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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 27 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Brad in Corona, Sean the Cablinasian, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mark in Boston, Dan in Denver, Benny in Wisco, Silk Brah, Jeff in Southfield, Cal in Vegas, Jeremy in Green Bay, Tyler in Edmonton and more!

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 First tweets of 2019 - @CmonJared Georgia football, @hedstrombacon Rome's Miami vacation 01/02/19
 Jake in Youngstown - AB and the Killer B's killed Pittsburghs football culture 01/02/19
 Francis in Glendale tweets about James Kelley and Irie bum smack 01/02/19
 Patrick in PA says the current team is not cut from the same cloth of a Pittsburgh Steeler 01/02/19
 Mary in PA is steamed up over the Steelers situation, AB is acting like a child 01/02/19
 Rome sets the tone for 2019, no more Ray Liotta or Irie bum smack, Hawk lost his running shoes 01/02/19
 Link in NY ordered ranch for his wings while in Buffalo 01/02/19
 Marathon update from Hawk, shoe shopping at bow-tique, Rome talks about South Beach vacation 01/03/19
 Lou in Connecticut thinks Eli Manning is done in New York 01/03/19
 Matt in LA talks Big Ben, gets run for an interview but instead of a guest it was a dial tone 01/03/19
 Lee in Van elevates the conversation with a Brady Bunch email 01/03/19
 Rex in ABQ - New year, new Rex - NOT! Got run for Ray Liotta smack 01/04/19
 Irie Craig is living with a couple of dancers in Huntington Beach 01/04/19
 RG in Peoria with an email about John Bobbitt and Super Dave, Rome asks Hawk why he brought the email, Hawk blames the room 01/04/19
 Rick in Buffalo takes a run at Antonio Brown and Mark in Hollywood 01/04/19
 Orion in Waterford claims that cannabis is not a gateway drug, he knows from experience 01/04/19
 Rex in ABQ got run for massive dong joke about Nick Foles and Frank Sinatra 01/07/19
 Silk Brah calls to talk about the Chargers playoff victory 01/07/19
 Ryan in Chicago is not a fan of Cody Parkey 01/07/19
 Hawk took the day off, clones think its related to his marathon training 01/07/19
 Dan in Denver responds to Silk Brah, substitute teacher smack 01/07/19
 Terry in Boise got run for welcoming himself to the Jungle for the first time 01/07/19
 Boatie in Pearland wants to bash the Texans but ran out of time 01/07/19
 Dave in Berea is a Clemson grad, hungover, compared Saban to Blanche from the Golden Girls 01/08/19
 Ugly Bob in South Carolina is excited about the Clemson championship 01/08/19
 Manny in Bakersfield was listening on the radio delay, got run 01/08/19
 Ken in Sacramento talks about Clemson and the National Championship game 01/08/19
 Adam Hawk checks in from home, he's been sick for 2 days 01/08/19
 John in Little Rock parodies Van Halens Jump with 'You Need a Lawrence' 01/08/19
 Raider Mike was scouting the National Championship game for his Raiders 01/08/19
 Eddie in Dallas is a Texas Tech alum, says Kliff Kingsbury is a good OC but horrible head coach 01/09/19
 Jed in Illinois @JedinIllinois gets blocked for Najeh Davenport tweet 01/09/19
 Rex in ABQ called with a straight take about NFL coaches not mattering as much to a team as the players 01/09/19
 Reset of the Charlie in Lawrence call, Rome wants to give him a Golden Ticket 01/09/19
 Matt in LA likes the offensive-minded NFL coaches, runs out of time 01/09/19
 Parody Larry gets run for not singing 01/09/19
 Gary in New Jersey talks about Shared Belief 01/09/19
 Mike in the Bay answered Rome's call for new blood, used a bunch of gloss, run for 1906 SF earthquake smack 01/10/19
 Phil in Maine thinks Adam Gase is a 1 year rental in New York 01/10/19
 Frank in Santa Clara talks Chargers/Patriots, wants to know why Jake isn't interested in UCSB 01/10/19
 Eric in Orlando is concerned about his pics on CBS, talks Patriots Chargers 01/11/19
 Matt in LA informs the clones about a SoCal CloneStock benefiting Luis in Palmdale 01/11/19
 Silk Brah talks about the upcoming Chargers Patriots game 01/11/19
 Rome mentions he was sequestered in Ontario CA for 3 days, asked clones to guess why 01/11/19
 Rick in Buffalo goes in on Josh McDaniels 01/11/19
 Parody Larry gets on the air because Josh in Detroit hung up, sang a Steely Dan song, got run 01/11/19
 @TommyFrom_NC with a Princess Di - Queen blast 01/11/19
 Kasey in Pensacola wants Parody Larry to know that Costco has 30 gallon buckets of macaroni and cheese, run by Flight Deck 01/11/19
 Stu in Manhattan returns with an email from Rams fan 01/14/19
 Charlie in Coronado Island is a longtime Chargers fan, compared them to Michigan 01/14/19
 Rome got his seat bumped from first class to row 20, he was 'first on the downgrade' list 01/14/19
 Show open - President Trump served fast food for Clemson championship team 01/15/19
 Rome allows fat smack for the day, calls from Christian in Maine and Steve in the Nati 01/15/19
 Matt in LA talks about Andy Reid and CJ Anderson wanting the same White House meal 01/15/19
 Alvin has a new, positive 'Fat Announcement' 01/15/19
 Chris Hansen was arrested for bouncing checks 01/16/19
 Steve in Nati tried to redeem himself for failed call the day before, got run again 01/16/19
 Earl in Wichita got run for a Rudolph parody hype call for Patrick Mahomes 01/16/19
 Andi in Rocklin witnessed John Denvers plane crash 01/16/19
 Al in Ontario is a new listener, took a run at the Canadian callers Trench and Shred 01/16/19
 Callers respond to Al in Ontario, Grandpa Pat in Vancouver and Grandpa Trench 01/17/19
 Douglas in Green Bay is a fan of Al in Ontario 01/17/19
 Curtis Morro Bay wonders if Kyrie Irving will sign with the Lakers next season 01/17/19
 DJ in Pittsburgh says Antonio Brown is a primadonna and is replaceable 01/17/19
 Mike in Little Rock the Nooch talks NFC title game, mentions Michael Franzese on WoodScopes 01/18/19
 Jim in KC got run for saying it's Tom Brady's last game, he can go home and make out with his kids forever 01/18/19
 Greg in KC doesn't understand radio delay 01/18/19
 Vince in KC is gripping hard about the AFC title game, wants the monkey to stop messing around with the show 01/18/19
 Freddie Kitchens interview - Cleveland Browns head coach 01/18/19
 Hawk's baby is due, Rome asks why they planned to have a baby during NFL playoffs 01/18/19
 Tyler in Maine is a lifelong Rams fan, enjoyed the Freddie Kitchens interview 01/18/19
 Scott in Wichita rambles on about the AFL history, gets run 01/18/19
 Heidi in Wichita was really excited to talk to Rome, proud of the Chiefs community 01/18/19
 Joel in San Bernardino is a Saints fan, says the better team didn't win 01/21/19
 Ryan in Phoenix is a lifelong Rams fan, refs blew the game 01/21/19
 Bob in Arkansas is upset about Saints game, want them to redo the game from the no-call 01/22/19
 Rex in ABQ has questions about mattress stores, run for asking about the protein stain by the headboard 01/22/19
 JD in Winnipeg calls to inform us about CFL challenge rules 01/22/19
 JJ in KC is a proud Chiefs fan who is tired of the refs 01/22/19
 Chris in New England waited on hold for 87 minutes, chowd talked about the Pats 01/22/19
 Adam Hawk called in to talk about the birth of his son 01/22/19
 Fabian in LA talks about the LA Rams 01/23/19
 Parody Larry sings 3 Blind Mice for the NFL refs, gets run 01/23/19
 Mark in Barstow says the MLB Hall of Fame voters are stupid, wants to make a case for Fred McGriff 01/23/19
 Rick in Buffalo talks Julian Edelman, Super Bowl matchup, predicts Rams 41 - Patriots 10 01/24/19
 Jeff in Socal tries to win a Masterbuilt smoker, 2 week fan of the Rams, doesn't care if they win the Super Bowl 01/24/19
 Randall in the OC with a Ron G / OJ email, Rome says its the worst OJ reset ever 01/24/19
 Matt in LA gives props to James Harden 01/24/19
 Brad in Corona talks Hawk, circumcisions, and Keiths bitchtits 01/24/19
 Cal in Vegas wonders if Romes crew is from a halfway house, talks about last Smackoff, Matt in LA, wins Masterbuilt smoker and Golden Ticket 01/24/19
 John in Little Rock sings a Ratt Round and Round parody for the Patriots, gets run 01/24/19
 Kaleb in Indiana brags about his 100 degree fever, thinks the Pacers are cursed, gets run 01/24/19
 Rex in ABQ gets run for 'lay cable' and 'grease the bowl' references 01/25/19
 Mike in Little Rock the Nooch talking about Joe Montana investing in legal marijuana business, wins Masterbuilt smoker 01/25/19
 Hawk showed up to work even though he's supposed to be on paternity leave 01/25/19
 Terry in Boise tries to explain Americas obesity problem 01/25/19
 Jeff in San Antonio wants everyone to know that he's still a badass 01/25/19
 Vic in NoCal with takes on Joe Montana, New Orleans Saints, and Rick in Buffalo 01/25/19
 Mike in Albuqueque started a podcast, had Rex Brown on his show and talked about the Rex Streak 01/25/19
 Fabian in LA has smoked weed for over 30 years and never thought about trying any other drug 01/25/19
 Bill Romanowski on Radio Row 01/28/19
 Tweets and resets before Bill Romanowski's interview 01/28/19
 Reaction to Justin Forsett interview (rat story) from @Stucknut, @dlh1029, @RiddyBadluck13, and Sarah T 01/29/19
 Mike in Indy takes a run at Silk Brah, wins another Masterbuilt 01/29/19
 Adam in ABQ has no sympathy for New England Deflatriots fans, gets run 01/29/19
 Terry in Boise tries to win a Masterbuilt smoker with Canada smack, fails 01/30/19
 John in NY calls with Super Bowl prediction - New England is going to take it 31-20, Tom Brady MVP 01/30/19
 Mike in Cleveland is hyped after the Baker Mayfield interview, updates everyone on Pat Catan's 01/30/19
 Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield - Interview from Radio Row 01/30/19
 Takebox That Was - Stucknut Radio - January 2019 01/30/19
