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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 27 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Brad in Corona, Sean the Cablinasian, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mark in Boston, Dan in Denver, Benny in Wisco, Silk Brah, Jeff in Southfield, Cal in Vegas, Jeremy in Green Bay, Tyler in Edmonton and more!

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 First show of year, Opening segment, CBS Sports Network TV simulcast 01/02/18
 First calls of the year, Dave in Boise (run for stumbling) and Cliff in Wisconsin (run for self gloss, Red Dog) 01/02/18
 Calls from Alex in Cleveland and Gary in Ponoma 01/02/18
 Adam Hawk gets ridiculed for his shirt 01/02/18
 Kristian in Maine gets run for comparing the Buffalo Bills to Miss Congeniality 01/02/18
 Rick in Buffalo calls with his thoughts on the Bills going to the playoffs 01/02/18
 Poindexter in Houston called because he saw Rome on TV 01/02/18
 Calls from Jah in Sactown and Nicole in Buffalo 01/02/18
 Evan in Oakland gets run for a Del Rio parody 01/03/18
 Silk Brah responds to Rome's bat signal for legends 01/03/18
 Iafrate checks in for the first time since 2016 Smackoff 01/03/18
 Calls from Luke in Fort Collins, Mike in Little Rock, Rex in ABQ 01/03/18
 Mark in Chicago asks about Rome's plans once he takes the Detroit Lions head coaching job, run for bum smack 01/04/18
 Dan in Denver takes a run at the Browns, Sam Darnold, and TeamBake 01/04/18
 Matt in LA with thoughts on the Raiders and Jon Gruden 01/04/18
 Matt in Vancouver responds to Dan in Denver 01/04/18
 Brad in Corona wins Huge Call, takes a run at Ackerman and Leff 01/04/18
 Mark in Boston with Adam Hawk smack 01/04/18
 Erron in Diamondhead talking Saints, Drew in West LA resets Quinn Pitcock 01/04/18
 Tyler in Edmonton takes a run at Brad in Corona and Mike in Indy 01/04/18
 Twelvewood calls in to talk about his upcoming scope lineup, Rome talks to Hawk about his appearance 01/04/18
 Mike in Albuquerque checks in to update us on his show 01/05/18
 Mark in Hollywood calls out a few clones, including Ugly Paul Rudd Mike in Indy 01/05/18
 Benny in Wisco takes a run at the XR4Ti for being really pale 01/05/18
 Jeff in Socal is waiting for Leff to get his Oprah moment, gets run 01/05/18
 John in Little Rock gets run again 01/05/18
 Eric in Falls Church wants Austin to deliver his emails on silver plate 01/08/18
 Danika in Jacksonville calls about the Jaguars Bills game 01/08/18
 Bo in Nashville wants the clones to pray for Trapper 01/08/18
 Erron in Diamondhead is taking the Saints, says Ca Newton folded like a Bills table 01/08/18
 Raider Mike knows more about the Raiders than Jon Gruden 01/08/18
 David in Tampa is an Atlanta native that took the Bulldogs loss really hard 01/09/18
 Kevin in Florida responds to David in Tampa 01/09/18
 Ken in Sacramento says that Nick Saban is the greatest coach in all sports 01/09/18
 Kaleb in Green Bay returns with a 3 point plan to end Jungle bullying, wins Huge Call 01/09/18
 Irie Craig calls to discuss his autobiography 01/09/18
 Parody Larry tries a Blue Suede Shoes parody called Teal Blue Beer, gets run 01/09/18
 KP in New Mexico calls with a Merkur story 01/10/18
 Tom Tolbert Dr. Boudreaux reset 01/10/18
 OJ denies being Khloe's father 01/10/18
 Corey in Ann Arbor has a Merkur story too 01/10/18
 Matt in LA with another Raiders call 01/11/18
 Kyle in Green Bay is already planning his 2018 Clonestock 01/11/18
 John in San Diego @jseggy wants to get a Jungle inspired tattoo, takes suggestions from the clones 01/11/18
 Josh in Detroit chimes in on the tattoo discussion, gets run 01/11/18
 Danika in Jacksonville previews the Steelers Jaguars playoff game 01/12/18
 Adam Hawk will document John in SD's tattoo, reveals that he is also getting a tattoo of his cat Griffey 01/12/18
 Adam Hawk gives an update on his cat tattoo, talks about the meet-up with John in SD 01/15/18
 Trapper in Dana Point updates us on his condition, shares stories, says Rome is nationwide like ZZ Top 01/15/18
 Evan in Oakland has an explanation for Marcus Williams' whiff 01/15/18
 Mark in Chicago gets run for saying that Hawks tattoo is of Mark in Hollywood 01/15/18
 Rex in ABQ wants someone to document his scrotox 01/16/18
 Nick in Iowa gives props to Marcus Williams 01/16/18
 Mark in Barstow calls the NBA No Balls Association 01/16/18
 Kyle in Green Bay got a Jungle tattoo, TwelveWood scoped it 01/16/18
 Bryan in Lincoln - no need to be nervous 01/17/18
 Joaquin MMA email 01/17/18
 Lane Kiffin hired Charlie Weis Jr, tweets from @BlaiseInKC and @MikeDForThree 01/17/18
 Justin in Cleveland CFO of Car Nap Nation wants an XR4Ti tattoo 01/17/18
 Joe in Pittsburgh got run for self gloss - horse monkey 01/17/18
 Ken in Sacramento calls about the NBA violence, wins Golden Ticket 01/17/18
 Josh in Detroit lights up everyone, still gets run 01/17/18
 Jacob in Norcal talks Jungle Periscopes 01/18/18
 Dan in Syracuse has a weird joke about Patton Oswalt and Monica Seles 01/18/18
 Cal in Vegas bids for another Golden Ticket, falls short 01/18/18
 Marty in Nocal sets the record straight that Jacob was not the first Jungle Scope 01/18/18
 Chael Sonnen in studio, talking Bellator 192 and the Smackoff 01/18/18
 Ben Golliver interview - SI writer that covered Smackoff 23 01/18/18
 FBI Mike in Toledo wants the Vikings to pump the brakes 01/19/18
 Fake Silk with a bad Tom Brady - Micheal Jackson joke 01/19/18
 Chad in LA takes a run at Tom Brady's jawbooty, gets run for saying Iafrate has low hanging fruit 01/19/18
 Matt in LA is calling a Jaguars upset of the Patriots 01/19/18
 Mike in Little Rock smacks Josh in Detroit and Cal in Vegas, wins Huge Call 01/19/18
 Mark in Hollywood after the Eagles won the NFC Championship - Tell me how my ass taste! 01/22/18
 Matt in LA warns Rome about eating a habanero pepper 01/22/18
 Dan in Denver smoked the entire XR4Ti crew, won a Masterbuilt smoker 01/23/18
 Kristian in Maine calls out Philadelphia for not calling the show 01/23/18
 3 Philly callers try to respond to Kristian in Maine 01/23/18
 Rex in ABQ gets run for a Tiger Woods smack, wins Masterbuilt smoker anyways 01/24/18
 Vic in Nocal talks about Robert Kraft, explains why he takes runs at Dr. Dave, wins Huge Call 01/24/18
 Darren in Illinois has thoughts on the Bucks firing Jason Kidd, more long arm smack 01/24/18
 Jeff in San Antonio calls from the hospital as his fiance was about to give birth to Jordan 01/25/18
 Jacob in Norcal responds to Dan Wetzel's interview about Larry Nassar 01/25/18
 Josh in Detroit got run for recycling Twitter jokes that Rome read 2 minutes prior 01/25/18
 Rick in Buffalo goes after Vic in Nocal, ends with a bad impersonation of an explosion 01/25/18
 Joe in New Jersey AKA the Tree Frog gets run for self gloss 01/25/18
 Liz in Falls City is ashamed of being from the same city as Jeff in San Antonio 01/25/18
 Erron in Diamondhead gets run for personal appearance smack 01/25/18
 Matt in LA thinks the steroid users should be in the HOF 01/26/18
 Kaleb in Green Bay is excited about the Brewers, run for Vic gets smokers from strip club smack 01/26/18
 Mark in Hollywood takes a run at Vikings fan and Tom Brady, wins Masterbuilt smoker 01/26/18
 Luke in Fort Collins can't wait to see Philly fan go Philly fan after Tom Brady beats them 01/26/18
 Orion in Waterford is not a fan of Matt in LA, called him Israel 2.0 01/26/18
 Mark in Chicago takes a run at Nick Faldos phone, Rex Ryan foot fetish smack 01/26/18
 Vic in Nocal tried to bully Mark in Hollywood out of his smoker, it didn't work 01/26/18
 Mark in Boston takes runs at Vic in Nocal, Mark in Hollywood, and Keith Arnold 01/26/18
 Silk Brah informs the clones that he will be working during the show as a high school teacher 01/26/18
 Stucknut Radio: Nutties Announcement Show in Review 01/30/18
 Kurt Warner responds to Sarah T's tweet 01/31/18
 Parody Larry gets run for Steve Miller 'Fly Like an Eagle', Rome and Alvin buzz him at the same time 02/01/18
 Mark in Hollywood recaps the Super Bowl, passed out before post-victory wrestling session 02/05/18
 Bob in Calgary gets run for SJP joke, Rick in Philly run for dropping F-bombs 02/05/18
 Philly fan eats horse crap after the Super Bowl 02/05/18
 Kevin in Philly gets choked up over the Super Bowl win, clones ridicule him 02/05/18
 Tim in Philly is a 15 year clone, went to the Super Bowl, watched Rome in Burning on the DVR 02/06/18
 Jared in Iowa went to radio row, says Hawks stache is even better in person 02/06/18
 Randall in the OC tweeted that Kevin Hart should of said he was with Jungle Racing 02/06/18
 Parody Larry tried calling as Pauly in Philly, got run 02/06/18
 Rick in Buffalo loved watching the Patriots lose the Super Bowl 02/06/18
 Cruz Pedregon interview 02/07/18
 Rex in the ABQ thinks the NBA sucks, gets run for Shawn Kemp illegitimate children blast 02/09/18
 Marie in Lynchburg calls to tell Rome she loves his TV show 02/09/18
 Marie in Lynchburg reset and more reaction 02/09/18
 Jeff in Socal has moved on to womens curling, gets run, Alvin has to explain delayed buzzer - glass houses man 02/09/18
 ATP - Origin of Alvie's Dude Dude No No! 02/09/18
 Matt in LA responds to Orion in Waterford 02/13/18
 A clone recognized Adam Hawk at a sporting goods store, recognized the Griffey tattoo 02/13/18
 Rex in ABQ is excited about an In-N-Out Burger opening 400 miles away 02/14/18
 Stucknut resets Nikki in Sun City 'Man Candy' 02/14/18
 Dane Cook got fat - tweet from @MPiazzasBacne, Alvie explains fat alarm 02/14/18
 Irie Craig alleges that Tiger Woods still has a drug problem 02/14/18
 Menendez brothers tweet from @philinmissouri 02/14/18
 Josh in Detroit gave Rome an offer that he could refuse 02/15/18
 Fergie butchers the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game, Let's play some basketball! 02/19/18
 Adam Hawk gets a high five denied by Rory McIlroy, clones react to Hawks outfit 02/19/18
 Clones try to guess the new announcement, Rome and Hawk talk about WoodScopes, another SJP call from Bob in Calgary 02/20/18
 Show Announcement: CBS Sports Radio will be available on SiriusXM 02/20/18
 Rex in ABQ has a take on Iries book, gets run for John Denver blast 02/20/18
