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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff Wrap-Up
Gino in San Antonio, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco, Kaleb in Green Bay
Rick in Buffalo, Dan in Denver, Boatie in Pearland, and more!

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Geoff in Lincoln calls with a Matt in LA parody, gets run 07/17/19
Eric in Falls Church called to get his song Loser back 07/17/19
Steve Elkington interview 07/17/19
Rome retroactively runs Bobby in Cleveland for self gloss, more self gloss calls from Denver John, Bob in Calgary, and Christian in Maine 07/16/19
Bobby in Cleveland doesn’t think that the Browns will ever win 07/16/19
Jon in Huntington Beach ripped Eric in Falls Church's music bed - Loser 07/15/19
Mark in Chicago has a straight take on Wimbledon, gets run for not being kooky 07/15/19
Kaleb in Green Bay talks about a weight loss competition with Beaks, proceeds go to charity 07/11/19
LD in Indy doesn't understand Kawhi's decision, wants Melvin Gordon on the Colts 07/11/19
Rex in ABQ got run for referencing Brad in Corona's giblets 07/11/19
Lee in Fairfax with a super duper call about women's soccer 07/11/19
Harvard fencing coach got fired - admission scandal 07/10/19
Jeff in SoCal is not a fan of the Jungle Open in Omaha 07/10/19
Kurt in Michigan got run for self gloss, the Muscle Shark 07/09/19
Matt in LA on Kawhi going to the Clippers 07/09/19
JJ in KC calls to pitch the Jungle Open, clone golf outing in Omaha 07/09/19
Rome checks in with Hawk, talk about vacation, birthday party, and marathon training 07/08/19
JT the Brick - 1st time filling in for Rome, opening segment 07/04/19
Josh in Detroit gets run while trying to get a Golden Ticket again, Rome says he’s terrible 06/28/19
Johnny in Detroit has a take on the Smackoff reaction, takes a run at Jason in Harrisburg 06/28/19
Raider Mike talks about Richie Incognito, Fabian at the watch party 06/28/19
Jason in Harrisburg recaps the Smackoff, wants Bob Krafts video to be called Jurassic Pork 06/28/19
Mike in the Bay gets racked with takes on Mike in Indy whining after the Smackoff, Bay Area Weird, and Cody Bellinger 06/27/19
Denlesks email about Rome's upcoming Wisconsin vacation 06/28/19
Jeff in Southfield on Wisconsin, Kaleb in Green Bay, and Brad in Corona 06/28/19
Email reaction to Rome going on vacation, more Curtis in Morro Bay talk 06/28/19
Chris in East Bay is a search and rescue guy calling BS on Curtis’ story 06/27/19
Curtis in Morro Bay calls back to give more information about the rescue 06/27/19
Reset and reaction to Curtis in Morro Bay's call from day before 06/27/19
Curtis in Morro Bay tells a story about being rescued at Big Sur after sending a message in a a bottle 06/26/19

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