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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff Wrap-Up
Leff in Laguna, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco,
Rick in Buffalo, Tyler in Edmonton, Boatie, and more!

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Matt in LA says the Dodgers are going to Fenway like a buzzsaw 10/22/18
Eric in Orlando has advice for fat Dodger fans going to Fenway, laughed at his own joke 10/22/18
Ken in Sacramento has a take on Rajon Rondo, spitting is a 'go to the trunk' moment 10/22/18
Hawk leases a new Hyundai after he tricked them into giving too much for trade-in, he and Alvie are Hyundads 10/22/18
Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul get in a fight 10/22/18
Ryan in KC says the Chiefs dated pretty girls before but never had the hottest chick, Pat Mahomes 10/22/18
Teen baked her grandpa's ashes into sugar cookies, fed them to peers 10/19/18
Wanda in Tennessee got run for self gloss - Titan Woman 10/19/18
Matt in Vancouver responds to Rick in Buffalo, called him alcoholic Brad Childress 10/19/18
Rick in Buffalo gives Lebron credit for fitting in with LA scumbags, Joe West smack, Matt and Tyler smack, unwars Rush 10/19/18
Bob in Calgary wants to start smoking weed so he can work his way up to heroin 10/19/18
Connor in Dallas - stumbled through a parody call 10/19/18
Josh in Detroit thinks it would be an honor to have his mugshot on Brads bahana hammock 10/18/18
Andi in Rockland got run for trying to get her call reset from last year 10/18/18
Jeff in San Antonio talked about the anniversary of his call and getting dissed by Hawk 10/18/18
Rome resets calls from Brad in Corona and Irie Craig to Grant Napear 10/18/18
Brad in Corona lets Grant Napear know that his wife is out of his league 10/17/18
Irie Craig in Long Beach gets in an argument with Grant Napear over Clayton Kershaw 10/17/18
Tony in Houston thinks HTown doesn't get any respect 10/16/18
Matt in LA gives credit to NY suits for showing his pics, even though they never do, and Dodgers talk 10/16/18
Chris in Wisconsin talks Packers and Brewers, it's an amazing time in Wisco 10/16/18
Greg in San Diego talks about the brawl at Mr. B's Sports Bar, back when Rome was doing a night show 10/15/18
Rome talks about a gift from 25 clones - Space Jam baseball bat, Hawk gives an update on his car 10/15/18
Irie Craig talks Dodgers, has advice for Hawk but runs out of time 10/12/18
Silk Brah calls from wine country to break down the Dodgers Brewers series 10/12/18
Tyler in Edmonton responds to Rick in Buffalo, says Rick would fail a smog test, Goo Goo Dolls smack 10/12/18
John in New York - Eli Manning is like the guy at work that doesn't wear deodorant 10/12/18
Update on Adam Hawks car, it was picked up for no tags 10/11/18
Fabian in LA updates Jim on the status of his drug test 10/11/18
Rick in Buffalo calls with thoughts on the Yankees and Cal in Vegas 10/11/18
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