 Corey Pavin is a gopher email from Greg in Glendale 02/21/18
 Parody Larry gets run for Starman parody 02/21/18
 Kirstie Alley got in a Twitter feud with the USA curling team 02/21/18
 Sam in Connecticut got run for bad call about Tiger Woods, gave us a huh? soundbite 02/21/18
 ATP's about SiriusXM from @hedstrombacon and @phx_nolagirl 02/21/18
 Olympic Women's Hockey - Team USA defeated Canada for the Gold Medal 02/22/18
 USA vs Canada Women's Hockey reaction, border skirmish, Nickelback and Creed blasts 02/22/18
 Steve in Vancouver got run for 'Hey Jim, thanks for the Rome' 02/22/18
 Tyler in Edmonton weighs in on the USA - Canada women's hockey game 02/22/18
 Larry Holmes called on listener line, Adam Hawk didn't know who he was, Jim Rome interviewed him 02/22/18
 Reaction to Hawk not knowing Larry Holmes, Huge Call from Mike in Utah 'Canadians joined the mile high club by themselves' 02/22/18
 Drew in West LA cracking on Irvine 02/23/18
 Jeff in San Antonio claims that he is definitely a bad ass 02/23/18
 Liz in Falls City still doesn't like Jeff representing San Antonio 02/23/18
 Matt in LA wants to help Hawk brush up on sports history 02/23/18
 Hans in Pennsylvania heckles the Canadian hockey team 02/23/18
 Jeff in Socal talks about the Canadian besties Matt and Tyler 02/23/18
 Slash in Brentwood asks about a greater accomplishment, then gets out before the buzzer 02/23/18
 Rex in ABQ gets run for Justin Thomas personal appearance smack 02/26/18
 Pastor Norris in Georgia is representing PastorNation and TruckerNation 02/26/18
 Chris in KC likes the Marcus Peters trade 02/26/18
 CJ in Wichita doesn't like the Marcus Peters trade 02/26/18
 Matt in LA bashed San Diego for dropping the show 02/26/18
 Erron in Diamondhead piles on 1090 for dropping Rome 02/27/18
 John in SD says that 1090 dropping Rome isn't that bad because Matt in LA can't listen now 02/27/18
 Kristian in Maine got run for wanting to throw Oreo's at Panda Sandoval 02/27/18
 Matt in Vancouver has a message Jeff in SoCal 02/28/18
 A Jim Rome rap song was released 19 years after it was made by Str8jakkett 02/28/18
 Reaction to the Jim Rome rap song, plus phone calls 02/28/18
 James Harden crossing over Wesley Johnson emails, Roland in Pittsburgh, Matt in Poland Springs, Ryan in Minny, Stucknut resets Mike Forbess 03/01/18
 Kristian in Maine - Malcom Butler didn't play in the Super Bowl because he was impregnating Robert Krafts girlfriend 03/01/18
 Rex in ABQ gets run for saying that if you took a black light to a pillow case at Circus Circus, you would see a map of Hawaii 03/01/18
 Twelvewood checks in to plug the next Woodscopes, with guests Ben Mezrich, Leff in Laguna, and Benny in Wisco 03/01/18
 Fox is going to air an OJ Simpson interview from 2006, If I Did It 03/02/18
 Derek in Idaho weighs in on Russia allowing drugs at World Cup, gets run 03/02/18
 Jeff in Socal responds to Matt in Vancouver, gets run for calling Matt and Tyler the Canadian Bert and Ernie 03/02/18
 Slava in Russia talking about drugs, not sure why he got run 03/02/18
 Rex in ABQ calls about Justin Thomas, Hefty has a BMI of gravy, gets racked 03/05/18
 Matt in LA says he got SiriusXM to listen to the show, Sirius is blowing up like Kirstie Alley's waistband 03/05/18
 Austin Huff was a seat filler at the Oscars 03/05/18
 Dan in Denver - Jon Lester can't throw to 1st, got run for Le Batard personal appearance smack 03/05/18
 Josh in Detroit gets run for smacking Rex too hard, Rome grades his call an F 03/05/18
 @Stucknut resets George in Tampa's 50 pound carrot call 03/06/18
 Matt in Santa Cruz quizzes Rome on veganism 03/06/18
 George in Tampa checks in after hearing his original call being reset 03/06/18
 Fabian in LA checks in to make his presence felt 03/07/18
 Wynonna in Colorado calls to find out what ET after the time means, clones react 03/07/18
 Ryan Reeves can make a siren sound with his mouth, Denny Neagle train whistle reset 03/07/18
 Wynonna reset, email from Vince in West Covina 03/08/18
 KC Royals host anti-pornography workshop for players, coaches 03/08/18
 Rex in ABQ gets run for mentioning that he got the squirts after eating chocolate lava cake 03/09/18
 Lee in Vancouver resets someone using Jim Rome's name on the strip club poker machine 03/09/18
 Mark Davis and Jon Gruden go to Warriors game, Twitter lights them up with personal appearance smack 03/09/18
 Rome previews the OJ Simpson 'If I Did It' special 03/09/18
 James Dolan's band was on the Jimmy Fallon show 03/09/18
 Slash in Brentwood gets run while discussing the OJ special 03/12/18
 Tommy from NC gets run for murder references 03/12/18
 @Jeff_fromthe919 resets Tommy from NC's call 03/12/18
 Rome's take on the OJ interview 03/12/18
 Mitsy in Maine with a cool story about meeting Dan Marino 03/12/18
 Marty in Norcal can chug beer and has a Scope to prove it 03/13/18
 Rob in Oakland takes TB12 drinking beer, says something to get dumped by every crew member 03/13/18
 Bob in Calgary wants to challenge SJP to a water trough competition, gets run 03/13/18
 Skipper in Charlestown started to flame, Alvin buzzed him 03/14/18
 Luke in Fort Collins smacks his affiliate, Coach K and Grayson Allen, wins a Golden Ticket 03/14/18
 Adam Hawk explains the JTP 03/14/18
 Rex in ABQ gets run for wondering if Stephen Hawking's estate will auction off his used colostomy bags 03/14/18
 David in Wisconsin played celebrity softball with Favre and Rodgers 03/14/18
 Kyle in Green Bay waits on hold for the entire show, smacks the Jungle Twitter Bags, gets run for saying In-N-Out sucks 03/14/18
 Matt in LA is taking MSU in the tourney 03/14/18
 Emails and Tweets leading up to Kyle in Green Bays icing 03/14/18
 Dan in Denver responds to Kyle in Green Bay 03/15/18
 Steve in PHX email - I need 16 to add a 1, Kip 03/15/18
 Benny in Wisco takes a run at Dan in Denver 03/15/18
 Kaleb in Green Bay calls from In-N-Out in Austin 03/15/18
 Chad in LA calls with a story about Najeh in his dorm room closet 03/15/18
 Mike in SLC with a cool story about Bud Bundy 03/15/18
 Mark in Boston has a take on Ed Hochuli's guns, Kaleb in Green Bay is a food blogger that doesn't blog, gets run 03/16/18
 Stone Cold Day - Reset of Smackoff cameos 03/16/18
 Parody Larry calls from the ER, impersonates Rex but nobody could tell 03/16/18
 John in New York says Rick in Buffalo talks like he's taking hostages 03/19/18
 Mark in Boston talks about meeting Cruz Pedregon and Michigan basketball 03/19/18
 Arrogant Steve in Aliso Viejo says Alvin is handsome, talks Duke basketball 03/20/18
 Calls about bad breakups from Ron in NY and Chris in Wisconsin 03/20/18
 W.S. Tobias calls with a Toby parody 03/21/18
 Rex in ABQ gets run for warring bums using discarded Parliament Lights as Apple earpods 03/21/18
 Denlesks with a Jungle related sonnet for World Poetry Day 03/21/18
 Podcast voicemail preview 03/21/18
 Rick in Buffalo - Zay Jones, John Beilein, Ricks wedding, hostages 03/21/18
 Pattersaur with a SJP / Dee Snider poem 03/21/18
 Lauren in Naples with an incoherent call 03/21/18
 Tim in Houston called on his way to the golf course, perfect weather and luxury wrenches 03/22/18
 Craig in Houston - email responding to Tim's call 03/22/18
 Lauren in Tempe checks in after a couple of years, still likes to party 03/22/18
 Fabian in LA lets everyone know that he might land a job from his last call 03/23/18
 Al in Virginia thinks Fabian sells drugs, loved Denlesks poem 03/23/18
 Lauren in Naples talks Michigan basketball, likes to get frisky at the yacht club 03/23/18
 Albert Belle arrested on DUI, indecent exposure charges 03/26/18
 PJC tweets that Odell Beckham is an average injury prone pre Madonna, Stucknut responds with pre Debbie Gibson 03/26/18
 Tyler in Seattle claims that the Chargers are better than the Rams, Rome said it's the worst call of the year 03/27/18
 Whats That Sound: Clones ask the origins of Brah!, a car!, and This is the Game, Doug! 03/27/18
 Matt in LA gives props to the Rams, wants to see Rome on Gas Station TV 03/27/18
 Loyola Chicago's old mascot was a hobo, prompts bum smack 03/28/18
 Kevin Love tries to draw a charge, lost a tooth 03/28/18
 ATP - Tony in Iowa City asks what it would take to vacate a Smackoff championship 03/28/18
 Tom in Orlando found the show again after many years 03/29/18
 Jeff in SoCal got run for womens basketball haircut smack 03/29/18
 Silk Brah informs the clones that they can pause and rewind the show with the SiriusXM app 03/29/18
 Adam Hawk doesn't know who Kevin Mitchell is 03/29/18
 John 'Sterling' in Toronto - checks in before opening day, gets run 03/29/18
 Eric in Orlando says Alvie is a creepy dude, gets racked 03/30/18
 Mike in Buffalo with a fat Ben Affleck email 03/30/18
 ATP from Phil in Missouri, Nicki in Houston, and Brent in Rocklin 03/30/18
 Rex in ABQ talks Masters, gets run for saying he doesn't want to see a clone squatting on the edge of the Hogan Bridge taking a giant curly growler into Rae's Creek 04/02/18
 Mark in Boston takes a run at Mark in Hollywood, gets racked 04/02/18
 Fans yells 'overrated' as Bryce Harper hits a home run 04/02/18
 Matt in LA is taking Villanova 77-65, gets run for growler reference 04/02/18
 ATP - Hedstrombacon asks if Rome has ever been to a horse auction 04/02/18
 Mark in Hollywood responds to Mark in Boston with Michigan smack and a Fresh Prince parody, wins huge call 04/03/18
 Tim in Houston talks about his luxury wrenches, tried to add production value from computer but it failed 04/04/18
 Lauren in Naples doesn't seem happy with the result of the Michigan basketball game 04/04/18
 Matt in LA takes a run at Johnny Idiotface 04/05/18
 Parody Larry wanted to read his 'World Poetry Day' poem so he waited on hold for 2 weeks, still got run 04/05/18
 Lauren in Naples is going back to the yacht club 04/06/18
 Mark in Barstow is a pool tech that got his son hooked on the show 04/06/18
 Josh in Detroit checks in on the anniversary of his hookland call, Rome runs out of time 04/06/18
 Rex in ABQ wants to add Rory McIlroy to the rat family, gets run 04/09/18
 Adam Hawk injured his back while putting on a golf shoe 04/09/18
 Brian in Bakersfield took Rome's advice and put a bet on Patrick Reed 04/09/18
 Irie Craig has some medicine for Adam Hawk, lost connection 04/09/18
