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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 27 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Brad in Corona, Sean the Cablinasian, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mark in Boston, Dan in Denver, Benny in Wisco, Silk Brah, Jeff in Southfield, Cal in Vegas, Jeremy in Green Bay, Tyler in Edmonton and more!

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 Rob in Reno gets run with a Don't You Want Me parody 05/20/22
 Reset of some of the best first calls, Brad in Corona, Mike in San Diego, JD in Nashville 05/20/22
 Chris in SE Wisco responds to Brandon in New Jersey, RSVP's to the Smackoff and gets racked 05/20/22
 Otis in Austin returns and wants to be part of the Smackoff 05/19/22
 James in Portland compares Tiger Woods to Mark in Hollywood, gets run for while smacking off about his RSVP 05/19/22
 Thomas in New Orleans says the Jungle Tourettes has him anticipate Alvie's drops 05/19/22
 Gino in SA says that he say Scottie Pippen at a liquor store and his Jungle Tourettes made him yell 'no tippin Pippen' 05/19/22
 Jason in Harrisburg has a beef with Portland woman at Cabo pools 05/18/22
 What's Your Beef? #102 - Calls from Kathleen in Omaha, Jay in Humboldt, JD in Green Bay, Charles in Lafayette IN, Ryan in Oregon, Kevin in NoCal, Ken in Linden 05/18/22
 Smackoff profile for RSVP's 05/17/22
 Brandon in New Jersey takes a run at Mark in Hollywood, bidet and duvet, Chris in SE Wisco's dynasty, gets on watch list 05/17/22
 Steve in Arizona doesn't like Pat Bev in the public eye 05/17/22
 Thomas in New Orleans says the news about Drew Brees coming back is silly 05/16/22
 Drew Brees making a comeback? Jameis Winston has a passion for playing football 05/16/22
 Matt in LA called during Mark in Hollywoods call to respond 05/13/22
 Mark in Hollywood responds to Matt in LA and John in NY 05/13/22
 NFL VP of Broadcast Planning Mike North sounds like the Chicken Man 05/13/22
 JD in Philly says there isn't any Doc that can fix the 76ers dumpster fire 05/13/22
 Matt in LA takes a run at Mark in Hollywood, gets cut off for an interview 05/12/22
 Scott in NoCal compares the Smackoff to the Kentucky Derby, he's bitten and nipping, takes a run at Leff and Brad, gets on the watch list 05/12/22
 John in NY is disgusted with clone participation 05/11/22
 Ricky in Seattle submits his own Smackoff promo, reaction 05/11/22
 What's Your Beef? #101 - Calls from Ed in San Antonio, Rich in Michigan, Justin in Melbourne 05/11/22
 Gary in Seattle talks about horse racing and the Kentucky Derby 05/11/22
 Mark in Hollywood responds to Jim Rome trending on Twitter, RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/11/22
 Billy in Toronto thinks that Rich Strike was juiced out of his mind 05/10/22
 Diane in Niagara Falls wanted to wish Straight Up G a happy birthday 05/06/22
 James Kelley is opening a car/dog wash in Colorado 05/06/22
 Story time with Rome, remote show from Dykstra's car wash, call from CEO Pat in SoCal 05/06/22
 Calls from James in Portland (got run), Scott in NoCal (got racked), and Mark in Lake Havasu 05/05/22
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