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Jimmy Butler rips reporter for using word coalescing 03/16/21
1 in 4 teen girls has an STD 03/11/08
1-0 game in Coors Field 04/17/06
10 year anniversary of personal appearance smack for 11/11/11 11/11/21
10 year anniversary of Vinnie Mac winning the inaugural Hackoff 04/16/20
10 years since J-Stews last day 03/08/23
1000 dollar mint julip 04/12/06
102 year old woman makes hole in one 04/09/07
10th Anniversary of the Pacers-Pistons Brawl (aka the Malice at the Palace) 11/19/14
13 Year Anniversary of the BOHICA call 07/26/18
131 Hookers arrested at ASG 07/17/07
15 year anniversary of Rome falling down the stairs 11/10/20
15 year anniversary of the Toby in Houston call 06/24/20
1995 Smackoff Segment 12 - Dave in Irvine, Mark in Denver 04/14/95
2 Masterbuilt smoker winners, Rick in Buffalo and Tyler in Edmonton 08/22/18
2 on 5 basketball 01/10/08
20 year anniversary of Pete Gillen's Duke is Duke, they are on TV more than Leave it to Beaver reruns. 03/17/17
2002 All Star Game Recap 2002
2009 Radio Row - Monday - Hour 2 01/26/09
2009 Radio Row - Monday - Hour 3 01/26/09
2012 Smackoff Announcement - All past winners invited including Sean the Cablinasian 04/16/12
2012 Smackoff reaction, Chael Sonnen and Mike in Indy recaps 05/21/12
2013 Hackoff - Part 4 - Kasey in Pensacola 06/07/13
2014 Smackoff Announcement - June 27 - Journey Prize Package 05/22/14
2015 Smackoff prize announcement - $5,000 bucks 06/11/15
2016 Smackoff Announcement, date and prize 05/13/16
2016 Smackoff Recap 07/05/16
2020 is the Year of the Brah - Reset of the Silk vs Alvin feud 07/24/20
20th Anniversary of Attack on Nancy Kerrigan 01/06/14
25 year anniversary of 'Certainly Duke is Duke' 03/17/22
4-20 falls on Easter Sunday 04/14/14
40 Year Old College Student and Canadian Fish Scandal 02/08/12
40 year old marries 16 year old 06/22/07
40K hookers in Germany for WOrld Cup 06/09/06
420 eve, Carl's Jr. has a CBD burger 04/19/19
80-year-old Charles Manson engaged to a 26-year-old woman 11/18/14
80s rock bands 06/12/08
80s rock bands 06/11/08
911 anniversary-Ohio State michigan-manning bowl 09/11/06
911 call reset and Rome talks about killing animals 12/02/05
911 call-man catches robber 07/28/09
911 Dispatcher Mike Forbess - Do you want us to come over and shoot her? 04/14/05
911 operator falls asleep 05/01/08
@USCHolmey predicts the Texans Bengals score on Twitter 09/15/17
A clone recognized Adam Hawk at a sporting goods store, recognized the Griffey tattoo 02/13/18
A Jim Rome rap song was released 19 years after it was made by Str8jakkett 02/28/18
A look back at the Brett Favre Dilla Hunt 01/25/17
A recap of the story of Silk running for city council 10/08/20
A Ross Geller lookalike stole beer from store, clones thinks it's Dozmati 10/24/18
A troll in Utah was running the fake Matt Patricia burner account 12/07/20
A&M mad at Seattle for 12th man 01/30/06
A-rod back page mess 05/30/07
A-rod batting six 10/03/06
A-Rod Day 2 Hour 1 09/21/06
A-rod digs deeper hole in NY 03/14/07
A-Rod has an orange face 02/10/09
A-rod hits meaningless jack 05/23/06
A-Rod passes out during child birth 05/07/08
A-Rod sex tape 07/21/08
A-rod strikes out with bases loaded 10/05/06
A-Rod talks about Testing & Marriage 02/21/08
Aaron Hernandez (aka Aaronthal) in an altercation with a prison inmate; with e-mail reaction 02/26/14
Aaron Hernandez (aka Aaronthal) revealed to hug and kiss Patriots owner Bob Kraft, with Clones' reaction 03/31/15
Aaron Hernandez committed suicide - Hour 1 and interview with Ben Volin 04/19/17
Aaron Lewis from Staind butchers the National Anthem at Game 5 of the World Series, with Twitter reaction 10/27/14
ABC News picked up the rescue story on Curtis in Morro Bay 09/13/19
Adam Hawk asked a Hot Pocket question on Twitter, @Hotpockets responded 10/13/17
Adam Hawk brags about his 1.85 GPA and having no student debt 06/24/20
Adam Hawk completed the LA Marathon, reaction from his trainer Eric, Fabian in LA, and Eric Byrnes 03/25/19
Adam Hawk doesn't know who Kevin Mitchell is 03/29/18
Adam Hawk explains the JTP 03/14/18
Adam Hawk gets a high five denied by Rory McIlroy, clones react to Hawks outfit 02/19/18
Adam Hawk gives an update on his cat tattoo, talks about the meet-up with John in SD 01/15/18
Adam Hawk gives update on his back, he's got a tee time in San Diego Saturday 04/18/18
Adam Hawk inducts Steve in HTown / Stucknut into the Jungle Hall of Fame 11/29/19
Adam Hawk injured his back while putting on a golf shoe 04/09/18
Adam Hawk is limping, claims it's from a stair workout 06/25/19
Adam Hawk lost his car 10/11/18
Adam Hawk mails it in for guest hosts, never heard of Eddie Haskell 07/20/20
Adam Hawk ran a half marathon in preparation for a full 03/04/19
Adam Hawk recaps his weekend at the Riviera Golf Course 02/17/20
Adam Hawk rode his bike to work, 21.1 miles 08/11/20
Adam Hawk runs a 10k after a month of eating healthy and abstaining from alcohol, finished 1192nd place 02/13/17
Adam Hawk talks about Smackoff videos and his weekend, playing golf at Torrey Pines 05/26/20
Adam Hawk talks about Tiger Woods Masters win - Mrs. Hawk, please don't listen to this 04/15/19
Adam Hawk updates the clones on tennis tinder 04/08/20
Adam Hawk will document John in SD's tattoo, reveals that he is also getting a tattoo of his cat Griffey 01/12/18
Adult Alarm 03/14/08
Adult Alarm reset 12/05/07
Adult that brought baseball glove to game missed ball and it hit a woman 11/01/17
After a man died from inhaling psychedelic toad venom, a Spanish porn actor has been charged with manslaughter 06/04/20
Agent Zero wants a piece of Duke 01/26/07
AI and C-webb apologzie 04/20/06
AI traded to the Nuggets 12/20/06
Air Tran drops Vick 06/01/07
Airline reset 03/02/06
AJ Pierzynski walk off HBP 04/06/07
Alan Martin has eaten at Olive Garden 95 times with his Pasta Pass 11/05/14
Albert Belle arrested on DUI, indecent exposure charges 03/26/18
Albert Belle tracking device 02/17/06
Albert Pujols walks on ball 3 05/01/07
Alex Rios throws 2 run homer 09/01/06
Alex Rodriguez invites Jeremy Lin to crash with him 02/27/12
Alex Trebek outtakes and possible replacement 11/12/20
Algae problem for Olympic sailing 07/01/08
All You can hot dogs at Dodger games 01/11/07
Allen Iverson skips team bowling alley event 11/30/06
Alvie and Ritt are missing, James Kelley flew in to run the board 06/13/22
Alvie answers an ATP about how he got his job 04/17/19
Alvie cut off Romes take on Dwyane Wade with shark music 06/22/16
Alvie has guest suggestions for podcast episode 200 11/10/21
Alvie in studio, KB on the board 12/18/15
Alvie killed a roach on the soundboard 10/22/21
Alvie Mashup - Marky Mark, Sandstorm, Yoko Ono, All the Way Turnt Up 12/01/17
Alvie plays soundbites during the sports update 04/29/20
Alvie produced a new Christmas classic, Choke the Calls featuring Reggie in the OC 12/22/20
Alvie produces Geoff in Lincolns song about Ritt 10/15/19
Alvie sits down with Rome on Radio Row 02/08/22
Alvie slowed down Matt Nagy's pennis and Cracker Jack's line 11/07/19
Alvie talks about his birthday plans 06/03/22
Alvie's Christmas songs - Raider Mike and Dr. Dave 12/21/20
Alvie's John in Little Rock Mix 06/26/18
Alvie's Spooky Mix 2020 10/30/20
Alvie's Spooky Mix Volume 9 10/31/19
Alvin bumps Thomas Dolby for Jim Rome's Birthday 10/14/16
Alvin calls basketball games as a side hustle, dude dude yes yes! 04/26/18
Alvin gets challenged with Hall and Oates songs, ends up playing animal soundbites 01/17/17
Alvin Montage 09/28/06
Alvin play calls the ridiculous Bam Adebayo block on Jayson Tatum 09/16/20
Alvin's computer crashed and doubled the LT Buzzer audio 10/17/17
Alvins Mix 06/26/07
Alvins Mix 01/10/08
Alvins New Mix 01/26/07
Alvins new mix 07/28/06
Alvins updated mix 11/29/06
American Idol wannabees call for karma 08/05/08
American Idol wannabees get rejected 08/08/08
Americans are Fat 05/30/08
Americans eat 554 million Jack in the Box tacos per year 01/05/17
Americas Best Racing uses clone references in their live reads 05/01/19
Americas Funniest Home Video reset 04/18/08
Amputee gets back her stolen leg 01/09/06
Amy Winehouse snorts vodka 03/10/08
An adult company wants Gardner Minshew to endorse special puppets 09/20/19
Anderson and Gallows reaction, chat with Adam Hawk 02/15/19
Andre Rison owes child support 06/13/07
Andre Smith bolts NFL combine 02/23/09
Andrei Kirilenkos Back Tattoo 05/10/11
Andrei Kirileno "allowance" 03/02/06
Andrew Bogut and Joakim Noah retire, resets of Boguts crank references and Noahs Cleveland smack 12/04/20
Andruw Jones faceplants 08/30/06
Andruw Jones falls down the steps 03/14/06
Andruw Jones signs minor league deal 02/09/09
Andy Gresh filling in for Rome, Beaks fat smack 11/26/20
Andy Roddick blames fast food for losing 07/31/07
Anna Nicole Smith dies 02/08/07
Anniversary of Eric in Orlando glossing James Kelley 'Flight Deck' 06/07/21
Announcement reaction 07/11/06
Announcement Reaction 1 07/11/06
Announcement reaction 2 07/11/06
Announcement reaction 3 07/11/06
Announcement reaction 4 07/11/06
Announcement reaction 7 07/11/06
Announcement: Jim Rome will release a new podcast every Tuesday 08/21/17
Antonio Davis goes into the stands 01/19/06
Antonio Davis-Show open thoughts 01/19/06
Apparently some people still use wallets 06/15/21
Apple recalls computers 08/24/06
April Fools Day 04/01/08
Arizona Cardinals have championship belt 08/14/08
Arizona State-Arizona battle 02/08/08
Arod and Jeter no longer best of friends 02/20/07
ARod on eSports: This is the first generation of kids that will not outlive their parents. 08/20/19
Arod Opt out 10/29/07
Ask the Pros - J.B. in the 785 asks about Jake and Logan getting into radio and guest hosting the show; Rome recaps his sons' appearances on the program 01/29/16
Astros are going to the World Series 10/23/17
Astros cheating scandal 01/14/20
Athletes who call into the show 07/15/09
Atlanta is back in the jungle 06/23/08
ATP - Bella asks about Rome and Janets first date, Rome talks about liquor 07/22/20
ATP about Rome's hiking, talk with Hawk about losing weight and Sober October 11/02/20
ATP about the 'war lady clones' drop, reset of Sheryl in Austin's calls 02/27/23
ATP and Ritt's The Week That Was 04/09/21
ATP from Bella - Better neighbors, Cali or Wisco? Hawk talks about his bike ride to work 08/17/20
