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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 27 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Brad in Corona, Sean the Cablinasian, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mark in Boston, Dan in Denver, Benny in Wisco, Silk Brah, Jeff in Southfield, Cal in Vegas, Jeremy in Green Bay, Tyler in Edmonton and more!

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 Bob in LA gets run for singing a I Left My Heart in San Francisco parody 10/15/21
 Andy in the South Bay doesn't care what part of Wisconsin that Chris is from 10/15/21
 Casey in LA was at the Dodgers Giants game 5, Wilmer wouldn't get a hit anyways 10/15/21
 Parody Larry gets run for talking instead of singing again 10/15/21
 Todd in St Louis says the Dodgers win should have an asterisk, gets run 10/15/21
 Bitcoin is on the rise, Rome mentions Ben Mezrich 10/15/21
 Raider Mike on the Mark Davis presser, MLB check swing rules 10/15/21
 Chris in SE Wisco with thoughts on Ritt's segment 10/14/21
 Gerrit Ritt hosts a segment for his birthday again, calls from Fake Pauls dog and Susie in Wisco, interviews Thomas Dolby 10/14/21
 What's Your Beef? #74 - Calls from Kathleen in Omaha, Daren in Roseville, Marcus in Seattle, Moe in KC, Bergie in Florida, Cody in Buffalo, Patrick in Santa Barbara, Brad in San Diego 10/13/21
 Melissa in West Virginia is glad that hockey is back, wants to remind Jim who she is 10/13/21
 Matt in LA before game 4 of the Dodgers Giants series 10/12/21
 Horsie talk and a call from Diane in Niagara Falls 10/11/21
 Rick in Buffalo calls after the Bills beat the Chiefs, doesn't like the new guy Choc 10/11/21
 Fake Paul in Buffalo's dog responds to Ernesto's dog, has a palindrome 10/07/21
 Ernesto in ABQ wants to talk Dodgers but his dog wouldn't stop barking, has a beef with CBS preempting the show 10/07/21
 Dave Roberts has 3 pennis 10/07/21
 Matt in LA takes a run at the St. Louis Cardinals, wins huge call 10/06/21
 ATP - When was the last time you loved yourself? 10/06/21
 What's Your Beef? #73 - Calls from Mike in Snowboard, Mike in Tampa, Brian in Green Bay, Jim in Council Bluffs 10/06/21
 Patrick in Santa Barbara mentions local bars near UCSB, unwar the foot patrol 10/05/21
 Marcus in Seattle war'd and unwar'd a lot of things, dancing on Bo Jacksons hip replacement grave, got run 10/05/21
 Jerome in Houston is thrilled that the Chargers beat the Raiders, Urb is an idiot, gets run 10/05/21
 Jaguars coach Urban Meyer goes viral for party photos, videos - with reaction 10/04/21
 James in Portland responds to Jeff in Richmonds pictures, has a beef with the Merkur 10/01/21
 Kathleen in Omaha talks about the Giants beating down the Dodgers 10/01/21
 Silk Brah calls from Big Bear Lake, excited for Chargers Raiders week 10/01/21
 Jeff from Richmond takes a run at Al Roker, gets racked 10/01/21
 John in Philly says Kathleen sounds like a rat 10/01/21
 Stucknut tries to induct Chris Taylor to the Rat Family 10/01/21
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