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We took over 20 calls from clones including Leff, Mike in Indy, Mark in Hollywood, Trapper, and Terence in Sierra Madre

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ATP, voicemails, last segment 12/11/17
Jeff in SoCal trolls San Diego by pretending to like the Chargers 12/11/17
Tyler in Seattle wants Rome to interview more Chargers for the karma 12/11/17
Thomas in OKC smacked Sam Darnold for having bad face 12/08/17
Steve in Vancouver was confused when he turned on the Jungle and heard soccer talk 12/08/17
Jake in Grand Rapids doesn't like Rome endorsing Hope Solo running for US Soccer President 12/08/17
PJ in the Mile High takes a run at Nebraska 12/07/17
Calls about football safety from Nate in Penn and Russell in the Bay Area 12/07/17
Jungle back on the air in Portland, call from Andre in Rip City, Portland woman reset 12/06/17
Felix in San Diego is an old school listener, wanted Chargers to be SoCal instead of LA 12/05/17
Tyler in Seattle thinks Anthony Lynn should be in the Coach of the Year discussion 12/05/17
Matt in LA with a take on the Ball family 12/05/17
Liz in Falls City calls out another fat ass, Jerry Jones 12/01/17
Josh in Detroit emailed his script before calling, Rome reads along with him, gets run 12/01/17
Alvie Mashup - Marky Mark, Sandstorm, Yoko Ono, All the Way Turnt Up 12/01/17
Aaron in Las Vegas says Eli Manning is not good, just got lucky a few times 11/30/17
Drew in West LA emails about an old take Rome had about diarrhea, provides audio proof 11/30/17
Jason in ABQ gets run for sleeping on a Serta mattress 11/30/17
Rex in ABQ lets Hawk know that vegetarian Hot Pockets will give you explosive diarrhea 11/30/17
Tyler in Edmonton is a Tiger Woods honk, wins huge call 11/30/17
Tiger Woods is back and your coworker in the red polo will let you know about it 11/30/17
Kyle in Green Bay with thoughts on Eli Manning's benching 11/29/17
Fabian in LA calls but doesn't have time to talk 11/29/17
First email, tweet, and call in the new studio 11/29/17
Hour 3 - Last day in studio 11/28/17
Hour 2 - Last day in studio 11/28/17
Hour 1 - Last day in studio 11/28/17
Benny in Wisco sings a Jewel parody about Najeh 11/28/17
Ken in Sacramento with thoughts on Aqib Talking and Michael Crabtree 11/28/17
ATP - History of Jim Rome's studios 11/27/17
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