 Kyle in Winnipeg is taking the Jets 04/11/18
 Update on Adam Hawk's back issue, chiropractor visit, and clone reaction 04/11/18
 Rome's 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Prediction 04/11/18
 ATP - Why does Dr. Dave get run on the podcast? 04/11/18
 Matt in LA wants to hear Don MacLean or Robert Plant on the podcast 04/12/18
 San Diego is back in the Jungle, call from Rob in SD 04/12/18
 Silk Brah responds to Green Bay's anti-San Diego email, also talks surfing and hockey 04/13/18
 Rex in ABQ gets racked with hockey talk 04/16/18
 Rome ran into Andy Reed at Javier's 04/16/18
 Rick in Buffalo calls out Leff, Mike in Indy, and Vic for not calling more often, wins huge call 04/16/18
 ATP - Tony in Iowa City asks where the 'ehh lets not get into that just yet' soundbite came from 04/16/18
 Leff in Laguna responds to Rick in Buffalo 04/16/18
 Matt in LA doesn't want Roger Goodell to eliminate kickoffs 04/17/18
 Kaleb in Green Bay takes a run at Leff in Laguna and Jeff Passan, wins huge call 04/17/18
 Leff in Laguna responds to Kaleb in Green Bay 04/17/18
 Liz in Falls City destroys Kawhi by glossing him Coward Leonard 04/17/18
 Reaction to Kaleb, Leff, and Liz's calls 04/17/18
 John in Green Bay on the Aaron Rodgers / Packers feud 04/18/18
 Rex in ABQ takes a run at Rick in Buffalo, Florida, then gets run for another molten lava cake at Morton's blast 04/18/18
 Benny in Wisco weighs in on the Packers, Kaleb, then baits Leff with a riddle 04/18/18
 Leff in Laguna takes a run at Ice Cube's Big 3 League, answers Benny's riddle 04/18/18
 Adam Hawk gives update on his back, he's got a tee time in San Diego Saturday 04/18/18
 Eric in Wisconsin talks about WoodScopes, Rome says that he will do the show some day 04/19/18
 Kaleb in Green Bay talking NFL schedule release, responds to Leff and Benny, won huge call 04/19/18
 Teather in Green Bay wants to give Golden Tickets to the 16 seeds of the Jungle, pimps the WoodScopes 04/19/18
 Denlesks 420 email 04/20/18
 Ryan in Green Bay calls for 420, call got dumped 04/20/18
 Mike in Little Rock - The Nooch calls from Denver, calls out Vic, gets run while taking a hit 04/20/18
 Tyler in Edmonton calls from New York as he and Matt are invading the USA 04/20/18
 Matt in Vancouver follows up Tyler's call with Smackoff combine results 04/20/18
 Irie Craig calls to discuss his new book 'When Every Day Is Friday Night' 04/20/18
 Mark in Boston responds to the Canadian takeover 04/20/18
 Raider Mike talks about the draft and Irie Craig 04/24/18
 Irie Craig calls to give the correct GoFundMe information 04/24/18
 Boatie in Pearland tells Irie Craig to 'pull your bootstraps up, boy!' 04/24/18
 Jeff from Richmond on Stucknut Radio: April Wrap-up 04/24/18
 Rex in ABQ got run for a Javier's reference... lobster enchiladas go through me like cheese through a goose 04/25/18
 Matt in LA weighs in on what the Browns should do in the draft 04/25/18
 Pattersaur Brett in Bugaha glosses Irie Craig 'Irie Beg' 04/25/18
 Tweet from @bouche1 about Javier's dress code, Alvin goes through his soundboard of peoples names 04/25/18
 Rome gets a call from Human Resources about Alvin bringing all of his kids to work 04/26/18
 Alvin calls basketball games as a side hustle, dude dude yes yes! 04/26/18
 Clones try to find a better word than Kook 04/27/18
 Matt in LA says Roger Goodell sucks, likes the Martavis Bryant trade 04/27/18
 Josh Rosen said there were 9 mistakes ahead of him, tweets and reaction 04/27/18
 Silk Brah sent a whole montage of photos to the TV crew to show during his calls 04/27/18
 Dan in Denver with Sam Darnold mole smack 04/27/18
 Dr. Dave in Chicago got run for talking about spewing smack and IBS 04/27/18
 Justin in Melbourne lays out reasons why the Penguins will repeat 04/27/18
 Cruz Pedregon checks in after winning the NGK Four-Wide Nationals 04/30/18
 Smackoff 24 announcement - July 20th 04/30/18
 Rick in Buffalo on the NFL draft, takes a run at Leff in Laguna 04/30/18
 Rome checks in with Hawk about Jeff in Richmond's appearance on Stucknut Radio 04/30/18
 John in NY takes a run at Rich Ackerman for being a sellout 05/01/18
 Ken in Sacramento comments on Charles Barkley, Raptors and Cavs 05/02/18
 Rex in ABQ gets racked for LeBron smack 05/02/18
 Lance in ABQ - Don't let that idiot Rex represent us 05/02/18
 Trey in Louisiana destroys the minions behind the glass (XR4Ti) 05/02/18
 Jeff from Richmond returns to the Jungle 05/03/18
 Jeff from Richmond reaction - Reset of Oren in Denvers call 05/03/18
 Matt in Vancouver responds to Jeff in Richmonds return 05/03/18
 Mark in Barstow still uses Jeff in Richmond catchphrases 05/03/18
 Kaleb in Green Bay has advice for the Golden Ticket holders 05/03/18
 Tyler in Edmonton takes a run at Jeff in Richmond and Kaleb in Green Bay 05/03/18
 Matt in LA responds to Jeff in Richmond 05/03/18
 Benny in Wisco smacks Kaleb in Green Bay, gets run for rectum blast 05/03/18
 Bob in Calgary gets run for saying horses get depressed after a loss, like SJP when Sex and the City got canceled 05/04/18
 Rick in Buffalo responds to the Jeff in Richmond comparisons, gets promoted from a Golden Ticket to Smackoff exemption 05/04/18
 Oren in Denver heard about his call getting reset, chats with Rome and won a Golden Ticket 05/04/18
 Trapper in Dana Point checks in from Lexington KY, talks old-school Jungle, horses, and his health 05/04/18
 Cal in Vegas tries to smack Leff but gets run 05/04/18
 Rex in ABQ smacks Cal in Vegas for his golfing Periscopes 05/07/18
 Kyle in Green Bay talks about his #MeetACloneTour, he's heading to Javier's 05/08/18
 Whats that sound? Gronk with a minigun. Clones try to guess, Alvie caters to their requests 05/08/18
 Trey in Louisiana calls with a story about delivery pizza to John Rocker 05/09/18
 Ben in DC has a story about Shanny taking cheese from him at the supermarket 05/09/18
 Rome ran into Jeff DiTolla at a baseball game 05/09/18
 Hawk informs Rome about Kyle in Green Bay current situation, including sleeping in his car 05/09/18
 Justin in San Diego offers that bum Kyle in Green Bay a shower 05/09/18
 Fight broke out during a game of cornhole GIT! 05/09/18
 Joaquin email - Wars cornhole fistfights 05/10/18
 Hawk asked Tom Brady a question at a Super Bowl presser, updates Kyle in Green Bays trip 05/10/18
 Matt in LA calls to talk about meeting Kyle in GB, warred Uncle Hawk 05/10/18
 Josh in Detroit talked hockey playoffs, asked for a Golden Ticket, got run 05/10/18
 John in New York takes a run at the Mets, Trey in Louisiana, and Rick in Buffalo 05/10/18
 Tweets from @LeeInVan (wife smack) and @JohnnyScabss (John Denver blast) 05/10/18
 Rome nails another NHL prediction, some clones think the audio is doctored 05/11/18
 Kathleen in Omaha tries to call out Rome on his NHL prediction, turns out to be the kook from voicemails, dating an inmate 05/11/18
 Kyle in Green Bay update - his car broke down in San Diego 05/14/18
 Tyler in Edmonton talks about Tiger, the Caps, and wants Golden Ticket callers to get to tha choppah 05/14/18
 Rex in ABQ has advice for Tiger Woods - In order to play good, you have to look good. Time to sprinkle some chia seeds on his head. 05/14/18
 Parody Larry waited on hold for 15 days, sang Born to Be Wild parody for Kyle, never got to chorus 05/14/18
 Jim Rome was nominated for the Radio Hall of Fame 05/14/18
 Kyle in Green Bay interview on his local station WDUZ The Fan 05/15/18
 Devin in Calgary takes a run at the other Canadian callers, fails 05/15/18
 Rome revokes Golden Tickets for Marie and Ryan 'Ron' 05/15/18
 Kyle in Green Bay calls to update his current status 05/15/18
 Dan in Denver calls about Kyle in GB, Luke in Fort Collins and the Golden Ticket holders, and Robinson Cano 05/15/18
 Deech in Oakland is hosting a Smackoff watch party 05/16/18
 Hawk's doctor told him to lose a few pounds 05/16/18
 Laurel or Yanny? 05/16/18
 Erron in Diamondhead heard both yanny and laurel, freaks him out 05/16/18
 Silk Brah calls to talk Chargers after the Anthony Lynn interview, he will host a Clonestock in Pittsburgh 05/16/18
 Fabian in LA makes an attempt to win a Golden Ticket, I think 05/16/18
 Ken in Sacramento talks about KD's efficiency, Brad Stevens, and responds to Dan in Denver 05/16/18
 Liz in Falls City calls to reminisce about the old Austin Tour Stop 05/17/18
 Lauren in Naples loves her job but is ready to get to the yacht club again 05/17/18
 Twelvewood gets Rome's word that he will go on Woodscopes if the clones get him in the HOF 05/17/18
 Danika in Jacksonville thinks Lebron should be the MVP 05/17/18
 Andy in Cleveland, not a native C-Towner, calls to bash Cavs, gets run for misreading his Hawk smack 05/17/18
 Jeff in San Antonio invites Rome to his wedding, started crying again 05/18/18
 Eric in Orlando emails in response to Jeff, asks who is sitting next to Hawk, sets up the rest of the show for James Kelley personal appearance smack 05/18/18
 Bobby in Green Bay gets motivation by listening to the David Goggins podcast, lost 45 pounds in 3 months, about to run a marthon 05/18/18
 Rex in ABQ got run for calling PF Changs sesame chicken 'sesame cat' 05/21/18
 Mark in Vegas is a Golden Knights season ticket holder, wasn't expecting success 05/21/18
 Golden Knights advance to finals, thanks to Wayne Newton 05/21/18
 Rome and Hawk discuss the James Kelley personal appearance smack 05/21/18
 Matt in Vancouver doesn't want that crappy player Manziel in his crappy league 05/21/18
 Eric in Orlando calls to discuss his email about James Kelley 05/21/18
 Mark in Barstow hyperventilates a call about Rex and J-Stew 05/21/18
 Dan in Nocal asks about which colleges Rome's kids will be going to 05/21/18
 Brandi Chastain's HOF plaque looks nothing like her 05/22/18
 HOF demands - Clones suggest what they want in return for voting for Rome 05/22/18
 Justin in Cleveland has HOF demands: Take a car nap together or Rome can get a tattoo of Hawk 05/22/18
 Steve in HTown's a man! He's 40! 05/22/18
 Scott in Wisconsin has an issue with Jeff in Richmond's return 05/22/18
 Rome and Hawk go over more of the HOF vote suggestions 05/22/18
 Lou in Sacramento congratulates America for finally getting into the Royal Family 05/23/18
 Tracee in Nola wants Rogan Lome to host the Jungle 05/23/18
