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Gino in San Antonio, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco, Kaleb in Green Bay
Rick in Buffalo, Dan in Denver, Boatie in Pearland, and more!

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2008 Smackoff Hour 1 - Vic in NoCal, Jay Mohr, Doc Mike, Brendan in Wilmington, Jeff in Richmond 04/25/08
2008 Smackoff preview with Vic in NoCal reset 04/03/08
2009 Smackoff Segment 06 - Joe in the OC, Vic in NoCal 05/08/09
2010 Smackoff Segment 09 - Vic in NoCal, Doc Mike DiTolla 04/23/10
2010 Smackoff Segment 12 - Top 10 announced - Vic in NoCal wins 04/23/10
2011 Smackoff - Vic in NoCal 04/08/11
2011 Smackoff Segment 11 - Vic in NoCal 04/08/11
2012 Smackoff Segment 09 - Vic in NoCal, Doc Mike DiTolla 05/18/12
2013 Smackoff Segment 12 - Vic in NoCal 06/14/13
2014 Smackoff Segment 6 - Vic in NoCal 06/27/14
2015 Smackoff - Call 14 - Vic in NoCal 06/26/15
2016 Smackoff - Call 07 - Vic in NoCal 07/01/16
2017 Smackoff - Call 02 - Vic in NoCal 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff Hour 1 - Brad in Corona, Vic in NoCal, Trapper in Dana Point, Benny in Wisco 07/28/17
2018 Smackoff - Call 11 - Vic in Nocal 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff Hour 2 - Kaleb in Green Bay, Rick in Buffalo, Vic in Nocal, Steve Carbone with Sean the Cablinasian, Leff in Laguna Beach, Chad in LA, John in New York 07/20/18
2019 Smackoff - Call 06 - Vic in NoCal 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff Hour 2 - Vic in NoCal, Rick in Buffalo, Benny in Wisco, Matt in Vancouver, Steve Carbone, Dan in Denver 06/21/19
Antonio in Georgia doesn't like Vic in NoCal, thinks he should be suspended for that garbage 10/21/15
Ask the Pros, Benny in Wisco gets in with generic rapid fire questions, Vic in NoCal wins with a question about movies 02/24/16
Beaks in Studio City gets racked with a call about Irie Craig and Vic in Nocal 08/31/18
Bernie in Vermont (Vic in Nocal) tries to win Guns-N-Roses tickets, runs out of time 04/13/16
Blaise in KC Blasts Vic in NoCal 03/10/11
Broadway Vic in NoCal gets run for cracking on KB 05/20/11
Chad in LA takes a run at Leff in Laguna and Vic in NoCal 04/28/17
Clone Roundtable from Del Mar Thoroughbred Club - Leff in Laguna, Vic in NoCal, and Mark in Hollywood 08/26/16
Conor in Vegas (Vic in NoCal) responds to Brad in Coronas call, gets racked 10/05/18
Doctor Dave in Chicago tries to take a run at Vic in NoCal, flames out, clones react 01/19/17
Fabian in LA (aka Flamian) takes a run at Vic in NoCal, runs out of time, with reaction from the Clones 10/12/10
J-Stews Farewell Show - Sklar Brothers, Joe in the OC, Vic in Nocal 03/08/13
J.B. in the 785 with an e-mail cracking Nick Saban and Vic in NoCal and asking for a Lance in Topeka call; Rome accuses him of being Lance operating under false identity 07/16/15
Jeff in Phoenix calls out Vic in NoCal 01/11/07
Joe in Bugaha-Vic in NoCal 04/23/08
John in LR tries to respond to Vic in Nocal 05/05/17
Kaleb in Green Bay discusses Seahawks at Packers, takes a run at Vic in NoCal 09/17/15
Kyle Brandt Farewell Show - Hour 2 - Classic KB stories, calls from Vic in NoCal, Mike in Indy, and John in San Antonio 07/22/16
Lafitte in Canada is a first time caller with a strong French Canadian accent, gives Vic in NoCal props, wins Golden Ticket 05/12/16
Lance in Louisville tries to smack Vic in NoCal with another Sedak-Attack (Neil Sedaka parody) and gets run with Whisper Buzzer 07/25/13
Larry in Santa Maria cracks on Chael Sonnen and Grandpa Vic in NoCal, cracks Rome up. Thank you and I'll take my ticket. 06/03/16
Leff in Laguna Beach cracks on Irie Craig and Vic in NoCal and wins Huge Call 03/11/15
Liz in Falls City thinks Jeff in Southfield is Vic in Nocal 12/18/18
Mark in Boston takes runs at Vic in Nocal, Mark in Hollywood, and Keith Arnold 01/26/18
Mark in Hollywood breaks down Man of Steel to troll Vic in NoCal's call about Point Break 08/07/15
Norman in Norman picks Vic in NoCal to win Smackoff 06/26/14