 Christian in Maine's 7 month year old nephew has seen more championships than the city of LA has seen in 17 years 02/04/19
 Rome breaks down the Stella Artois commercial with SJP and The Dude 02/04/19
 Christopher in New England is not calling to gloat, the Rams will be back, he's taking his Jaguar to the casino to parlay his winnings 02/04/19
 Matt in Vancouver email about that prickly a-hole David Stern, SteveInPhx with AC Green reset 02/05/19
 Rex in ABQ gets his call dumped, Josh Gordon pawning his ring for drug money 02/05/19
 Mike in Little Rock the Nooch talks about meeting Rome at radio row 02/05/19
 Hawk talks about his time off with the new baby, you gotta do what you gotta do 02/05/19
 Matt in LA gives props to Boston, takes a run at unethiCal in Vegas 02/05/19
 Josh in Detroit got run for saying that Rome would ask him for an autograph to have it tattooed 02/05/19
 Dan in Denver takes a run at Mike in Little Rock, the Nooch 02/06/19
 Darren in Illinois calls about the Bucks and more Giannis arm length smack 02/06/19
 Dana White interview interrupted by music, email from Joaquin 02/06/19
 KC in LA talking about the Lakers, LeBron, and Anthony Davis 02/07/19
 Jeff in SoCal breaks down the viral video from the Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt women's basketball game 02/07/19
 TGIF - Keith brought sausage breakfast sandwiches to work 02/08/19
 Mike in Little Rock the Nooch responds to Dan in Denver 02/08/19
 Mark in Green Bay talks about how junk food is hard to resist 02/08/19
 Henry in Tennessee is a cardiologist talking about the 80-20 rule, eat good 80% of the time 02/08/19
 Vic in NoCal on Brad in Corona, Patriots, and Edelman 02/08/19
 Matt in LA wants the 2 day Year in Review, Weis fat smack 02/08/19
 Rome resets the Kyle streak after Kyle Van Noy's interview 02/11/19
 JaVale McGee screams to let teammates know he's open, reaction from other screamers, Eric Snow gained a few pounds 02/11/19
 Cleveland Browns fans react to the Kareem Hunt signing - Scott in Nashville, Daniel in Wichita, Corey in Youngstown, and Lou in Cleveland 02/11/19
 Grant in Tulsa wants to buy Iafrate a house, got confused with Irie Craig 02/12/19
 Trapper in Dana Point tells a story about Bob Costas 02/12/19
 Dan in Denver has thoughts on Joe Flacco joining the Broncos 02/13/19
 Roger in Massachusetts thinks Joe Flacco should retire, doesn't want to de-minimize his injuries 02/13/19
 Zack in Denver agrees with Dan in Denver, Elway is a legend for what he did on the field only 02/13/19
 Rah in the Bronx tries to win a Golden Ticket with a Floyd Mayweather rap 02/13/19
 Rex in ABQ with takes on Matt Kuchar stiffing El Tucan and Poop Johnson blowing mud on a linebacker, leads to Kuchar take from Rome 02/14/19
 Drew in West LA resets Romes Geisha House investment, Rome tells a story about a valet cropdusting his luxury sled 02/14/19
 Matt in LA says Matt Kuchar needs to pay El Tucan 150 grrr, or don't go back south of the border 02/14/19
 Grant in Anchorage tells a story about Double Dippin' Pippen at a club in Portland 02/14/19
 Adam Hawk teases Gallows and Anderson appearance, Valentines emails from Sarah T. and Denlesks 02/14/19
 WWE tagteam Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in studio, plus tandem call from Matt and Tyler 02/15/19
 Anderson and Gallows reaction, chat with Adam Hawk 02/15/19
 Karl Anderson's mother calls after his interview, talks about the Cincinnati tour stop 02/15/19
 ATP - Tony in Iowa City - Good Montana vacation spots? 02/15/19
 Bob in Los Angeles gets racked with straight fire on Matt Kuchar 02/15/19
 Hawk wears an outrageous outfit to the Riviera, thought Tiger would recognize him, reaction from clones and call from his friend Ryan in Long Beach 02/18/19
 Steve in Missouri got inspiration to lose weight after listening to the David Goggins podcast a year ago 02/18/19
 Charlie in Madison just got a new cable service and was really excited to see Jim Rome 02/18/19
 Pete in San Diego calls with thoughts on the Padres signing Manny Machado 02/19/19
 Rick in Buffalo opens Smackoff season by going after Matt and Tyler, Vic in NoCal, and Mark in Hollywood 02/19/19
 Glenda in Alabama says Rick in Buffalo's voice makes her sick to her stomach, got run by sharks, Hawk hit his head on the camera while bringing Twitter reaction 02/19/19
 Kasey in Pensacola asks - was that Rick in Buffalo or Macho Man Randy Savage trying to pinch off a deuce? 02/19/19
 Tyler in Edmonton responds to Rick in Buffalo 02/20/19
 Matt in LA talks about the Padres, Machado, and Don Newcombe's passing 02/20/19
 Matt in Vancouver on Tristan Thompson, responds to Rick in Buffalo 02/20/19
 Mark in Hollywood responds to his stalker Rick in Buffalo 02/21/19
 Dan in Denver wins a Golden Ticket, smacks Rick in Buffalo and Matt in Vancouver 02/21/19
 Boatie in Pearland talks about Zion Williamson and his shoes 02/21/19
 Show open - Robert Kraft charged for soliciting sex at a massage parlor 02/22/19
 Irie Craig is doing over fine, wants to party with Robert Kraft 02/22/19
 Kevin in Appleton says if there is video evidence of Robert Kraft, he'll make it disappear 02/22/19
 Tim in Maine is disappointed in the bum Robert Kraft 02/22/19
 Matt in Vancouver responds to Dan in Denver, calls him a punk bitch 02/22/19
 Kasey in Pensacola - Robert Kraft was just trying to get his balls deflated like Tom Brady, got run 02/22/19
 Eric in Houston wants more focus on the human trafficking than prostitution 02/22/19
 Mark in Boston with thoughts on Robert Kraft, OpenFlyGate 02/22/19
 Denlesks with a Jungle Oscars email 02/25/19
 Hawk refers to the University of Washington as his alma mater, because he smoked a cigarette on campus 02/26/19
 Matt in LA with more DA personal appearance smack, tried to give away a Golden Ticket 02/26/19
 Brad in Corona got run for a Robert Kraft wang joke 02/26/19
 Kasey in Pensacola gets run for Bob Kraft rub and tug reference 02/27/19
 Rex in ABQ - much like Bryce Harper, Rex likes to launch frozen ropes from his gap right down the sewer pipe 02/27/19
 Mike in the Bay with takes on the Lakers, LeBron, and a Wacko impersonation 02/28/19
 Dr. Dave in Chicago goes all in on Matt in Van-hoover, gets run 02/28/19
 Daphne in Las Vegas has a straight fire take on Jason Witten 02/28/19
 Benny in Wisco parodies a Matt in LA call, gets a delayed buzzer 02/28/19
 Jamie in Santa Barbara tells a story about being a high school basketball referee 02/28/19
 Matt in Vancouver sends an email response to Dr. Dave 02/28/19
 Bryce Harper contract reaction 03/01/19
 Matt in LA on Bryce Harper, Scott Boras, and Phillies - Wins Golden Ticket 03/01/19
 MikeDForThree in Michigan makes the jump from Twitter, tries to win a Golden Ticket with a comprehensible call 03/01/19
 Alan in Raleigh with a Menendez Brothers email 03/04/19
 Chris in Houston was inspired by the Eddie Olczyk interview 03/04/19
 Jason in Harrisburg says Matt in LA makes him laugh more than Tyler in Edmonton, agrees that Americans are fat 03/04/19
 Orion in Waterford thinks Rome is talking LA sports to lure Matt in LA to the chopper 03/04/19
 Matt in LA is calling his shot early, Dodgers championship and Walker Buehler Cy-Young, avoids the chopper 03/04/19
 Adam Hawk ran a half marathon in preparation for a full 03/04/19
 Lance in Iowa is a runner, says Hawk has no chance to complete the full marathon at the end of the month, he should give his bib to somebody else 03/04/19
 Frank on Long Island was an All-American track and field athlete in college, says Hawk can injure himself 03/04/19
 Eric in Covina is tired of the Lakers being flakes 03/05/19
 Rick in Buffalo says that Hawk needs to quit running and LeBron is a fraud 03/05/19
 Bob in LA says the Lakers should keep playing LeBron for the fans, they should run his ass down 03/06/19
 Fabian in LA is complaining about getting cut off at bars 03/06/19
 Andy in Boise was a pit boss with insight on bet capping 03/06/19
 Steve in PHX 3-peats National Dentist Day emails 03/06/19
 JD in Winnipeg can't stand Matt in LA's schtick, gets racked 03/07/19
 Matt in LA doesn't want the Raiders taking Kyler Murray, responds to JD in Winnipeg 03/07/19
 Rex in ABQ talking about department store suits 03/07/19
 Opening emails - Charley Casserly, LeBron James, National Cereal Day, spam 03/07/19
 Kyle Brandt texted Rome from a dentist office 03/08/19
 Jeff in Middletown talks Lakers and LeBron, wins a Golden Ticket 03/08/19
 Raider Mike talks about Antonio Brown and the upcoming draft 03/08/19
 Bob in Iowa is a first time listener, thinks the Smackdown will be hilarious 03/08/19
 Jeff in San Antonio wanted to wish Rome a Happy International Women's Day 03/08/19
 Parody Larry ends the show, Sittin on the Bench in LA, got run in 2.8 seconds 03/08/19
 Cruz Pedregon calls to talk about the Antonio Brown trade, wants to defend Gruden 03/11/19
 Roberta in Indiana is a Steelers fan, AB was all about the money 03/11/19
 Byron in New Orleans talks about racism in sports, Russell Westbrook 03/12/19
 Shawn in Sacramento worked for the Kings in their heyday, heard fans yell inappropriate things towards players 03/12/19
 Shane in Texas is a professional magician that wants to perform in studio, hopes Rome recycles the email printouts, wanted to self gloss as Sideshow Shane 03/12/19
 Mike in Cleveland likes what the Browns are doing, but pump the brakes on Super Bowl talk 03/13/19
 Shawn in Pittsburgh is a lifelong Steelers fan, frightened by the rest of the AFC North 03/13/19
 Jason in Harrisburg compares Tyler in Edmontons calls to wrestling with an ugly chick, very forgettable 03/13/19
 John in NY says the Giants are going to regain their prominence 03/13/19
 Tyler in Edmonton responds to Jason in Harrisburg then talks Flames and Oilers 03/14/19
