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2009 Smackoff Segment 07 - Brad in Corona, Mike in Indy 05/08/09
2010 Smackoff Segment 10 - Mike in Indy 04/23/10
2011 Smackoff - Mike in Indy 04/08/11
2011 Smackoff Segment 10 - Brad in Corona, Mike in Indy 04/08/11
2012 Chael Sonnen vs. Mike in Indy Battle - Mike announced as winner, reaction 06/22/12
2012 Chael Sonnen vs. Mike in Indy Battle - Round 1 06/22/12
2012 Chael Sonnen vs. Mike in Indy Battle - Round 2 06/22/12
2012 Smackoff reaction, Chael Sonnen and Mike in Indy recaps 05/21/12
2012 Smackoff Segment 10 - Jolene in Farmington, Mike in Indy 05/18/12
2012 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show Segment 3 - Boatie in Pearland, Jeff in Phoenix again, Mike in Indy 05/18/12
2013 Smackoff Segment 15 - Mike in Indy 06/14/13
2014 Smackoff Segment 9 - Mike in Indy/Chael Sonnen 06/27/14
2015 Smackoff - Call 11 - Mike in Indy 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 17 - Chael Sonnen with Mike in Indy 06/26/15
2016 Smackoff - Call 15 - Mike in Indy 07/01/16
2016 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show - Mike in Indy 07/01/16
2017 Smackoff - Call 14 - Mike in Indy 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff Hour 3 - Chad in LA, Jeff Passan, Mike in Indy, Chael Sonnen, Mark in Hollywood, Top 12 and Winner Announcement 07/28/17
2018 Smackoff - Call 19 - Mike in Indy 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff Hour 3 - Brad in Corona, Mark in Hollywood, Chael Sonnen, Mike in Indy 07/20/18
2019 Smackoff - Call 12 - Mike in Indy 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff Hour 3 - Mike in Indy, Mark in Hollywood, Kaleb in Green Bay, Leff in Laguna, Brad in Corona 06/21/19
ATP - Pauly in Indy asks about Romes birthday dinner, then a call from Mike in Indy 10/14/16
Brad in Corona rips the Guns-N-Roses tickets from Mike in Indy 04/08/16
Brad in Corona RSVP's to the Smackoff, smacks Chad in LA, Mike in Indy, Kaleb, and Team Canada 07/13/18
Cal in Vegas takes a run at Chael Sonnen and Mike in Indy 08/31/18
Calls from Marshall in Newport Beach, Mike in Indy (Smackoff RSVP), Joe in Hollywood, and David in Buffalo 06/26/14
Chael Sonnen Podcast - Mike in Indy discussing 2017 Smackoff 08/02/17
Chael Sonnen responds to Mike in Indys tweet about Smackoff rematch 06/12/12
Chael vs Mike Promo, Call from Mike in Indy 06/20/12
Emails and Tweets - Aaron in Omaha (Linkin Nark), Scott in Morocco (Family Feud), @TotalBigE (Mike in Indy shared title) 04/13/17
Fake Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Mike in Indy and Brad in Corona 03/28/19
Gonzo in SA Show - Mike In Indy Calls Out Chael Sonnen & Gives Props To Geo 06/13/12
Greg in Sun Valley calls in his support for Mike in Indy 06/21/12
Interview with Cleveland Browns running back Terrell Watson, with reaction from Clones, including Tweets from Sarah T in Providence and Mike in Indy 07/12/16
Jeff in Middletown calls for the first time in seven years, complains that Mike in Indy has turned the Jungle into a petting zoo - with Clones' reaction 04/26/17
Jeff in Middletown calls to respond to Mike in Indy, gets chased off by music 04/27/17
Jeff in Southfield imitates Mike in Indy, Rick in Buffalo, and Mitch Hedberg wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/31/18
Jeff in Southfield wins a Golden Ticket in his first call, takes a run at Mike in Indy and Arthur Fonzarelli 07/25/18
John in NY says Mike in Indy and Jeff in San Antonio should start the first annual bitch-off 07/09/18
Kal-El in Krypton - Leff in Laguna and Mark in Hollywood tandem prank call, Leff does a Mike in Indy impression 08/07/15
Kaleb in Green Bay goes after Mike in Indy, criticizes Jim Rome's Twitter avatar 07/24/15
Kellie in Fairfax takes a run at THE Mike in Indy 05/10/17
Kyle Brandt Farewell Show - Hour 2 - Classic KB stories, calls from Vic in NoCal, Mike in Indy, and John in San Antonio 07/22/16
Kyle in Green Bay wants to team up with Mike in Indy for the Smackoff 05/21/19
