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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 27 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Brad in Corona, Sean the Cablinasian, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mark in Boston, Dan in Denver, Benny in Wisco, Silk Brah, Jeff in Southfield, Cal in Vegas, Jeremy in Green Bay, Tyler in Edmonton and more!

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 Paul in Louisville - 1st email of 2012 01/03/12
 Norv Turner rejects Axls 'time to die' 01/04/12
 Blaise in KC - Huge email regarding local radio hacks 01/04/12
 Boatie in Pearland responds to T Suggs comment on Tebow 01/06/12
 Jim Rome leaving ESPN for new personal appearance smack show on CBS 01/09/12
 CBS Sports Sean McManus talking about Jim Rome's new TV shows 01/11/12
 John Parr updates St. Elmo's Fire theme song for Tim Tebow 01/11/12
 Houston Texans RB Arian Foster interview 01/13/12
 Philadelphia Eagles QB Mike Vick 01/20/12
 Bubba Watson buys the General Lee 01/24/12
 Travis in Appleton - War Kicking Cancers Ass - Huge Email 01/24/12
 Jim Everett returning for JRIB's last show? 01/25/12
 Dee in Sierra Madre calls after getting drunk at Starbucks 01/26/12
 Rome shouts out to Holmey in Newport Beach 01/26/12
 Israel in LA calls about Lakers, Clippers, and Peyton Manning. Huge call 01/27/12
 Brett Keisel sounds like J-Stew - Mike in Parma 01/30/12
 Gronk is taking it Day by Day 01/31/12
 Bill Romanowski on Radio Row 02/01/12
 Rome on a Mobile with Chad in Portland on return to Rip City 02/02/12
 Arian Foster interview from Superbowl Radio Row 02/02/12
 Lee in Vancouver with Rae Carruth email 02/07/12
 Cougars That Seek Out Jim 02/07/12
 40 Year Old College Student and Canadian Fish Scandal 02/08/12
 Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale interview 02/10/12
 Tom Brady in game sound - 'Lets go to the lake' 02/10/12
 Girl asks NY Giants Jerry Lin on date 02/17/12
 Lee in Van 'Rae Carruth' and Blaise in KC 'Presidents Day' emails 02/20/12
 Ryan in Wichita run for personal appearance smack 02/20/12
 James in Houston calls while Kyle Brandt is guest hosting 02/20/12
 Charles Oakley interview and email reaction 02/21/12
 Live TV reporter doesn't react to car crash, anchorwoman makes lame gas prices joke 02/23/12
 Alex Rodriguez invites Jeremy Lin to crash with him 02/27/12
 Charles Barkley interview - Some NBA fans should be shot 02/29/12
 Mike in San Diego Reviews Moneyball 02/29/12
 Rock Show with Jeff in Phx on a Car Phone 03/01/12
 Rome on a Mobile...Rock Show Style 03/01/12
 Lee in Vancouver - Pranking Hitchhikers 03/02/12
 The Funke Monkey blocked for Louie Anderson FAT tweet 03/02/12
 Gino in Boise - Matt in Cleveland parody call 03/02/12
 Mike in San Diego - Laker Retaliation & Smackoff Invite 03/02/12
 Week That Was 03/02/12
 KB in Bakersfields debut call - Not the next big thing 03/06/12
 Scott in Bakersfield responds to KBs call 03/06/12
 Bill Romanowski talking about NFL bounties 03/06/12
 Mark in Boston on NFL bounty and snitches 03/06/12
 Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 03/09/12
 Mitch in Wichita chokes and flames 03/09/12
 Boatie in Pearland sets Denver straight about Manning 03/12/12
 St. Louis Cardinals David Freese interview 03/20/12
 Mr. Positive - Mitch in San Bernardino 03/20/12
 Ulysses in LA call with reaction - Peyton my neck my neck and my back 03/20/12
 Chris in St Pete - Back to back emails about Fat Axl Rose 03/22/12
 Duff McKagan interview - Discusses Guns-n-Roses and new book It's So Easy: and other lies 03/22/12
 Rock Show - Pooldoc Recaps 2012 Ranch Bash 03/22/12
 Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 03/23/12
 Stu in Manhattan - New York City Checklist 03/29/12