Rick in Buffalo calls to take a run at Vic in NoCal, gets on Smackoff bubble 12/20/16
Rick in Buffalo checks in again to smack Vic in Nocal and Luke in Fort Collins, still on Smackoff bubble, clones react 01/27/17
Rick in Buffalo goes after Dan in Denver and Vic in NoCal, Rome resets Jeff in Richmond again 11/06/17
Rick in Buffalo goes after Vic in Nocal and Mark in Boston, still on Smackoff bubble 01/09/17
Rick in Buffalo goes after Vic in Nocal, ends with a bad impersonation of an explosion 01/25/18
Rick in Buffalo opens Smackoff season by going after Matt and Tyler, Vic in NoCal, and Mark in Hollywood 02/19/19
Rick in Buffalo responds to Jeff in Southfield, smacks Vic in Nocal 08/31/18
Rick in Buffalo takes another run at Vic in Nocal 12/21/17
Rome shares his thoughts on Smackoff XX, recaps last five Smackoff champions (Brad in Corona, 2009 & 2011; Vic in NoCal, 2010; Chael Sonnen, 2012; Mark in Hollywood, 2013) 06/26/14
Sean and Bo Show - Interviews with Mike in Indy, Vic in NoCal, and Leff in Laguna Beach. Full audio of the Jim Rome Albuquerque event. 11/27/15
Sean and John - Smackoff Interview - Vic in NoCal 04/25/08
Smackoff 25 Profile - Vic in NoCal 06/11/19
Smackoff Profile: Vic in Nocal 07/17/18
Smackoff XX (2014) Hour 2 - Boatie in Pearland, Brad in Corona, Vic in NoCal, Fake Silk, Steve Carbone 06/27/14
Smackoff XXI (2015) Hour 3 - Leff in Laguna Beach, Vic in NoCal, Steve Carbone, Mark in Hollywood, Chael Sonnen/Mike in Indy, Top 10 announced, Brad in Corona named winner 06/26/15
Smackoff XXI champ Brad in Corona calls to crack on Leff in Laguna Beach and Vic in NoCal; wins Huge Call 06/30/15
Smackoff XXII (2016) - Hour 2 - Vic in NoCal, Chad in LA, Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus, Mark in Hollywood, Leff in Laguna Beach 07/01/16
Strange e-mail from Vic in NoCal (aka Victor by Broadway) on Patriots, followed by confusing phone call from Rich in Copyright Hills 11/24/14
Tweets on Johnny Football, Scott Stapp, and Vic in Nocal on Adam Silver 12/01/14
Twitter contest - Vic in NoCal wins with LeBrons cramp haiku, @ApolloCrudd, @DanLouisville, @AlanInRaleigh 06/06/14
Vic in NoCal 01/12/07
Vic in NoCal 02/16/07
Vic in NoCal 09/22/06
Vic in NoCal 10/06/06
Vic in NoCal 10/27/06
Vic in NoCal 03/14/07
Vic in NoCal 04/18/07
Vic in NoCal 06/05/07
Vic in NoCal 06/29/07
Vic in NoCal 08/10/07
Vic in NoCal 09/19/07
Vic in NoCal 11/15/07
Vic in NoCal 01/20/08
Vic in NoCal 02/08/08
Vic in NoCal 04/20/07
Vic in NoCal 09/12/06
Vic in NoCal 09/14/07
Vic in NoCal 09/15/06
Vic in NoCal 10/02/07
Vic in NoCal 10/12/07
Vic in NoCal 11/21/06
Vic in NoCal 11/29/06
Vic in NoCal 12/14/06
Vic in NoCal 03/19/08
Vic in NoCal 09/04/09
Vic in NoCal - 1st official call - Gets run for comparing J-Stew to Rocky Dennis 08/30/06
Vic in NoCal - Busted bracket, Pre-smackoff hype, Drunk Papa John 04/12/13
Vic in NoCal - Jim Harbaugh will get bored in college, Indianapolis Colts fake punt play reminds him of Mike in Indy, sings Meatloaf 10/21/15
Vic in NoCal - Pre-Smackoff - Mike in Indy Smack 03/18/11
Vic in NoCal - Pre-Smackoff call - Jay smack 04/28/09
Vic in NoCal - Tim Duncans opposite receding hairline, Machowicz smack 06/08/12
Vic in NoCal - Tony LaRussa is bent that he has the most players on the Mitchell Report 03/06/08
Vic in NoCal and reaction 04/29/08
Vic in NoCal announces call return 06/25/09
Vic in NoCal calling Brad a 'bag' 07/26/11
Vic in NoCal calls as Conor in Vegas, does Conor McGregor impersonation, gets run 08/24/16
Vic in NoCal calls as Conor in Vegas, wins huge call 03/09/16
Vic in Nocal calls as Jon Snow, Rome cuts him off for being too sharky 05/26/16
Vic in Nocal calls as Scotty Ferrall 12/12/17
Vic in NoCal calls during legends week, great Mark impression, run for Michael Sam joke 09/25/14
Vic in NoCal calls for a chance to win Guns-N-Roses tickets, which he did 04/07/16
Vic in NoCal calls his shot 05/02/07
Vic in NoCal calls out Tarzan 03/10/11
Vic in Nocal calls to reflect on the Smackoff, gets run 06/29/15