 Harold in Calgary says Tyler is barely a Smackoff caller, takes a run at Edmonton 03/14/19
 JJ in KC is tired of Tyler in Edmonton and says he stinks 03/14/19
 Josh in Detroit got run for using a weird announcer voice 03/14/19
 Eric in Orlando wants to set the record straight with Matt in LA, brags about his yacht, clones react 03/14/19
 Joel in New Jersey wants to talk about how great horse racing is but ran out of time 03/14/19
 Parody Larry got run for a Don McLean song for Adam Hawk 03/15/19
 Rex in ABQ - mall kiosk guy tried to sell knockoff cologne that smelled like anal gland discharge, got run 03/15/19
 Liz in Falls City wants a Leaving Neverland-ish documentary for Toby in Houston 03/15/19
 Jason in Harrisburg smoked Tyler out of hibernation, got run for moose knuckle reference 03/15/19
 Kasey in Pensacola gets the 5th and 6th consecutive call run, wonders why Aunt Becky didn't get kids into school the old fashioned way by banging the principal 03/15/19
 James Dolan kicked someone out of a festival because of a sign they were holding 03/15/19
 6 straight run calls - Parody Larry, Rex in ABQ, Liz in Falls City, Jason in Harrisburg, Kasey in Pensacola x 2 03/15/19
 Hawk gives an update on his marathon training 03/18/19
 The Run Streak gets stretched to 8 after Bob in Calgary and Jeff in SoCal's calls 03/18/19
 Chad in Virginia ran the LA Marathon in 4 hours even though he smoked, ended the Run Streak at 8 callers 03/18/19
 Detective Dan in Buffalo says running sucks, Hawk should lift weights instead, got run 03/19/19
 Hawk with another marathon training update, carb loading with corndogs and lots of stretching 03/19/19
 Nate in Wisco is a 2-time Iron Man finisher even though he ran with knee injuries, mind over body 03/19/19
 Quinn in Valencia wants to pitch in $100 for Hawk to quit the marathon 03/19/19
 Matt in LA has Romes back on the NCAA tourney, going with Duke 03/19/19
 Nick in Maine loved the Greg Herenda interview from the other day 03/20/19
 Trapper in Dana Point said his cancer is spreading, talked about growing up in New Jersey 03/20/19
 Denlesks with a First Day of Spring poem 03/20/19
 John in Houston is a 63 years old marathon runner, warns Hawk that runners die 03/20/19
 Nick in Iowa is representing 'stay at home dad' nation, talks about his tourney watching setup 03/21/19
 Rick in Buffalo wants to give Hawk some last minute marathon advice 03/21/19
 Tony in Riverside email resets Dr. Boudreaux, Rome wants it reset again in 2039 03/21/19
 Chuck in Western New York thinks the dumacrats will squeeze Krafts genitals real hard to see the video, also talked Steelers 03/21/19
 Roman in Escondido tells a story about going to a Jim Rome live remote from a biker bar called Pounders, most likely in 1992 03/21/19
 Hawk's last pre-marathon update, Keith is also running it 03/22/19
 John in Little Rock wins a Golden Ticket with Smackoff Fever song 03/22/19
 Fabian in LA is not going to the Escondido event 03/22/19
 Adam Hawk completed the LA Marathon, reaction from his trainer Eric, Fabian in LA, and Eric Byrnes 03/25/19
 Jeff in Southfield goes all in on fat Wisconsin, not proud of American cheese 03/26/19
 Elvis Andrus uses Baby Shark as his walk-up music, Alvin plays walk-up music for entire Rangers team 03/26/19
 Jeff in San Antonio is getting ready to launch Baby Jordan, talks about sexual abuse 03/26/19
 Smackoff season has started, time to move content from Twitter to the show 03/27/19
 Rex in ABQ thinks Cal in Vegas' Golden Ticket is a charity case, doesn't get run 03/27/19
 Matt in Vancouver takes a run at Rick in Buffalo, says he looks like an angry screaming human penis 03/27/19
 Josh in Detroit wants to put Rick in a bodybag, gets run 03/27/19
 Toledo news team is woke AF 03/28/19
 Ryan in Nashville doesn't like how MLB opening day is trying to compete with the NCAA tournament 03/28/19
 Fake Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Mike in Indy and Brad in Corona 03/28/19
 Dan in Denver mocks Matt in Vancouvers 25 second masterpiece call 03/28/19
 Jeff from Richmond has more Matt in LA smack, wants to be part of Smackoff 25 03/28/19
 Cal in Vegas - Adam Hawk looked like he was break dancing instead of jogging, lays out the Smackoff field 03/28/19
 Liz in Falls City likes Matt in Vancouver, hates Dan in Denver 03/28/19
 Matt in LA responds to Jeff in Richmond 03/28/19
 Str8Jakkett released a new Jim Rome rap song 03/29/19
 Mark in Boston with fat smack on Jeff in Richmond 03/29/19
 Rick in Buffalo responds to Matt in Vancouver, if Rick is a peen, Matt is the fupa chalupa 03/29/19
 Smackoff 25 announcement - June 21 03/29/19
 Tyler in Edmonton takes a run at Drew in West LA, Brad in Corona, gets run for girth smack 03/29/19
 Matt in LA with personal apprearance smack for Jeff in Richmond 03/29/19
 John in New York on Rick in Buffalo, Jeff in Richmond, and Jeff in Southfield 03/29/19
 John in Portland says Hawk needs to do a better job screening, got run 03/29/19
 Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Kaleb in Green Bay, Hawk, Matt in Van, Cal in Vegas, Liz in Falls City, gets on the watch list 03/29/19
 Brad in Corona responds to Tyler in Edmonton, got run for turtleneck schmeg reference 03/29/19
 Rex in ABQ talks about Brad fatigue, call gets dumped 04/08/19
 Jason in Harrisburg gets run trying to smack Tyler and Matt 04/08/19
 Trapper in Dana Point previews the NCAA basketball championship 04/08/19
 Robert in Las Vegas - if you're not a 12 year old little girl, you should have nothing to do with soccer, got run 04/09/19
 Rome's 2019 NHL playoff predictions 04/10/19
 Kathleen in Omaha is taking the Penguins in the NHL playoffs 04/10/19
 Eric in Orlando wanted to know more about the yacht Rome was on in Mexico 04/10/19
 Johnny Scabs in Detroit gets removed from the Smackoff bubble 04/11/19
 Matt in North Carolina has a straight take about the Masters 04/11/19
 Rex in ABQ talks Masters, gets run for 'hanging rope' reference 04/11/19
 Josh in Detroit tries to use 'no thanks' as a joke punchline, gets run 04/11/19
 Matt in LA tries to respond to Johnny in Detroit, runs out of time 04/11/19
 Drew in West LA emails about Gabe Kapler, Rome resets the great equalizer 04/12/19
 Jeff in Middletown lost his Golden Ticket with yo mama smack 04/12/19
 Jason in Harrisburg enjoys watching the Lakers implode, nobody wants to play with LeBron, more Tyler smack 04/12/19
 Ron in San Diego is the self proclaimed grandpa of the Jungle, celebrating 25 years 04/12/19
 Adam Hawk talks about Tiger Woods Masters win - Mrs. Hawk, please don't listen to this 04/15/19
 Thomas in Bonanza tried his own marathon, but it involved smoking weed and drinking 04/16/19
 Travis in Alberta talks about the NHL playoffs 04/16/19
 Justin in Melbourne says Gino in San Antonio is the Tony Romo of the Smackoff 04/16/19
 Brian in Maryland does a Russ Wilson impersonation, says he deserves the large contract 04/16/19
 Kathleen in Omaha recorded Romes NHL prediction, tried to play it on air 04/17/19
 John in New York gives Rome credit for his NHL prediction 04/17/19
 Matt in LA chimes in with a Jungle haiku 04/17/19
 Jason in Harrisburg got run for a limerick 04/17/19
 Gino in San Antonio responds to Justin in Melbourne, smacks Florida 04/17/19
 Rome talks about his past NHL predictions 04/17/19
 Rome nails another NHL prediction, gets negative feedback, might retire giving out free picks 04/17/19
 Alvie answers an ATP about how he got his job 04/17/19
 Lauren in Naples talks about her surgery, Rome drops her for being gory 04/17/19
 Reset of Kevin Durant shouting out to Toby in Houston 04/19/19
 420 eve, Carl's Jr. has a CBD burger 04/19/19
 Silk in Huntington Beach on the Raiders, Lakers, and planning a Laguna CloneStock with Nooch 04/19/19
 Fabian in LA talks about smoking with Mike in San Diego, glossed James Kelley 'Head of the Class', run for GD blast 04/19/19
 Johnny in the PDX - Damian Lillard is in Russ's head 04/22/19
 Jason in Harrisburg can't get down with the NFL draft, Gronk smack 04/22/19
 V. Stiviano added to self-gloss montage 04/22/19
 Bob in Calgary calls about Zeke Elliotts tattoo, compared to Justify getting a tattoo of SJP 04/23/19
 Niz in LA thinks everything in sports is staged 04/23/19
 Damian Lillard game winner reaction, calls from Lance, David, and Adam in Portland 04/24/19
 Derrick in OKC says Thunder fans are starting to question Russ's antics 04/24/19
 Justin in Melbourne tried to respond to Gino in San Antonio, got run 04/24/19
 James Kelley is texted Rome about the draft even though his wife is giving birth 04/25/19
 Orion in Waterford pitching prescription strength Smackoff 04/25/19
 Reset of the Self Gloss segment - 5 year anniversary 04/25/19
 John in Little Rock got run for a Frosty Sasquatch song 04/25/19
 Self gloss callers - Steve the Kentucky Cobra and Barry in Des Moines AKA Ohhh Barracuda 04/25/19
 Kasey in Pensacola referred to James Kelley as a cracker, got run 04/25/19
 Raider Mike breaks down round 1 of the 2019 draft 04/26/19
 Beaks in Studio City talks about the upcoming CloneStock with Nooch 04/26/19
 Rex in ABQ with a take on the dork weekend, doesn't get run 04/29/19
 Mike in Little Rock the Nooch talking about the SoCal CloneStock, heading to Javiers 04/29/19
 Andrew Bogut shouts out to Toby in Houston again 04/29/19
 Clones try to guess who the new guy is behind the glass 04/29/19
 Matt in LA talks about the SoCal CloneStock 04/29/19
 Benny in Wisco roasts the new guy Vin Weasel, RSVP's to the Smackoff 04/29/19
 Fabian in LA didn't get invited to the CloneStock 04/29/19
 Tim in Houston says the Rockets will beat the Warriors despite the officials 04/30/19
 Jerome in Houston thinks Harden and Paul are making the city look bad 04/30/19