 Matt in LA takes a run at the other Matt and Tyler 05/23/18
 Phil in Alaska thinks clones suck for wanting something in return for voting 05/23/18
 Rex in ABQ gets racked for a call about the Warriors and the Cheesecake Factory, Rome talks about different types of cheesecake 05/29/18
 Tim in Houston had a Houston Rockets-esque call... started strong, got fatigued 05/29/18
 Dave in Las Vegas AKA G-Money calls about the Nice Hockey League, sneaks in self-gloss at the end, Alvie takes a minute to react 05/29/18
 2018 Smackoff Promo 05/29/18
 SNR - May Mashup 05/29/18
 Josh in Detroit stepped his game up, gets racked 05/30/18
 Diane in South Carolina watched Rome because it's the only sports station on her tv, asks for magazine suggestions 05/30/18
 Box of Chaos suggestions 05/30/18
 Ken in Sacramento talks about the NBA Finals 05/30/18
 Jeff in Butte calls to smack Vic and Silk, says they are no longer edgy, got run 05/31/18
 Fake Silk RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/31/18
 Dan in Denver tries to win a Golden Ticket, gets denied for too much personal appearance smack 05/31/18
 Esther in Manhattan Beach wants Mike Piazza back on the show 05/31/18
 Lorraine in Denver wants Denver to get a new affiliate 05/31/18
 Chaels Podcast, talking about the Smackoff 06/01/18
 Dom in Sacramento wants Rome to get a tramp stamp that says Janets Property 06/01/18
 Hawk made a Box of Chaos using supplies from Joanns 06/01/18
 Dan in Denver smacks the Oracle Arena, comes up short for Golden Ticket 06/01/18
 Kyle in Green Bay tries to smack Kaleb in GB and Dan in Denver, gets run 06/01/18
 Chad in LA is not happy about his placement in the Stucknut odds 06/01/18
 Matt in LA wants the legends to call more, gets run for unwarring Lebrons hairline pubic stubble 06/01/18
 Mike in San Francisco is definitely voting for Rome 06/01/18
 Jason in Portland calls with a rap, stumbles on his script, gets run 06/01/18
 Rome pulls 5 suggestions from the Box of Chaos 06/04/18
 Liz in Falls City responds to the Box of Chaos results 06/04/18
 Bonus Box of Chaos winners 06/04/18
 Gino in San Antonio talks about Romes HOF competition 06/04/18
 Boatie in Pearland thought Gino was trying to promote Rome's HOF competitors 06/04/18
 Raider Mike is going to have his army carry Rome to the finish line 06/04/18
 Kids write spiteful obituary for mom who abandoned them 06/05/18
 Fake Silk offers to give Alvin a vasectomy 06/05/18
 Jeff from Richmond humbly acknowledges that he only gets positive reaction, clones react 06/06/18
 Nate in Grand Rapids can't stand that guy Jeff in Richmond 06/06/18
 Donald in Finger Lakes thinks Jeff in Richmond is confusing Rome's show for Rush 06/06/18
 Tyler in Edmonton claims that Jeff in Richmond rambles on about nothing 06/06/18
 Matt in LA got run for calling Jeff in Richmond a Virginia vaginal swab 06/06/18
 Paul in NoCal thinks Jeff in Richmond is awesome 06/06/18
 ATP - Tony in Iowa City - Is Jake jealous that Logan gets to be on the show 06/06/18
 Trapper in Dana Point talks about the Radio HOF, wants to wish Irie a happy 50th birthday 06/07/18
 Mark in Sacramento doesn't like how the clones are getting bribed 06/07/18
 Mike in New Hampshire thinks Belichick ratted out Edelman 06/07/18
 Oren in Denver says that if Rome gets inducted to HOF, the clones go with him 06/07/18
 Eric in Orlando glosses James Kelley the 'flight deck with legs' 06/07/18
 Susan in Colorado didn't realize she was talking to Rome because of the tv delay 06/07/18
 Matt in Vancouver takes a run at Jeff in Richmond, then Stucknut for the odds 06/08/18
 Email from Aaron in Omaha - Private Winslow arrested 06/08/18
 Jay in Florida doesn't think Jeff in Richmonds calls have progressed, talks NBA Finals, chased out by sharks 06/08/18
 James in San Diego calls to talk NHL Finals, trips on his script, gets run 06/08/18
 Brad in Corona responds to Matt in Vancouver, Stucknut odds, Tyler in Edmonton, Hawks tats, Jeff in Richmond, and RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/08/18
 Austin Huff is leaving the show 06/08/18
 CJ McCollum responds to a tweet with I'm trying Jennifer 06/16/18
 Rex in ABQ - Hefty was in a hurry to sprinkle medicated powder on his undercarriage so he doesn't get swampass 06/18/18
 Mike in Buffalo email resets 'war bums using scaffolding to play Hollywood Squares' 06/18/18
 Rick in Buffalo takes a run at Dan in Denver, Josh in Detroit, and John in New York 06/18/18
 Fake Silk gets run for a blowup doll joke 06/18/18
 Tyler in Edmonton responds to Brad in Corona's call, gets racked 06/18/18
 ATP - Tony in Iowa City - Resets the Rex Streak, Steve in Phx with an Indiana Jones 'wrecks' tweet 06/18/18
 Beaks in Studio City is on vacation, enjoyed Rick in Buffalos call, plugged Romes HOF on other shows 06/19/18
 Mona in Knoxville survived cancer, domestic violence, and a gunshot wound. Also an ER nurse, helicopter pilot, and was friends with Pat Summitt. Won a Golden Ticket. 06/19/18
 Jim Rome verifying that he was born in Los Angeles, not Tarzana 06/19/18
 Josh in Detroit tries to respond to Rick in Buffalo, gets run 06/20/18
 Smackoff history - Jim in Fall River 06/20/18
 Luke in Fort Collins called to maintain his Golden Ticket, got choppered 06/21/18
 Rex in ABQ gets racked with a call about driving etiquette and food 06/21/18
 Parody Larry gets run for a Puke in Fort Collins reference 06/21/18
 Dan in Denver takes another run at Hawk and the XR4Ti crew 06/21/18
 Malcolm in Jacksonville rants about Jeff in Richmond, runs out of time 06/21/18
 John in NY thinks Rick in Buffalo should apologize for using the scripted garbage in Hawks cat box, got run 06/21/18
 Chip in Arizona is confused about the Smackoff, tried to RSVP for he and his wife 06/21/18
 Matt in Vancouver attempts a call, phone dies 06/22/18
 Mark in Hollywood RSVP's to the Smackoff, takes a run at Brad and Mike, gets run for human centipede blast 06/22/18
 Jeff in SoCal gets run for saying that Rex in ABQ is leaking oil in his tighty whities 06/22/18
 Raider Mike talks about the good ol days hanging with JT the Brick 06/22/18
 Matt in Vancouver's 2nd attempt, responds to Brad in Corona and calls Leff fat 06/22/18
 Jukebox Friday - Topics: Tiger, Dallas Huff, Sparrows mustache, lady hit with hotdog, legends not RSVPing 06/22/18
 Liz in Falls City says the Canadian twins look like celery sticks 06/22/18
 Damacio in ABQ tries to jump from Twitter to phone, gets run for sloppy seconds blast 06/22/18
 Results of the Radio Hall of Fame - Jim Rome didn't make it this time 06/25/18
 Mike in Clearwater claims the HOF results is a conspiracy - no way Jim would allow microwaved fish in studio 06/25/18
 Bob in Calgary asks if SJP does heroin, would she be riding herself? 06/25/18
 Smackoff Announcement - No more studio visits, the Leff Rule 06/25/18
 Jason in Harrisburg says Leff in Laguna is the Jungles jocksniffer 06/25/18
 Jay in Florida takes a run at Mark in Hollywood, run for rambling 06/25/18
 Don in Finger Lakes says Rick in Buffalo is Jeff's twin that was left behind, run for inflatable companion smack 06/26/18
 Niems and Whitey's Dad reset 06/26/18
 Smackoff recap of 2017 Golden Ticket holders 06/26/18
 John in Little Rock gets run with a parody song that nobody recognized 06/26/18
 Alvie's John in Little Rock Mix 06/26/18
 Rex in ABQ thinks Archie Bradley has AFMRS, gets run, sets up Rome's take on Archie 06/27/18
 Roland in Pittsburgh talks podcast, takes a run at Mike in Indy, Brad in Corona, and J-Stew 06/27/18
 The Canadians call out Benny for being a scared coward 06/27/18
 Benny in Wisco responds to the Canadians, gets run for a D reference 06/27/18
 Preview of the Podcast with Charles Barkley 06/27/18
 Justin in Melbourne finishes his wrestling story from the voicemail, gets chased out by sharks 06/27/18
 Smackoff Profile: Mark in Hollywood 06/27/18
 Christian in Maine says there is no way the Canadian power couple Myler will win the Smackoff 06/27/18
 Dan in Denver goes after Matt in Vancouver, has a take on Gold's Gym in Venice Beach 06/28/18
 Teresa in Portland with another risque call, reset of Portland woman 06/28/18
 Smackoff Profile: Iafrate 06/28/18
 Kathleen in Omaha doesn't understand how Mad Bum didn't get a win when he left the game while scoreless 06/28/18
 JJ in KC says Silk Brah deserves a lifetime achievement award, run for Tide pod reference 06/28/18
 Vic in NoCal will be a part of the Smackoff, but this isn't an RSVP call 06/28/18
 Trapper in Dana Point talking Oregon State baseball 06/28/18
 John in New York takes a run at Rich Ackerman, wins Golden Ticket 06/29/18
 Mark in Boston RSVP's to the Smackoff, says Mike in Indy calls every podcast but not the Jungle 06/29/18
 James Kelley reads Mean Tweets - Calls from Rick in Buffalo, Slava in Moscow, Christian in Maine, Silk Brah, Nick in Iowa, Matt in LA, and Adam in OKC 06/29/18
 Eric in Orlando thanks James Kelley for being a great sport 06/29/18
 Vic in NoCal is sending James Kelley and Mark in Hollywood a 5-head remedy 06/29/18
 Gino in San Antonio talks about the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard, gets chased out by sharks 07/05/18
 Rex in ABQ talks about the Nathans hot dog competition and lack of bathrooms, gets run 07/05/18
 Luke in Fort Collins tries to win his Golden Ticket back with Denver sports takes, Rome wasn't impressed 07/05/18
 Lauren in Naples rambles about Mona after an insincere apology 07/05/18
 Lance in ABQ is fired up over Rex's calls 07/05/18
 Payton in Grand Rapids addresses Jim as Alfa Romeo, drops a Mike in Undy blast, gets run; New crew member gets glossed Ross from Friends by emailer 07/06/18
 Parody Larry reinvents himself as Smack Larry, still got run 07/06/18
 Barry in San Diego wants Jeff in Richmond to know it's ok to be old, tries smacking Lebron and Mona 07/06/18
 Fake Silk claims that Larry Parody's call was one of the greatest calls he ever heard 07/06/18
 Silk Brah responds to Fake Silk, talks about listening to Fake Silk during the Smackoff while vacationing in Honduras and 4th of July parade in HB 07/06/18
 Smackoff Profile: Steve Carbone 07/09/18
 John in NY says Mike in Indy and Jeff in San Antonio should start the first annual bitch-off 07/09/18
 Hefty Mickelson gets another penalty, reaction from SJP 07/09/18