ATP, Has Hawk ever baked at work, The Week That Was 07/27/18
ATP, Parody Larry wants to sing a Beatles song, Rome talks to Hawk 09/12/18
Audio tribute to Vin Scully by Alvin, plus reaction 09/30/16
Austin Huff is leaving the show 06/08/18
Austin Huff was a seat filler at the Oscars 03/05/18
Auto racing brawl 09/26/06
Axl Rose butchers an acoustic version of Welcome to the Jungle 10/24/12
Bad Arena songs 02/06/09
Bad College Baseball deek 05/19/06
Bad Family Fued contestants 07/16/09
Bad Music played during McGahee injury 01/20/09
Baker Mayfield thinks he saw a UFO in Texas 03/04/21
Baltimore is back in the jungle 09/08/08
Bang 03/18/08
Barfield family brawl 08/21/06
Barfield family brawl update 08/23/06
Barry Bonds Celebrates His Felony 04/14/11
Barry Bonds goes Paula Abdul 03/02/06
Barry Bonds hour 1 08/08/07
Barry Bonds Hour 2 08/08/07
Barry Bonds Hour 3 08/08/07
Barry Bonds tests positive for amphetimines 01/11/07
Barry Bonds wants case thrown out 01/25/08
Barry Hinson rips his Southern Illinois team 12/18/13
Barry Manilow new Vegas Deal 03/27/06
Bart Scott on Tom Brady, the NY Jets take toilet paper to London 01/02/15
Bart Scott suggests Josh Allen use Viagra to fight cold weather 01/14/22
Bart Starr being extored by 81 year old woman 12/07/06
Baylor asst coach resigns for public urination 10/19/07
BCS mess 12/03/07
Bea Arthur dead 04/27/09
Beaks in Studio City couldn't get through on the phones so he went after the XR4Ti on Twitter 02/23/23
Bears fan changes name to Peyton Manning 02/08/07
Beckham wants to leave America 02/05/09
Bed and Breakfast take with emails 11/05/07
Bedpost befuddles burglar 06/05/08
Bellas Cat gets run for talking about her unkemptness 06/05/23
Ben Affleck goes to Jack in the Box before rehab 08/24/18
Ben Francisco and Cliff Lee trade 07/29/09
Benny Scholl heard the take on his National Anthem, tweeted that it was funny, Rome sends him followers 03/09/21
Bernard Pollard fan club shirts 09/11/08
Bernie Ecclestone is 89 and has a pregnant wife, his first kid was born in 1955 04/03/20
Best burger debate - In-N-Out versus everyone else 11/14/16
Best of Hour 1 09/03/07
Best Of Hour 1 12/24/07
Best of Hour 1 12/25/07
Best of Hour 2 09/03/07
Best of Hour 2 12/24/07
Best of Hour 2 12/25/07
Best of Hour 3 09/03/07
Best of Hour 3 12/24/07
Best of Hour 3 12/25/07
Big 4 plus soccer before congress
Big Ben accused of rape 07/22/09
Big Ben motorcycle accident 06/12/06
Big Head Bets discussing the Smackoff odds 06/29/23
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NBA and NHL Playoff picks 05/28/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NBA and NHL Playoff picks 06/04/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NBA and NHL Playoff picks 06/11/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NBA and NHL Playoff picks 06/18/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NCAA picks, gets run for picking against the Gaucho's 03/12/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for the Championship Round 01/22/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for the Divisional Round 01/15/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for the Wild Card Round 01/08/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 1 09/11/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 10 11/13/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 11 11/20/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 12 11/25/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 13 12/04/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 14 12/11/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 15 12/18/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 16 12/23/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 2 09/18/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 3 09/25/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 4 10/02/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 5 10/09/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 6 10/16/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 7 10/23/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 8 10/30/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 9 11/06/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for 1st round of NCAA tournament 03/19/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for February 12, 2021 02/12/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for Final 4 of NCAA Tournament, plus Ritt v Gavin 04/02/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA and NHL 04/16/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA and NHL for week of April 23rd 04/23/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA and Preakness 05/14/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA play-in games 05/19/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA Playoffs and PGA 05/21/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA, NHL, and Kentucky Derby for week of April 30th 04/30/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for Sweet 16 of NCAA Tournament 03/22/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for Sweet 16 of NCAA Tournament 03/26/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for the Masters, NBA, and NHL 04/09/21
Bill Belichick - Starch me up 11/23/21
Bill Bellicheck on Jeopardy 01/23/08
Bill Callahan cracks Tom Osborne 10/19/07
Bill Callahan fired at Nebraska 11/26/07
Bill Callahan needs to quit 11/06/07
Bill Clinton NFL Commissioner 03/21/06
Bill in Syracuse reset 05/15/06
Bill Parcells says Philly is not Vietnam 10/06/06
Bill Parcells says Philly is not Vietnam 10/09/06
Bill Simmons on the World Champion Red Sox
Bill Walton cracks Shaq 02/12/08
Bill Walton gets in Twitter war with an airline for losing his bike 11/15/16
Billy Packer uses the word fag 04/06/07
Billy Sims Crashes The Emmys 08/30/10
Birds at Comerica park 06/13/07
Bitcoin is on the rise, Rome mentions Ben Mezrich 10/15/21
Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire arrested for indecent exposure, clones react 02/13/20
Blue Tooth Guy 05/16/08
Bo Jackson airline reset 09/11/06
Bo Pelini reaction 12/07/07
Bo Sox back to back to back to back off NY Chase Wright 04/23/07
Bo Sox win force game 6 10/19/07
Bob Howry grill injury 04/30/07
Bob Stoops involved in pyramid scheme 06/21/07
Bobby Fischer dead at 64 01/20/08
Bobby in Alhambra - Wants Tony Stewart to go to prison with a big predator named Bubba. Hopes Smokes booty-hole gets smoked. Rome gives a shout-out to Bubba the Love Sponge 09/17/14
Bobby Knight quits and emails 02/05/08
Bobby Petrino leaving for Arkansas 12/12/07
Bode Miller (show open) 02/17/06
Body Modification gone awry 05/15/08
Body-slamming politician from Montana broke reporters glasses 05/25/17
Boise State Reaction 01/02/07
Boise State-Michigan 01/02/07
Bombay Sapphire 08/11/08
Bonds fined 5K for wristbands 04/20/06
Bonds responds to Schilling 05/16/07
Bonds-USA v Canada 05/15/06
Bonus Box of Chaos winners 06/04/18
Boo Weekley fights an orangutan 03/20/08
Boo Weekley goes chip-chip to win a tourney 04/17/07
Boo Weekley misses 3 foot putt to win PGA event 03/05/07
Boston bans racist chants 09/13/06
Bowler has 300 game with his dads ashes in the ball 04/23/21
Bowler Pete Weber calls it a career after 41 years on PBA 03/19/21
Boxer Andy Ruiz Jr. beat Anthony Joshua for the Heavyweight title, Weighson Sherbert reset 06/03/19
Boy George arrested 11/13/07
Braces 06/30/08
Bracket Guy 03/20/08
Brad in Corona calls to smack on Kaleb and Vic 06/24/15
Brad in Corona reset 01/12/09
Brad in Corona takes out Jay Mohr and Israel in LA 12/09/11
Brad Lidge traded to Philadelphia 11/08/07
Brad Lohaus busted for theft 01/17/06
Brad Pitt does a commercial for Chanel No. 5 11/28/12
Brad Wilkerson golden sombrero 04/10/06
Brandi Chastain's HOF plaque looks nothing like her 05/22/18
Brandon Marshall hates the Packers, compares the Bears season to Charlie Browns tree 12/13/12
Brandon Roy Leatherman Tool 03/27/07
Braylon Edwards shoe gaffe 08/11/08
Brett Favre and Man Ram updates 08/04/08
Brett Favre Chicken Dance 02/11/11
Brett Favre comments 04/03/06
Brett Favre Dilla Hunt 01/25/10
Brett Favre Hour 1 03/04/08
Brett Favre Hour 1 08/05/08
Brett Favre Hour 2 08/05/08
Brett Favre Hour 3 03/04/08
Brett Favre Hour 3 08/05/08
Brett Favre named captain 09/03/08
Brett Favre needs to sit 09/22/06
Brett Favre retires 02/11/09
Brett Favre throws last second interception - uh oh! 01/25/10
Brett Favre traded to the Jets 08/07/08
Brett Myers calls reporter a retard 08/27/07
Brett Myers gives up 3 jacks 06/11/08
Brett Myers has a bad night 05/15/08
Brett Myers near no hitter 06/05/08
Brett Myers sent to Triple A 07/02/08
Brett Myers v Allen Iverson soundbytes 05/28/08
Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 03/09/12
Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 03/23/12
Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 04/20/12
Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 04/27/12
Brian Giles resets 04/16/07
Brian Sabean says Tampa should sign Bonds 08/15/08
Britney Spears is a mess 02/21/07
Britney Spears stoned by the NFL network 01/17/07
Britney-Jay Stew office-Carl Lewis 02/23/07
Brooks Koepka loses train of thought during interview, rolls eyes when Bryson DeChambeau walks by 05/25/21
Bruce Pearl shirtless 01/22/07
Bubba Watson buys the General Lee 01/24/12
Buck Oneil in poor health 10/05/06
Bud Selig thinks he is making a heroic effort 08/02/07
Buffalo Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer arrested for allegedly punching a minor and threatening to kill his family, with Twitter and e-mail reaction 07/13/15
Buffalo Tour Stop has been postponed 03/13/20
Bulgaria team tests positive for roids 06/30/08
Bumperr 06/06/06
Bums and retards 03/02/07
Busch stadium to go smoke free 03/20/07
BYU mop fight 06/20/07
Cable and Gas Guy 01/24/06
Caddie is broken off during middle of round 07/31/07
Cal Ripken sucks reset 10/29/07
Calabassas bans smoking 03/17/06
Calls from Cops-including dirty sanchez refernce 11/29/05
Canada has no olympic medals-flame war 08/12/08
Canada still has no medals 08/15/08
Canada still medal-less 08/14/08
Canadian cops punish drunk drivers with Nickelback tunes 12/01/16
Canadian crackback and reaction 11/07/07
Canadians are not euros 04/16/07
Canseco says he has dirt on A-Rod 07/30/07
