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Stucknut Smackoff Aftershow
We took over 20 calls from clones including Leff, Mike in Indy, Mark in Hollywood, Trapper, and Terence in Sierra Madre

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Sam in San Antonio is a friend of Jeffs, reads an email he sent to Rome earlier, asked to get racked 10/20/17
Twitter contest - @MikeDForThree, @Denlesks, @BennyInWisco, @DocSergio21, @stucknut 10/20/17
Orion in Waterford takes a run at Golden Ticket holders 10/20/17
Jake in Grand Rapids has a bone to pick for ripping Jeff's Golden Ticket, Rome talks about Gender Reveal parties 10/20/17
Matt in LA talking Dodgers and Raiders 10/20/17
Reaction to Jeff in San Antonio plus a call from John in Little Rock 10/20/17
Jeff in San Antonio calls back on the 1 week anniversary, gets his Golden Ticket taken away 10/20/17
Justin in Green Bay talks Milwaukee Bucks, but sparks the Tom DeLonge gained weight topic 10/19/17
Rich in Copyright Hills calls with an unusual topic, sports 10/19/17
Christian in Maine compared Aaron Judge to a jack-o-lantern 10/19/17
Kelly in Nashville calls on his 53rd birthday, he's heading to LA and wants to hang with Rome 10/19/17
Mike in the Bay Area thinks his newborn baby is Dodgers karma 10/18/17
Picachi in SoCal is an old school listener that wants to talk Dodgers 10/18/17
Josh in Detroit gets through an entire call, talking about the tv show, boring NBA, and war lady clones 10/18/17
Mike in Buffalo email - Unwars people air-drumming the Phil Collins solo 10/18/17
Ryan in Maine missed work because he was so upset about the Gordon Hayward injury 10/18/17
Alvin's computer crashed and doubled the LT Buzzer audio 10/17/17
Paul in Cleveland calls about the upcoming Celtics/Cavs game and Cryrie Irving, gets run with Double LT Buzzer 10/17/17
Podcast voicemails mocking Jeff in San Antonio 10/17/17
Joaquin with another MMA email 10/17/17
Rome announces that the radio show will be on CBS Sports Network TV 10/17/17
Victoria in Wisconsin calls with her thoughts on the Aaron Rodgers injury 10/16/17
Rome teases a major Jungle announcement, clones try to guess 10/16/17
Mr. Automatic reset from @SquirrelTew 10/16/17
Baby Jessica tweets and emails from @chrisinstpete, @StevenCrowtown, and @philinmissouri 10/16/17
Adam Hawk asked a Hot Pocket question on Twitter, @Hotpockets responded 10/13/17
Silk Brah calls from Silver Strand, celebrating birthday weekend, weighs in on Jeff in SA's call 10/13/17
More reaction to Jeff in San Antonio's call 10/13/17
Jeff in San Antonio fights back tears throughout his call, clones react 10/13/17
Jacob in NorCal calls about the Yankees beating the Indians 10/12/17
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