 Tom in Chicago thinks the new guy is Steve Wilkos 04/30/19
 Bob in Calgary guesses that the new guy is Dr. Evil 04/30/19
 JJ in KC breaks down the Arizona Cardinals draft 04/30/19
 Conor in Vegas calls the new guy Snakeman and Phil Collins 04/30/19
 Johnny Scabs in Detroit talks about the personal appearance of the clones at the SoCal CloneStock 04/30/19
 Earl in ABQ calls to talk about Ryan Palmer 05/01/19
 Americas Best Racing uses clone references in their live reads 05/01/19
 Matt in Vancouver with personal appearance smack on Matt in LA and Rick in Buffalo, RSVP's for Smackoff 05/01/19
 Sam in Detroit lists 5 possible guesses of the new guy 05/01/19
 Kaleb in Green Bay roasts the new guy 05/01/19
 Rome introduces the newest crew member Gerrit Ritt 05/01/19
 Liz in Falls City says she was trolled on the ATP, loves TeamBake 05/02/19
 Matt in Alhambra calls to talk about the Dodgers, thinks Kenley Jansen should stop taking heart medication 05/02/19
 Matt in Vancouver checks in for 2nd day in row, takes a run at Karl Anderson 05/02/19
 Smackoff 25 is 50 days away 05/02/19
 Jason in Harrisburg wants a Golden Ticket, talks Little League, Tyler is a future coach 05/02/19
 Dan in Denver responds to Matt in Vancouver and Kaleb in Green Bay 05/02/19
 Bruce in Detroit with Canada and Stanley Cup smack, gets run 05/02/19
 Beaks in Studio City wants Dan in Denver to lose his Golden Ticket 05/02/19
 Johnny Scabs in Detroit got run for insinuating that Matt and Tyler sleep in the same bed 05/02/19
 Parody Larry waited on hold for 6 weeks, got run for a Nooch CloneStock song 05/02/19
 Beaks and Gerrit smack from emailers, call from Charlie in New York on the Kentucky Derby 05/06/19
 Sean in Brooklyn has a question about the Kentucky Derby track conditions 05/06/19
 Matt in Portland wants his money back because he bet on SJP and Nancy Kerrigan in the Kentucky Derby 05/06/19
 Roger in Minneapolis with an incredible story about losing his Kentucky Derby winning ticket 05/06/19
 Andi in Rocklin is intrigued how Googling Andi and Jim Rome shows her calls 05/06/19
 Trapper in Dana Point called to talk about the Kentucky Derby controversy, doesn't seem to be a fan of The Donald 05/07/19
 Matt in LA says he has sports takes but talks about Gerrit Ritt instead 05/07/19
 Ryan in South Dakota talks about the Celtics, wants Kyrie Irving gone 05/07/19
 Digger Phelps calls to talk about the Phoenix Suns new head coach Monty Williams 05/07/19
 Parody Larry gets run for a Mr. Ed theme song parody 05/07/19
 Jason in Harrisburg takes another run at Tyler, gets on the watchlist of the watchlist 05/07/19
 Tim in Maine is a Celtics fan, thinks the trash show is disgusting 05/07/19
 Smackoff 25 preview - Canadian bros, Rick in Buffalo, Benny in Wisco, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mike in Indy 05/08/19
 Tyler in Edmonton responds to Jason in Harrisburg again, wants to start a Ritt family 05/08/19
 Orion in Waterford with Cal in Vegas and Conor McGregor impressions 05/08/19
 Johnny Scabs in Detroit gets back on the Smackoff watchlist 05/08/19
 Moratorium on John Denver, email from Denlesks for Billy Joels birthday 05/09/19
 Jeff in Southfield compares the oversized strawberries from Shari's to Beaks in Studio City 05/10/19
 Jason in Harrisburg takes another run at Tyler, gets run 05/10/19
 Jeff in SoCal - Nooch is malnourished, WNBA on CBS, got run for crank blast 05/10/19
 Kyle in Green Bay lays out his CloneStock tour schedule 05/10/19
 Beaks in Studio City - you can't keep him down because fat floats 05/10/19
 Smackoff 25 preview - Chasing the 5-time champ 05/10/19
 Leff in Laguna Beach RSVP's to Smackoff 25 05/10/19
 Ryan in Pismo Beach loves the show, wants to wish the moms Happy Mothers Day 05/10/19
 Rick in Buffalo tries to take a run at Stucknut and the Smackoff Odds 05/13/19
 Mark in Boston on Coach Beilein, Stucknut odds, Karl Anderson, RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/13/19
 Angry caller talks to Adam Hawk off air because he doesn't understand the show 05/13/19
 John in New York anticipated a call from Rick in Buffalo after the John Beilein news 05/13/19
 Alex in Denver is a caterer at the Pepsi Center, blames Jungle Karma for the Nuggets loss 05/13/19
 Matt in LA tries to get Mike in Indy out of the basement 05/14/19
 Mike in Little Rock the Nooch responds to Jeff in SoCal and takes a run at Beaks 05/14/19
 KC in LA on the Lakers, wants Jeanie Buss to sell the team 05/14/19
 Rome lays out the Smackoff 25 odds from Stucknut 05/14/19
 Kaleb in Green Bay on the Stucknut Smackoff odds, Rick in Buffalo personal appearance smack 05/14/19
 Matt in Vancouver emails an apology to Stucknut 05/14/19
 Mark in Boston calls for 2nd day in a row, responds to Kaleb, gets run for tube sox parody 05/14/19
 Johnny Scabs in Detroit on the Rick vs Kaleb beef, got taken off the watchlist again 05/14/19
 Jason Terry on JRIB reset, Adam Hawk gained weight - joined a gym and fake bakes 05/15/19
 Parody Larry got run by Alvie for a Fat Bottom Beaks song, clones want him to get a Golden Ticket, won Huge Call 05/15/19
 ATP - HedstromBacon - Do you send new employees to Stucknut for a Jungle manual? 05/15/19
 Jeff in SoCal gets on the Smackoff watchlist for taking another run at Nooch 05/15/19
 Gino in San Antonio RSVP's to the Smackoff, smacks Knicks fan and Rick in Buffalo 05/16/19
 Bruce Willis achieved obesity 05/16/19
 Liz in Falls City is glad that Ritt is a Tiger Honk 05/16/19
 Leff in Laguna Beach calls out Brad in Corona for being a snitch 05/16/19
 Smackoff watch party, Rich Flores calls to give the details 05/16/19
 Keith Arnold poem from Denlesks and email from Rick in Buffalo 05/17/19
 Rex in ABQ - We are going to miss Keith about as much as a scorching case of herpes, didn't get run 05/17/19
 Matt in Vancouver wants to with Keith Arnold good luck as he goes to a lesser job 05/17/19
 Dan in Denver - Keith is the tonsil of the XR4Ti, we can see him but don't know what he does 05/17/19
 Jeff in Southfield wants to apply for Keith Arnolds job, brings more Beaks fat smack 05/17/19
 Mark in Boston calls to roast Keith Arnold 05/17/19
 Gino in San Antonio only called because he thought Alvie was leaving the show 05/17/19
 Boatie in Pearland has been exploring alternative medicines, RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/17/19
 Mike in Indy wants to sell the opportunity to be his tandem partner in the Smackoff 05/17/19
 Keith Arnold in studio for his exit interview 05/17/19
 Jeff in SoCal won a Golden Ticket 05/17/19
 JR in Scottsdale on Brooks Koepka, all he does is wins majors 05/20/19
 Kevin Hart interview 05/20/19
 Trapper in Dana Point likes Mike in Indys schtick, talks Preakness, smacks Stucknut for the odds 05/20/19
 Parody Larry got run for Ike in Mindy smack 05/20/19
 John in Little Rock reworked his hit song Odom's on the Pipe 05/20/19
 Kyle in Green Bay wants to team up with Mike in Indy for the Smackoff 05/21/19
 Nevin in PDX calls as a Portland woman, gets run 05/21/19
 Keanon Lowe interview reaction, call from Gino in San Antonio 05/21/19
 Ben Mezrich in studio to talk about his new book Bitcoin Billionaires 05/22/19
 Bob in Calgary doesn't see a problem with Drake, they let SJP on the track at the derby 05/23/19
 Smackoff 25 Promo 05/23/19
 Kaleb in Green Bay gives an infomercial for the Smackoff watch party at Lorelei 05/23/19
 John in New York thought Leffs call during the Mazmarack interview was funny 05/23/19
 Conor in San Diego talks about the Roger Lodge podcast, Dan Wetzel article, got run for Private Winslow blast 05/24/19
 Matt in LA takes a run at Mike in Indy 05/24/19
 Rick in San Diego calls to talk about his love for the show, gets compared to Marty 05/24/19
 Cal in Vegas takes a run at the stuttering idiots Team Canada 05/24/19
 Matt in Vancouver responds to Cal about teaming up with DLC, got run for taint reference 05/24/19
 Tommy from NC email - My daughter won a French Open. Regards, Bill Belichick 05/28/19
 Smackoff 25 Profile - Brad in Corona 05/28/19
 Brad in Corona calls after his profile to smack Leff 05/28/19
 Leff in Laguna Beach responds to Brad in Corona, calls his wife a hog 05/28/19
 Jason in Harrisburg takes a run at Leff, gets run and taken off of the watchlist 05/29/19
 Wells in the 360 with details on a Portland Smackoff watch party 05/29/19
 Mark in Chicago gets blocked with a call about Kaleb and Mark in Hollywood 05/29/19
 Smackoff 25 Profile - Mark in Hollywood 05/29/19
 Rich Flores talks about the Smackoff party, Jason in Harrisburg, takes credit for past Smackoffs, claims to be Mr. October, wins a Golden Ticket 05/29/19
 Jeff in San Antonio claims to be Smackoff material, wants to offer a Baby Jordan email address as a prize 05/29/19
 Clones give Rich Flores credit for everything 05/30/19
 Miles in Greece wants to thank Rich Flores for making a volcano erupt so he can enjoy the view 05/30/19
 Andi in Rocklin wants Romes take on the NBA Finals 05/30/19
 Buddy in North Carolina tells a story about a foul ball that hit a woman at Wrigley, wants more nets 05/30/19
 Smackoff 25 Profile - Benny in Wisco - Followed by a call 05/30/19
 Lauren in Naples called from the yacht club, got run for 4 letter bomb 05/31/19
 Damon Amendolara goes all in on Matt in LA again, RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/31/19
 Gino in San Antonio discovered why Rome takes bad calls, not happy with Kawhi Leonard 05/31/19
 Mark in Boston takes a run at DA and Rich Flores 05/31/19
 Smackoff 25 Profile - Matt in Vancouver and Tyler in Edmonton 05/31/19
 Jeff in SoCal tries to solidify his spot in the Smackoff club 05/31/19
 Matt in LA responds to DA with more teeth smack 05/31/19
 Tyler in Edmonton responds to Gino about Kawhi Leonard 05/31/19