Cardinals hail mary, DeAndre Hopkins, Blake Shelton's hyperextended scrotum 11/16/20
Cards GM Cracks Fan in Online Chat 01/22/09
Carl Lewis reset 01/17/06
Carl Nassib of Las Vegas Raiders announces he is gay, pledges $100,000 to Trevor Project 06/22/21
Carl Pavano hides injury 08/29/06
Carl Pavano not liked 02/16/07
Carlos Boozer suing Prince 03/22/06
Carolina cheerleaders fired for sexing up 11/17/06
Carolina Panther CHeerleader Probation 03/14/06
Caron Butler quits Mountain Dew 12/05/07
Carson Palmer cracks Ohio State 07/21/08
Carson Palmer Doctor is a flip flopper 01/13/06
Carson Palmer reaction 07/23/08
Casey Fossum throws 47 mph curve 04/14/06
Casey in Vegas 10/28/04
Castrating lamb with your teeth 01/29/08
CBS launched a YouTube channel for the Jim Rome Show 01/19/21
CBS Soap Opera's cross promote the NCAA Tournament 03/18/21
CC Sabathia Gives Up Captain Crunch 02/15/11
CC Sabathia leaving the tribe 02/15/08
Celtics blow out Lakers and win title 06/18/08
Certainly Duke is Duke 02/05/07
Chad Johnson intervention 02/08/08
Chad Johnson wants his sex back 08/06/07
Chael Sonnen fired from UFC and FOX for testing positive for drugs; Rome will not make him forfeit his Smackoff title 07/01/14
Chael Sonnen responds to Mike in Indys tweet about Smackoff rematch 06/12/12
Champions Classic recap - Michigan State vs. Kentucky, Kansas vs. Duke 11/13/13
Champions league drug testing 06/26/07
Channing Crowder Anne Frank Rant 11/08/10
Channing Crowder Calls Referees Anne Frank 11/08/10
Channing Crowder cant find London on a map 10/26/07
Channing Crowder drives into tree and leaves the scene 01/24/08
Charles Barkley gambling problems 05/04/06
Charles Barkley golf reality show 08/15/08
Charles Barkley hour 12/14/06
Charles Barkley owes 400K 05/16/08
Charley Hoffman wins PGA event with a mullet 01/22/07
Charlie Weis needs to shut up 05/08/08
Charlie Weis Tears His Knee Up and Reaction 09/15/08
Chess Boxing 07/25/08
Chicago Cubs win game 7 of the World Series 11/03/16
Child Molestation take 03/06/07
Chinese athletes take deer penis 04/02/08
Choc allegedly killed a mouse 08/26/21
Chris Benoit discussion 06/27/07
Chris Benoit discussion 2 06/27/07
Chris Benoit discussion 3 06/27/07
Chris Benoit discussion 4 06/27/07
Chris Benoit discussion 5 06/27/07
Chris Benoit discussion 6 06/27/07
Chris Benoit discussion 7 06/27/07
Chris Carson fires back at fantasy football guy 11/10/20
Chris Cooley comments on drug test 05/08/07
Chris Couch 1st PGA tour win 05/01/06
Chris Hansen caught cheating on his wife 06/30/11
Chris Hansen was arrested for bouncing checks 01/16/19
Chris in Valencia - Huge Call 01/03/07
Chris Simms and Kyle Shanahan get tattoo's of each others initials 08/31/06
Chris Snyder Fractured testicle 07/03/08
Chuck E. Cheese changed name on GrubHub to Pasqually's Pizza to trick customers 05/19/20
Chuck Heston dies 04/07/08
Chuck Liddell knocked out 09/09/08
Chucky Brown Red Lobster reset 03/09/07
Ciara and Russell Wilson launch fragrances inspired by their love 11/18/20
Cinci mayor wants another shot 04/05/07
Cincinnati mayor horrible first pitch 04/03/07
Circus Animals-Phillies cockfighting DVD 03/30/06
Cito Gaston 07/01/08
Citywalk tour stop reset 06/29/07
CJ McCollum responds to a tweet with I'm trying Jennifer 06/16/18
Classic Soundbytes Part 1 03/16/06
Classic Soundbytes Part 2 03/16/06
Clay Matthews on WWE 02/11/11
Clemson basketball guard Brevin Galloway claimed his 'balls and nut sack exploded', reaction call from Rex in ABQ 01/27/23
Cleveland blown up by Pittsburgh 09/10/07
Cleveland TV host Bruce Drennan calls fan a 'fair-weather idiot' during epic rant on postgame show 04/02/21
Clippers and Rockets are a great NBA rivalry, Austin Rivers wanted his dad to get a technical foul 11/14/19
Clippers beat Lakers by 48, with e-mail reaction from South-Side Mike in Chicago 03/07/14
Clone autographs 09/22/06
Clone Civil War 01/04/06
Clone named Bernie submits a terrible song called 'Ritt vs Hawk' to the tune of Mission Impossible 12/01/20
Clone on Clone crime 10/11/07
Clones dont ge the Rex joke 02/19/09
Clones take oral out of context 08/26/08
Clones try to find a better word than Kook 04/27/18
Clones try to guess the new announcement, Rome and Hawk talk about WoodScopes, another SJP call from Bob in Calgary 02/20/18
Clones try to guess where Jim Rome was for the past 3 shows 05/11/21
Clones try to guess who the new guy is behind the glass 04/29/19
Clones want Romes take on the man that took an acid bath at Yellowstone National Park 11/18/16
CM Punk's rant and Jim Romes invitation to finish 06/29/11
Coach with a gun 06/15/07
Coaches dont like wearing helmets 02/28/08
Cold weather in the east and midwest 01/15/08
Colin Kaepernick gets hooked by Twitter troll, with e-mail response from Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) 02/19/15
College World Series update 06/25/08
Colorado coach faces assault charges 01/10/07
Colorado elementary school bans tag 08/30/07
Colts have 8 guys in pro bowl 02/09/06
Colts vs Pats. 01/17/07
Come on Eileen 06/25/08
Community college thoughts 01/05/07
Comparing this years Smackoff Promo to the original in 2006 06/09/23
Conference title games-Bill Parcells 01/22/07
Congressman wants Mike Vick to get hammered by NFL 05/21/07
Conor in San Diego calls with thoughts on the Chargers moving to LA, said the Spanos' are rats and kooks 01/12/17
Conor McGregor apologizes for his whiskey Proper 12 selling out 11/16/18
Cop Ruck sucks 10/05/07
Cops Rant
corvette guy 06/09/06
Corvette guy update 06/12/06
Cory in Cleveland hates his roommates girlfriend 02/15/08
Cory Lidle dies in plane crash 10/12/06
Cosmic Golf Shot 11/28/06
Costco is discontinuing the $1.50 Polish Dog 07/10/18
Cougar Hunting in LA 02/04/09
Cougars That Seek Out Jim 02/07/12
Couple got married at Costco 11/30/18
Craig Biggio 3000th base hit 06/29/07
Craig Biggio bent he cannot wear cancer pin 03/23/07
Craig Monroe strikes out 5 times in 9 innings 06/15/07
Craig Ochoa NFL replacement ref is ready for the Hack-off 08/10/12
Craig Sager tribute 12/16/16
Crazy Tennis Dad 01/20/06
Crocodile Hunter dead 09/05/06
Cruz Pedregon drops a video on Twitter for Jim Rome 03/07/17
Cruz Pedregon will put the Smackoff winners name on his car for a race 07/19/18
Cruz Pedregon's co-crew chief Eric 'Hop' Lane was struck and killed by a car, GoFundMe information 10/22/20
Cuban vs Stern 01/26/07
Cubs and Padres throw down 06/18/07
Cubs are a mess 06/04/07
Cubs spending spree 12/07/06
Curiosity killed the cat Michael Vick killed the dog 08/22/07
Curt Schilling says no to the Yankees 07/23/07
Cute airline couple reset 04/21/06
Cycling Soap Opera 05/18/07
Dallas Green cracks Pat Burrell 12/06/06
Damon Amendolara plays old Hackoff calls for Romes Hall of Fame induction 11/08/19
Dan Hawkins reset 03/02/07
Dan Hawkins reset 08/20/07
Dan Hawkins reset 10/15/07
Dan Hawkins take 02/14/07
Dan Shaughnessy hair 03/23/07
Dan Shaughnessy hair reset 05/17/07
Dan Shaughnessy look a likes 05/20/08
Danika in Jacksonville won the Jaguars Fan of the Year 01/14/21
Danika Patrick goes after Milka Duno 07/21/08
Danny Almonte married 05/19/06
Danny Granger wants a batcave 06/19/08
Darin Erstad to the White Sox 01/24/07
Dark Gable-JD in Nashville 10/04/07
Darrell Arthur and Mario Chalmers get caught with weed and women 09/04/08
Darryl Reid calls out the cops 02/10/09
Darryl Strawberry book about Mets 02/12/09
Daughter of Lombardi trophy designer wants Tom Brady to apologize for tossing it during Super Bowl parade 02/15/21
Dave Roberts has 3 pennis 10/07/21
Dave Serrano-UCI coach 06/20/07
David Beckham debut 07/23/07
David Beckham kicks a ball in someones groin 07/01/08
David Duval +13 thru 14 04/06/06
David Halmberstam thoughts and memories 04/24/07
David no longer in Albany 38 emails 05/01/08
David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez on steroid list 07/30/09
David Stern addresses gambling scandal 07/24/07
David Stern interview reaction with email and phone calls 06/13/12
David Stern JRIB reset 05/16/08
David Wells has gout 09/26/06
Dead Air for Barry Bonds homer 05/30/06
Dean in Omaha wars JD in Nashville's breathy Michael Jackson parody; Rome resets the Chad in Portland-Mike in Wichita feud and JD's call 10/04/07
Dean in Toronto - Email ripping on Americans 10/09/14
Deandre Hopkins responds to Sean the Cablinasians Tweet about practicing 07/28/23
Death, Taxes, and Matt Schaub Pick 6's 12/01/15
Deep Dive: Look back at Brett Favre's Jungle moments, interview with Jeff Pearlman 04/01/20
Deep Dive: Look back at Ryan Lochte 04/10/20
Deep Dive: Look back at the Tiger Woods saga in 2009, interview with Robert Lusetich, calls from John in Houston, Dan in Spokane, and Parody Larry 04/03/20
Deion hates Tiger being called an athlete 08/24/06
Delvin Young throws bat at ump 04/27/06
Delwyn Young blows up JD Closser 09/28/06
Denlesks wants Rome to know that Christian Bale gained weight 09/08/17
Denny Neagle Train Whistle reset 09/24/07
Derek Bell arrested on crack charges 04/21/06
Derek Jeter voted most overrated by peers 05/03/06
Derek Lowes dad
Deshaun Watson is not happy with Texans owner Cal McNair 01/08/21
Detroit Lions go 0-16 01/05/09
Detroit Lions ridiculed on Jeopardy 11/27/18
Detroit to Get Robocop Statue 02/17/11
Devil Ray base running gaffe 04/13/07
Devil Rays Mascot guarantees opening day win 03/31/05
Devin Hester 7th inning stretch messup 04/12/07
Dhani Jones arrested for dancing 03/28/06
Dial up modem reset 03/22/07
Dial Up Modems 03/21/07
Diamond Geezah Wins by a Nose 02/25/11
Diarrhea is the great equalizer 08/29/06
Dice K pitch count 07/17/07
Dick Cheney hunting accident 02/13/06
DIck Cheney hunting trip 11/08/06
Dick Cheney throws out 1st pitch 04/11/06
Die Hard thoughts 07/15/09
Die Hard-I am going to count to 3 09/09/08
Diego the tortoise, famous for saving species with his high sex drive, starts retirement 06/24/20
Dino in Vegas submits another horrible Replacements Smackoff song 04/28/23
Disobedient Ones 01/24/06
Disturbing update on the Florida State face eater - GRAPHIC IN NATURE 08/24/16
Do not mess with Gary Sheffield 05/01/07
Dodgers win the World Series 10/28/20
Dog Hunters-romes cat 03/13/06
Dominic Rhodes DUI 02/20/07
Dominican baseball player Elvis Lebron banned for life after attacking umpire with bat 05/25/21