 Barry in San Diego tries to smack Mona, gets run by Alvie for self gloss 07/09/18
 Mike in Buffalo email about Hefty, calling him a fat bum 07/09/18
 Rex in ABQ got run for saying Verne Troyer was buried in a Build-a-Bear box 07/09/18
 Damacio in ABQ called Kyle in Green Bay and Mark in Hollywood bums, got run 07/09/18
 Matt in LA responds to John in New York with Knicks smack 07/09/18
 John in Little Rock with a bad parody of Michael Jackson's Bad 07/09/18
 Gordon Hayward seemed thrilled to find out that his wife was having another daughter 07/10/18
 Smackoff Profile: Chael Sonnen 07/10/18
 Scooter in Boise claimes that Carmelo and Cutler are the same guy, investigating radio HOF results 07/10/18
 Jay Cutler appeared on his wife's TV show 07/10/18
 Costco is discontinuing the $1.50 Polish Dog 07/10/18
 Smackoff Profile: Team Canada - Matt in Vancouver and Tyler in Edmonton 07/11/18
 Dan in Denver wins another Golden Ticket 07/11/18
 Tyler in Edmonton takes a run at Dan in Denver, challenges other Smackoff participants to spar before the event 07/11/18
 ATP - Nicki in Houston asked if Rome went all out in Little League 07/11/18
 Mona in Knoxville wanted to clarify a few things, responds to Lauren 07/11/18
 Matt in Vancouver says he will win Mona over, quick hit on Dan in Denver 07/11/18
 Trapper in Dana Point is going back for more chemo, will miss Smackoff 07/12/18
 Smackoff Profile: Rick in Buffalo 07/12/18
 Vic in NoCal calls to respond to Rick's profile, takes another run at Dr. Dave 07/12/18
 Kaleb in Green Bay RSVP's to the Smackoff 07/13/18
 Smackoff Profile: Brad in Corona 07/13/18
 Chad in LA RSVP's to the Smackoff, takes a run at Kaleb, gets dumped 07/13/18
 Brad in Corona RSVP's to the Smackoff, smacks Chad in LA, Mike in Indy, Kaleb, and Team Canada 07/13/18
 Cal in Vegas tries for a Golden Ticket, smacks the XR4Ti 07/13/18
 Boatie in Pearland says TeamCanada is America's skidmark, Rome wonders why he didn't get run 07/13/18
 Smackoff Profile: Current Golden Ticket Holders 07/16/18
 Mark in Boston got run for a Michael J. Fox shake joke 07/16/18
 John in NY had a decent enough call to keep his Golden Ticket 07/16/18
 Rex in ABQ chimes in on the Smackoff participants fighting on Twitter, got racked 07/16/18
 Tyler in Edmonton responds to Mark in Boston, Chad in LA, and talks about his dime girlfriend 07/16/18
 Liz in Falls City talks about the fighting on Twitter 07/16/18
 Dan in Denver committed Golden Ticket suicide with a Mike and Chael joke 07/16/18
 John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) pimps the Post-Smackoff Show on Stucknut 07/16/18
 Hawk alludes to using weed to treat bad back 07/16/18
 Rich in Anaheim Hills calls to RSVP to the Smackoff, gets his Golden Ticket revoked 07/17/18
 Smackoff Profile: Vic in Nocal 07/17/18
 Rick in Buffalo responds to Vic's profile 07/17/18
 Jason Stewart RSVP's to the Smackoff, might call back as Rex 07/17/18
 Gino in San Antonio will not participate in the Smackoff this year, but took a few minutes to smack the competition 07/18/18
 Leff in Laguna calls to tell Rome to watch out for his RSVP later in the show 07/18/18
 Jeff in SoCal talks about a WNBA record, then says LiAngelo Ball should play in WNBA because he already has a short haircut 07/18/18
 Matt in Vancouver responds to Gino in San Antonio and the Laguna Beach Belly 07/18/18
 Leff in Laguna submits 2 RSVP videos, from Straight Fire and Henry Winkler 07/18/18
 Smackoff Profile: Mike in Indy 07/18/18
 Deech in Oakland reminds the bay area clones to watch the Smackoff at his bar, Fort Green 07/18/18
 Ryan in Austin talks about the latest podcast with Armen Keteyian 07/18/18
 Mike in Indy announces his retirement 07/18/18
 Email from Denlesks - Twas the Night Before Smackoff 07/19/18
 Smackoff 24 Preview 07/19/18
 Leff in Laguna weighs in on Mike in Indy's retirement, fires his writers, and promotes another video 07/19/18
 Silk Brah calls to tell Rome that an RSVP is coming from someone famous, then Fake Silk calls in to deliver the message 07/19/18
 Benny in Wisco calls to RSV-Brie to the Smackoff 07/19/18
 Steve Carbone RSVP's to the Smackoff and alludes to making a tandem call 07/19/18
 Mike in Indy ends his retirement with a call, simply says I'm Back 07/19/18
 Cruz Pedregon will put the Smackoff winners name on his car for a race 07/19/18
 Cal in Vegas tries calling as Stephen A. in Bristol, gets run 07/19/18
 Tyler in Edmonton takes credit for everyone calling before the Smackoff 07/19/18
 Luke in Fort Collins called to pimp his new album, got run 07/19/18
 Mike in Indy calls back for 2nd time, claims that Leff's championships were stripped and he's the current champ 07/19/18
 Boatie in Pearland says Sum Bitch will be the name on the back of Cruz's car 07/19/18
 Teather in Green Bay calls Liz a groupie, talks about DLC on Woodscopes, Twitter beefs 07/19/18
 Vic in Nocal with his annual pre-Smackoff weigh in 07/19/18
 Oren in Denver takes a run at Leff for the Fonz video, gets choppered for smacking Henry Winkler 07/19/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 01 - Jeff Passan 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 02 - Matt in Vancouver 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 03 - Benny in Wisco 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 04 - Jason in Fullerton 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 05 - Tyler in Edmonton 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 06 - Danika in Jacksonville 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 07 - Boatie in Pearland 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 08 - Mona in Knoxville 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 09 - Kaleb in Green Bay 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 10 - Rick in Buffalo 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 11 - Vic in Nocal 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 12 - Steve Carbone and Sean the Cablinasian 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 13 - Leff in Laguna 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 14 - Chad in LA 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 15 - John in New York 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 16 - Brad in Corona 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 17 - Mark in Hollywood 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 18 - Chael Sonnen 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Call 19 - Mike in Indy 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff - Results 07/20/18
 610am Houston - Triple Threat - Sean the Cablinasian makes a return to the Smackoff 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff Hour 1 - Jeff Passan, Matt in Vancouver, Benny in Wisco, Jason in Fullerton, Tyler in Edmonton, Danika in Jacksonville, Boatie in Pearland, Mona in Knoxville 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff Hour 2 - Kaleb in Green Bay, Rick in Buffalo, Vic in Nocal, Steve Carbone with Sean the Cablinasian, Leff in Laguna Beach, Chad in LA, John in New York 07/20/18
 2018 Smackoff Hour 3 - Brad in Corona, Mark in Hollywood, Chael Sonnen, Mike in Indy 07/20/18
 Gino in San Antonio recaps the Smackoff 07/23/18
 Dan in Denver says Chaels call sucked, doesn't regret giving up his Golden Ticket 07/23/18
 Smackoff Recap 07/23/18
 Donald in Finger Lakes takes a run at Team Canada, gets run 07/24/18
 Dan in Denver talks about Brad's winning call, got run for saying war Woodscopes because you would need a scope to see that wood 07/24/18
 Parody Larry recaps the Smackoff, gets run for a My Sharona parody for BIC 07/24/18
 Matt in LA gets run for comparing the Smackoff to Jimmy G's MILF 07/24/18
 Rich Flores calls to discuss the Leff's call and spending time with Henry Winkler, Javier, and Ron Cey 07/24/18
 Jeff in Southfield wins a Golden Ticket in his first call, takes a run at Mike in Indy and Arthur Fonzarelli 07/25/18
 John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) updates Jim on the Smackoff Wrap-up show numbers 07/25/18
 Boatie in Pearland apologizes for his Smackoff performance, chokes again 07/25/18
 Podcast voicemails after the Smackoff 07/25/18
 Benny in Wisco email about OJ being an exterminator, wars bums using roaches as harmonicas 07/26/18
 Matt in LA goes off on CBS Sports Network for not replaying the Smackoff 07/26/18
 Tanner in St Augustine takes a run at Boatie and Jeff in Southfield 07/26/18
 13 Year Anniversary of the BOHICA call 07/26/18
 Chase in Houston talks about the old H-Town tour stop at the horse track 07/26/18
 Show open before 2 week break, Alvie goes crazy on the board 07/27/18
 Silk Brah wants Alvie to hit him with a Deca-Brah, he's working on the his Smackoff 25 call 07/27/18
 Kaleb in Green Bay emails about Rome's family going to Wisconsin, doesn't want Jim to get fat 07/27/18
 Vic in Nocal email to reset Willie in KC's Moo Moo Madison call 07/27/18
 Eric in Orlando asks if Jim will do any fishing in Wisconsin 07/27/18
 ATP, Has Hawk ever baked at work, The Week That Was 07/27/18
 Rome got FAT during his Wisconsin trip 08/13/18
 Kyle in Green Bay calls to talk about the Green Bay Clonestock 08/13/18
 Tiger Woods is back 08/13/18
 Liz in Falls City calls to talk about Koepka's girl swooning over Tiger 08/13/18
 Hawk talks about the 2 week vacation 08/13/18
 Andi in Rocklin is a podcast voicemailer that tried a live call, didn't go well, but she likes basil 08/13/18
 Neil in Detroit talked about how great Wisconsin is 08/13/18
 Leanne in Tucson was a softball player at Nebraska when Scott Frost played there 08/14/18
 Casey in Lincoln was on the verge of tears talking about Nebraska football 08/14/18
 Rome recaps his Wisconsin trip 08/14/18
 Parody Larry sings 'Welcome Back' for Rome 08/14/18
 Orion in Waterford is a SF Giants fan, loves the Dodgers bullpen 08/14/18
 Dave in Chicago hurried through a call so he couldn't get run, but he got run 08/15/18
 Mike in Philly melted through a Jim Tomsula take 08/15/18
 Irie Craig called and said he is homeless, clones react with bum smack 08/15/18
 LB in ABQ called out the clones for clowning Irie Craig 08/15/18
 ATP - Nicki in Houston asked if Rome will get Dusty when Jake leaves for college 08/15/18