 Mike in San Diego Gives the Ball to the Sklars 03/29/12
 The Fray butchers the National Anthem at NCAA Championship game 04/03/12
 Brian Wilson interview - San Francisco Giants 04/03/12
 Chris in St Pete - Gilligans Island movie pitch with Mama Cass as the island 04/05/12
 Boatie in Pearland - Bubba Gives Bubba Watson Props 04/09/12
 Bubba Watson interview - 2012 Masters Champion 04/10/12
 Eric Davis and Darryl Strawberry - Harvard Park documentary 04/11/12
 Worst Texts Contest - Wass in Scottsdale and Gino in Boise 04/11/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - Green Thumb 04/11/12
 Olympics Organizers Ask Keith Moon to Play Closing Ceremony - Lee in Van Def Leppard text 04/13/12
 2012 Smackoff Announcement - All past winners invited including Sean the Cablinasian 04/16/12
 Joaquins UFC list including pouring bottom shelf vodka into premium bottles 04/16/12
 JC in Alaska - Trying to smack bad callers, gets run - Beep Beep 04/18/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - Mary J Blige 04/18/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - Call from Fabian in LA 04/18/12
 Smackoff 2012 invitees and mention of Stucknut odds 04/19/12
 Dane in Wisconsin - Called on 420 while high - Lorena Bobbitt blast 04/20/12
 Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 04/20/12
 Fabian in Los Angeles - The 420 Call 04/20/12
 KB introduces video entries - Grossie O'Donnell Sports Minute 04/24/12
 Jay Mohr calls J-Stew on stage for an improv bit 04/25/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - Tweets of The Week Final 04/25/12
 Video rants from Brett in C-Town, Danielle in Tampa, Curtis in Eureka, and Nick in Warcal 04/26/12
 Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 04/27/12
 Delonte West interview 04/27/12
 Ish in Memphis call and email reaction 04/30/12
 Dave in St. Louis calls, gets invited to Smackoff 04/30/12
 Mike in Wichita wins huge call, invite to Smackoff 05/01/12
 2012 Smackoff Promo 05/02/12
 2012 'Smackoff on a Mobile' Promo 05/02/12
 News of Junior Seau's death 05/02/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - NBA Western Conference Playoff Talk 05/02/12
 Bill Romanowski interview about Junior Seau 05/03/12
 Ray Ray in Tampa RSVPs for the 2012 Hackoff 05/04/12
 Norman in Norman RSVP's for the 2012 Hackoff. Wars Stucknut. 05/07/12
 Ryan in Wichita RSVP's for the 2012 Hackoff with a donkey show blast 05/07/12
 Dane in Kimberly RSVP's for the 2012 Hackoff 05/07/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - Francis Pablo haikus 05/09/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - Man Crush 05/09/12
 2012 Hackoff - Segment 01 - Jolene Trending on Twitter 05/10/12
 2012 Hackoff - Segment 02 - VinnyMacNation Trending on Twitter 05/10/12
 2012 Hackoff - Segment 03 - Val Kilmer Trending on Twitter 05/10/12
 2012 Hackoff - Segment 04 - Pre Hackoff Calls 05/10/12
 2012 Hackoff - Segment 05 - Norman in Norman, Ish in Memphis 05/10/12
 2012 Hackoff - Segment 06 - Ryan in Wichita, Aaron in Canton 05/10/12
 2012 Hackoff - Segment 07 - Short Segment 05/10/12
 2012 Hackoff - Segment 08 - Pat in Chino, Jason in Ottawa 05/10/12
 2012 Hackoff - Segment 09 - Ray Ray in Tampa, Vinny Mac, Eddie in Boise 05/10/12
 2012 Hackoff - Segment 10 - Shane in Richmond, Alex in SLC, Fabian in LA 05/10/12
 2012 Hackoff - Segment 11 - Jolene in Farmington, Matt in Cleveland 05/10/12
 2012 Hackoff - Segment 12 - Jolene Wins 05/10/12
 The Rock Show - Post Hackoff with Boatie in Pearland, Norman in Norman, Ryan in Wichita, Jesus in Chicago 05/10/12
 Mike in Indy RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/14/12
 Dan in DC RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/15/12
 Israel in LA RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/15/12