Dominos pizza day controversy, was it Thursday or Friday? 06/08/23
Don Shula says Patriots should have an asterik with emails 11/06/07
Donald Trump and Rex Ryan at New York rally - Trump with verbal gaffes and misrepresenting Ryan's achievements 04/19/16
Donald Trump blows up Rosie ODonnell 01/09/07
Donald Trump goes after Rosie O Donnell again 01/10/07
Donald Trump v Barbara Walters 01/11/07
Donald Trump with GOP debate smack 09/17/15
Double Dutch 04/03/07
Dr. Dave in Chicago Christmas song 12/19/19
Draymond Green (aka Draymond Groin) accused of slapping a heckler in a club in East Lansing, MI 07/11/16
Drew Brees broke Peyton Manning's record for career passing yards 10/09/18
Drew Brees making a comeback? Jameis Winston has a passion for playing football 05/16/22
Drinking at work 08/08/08
Driving range guy 07/10/06
Drizzle in Wichita loses his Golden Ticket for inactivity 05/21/20
Drummer from poison accused of rape 03/31/08
Drunk fan leaves a voicemail 10/31/17
Duante Culpepper denies sex acts 03/23/06
Ducks up 3-1 over Senators 06/05/07
Duke Mascot gets hurt 02/28/08
Dwight Smith Viking Sex 08/28/06
E-Mail: Riley Cooper vs. Richie Incognito 11/05/13
Earthquake in Midwest 04/18/08
Earthquake reset 07/30/08
Earthquake Smack Is Not Funny 05/18/09
Earv Johnson with more Twitter magic 05/03/16
Ed Hochuli is yoked 09/05/08
Ed Hochuli take 09/22/08
Ed Thomas shot and killed at high school 06/24/09
Eddie Griffin killed by train 08/22/07
Eddie Money wants to hire Willie Randolph 06/27/08
Edmonton fans riot 05/30/06
Eight Belles euthanized at Derby 05/05/08
El Manuel went dead last 07/24/08
El Manuel wins again 02/26/08
El Manuel-Romes 2nd horse 10/10/07
Elderly man punched at Costco over Nutella dispute 09/23/15
Elderly woman destroyed the Phoenix Suns owner 12/14/18
Election results for Tommy Tuberville, Tito Ortiz, and Silk Brah 11/04/20
Elgin Baylor draft day reset 01/25/08
Elijah Dukes mom takes up for her son 06/15/07
Eliot Spitzer caught with hooker 03/11/08
Eliott Spitzer resigns as governor of NY 03/12/08
Els says Mickelson is man to beat at Augusta 04/13/06
Elvis Andrus uses Baby Shark as his walk-up music, Alvin plays walk-up music for entire Rangers team 03/26/19
Email from Randall in the OC about E-Takes, Kyle Brandt announces that he and his wife are expecting 01/04/16
Emailer wars smoking dope with Kyle Brandt at the Albuquerque event, Rome and Kyle discuss weed, KB gets glossed Kyle Blunt 11/10/15
Emil Brown hits reporter in eye with pellet gun 07/30/07
Empty Control Tower reset 01/04/06
England banning ice cream truck music 07/22/08
Eric Byrnes comments on drug testing 03/03/08
Eric Church cancels his concert to watch a basketball game 03/31/22
Eric in Andover-as a homosexual 06/21/07
Eric in Falls Church returns, e-mails about Sammy Sosa and wars Rome buying the Rams for him. Rome welcomes WHBO-AM 1040 in Tampa to the Jungle 01/07/15
Eric Musselman DUI 10/23/06
Eric Wynalda Reaction 04/04/07
Eric Wynalda reaction 04/05/07
Eric Wynalda reset 01/24/06
Eric Wynalda reset 06/09/06
Erik in Falls Church update 02/09/09
ESPN reported that Brett Favre retired 08/03/10
Evil Kenevil dies 12/03/07
Eye of the Hawk 07/29/19
Falcons' Keith Smith eats food from Chipotle 'about four or five times a day' 11/09/20
Family in arkansas has 17 kids with emails 08/03/07
Famous Dodgers 08/14/08
Fans in Milwaukee shout out to Jim Rome on the DA Show 07/22/21
Fans yells 'overrated' as Bryce Harper hits a home run 04/02/18
Fantasy Football Guys 09/01/10
Fantasy Trade Guy 09/22/11
Fat Americans 01/12/09
FAT infomercial 03/21/08
FAT!!!! with Charlton Heston email 11/05/07
FATthew Perry 10/28/11
Female doping cyclist busted with a beard 03/31/08
Fergie butchers the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game, Let's play some basketball! 02/19/18
Fernando Tatis hits grand slam after Rome mentions him 05/13/09
Fight broke out during a game of cornhole GIT! 05/09/18
Fights at Chucky Cheese 01/09/09
Fire Alarm goes off all morning 09/12/08
First jungle engineer 06/15/07
First show of year, Opening segment, CBS Sports Network TV simulcast 01/02/18
FIU-Miami fallout-announcer fired 10/17/06
Fla player thinks they are the U not miami 09/03/08
Flameout Friday - Rome recaps the best Flameouts in show history, including results from his Twitter poll, Matt in Cleveland, Fabian in LA, Kyle in Green Bay, and Dr. Dave in Chicago 12/15/17
Flight Deck in studio again to break down the upcoming NFL conference championships 01/17/20
Flight Deck in studio to discuss playoff bets 01/10/20
Flight Deck in studio to give his weekend picks 02/28/20
Flight Deck in studio, weekend picks, sets over/under on Hawks marathon 03/06/20
Florida dominates Ohio State 01/09/07
Florida man wrestles alligator to save puppy 11/23/20
Florida Spring Breakers don't care about the coronavirus 03/19/20
Florida State recruit Cimmeon Bowers arrested for eating weed 01/22/14
Florida State sucks 10/23/06
Florida wants classes cancelled for football game 01/04/07
Florida wins National title 04/04/06
Florida wins title-Thom Brenamen loves Tim Tebow 01/09/09
Floyd Mayweather wrestling update 02/26/08
Fonzie jumps the shark, emailer Chris in Canada points out that he said "I told Potsie Id do this" before the jump, callers react 09/13/10
Food Program 03/21/07
Football player descriptions from scouts get borderline erotic 01/25/17
Former Atlanta Falcons star Jamal Anderson exposes himself and masturbates at a gas station (MATURE CONTENT) 12/15/16
Formula 1 president in alledged nazi sex scandal 04/02/08
Fox is going to air an OJ Simpson interview from 2006, If I Did It 03/02/18
Frank Solich denied new trial 08/24/06
Fred Smoot isses curfew 01/05/06
Free Breakfast at Dennys 02/03/09
Fresno State wins CWS 06/26/08
Fullerton Callers on the screen 01/13/06
Funny e-mail Address
Gainsville back in the jungle and reaction 07/13/09
Gallantine Run 05/08/08
Game Show Memories 02/12/09
Gary Condit impression 02/20/07
Gary in Vegas reset 04/17/06
Gary Sheffield says Latin players are easier to control 06/04/07
Gas station sex pills 08/22/19
George Bush calls Todd Walker Tom 04/04/06
George Karl says a win is better then sex 04/25/06
George Lucas grand marshall Rose Bowl parade 12/12/06
George Lucas' Daughter Is In MMA 06/03/08
Gerald Henderson whacks Tyler Hansbrough 03/05/07
Geremi Gonzalez killed by lightning 05/27/08
Gerrit Ritt guest hosted a segment for his birthday, calls from John in New York, Matt in LA, Andi in Rocklin, and Parody Larry 10/14/20
Gerrit Ritt plays Horse by himself, trash talks and calls out NBA players, chats about it with Rome 04/17/20
Gerrit Ritt starts the show with Game On, plays soundbite during interview 04/09/20
Getting sick for the NCAA tourney 03/12/07
Gilbert Arenas birthday party 01/03/07
Gilbert Arenas Halftime POker 04/19/06
Gilbert Arenas has a huge pool 08/06/08
Gilbert Arenas thoughts are phony 08/02/07
Gilbert Arenas wants to dial it down 07/23/08
Gimme Back My Son take 05/24/06
Girl asks NY Giants Jerry Lin on date 02/17/12
Glennon Raffe talk and Ram It 09/11/17
Going to a movie by yourself 04/27/09
Going to the video store 04/28/09
Golden Knights advance to finals, thanks to Wayne Newton 05/21/18
Golden Ticket and Watchlist Chopper Day 06/28/23
Golfer kills bird with ball and emails 03/08/08
Golfers can shoot geese 07/31/09
Gonzo in SA Show - Epic Spurs talk, music of Crystal Fighters, and Andrew Schlecht of Thunder podcast Down To Dunk 05/17/14
Good Bros let go by the WWE, ATP about Rome's kids day drinking 04/15/20
Gordon Hayward seemed thrilled to find out that his wife was having another daughter 07/10/18
Governors super bowl bet 01/25/06
Green Bay v Detroit-why 09/25/06
Greg in Vegas on Lampley 01/04/07
Greg Maddux wins 320 04/13/06
Greg Norman finishes 3rd in British Open 07/21/08
Greg Oden out for year with emails 09/13/07
Greg Owen meltdown 03/20/06
Grifter take 06/26/07
Gronk is taking it Day by Day 01/31/12
Grossman wasnt prepared 01/05/07
Gruce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 01/20/08
Guess That Sound... Kawhi Leonard laugh 09/25/18
Gun debate 12/06/07
Guns-N-Roses grand prize drawing, Pauly in Indy wins trip to Detroit 04/15/16
Guy blows up Anna Kornikova 06/27/08
Guy wants to go shirtless at the yard 06/19/08
Gym guy 02/25/09
H-Town Station Visit - Hour 1 - Andre Johnson 08/21/07
H-Town Station Visit - Hour 2 - Steve Francis 08/21/07
H-Town Station Visit - Hour 3 - Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell 08/21/07
Haiku 2004
Halloween and the Spooky Mix 10/29/21
Halloween Block: 2018 Spooky Mix and story about Amethyst, lady that plans to marry a ghost 10/31/18
Halloween is for kids 10/31/07
Halloween recap 11/01/07
Halloween take 10/31/06
Hammer taking up for Bonds 03/13/06
Hank Aaron passes away at 86, reaction and call from Spencer in Madison 01/22/21
Happy Stoner Holiday, clip of Ritt on a game show 04/20/21
Harrison Ford lands his plane on the taxiway 02/15/17
Harrison Ford update - Told tower he was flying a helicopter 02/18/17
Harvard fencing coach got fired - admission scandal 07/10/19
Hawk alludes to using weed to treat bad back 07/16/18
Hawk asked Tom Brady a question at a Super Bowl presser, updates Kyle in Green Bays trip 05/10/18
Hawk confuses Greg LeMond for Greg Louganis 09/09/20
Hawk did an interview about radio on Facebook last year, clones just found it 01/12/21
Hawk discusses Brad in Corona's appearance on the Woodscopes 12/10/18
Hawk doesn't want Alvie to order Ritt any more hot chocolate for the office, interviews with Hawk, Ritt, and Cindy, call from Greg in Penn 03/18/21
Hawk gives an update on his marathon training 03/18/19
Hawk got hacked! 09/14/17
Hawk had to walk a half mile during a 7 hour family car trip to clear his head 01/02/20
Hawk informs Rome about Kyle in Green Bay current situation, including sleeping in his car 05/09/18
Hawk injured his back playing tennis 09/17/19
Hawk is fighting City Hall over a health code violation 10/26/18
Hawk is jacked up on mushroom coffee 11/12/20
Hawk leases a new Hyundai after he tricked them into giving too much for trade-in, he and Alvie are Hyundads 10/22/18
Hawk lost weight 08/17/18
Hawk made a Box of Chaos using supplies from Joanns 06/01/18
Hawk on golf etiquette, tuck in your shirt and don't wear a backwards hat 07/29/20
Hawk recaps Elk's betting app results for The Open 07/22/19