 More Tweets about homeless Irie Craig 08/16/18
 Smiley in South Central LA says baseball is the only sport you can't celebrate, wins Huge Call 08/16/18
 Kelvin in Orlando thinks pitchers that bean hitters should lose game checks 08/16/18
 Matt in Arkansas is a publisher that wants to help Irie Craig 08/16/18
 Matt in LA liked the Peter Berg interview, wants Rome to interview a Dodger for karma 08/16/18
 Christopher in Wisco wants Rome to stop promoting his state 08/16/18
 Keith in Wichita says Jalen Ramsey needs to shut his mouth til he gets to a Super Bowl 08/16/18
 Rex in ABQ gets run for mentioning that after Yogurtland he sits on the pot and watches the launch angle on projectile diarrhea 08/17/18
 Hawk lost weight 08/17/18
 FBI Mike in Toledo gets run for saying the Dodgers bullpen is shakier than a washing machine with Marty McFly sitting on it 08/17/18
 Ken in Sacramento called Rex diarrhea boy and a failed comic, thinks baseball needs a MeToo movement for the code 08/17/18
 Rick in Buffalo takes a run at Jalen Ramsey, wants the oldschool callers to participate in Smackoff 25 08/17/18
 Irie Craig clarifies a few things from his previous call, lives with girlfriend 08/17/18
 Silk Brah talks about Irie Craig but got cut off for The Week That Was 08/17/18
 Zack Smith had sex toys shipped to his office 08/20/18
 Milton in Texas says who cares about having sex toys shipped to work 08/20/18
 Mark in Mississippi says that the NFL trying to protect the players is getting crazy 08/20/18
 Vic in NoCal tries to win a Masterbuilt smoker but gets run for a 5-hole reference 08/20/18
 Ryan in South Dakota won a Masterbuilt smoker with a Zack Smith call 08/20/18
 Van in Minnesota is a senior citizen that thinks Ohio State gets away with everything 08/21/18
 Jeff in Southfield's 2nd call, lost Golden Ticket with Special Ed smack 08/21/18
 Jeff in Socal tries to win a Masterbuilt smoker with a call about Last Chance U's Jason Brown 08/21/18
 Vic in NoCal wants the Smackoff date moved up, got run for Hank Gathers mention 08/21/18
 Rick in Buffalo email about Vic's attempts to win the smoker, ends up winning a Masterbuilt smoker 08/22/18
 Kelly in Pittsburgh is looking forward to the Steelers facing Baker Mayfield 08/22/18
 Tyler in Edmonton with an email about fat Americans not needing the smoker, wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/22/18
 Jeremy in SLC has a take on Urban Meyer but lost his train of thought 08/22/18
 Vic in NoCal's 3rd attempt at a smoker, takes a run at Rick, doesn't win 08/22/18
 Josh in Detroit gets through an entire call but doesn't win a smoker 08/22/18
 2 Masterbuilt smoker winners, Rick in Buffalo and Tyler in Edmonton 08/22/18
 Urban Meyer calls from Susan in Atlanta and Anthony in LA 08/23/18
 Rex in ABQ gets run for more diarrhea sabermetrics smack, exit velocity 08/23/18
 Brad in Youngstown is a longtime Buckeye fan, wants Meyer fired 08/23/18
 Bob in Richmond gets run for a weird call about the smoker 08/23/18
 Benny in Wisco wins a Masterbuilt smoker with a call about Vic using John in Little Rocks phone 08/23/18
 Lauren in Tempe's dad calls to tell the clones that she's getting married 08/24/18
 Dr. Dave in Chicago gets run while trying to win a smoker 08/24/18
 Eric in Orlando calls to talk about fishing 08/24/18
 Ben Affleck goes to Jack in the Box before rehab 08/24/18
 Mike in Indy wanted to prevent Vic from winning the smoker, Mike won the Masterbuilt smoker 08/24/18
 Irie Craig checks back in, now living at a Marriott in Long Beach 08/27/18
 Dan in Memphis calls to talk Urban Meyer and Earle Bruce, wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/27/18
 Bo in Pismo Beach talks about the Stephen A. Smith podcast, Rome rants about the speaker phone connection 08/28/18
 OJ Simpson was on Sacha Baron Cohen's show 08/28/18
 Andi in Rocklin tells a story about her friend hooking up with OJ, wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/28/18
 Rex in ABQ has a take on middle-aged strip club guy, doesn't get run 08/29/18
 Jeff from Richmond has a take on the dude Hank Huckabee Sanders, wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/29/18
 Matt in LA says Jeff in Richmond is that loser who peaked freshman year of high school and has been chasing ever since 08/29/18
 Silk Brah talks about his smoker and the Chargers 08/29/18
 Tanner in St Augustine promised a parody but got run before he could get to it 08/30/18
 Ryan in Green Bay likes the Aaron Rodgers contract, wants Khalil Mack 08/30/18
 Boatie in Pearland has advice for Tanner and Irie, wants the smoker 08/30/18
 Olympic swimmer Klete Keller used dog walking app, came home to 2 shirtless guys on couch with personal lube and a camera 08/30/18
 Mike in Indy is thinking about following his 6th person on Twitter, wins another Masterbuilt smoker 08/30/18
 Christian in Maine got run for referring to Buffalos NFL as the Billdos 08/31/18
 Cal in Vegas takes a run at Chael Sonnen and Mike in Indy 08/31/18
 Beaks in Studio City gets racked with a call about Irie Craig and Vic in Nocal 08/31/18
 Jeff in Southfield imitates Mike in Indy, Rick in Buffalo, and Mitch Hedberg wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/31/18
 Rick in Buffalo responds to Jeff in Southfield, smacks Vic in Nocal 08/31/18
 Raider Mike calls from Kuwait with his take on the Khalil Mack trade 09/04/18
 Kyle in Green Bay talks more about the upcoming Green Bay Clonestock 09/05/18
 Anthony in Tennessee has a bad connection, Hawk tells him 'screw you buddy', Rockies Kyle Freeland said he was glad that Hawk didn't yell at him 09/06/18
 Scott in North Hills is an oldschool listener, horse racing fan, and has the gift of gab 09/06/18
 Josh in Arizona is tired of clowns calling for inflated stats at Coors Field, wants to hear royalty free techno for the Rockies 09/06/18
 Matt in LA responds to a Matt in Vancouver email 09/06/18
 Rome will appear on the Woodscopes, clones react 09/07/18
 Rex in ABQ says last nights game was ass, got run for mispronouncing anal-sis 09/07/18
 Tyler in Edmonton talks about the upcoming Woodscopes and Clonestock 09/07/18
 Boatie in Pearland likes the way that Twelvewood kid grinds 09/07/18
 Zack in Appleton calls to talk about Aaron Rodgers performance 09/10/18
 Matt in LA called from his timeshare in San Diego, says Chargers fans aren't welcome there anymore 09/10/18
 Ron in Oakland calls to talk about the culture of the show 09/10/18
 Rome talks about the Clone weekend, Woodscopes and Green Bay CloneStock 09/10/18
 Liz in Falls City thanks Rome for being on the WoodScopes 09/10/18
 Parody Larry gets run for a Mr. Rodgers parody about Aaron Rodgers 09/10/18
 Fabian in LA was caught off guard like always, even though he's the one that called Rome 09/10/18
 Isaac in Oakland is disappointed with Gruden 09/11/18
 Kyle in Green Bay recaps the CloneStock 09/11/18
 Parker in West Covina - Raider Nation are cockroaches 09/11/18
 ATP, Parody Larry wants to sing a Beatles song, Rome talks to Hawk 09/12/18
 Beaks in Studio City thanked Rome for doing Woodscopes, Dodgers talk 09/12/18
 Dan in Denver's unedited call about Stucknut and the Beatles that got dumped 09/12/18
 Rex in ABQ has a decent take about the Raiders, then got run for Beatles Winston Churchill reference 09/13/18
 Jeff in Socal checks in after the Seattle Storm won the WNBA Championship 09/13/18
 Irie Craig calls to talk Dodgers but ran out of time, but Rome went on with the segment for 5 more minutes 09/14/18
 Mike in Orange County had a cool Gaucho story that only Romey could relate to, clones react 09/14/18
 Rick in Buffalo bashes the Bills, mentions Jeff in Southfields sex change operation is complete, Rome gives warning about gender smack 09/14/18
 Kyle Brandt interview - New show on NFL Network 'Kyle Brandt Football Experience' 09/14/18
 Jeff Pearlman in studio to discuss his new book 'Football for a Buck: The Crazy Rise and Crazier Demise of the USFL' 09/17/18
 Larry in Florida - ticked off about the Giants, run for self gloss - The Z Man 09/17/18
 Frank in the 209 glosses Keith Arnold Batman 09/17/18
 Scotty in Boston calls to talk about Josh Gordon, gave us a supa soundbite 09/18/18
 Jim in Maine says if Josh Gordon is a success in New England, winna winna chicken dinna 09/19/18
 Fake Silk thinks Josh Gordon on the Patriots will be phenomenal 09/19/18
 Eric in Orlando takes a run at California with lobster smack 09/19/18
 Matt in LA says Gruden needs to sack up 09/19/18
 Silk Brah wants to call his shot for the weekend, Chargers will not win 09/19/18
 Rome makes a pitch to LeBron James to be in Space Jam 2 09/20/18
 Rex in ABQ gets run for warring Cinnabon with extra, extra icing and his 6ft blast radius 09/20/18
 Mike in NoCal is from Youngstown, cried while watching the Browns win, said the game meant as much to him as his inline skating medal, drank Bud Light Orange 09/21/18
 Jeff in San Antonio set the date for his wedding, October 6, anniversary of Michael Jordans first retirement 09/21/18
 Tyler in Edmonton AKA Shredmonton is the CEO of Tiger Honk Nation, reminds clones that moose meat is lean, wins huge call 09/24/18
 Rick in Buffalo claims that Josh Allen ended the 20 year wait for Bills franchise QB, Patriots dynasty is ending 09/24/18
 Guess That Sound... Kawhi Leonard laugh 09/25/18
 Jeff in Southfield with a take on Patriots, Malcolm Butler, Matt Patricia, and the Same Old Lions. Gets run for Harvey Weinstein joke. 09/25/18
 Drew in Maryland got run for addressing Romey as Drew 09/25/18
 Jay in Wisconsin calls with gossip about Jimmy Butler and KAT 09/25/18
 New rewards for getting the RPO Podcast into the top 10 09/26/18
 Quinn in Valencia talking about LA football 09/27/18
 Jace Fry's fiance destroyed him on social media 09/27/18
 Tony in SoCal is still not over the Dodgers losing the World Series, wants Dave Roberts fired 09/27/18
 Matt in LA likes Dave Roberts, talks Raiders football 09/27/18
 Brian in Wisco says the Brewers are a helluva team 09/27/18
 Mark in Hollywood on Ohio States silence Tweet 09/28/18
 Calls from Liz in Falls City and Josh in Detroit to close the show 09/28/18
 Francis in Glendale email from Danny Trejo at the exploding pineapple factory 09/28/18
 Rex in ABQ calls to talk Ryder Cup, gets run for asking to be put into the butthole montage 10/01/18