Vic in NoCal calls to respond to Rick's profile, takes another run at Dr. Dave 07/12/18
Vic in NoCal calls with take on George Zimmer 06/28/13
Vic in NoCal calls with takes on Mark Schlereth and Life Hacks 08/14/14
Vic in NoCal calls with thoughts on the Olympics 07/21/12
Vic in NoCal Cracks Joan in Visalia 09/18/09
Vic in Nocal email to reset Willie in KC's Moo Moo Madison call 07/27/18
Vic in NoCal emails 04/07/08
Vic in NoCal explanation 05/14/07
Vic in NoCal fills Rome in on what he missed during vacation, goes after Kaleb, gets run for saying beats more meat than Rocky Balboa 08/20/15
Vic in NoCal gets run again for singing Power Station after straight sports take 06/18/13
Vic in NoCal gets the Cheesiest email read, wins contest, UUU's Subway sandwich artiste asking what you want after telling them 'everything' 05/25/10
Vic in NoCal going after Brad the Bag 12/16/11
Vic in NoCal has a take on the Bears draft, Old man Tom Coughlin, and gets run for a Falco parody 'Ima Douche' 05/04/17
Vic in Nocal has take about soccer, then gets run for singing 06/04/15
Vic in NoCal is sending James Kelley and Mark in Hollywood a 5-head remedy 06/29/18
Vic in NoCal My Team Doesn't Get Enough Respect Guy 12/12/11
Vic in NoCal on Brad in Corona, Patriots, and Edelman 02/08/19
Vic in NoCal on Bryant McKinnie 02/22/11
Vic in NoCal on Hank Williams Jr 10/04/11
Vic in NoCal on Irie Craigs Band 10/07/11
Vic in NoCal on the OG 10/18/11
Vic in NoCal rambles on about Johnny Utah and Point Break 08/06/15
Vic in NoCal recaps Smackoff, sings Neil Sedaka parody, then gets run for singing Foreigner parody 06/17/13
Vic in NoCal responds to Kaleb, explains where Doug Martin gets his nickname (Richard Gere reference) 09/17/15
Vic in NoCal responds to Mike in Indy 07/07/17
Vic in Nocal RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/14/17
Vic in NoCal RSVP's to the Smackoff with a John Daly song, Suzyn Waldman smack, and alleges Brian Koppelman reverse engineers his calls 06/14/19
Vic in NoCal runs smack on Mike and Chaels call from last year 06/24/15
Vic in NoCal Smackoff RSVP 03/10/11
Vic in Nocal takes a run at Huff Austin and Doctor Dave in Chicago 12/13/17
Vic in Nocal talks about Robert Kraft, explains why he takes runs at Dr. Dave, wins Huge Call 01/24/18
Vic in Nocal tried to bully Mark in Hollywood out of his smoker, it didn't work 01/26/18
Vic in NoCal tries to win a Masterbuilt smoker but gets run for a 5-hole reference 08/20/18
Vic in Nocal tweets that he is the best caller ever after 6 straight top 4 Smackoff finishes 07/22/15
Vic in NoCal wants the Smackoff date moved up, got run for Hank Gathers mention 08/21/18
Vic in NoCal will be a part of the Smackoff, but this isn't an RSVP call 06/28/18
Vic in NoCal will miss beating up on the Hackoff champ in the Smackoff 06/20/14
Vic in NoCal wins Huge Call for his take on the Olympics 02/27/14
Vic in NoCal with a serious take on Yoda and Star Wars 12/15/15
Vic in Nocal with a take about Daily Fantasy Sports, Kaleb in Green Bay, and a Bed of Roses parody for Greg Hardy 10/07/15
Vic in Nocal with Charlie Weis take, footballs orbit him, Rex Chapman steals from Apple Store 10/09/14
Vic in Nocal with first monthly check-in since Smackoff, goes after Sarah T, Donovon McNabb, gets run for mentioning Hillary Clinton orgasm 07/15/15
Vic in Nocal with his annual pre-Smackoff weigh in 07/19/18
Vic in NoCal with his annual pre-Smackoff weigh-in 07/27/17
Vic in NoCal with his traditional Smackoff eve call 06/30/16
Vic in NoCal with takes on Joe Montana, New Orleans Saints, and Rick in Buffalo 01/25/19
Vic in NoCal's 2nd call, wins a Slingbox 08/31/06
Vic in NoCal's 3rd attempt at a smoker, takes a run at Rick, doesn't win 08/22/18
Vic in NoCal's annual pre-Smackoff weigh-in (RSVP) 06/26/14
Vic in NoCal's pre-smackoff weigh-in 05/17/12
Vic in NoCal-Bum Pinata 02/26/08
Vic in NoCal-Charlton Heston email 04/05/07
Vic in NoCal-Chuck Heston blast 04/07/08

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