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Trapper in Dana Point wants Altuve and Bregman to get suspended and the Astros to return their rings 01/20/20
Dave in Santa Barbara has only shed tears twice, when he married his wife and when the Chiefs won the AFC Championship 01/20/20
JJ in KC is fired up for the Chiefs going to the Super Bowl for the first time in over 50 years 01/20/20
Raider Mike called to hype Andy Reid and the Chiefs 01/17/20
Cal in Vegas takes another run at Conor McGregor, wins Golden Ticket 01/17/20
Flight Deck in studio again to break down the upcoming NFL conference championships 01/17/20
Vince in KC is looking forward to Rome's visit and wants karma 01/17/20
Parody Larry gets run for a Flintstones parody about Flight Deck 01/17/20
Bob in LA is fired up over the baseball cheating scandal 01/17/20
Buzzer tweets - Office prank guy and Ritt 01/17/20
Dalton in Sacramento has a story similar to Rome and his father 01/16/20
Shane in SLO congratulates LSU, wants people to ease up on the locker room cop 01/16/20
Email about Rome's dad - Jazz music and 'how does that grab ya?' 01/16/20
Jerome in Houston is upset with Houston sports, they all suck 01/16/20
Patch gets blocked with Kirstie Alley email, war Lady Bums using trash bags as prom dresses 01/15/20
Robert in Oklahoma has a ridiculous idea for the Astros 01/14/20
Don in Sacramento wants the Astros championship stripped 01/14/20
Astros cheating scandal 01/14/20
What's Your Beef? #16 01/14/20
Dee in Queens is taking Clemson in the championship game 01/13/20
Jerome in Houston is aggravated with the Texans, Bill O'Brien is a horses ass boob 01/13/20
Flight Deck in studio to discuss playoff bets 01/10/20
Silk Brah is heading to surgery, thinks the Dodgers were robbed by the cheating Astros 01/10/20
Mitsy in Maine with a story about how she met Tim Foley, former Dolphin 01/09/20
Tobin in Chapel Hill wanted to follow the 3 guests with NC ties 01/09/20
Vance in Louisiana is on I-10 looking for Gardner Minshew 01/09/20
Joel in Florida doesn’t understand the Joe Judge hire for the Giants, they are buffoons 01/08/20
Johnny in Texas called to pimp the 2020 San Antonio CloneStock 01/07/20
Jane Slater interview - NFL Network reporter and fan of Toby in Houston 01/07/20
What's Your Beef? #15 - Calls from Maury in Grand Rapids, Kathleen in Omaha, and Josh in the Panhandle 01/07/20

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