 Matt in Vancouver just broke up with Tyler in Edmonton 05/31/19
 Parody Larry got run for a Lauren in Naples song 05/31/19
 Mona in Knoxville responds to Lorenema, got run for saying BIC's package was so big that it has an elbow and that elbow belonged to Rich Flores, still won a Golden Ticket 05/31/19
 Liz in Falls City responds to Lauren the Lush and Marlboro Mona 05/31/19
 Fabian in LA wants Rome to interview the Dodgers bullpen for karma, might attend the CloneStock 05/31/19
 Sarah T. in Providence on Robert Kraft, updates soundbites with chord accent 05/31/19
 John in New York calls about the Matt in LA vs. Damon Amendolara beef 06/03/19
 Boxer Andy Ruiz Jr. beat Anthony Joshua for the Heavyweight title, Weighson Sherbert reset 06/03/19
 Derrick in Salem - Drake needs to respect the Warriors, Golden State in 5 06/03/19
 Smackoff 25 Profile - Rick in Buffalo 06/03/19
 Maury in Grand Rapids is taking Rick in Buffalo in the Smackoff 06/03/19
 Liz in Falls City calls as Ricks wife, gets run 06/03/19
 Dave in Lake Tahoe heard Rome talking about BitCoin so he called to talk about coin collecting, clones react 06/04/19
 James Holzhauer's win streak finally ended on Jeopardy 06/04/19
 Seattle Mariners made a Bad News Bears play 06/04/19
 Smackoff 25 Profile - Mike in Indy 06/04/19
 Deech in Oakland is hosting a Smackoff watch party at Fort Green, talked about last years event 06/05/19
 Mike in Indy has a couple of high profile clones interested in his offer, Rome warns Golden Ticket holders to call 06/05/19
 Smackoff 25 Profile - Leff in Laguna 06/05/19
 Clones respond to Pete Rose's story about Joe DiMaggio's hog 06/05/19
 Rex in ABQ got run for Santa Anita race park reference, said the injured Warriors should be put down 06/10/19
 Rich in Calgary said there are Jurassic parks all over Canada to watch the Raptors games, hockey kids are picking up basketballs 06/10/19
 Smackoff 25 Profile - Sean the Cablinasian 06/10/19
 Dan in Denver responds to the Cablinasians Smackoff profile 06/10/19
 Kay in Portland is excited to meet clones at the Smackoff watch party 06/10/19
 Boatie in Pearland with some Rich Ackerman personal appearance smack 06/10/19
 Rich Flores calls to defend his Golden Ticket, reads the menu at Hennessey's Tavern 06/11/19
 Smackoff 25 Profile - Vic in NoCal 06/11/19
 Reaction to Vic's profile sparks Nice Radio, calls from Matt in LA, Orion in Waterford, Andrew in Des Moine, and Mike in St. Louis 06/11/19
 James in Santa Maria says that he sold Tommy Armour III cocaine in 1984 06/11/19
 Steve Elkington 06/11/19
 OJ's Silver Anniversary - Adam Hawk used to work for the lady that interviewed OJ 06/12/19
 Smackoff 25 Profile - Mark in Boston 06/12/19
 Mona in Knoxville calls with a Rick in Buffalo impersonation 06/12/19
 Mark in Boston pays homage to OJ's Silver Anniversary 06/12/19
 Smackoff 25 Profile - Kaleb in Green Bay 06/13/19
 Manny in LA liked the John Lynch interview, excited for next season 06/13/19
 Mike in St. Louis - all the Blues fans are losing their minds, wanted Rome to ask him questions 06/13/19
 Lauren in Naples with one of the worst calls in the history of the show 06/14/19
 Vic in NoCal RSVP's to the Smackoff with a John Daly song, Suzyn Waldman smack, and alleges Brian Koppelman reverse engineers his calls 06/14/19
 Smackoff 25 Profile - Steve Carbone 06/14/19
 Silk Brah RSVP's to the Smackoff, thinks the event is rigged for J-Stew to win 06/14/19
 Jeff in SoCal gets choppered for a Kellen Winslow - Mona blast 06/14/19
 Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Gino, talks about the differences between Detroit and San Antonio 06/14/19
 Gino in San Antonio responds to Jeff in Southfield, gives props to Kawhi Leonard 06/14/19
 Jason Stewart RSVP's to the Smackoff, talks Blind Date and R. Kelly 06/14/19
 Chad in LA apologizes for his last Smackoff call, takes a run at Kaleb, Benny, DLC, and Brad 06/14/19
 Rex in ABQ doesn't like Joel Klatt and Fox's coverage of the US Open 06/17/19
 Whats that sound? Clones try to guess. Answer: Patrick Reed breaking his club 06/17/19
 Slash in Brentwood talks about the 25 year anniversary of the chase and Smackoff, gets run 06/17/19
 Beaks in Studio City answers the question 'who wants to walk with Jeff in Richmond?' 06/18/19
 Gino in San Antonio wants to offer the Golden Ticket callers help, takes a run at Jeff in Buffalo 06/18/19
 Mark in Barstow wants to buy a Walkman with AM radio but his phone doesn't work 06/18/19
 Reed in North Carolina is excited for the Smackoff, shouts out to J-Stew on GMFB 06/18/19
 Trapper in Dana Point is back in SoCal, RSVP's to the Smackoff, wants to get even with OJ 06/18/19
 Pooldoc calls to plug the Smackoff Wrap-up Show, Rome asks him questions about Stucknut 06/18/19
 Mike in Little Rock the Nooch is going to burn electric lettuce at his watch party, taking Mike in Indy in the Smackoff 06/19/19
 Justin in Melbourne is taking credit for Gino in SA calling the show again, thinks Gino will win the Smackoff 06/19/19
 Jeff in SoCal calls as Fake Mona in Knoxville, gets run 06/19/19
 Lenny Dykstra spent 9 hours dumpster diving outside a Jersey Mike's 06/19/19
 Mark in Chicago on Rick in Buffalo and Kaleb in Green Bay, got run for OJ reference 06/19/19
 Cal in Vegas screamed through a Lebron-esque take, got choppered 06/19/19
 John in Little Rock sings Sugar Ray's hit 'I Just Want to Smack' 06/19/19
 Parker in West Covina is getting a prison tattoo during his Smackoff party 06/19/19
 Matt in LA is planning to call the Smackoff with serious smack, just like Silk Brah 06/19/19
 Mark in Chicago with a Smackoff Eve poem 06/20/19
 Tyler in Edmonton takes on Hipster Matt in Van, Alvie has something up his sleeve 06/20/19
 Brad in Corona responds to Tyler in Edmonton, thanks Rich Flores, spoils Leffs call with a cameo of Parody Larry 06/20/19
 Geo in NoCal is going to the Oakland watch party with his electric lettuce 06/20/19
 Jason in Harrisburg is putting his money on the BIC 06/20/19
 Matt in Vancouver responds to the garbage from Tyler in Edmonton 06/20/19
 Cal in Vegas takes on the Canadian bros, gets run 06/20/19
 Benny in Wisco takes a run at the sponsors 06/20/19
 Mark in Boston is teasing that a 'show stopper' will join his Smackoff call 06/20/19
 Eric in Orlando is having a Smackoff listening party on a yacht 06/20/19
 Mike in Indy claims that somebody paid the $5001 to be his tandem partner 06/20/19
 Jeff in Southfield wants to go first in the Smackoff, calls out tandem callers 06/20/19
 Matt in LA claims that the IRS will be after Mike in Indy for not paying taxes on the $5001 06/20/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 01 - Damon Amendolara 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 02 - Jason in Fullerton 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 03 - Tyler in Edmonton 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 04 - Sean the Cablinasian 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 05 - Jeff in Southfield 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 06 - Vic in NoCal 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 07 - Rick in Buffalo 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 08 - Benny in Wisco 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 09 - Matt in Vancouver 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 10 - Steve Carbone 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 11 - Dan in Denver 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 12 - Mike in Indy 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 13 - Mark in Hollywood 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 14 - Kaleb in Green Bay 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 15 - Leff in Laguna 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Call 16 - Brad in Corona 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff - Top 10 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff Hour 1 - Damon Amendolara, Jason in Fullerton, Tyler in Edmonton, Sean the Cablinasian, Jeff in Southfield 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff Hour 2 - Vic in NoCal, Rick in Buffalo, Benny in Wisco, Matt in Vancouver, Steve Carbone, Dan in Denver 06/21/19
 2019 Smackoff Hour 3 - Mike in Indy, Mark in Hollywood, Kaleb in Green Bay, Leff in Laguna, Brad in Corona 06/21/19
 Sean the Cablinasian recaps his Smackoff call on his Houston show 610am 06/21/19
 Mark in Boston recaps the Smackoff, takes a run at Kaleb in Green Bay 06/24/19
 Romes recap of the Smackoff 06/24/19
 Hedstrom's email about his trip to Texas and how Steve in HTown is the greatest person he has ever met 06/24/19
 Gino in San Antonio understands why he was left on hold during the Smackoff 06/24/19
 Matt in LA responds to Damon Amendolara's Smackoff call 06/24/19
 John in New York with a take on the Mets, gives props to WoodScopes and Stucknut Radio 06/24/19
 Graham in New Jersey is fed up with the Mets 06/24/19
 Adam Hawk is limping, claims it's from a stair workout 06/25/19
 Parody Larry gets run for a Free Fallin parody 06/25/19
 Argell in Louisiana wants Drew Brees to get more respect, gets run 06/25/19
 Josh in Detroit wants the first Golden Ticket of the season, claims his smack hits so hard that it might blow car speakers 06/25/19
 Eric in LA is tired of hearing Matt call everyday representing Los Angeles 06/26/19
 Brad in Corona compares the Smackoff to a chili cook-off, pimps Cruz Pedregon's hot sauce 06/26/19
 Matt in LA respond to Eric in LA, Rome talks about selling Toshiba phones 06/26/19
 Curtis in Morro Bay tells a story about being rescued at Big Sur after sending a message in a a bottle 06/26/19
 Reset and reaction to Curtis in Morro Bay's call from day before 06/27/19
 Curtis in Morro Bay calls back to give more information about the rescue 06/27/19
