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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 26 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Sean the Cablinasian, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mark in Boston, Leff in Laguna, Sarah T, Dan in Denver, Benny in Wisco, Mike in Indy, Silk Brah, Jeff in Southfield, and more!

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 Jane Slater Tweeted that the Cowboys players are not happy with the coaching staff, call from Michael in Portand 10/20/20
 Justin in Melbourne tries to one-up Jeff in Richmond, gets run 10/20/20
 Jerome in Houston recaps the Dodgers and Rays game 7 victories 10/19/20
 Brett in SLO thinks the Dodgers are like the early 90's Bills 10/19/20
 Matt in LA calls in after the Dodgers game 7 victory over the Braves, predicts Dodgers in 6 for World Series 10/19/20
 Fig in Stockton calls Rome a Dodgers homer 10/19/20
 Miguel in Tampa tells a story about meeting and hanging out with Jose Lima 10/16/20
 More old school resets, call from Mitch in Sacramento 10/16/20
 Flight Deck James Kelley's NFL picks for week 6 10/16/20
 Story about most rat infested cities prompts a Rat Family reset, calls from Stoney in Sacramento and JC in The Woodlands 10/16/20
 Conor in Philly with a question about McGregor and Pacquiao 10/15/20
 John in C-Town calls to talk about the Browns 10/14/20
 What's Your Beef? #33 - Calls from Johnny Scabs, Woody in New York, Joseph in Houston 10/14/20
 Gerrit Ritt guest hosted a segment for his birthday, calls from John in New York, Matt in LA, Andi in Rocklin, and Parody Larry 10/14/20
 Chris in SE Wisco doesn't like the Twitter trolls smacking Clayton Kershaw 10/13/20
 Woody in New York breaks down the Yankees lineup and why they lost, chased out by sharks 10/12/20
 Jeff in SoCal is glad that the train wreck NBA season is over, smacks adult fans that wear full Laker uniforms 10/12/20
 Silk Brah gives Rome props for the name recognition 10/09/20
 Rex in ABQ gets run for saying Nick Foles is as thick in his head as he is in his junk 10/09/20
 Flight Deck James Kelley's NFL picks for week 5 10/09/20
 Mel Gibson as a gun-toting Santa Claus in 'Fatman' trailer 10/09/20
 Twelvewood with a tweet about efforting Jake Rome for WoodScopes 10/08/20
 A recap of the story of Silk running for city council 10/08/20
 Ruby Tuesday files for bankruptcy 10/08/20
 Monica in Colorado Springs explains how Alex Caruso is the XR4Ti crew wrapped up into one person 10/08/20
 Silk Brah and Tito Ortiz were featured in a Spectrum News 1 report 10/07/20
 What's Your Beef? #32 - Calls from Jarrod in Clearwater, Kyle in Houston, Matt in LA 10/07/20
 RIP Eddie Van Halen 10/07/20
 Nathan in Richmond calls to talk about Dak Prescott but phone died 10/06/20
 Jerome in Houston soberly comments on Bill O'Briens firing 10/06/20

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