podcast 11/05/18
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