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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 27 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Brad in Corona, Sean the Cablinasian, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mark in Boston, Dan in Denver, Benny in Wisco, Silk Brah, Jeff in Southfield, Cal in Vegas, Jeremy in Green Bay, Tyler in Edmonton and more!

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 Joe in Bugaha Show - Brian Beckner 01/21/13
 Joe in Bugaha Show - 01/21/2013 01/21/13
 Joe in Bugaha Show - Dan in DC 01/28/13
 Joe in Bugaha Show - 01/28/13 01/28/13
 Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker 02/05/13
 Ryan in Wichita gets run for 'Mindy McCready is in a box' blast 02/18/13
 Fabian in LA - Complains about Rome not being in LA and the podcast not working 02/22/13
 Iafrate calls about the Kansas City Chiefs, gets cut off 02/27/13
 J-Stews Farewell Show - Intro - Jason sings Better Man live in studio 03/08/13
 J-Stews Farewell Show - Reaction to Intro and Blaise in KC call 03/08/13
 J-Stews Farewell Show - Steve Elkington interview 03/08/13
 J-Stews Farewell Show - Rachel in Houston call 03/08/13
 J-Stews Farewell Show - Kyle Brandt presents Jason with pizza and lava cakes 03/08/13
 J-Stews Farewell Show - Silk in Huntington Beach and Dan in DC 03/08/13
 J-Stews Farewell Show - Sklar Brothers, Joe in the OC, Vic in Nocal 03/08/13
 J-Stews Farewell Show - Steve Carbone call 03/08/13
 J-Stews Farewell Show - Haiku winner and The Week That Was 03/08/13
 Mike in Indy calls about J-Stew, gets run, Rome goes soft 03/12/13
 Vic in NoCal - Busted bracket, Pre-smackoff hype, Drunk Papa John 04/12/13
 Jason Stewart calls Travis Rodgers Now 04/24/13
 Marshall in Newport Beach - Email about 'Brings his dog to the field guy' 04/26/13
 Dave in St Louis calls, gets invited back to the Smackoff 05/09/13
 2013 Smackoff Announcement 05/09/13
 Kasey in Pensacola calls and flames out 05/10/13
 Lance in Louisville calls with Sedak-Attack (Neil Sedaka parody), gets invited to Hackoff 05/13/13
 Lance in Louisville RSVP's to the Hackoff 05/29/13
 Ryan in Wichita RSVP's to the 2013 Hackoff 05/31/13
 Jukebox Friday - Brocktologist, Chris in St. Pete, Steve in HTown Stucknut 05/31/13
 2013 Hackoff - Part 3 - Ish in Memphis, Jesus in Chicago 06/07/13
 2013 Hackoff - Part 4 - Kasey in Pensacola 06/07/13
 2013 Hackoff - Part 5 - Ryan in Wichita, Alex in SLC, Eddie in Boise 06/07/13
 2013 Hackoff - Part 6 - Fabian in LA 06/07/13
 2013 Hackoff - Part 7 - Email contest, The Week That Was, Rome kills the Hackoff 06/07/13
 2013 Hackoff - Part 1 - Intro, Jason in Ottawa CSLB, Aaron in Canton 06/07/13
 2013 Hackoff - Part 2 - Lance in Louisville 06/07/13
 Jason in Fullerton RSVP's to the Smackoff after 18 year hiatus - J-Stew 06/11/13
 Brad in Corona RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/11/13
 Mike in Wichita RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/13/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 01 - Intro 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 02 - Dave in St Louis 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 03 - Dan in DC 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 04 - Fake Silk 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 05 - Mike in Wichita 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 06 - Jason in Little Rock 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 07 - Trapper in Dana Point 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 08 - Joe in the OC 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 09 - Mark in Hollywood 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 10 - Jason Stewart 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 11 - Steve Carbone 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 12 - Vic in NoCal 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 13 - Brad in Corona 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 14 - Boatie in Pearland 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 15 - Mike in Indy 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 16 - Chael Sonnen 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Segment 17 - Top 10 announced, Winner Mark in Hollywood 06/14/13