 Chris in East Bay is a search and rescue guy calling BS on Curtis' story 06/27/19
 Mike in the Bay gets racked with takes on Mike in Indy whining after the Smackoff, Bay Area Weird, and Cody Bellinger 06/27/19
 Email reaction to Rome going on vacation, more Curtis in Morro Bay talk 06/28/19
 Jeff in Southfield on Wisconsin, Kaleb in Green Bay, and Brad in Corona 06/28/19
 Denlesks email about Rome's upcoming Wisconsin vacation 06/28/19
 Jason in Harrisburg recaps the Smackoff, wants Bob Krafts video to be called Jurassic Pork 06/28/19
 Raider Mike talks about Richie Incognito, Fabian at the watch party 06/28/19
 Johnny Scabs in Detroit has a take on the Smackoff reaction, takes a run at Jason in Harrisburg 06/28/19
 Josh in Detroit gets run while trying to get a Golden Ticket again, Rome says he's terrible 06/28/19
 JT the Brick - 1st time filling in for Rome, opening segment 07/04/19
 Rome checks in with Hawk, talk about vacation, birthday party, and marathon training 07/08/19
 JJ in KC calls to pitch the Jungle Open, clone golf outing in Omaha 07/09/19
 Matt in LA on Kawhi going to the Clippers 07/09/19
 Kurt in Michigan got run for self gloss, the Muscle Shark 07/09/19
 Jeff in SoCal is not a fan of the Jungle Open in Omaha 07/10/19
 Harvard fencing coach got fired - admission scandal 07/10/19
 Lee in Fairfax with a super duper call about women's soccer 07/11/19
 Rex in ABQ got run for referencing Brad in Corona's giblets 07/11/19
 LD in Indy doesn't understand Kawhi's decision, wants Melvin Gordon on the Colts 07/11/19
 Kaleb in Green Bay talks about a weight loss competition with Beaks, proceeds go to charity 07/11/19
 Mark in Chicago has a straight take on Wimbledon, gets run for not being kooky 07/15/19
 Jon in Huntington Beach ripped Eric in Falls Church's music bed - Loser 07/15/19
 Bobby in Cleveland doesn't think that the Browns will ever win 07/16/19
 Rome retroactively runs Bobby in Cleveland for self gloss, more self gloss calls from Denver John, Bob in Calgary, and Christian in Maine 07/16/19
 Steve Elkington interview 07/17/19
 Eric in Falls Church called to get his song Loser back 07/17/19
 Geoff in Lincoln calls with a Matt in LA parody, gets run 07/17/19
 Rex in ABQ gets run for greasy hot snake reference 07/18/19
 Josh in Detroit took Rory McElroy to win The Open, got run for singing the Golden Ticket song 07/18/19
 Matt in LA responds to Geoff in Lincoln, gives warning that he may call more 07/18/19
 Kyle in Green Bay called en route to the Jungle Open 07/19/19
 Fabian in LA wanted to set the record straight about the Smackoff 25 watch party 07/19/19
 Jungle Open Recap - Calls from Brian in Omaha and Jeff in Omaha 07/22/19
 Hawk recaps Elk's betting app results for The Open 07/22/19
 Dave in Berea won the inaugural Jungle Open 07/22/19
 JJ in KC talks about the Jungle Open, reminded him of a Tour Stop 07/22/19
 Kyle in Green Bay talks about his experience at the Jungle Open 07/22/19
 Walker in NoCal with comments on the death of boxer Maxim Dadashev 07/23/19
 Bob in Calgary wants Rome to interview SJP for the 100th podcast 07/23/19
 More 100th podcast guest suggestions from Susan in Sunset Beach, Kip in Denver, and Matt in LA 07/23/19
 Kathleen in Omaha wants the 100th podcast guest to be Sidney Crosby 07/23/19
 Rich Flores is offering his services to book Henry Winkler as the 100th podcast guest 07/23/19
 Brett from Bugaha with a Taco Tuesdayson Chewart email, resets J-Stew's iconic lines 07/23/19
 Tribute to Randall WFI in the OC, calls from Kyle Brandt, Rich Flores, Nooch, Liz in Falls City, and Silk Brah 07/24/19
 Tribute to Randall WFI in the OC, more email reaction and call from Mark in Hollywood 07/24/19
 Tribute to Randall WFI in the OC, emails and calls from Matt in LA and Randall's brother John in Lake Elsinore 07/24/19
 Bill in Harrisburg is stoked for the NBA season, loved the Randall tribute 07/25/19
 Johnny in Texas loves how the Jungles clones are family 07/25/19
 Justin in Melbourne tells a story about meeting Terry Bradshaw 07/25/19
 Randall added to the Deca Yeah 07/26/19
 Irie Craig announces that his book is done and on Amazon, reflects on Randall 07/26/19
 Eric in Orlando is looking for Jungle Karma because the fish aren't biting 07/26/19
 Fred in Moorpark thanks Rome for the Javiers recommendation 07/26/19
 Benny in Wisco calls as Charlie Ray in Jepson with a Call Me Maybe parody 07/26/19
 The Week That Was - with tributes to Randall 07/26/19
 Trapper in Dana Point talks about being with Randall at the Smackoff party, the clones are a family 07/26/19
 Ariel Helwani interview, asks for Golden Ticket and gets it 07/26/19
 JT the Brick talks about his start in the Jungle 07/29/19
 Eye of the Hawk 07/29/19
 Kyle Brandt Guest Hosting - Hour 1 08/05/19
 Kyle Brandt Guest Hosting - Hour 2 08/05/19
 Kyle Brandt Guest Hosting - Hour 3 08/05/19
 Josh in Detroit congratulates Rome on getting into the Hall of Fame, takes the credit 08/12/19
 Rome talks about his induction to the Radio Hall of Fame 08/12/19
 Marty in NoCal is excited for his buddy getting the Hall of Fame induction 08/12/19
 Jason in Santa Cruz has a suggestion for Rome's MacBook 08/12/19
 Matt in LA calls to congratulate Rome on getting into the Radio Hall of Fame 08/13/19
 Kasey in Pensacola gets run for a Kardashian peter-cillin porcupine blast 08/13/19
 Rick in Buffalo smacks Matt in Vancouver and Mark in Hollywood, announces that he is going to SoCal for a week 08/14/19
 Matt in Vancouver responds to Rick in Buffalo, he's been icing up since the Smackoff 08/14/19
 Jason in Harrisburg foreshadows Rick in Buffalo's SoCal trip 08/15/19
 James in ABQ is celebrating 25 years of the Sports Animal 08/15/19
 Geoff in Lincoln gets run for a Nose Dusters parody 08/15/19
 Self Gloss Segment - Hooters Sharpshooter, Lumberjack, Chicken Man, Bird Feeder, Kraftville, O'Reillys in Hollywood, Marky the Gooch, Andy the Dandy from Clevelandy, Canadian Beaver Savior, Big Papa, Helmet Scuffer 08/16/19
 Raider Mike on his team and Hard Knocks 08/16/19
 Jeff in SoCal is looking forward to Rick in Buffalo's visit 08/19/19
 Hawk talks about Tinder for Tennis 08/19/19
 Christian in Maine gets run for dildo reference (allegedly) 08/19/19
 ARod on eSports: This is the first generation of kids that will not outlive their parents. 08/20/19
 Fake Silk wants to introduce Rome at the Hall of Fame 08/21/19
 Rex in ABQ's take on the Popeyes chicken sandwich with spicy mayo 08/22/19
 Orion in Waterford is a huge Rammstein fan, but Du Hast is unoriginable 08/22/19
 Jason in Harrisburg got run for comparing Bob Kraft video to Jurassic Pork 08/22/19
 Silk Brah talks about meeting Rick in Buffalo and their plans for the weekend 08/22/19
 Kaleb in Green Bay on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers taking their act to Canada 08/22/19
 Gas station sex pills 08/22/19
 Steve Elkington interview 08/22/19
 Angel in Virginia Beach is hormonal as hell, likes Rammstein and hates Nickelback 08/23/19
 Matt in LA welcomes Rick to the west coast, Canada is an inferior sports nation 08/23/19
 Rick in Buffalo talks about his SoCal trip so far, pimps the get-together at Kit's 08/23/19
 Josh in Detroit takes a run at Rick's height and socks, claims to be Americas Caller 08/23/19
 Trapper in Dana Point talked to Rick, everyone is pumped for the event at Kits, the Jungle is family 08/23/19
 Silk Brah lays out Rick's itinerary, Rome resets Rachel's errrr, Rome talks about his relative Corey 08/23/19
 Kirk in Omaha talking Nebraska and Scott Frost 08/23/19
 Rex in ABQ got run for Leff circumcision smack 08/27/19
 Dom in Saskatchewan blames Ryan Grigson for Andrew Lucks retirement 08/27/19
 Tobin in Chapel Hill congratulates Rome on HOF, straight take on Andrew Luck 08/27/19
 Caleb Cox in Indy, Cruz Pedregon's crew member and longtime Colts season ticket holder with thoughts on Andrew Lucks retirement 08/27/19
 Lauren in Naples is a Barry Sanders fan, got run for her cheek hitting the dialpad multiple times 08/27/19
 Parody Larry gets run for a Rick in Buffalo Google Dolls song 08/27/19
 Hawk recaps Rick in Buffalo's appearance at Kit's 08/27/19
 Derek in Wisconsin offers to help Jake move 08/27/19
 Kim in Texas is a physical therapist, understands Andrew Lucks decision 08/27/19
 Matt in LA recaps Ricks SoCal trip, has a take on Andrew Luck 08/28/19
 Silk Brah recaps Rick in Buffalo's SoCal trip and pool party with Cousin Cory 08/28/19
 Eric in Napa is Hawks running guru, talks about old school Jungle event, keep an eye on Sam Ehlinger 08/28/19
 Terry in Indy doesn't know how Andrew Luck strained his calf since he played in the Pro Bowl and danced on commercials during the off-season 08/28/19
 Brad in Dana Point thinks Rick was calm from all the running he did, got his anger out 08/28/19
 Steven Seagal in Russia reacts to the podcast with James Wilks and plant based diets 08/29/19
 David in Milwaukee listened to Rome while in prison, dropped some old school Jungle knowledge 09/03/19
 Kyle in Arkansas talks about Georgia State over Tennessee 09/03/19
 Drizzle in Wichita says Zeke is going to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl 09/04/19
 Trapper in Dana Point welcomed David in Wisconsin to the Jungle... or did he? 09/04/19
 Rob in Oakland tries to be the 3rd straight racked call, fails 09/04/19
 Tony in South Carolina - Trapper is just another lawyer with a drug problem that wants to be a judge 09/04/19
 David in Milwaukee responds to Trapper, wants to set the record straight 09/05/19
 John in New York wants to go to Jim Rome's HOF induction 09/05/19
 Joe in Minneapolis with thoughts on Kaleb, Conor McGregor, and Andrew Luck 09/05/19
 Drizzle in Wichita address the self gloss, talks Cowboys and Raiders 09/06/19
 Matt in LA - I have no idea what he was talking about 09/06/19