Hawk recaps his trip to New York for Rome's Hall of Fame induction 11/11/19
Hawk recaps his trip to Pomona Raceway to see Cruz Pedregon 11/12/18
Hawk recaps Rick in Buffalo's appearance at Kit's 08/27/19
Hawk refers to the University of Washington as his alma mater, because he smoked a cigarette on campus 02/26/19
Hawk showed up to work even though he's supposed to be on paternity leave 01/25/19
Hawk talks about his time off with the new baby, you gotta do what you gotta do 02/05/19
Hawk talks about Luis in Palmdale's journey, walked a 5K 90 days after kidney transplant 02/26/20
Hawk talks about Paul Walker and training for the marathon, email from Rick in Buffalo 11/30/18
Hawk talks about the 2 week vacation 08/13/18
Hawk talks about Tinder for Tennis 08/19/19
Hawk took the day off, clones think its related to his marathon training 01/07/19
Hawk wears an outrageous outfit to the Riviera, thought Tiger would recognize him, reaction from clones and call from his friend Ryan in Long Beach 02/18/19
Hawk with another marathon training update, carb loading with corndogs and lots of stretching 03/19/19
Hawk's baby is due, Rome asks why they planned to have a baby during NFL playoffs 01/18/19
Hawk's doctor told him to lose a few pounds 05/16/18
Hawk's goal for finishing the marathon is under 5 hours, clones react, call from Lance in Iowa 03/06/20
Hawk's last pre-marathon update, Keith is also running it 03/22/19
Heat win NBA title 06/21/06
Heath Ledger dead 01/23/08
Hee Haw 01/06/09
Hefty Mickelson gets another penalty, reaction from SJP 07/09/18
Henry Waxman looks like a freak 02/14/08
Herb Sendek new coach at ASU 04/03/06
Hip Hip Hooray 10/02/08
History of the Hackoff, Rome entertains bringing it back, call from Rex in ABQ 11/28/18
Hobo in the windshield reset 09/26/06
Hockey Mom 01/24/08
HOF demands - Clones suggest what they want in return for voting for Rome 05/22/18
Hoff does metal 12/14/20
Hole in one Green 05/03/05
Holly Hornbeak suing Hank Williams 04/05/06
Home Brew guy 09/24/08
Home Run Derby 07/10/06
Homeless people wait for ps3 11/15/06
Homelessness is not funny 02/22/08
Hong-Chih Kuo Styles His Jack 06/13/07
Honking in the middle of someones backswing 03/19/08
Honking in the middle of someones swing 08/04/08
Hope Solo blows up Team USA 09/28/07
Horse Racing talk 11/06/07
Horse update 01/09/08
Hour 1 08/27/07
Hour 1 08/28/07
Hour 1 08/29/07
Hour 1 08/30/07
Hour 1 08/31/07
Hour 1 09/21/07
Hour 1 - Al Davis 10/01/08
Hour 1 Atlanta 09/19/08
Hour 1 Shaqs rap on Kobe 06/24/08
Hour 1-ColtsBroncos-USC loses-Steelers suck 10/30/06
Hour 1-Michael Vick indictment 07/18/07
Hour 1-Michael Vick indictment 07/19/07
Hour 1-MMA 06/02/08
Hour 1-Shaughnessy 01/28/08
Hour 2 08/27/07
Hour 2 08/28/07
Hour 2 08/29/07
Hour 2 08/30/07
Hour 2 08/31/07
Hour 2 09/21/07
Hour 2 Atlanta 09/19/08
Hour 2 Shaqs rap on Kobe 06/24/08
Hour 2-Jim McLaren story 04/24/08
Hour 2-Michael Vick indictment 07/18/07
Hour 2-Michael Vick indictment 07/19/07
Hour 2-MMA 06/02/08
Hour 2-Robinson Peete-Kramer 01/28/08
Hour 3 08/27/07
Hour 3 08/28/07
Hour 3 08/29/07
Hour 3 08/30/07
Hour 3 08/31/07
Hour 3 09/21/07
Hour 3 Atlanta 09/19/08
Hour 3 Shaqs rap on Kobe 06/24/08
Hour 3-Machowicz-Simers 01/28/08
Hour 3-Michael Vick indictment 07/18/07
Hour 3-Michael Vick indictment 07/19/07
Hour 3-MMA 06/02/08
Houston Astros won the World Series 11/02/17
Houston Nutt text messages 04/18/07
Houston rapper Slim Thug recruits Dwight Howard via Twitter 07/02/13
How to listen to the Smackoff 06/17/20
Howard Dean take and emails 02/04/04
Howard Johnson wants to hear Thomas Hearns 09/19/07
Huge Bass Caught in California 03/21/06
Huntington Beach City Council is looking to issue a vote of no confidence in Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz 01/28/21
I like big putts and I cannot lie 03/11/20
Ichiro hates Cleveland (with emails) 06/12/07
Ichiro wants clean dugouts 03/20/06
Ideas for 2/22/22 02/21/22
Iditarod dog abuse 03/19/07
If I had to rape a girl reset 04/20/06
If Oakland Raiders go 0-16, Rome will lead campaign to bring them to Los Angeles 10/27/14
Iggy in Springfield taped call reset 02/28/06
iHOP giving away free pancakes 02/24/09
Impromptu Jukebox Friday of Jungle songs 09/04/20
In Santa Barbara, callers would ask Rome to announce lost dogs, Rome rants on traffic reporting 02/14/97
Inbreeding may not be that bad 06/05/08
Indian Gender Bender fails Gender test 12/18/06
Information on how to submit Smackoff videos to CBS Sports Network 05/20/20
Internet in the car is a bad idea 08/26/08
Interview with newest crew member Jack Savage 03/17/23
Iowa blown out by OSU 10/02/06
Iowa Hawkeyes lost to FCS North Dakota State 09/19/16
Iowa loses to Indiana and emails 10/16/06
Iowa loses to Northwestern 11/06/06
Iowa loses to NW 11/06/06
Iphone wagering 06/26/07
IQ Take 10/31/08
Irie Craigs New Band - Substance Abused Foundation 10/04/11
Irish Spring take 08/20/07
Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac are dead 08/11/08
Isiah Thomas found guilty 10/02/07
Isiah Thomas resets 01/10/08
Isiah Thomas resets 02/21/08
Isiah Thomas-I just got back from being blown out by 45 11/30/07
Isiah Thomas-new 03/19/08
Isla Vista Flashbacks 07/12/06
Jace Fry's fiance destroyed him on social media 09/27/18
Jackie Chan does porn 09/26/06
Jacko Alarm reset 08/29/06
Jaguars coach Urban Meyer goes viral for party photos, videos - with reaction 10/04/21
Jaguars fire Urban Meyer after 13 games, he kicked the kicker 12/16/21
Jake and Logan pay Jim a surprise birthday visit 10/14/13
Jake does not want to sleep with Logan 07/24/07
Jamaal Tinsley car shot up again 12/10/07
Jamal Anderson snorts cocaine on toilet - allegedly 02/09/09
James Dolan kicked someone out of a festival because of a sign they were holding 03/15/19
James Dolan's band was on the Jimmy Fallon show 03/09/18
James Harden shows up to camp a bit heavier, report claims that he is the real Rockets GM 12/16/20
James Harden's ugly black shoes 08/24/16
James Holzhauer's win streak finally ended on Jeopardy 06/04/19
James Kelley is opening a car/dog wash in Colorado 05/06/22
James Kelley is texted Rome about the draft even though his wife is giving birth 04/25/19
James Kelley lays out odds for a fight between Ritt and Hawk, clones react 11/20/20
James Kelley reads Mean Tweets - Calls from Rick in Buffalo, Slava in Moscow, Christian in Maine, Silk Brah, Nick in Iowa, Matt in LA, and Adam in OKC 06/29/18
James Kelley won big on a futures bet, Hawk wanted to buy in 02/08/21
James Kelley's The Week That Was, pays homage to Kevin the ponytail audio engineer 11/16/18
James Posey flattens Kirk Hinrich 04/28/06
James Toney VS Randy Couture Was A Sham 08/30/10
Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant with emails 12/19/07
Jane Slater Tweeted that the Cowboys players are not happy with the coaching staff, call from Michael in Portand 10/20/20
Jason Avant gets cut by the Carolina Panthers; Rome is stunned by the news, Clones react on e-mail and Twitter 11/18/14
Jason Avant signs with the Kansas City Chiefs 11/24/14
Jason Giabmi on roids due to dad 03/23/06
Jason Grimsley house raided by feds 06/07/06
Jason Kendall will fight 05/03/06
Jason Stewart "J-Stew" - According to Jim outtakes 03/10/06
Jason Stewart 9th anniversary 04/22/08
Jason Stewart coldplay ringtone 10/30/06
Jason Stewart on ESPN with Ocho Cinco 03/18/08
Jason Stewart Sings Weighson Sherbert 02/25/11
Jason Stewart skydiving 07/23/08
Jason Stewart wants Alvin fired, calls out Jesus in Chicago 10/31/14
Jason Whitlock Hour 1 04/10/08
Jason Whitlock Hour 2 04/10/08
Jason Whitlock Hour 3 04/10/08
Javon Walker robbed on the strip 06/17/08
Javon Walker tells a whack story 06/18/08
Jay Cutler appeared on his wife's TV show 07/10/18
Jay Cutler chicken and raccoon saga update 07/03/20
Jay Cutler is hunting a Chicken Serial Killer 06/26/20
Jay Gruden spewing BS about Redskins being a few plays away from being 7-2 (includes reset of Ray-Ray in Tampa flaming out) 11/12/14
Jay in Tulsa does a rhyme 05/02/07
Jay Mohr - Talks about Last Comic Standing 2002
Jay Mohr Chris Berman Reset 10/25/10
Jay Mohr Guest Hosts - Hour 1 12/27/10
Jay Mohr Guest Hosts - Hour 1 12/28/10
Jay Mohr Guest Hosts - Hour 2 12/27/10
Jay Mohr Guest Hosts - Hour 2 12/28/10
Jay Mohr Guest Hosts - Hour 3 12/27/10
Jay Mohr Guest Hosts - Hour 3 12/28/10
Jay Mohr Hour 1 11/23/07
Jay Mohr Hour 1 04/11/08
Jay Mohr Hour 1 07/07/08
Jay Mohr Hour 1 08/20/08
Jay Mohr hour 2 11/23/07
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Jay Stew acting retrospective 03/03/06
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Jay Stew movie career 12/08/06
Jay Stew new movie lines 12/05/07
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Jay Williams cut by nets 10/25/06
JD Drew with Red Sox-ManRam sweepstakes 12/06/06
JD says Shamone picture and Mike Call reaction 10/23/07
Jeff from Richmond Returns 11/13/09
Jeff in Cbus reset 11/01/06
Jeff Passan lights up Cal in Vegas during an interview 10/06/16
Jeff Schmaridza-Hoffman 02/16/07
Jeffrey Toobin returns to CNN after suspension 06/11/21
Jeopardy contestant guesses wrong nickname for Joel Embiid 03/05/20
Jerome Bettis Bowling HOF 04/12/06
Jerry Jones misuses Superman-kryptonite metaphor 09/21/17
Jerry Jones says Ezekiel Elliott spanks himself in pregame Cowboys antics 09/25/19
Jerry Rice retires with SF 08/23/06
Jerry Springer walks into Travis office 02/27/06
Jerry Stackhouse sings the national anthem 01/19/07
Jessica Simpson fat and Michael Phelps baked 02/02/09
Jesus in Chicago - Halloween Song J-Stews Stache 10/30/09
Jesus in Chicago reaction 03/12/08
Jesus Montero suspended for season by Mariners for throwing ice cream sandwich at a scout; Donald Sterling (Bigotron) gains weight and is glossed Pig-otron; with fat jokes from Clones 09/02/14
Jeter and A-Rod 02/21/07
Jets players crack Pennington 02/17/06
Jim Boeheim F bomb 03/09/06
Jim Calhoun gets into it with a political activist 02/23/09
Jim Everett returning for JRIB's last show? 01/25/12
Jim in Fall River reset 09/20/07
Jim Lampley arrested 01/04/07
Jim Lampley update 01/05/07
Jim Leyritz took greenies 06/06/06
Jim McLaren Story-Jay Glazer interview 04/24/08
Jim mentioned he missed a day for a medical procedure (colonoscopy), clones suggest it was for plastic surgery 09/01/15