 2013 Smackoff Recap 06/17/13
 Vic in NoCal recaps Smackoff, sings Neil Sedaka parody, then gets run for singing Foreigner parody 06/17/13
 Mike in Indy also gets run for singing 06/17/13
 Silk wins huge call despite bad phone connection 06/17/13
 Vic in NoCal gets run again for singing Power Station after straight sports take 06/18/13
 Mike in Indy gets run for singing Spur of the Moment 06/18/13
 Lance in Louisville protests the demise of the Hackoff, gets run for suggesting a Karaoke Guy Invitational as its replacement 06/18/13
 Kyle Brandt announced that he and his wife are expecting 06/28/13
 Vic in NoCal calls with take on George Zimmer 06/28/13
 Kyle Brandt's take on George Zimmer 06/28/13
 Houston rapper Slim Thug recruits Dwight Howard via Twitter 07/02/13
 Dan From D.C.'s Week in Review with guest Jason Stewart 07/07/13
 Lance in Louisville on hold entire show, doesn't get on the air; Rome reviews his history 07/22/13
 Lance in Louisville tries to smack Vic in NoCal with another Sedak-Attack (Neil Sedaka parody) and gets run with Whisper Buzzer 07/25/13
 Eric (the loser) in Falls Church wins huge email, Auto Zone gift card 08/02/13
 Lance in Louisville gets run for Connie Francis parody 08/08/13
 Ryan in Wichita gets run for cracking on Cleveland and Detroit 08/09/13
 Lance in Louisville drops a Macarena bomb on Brad in Corona and wins Huge Call 09/06/13
 The Week that Was - Edited by Alvie! 09/06/13
 Lance in Louisville gets into the Twitter contest 09/11/13
 Lance in Louisville in the Twitter Contest for the second day in a row 09/12/13
 Lance in Louisville accepts Romes Sedaka Challenge, gets run for another song parody 09/24/13
 Lance in Louisville fails Rome's Sedaka Challenge and gets run again 10/01/13
 Tom in Detroit the Pharmaceutical Rep gets run for fat and ugly smack on the people of Cleveland 10/03/13
 Brad in Lafayette goes Straight Fire on the Atlanta Fail-Clowns and wins Huge Call 10/08/13
 Jim in Tampa the Bowling Ball gets run for self-gloss 10/10/13
 Danika in Jacksonville on Peyton Manning destroying the Jags, Blaine Gabbert so bad that the fans miss David Garrard 10/10/13
 Jake and Logan pay Jim a surprise birthday visit 10/14/13
 Fred in Temecula sings What Did John Fox Say, gets run, but wins Huge Call 10/14/13
 Lance in Louisville in the e-mail contest, wants to bust Ryan in Wichita in his bleeping mouth 10/21/13
 Jim's 2013 Rant About Adults in Halloween Costumes, with E-Mails and Tweets 10/31/13
 E-Mail: Riley Cooper vs. Richie Incognito 11/05/13
 Personal appearance smack allowed for 11-12-13 day, Charlie in Lawrence looking for Jungle Caramel 11/12/13
 Champions Classic recap - Michigan State vs. Kentucky, Kansas vs. Duke 11/13/13
 Mark in Hollywood invites the crew to his birthday party, lays down a rap Smack God 11/15/13
 Interview with Bill Self 11/15/13
 Joaquin's MMA email from dudes with Richie Incognito jersays and use girlfriends Pandora skips 11/15/13
 Randy in Pleasanton calls about NFL safety, gets MyVi Wrecking Balled 11/18/13
 Chris in St. Pete introduces TheFamily hashtag 11/21/13
 Rome threatens to block Brocktologist for incest smack 12/11/13
 Lance in Louisville e-mails about moving to Topeka; Rome resets his history, promises to let him on next day 12/12/13
 Vinny in Indy calls Rome a dweeb and gets clowned 12/13/13
 Lance in Louisville (soon to be Topeka) vs. Ryan in Wichita 12/13/13
 Joe in Baltimore (Joe Flacco impersonator) gets run, but wins Huge Call 12/13/13
 Kenny in the D e-mail - Matt Stafford's face fat, Detroit kids not getting Xmas presents 12/17/13
 Barry Hinson rips his Southern Illinois team 12/18/13
 E-mail - Guy who buys his wife fitness equipment for Christmas 12/18/13
 Secret Santa Rant, with e-mail and Twitter reaction 12/18/13
 Interview with new UConn football coach Bob Diaco 12/18/13
 Reaction to Bob Diaco Interview; Lance in Louisville/Topeka glossed a Scorpion and Energy Vampire 12/18/13
 2013 Year in Review - Hour 1 12/20/13
 2013 Year in Review - Hour 2 12/20/13
 2013 Year in Review - Hour 3 12/20/13

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