 Brad in Corona RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/15/12
 Mark in Hollywood wins the Golden Ticket 05/16/12
 Rome mentions Smackoff.net website 05/16/12
 Lee in Vancouver - Wives can't Tweet with 140 character limit 05/16/12
 Blaise in KC - Must Be Fat Matt Perry 05/16/12
 Boatie in Pearland RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/16/12
 Boatie's Pre-Smackoff Interview featuring new J-Stew song 05/16/12
 Vic in NoCal's pre-smackoff weigh-in 05/17/12
 The Rock Show - Silk Brah reminisces about the Jungle of old and tour stops 05/17/12
 2012 Smackoff Segment 01 - Intro, Gino in San Antonio 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff Segment 02 - Dan in DC, Trapper in Dana Point 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff Segment 03 - Mark in Hollywood 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff Segment 04 - No calls 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff Segment 05 - Dave in St. Louis, Silk in Huntington Beach, Mike in Wichita 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff Segment 06 - Joe in the OC 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff Segment 07 - Chael Sonnen 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff Segment 08 - Iafrate 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff Segment 09 - Vic in NoCal, Doc Mike DiTolla 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff Segment 10 - Jolene in Farmington, Mike in Indy 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff Segment 11 - Brad in Corona, Israel in LA 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff Segment 12 - Chael Sonnen Wins 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff on a Mobile Segment 1 - Jeff in Phoenix, Sean the Cablinasian 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff on a Mobile Segment 2 - Jim Everett 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff on a Mobile Segment 3 - Greg in Vegas, Willie in KC 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff on a Mobile Segment 4 - Recap, Winner Greg in Vegas 05/18/12
 2012 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show Segment 1 - Todd in Florida, Matt in C-Town, Jeff in Phoenix 05/18/12
 2012 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show Segment 2 - Hedstrom, Mark in Boston, Joe in the OC 05/18/12
 2012 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show Segment 3 - Boatie in Pearland, Jeff in Phoenix again, Mike in Indy 05/18/12
 2012 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show Segment 4 - Matt in Cincy, Norman in Norman, Amanda in 423, Nick in WarCal, Jesus in Chicago 05/18/12
 2012 Smackoff reaction, Chael Sonnen and Mike in Indy recaps 05/21/12
 Mike in Indy interview with Kyle Brandt 05/25/12
 Joe in the OC calls Kyle Brandt about the Smackoff 05/25/12
 Toby in Houston calls JT the Brick about the Smackoff 05/25/12
 'Bruce Jenner' with the Sklar Brothers 05/28/12
 Jay Onrait with the Sklar Brothers 05/28/12
 Dave in St Louis calls with opinion on Smackoff, Rome rants 06/01/12
 Holmey in Newport Beach - Gene Rayburns phallic microphone 06/04/12
 Cathy in Long Beach 06/04/12
 J-Stews pant seams, good job, good effort 06/06/12
 Jade in Cincinnati - Compares Miami Heat to a coked-out stripper 06/06/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - TFP Haiku 06/06/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - Lil Wayne 06/06/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - Tweets of the week 06/06/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - NBA's Favorite Announcers 06/06/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - I'm Heart Broken The Spurs Lost Last Night 06/07/12
 Vic in NoCal - Tim Duncans opposite receding hairline, Machowicz smack 06/08/12