Jim recaps the Sacramento station visit, clones rag on Adam for ordering water at the bar 01/09/17
Jim Rice and Rickey head to HOF 01/13/09
Jim Rome address the viral photo from the 80's, a young Tan Smack on a hog with 2 babes 03/25/21
Jim Rome addresses the Jim Harbaugh tweet 08/17/16
Jim Rome addresses the South Park appearance 09/27/12
Jim Rome bought clothes from hotel to work out, didn't have shoes so wore disposable sandals 02/13/17
Jim Rome Champion Greyhound 01/20/11
Jim Rome leaving ESPN for new personal appearance smack show on CBS 01/09/12
Jim Rome nails another NHL playoff prediction 05/11/17
Jim Rome pays his respect to Mike in San Diego 07/09/12
Jim Rome recaps the David Stern interview, Call from Gino in San Antonio 06/14/12
Jim Rome rick rolling the clones by saying Jim in Fall River is on the phone 10/13/09
Jim Rome station visit to Albuquerque opening segment, resets notable callers 11/20/15
Jim Rome talks about the passing of Jungle Racing's champion racehorse Shared Belief 12/04/15
Jim Rome verifying that he was born in Los Angeles, not Tarzana 06/19/18
Jim Rome wants a part in Space Jam 2 07/23/15
Jim Rome was nominated for the Radio Hall of Fame 05/14/18
Jim Rome's 50th birthday - Famous people he shares birthday with 10/14/14
Jim Rome's take on Jazz music 12/18/14
Jim Rome's take on Top Gun 2 07/03/15
Jim Romes birthday, KB in studio, they discuss other people that share Jims birthday 10/14/15
Jim's 2013 Rant About Adults in Halloween Costumes, with E-Mails and Tweets 10/31/13
Jim, Kyle, and Alvin reenact a scene from Space Jam 01/22/16
Jimmie Johnson says recepted 07/27/09
Jimmy Johnson with stories about Janis Joplin, Terry Bradshaw, and Barry Switzer 03/27/20
JJ Redick DWI 06/13/06
JJ Watt and the Houston Texans part ways 02/12/21
JJ Watt is considering the Browns 02/16/21
JJ Watt on Andy Dalton: Our goal was to come out here and make the Red Rifle look like a Red Ryder BB Gun, and I think we did that 11/17/15
Joba Chamberlain is a show off 05/09/08
Joe Buck-MLB Caskets-Kelly Tilghamn part 1 01/11/08
Joe Cullen driving drunk nude 09/07/06
Joe Girardi giving opposition tips 02/28/07
Joe in Baltimore (Joe Flacco impersonator) gets run, but wins Huge Call 12/13/13
Joe in Hollywood Reaction 10/01/08
Joe in NYC gets run 10/21/04
Joe in NYC stiffs Rome
Joe Mauer has football offer 07/14/06
Joe Namath-I want to kiss you 03/21/06
Joe Pa carted off field 11/06/06
Joe Paterno Interview Fail 12/14/10
Joe Paterno makes players clean urinals 05/24/07
Joe Torre declines yankees offer 10/19/07
Joel Zumaya hurt playing guitar hero 12/14/06
Joey Crawford v Tim Duncan 04/16/07
Joey Vendetta's favorite candy list 11/04/16
John Bale breaks hand punching door 05/05/08
John Daly divorce #4 11/08/06
John Daly gambling losses 05/02/06
John Daly shirtless golf interview 04/30/08
John Dalys wife attacked him with a steak knife 06/11/07
John Dalys wife refutes charges 06/12/07
John Hughes Dies 08/07/09
John in NY had a decent enough call to keep his Golden Ticket 07/16/18
John L Smith coaches are screwing it up 11/01/06
John L Smith needs to be fired 10/02/06
John L Smith reset 09/08/06
John Olerud fake interview
John Parr updates St. Elmo's Fire theme song for Tim Tebow 01/11/12
John Rocker reportedly took HGH 03/07/07
John Sterling got hit in the head by a foul ball, other audio of people getting hurt 06/12/23
John Tortorella gets pranked on USA Hockey conference call 09/23/15
Johnie Cochran middle school 01/27/06
Johnny Weir meltsdown 02/17/06
Jon Miller reaction 07/31/07
Jonny Gomes steals the show at Royals' World Series celebration with epic rant 11/04/15
Jose Canseco in an adult league 05/16/06
Jose Canseco trying to buy off Mag Pipes 01/25/08
Jose Lima on bubble with Mets 03/28/06
Jose Lima run out of Korea 04/17/08
Josh Rosen said there were 9 mistakes ahead of him, tweets and reaction 04/27/18
Jousting - First Take 03/02/11
JR Smith heads to college with eyes set on playing golf 08/12/21
JR Swish doesn't like the size of his hotel blanket 07/21/20
JRIB food spread 06/07/06
JRIB Stanley Cup with Mike Mandt 06/12/08
JRs visit to doctor 03/28/06
JT the Brick talks about his start in the Jungle 07/29/19
Juan Gone-Adam Viniteri to colts 03/22/06
Juan Pablo Montoya wins and spins teammate 03/05/07
JuJu Smith-Schuster lost his bike, tweeted about it, responds to Mia Khalifa 10/25/17
Jukebox Friday 10/09/15
Jukebox Friday 02/18/17
Jukebox Friday - Max_Coits, TommyFromNC, Lance in Topeka, Boatie in Pearland, Mike_Wass 10/03/14
Jukebox Friday - Topics: Tiger, Dallas Huff, Sparrows mustache, lady hit with hotdog, legends not RSVPing 06/22/18
Julio Franco hits homer at 47 04/21/06
Julio Franco turns 48 08/24/06
Jun 01 2007 - Hour 3 06/01/07
Jungle Album 08/01/07
Jungle Anniversaries - George Papas dunk, Conor McGregor post-fight rant, Kyle in GB Jumpman call 11/13/20
Jungle back on the air in Portland, call from Andre in Rip City, Portland woman reset 12/06/17
Jungle Karma defined by Urban Dictionary 10/09/19
Jungle Music Montage 09/20/07
Jungle Singers 01/19/07
Jury Duty update 06/14/06
Justin in Boise-Idiot Kicker 01/05/06
Justin Turner prank calls Dave Roberts, Cody Bellinger, and others 03/26/21
K-Dirt Britney latest 02/22/07
K-rod cheating 04/06/07
Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker 02/05/13
Kaleb in Green Bay @iambthewalrus responds to National Good Call Day 08/28/14
Kaleb in Green Bay calls but gets cut off due to bad phone connection 06/24/15
Kaleb in Green Bay calls with thoughts on Packers vs Seahawks 01/16/15
Kansas City Chiefs dominate New England Patriots 41-14 on Monday Night Football; with e-mail reaction from South-Side Mike in Chicago and Sean in Ottawa 09/30/14
Kansas City Royals advance to World Series for first time since 1985; with KC and No-Cal clones exchanging haymakers via e-mail and Twitter 10/16/14
Kansas City Royals defeat Oakland Athletics 9-8 in 12 innings in AL Wild Card game, with e-mail and Twitter reaction, including Craig in Tampa and Ryan in Wichita 10/01/14
Kansas City Royals one win away from World Series, with e-mail from Scott in Lakeland FL warring Lance in Topeka doing a parody of "We Are The Champions" by Queen 10/15/14
Kansas loses by 32 to Kentucky, with angry e-mail reaction from Bryce in Topeka and J.B. in the 785 11/19/14
Kansas wins National title 04/08/08
Karl-Anthony Towns explains why Michael Jordan seemed angry at him - Yeah I like this energy! 02/24/22
KB introduces video entries - Grossie O'Donnell Sports Minute 04/24/12
KC owns Orange County - Kansas City Royals sweep Los Angeles Angels in the ALDS, with e-mails from Mike R. in Toronto and Martin in Irvine 10/06/14
KC Royals host anti-pornography workshop for players, coaches 03/08/18
Keith Arnold in studio for his exit interview 05/17/19
Keith is at jury duty, referenced Marcia and Ito in a tweet, Hawk doesn't know who that is 10/10/18
Keith Richards snorted his fathers ashes 04/04/07
Kellen Winslow caught smoking weed and masturbating in his car in Target parking lot - GRAPHIC IN NATURE 01/17/14
Kelly Tillgham part 2 01/11/08
Kelvin Sampson and R Johnson 03/29/06
Ken Griffey Jr. sounded the Fat Alarm 07/13/21
Ken Griffey on the DL 04/18/06
Ken Griffey passes Reggie Jackson for 564 04/25/07
Kentucky loses to Gardner Webb 11/08/07
Kentucky struggles against Tennessee but remains unbeaten; Bryce in Topeka wants UK to lose in the NCAA Tournament 02/18/15
Kerry Wood and Mark Prior on DL 03/29/06
Kerry Wood bath tub injury 02/16/07
Kevin Barlow retracts Hitler comment 08/24/06
Kevin Durant plays flag football with a fraternity 11/01/11
Kevin Federline is fat 07/29/09
Kevin Harlan does play by play for drunk fan running on the field 09/13/16
Kevin Hart makes up recruiting story 02/07/08
Kevin Love tries to draw a charge, lost a tooth 03/28/18
Kevin Millar steps into the box to Vanilla Ice 06/20/08
Keyshawn Johnson to host JRIB 02/15/08
Kid goes thru xray at airport 12/20/06
Kids write spiteful obituary for mom who abandoned them 06/05/18
Kiefer Sutherland attacks a Christmas tree 01/06/06
Kike Hernandez had an issue with the great equalizer during a playoff game 03/03/23
Kim Jong Il loves the NBA 11/01/06
Kim Mulkey apologizes for 'knock them in the face' comments, @DenverrDan calls her a scarecrow 03/03/17
Kimbo Slice is a Fraud 10/06/08
Kings in-house DJ played Foreigner's Cold As Ice for Russell Westbrook 01/13/22
Kirstie Alley got in a Twitter feud with the USA curling team 02/21/18
Knicks Lose 59 gamse 04/20/06
Knicks owner James Dolan is vape guy 12/18/18
Kobe drops 61 in the Garden 02/03/09
Kobe hates dog crap 02/06/09
Krispy Kreme is offering free donuts for people that get vaccinated 03/23/21
Kyle Brandt announced that he and his wife are expecting 06/28/13
Kyle Brandt explains why he skipped model party 02/20/09
Kyle Brandt guest hosting - The birth of 1-800-MEN-TOTO 07/02/12
Kyle Brandt has a new Binaca addiction, clones try to guess the sound 09/10/15
Kyle Brandt joins the XR4TI crew 01/07/08
Kyle Brandt plays old audio of his DJ audition, callers respond by trying to win a guitar and tickets 06/19/15
Kyle Brandt reaction 01/20/08
Kyle Brandt sound 01/20/08
Kyle Brandt talks about the Concussion movie, takes suggestions for a sequel title 11/24/15
Kyle Brandt tells a story about drinking wine, making lasagna, taking his infant to a neighbors to borrow sugar, gets attacked by dogs 03/03/15
Kyle Brandt tells the story about meeting Randall WFI in the OC at Costco 12/08/14
Kyle Brandt's take on George Zimmer 06/28/13
Kyle Brandts tribute to Mike in San Diego 07/02/12
Kyle Farnsworth does not like Rockets contract 05/18/07
Kyle in Green Bay is on another road trip, posted pics with Wells in the 360 and Cal in Vegas, clones smack their personal appearances, Rome does a Smackoff preview 05/12/20
Kyle in Green Bay update - his car broke down in San Diego 05/14/18
Kyle Orton is hanging with Cindi Lauper and Lindsay Lohan 08/27/08
l Star Game Finishes Anyway
Lachemann bakery 03/29/07
Laker snowboard injury 03/02/07
Lamar Odom Loves Candy 06/01/09
Lance Armstrong running NYC marathon 04/20/06
Lance Berkman 2001 story 05/15/08
Lance in Louisville (soon to be Topeka) vs. Ryan in Wichita 12/13/13
Lance in Louisville e-mails about moving to Topeka; Rome resets his history, promises to let him on next day 12/12/13
