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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 26 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Sean the Cablinasian, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mark in Boston, Leff in Laguna, Sarah T, Dan in Denver, Benny in Wisco, Mike in Indy, Silk Brah, Jeff in Southfield, and more!

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 Calls from Gary in Corvallis and Rob in Reno about fasting 01/21/21
 Jeremy in Green Bay goes all in on Ariel Helwani, gets run for nose smack 01/21/21
 Johnny in Texas ran into a clone that uses Big Head Bets, got run with a skit about Alvie and Rome pitching the show to ABQ 01/21/21
 Denlesks email about Girth Brooks, Hawk and Rome talk about 24 hour fast 01/21/21
 Reaction to Jason in Oregon's call, beat by ex-step son 01/20/21
 What's Your Beef? #46 - Calls from Johnny Scabs, Mario in Phoenix, Kenny in Albany, Dylan in Vegas, David in Seattle, Tony in Sactown, Matt in LA, Jason in Oregon 01/20/21
 Philip Rivers retired, email with all of Alvie's kids names 01/20/21
 Tito Ortiz criticized TK Burgers for not letting him in without a mask on 01/20/21
 John in NY likes Harden on the Nets, basketball is back in New York 01/19/21
 JJ in KC previews the AFC championship game, Chiefs 33 Bills 27 01/19/21
 CBS launched a YouTube channel for the Jim Rome Show 01/19/21
 Logan in Green Bay doesn't want Rome to interview any Bucs players and give them karma 01/19/21
 Mets fire GM Jared Porter for sending explicit, unsolicited text message images to female reporter 01/19/21
 Silk Brah is recovering for the 19, likes the new Chargers coaching staff 01/18/21
 Rick in Buffalo was at the game, said the Taron Johnson pick 6 was the most electric he's ever seen at Bills Stadium 01/18/21
 Cliff in Wisco says the worst rule in sports was the tuck rule 01/18/21
 Jim in Green Bay thanks Rome for the phone, hopes the warm Florida sunshine softens Tom Brady 01/18/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for the Divisional Round 01/15/21
 Jessie in Eugene wants to know how Alvie plays the soundbites so quick 01/15/21
 Jeff in SoCal claims that Bills fans are drug addicted alcoholics with learning disabilities 01/15/21
 Rex in ABQ gets run for saying 'squeezing out a dwarf after my morning coffee' 01/15/21
 Mike in Sacramento calls with more stories about Boogie Cousins smoking weed 01/14/21
 Ritt plays the wrong bumper music, Lust for Life instead of Up All Night 01/14/21
 Danika in Jacksonville won the Jaguars Fan of the Year 01/14/21
 What's Your Beef? #45 - Calls from Ryan in NoCal, Chris in Colorado Springs, Patrick in the 805, Jerome in Houston, Ken in Lynden, Kathleen in Omaha, Ed in San Antonio 01/13/21
 Rick in Buffalo is excited for the Bills and young mafia, takes a run at Matt in Vancouver 01/13/21
 Rome just noticed that Alvie wears his headphones backwards 01/12/21
 Rusty in Cleveland got run for trolling as a Browns fan 01/12/21
 Hawk did an interview about radio on Facebook last year, clones just found it 01/12/21
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