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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff Wrap-Up
Gino in San Antonio, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco, Kaleb in Green Bay
Rick in Buffalo, Dan in Denver, Boatie in Pearland, and more!

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2009 Smackoff Segment 07 - Brad in Corona, Mike in Indy 05/08/09
2009 Smackoff Segment 12 - Top 10 announced - Brad in Corona wins 05/08/09
2010 Smackoff Segment 11 - Brad in Corona 04/23/10
2011 Smackoff - Brad in Corona 04/08/11
2011 Smackoff Segment 10 - Brad in Corona, Mike in Indy 04/08/11
2011 Smackoff Segment 12 - Top 10 announced - Brad in Corona wins 04/08/11
2012 Smackoff Segment 11 - Brad in Corona, Israel in LA 05/18/12
2013 Smackoff Segment 13 - Brad in Corona 06/14/13
2014 Smackoff Segment 5 - Brad in Corona 06/27/14
2015 Smackoff - Call 01 - Brad in Corona 06/26/15
2016 Smackoff - Call 13 - Brad in Corona 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff Game - Part 2 and Brad in Corona's RSVP 06/28/16
2017 Smackoff - Call 01 - Brad in Corona 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff Hour 1 - Brad in Corona, Vic in NoCal, Trapper in Dana Point, Benny in Wisco 07/28/17
2018 Smackoff - Call 16 - Brad in Corona 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff Hour 3 - Brad in Corona, Mark in Hollywood, Chael Sonnen, Mike in Indy 07/20/18
2019 Smackoff - Call 16 - Brad in Corona 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff Hour 3 - Mike in Indy, Mark in Hollywood, Kaleb in Green Bay, Leff in Laguna, Brad in Corona 06/21/19
Boatie in Pearland thinks Brad in Corona has plenty of time to fix his Smackoff scheduling conflict 07/05/17
Boatie in Pearland Tweet - SUCK IT, COWBOYS FANS - Rome reset's Brad in Corona's 2009 Smackoff winning call 05/28/14
Brad in Corona 02/02/09
Brad in Corona 04/30/09
Brad in Corona and Reaction 06/19/09
Brad in Corona Blasts The Boatie in Pearland Radio Show 04/15/10
Brad in Corona calls after his profile to smack Leff 05/28/19
Brad in Corona calls at the end of the show to respond to Mark in Hollywood 01/04/16
Brad in Corona calls to smack on Kaleb and Vic 06/24/15
Brad in Corona compares the Smackoff to a chili cook-off, pimps Cruz Pedregon's hot sauce 06/26/19
Brad in Corona cracks on several characters in the Jungle 09/24/14
Brad in Corona Gets Run 04/03/09
Brad in Corona got run for a Robert Kraft wang joke 02/26/19
Brad in Corona is trying to resolve a schedule conflict for Smackoff, takes a run at Leff's ears 06/30/17
Brad in Corona lets Grant Napear know that his wife is out of his league 10/17/18
Brad in Corona officially RSVP's to the Smackoff, has a message for Chad in LA 07/20/17
Brad in Corona Post Smackoff Interview 05/11/09
Brad in Corona reset 01/12/09
Brad in Corona responds to Mark in Hollywood and Smackoff Announcement 05/22/14
Brad in Corona responds to Matt in Vancouver, Stucknut odds, Tyler in Edmonton, Hawks tats, Jeff in Richmond, and RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/08/18
Brad in Corona responds to Tyler in Edmonton, got run for turtleneck schmeg reference 03/29/19
Brad in Corona responds to Tyler in Edmonton, thanks Rich Flores, spoils Leffs call with a cameo of Parody Larry 06/20/19
Brad in Corona responds to Vic 03/10/11
Brad in Corona rips the Guns-N-Roses tickets from Mike in Indy 04/08/16
Brad in Corona roasts guest host Brian Webber 11/02/18
Brad in Corona RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/15/12
Brad in Corona RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/11/13
Brad in Corona RSVP's to the Smackoff, smacks Chad in LA, Mike in Indy, Kaleb, and Team Canada 07/13/18
Brad in Corona smacks Adam Hawk for his 2nd anniversary on the show 10/03/18