 Argell in Louisiana corrects the pronunciation of her name, talks about soy tabasco sauce 10/02/18
 Bobby in Green Bay made a joke about correcting the pronunciation of his name, got run 10/02/18
 John in Illinois kept asking Rome questions, got run 10/02/18
 MMA email from Joaquin, Rex Lee email from Drew in West LA 10/02/18
 Ken in Sacramento with a take on NFL coaching 10/03/18
 Brad in Corona smacks Adam Hawk for his 2nd anniversary on the show 10/03/18
 @Brian_C60 tweets 'Yanks vs Sox is always a great match up for us /s/ Sir Paul & the Lads' 10/04/18
 @StevePHX (A-Rod lipgloss), @Denlesks (Teddy Ballgame thawed out), @AlanInRaleigh (Billy Joel DrinkedIn) 10/04/18
 Cal in Vegas says Rick in Buffalo is his clone, calls Matt - Fat in LA 10/04/18
 Matt in LA responds to Cal, gets run for calling him a girls name, plus Cal in Vegas reaction 10/04/18
 John in Little Rock tries to act like Cal but got run 10/04/18
 Conor in Vegas (Vic in NoCal) responds to Brad in Coronas call, gets racked 10/05/18
 Mikey in Fresno is a former prisoner that used to listen to the Jungle while locked up 10/05/18
 Dan in Encinitas wants to wish Canadian clones a Happy Thanksgiving, gets run for using lame smack 10/05/18
 Matt in Vancouver responds to Dan in Encinitas, accepts the Smackoff loss from Brad in Corona 10/05/18
 Jim and Sam Show - John C. McGinley talked about hanging out with Jim Rome for inspiration for his character in Any Given Sunday 10/05/18
 Joaquin with another MMA email 10/08/18
 Tracy in Bakersfield is a 57 year old grandma and she loves Conor McGregor's swagger 10/08/18
 Rome claims that the Cleveland Browns are America's Team 10/08/18
 WWE's Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows tweeted Rome a video, became the Official Tag Team Partnership of the Jungle 10/09/18
 Drew Brees broke Peyton Manning's record for career passing yards 10/09/18
 Jenna in Wisco is traveling to Sheboygan, eating macadamia nuts out of her fanny pack 10/10/18
 Josh in Detroit with straight fire for the UFC 10/10/18
 Keith is at jury duty, referenced Marcia and Ito in a tweet, Hawk doesn't know who that is 10/10/18
 Adam Hawk lost his car 10/11/18
 Rex in ABQ got run for a dongle blast 10/11/18
 Tommy from NC got run for using OJ puns 10/11/18
 Rick in Buffalo calls with thoughts on the Yankees and Cal in Vegas 10/11/18
 Fabian in LA updates Jim on the status of his drug test 10/11/18
 Update on Adam Hawks car, it was picked up for no tags 10/11/18
 John in New York - Eli Manning is like the guy at work that doesn't wear deodorant 10/12/18
 Tyler in Edmonton responds to Rick in Buffalo, says Rick would fail a smog test, Goo Goo Dolls smack 10/12/18
 Silk Brah calls from wine country to break down the Dodgers Brewers series 10/12/18
 Irie Craig talks Dodgers, has advice for Hawk but runs out of time 10/12/18
 Rome talks about a gift from 25 clones - Space Jam baseball bat, Hawk gives an update on his car 10/15/18
 Greg in San Diego talks about the brawl at Mr. B's Sports Bar, back when Rome was doing a night show 10/15/18
 Chris in Wisconsin talks Packers and Brewers, it's an amazing time in Wisco 10/16/18
 Matt in LA gives credit to NY suits for showing his pics, even though they never do, and Dodgers talk 10/16/18
 Tony in Houston thinks HTown doesn't get any respect 10/16/18
 Irie Craig in Long Beach gets in an argument with Grant Napear over Clayton Kershaw 10/17/18
 Brad in Corona lets Grant Napear know that his wife is out of his league 10/17/18
 Rome resets calls from Brad in Corona and Irie Craig to Grant Napear 10/18/18
 Jeff in San Antonio talked about the anniversary of his call and getting dissed by Hawk 10/18/18
 Andi in Rocklin got run for trying to get her call reset from last year 10/18/18
 Josh in Detroit thinks it would be an honor to have his mugshot on Brads bahana hammock 10/18/18
 Connor in Dallas - stumbled through a parody call 10/19/18
 Bob in Calgary wants to start smoking weed so he can work his way up to heroin 10/19/18
 Rick in Buffalo gives Lebron credit for fitting in with LA scumbags, Joe West smack, Matt and Tyler smack, unwars Rush 10/19/18
 Matt in Vancouver responds to Rick in Buffalo, called him alcoholic Brad Childress 10/19/18
 Wanda in Tennessee got run for self gloss - Titan Woman 10/19/18
 Teen baked her grandpa's ashes into sugar cookies, fed them to peers 10/19/18
 Ryan in KC says the Chiefs dated pretty girls before but never had the hottest chick, Pat Mahomes 10/22/18
 Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul get in a fight 10/22/18
 Hawk leases a new Hyundai after he tricked them into giving too much for trade-in, he and Alvie are Hyundads 10/22/18
 Ken in Sacramento has a take on Rajon Rondo, spitting is a 'go to the trunk' moment 10/22/18
 Eric in Orlando has advice for fat Dodger fans going to Fenway, laughed at his own joke 10/22/18
 Matt in LA says the Dodgers are going to Fenway like a buzzsaw 10/22/18
 Jeff in Southfield withs takes on Brad vs Napear, Matt & Tyler, Rick, and Cal 10/23/18
 Shawn in Del Mar hypes the Alex Honnold interview 10/23/18
 Rex in ABQ thinks Kershaw will choke, wars diabetic foot removal 10/23/18
 Jack in Sacramento watched Alex Honnold's documentary with his father, a former rock climber 10/23/18
 Alex Honnold interview - Free Solo Rock Climber 10/23/18
 Silk Brah recaps game 1 of the Dodgers/Red Sox World Series 10/24/18
 Eric in Portland Maine wants to dispel Bostons dominance 10/24/18
 A Ross Geller lookalike stole beer from store, clones thinks it's Dozmati 10/24/18
 Liz in Falls City talks about the XR4Ti crimewave 10/24/18
 Rex in ABQ talks about the Taco Bell promotion, 99 cent double decker leads to 99 minute double decker 10/25/18
 Damon in Santa Maria says its not too late for the Dodgers 10/25/18
 Irie Craig talks Dodgers and horse racing 10/25/18
 Fake Silk calls with a knock knock joke 10/25/18
 John in Little Rock sings a Welcome to the Jungle parody about tacos 10/25/18
 Drew in West LA resets Romes Geisha House investment 10/26/18
 Tim in Alberta gets run for self-gloss, The Goose 10/26/18
 Hawk is fighting City Hall over a health code violation 10/26/18
 Jack in San Francisco blasts SoCal, parodies the Brad in Detroit Mace call with Clayton Kershaw 10/29/18
 The Warriors dance to Fergie's National Anthem with the Fergie Remix Challenge 10/29/18
 Mike Gundy latest post game interview gives us a new soundbite 10/29/18
 Bo in Nashville is not going to allow Rex to call anymore, 2019 will be sucker-free 10/30/18
 Rex in ABQ gets run for saying Bo in Nashville has a great time with a bidet 10/30/18
 Josh in Detroit tries to take a run at Rick in Buffalo, gets dumped 10/30/18
 Rick in Buffalo responds to Josh, smacks Boston sports fans and adults that wear costumes 10/30/18
 Tobin in Chapel Hill's first call since 2007, talks Maryland football, Smackoff, Jeff in Richmond 10/31/18
 Halloween Block: 2018 Spooky Mix and story about Amethyst, lady that plans to marry a ghost 10/31/18
 2018 Halloween Spooky Mix 10/31/18
 Rome's take on Bon Jovi 10/31/18
 Drew in West LA takes a jab at Woodscopes 11/01/18
 Dr. Bahdkramph at UCLA has advice for Rome's cramps, take a dump 11/01/18
 Jeremiah in Colorado has 2 solutions for Rome's cramps, go to a dispensary or get some tree from Hawk 11/01/18
 Jed in Illinois @JedinIllinois tweet: Accept the head. - The Dr. to FlightDeck's parents after delivering him 11/01/18
 Twelvewood calls to promote his next guest Scott Ferrall 11/01/18
 Brad in Corona roasts guest host Brian Webber 11/02/18
 Reset of Brad in Corona's call to Brian Webber 11/05/18
 Iafrate has a take on who the real GOAT is between Brady and Belichick, Rome talks about waterbeds 11/05/18
 Silk Brah called from rental car shuttle in Seattle, recaps Chargers/Seahawks game and Iafrates call 11/05/18
 Rome talks about his recent trip to Wisconsin, Badgers tailgate/game 11/05/18
 Trevor Pryce has lost 6 straight picks on the RPO Podcast 11/05/18
 Dan in Denver has a rant on Iafrate and Trevor Pryce 11/06/18
 Lou in Connecticut is a Giants fan, Beckham is frustrated 11/06/18
 Rome asks for rant requests for the CBS NFL show 11/06/18
 Corey in Oregon is a Cowboys fan, Dak and Zeke got too much credit 11/06/18
 Phil in Dallas @philindallas becomes first Twitter user blocked from the show with a Baby Jessica Tweet 11/06/18
 NHRA legend Cruz Pedregon in studio 11/07/18
 Matt in LA hypes the upcoming appearance of Gary Payton on the podcast 11/07/18
 ATP - Tony in Iowa City asks if Logan is interested in college yet 11/07/18
 Show open - Rome talks about the shooting in Thousand Oaks, takes calls 11/08/18
 Response to Le'Veon Bell's upside down Tweets 11/08/18
 Michael in Arizona talks Bryce Harper, Scott Boras is fat 11/08/18
 Trevor Pryce finally breaks the losing streak 11/09/18
 Jim in Portland gets run for self-gloss, the Octopus 11/09/18
 Ron in Pacific Beach questions Ben Golliver's take on Steph Curry 11/09/18
 Tyler in Edmonton talks about Jeff Pearlman's article on Kyle Brandt 11/09/18
 John in New York thinks Canadians should get fat, since they want to be like the USA 11/09/18
 Liz in Falls City says there is too much drama in the JTP 11/12/18
 Alan in Virginia wants Liz to be president, dropped his own Fat soundbite 11/12/18
 Hawk recaps his trip to Pomona Raceway to see Cruz Pedregon 11/12/18
 ATP - Bella asks who Romes favorite superhero is 11/12/18
 Matt in Vancouver baits Matt in LA to call, he does, gets chased out with royalty free techno music 11/13/18
 John in Kansas City is blind, thanks Rome for being a bright spot 11/13/18
 Calls from Fake Fabian (Parody Larry) and Lou in Sacramento 11/13/18
 Fabian in LA responds to the Fake Fabian 11/13/18
 Nathan Peterman out in Buffalo, Rome reads an email from Rick in Buffalo 11/13/18
 EJO and Norv T. tweets 11/14/18
 Tiger vs Phil 11/14/18
 Will Flight Deck handle TWTW? Rome resets a story about a failed attempt by a guy with a ponytail 11/14/18
 Ken in Washington chokes and gets run 11/14/18
 Ramon in Indy is a doctor chiming in on flu shots 11/15/18
 Patrick Mahomes puts ketchup on his steak 11/15/18
 Francis in Glendale @TFPWillEat gets his Tweet applauded by Rome 11/15/18
 Wendy in the 360 doesn't like the taste of catsup getting mixed with syrup 11/15/18