 Spencer in SLC hasn't listened is a while, fears Antonio Brown landing on the Redskins 09/06/19
 Paul in Rhode Island is not enthusiastic about the Antonio Brown signing 09/09/19
 Exploding pineapple factory email 09/09/19
 Trey in Pittsburgh is a Steelers fan but knew the team would be bad this season 09/09/19
 Rex in ABQ gets run for Rafael Nadal butthole reference 09/09/19
 JW in Boise has an issue with Antonio Brown calling Mayock a cracker 09/09/19
 Drizzle in Wichita with a rant about the Denver Donkeys, wins Golden Ticket 09/10/19
 Matt in LA calls out Fizzle in Omaha for being a Cowboys fan and jumping on the Chiefs bandwagon 09/10/19
 JT in Southfield - KD is not good with the media because he speaks his mind 09/11/19
 Susan in Sunset Beach loved the interviews with Carson and Jordan Palmer, wants the 100th podcast guest to be John Daly 09/11/19
 Dan in San Diego questions how Tom Brady could let Antonio Brown stay in his house 09/12/19
 Jeff in Miami is a newly retired, bought a new car with SiriusXM and found the show for the first time in 13 years 09/12/19
 ABC News picked up the rescue story on Curtis in Morro Bay 09/13/19
 Raider Mike recaps the Chiefs Raiders game, gives Mahomes props 09/16/19
 Hawk injured his back playing tennis 09/17/19
 Mark in Michigan is a Vikings fan but Cousins will never lead them to a championship, run for Greg Louganis blast 09/17/19
 Eli in Santa Rosa recommends a book that will help Hawks back 09/17/19
 Packer Benny in Green Bay parodies Raider Mike, arfff andyouknow 09/17/19
 Mike in NoCal brags about the Browns victory over the Jets 09/17/19
 Mike in Buffalo gets blocked for Beaks and bum smack 09/18/19
 Joe in Acton with a take about Jalen Ramsey 09/18/19
 Jason in Harrisburg talks about plant based diets, big meat, call James Wilks a dumbass 09/18/19
 Greg in Tahoe is tired of primadonna athletes demanding trades when they lose 09/18/19
 Denlesks tweet - Adelephant loves her plant based diet 09/18/19
 Kyle in Green Bay is pimping the next Packers CloneStock 09/18/19
 Rick in Seattle almost wins a Golden Ticket with a 'dad joke' 09/18/19
 Matt in LA wants Jerry Jones to use his money on players instead of plastic surgery 09/19/19
 Mark in Hollywood on Wisconsin/Michigan, Gardner Minshew, and the Patriots 09/20/19
 Jeff in Southfield calls with a John in New York impersonation 09/20/19
 Steve in Malibu really liked Jeff in Southfields call 09/20/19
 Trent in Florida gets a quick hammer from Alvie for not getting to his take 09/20/19
 John in New York shows more love for Rome, responds to Jeff in Southfield 09/20/19
 Houston Astros ace Justin Verlander 09/20/19
 An adult company wants Gardner Minshew to endorse special puppets 09/20/19
 Drizzle in Wichita takes a run at Matt in LA, brags about getting more YouTube views 09/23/19
 Jeff in SoCal is a Dolphins fan that trusts their process, gets run for Beaks smack 09/23/19
 Rick in Buffalo is fired up about the Bills starting 3-0 09/23/19
 Matt in Vancouver compares Rick in Buffalo to a mall cop, says Drizzle is a stupid name 09/23/19
 Matt in LA responds to Fizzle, smacks the Cowboys and honks the Raiders 09/23/19
 Rich in Copyright Hills is picking the Bills over the Patriots, gets run for singing 09/24/19
 Spencer in SLC is trying to elevate his city to Mediocre Take Lake, talks Raiders, gets run for going to long 09/24/19
 Dan in Madison says its a great time to be a sports fan in Wisconsin 09/25/19
 Derek in North Carolina claims he will put the clones on notice, wants more hockey talk, gets run 09/25/19
 Jerry Jones says Ezekiel Elliott spanks himself in pregame Cowboys antics 09/25/19
 Johnny Scabs in Detroit takes a run at Good Brother Karl Anderson 09/25/19
 Jared in Florida talks about the rollercoaster of emotions of being an outside salesman 09/25/19
 Josh in Detroit smacks on Michigan, brags about going yard then gets run 09/25/19
 Kyle in Green Bay checks in from the Packers tailgate and CloneStock, he got bread 09/26/19
 Ryan in South Dakota says Kyle in Green Bay is making all Wisconsin fans look stupid 09/26/19
 Jason in Harrisburg on old Trapper beef jerky, smacks fat Canadian chicks 09/26/19
 Holly in Buffalo feels pretty good about the Bills Patriots game, Pats haven't seen a defense like the Bills yet 09/26/19
 Kyle in Green Bay recaps the CloneStock, wants to be glossed 'Bread Man' 09/27/19
 Jeff in Tampa wants to gloss Kyle in Green Bay 'Yeast Infection' 09/27/19
 Matt in LA thinks the Dodgers are finally going to win the World Series 09/27/19
 Jay in Houston wants to gloss Kyle in Green Bay 'Banana Nut Up in the Tailpipe Man' 09/27/19
 Jerry in Green Bay wants to gloss Kyle in Green Bay 'The Pinched Loaf' 09/27/19
 Matt in Anchorage wants to gloss Kyle in Green Bay 'Skid Mark' 09/27/19
 Rick in Buffalo previews the Bills and Patriots game, compares Tom Brady to Gary Hogeboom 09/27/19
 Jake in Wisconsin says Matt in LA looks like a stinky Uber driver, got run for a manual rim shot 09/27/19
 Referee injured by cannon at Maine Maritime Academy football game 09/27/19
 Corey in Ohio wanted to talk about overrated Dak Prescott but Alvie dropped the hammer 09/30/19
 Josh in Detroit wants to talk about going to the Chiefs Lions game, gets run 09/30/19
 Lawrence in Michigan says Jim Harbaugh reeks of failure 10/01/19
 Jeff from Richmond 10/01/19
 Terry in Detroit has been listening since the early 90's, thinks Jeff in Richmond is hilarious 10/01/19
 Matt in LA responds to Jeff in Richmond with fat smack 10/01/19
 Jack in Arizona talks about Wisconsin being a great party school 10/02/19
 Lawrence in Michigan wants to point his sword at East Lansing, gets run 10/02/19
 Nick in Modesto says the wildcard game should be a series 10/03/19
 Jerome in Houston says the Astros are full of killers, they're on a collision course with the Dodgers 10/03/19
 Alex in Key West with a story about an exploding toilet, run for an Imodium report 10/03/19
 Frank in Brooklyn is Mets fan, Calloway was responsible for at least 5 losses 10/03/19
 Lawrence in Michigan wanted to let Rome know that Yandy Diaz killed it for the Rays, gets run 10/03/19
 Fake Silk with advice on how Hawk can lose weight 10/04/19
 Matt in LA is a proud member of plumber nation, takes a run at Belichick 10/04/19
 WWE Good Brothers Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in studio, responds to callers and emailers 10/04/19
 Karl Andersons mother checks in again after the interview 10/04/19
 Silk Brah bragging about being at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar Hotel 10/07/19
 Dan in San Diego is an old school listener. says Rome is the soundtrack to his adulthood 10/07/19
 Susan in Sunset Beach works at a restaurant and made Jim a drink but didn't get to deliver it to him 10/07/19
 Matt in LA says the Dodgers have awakened and have Jungle karma, wins huge call 10/07/19
 Kevin in Los Angeles is a Falcons fan, says Dan Quinn sucks 10/08/19
 Mike in Clearwater is going to the Astros Rays game tonight 10/08/19
 Sam in DC says things are never going to change with the Redskins as long as Dan Snyder owns them 10/08/19
 Benny in Ventura just wanted to call and congratulate Rome on the HOF 10/08/19
 Jungle Karma defined by Urban Dictionary 10/09/19
 Jacques in Quebec calls to talk about his Rays 10/09/19
 Jeff in Southfield responds to a Kyle in Green Bay tweet, questions his marketing strategy 10/09/19
 Dan in San Diego asks an ATP, best call ever, resets Terence in Sierra Madre 10/09/19
 Reaction to Dodgers losing in NLDS, emails, calls from Alan in San Diego, Mark in San Diego, and Damon in Santa Maria 10/10/19
 Iafrate compares Dave Roberts to Marty Schottenheimer 10/10/19
 Matt in Vancouver jumps in on the Jeff in Southfield and Kyle in Green Bay beef 10/10/19
 Matt in LA congratulates Washington, takes a run at Clayton Kerosene Kershaw 10/10/19
 Raider Mike with a Dodgers take, lives and dies by the homerun 10/10/19
 Rex in ABQ responds to the Brooks Koepka interview, run for 'Rory McIlroy rushing to the portajohn to build a log cabin' blast 10/11/19
 Geoff in Lincoln calls with Eddie Money Shakin parody for Gerrit Ritt 10/14/19
 Eric 'Hawks running guru' reads a list of marathon times, Hawk gives an update on his recent half marathon 10/14/19
 Matt in Wisconsin - the refs make it were he doesn't want to watch football anymore, can't put the toothpaste back in the tube 10/15/19
 Alvie produces Geoff in Lincolns song about Ritt 10/15/19
 Scott in Michigan is tired of the Lions getting bad calls against the Packers, flamed out but Rome racked him anyways 10/15/19
 Jerome in Houston lost his train of thought after Scotts call, Washington Nationals scare him 10/15/19
 Rick in Buffalo takes an angry run at Hawk's half marathon and Kaleb vs Beaks weight loss contest 10/16/19
 Kasey in Pensacola gets run for a rubba donga reference 10/16/19
 Matt in LA talks about the history of the Nationals / Expos 10/16/19
 Kaleb in Green Bay responds to Rick in Buffalo, gives an update on the weight loss contest 10/17/19
 Parody Larry gets run for a late birthday song for Rome 10/17/19
 Spencer in SLC thanks Rome for the Utah Utes karma 10/17/19
 Tony in Houston wants Romes take on the Astros chances 10/21/19
 Darryl in Lincoln in a Broncos fan, Elway needs to find a different quarterback 10/21/19
 Derrick in Green Bay says everyone is pumped for the new era of the Packers 10/21/19
 What's Your Beef? #1 - Calls from Scotty in New York, Trip in Richmond, David in Green Bay, and Steve in Kentucky 10/22/19
 Jeff in Southfield on Irie Craig, spends his royalty money at 7-11, aspires to work at Guitar Center 10/22/19
 Jason in Harrisburg takes a run at Jeff in Southfield, self-publishing smack 10/23/19
