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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 26 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Sean the Cablinasian, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mark in Boston, Leff in Laguna, Sarah T, Dan in Denver, Benny in Wisco, Mike in Indy, Silk Brah, Jeff in Southfield, and more!

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 Ritt catches heat for stepping on Diane in Niagara Falls' call with soundbite, lady clone caller, lady clone button 12/03/20
 Calls from Frank in PA (enough basketball talk!), Mike in the Bay (Lakers and KCP), Bobby in Redding (wants to annihilate Tom Brady), Veronica in San Diego (stem cells for junk), Johnny in Texas (pimping WoodScopes), Rob in St. Louis (Raiders), Diane in Niagara Falls (Shared Belief) 12/03/20
 Jordan in the OC works outside sales, played golf with Chase Claypool 12/03/20
 Bernie sends email to explain his Ritt v Hawk song 12/02/20
 What's Your Beef? #40 - Calls from Ryan in NoCal, Chris in Colorado Springs, Kathleen in Omaha, Parody Larry 12/02/20
 What's Your Beef? #39 - Calls from Suzi in Wisco, Matt in LA, Daniel in Wichita, Earl in Wichita, Kathleen in Omaha 11/25/20
 Reaction to the Ritt vs Hawk song 12/01/20
 Clone named Bernie submits a terrible song called 'Ritt vs Hawk' to the tune of Mission Impossible 12/01/20
 Steve in Long Island didn't like the Eagles decision to go for 2, covering the spread 12/01/20
 Thanksgiving Leftovers - Mike Tyson v Roy Jones Jr, Nate Robinson v Youtuber 11/30/20
 Chris in SE Wisco was passed down the curse of being a Bears fan from his dad, ready for them to clean the house 11/30/20
 ATP - How did you get into punk music and would you let a current XR4Ti member host the show 11/30/20
 Woody in New York on the Bears, they need to clean house - coaching and quarterbacks, chased out by sharks again 11/30/20
 Rex in ABQ with Nebraska smack, ScoFro or scrotox 11/30/20
 Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting - Call from Trapper in Dana Point 11/27/20
 Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting - Call from Silk Brah 11/27/20
 Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting - Tweet from @Twelvewood, calls from Vic in NoCal and Jerome in Houston 11/27/20
 Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting - Reads Tweet from @Hedstrombacon about Stucknut 11/27/20
 Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting for Rome, show open 11/27/20
 Andy Gresh filling in for Rome, Beaks fat smack 11/26/20
 Flight Deck James Kelley's NFL picks for week 12 11/25/20
 Brad in Corona gets run for talking about Greg Normans junk 11/25/20
 Show Open - Getaway day for Thanksgiving weekend, Patrick Mahomes puts ketchup on turkey, email and Twitter reaction 11/25/20
 Rome discusses Johnny Rotten and Greg Norman 11/24/20
 Jeff in Southfield with another weird call, this time targeting the Detroit Lions 11/24/20
 Silk Brah reminisces about the Green Bay trip in '15, bummed that the Buffalo trip got canceled 11/24/20
 John in Philly has Hawks back, no way fat slob Ritt is gonna make it in the ring 11/24/20
 Rex in ABQ on Greg Norman being an underachiever, only thing left to choke is the massive ostrich in his pants 11/24/20
 Matt in LA on Tiger and his kid hitting the links 11/24/20
 Florida man wrestles alligator to save puppy 11/23/20
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