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Gino in San Antonio, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco, Kaleb in Green Bay
Rick in Buffalo, Dan in Denver, Boatie in Pearland, and more!

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Matt in LA goes all in on Belicheat, Rome didn't mean to take his call 12/11/19
What's Your Beef? #13 - Call from Perry in Texas 12/10/19
Emails from Salty Sarah T and Denlesks about the Patriots new scandal 12/10/19
Randy in Bako is an old school listener, hyped about the niners 12/09/19
Wells in the 360 responds to Rick in Buffalos 'gender reveal' smack 12/09/19
Dan in Buffalo got run for asking Rome 'is this Jim?' 12/09/19
Jerome in Houston says the Texans loss was devastating and amusing, run for singing 12/09/19
Mark in San Francisco is proud of the 49ers and fans, thinks they'll win the Super Bowl 12/09/19
Rex in ABQ gets run for Steve Belichick extra chromosome smack 12/02/19
Rick in Buffalo checks in before the Bills vs Ravens game, Bills are on the doorstep of something big 12/06/19
Ben in Little Rock corrected Rome when he was announced as Dan, got run 12/06/19
Silk Brah doesn't agree with Yogi Roth's assessment of Clay Helton 12/06/19
Drew in Buffalo says the Bills will shut down the Ravens 12/06/19
Steve Belichick sounds just like his old man 12/06/19
Greg in Mountain View calls about USC, Clay Helton can’t recruit 12/05/19
Scotty in San Francisco is a Cowboys fan, team is pathetic, wants to get rid of Pee Wee Herman 12/05/19
Reaction to Well's segment, call from Parody Larry 12/04/19
Clone Generated Segment - @Wells_InThe_360 asks 'Whats a sound drop from the Jim Rome show that can also be said during sex?' 12/04/19
What's Your Beef? #12 - Carson Daly, Steve Belichick - Call from Dave in KC 12/03/19
Danika in Jacksonville wants Minshew because he better represents the sinners of Duval, they drink beer, slam fireballs, and like to bump uglies - Wins Golden Ticket 12/03/19
Adam Hawk inducts Steve in HTown / Stucknut into the Jungle Hall of Fame 11/29/19
John in Little Rock gets run with a Bang Your Head parody 11/27/19
Matt in LA starts his call with a Tina Yothers reference, gets worse from there 11/27/19
Denlesks email - Happy Thanksgiving Eve 11/27/19
What's Your Beef? #11 - Call from Dennis in Las Vegas 11/26/19
Mike in Peoria says the Ravens are so good that they will make the 49ers look like scrubs, Bills are a win away from playoffs 11/26/19
Cliff in Wisconsin - Frank Gore is a warrior 11/25/19
Rick in Buffalo with takes on John in NY periscoping the HOF and personal space, Matt in Vancouver, Rome and Hawk chat about HOF 11/25/19
Whats that sound? Clones try to guess. Answer: Elon Musk fails at smashing a window 11/22/19
Trapper in Dana Point talks beef jerkey, sticks up for Jersey, congratulates Rome on HOF 11/22/19

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