Lance in Topeka with a Christmas gift for Sarah T. in Providence; sings a Christmas parody about Mike in Indy and Chael Sonnen 12/25/14
Leff in Laguna Beach calls with smack on Kaleb in Green Bay and Mike in Indy, gets a shot off before getting run 04/01/15
Leff in Laguna goes after Kaleb, Vic, Mark in Hollywood, Mike in Indy, Brad, then gets run 10/16/15
Leff in Laguna weighs in on Mike in Indy's retirement, fires his writers, and promotes another video 07/19/18
Luke in Fort Collins calls Dan in Denver a poor mans Mike in Indy 04/21/17
Mark in Boston calls about Mike in Indy claiming to be best caller ever, sparks debate 07/22/15
Mark in Boston calls from hospital tipsy, announces the birth of his daughter, takes a run at Mike in Indy 07/24/15
Mark in Boston RSVP’s to the Smackoff, says Mike in Indy calls every podcast but not the Jungle 06/29/18
Mark in Hollywood calls out a few clones, including Ugly Paul Rudd Mike in Indy 01/05/18
Mark in Hollywood has a take on Coach Sarkisian, Chris Carter, and Curt Schilling, goes after Mike in Indy and Vic, tells us why he's known as chocolate thunder 08/28/15
Mark in Hollywood has takes on Aaron Hernandez and Mike in Indy 04/21/17
Mark in Hollywood on Hulk Hogan, Ashley Madison, and Mike in Indy 07/24/15
Matt in LA claims that the IRS will be after Mike in Indy for not paying taxes on the $5001 06/20/19
Matt in LA takes a run at Mike in Indy 05/24/19
Matt in LA tries to get Mike in Indy out of the basement 05/14/19
Mike in Indy 04/06/09
Mike in Indy 06/12/09
Mike in Indy 06/26/09
Mike in Indy 02/11/11
Mike in Indy (You Better Don't) 10/15/10
Mike in Indy - LaRussa was texting wiener pics to Brad in Corona 10/28/11
Mike in Indy - Najeh wants to potty all the time 03/14/16
Mike in Indy - PacMan Parody 01/21/09
Mike in Indy - Welcomes new affiliates, Manny Pacquiao smack, takes run at Chael 06/08/12
Mike in Indy also gets run for singing 06/17/13
Mike in Indy announces his retirement 07/18/18
Mike in Indy calls about J-Stew, gets run, Rome goes soft 03/12/13
Mike in Indy calls back for 2nd time, claims that Leff's championships were stripped and he's the current champ 07/19/18
Mike in Indy calls during the first segment, gets racked and run for an Aaron Neville bomb 02/05/16
Mike in Indy calls last minute about Savageland, University of Michigan athletics in debt, runs out of time 03/21/17
Mike in Indy calls last minute to respond to Mark in Hollywood 04/21/17
Mike in Indy calls on NationalDogDay to inform the clones that he's still the big dog 08/26/15
Mike in Indy calls the show and advises Rome to allow Rob and Lance to defend themselves 11/05/15
Mike in Indy calls to crack back on Jeff in Middletown, gets run for crude sexual innuendo; with Twitter and e-mail reaction 04/26/17
Mike in Indy calls to smack Brad in Corona, wins Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/13/16
Mike in Indy calls to take a run at Brad, excellent womens soccer take 06/24/15
Mike in Indy calls with thoughts on the Ratt Partnership Agreement 12/01/16
Mike in Indy challenges Vic to put his tickets on the line 04/08/16
Mike in Indy claims that somebody paid the $5001 to be his tandem partner 06/20/19
Mike in Indy ends his retirement with a call, simply says I'm Back 07/19/18
Mike in Indy gets a phone call from the XR4Ti, talks about Smackoff and new t-shirts 07/27/17
Mike in Indy gets run for R Kelly golden ticket smack 04/14/17
Mike in Indy gets run for saying Mike Tirico should feel a cheerleaders belly-button from the inside 03/26/15
Mike in Indy gets run for singing Spur of the Moment 06/18/13
Mike in Indy has a couple of high profile clones interested in his offer, Rome warns Golden Ticket holders to call 06/05/19
Mike in Indy interview with Kyle Brandt 05/25/12
Mike in Indy is thinking about following his 6th person on Twitter, wins another Masterbuilt smoker 08/30/18
Mike in Indy lays out the West Coast Mafia and their leader Mark in Hollywood 09/28/12
Mike in Indy on James Franklin, Texas football, gets out before delayed buzzer 09/11/15