 Mike in Indy - Welcomes new affiliates, Manny Pacquiao smack, takes run at Chael 06/08/12
 Mark in Hollywood - first call since the Smackoff 06/11/12
 Chael Sonnen talks about boxing and the Smackoff 06/11/12
 Chael Sonnen responds to Mike in Indys tweet about Smackoff rematch 06/12/12
 Quinn Pitcock interview talking about his video game addiction 06/12/12
 Ryan in Wichita sends email about Corey Pavin's addiction to gouda cheese 06/13/12
 David Stern interview - Ends awkwardly after Jim Rome asks about lottery being fixed 06/13/12
 David Stern interview reaction with email and phone calls 06/13/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - Stephen Jackson Interview 06/13/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - Mike In Indy Calls Out Chael Sonnen & Gives Props To Geo 06/13/12
 Jim Rome recaps the David Stern interview, Call from Gino in San Antonio 06/14/12
 Rome on a Mobile with David Stern on a Mobile - 1560thegame.com 06/15/12
 Eric in Falls Church - 'Shame on you email' from David Stern 06/15/12
 Wes the Fat Kid email - Chael needs to sign up for Stucknut to prepare for the fight 06/19/12
 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Interview 06/19/12
 Chael vs Mike Promo, Call from Mike in Indy 06/20/12
 John in Cleveland - LeBron will always be known as a Judas, traitor, trench coat 06/20/12
 Greg in Sun Valley calls in his support for Mike in Indy 06/21/12
 Jake in Peoria call - Rather get hit in face with urine soaked tennis ball than listen to Chael 06/21/12
 Joaquin email - MMA guy punches ATM machine when it says insufficient funds 06/21/12
 Joe in the OC call - The friction caused by Tebow and Lolo Jones dry-humping could power Vegas 06/21/12
 2012 Chael Sonnen vs. Mike in Indy Battle - Round 1 06/22/12
 2012 Chael Sonnen vs. Mike in Indy Battle - Round 2 06/22/12
 2012 Chael Sonnen vs. Mike in Indy Battle - Mike announced as winner, reaction 06/22/12
 Rome on a Mobile interviewing The Ghost of JoPa 06/25/12
 Eric in Portland Maine - Call about Kevin Youkilis gets dubbed the chowd version of Alvins mix 06/25/12
 Blaise in KC email about drummer of Def Leppard. Rome drops a moratorium. 06/25/12
 Fabian in LA calls Romes soundbites annoying, pot calling the kettle black 06/29/12
 Kyle Brandts tribute to Mike in San Diego 07/02/12
 Reaction to Mike in San Diegos passing 07/02/12
 Kyle Brandt guest hosting - The birth of 1-800-MEN-TOTO 07/02/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - Top 15 One-eyed People 07/04/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - Zimmerman's Phone Number 07/04/12
 Jake in Peoria call - Takes another run at Chael Sonnen 07/09/12
 Jim Rome pays his respect to Mike in San Diego 07/09/12
 Israel in LA - Talks and raps about Mike in San Diego 07/09/12
 Text contest - Steve in SLC, Gino in Boise, Ryan in Indy 07/10/12
 Guaranteed FB comment read and guaranteed ReTweet, Gino in Boise 07/11/12
 Mark in Hollywood call about Penn State 07/12/12
 Fabian in LA apologizes for calling soundbites annoying, gives props to Mike in San Diego 07/13/12
 Jay Mohr Guest Host - 07/16/12 - Hour 1 - Comments about Jeremy Lin, Skip Bayless, and Penn State 07/16/12
 Jay Mohr Guest Host - 07/16/12 - Hour 2 - Penn State, Dwight Howard, Matt Fortes new contract 07/16/12
 Jay Mohr Guest Host - 07/16/12 - Hour 3 - Explains why he didn't participate in Smackoff, Kevin Youkilis chowd talk 07/16/12
 Ted in Boise and Tight Lettuce try out Kyle Brandts new buzzer 07/18/12
 Ryan in Wichita triggers the new buzzer with David Carradine hangman blast 07/18/12
 Craig in Tampa email about Dexter Manley LMFAO 07/18/12
 Kyle Brandt interviews Fabian in LA 07/18/12
 Vic in NoCal calls with thoughts on the Olympics 07/21/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - 07/23/2012 07/23/12
