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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff Wrap-Up
Leff in Laguna, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco,
Rick in Buffalo, Tyler in Edmonton, Boatie, and more!

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DJ in Pittsburgh says Antonio Brown is a primadonna and is replaceable 01/17/19
Curtis Morro Bay wonders if Kyrie Irving will sign with the Lakers next season 01/17/19
Douglas in Green Bay is a fan of Al in Ontario 01/17/19
Callers respond to Al in Ontario, Grandpa Pat in Vancouver and Grandpa Trench 01/17/19
Al in Ontario is a new listener, took a run at the Canadian callers Trench and Shred 01/16/19
Andi in Rockland witnessed John Denvers plane crash 01/16/19
Earl in Wichita got run for a Rudolph parody hype call for Patrick Mahomes 01/16/19
Steve in Nati tried to redeem himself for failed call the day before, got run again 01/16/19
Chris Hansen was arrested for bouncing checks 01/16/19
Alvin has a new, positive 'Fat Announcement' 01/15/19
Matt in LA talks about Andy Reid and CJ Anderson wanting the same White House meal 01/15/19
Rome allows fat smack for the day, calls from Christian in Maine and Steve in the Nati 01/15/19
Show open - President Trump served fast food for Clemson championship team 01/15/19
Rome got his seat bumped from first class to row 20, he was 'first on the downgrade' list 01/14/19
Charlie in Coronado Island is a longtime Chargers fan, compared them to Michigan 01/14/19
Stu in Manhattan returns with an email from Rams fan 01/14/19
Kasey in Pensacola wants Parody Larry to know that Costco has 30 gallon buckets of macaroni and cheese, run by Flight Deck 01/11/19
@TommyFrom_NC with a Princess Di - Queen blast 01/11/19
Parody Larry gets on the air because Josh in Detroit hung up, sang a Steely Dan song, got run 01/11/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch is going to bake harder in 2019, talks about Philly fan in New Orleans 01/11/19
Rick in Buffalo goes in on Josh McDaniels 01/11/19
Rome mentions he was sequestered in Ontario CA for 3 days, asked clones to guess why 01/11/19
Silk Brah talks about the upcoming Chargers Patriots game 01/11/19
Matt in LA informs the clones about a SoCal CloneStock benefiting Luis in Palmdale 01/11/19
Eric in Orlando is concerned about his pics on CBS, talks Patriots Chargers 01/11/19
Frank in Santa Clara talks Chargers/Patriots, wants to know why Jake isn't interested in UCSB 01/10/19
Phil in Maine thinks Adam Gase is a 1 year rental in New York 01/10/19
Mike in the Bay answered Rome's call for new blood, used a bunch of gloss, run for 1906 SF earthquake smack 01/10/19
Gary in New Jersey talks about Shared Belief 01/09/19
Parody Larry gets run for not singing 01/09/19
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