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Clemson basketball guard Brevin Galloway claimed his 'balls and nut sack exploded', reaction call from Rex in ABQ 01/27/23
JD in Philly says the Eagles will stomp the 49ers 27-16 01/27/23
Leff in Laguna submits 10 Tweets about Jay Leno's motorcycle accident 01/27/23
What's Your Beef? #127 - Calls from Tom in Grand Rapids, Travis in San Francisco, Dickie in Iowa, John in Seattle, Cody in NoCal, Kathleen in Omaha, Jeff in Pittsburgh, Tim in SLC, Matt in Alaska, Travis in Missouri, Ed in Washington 01/26/23
Pat in SLO wants the Cowboy fans know that they can pick a new team 01/24/23
Dave in Orchard Park confirms that it really was Damar Hamlin at the game 01/24/23
Gino in SA called his shot about the Cowboys, Dak is horrible, takes a run at San Francisco 01/23/23
Email from Joel H. prompts a Joel vs Joe segment 01/23/23
Jake (Jason) in Vegas gets run for correcting the host, calls back because he didn't know the rules, gets racked 01/23/23
NFL Divisional Round calls from Dave in Tucson, Steve in Omaha, Hawk in Clearwater, and Phil in Rochester 01/23/23
Mark in Hollywood hypes the Eagles, takes a run at New York 01/20/23
Opening segment reaction turns into death smack 01/20/23
What's Your Beef? #126 - Calls from Conner in Mackinac, Tom in Grand Rapids, Ryan in Sactown, Ben in Driftwood, Phil in South Carolina, Zack in Stockton, Bobby in the Bay, Tom in Portland, Tony in Arkansas 01/19/23
Peter in Point Loma wanted to set the record straight about Badger Mafia, clones wanted Alvie to run him for correcting the host 01/19/23
V in the Fee is going to another bachelor party, invites most of the XR4Ti to Puerto Vallarta, going to look for Romes iPad, gets run then racked 01/18/23
Doug in Milwaukee resets his own call from 2009, a Jeff in Richmond impersonation 01/18/23
John in Little Rock with a horrible John in NY impersonation 01/18/23
Drizzle in Wichita responds to John in NY, clones score the matchup 01/18/23
Matt in LA with old school Charger smack 01/17/23
Robert in Bay Area says Tom Brady is a 3-time loser, thinks he’ll go to the Raiders 01/17/23
Stewart in South Carolina is a 49ers fan, not worried about the Cowboys 01/17/23
Dennis in Mass claims to be king of NY Giants football, the future is bright, clones get onto Alvie for not running him 01/16/23
Rick in Buffalo with Vic in NoCal mom smack, talks about the Bills game 01/16/23
Danika in Jacksonville says the tenderoni’s look for her now, never gave up on Trevor Lawrence 01/16/23
Halftime show featuring Ashlee Simpson, Fergie, Yoko, Carl Lewis, and Roseanne Barr 01/13/23
John in NY gets run for pretending to be Drizzle in Wichita 01/12/23
What's Your Beef? #125 - Calls from Bobby in North Carolina, David in El Paso, Ed in San Antonio, Kathleen in Omaha, Joe in Orlando, Greg in Madison, Terry in Lubbock, Dave in Lake Havasu, Richie in Lafayette, Brett in Cincinatti, Anthony in East Tennessee, Ben in Driftwoods, Steve in Michigan, Carl in Indy, Ryan in Sactown, Tim in SLC, Matt in Alaska, Ken in Lindon, MJ in Knoxville, Jim in Winston-Salam, Sean in Cincinatti, Andrew in Denver 01/12/23
James in Portland reenacts the Bill in Syracuse call 01/11/23
KC in LA on the TCU Georgia championship game 01/11/23
Paul in Buffalo's dog on the Georgia championship 01/10/23

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