 Kyle in Green Bay calls on the 2 year anniversary of the Drew the Jumpman Gillett call, talks about his next road trip to Buffalo 11/15/18
 Orion in Waterford wonders why other running backs don't support Le'veon Bell 11/15/18
 Matt in Vancouver has a message for Lovehandle Loaf in Laguna 11/16/18
 Ryan in South Dakota wants Three Cheeseburger McCarthy fired 11/16/18
 Scott in Green Bay is sick and tired of the plays that Aaron Rodgers doesn't make 11/16/18
 Jeff in San Antonio talks about a new clothing line he's launching for Baby Jordan, cries again 11/16/18
 Chris in Destin has been listening since 2003, doesn't like Jeff in San Antonio, imitates Jim in Fall Rivers call 11/16/18
 James Kelley's The Week That Was, pays homage to Kevin the ponytail audio engineer 11/16/18
 Chris in KC self-glossed himself velvet, but Rome knew it was done on purpose 11/16/18
 Conor McGregor apologizes for his whiskey Proper 12 selling out 11/16/18
 ATP - Zack in Wisco - Did you try Culvers? 11/16/18
 Rex in ABQ gets run on World Toilet Day for Alex Smith's 'inner vaginal pull' reference 11/19/18
 Bob in Calgary gets run for another SJP blast 11/19/18
 Rick in Buffalo takes a run at Michigan football, Jim Harbaugh, and Mark in Boston 11/19/18
 Mark in Boston responded to Rick in Buffalo 11/19/18
 Corey in Ann Arbor calls to talk Michigan and Big 10 football 11/20/18
 James in North Carolina says the Michigan Ohio State rivalry is overrated 11/20/18
 John in Michigan tells a long story about getting picked up for DUI in Ohio and telling everyone he's from Michigan 11/20/18
 Parody Larry sings a nice Thanksgiving song 11/20/18
 Maury in Grand Rapids is a Michigan fan with a rant on Harbaugh 11/26/18
 Rick in Buffalo called his shot with the Michigan - Ohio State game 11/26/18
 Adam in Pittsburgh wonders if Hue Jackson is going to replace Marvin Lewis 11/26/18
 Fake Silk wants a Peloton to help with his weight gain 11/26/18
 Pete in Detroit says Michigan man Harbaugh needs to put up or shut up 11/27/18
 Detroit Lions ridiculed on Jeopardy 11/27/18
 Johnny Scabs in Detroit rambles through a Michigan take just so he could call Pete in Detroit an idiot 11/27/18
 Dave in Boise loves what Baker Mayfield is doing on and off the field 11/27/18
 Hedstrombacon gets a block threat for Dexter Manley Tweet 11/27/18
 Reset of old school Texters, Ron Full of Rage 11/27/18
 Matt in LA wanted to beg Amy Trask to come back to Oakland 11/27/18
 Dean in Maryland wanted to call out Joe Flacco for not helping Lamar Jackson's development 11/27/18
 Takebox That Was - Stucknut Radio - November 2018 11/27/18
 History of the Hackoff, Rome entertains bringing it back, call from Rex in ABQ 11/28/18
 Rome takes RSVP's for possible Hackoff return, calls from Matt in LA, Josh in Detroit, Parody Larry 11/28/18
 More possible Hackoff RSVP's from Dr. Dave in Chicago, Andi in Rocklin, Bo in Nashville, Lauren in Naples, Mona in Knoxville, Fabian in LA, and Edward in San Diego 11/28/18
 Peter in Toronto woke up one day with New Balance on his feet 11/29/18
 Mike in Little Rock the Nooch is excited about the Saints vs Cowboys, Matt in Van is a UUU 11/29/18
 Ryan in South Dakota saw Tom Morello wearing New Balance shoes, a piece of his soul died 11/29/18
 Drew in West LA gets Rome to do an Andy Rooney impression 11/29/18
 Mike in Wichita says Amari Cooper saved Jason Garretts career 11/29/18
 Antoine in Grand Rapids got roasted by his girlfriend for buying a pair of New Balance shoes 11/29/18
 Sean in Fall River is excited about the New Balance revolution 11/29/18
 Hawk talks about Paul Walker and training for the marathon, email from Rick in Buffalo 11/30/18
 Tyler in Edmonton lays out his own seeding for the Hackoff 11/30/18
 Mike in Little Rock the Nooch responds to Tyler, calls him a joke 11/30/18
 Rex in ABQ gets run while talking about 'guy that uses Starbucks as an office' 11/30/18
 Couple got married at Costco 11/30/18
 Kyle in Green Bay calls Matt and Tyler the real life version of Bert and Ernie 11/30/18
 Ken in Sacramento talks about how great Jalen Hurts character is, unlike Kareem Hunt 12/03/18
 Mark in Louisiana is Shared Beliefs greatest fan 12/03/18
 Irie Craig called with a bad connection, got run 12/03/18
 Ford in Sacramento smacks Cris Collinsworth's broadcasting abilities, got run for Hitler blast 12/03/18
 Casey in Green Bay says Mike McCarthy's firing was unprofessional 12/03/18
 Mark in Hollywood on Urban Meyer's retirement from Ohio State 12/04/18
 Brett in Bugaha @pattersaur - Shrapnel tweet from Edward James O. 12/04/18
 Tweets about 'show me the video' and 'Ill catch you, guaranteed' 12/04/18
 Matt in LA responds to Mark in Hollywood 12/04/18
 Josh in Detroit rambles about the pump fist Michigan fans, tells a store salesman I'll take it 12/04/18
 Rome does a straight soccer take, Gregg Berhalter named USMNT coach 12/05/18
 Mike Gundy reimbursed a local radio host for a lost over/under bet 12/05/18
 Darin in Boise @MTBDarin talks about Cruz Pedregons bid for Bell Athlete of the Year, gets call dumped during his war 12/05/18
 Andrew in Omaha got run for literally answering Rome's salutation 'how are you doing?' 12/06/18
 Fabian in LA talks Dodgers, Lakers, Lavar Ball, finishes his call and gets racked 12/06/18
 Nick in Boise thought the Jamal Crawford interview was incredamazing 12/06/18
 Rick in Buffalo email leads to Woodscopes discussion, Brad in Corona is scheduled guest 12/06/18
 Jeff in San Antonio calls from Buffalo Wild Wings, thinks he's Smackoff material instead of Hackoff 12/07/18
 Cal in Vegas wants a Golden Ticket, takes a run at Alvie and Notch in LR, run for KY jelly reference 12/07/18
 Parody Larry got run for Jeff in SA family smack 12/07/18
 Jake in Wisco had a nice rhyme about the Calgary stampede 12/10/18
 Robert in San Antonio is a private pilot, won good money on a 6 game parlay because of Amari Cooper's touchdown 12/10/18
 Hawk discusses Brad in Corona's appearance on the Woodscopes 12/10/18
 Rex in ABQ talks about Ray Liotta, gets run for another scrotox reference 12/11/18
 Raider Mike talking Steelers/Raiders, Phil Villapiano, Franco Harris 12/11/18
 Matt in LA takes a run at Damon Amendolara and Ray Liotta 12/12/18
 Damon Amendolara @DAonCBS responds to Matt in LA 12/13/18
 DA Show - Damon addresses Matt in LA's call on his show 12/13/18
 Matt in LA responds back to Damon Amendolara with more dental smack 12/13/18
 Dr. Dave in Chicago chimes in on DA v Matt in LA, mentions he's in the Jeopardy pool 12/13/18
 Mike in Little Rock the Nooch responds back to Cal in Vegas 12/13/18
 Mike in NoCal is looking forward to the Browns in the playoffs next year 12/13/18
 John in PDX has a Christmas vacation suggestion for the Rome family 12/13/18
 Fabian in LA wants to take a picture with Rome at the BW3's event 12/13/18
 Mike Tyson in Buffalo got run for a bad impression 12/14/18
 Jeff in SoCal calls from a bad phone connection, run for too many Fat Andy references 12/14/18
 Elderly woman destroyed the Phoenix Suns owner 12/14/18
 Radio terms, update from Hawk on Christmas card submissions, mentions WoodScopes lineup 12/14/18
 Email reaction to Mission Valley BWW visit 12/17/18
 Jay in San Diego says Fabian is slow and has a screw loose 12/17/18
 Pete in Irvine recaps the Mission Valley BWW visit, Fabian got cut off by noon 12/17/18
 Rick in Buffalo talks about midget Mark in Hollywood, WoodScopes, Belligerent Nuck, and Buffalo CloneStock 12/17/18
 Mark in Chicago asked if Fabian collected cans so he could Uber to San Diego 12/17/18
 @SeanHesterEsq recap of Mission Valley BWW visit, ATP about Hawk 12/17/18
 Fabian in LA calls to talk about the BWW visit 12/17/18
 Rich Flores gifted Rome a signed 'Henry Winkler jumping the shark' poster 12/17/18
 Rick in Buffalo email about the upcoming CloneStock 12/18/18
 Jeff in Southfield returns with takes on Michigan weed laws and Rick in Buffalo 12/18/18
 Kyle in Green Bay calls while en route to the Buffalo CloneStock 12/18/18
 Matt in LA responds to Jeff in Southfield 12/18/18
 Rome talking about Jakes college choices, U of Arizona president Dr. Robert C. Robbins calls the listener line to make a pitch 12/18/18
 Knicks owner James Dolan is vape guy 12/18/18
 Tweets about Ray Liotta and vape guy 12/18/18
 Rex in ABQ called as Ray Liotta 12/18/18
 Rick in Buffalo lays out the CloneStock itinerary 12/18/18
 Liz in Falls City thinks Jeff in Southfield is Vic in Nocal 12/18/18
 Josh in Detroit is the most polarizing figure in the Jungle, got run for a Jingle Bell parody that didn't rhyme 12/18/18
 Takebox That Was - Stucknut Radio - December 2018 12/18/18
 Recap of Buffalo CloneStock, email from Rick in Buffalo, audio of Kyle in Green Bay's table slam 12/19/18
 Mike in Buffalo called pretending to be Rick in Buffalo's probation officer, couldn't attend CloneStock 12/19/18
 Fake President of DeVry making a pitch for Jake 12/19/18
 Gina in Indy is now living in Napa, her mom wants to send Rome her homemade biscotti 12/19/18
 Mark in Hollywood take a run at Rick in Buffalo 12/19/18
 Denlesks emails an updated 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' 12/20/18
 Lisa in Indy wants Rome to try lemon ricotta pancakes, asks for support for rileykids.org/tyler 12/20/18
 Dr. Dave in Chicago asks DJ Delloro to play his hit, resets his Rudolph song 12/20/18
 Matt in LA has HVAC advice for Rome's cold studio 12/20/18
 Silk Brah checks in from school, his only Christmas wish is a Chargers playoff bye 12/20/18
 Reminder about Year in Review show, use hashtag #RomeYIR 12/20/18
 Rick in Buffalo calls out Mike in Buffalo, responds to Mark in Hollywood 12/20/18
 Tyler in Edmonton has Christmas presents for the Smackoff participants, manual Fat Alarm 12/20/18
 Kyle in Green Bay met Jim Kelly and got his jersey autographed 12/20/18
 Ryan in Indy was told to sex up his take by J-Stew - Parody Larry, 12 Days - Fabian, Happy Christmas - Trey in NC, NFL on CBS suggestion - Benny in Wisco, Silk and Rick are teachers? - Beaks in Studio City, Dan is the result of truck stop hooker bum sex 12/20/18
 2018 Year in Review - Hour 1 12/21/18
 2018 Year in Review - Hour 2 12/21/18
 2018 Year in Review - Hour 3 12/21/18

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