 Drew in DTLA email sparks a Morning Zoo rant 07/25/12
 Jeremy Lin Interview - Houston Rockets PG 07/27/12
 Jake in Peoria gets racked despite a poor job of reading his take 07/30/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - 07/30/2012 07/30/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - Paul Greco Interview 07/30/12
 Aaron Rodgers interview, Green Bay Packers Quarterback 07/31/12
 Fabian in LA - Official Jungle Olympic Correspondent 07/31/12
 Steve in Albuquerque calls and wars pretty much everything 08/01/12
 George in Ottawa calls with a Sandstorm - Careless Whisper remix on the kazoo 08/03/12
 Chris in St Pete - Emails about HOF game being better than Olympics, T.O. rode Greyhound to tryouts 08/06/12
 Jake in Peoria gets run for smacking NBCs Olympic coverage 08/06/12
 Brian Banks interview - story of a wrongly convicted rapist who wants his shot at playing in the NFL 08/06/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - 08/06/2012 08/06/12
 Craig Ochoa NFL replacement ref is ready for the Hack-off 08/10/12
 John in San Diego calls about the Lakers and Dwight Howard 08/10/12
 Stu in Manhattan welcomes Birminghams new affiliate 08/13/12
 John in San Diego calls with old school knowledge, gets on Smack-off bubble 08/13/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - 08/13/2012 08/13/12
 Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott interview 08/17/12
 John in San Diego calls about Melky Cabrera 08/20/12
 Jake in Peoria calls about John in San Diego 08/20/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - Interview with Jim Rome on a Mobile 08/20/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - 08/20/2012 08/20/12
 Jay Mohr Guest Host - 08/27/12 - Hour 1 - Vin Scully, Dodgers payroll, Miami Dolphins Hard Knocks 08/27/12
 Jay Mohr Guest Host - 08/27/12 - Hour 2 - Dez Bryant Rules, Cookie Monster diapers 08/27/12
 Jay Mohr Guest Host - 08/27/12 - Hour 3 - Jets arent good, Roger Clemens frosted tips 08/27/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - 08/27/2012 08/27/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - 09/03/2012 09/03/12
 Bob in Ann Arbor calls with ex-lax smack 09/04/12
 Scott in Prescott - Caller has nothing to say, Rome does a J-Stew impression 09/06/12
 Eric in Falls Church - Adam Sandler Yankees reset, Eric rebrands himself as a jerk 09/07/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - 09/10/2012 09/10/12
 Jake in Peoria gets run after calling his shot on Twitter 09/11/12
 Bill Romanowski interview, Oakland Raiders MNF long snapper debacle 09/11/12
 Trapper in Dana Point - Talks about a murder case with former MMA fighter, reflects on 9/11 09/11/12
 Joaquin's MMA email from dudes that order for their girlfriends at Olive Garden 09/12/12
 Charles Woodson interview - Green Bay Packers Safety 09/14/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - 09/17/2012 09/17/12
 Mark Kriegel interview - Author of The Good Son, Ray Mancini book 09/19/12
 Mark Kriegel interview - Calls and email reaction 09/19/12
 Mark in Hollywood calls in opening segment, gets put on hold, finishes call later 09/21/12
 Gino in San Antonio calls about father and son bonding 09/21/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - 09/24/2012 09/24/12
 Josh Sitton interview - Green Bay Packers guard with thoughts on replacement refs 09/25/12
 Rack me! Mark in SLO - Emails sent to Rome with recycled takes 09/26/12
 Israel in LA calls about the greedy NFL officials 09/26/12
 Tribute to the replacement referees 09/27/12
 Jim Rome addresses the South Park appearance 09/27/12
 Mike in Indy lays out the West Coast Mafia and their leader Mark in Hollywood 09/28/12
 Kobe Bryant interview 09/28/12
 Jake in Peoria tries to take a run at Mark in Hollywood but gets run for reading 09/28/12