Mike in Indy recaps the entire Smackoff, including his rankings 07/31/17
Mike in Indy responds to Leff and Smooth Joe, gets run 02/27/15
Mike in Indy responds to Leff in Laguna Beach, Rome conducts a poll from callers about better call 08/27/14
Mike in Indy responds to Mark and Brad about Smackoff Announcement 05/22/14
Mike in Indy responds to Mark in Boston about best caller ever 07/22/15
Mike in Indy responds to Mark in Boston, also says Rex Ryan's next job will be a foot job 06/16/16
Mike in Indy responds to Mark in Hollywood's long call 09/22/14
Mike in Indy responds to Smooth Joe, takes a run at Brad in Corona 07/23/15
Mike in Indy responds to Walrus and Mark in Hollywood, has a take on BackInFriday 07/24/15
Mike in Indy RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/14/12
Mike in Indy RSVP's to the Smackoff, lays out his resume 07/07/17
Mike in Indy RSVPs 2011 Smackoff 03/21/11
Mike in Indy takes a run at Silk Brah, wins another Masterbuilt 01/29/19
Mike in Indy talks the Olympics and Jason Avant but gets run 02/27/14
Mike in Indy thinks the NFL should scout for elaborate dap and dances, sings a parody for Scott Weiland 12/07/15
Mike in Indy tries to take down Vic but has a poor phone connection 04/07/16
Mike in Indy wanted to prevent Vic from winning the smoker, Mike won the Masterbuilt smoker 08/24/18
Mike in Indy wants to sell the opportunity to be his tandem partner in the Smackoff 05/17/19
Mike in Indy with a disgruntled call demanding an apology from Rome for not awarding him and Chael Sonnen the Smackoff XXI championship 06/30/15
Mike in Indy with last minute effort to rip the gift card, gets run for Mangino corny bowel movement blast 12/22/14
Mike in Indy's last minute call about Jim McElwain, gets run 05/12/17
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch is going to burn electric lettuce at his watch party, taking Mike in Indy in the Smackoff 06/19/19
Mike in the Bay gets racked with takes on Mike in Indy whining after the Smackoff, Bay Area Weird, and Cody Bellinger 06/27/19
Rick in Buffalo calls out Leff, Mike in Indy, and Vic for not calling more often, wins huge call 04/16/18
Roland in Pittsburgh talks podcast, takes a run at Mike in Indy, Brad in Corona, and J-Stew 06/27/18
Rome allows callers to Self Gloss - Slash in Brentwood, Beaver Hunter in Portland, Crystal Methodist in Houston, Hacksaw in San Diego, Frosty Sasquatch in Missouri, Mikey de la Creme (Mike in Indy), Bobby Brisket in Kansas City 04/25/14
Sean and Bo Show - Interviews with Mike in Indy, Vic in NoCal, and Leff in Laguna Beach. Full audio of the Jim Rome Albuquerque event. 11/27/15
Smackoff 25 preview - Canadian bros, Rick in Buffalo, Benny in Wisco, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mike in Indy 05/08/19
Smackoff 25 Profile - Mike in Indy 06/04/19
Smackoff Profile: Mike in Indy 07/18/18
Smackoff XX (2014) Hour 3 - Mike in Indy/Chael Sonnen, Mark in Hollywood, Top 5 announced, Mike & Chael named co-champions 06/27/14
Smackoff XXI (2015) Hour 2 - Trapper in Dana Point, Boatie in Pearland, Joe in the OC, Mike in Indy, Dan in DC 06/26/15
Smackoff XXI (2015) Hour 3 - Leff in Laguna Beach, Vic in NoCal, Steve Carbone, Mark in Hollywood, Chael Sonnen/Mike in Indy, Top 10 announced, Brad in Corona named winner 06/26/15
Smackoff XXII (2016) - Hour 3 - Leff reaction, Iafrate, Brad in Corona, Chael Sonnen, Mike in Indy, Top 10, Leff in Laguna Beach wins 07/01/16
Smooth Joe in Hollywood bashes Mike in Indy 10/03/14
Trapper in Dana Point likes Mike in Indys schtick, talks Preakness, smacks Stucknut for the odds 05/20/19
Tyler in Edmonton takes a run at Brad in Corona and Mike in Indy 01/04/18
Vic in NoCal - Jim Harbaugh will get bored in college, Indianapolis Colts fake punt play reminds him of Mike in Indy, sings Meatloaf 10/21/15
Vic in NoCal - Pre-Smackoff - Mike in Indy Smack 03/18/11
Vic in NoCal responds to Mike in Indy 07/07/17
You're Welcome! with Chael Sonnen - Ep 38 - Jim Rome Smackoff with Mike in Indy 06/26/15

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