 Jerome in Houston is still afraid of the Washington Nationals 10/23/19
 Reggie in Ontario wanted to let Rome know that he was calling from Canada, got run 10/23/19
 Nate in Sacramento got run for saying 'whats going on?' 10/23/19
 Rex in ABQ parodies Reggie in Ontario, gets run 10/23/19
 Geoff in Lincoln gets Boaties The Mole Face Rock reset for National Mole Day 10/23/19
 What's Your Beef? #2 - Calls from Dan in C-Town and Kathleen in Omaha 10/24/19
 Brian in Charlotte resetting Fake John in New York 10/25/19
 Matt in LA comparing Juan Soto to Andruw Jones and Miguel Cabrera, Expos in 5, wins huge call 10/25/19
 Mark in Chicago went to Wisconsin and it smelled like b.o., sheep, and cow manure 10/25/19
 Vinny in Tennessee wonders why Kershaw gets blasted for postseason stats but not Verlander 10/25/19
 What's Your Beef? #3 - Call from Anthony in Tennessee 10/29/19
 Matt in LA doesn't like the World Series umpires 10/30/19
 Brad in Corona smacks Matt in LA, Beaks and Kaleb weight loss challenge, gets run 10/30/19
 Josh in Detroit compares himself to Verlander, begs for a Golden Ticket, gets run 10/30/19
 Matt in LA responds to Brad in Corona 10/31/19
 What's Your Beef? #4 - Call from KC in LA 10/31/19
 Brad in Corona finishes off Matt in LA 10/31/19
 Alvie's Spooky Mix Volume 9 10/31/19
 Ron in Oakland is on cloud 9 because he watched the best looking quarterback last night and now he's watching the best looking sports talk host 11/01/19
 Lane in South Carolina doesn't like how the Redskins handle their players 11/01/19
 Eric in Orlando is going to hang out by the yachts at the boat show with his Boston posse and some chicks 11/01/19
 Matt in LA says Brad in Corona is jealous of him, gets run, didn't take Romes advice about staying down 11/01/19
 Raider Mike went to Houston for Raiders/Texans, really liked Deshaun Watsons game 11/04/19
 Scotty in NY doesn't believe Deshaun Watson ate Popeyes chicken sandwiches 11/04/19
 Jeff in Southfield calls as Trapper in Dana Point 11/05/19
 What's Your Beef? #5 - Calls from Justin in Melbourne, Jeff in SoCal, and Dennis 11/05/19
 Johnny in Texas loved the Jon Dorenbos interview, makes a public apology for a Tweet 11/06/19
 Rex in ABQ has a beef with gym locker rooms, gets run for 'crossing swords' reference 11/06/19
 Liz in Falls City says the clones are a dysfunctional family, has advice for HOF speech 11/07/19
 What's Your Beef? #6 - Calls from Diego in San Francisco and Eric in Orlando 11/07/19
 Alvie slowed down Matt Nagy's pennis and Cracker Jack's line 11/07/19
 Damon Amendolara plays old Hackoff calls for Romes Hall of Fame induction 11/08/19
 Parody Larry gives Rome a Hall of Fame introduction 11/08/19
 Matt in Tucson got dumped for doing 'Epstein stuff' 11/11/19
 Rome recaps his Hall of Fame induction ceremony 11/11/19
 Hawk recaps his trip to New York for Rome's Hall of Fame induction 11/11/19
 What's Your Beef? #7 - Call from Fake Scotty in NY 11/12/19
 Reggie in Ontario tries to redeem himself but fails 11/13/19
 Clippers and Rockets are a great NBA rivalry, Austin Rivers wanted his dad to get a technical foul 11/14/19
 Adam in Indiana loved the interview with IU Coach Tom Allen, drops the 'brother' soundbite on his sons 11/14/19
 Cruz Pedregon in studio, talks Raiders, NHRA Finals, Smackoff, and Brad in Corona 11/14/19
 Josh in Detroit takes a run at John in NY for his HOF appearance 11/14/19
 Wayne in NYC enjoyed Hawks stories about being in the city 11/14/19
 Jeff in Cleveland is a lifelong Browns fan, they're the most undisciplined team in all sports 11/15/19
 Mark in Hollywood takes credit for Rome's HOF, doesn't like the reverse karma for PSU, sneaks in a Diggler reference 11/15/19
 Jim in Youngstown thinks Mason Rudolph should get all the blame in the Myles Garrett fight 11/15/19
 What's Your Beef? #8 - Calls from Jason in Harrisburg, Johnny in Texas, and Kathleen in Omaha 11/15/19
 Matt in LA thanks Rome for changing sports radio, announces a mini-CloneStock 11/18/19
 What's Your Beef? #9 - Call from Steve in Las Vegas 11/19/19
 John in Wisconsin hyperventilates through a Dallas Cowboys take 11/19/19
 Carmelo emails, Geoff in Lincoln with Matt B - SJP rusty spurs 11/20/19
 Ritt is drinking hot chocolate 11/20/19
 Larry in Pittsburgh tells a story about a lady that skied down a slope with her pants down 11/20/19
 Parody Larry sings New York New York for John, gets run 11/20/19
 Joe in Gardena is an old man with poor credit, talks Kawhi and Clippers 11/21/19
 What's Your Beef? #10 - Calls from Maury in Grand Rapids, Justin in San Diego, and Robert in NC 11/21/19
 Christian in Maine gets run for a take about the Cowboys and Patriots owners 11/21/19
 Denlesks email - Clone Thanksgiving Potluck 11/22/19
 John in New York calls to recap his experience at the Hall of Fame induction 11/22/19
 Trapper in Dana Point talks beef jerkey, sticks up for Jersey, congratulates Rome on HOF 11/22/19
 Whats that sound? Clones try to guess. Answer: Elon Musk fails at smashing a window 11/22/19
 Rick in Buffalo with takes on John in NY periscoping the HOF and personal space, Matt in Vancouver, Rome and Hawk chat about HOF 11/25/19
 Cliff in Wisconsin - Frank Gore is a warrior 11/25/19
 Mike in Peoria says the Ravens are so good that they will make the 49ers look like scrubs, Bills are a win away from playoffs 11/26/19
 What's Your Beef? #11 - Call from Dennis in Las Vegas 11/26/19
 Denlesks email - Happy Thanksgiving Eve 11/27/19
 Matt in LA starts his call with a Tina Yothers reference, gets worse from there 11/27/19
 John in Little Rock gets run with a Bang Your Head parody 11/27/19
 Adam Hawk inducts Steve in HTown / Stucknut into the Jungle Hall of Fame 11/29/19
 Rex in ABQ gets run for Steve Belichick extra chromosome smack 12/02/19
 Danika in Jacksonville wants Minshew because he better represents the sinners of Duval, they drink beer, slam fireballs, and like to bump uglies - Wins Golden Ticket 12/03/19
 What's Your Beef? #12 - Carson Daly, Steve Belichick - Call from Dave in KC 12/03/19
 Clone Generated Segment - @Wells_InThe_360 asks 'Whats a sound drop from the Jim Rome show that can also be said during sex?' 12/04/19
 Reaction to Well's segment, call from Parody Larry 12/04/19
 Scotty in San Francisco is a Cowboys fan, team is pathetic, wants to get rid of Pee Wee Herman 12/05/19
 Greg in Mountain View calls about USC, Clay Helton can't recruit 12/05/19
 Steve Belichick sounds just like his old man 12/06/19
 Drew in Buffalo says the Bills will shut down the Ravens 12/06/19
 Silk Brah doesn't agree with Yogi Roth's assessment of Clay Helton 12/06/19
 Ben in Little Rock corrected Rome when he was announced as Dan, got run 12/06/19
 Rick in Buffalo checks in before the Bills vs Ravens game, Bills are on the doorstep of something big 12/06/19
 Mark in San Francisco is proud of the 49ers and fans, thinks they'll win the Super Bowl 12/09/19
 Jerome in Houston says the Texans loss was devastating and amusing, run for singing 12/09/19
 Dan in Buffalo got run for asking Rome 'is this Jim?' 12/09/19
 Wells in the 360 responds to Rick in Buffalos 'gender reveal' smack 12/09/19
 Randy in Bako is an old school listener, hyped about the niners 12/09/19
 Emails from Salty Sarah T and Denlesks about the Patriots new scandal 12/10/19
 What's Your Beef? #13 - Call from Perry in Texas 12/10/19
 Matt in LA goes all in on Belicheat, Rome didn't mean to take his call 12/11/19
 Rex in ABQ responds to the 2 Gloves story, white pants at the Presidents Cup are so tight that you can see the silhouette of Tigers crank 12/12/19
 Lionel Richie admits that Stevie Wonder can see 12/13/19
 Silk Brah with a take on Anthony Rendon signing with the Angels, city of LA is a disaster, puts Hawk on blast 12/13/19
 Andre in Detroit follows the Lions and Raiders, rattles off old school players 12/16/19
 Rick in Buffalo is flying high after the Bills clinched a playoff birth, he's going to buy tickets to Miami 12/16/19
 Calls from Cliff in Wisconsin, Tracee in Phoenix, Rich in Copyright Hills, and Matt in Vancouver 12/16/19
 Nick in Iowa calls about Drew Brees and Michael Thomas 12/17/19
 What's Your Beef? #14 - Calls from Cliff in Wisco, Christian in Maine, Joe in Michigan, and Josh in LA 12/17/19
 Matt in LA is embarrassed by the Raiders, gets run 12/17/19
 Susan in the Bay Area reads an article from the local paper 12/17/19
 Gerrit in Toledo hates cats but wants a serval after hearing the take on Ezekiel Elliots dad 12/18/19
 Walker in NoCal is an old school fan, loves all of Romes content 12/18/19
 Parody Larry gets run for his annual Christmas song 12/18/19
 Jeff from Richmond and email reaction 12/19/19
 Raider Mike is pumped about the future of his team and the new stadium 12/19/19
 Year in Review preview, Jeff in Southfield and Jason in Harrisburg 12/19/19
 Vic in NoCal on Rick in Buffalo, Matt in LA, Buffalo Bills, and the University at Buffalo Buffalos 12/19/19
 Beaks in Studio City reminisces on 2019, dedicates call to Randall 12/19/19
 Dr. Dave in Chicago Christmas song 12/19/19
 Eric in Orlando talks about a trip he recently took on a yacht 12/19/19
 Dan in Buffalo responds to Vic in NoCal, claims that the Bills will beat the Patriots and win the division 12/19/19
 Fabian in LA has a beef with spam calls 12/19/19
 Jeff in SoCal tells the story of Fabian getting drunk outside the Smackoff party, suggests cheddar cologne for Jake to attract women in Wisco 12/19/19
 John in Little Rock with a Smackoff Fever song, gets run 12/19/19
 Cliff in Wisco with a take on the Raiders 12/19/19
 Tom in Boston gets dumped for a call about the Patriots and Aaron Rodgers 12/19/19
 2019 Year in Review - Hour 1 12/20/19
 2019 Year in Review - Hour 2 12/20/19
 2019 Year in Review - Hour 3 12/20/19

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