Brad in Corona takes out Jay Mohr and Israel in LA 12/09/11
Brad in Corona talks Hawk, circumcisions, and Keiths bitchtits 01/24/19
Brad in Corona uncircumsized Euros 06/17/08
Brad in Corona wins Huge Call, takes a run at Ackerman and Leff 01/04/18
Chad in LA calls about the Spurs/Thunder game and Brad in Corona 05/03/16
Chad in LA tries to take a run at Brad in Corona 04/21/16
Conor in Vegas (Vic in NoCal) responds to Brad in Coronas call, gets racked 10/05/18
Fake Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Mike in Indy and Brad in Corona 03/28/19
Gio and Jones on CBS Sports Radio play Brad in Corona's Smackoff call, Rich Ackerman smack 08/01/17
Hawk discusses Brad in Corona's appearance on the Woodscopes 12/10/18
Jeff in Southfield on Wisconsin, Kaleb in Green Bay, and Brad in Corona 06/28/19
Lance in Louisville drops a Macarena bomb on Brad in Corona and wins Huge Call 09/06/13
Last segment - Singing calls from Dustin in Portland, Pauly in Indy, Alan in Raleigh, Johnny in Portland, Irie, Brad in Corona; Tweets from Drew in West LA, USC Holmey, Stucknut, Sarah T 06/04/15
Leff in Laguna Beach calls out Brad in Corona for being a snitch 05/16/19
Leff in Laguna Beach responds to Brad in Corona, calls his wife a hog 05/28/19
Mark in Hollywood calls about New Years, takes a run at Brad in Corona 01/04/16
Matt in Vancouver responds to Dan in Encinitas, accepts the Smackoff loss from Brad in Corona 10/05/18
Matt in Vancouver's 2nd attempt, responds to Brad in Corona and calls Leff fat 06/22/18
Mike in Indy - LaRussa was texting wiener pics to Brad in Corona 10/28/11
Mike in Indy calls to smack Brad in Corona, wins Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/13/16
Mike in Indy responds to Smooth Joe, takes a run at Brad in Corona 07/23/15
Randall in Stockton - truck driver trying to make it into the Smackoff by rapping, Paul Revere parody about Brad in Corona 05/19/16
Reset of Brad in Corona's call to Brian Webber 11/05/18
Rex in ABQ got run for referencing Brad in Corona's giblets 07/11/19
Rick in Buffalo email leads to Woodscopes discussion, Brad in Corona is scheduled guest 12/06/18
Roland in Pittsburgh talks podcast, takes a run at Mike in Indy, Brad in Corona, and J-Stew 06/27/18
Rome resets calls from Brad in Corona and Irie Craig to Grant Napear 10/18/18
Rome shares his thoughts on Smackoff XX, recaps last five Smackoff champions (Brad in Corona, 2009 & 2011; Vic in NoCal, 2010; Chael Sonnen, 2012; Mark in Hollywood, 2013) 06/26/14
Smackoff 25 Profile - Brad in Corona 05/28/19
Smackoff Profile: Brad in Corona 07/13/18
Smackoff XX (2014) Hour 2 - Boatie in Pearland, Brad in Corona, Vic in NoCal, Fake Silk, Steve Carbone 06/27/14
Smackoff XXI (2015) Hour 1 - Brad in Corona, Mark from Boston, Dave in St. Louis the Non-Hunter, Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus, Silk in Huntington Beach, Mike in Wichita, Fake Silk 06/26/15
Smackoff XXI (2015) Hour 3 - Leff in Laguna Beach, Vic in NoCal, Steve Carbone, Mark in Hollywood, Chael Sonnen/Mike in Indy, Top 10 announced, Brad in Corona named winner 06/26/15
Smackoff XXI champ Brad in Corona calls to crack on Leff in Laguna Beach and Vic in NoCal; wins Huge Call 06/30/15
Smackoff XXII (2016) - Hour 3 - Leff reaction, Iafrate, Brad in Corona, Chael Sonnen, Mike in Indy, Top 10, Leff in Laguna Beach wins 07/01/16
Tyler in Edmonton responds to Brad in Corona's call, gets racked 06/18/18
Tyler in Edmonton takes a run at Brad in Corona and Mike in Indy 01/04/18
Tyler in Edmonton takes a run at Drew in West LA, Brad in Corona, gets run for girth smack 03/29/19
Vic in NoCal on Brad in Corona, Patriots, and Edelman 02/08/19

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