 Henry in Springfield Missouri - Clueless in Seattle 09/28/12
 Greg in Sun Valley - Challenges Luke Walton for deepest voice 10/01/12
 War bums using scaffolding to play Hollywood Squares 10/04/12
 Mack Brown - Coach of Texas Longhorns football 10/04/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - 10/08/2012 10/08/12
 Jay Mohr Guest Host - 10/08/12 - Hour 1 - Colts win, KC fans cheer for hurt Cassel 10/08/12
 Jay Mohr Guest Host - 10/08/12 - Hour 2 - Chris Berman doing Colts highlights, Alvins soundboard, Kurt Busch 10/08/12
 Jay Mohr Guest Host - 10/08/12 - Hour 3 - Steve Gorman interview, DeAngelo Williams responds to Twitter hate 10/08/12
 Jay Mohr Guest Host - 10/09/12 - Hour 1 - Jets are a disaster, Clones cant handle the current topics 10/09/12
 Jay Mohr Guest Host - 10/09/12 - Hour 2 - David Koechner interview, Orlando Cruz is first openly gay boxer 10/09/12
 Jay Mohr Guest Host - 10/09/12 - Hour 3 - Anthony Robles interview with reaction 10/09/12
 Alfred Morris interview, Washington Redskins RB 10/15/12
 Manti Te'o interview - Notre Dame linebacker, story about losing girlfriend to leukemia 10/17/12
 The Jason Stewart Show - with Van Smack the phone slap 10/19/12
 Jonathon Vilma interview, talks about bounty accusations, Greg Williams, cart-offs 10/22/12
 Aaron Rodgers interview, talks about bounty scandal and unfair criticism 10/22/12
 Rome starts show with Mike in San Diego reset, Giants win the pennant, email from Eric in Falls Church 10/23/12
 Sherman from LA Times calls the hotline to sale newspaper subscriptions 10/24/12
 Axl Rose butchers an acoustic version of Welcome to the Jungle 10/24/12
 Phil Coke interview - Detroit Tigers pitcher 10/26/12
 Fake Randy Moss calls in, doesn't know his middle name or birthday 10/30/12
 Jose Canseco interviewed by Kyle Brandt 11/02/12
 Levi the Trashman gets run for self gloss 11/06/12
 Huge text contest 11/09/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - 11/12/2012 11/12/12
 Holmey in Newport Beach - Email about slimy Phil Jackson, Rome told Holmey to frame the email 11/13/12
 Text contest 11/13/12
 Zach in the 909 calls and gets run 11/14/12
 Text contest 11/14/12
 Mark in Hollywood call, Lakers are Phil Jacksons booty call, goes after Fake in Peoria 11/15/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - 11/19/2012 11/19/12
 Joe in Bugaha Show - Paul Greco Interview 11/19/12
 Brad Pitt does a commercial for Chanel No. 5 11/28/12
 Johnny Football Manziel interview 11/30/12
 Week That Was Nov 28 - Dec 2 2011 12/02/12
 Mike in Wichita calls about the Jovan Belcher tragedy 12/03/12
 Text contest 12/03/12
 Ted in Pittsburgh - Arkansas hog call or Kelly Clarksons mating ritual 12/06/12
 Joaquin with another great MMA email 12/06/12
 Vinny Mac calls and gets run, drank too much cheese and ate too much beer, Notre Dame fight song 12/06/12
 Chris Kluwe interviewed by the Sklar Brothers 12/12/12
 Brandon Marshall hates the Packers, compares the Bears season to Charlie Browns tree 12/13/12
 Chris in St Pete - Lakers take, war losers dressing up as Santa and asking cougs to sit on their lap 12/14/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - Interview with boxer Jesse James Leija 12/19/12
 Jim Boeheim interview 12/20/12
 Fabian in LA calls about the X-Factor and gets run 12/20/12
 Text contest - Possibly the last one ever 12/20/12
 Eric in Falls Church email - almost good enough to ditch the soundbed 12/20/12
 2012 Year in Review - 01 - Jan-Mar 12/21/12
 2012 Year in Review - 02 - Mar-Jun, Showtime announcement 12/21/12
 2012 Year in Review - 03 - Jun-Oct, CBS announcement 12/21/12
 Gonzo in SA Show - UTSA WR Josiah Monroe and Colorado St CB Bernard Blake 12/26/12

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