Larry Brown crank in the face reset 01/24/07
Larry Coker out at Miami 11/27/06
Larry Johnson on JRIB 05/16/07
Larry King, legendary talk show host, dies at 87 01/25/21
Laugh & GIMME BACK MY SON 03/13/06
Laurel or Yanny? 05/16/18
Lauren Tannehill leaves an assault rifle in a rental car 01/16/14
Leave Britney Alone! 09/01/07
Lebron goes 1 on 5 and beats Pistons 06/01/07
Lebron has laser pointer in his face 01/26/06
LeBron James focusing on staying positive despite costing Cavaliers a game against Spurs; Rome responds by bringing back The Garden 11/20/14
Lebron James House and Food Courts 03/28/07
Lebron James is a Poor Sport 06/01/09
Lebron James versus Courtside Karen 02/02/21
LeBron took an elbow to the back, sounded painful 03/28/17
Lebron wears a Yankee lid 10/05/07
Lebron wears Browns gear for a commercial 01/16/09
Leff in Laguna submits 2 RSVP videos, from Straight Fire and Henry Winkler 07/18/18
Lefty works with Butch Harmon 02/21/07
Lendale White sucks 01/12/09
Lenny Dykstra spent 9 hours dumpster diving outside a Jersey Mike's 06/19/19
Leo Mazzone tattoo 03/29/06
Levitra Dropped by NFL 01/10/06
LeVon in the 209 gets BLOCKED from the Jungle for e-mail containing "cho-mo" (child molester) blast 03/23/16
Limo Drive Rosie horror story 01/11/07
Limo Driver story 05/17/06
Lionel Richie admits that Stevie Wonder can see 12/13/19
Lions fan gets 0-16 tattoo 01/08/09
Live baseball is back, KBO baseball in Korea 05/05/20
Live TV reporter doesn't react to car crash, anchorwoman makes lame gas prices joke 02/23/12
Lizard back to SF-Kenny Rogers not going in game 1 10/04/06
Logan asked Jim about the Rat Family 02/21/17
Logan is obsessed with the Rocky movies, with reaction from Clones 08/05/14
Logan Rome has a mullet 07/16/07
Logan Rome pitched on his birthday, can't tip pitches when he only has 1 03/03/23
Logan Rome Scores 6 Goals In Soccer Game 09/27/10
Lonnie Smith wanted to kill John Schurolz 11/07/06
Lou Pinella says cubs will win 10/18/06
Lou Pinella takes Carlos Zambrano out early 10/04/07
Loyola Chicago's old mascot was a hobo, prompts bum smack 03/28/18
LSU blows out Ohio State to win NC 01/08/08
LT good father reset 03/29/06
Madison Rising destroys the National Anthem at the Daytona 500 02/25/14
Madison Wisconsin has a new affiliate 01/03/07
Magic Johnson tweets that Kobe should be considered for MVP, along with 8 other players 11/06/14
Mall massages 04/21/08
Mall Take and emails 10/30/07
Man catchers HR ball with baby in hand 05/08/07
Man Cave Reaction 10/07/08
Man eaten by bear 08/22/07
Man gives 14 year old son steroids 01/15/08
Man lives to 106 on wild women and good liquor 02/11/09
Man loses bet and has to name son Isiah THomas 02/10/09
Man loses daughter in poker game 02/28/07
Man on blow tries to cut arm off with butter knife at Denny's 09/02/08
Man pays convicts for sex 02/15/08
Man pretends to be Jeff Turner for sex 06/05/08
Man Ram does not go 08/23/06
Man Ram goes Man Ram 04/25/07
Man Ram styles his fly ball to the CF 04/03/08
Man wants kidney back for divorce 01/08/09
Mandt brothers productions 08/28/08
Mandy Moores mom is a lesbian 03/14/08
Manning brothers lick race 07/03/08
Manny being Manny 10/23/07
Manny Ramirez pinch hit grand slam 07/23/09
Manny Ramirez selling his BBQ on ebay 03/21/07
Manny Ramirez To The White Sox 08/30/10
Manny Ramirez traded to the Dodgers 08/01/08
Manny Ramirez wants a new deal 07/29/08
Manny wants out of Boston 09/29/06
Manual Buzzers 03/09/07
Marathon update from Hawk, shoe shopping at bow-tique, Rome talks about South Beach vacation 01/03/19
Marcus Smart vs. Jeff Orr, with e-mail and Twitter reaction, including Quinn Pitcock e-mail 02/11/14
Marie in Lynchburg reset and more reaction 02/09/18
Marion Jones has $2000 with emails 06/25/07
Mark Davis and Jon Gruden go to Warriors game, Twitter lights them up with personal appearance smack 03/09/18
Mark Madsen returns to LA 07/21/09
Mark Mangino beef and chicken email 08/30/06
Mark Mulder bombed 06/21/06
Mark Richt plays ping pong with recruits 02/06/08
Mark Richt's Hot Dog Delight 02/20/20
Marrying a stripper 11/06/07
Marshall Faulk thinks he is smart 09/22/06
Marty in NoCal 11/21/06
Marty in NoCal calls to remind Rome about the 10 year anniversary of his first call, plus Twitter reaction 11/22/16
Marty segment 05/02/07
Marty wants a wax fugerine of Rome 01/25/07
Marty-Valentines Day 02/14/08
Marvin Freeman WAAAAH reset 09/24/07
Marvin Lewis bans Chad Johnson list 11/03/05
Mary Ann from Gilligans Island busted for tree 03/12/08
Masters Dinner 04/03/07
Masters reaction 04/09/07
Masters Reaction-Tigers receding hairline 04/14/08
Masters recap 04/10/06
Matt Cassel detailed a wildly dysfunctional fight with ex-Chiefs coach Todd Haley 11/10/20
Matt in Cleveland global warming reset, 6 year anniversary 03/31/17
Matt Leinart rocking a beer bong 04/02/08
Matt Millen fired 09/24/08
Matt Morris traded to Pirates 08/02/07
Matt Schaub was put on Earth to do 1 thing, throw pick sixes 12/01/14
Matthew Broderick email 05/05/08
Maury Povich misses the US Senior Amateur 08/30/06
Maury Povich trash segment 04/15/08
May 25 2007 - Hour 1 05/25/07
May 25 2007 - Hour 2 05/25/07
May 25 2007 - Hour 3 05/25/07
May 28 2007 - Hour 1 05/28/07
May 28 2007 - Hour 2 05/28/07
May 28 2007 - Hour 3 05/28/07
May 30 2007 - Hour 1 (kobe) 05/30/07
May 30 2007 - Hour 2 (KOBE) 05/30/07
May 30 2007 - Hour 3 (kobe) 05/30/07
Mayweather beats Hatton 12/10/07
Mayweather v Hatton 12/07/07
Meatwhistle 01/24/07
Mel Gibson as a gun-toting Santa Claus in 'Fatman' trailer 10/09/20
Members of Ratt take control from the drummer, Ratt Partnership Agreement 11/30/16
Mercer upsets Duke 78-71 in NCAA Round of 64 with e-mail and Twitter reaction 03/21/14
Metal Detectors 06/05/08
Mets fire GM Jared Porter for sending explicit, unsolicited text message images to female reporter 01/19/21
Mets kid wins a retroactive Golden Ticket 06/09/23
Mets players are giving their fans thumbs-down, reset of Mike in San Diego Bochy call 08/30/21
Miami crying at Florida 09/11/08
Miami Dolphins ruin imperfect season 12/17/07
Miami is a new affiliate 10/23/06
Miami player murdered 11/08/06
Micah Owings hits 2 run jack 05/01/08
Michael Irvin has gun pulled on him 01/14/09
Michael Jackson acquitted 06/14/05
Michael Jordan - The ceiling is the roof 03/06/17
Michael Phelps eats and dominates 08/13/08
Michael Phelps plays beer pong 02/11/09
Michael Strahan garage sale 04/23/07
Michael Strahan retires from NFL 06/10/08
Michael Vick lobs the bird 11/27/06
Michael Vick sentenced to 23 months 12/12/07
Michaels dad 04/08/08
Michelle Rodriguez using electronic cigarette at Knicks game 01/08/14
Michelle Wie shoots 79 at Sony Open 01/13/06
Michelle Wie whiffs and gets an 8 10/13/06
Michigan coach meltdown 02/29/08
Michigan loses to App State Hour 1 09/04/07
Michigan loses to App State Hour 2 09/04/07
Michigan loses to App State Hour 3 09/04/07
Michigan loses to Oregon 39-7 09/10/07
Michigan-Ohio State 11/13/06
Michigan-Ohio State 11/14/06
Michigan-Ohio State 11/16/06
Mickey Mantle cocksucker ball 06/20/06
Mike Forbess reset 04/24/06
Mike Gundy FAT 04/01/08
Mike Gundy latest post game interview gives us a new soundbite 10/29/18
Mike Gundy meltdown and reaction 09/24/07
Mike Gundy reimbursed a local radio host for a lost over/under bet 12/05/18
Mike Gundy reset-FAT BROCCOLI VACUUM CLEANER 04/03/08
Mike in Nashville is a Pittsburgh native that owns a bar in Nashville 06/05/17
Mike in Wichita 09/26/07
Mike in Wichita on Vacation 09/29/08
Mike Leach gives dating advice 09/24/08
Mike Leach ticked about Crabtree 04/27/09
Mike Nolan got Tabasco in his eye, Rome tells a story about a bully at summer camp 10/27/20
Mike Piazza HOF Mets 04/21/06
Mike Piazza press conference reset 04/06/07
Mike Piazza retires 05/21/08
Mike Tice fired 45 minutes after gam 01/03/06
Mike Tyson released an EDM song 10/27/20
Mike Vanderjagt comparisons 06/06/06
Mike Vick and dog fighting 04/27/07
Mike Vick apologizes for missing spring training 07/27/07
Mike Vick dog fighting ring 05/14/07
Milwaukee named US drunkest city 08/25/06
Minnesota Twins with epic prank on starting pitcher (and Wichita State alum) Mike Pelphrey 03/26/14
Minor league - Jacko Night 01/26/04
Minor league cash drop gone bad 04/17/06
Minor League Love boat night 04/18/06
Minor league umpire meltdown 06/05/07
Miracle cat story 10/13/06
Miss Teen SC email 10/10/07
Miss Teen South Carolina 08/29/07
Miss Teen South Carolina reset 09/28/07
Miss Teen South Carolina reset 10/15/07
Mitchell Report Day Hour 1 12/13/07
Mitchell Report Day Hour 2 12/13/07
Mitchell Report Day Hour 3 12/13/07
MLB All Star game reaction 07/12/06
MLB down with crank ads 01/10/06
MLB sleeper buses - recycled 80's rock tour buses? 07/31/20
MLBPA turns against A-Rod; Rome introduces the A-Rod Alarm 01/22/14
MLBPA wants to eliminate accidental roid tests 01/23/06
MMA fighter Khetag Pliev lost finger during match, still wanted to keep fighting, Rick Allen reset 04/02/21
Mo Clarett update 08/21/06
Monkey Monkey explanation 06/19/07
Monmouth wins play in game 03/15/06
Monty blames American Food for Being Fat 08/24/06
Monty blames American food for being fat 08/25/06
More Charlie Weis Reaction 09/15/08
More examples of Jeopardy contestants struggling with sports clues 03/28/14
More Jacko Reaction 06/26/09
More possible Hackoff RSVP's from Dr. Dave in Chicago, Andi in Rocklin, Bo in Nashville, Lauren in Naples, Mona in Knoxville, Fabian in LA, and Edward in San Diego 11/28/18
More reaction to Ritt stepping on Diane's serious phone call, interview with Alvin 12/04/20
Moron caller reset 06/16/06
Most and least popular MLBers 05/18/07
Mount Textmore and Reaction 06/19/09
Mountain Biker Caught with 400 lbs of Pot 06/19/09
Movie take 08/03/07
Mr Automatic - Song by 3 Day Weekend 07/20/07
Mr. Positive - Mitch in San Bernardino 03/20/12
Munchkin at Astro camp 02/28/06
Music segment and drinking at work 08/08/08
NAACP taking up for Mike Vick 08/23/07
Naked Bills fan covered in feces rescued from 40-foot hole outside stadium 09/19/23
Naked coach update 09/08/06
Name Romes new horse 04/04/08
Naming your kid ESPN 04/06/07
Nancy Kerrigan Tonya Harding anniversary 01/06/09
Nascar Meat 03/30/06
Nascar new car of tomorrow 03/26/07
Nascar Wine Drinkers 03/06/07
National Dog Day - Rome resets dog related topics 08/26/15
National Handshake Day 06/25/09
National Handshake Day 06/29/17
NBA and other events suspended due to coronavirus, Hour 1, calls from Tony in Sacramento and Jason in Baltimore 03/12/20
NBA bubble - Adult video provider offers free content to players 07/02/20
NBA draft lottery 05/23/07
NBA Final ratings are low 06/13/07
NBA Finals 06/21/06
NBA to hold tryouts in Vegas 03/30/06
NCAA bowl games before xmas 11/29/06
NCAA bracket breakdown 03/13/06
NCAA flu pandemic 03/13/06
Nebraska and Notre Dame tanking 11/05/07
Nebraska DB calls his shot 09/13/06
Nebraska fires Steve Pederson 10/16/07
Nebraska Gets Embarrassed By Mizzou 10/06/08
Nebraska got smacked 09/18/06
Nebraska loses to Oklahoma State 10/30/06
Nebraska reeling 10/15/07
Nebraska thoughts 09/14/06
Nebraska-USC smack 09/12/07
Nebraska-USC week 09/10/07
Nebraska-USC week 09/13/07
Ned Yost tirade 05/16/07
New email address 07/31/09
New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (aka The Gronk) and his family look to play Celebrity Family Feud 06/03/15
New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (aka The Gronk) tapes the number 69 to his practice jersey as a joke 12/04/14
New Fit Alarm for when celebrities or athletes lose weight 06/26/17
New Hot Dog Champion 06/04/07
New Mexico bans cockfighting 03/13/07
New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton to be portrayed by Kevin James in upcoming football movie 04/13/21
New rewards for getting the RPO Podcast into the top 10 09/26/18
New Voiceover Guy 07/21/08
New XR4Ti member: Jack Savage 02/22/23
News of Junior Seau's death 05/02/12
News site mistakenly runs dozens of obituaries 11/18/20
NFL draft time cutting 05/17/07
NFL hall-of-famer Kevin Greene dies at 58 12/22/20
NFL player runs from cop in Pearland Texas 04/04/08
NFL Pulls sponsorship with Levitra 01/10/06
NFL ref has house vandalized 01/19/06
NFL Rookie Symposium 06/25/07
NFL shuts down Ron Mexico jersey 05/29/06
NFL VP of Broadcast Planning Mike North sounds like the Chicken Man 05/13/22
NFL wont air Two for the Money ads 10/07/06
Nick Lachey takes up for Huggins 08/26/06
Nick Saban clown suit 10/19/06
Nick Saban lie reset 10/30/07
Nickelodeon's Gabrielle Nevaeh Green accidentally given Tony Romo’s 800-page game notes package for NFL broadcast 01/15/21
Nicole Ritchie DUI 12/11/06
NIT Brackets announced 03/14/06
No guns at work 10/19/07
No more doughnut runs 01/11/07
North Carolina QB Sam Howell claims to have never eaten anything but chicken, clones call out Brian Webber for McRib addiction 01/05/21
North Texas naming rights 11/17/06
North v South 10/26/07
Northern Colorado punter situation 09/13/06
Northern Colorado punter update 09/15/06
Northwestern soccer hazing 05/23/06
Norv Turner rejects Axls 'time to die' 01/04/12
Not leaving when the bars close 01/13/09
Notre Dame-Nick Saban-Jim Lampley 01/04/07
O.J. Simpson gets a shock in his sleep By Nicole Brown look-alike in viral prank 04/05/22
Oakland forgets bats for games 03/28/06
Oakland Raiders avoid winless season with victory over Kansas City Chiefs, with Clones' reaction on e-mail and Twitter 11/21/14
Obama wants his blackberry 01/13/09
Ocho Cinco beats a horse 06/11/07
Odell Beckham makes a spectacular one-handed touchdown catch for Giants against the Cowboys 11/24/14
Ohio St tickets upset at ticket allocation 12/01/06
Ohio State cereal 08/31/06
Ohio State implements new behavioral policies requiring fans to remain seated during plays; OSU's SID Tweets oldies songs with Stand in title 09/04/14
Ohio State Linebacker tasered 02/03/09
Ohio State not hungry-Changes to BCS 01/10/07
Ohio State poll gaffe 09/07/06
Ohio State riots 01/08/08
Ohio State v USC 09/09/08
Ohio State-Florida reaction 01/09/07
OJ denies being Khloe's father 01/10/18
OJ estranged from USC 01/03/06
OJ says he might be father of Anna Nicoles baby 03/07/07
OJ Sex tape 06/12/06
OJ Simpson got kicked out of a Las Vegas bar for being belligerent 11/09/17
OJ Simpson has a take on the Carole Baskin husband disappearance 04/02/20
OJ Simpson new book 11/15/06
OJ Simpson take with soundbyte and emails 09/17/07
OJ Simpson was on Sacha Baron Cohen's show 08/28/18
OJ Simpson-Denise Brown reset 11/14/07
Oklahoma judge whacks off 01/05/06
Oklahoma woman tells cops 'I have to poop so bad' before high-speed chase 09/22/20
Old School Caller Day 02/05/08
Old School resets 01/18/06
Old Timers Day at Shea 04/13/07
Olympic Cyclists wear masks off plane 08/06/08
Olympic Dissapointments 02/17/06
Olympic Sex App 02/12/14
Olympic swimmer Klete Keller used dog walking app, came home to 2 shirtless guys on couch with personal lube and a camera 08/30/18
Olympic Women's Hockey - Team USA defeated Canada for the Gold Medal 02/22/18
Olympics Organizers Ask Keith Moon to Play Closing Ceremony - Lee in Van Def Leppard text 04/13/12
On election eve, Rome gives his political opinion 11/02/20
One Shining Moment has to go 04/08/08
Online Education 11/08/07
Online Steroid Ring Busted 02/28/07
Opening Coll Football weekend reaction-good smack 09/02/08
Opening segment after Red Sox choke job 09/29/11
Opening Segment of the Year 01/07/08
Opening segment reaction turns into death smack 01/20/23
Orioles Base Running snafu 04/17/06
Orlando Cepeda arrested 05/03/07
Orlando Hudson Lifetime and Informercials and email reaction 06/06/07
Oscars and Romes favorite movie 02/20/09
Oscars reaction, Eminem 02/10/20
Oscars take 02/23/09
OU player says all i did was take cash 04/05/07
Overhyped Lebron dunk 07/23/09
Ozzie Guillen does not like reunions 03/21/07
Pacer strip club shooting 10/06/06
Packer fan duct tapes 7 year old 01/17/08
Pacman Jones arrested 08/25/06
Pacman Jones goes to strip clubs to eat 08/10/07
Pacman Jones Stripclub incident 01/15/08
Pacman reset 11/13/07
Pacman soundbyte impressions 06/21/07
Pants off dance off 06/08/06
Paris Hilton says Britney is a good mom 12/13/06
Parker McLaughlin-PGA Golfer who knows Obama 01/16/09
Parody Larry finished his Hit the Road Dak song on the voicemail, reset of The Grump rapping 10/12/17
Parody Larry gets on the air after three days on hold and tries to become Haiku Larry; Rome runs him and chews him out 04/10/15
Parody Larry in San Francisco does a parody song of Beverly Hillbillies on Jed York and takes shots at Lance in Topeka 12/22/14
Parody Larry is on hold to try to break a record with 3 run calls in 1 show, Rome doesn't let him back on air 05/28/20
Party Guy Hour 1 08/01/08
Party Guy Hour 2 08/01/08
Party schools 07/24/08
Pat Summit sings 02/28/07
Patrick Mahomes puts ketchup on his steak 11/15/18
Patty Hearst wins dog show 02/12/08
Paul Byrd wonders why people hate Barry 05/25/06
Paul Cartneys wife
Paul McCartneys wife
Paul Westerberg screwdriver accident 01/04/07
Paula Abdul airline gaff 04/18/07
Pay Phone smack 03/31/08
PDA update 11/27/06
Pebble Beach Pro Am 02/10/06
Pebble Beach Pro Am this week 02/06/07
Pedro dots Jose Guillen twice 04/07/06
Pedro says he dominated and did it clean 02/15/08
Pee Wee Herman at the Dalas Cowboys camp 08/05/11
Pepperoni shortage during pandemic, Tweets from Keith Arnold 08/18/20
Personal appearance smack allowed for 11-12-13 day, Charlie in Lawrence looking for Jungle Caramel 11/12/13
Pet parrot named Eric saves man from house fire in Australia 11/05/20
Peta does not want the Ravens using Ravens 07/03/08
PETA tells Ben and Jerrys to use breast milk 09/24/08
Pete Carroll holding pro seminars 11/16/05
Pete Carroll meltsdown with Sanchez going pro 01/16/09
Pete Rose at baseball camp 08/03/07
Peyton Manning cannot change his name to Peyton Manning 03/29/07
Peyton Manning idiot kicker reset 01/17/06
Peyton Manning Sweet 16 Party 03/06/07
Peyton Manning weird commercial 01/14/08
Peyton Mannings head 01/17/07
Phil Jackson and Mark Cuban 02/08/06
Phil Jackson Brokeback Mountain 11/15/07
Phil Jackson only wants to coach home games 06/24/09
Phil Mickelson meltdown 06/19/06
Phil Mickelson meltdown 02/20/07
Phil Mickelson rolls in Georgia 04/03/06
Phil Mickelson wins at Riviera 02/23/09
Phillies lose 10000 games 07/16/07
Phillip says Jesus Christ could not help the Lakers 03/12/07
Philly fan eats horse crap after the Super Bowl 02/05/18
Piece of Crap club 08/01/07
Pig Latin take and emails 04/27/07
Pilot lands plane in Hudson River 01/16/09
PING soundbyte and take 06/20/07
Pitt QB Kenny Pickett's hand measures larger at pro day than at 2022 NFL scouting combine 03/22/22
Pittsburgh SB riots 02/07/06
Pittsburgh Super Bowl parade 02/04/09
Plane Crash Smack in Soccer 01/13/09
Play in game 03/12/07
Play in game 03/18/08
Players Champ recap 03/27/06
Podcast preview with Chris Archer and voicemails 10/24/17
Podcast Voicemails 11/14/17
Podcast voicemails after the Smackoff 07/25/18
Podcast voicemails mocking Jeff in San Antonio 10/17/17
Porn during the Super Bowl 02/02/09
Porn spam 09/18/06
Portland new affiliate 05/12/08
Postal worker border skirmish 02/27/08
Pot smoking mother 09/13/06
Potluck guy and Michael Jordan's Catch 23 fishing boat wins sailfish tournament in Florida 01/27/21
Preview of Podcast voicemails 10/03/17
Preview of the Podcast with Charles Barkley 06/27/18
Price is Right contestant bids $7000 for a basic hammock 10/08/14
Pro Bowl Hijinx 02/16/07
Pro Bowl in London 12/07/06
Pro Vick argument 07/24/07
Pujols mad not getting MVP 11/30/06
Pumpkin patch 10/30/06
Purdue player busted for stealing condoms 05/19/09
Race for worst in MLB 05/03/06
Race In America Conversation Part 1 - Calls from Rob in Oakland, Ross in Arkansas, Kenny in Nashville, Carla in Idaho, Russell in the Bay Area 06/01/20
Race In America Conversation Part 2 - Calls from John in Santa Barbara, Tobin in Chapel Hill, Chris in Oregon, Ody in Orange County, Paul in Santa Monica, Steve in Omaha 06/01/20
Radio or TV 01/18/06
Radio Row Week That Was 02/14/22
Radio terms, update from Hawk on Christmas card submissions, mentions WoodScopes lineup 12/14/18
Raiders 0-16 09/18/06
Raiders are a mess 09/23/08
Raiders still looking for a coach 02/10/06
Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul get in a fight 10/22/18
Randall added to the Deca Yeah 07/26/19
Randy Johnson is ugly 04/21/06
Randy Johnson love child 03/29/06
Rangers pitcher back to back to back 04/17/06
Rapper winks at Romes wife 04/03/08
Rappers on Roids 01/15/08
Rashard Mendenhalls 911 Tweet 05/03/11
Rat Family Open 03/14/08
Ravens rookie Ben Cleveland discusses his acquired taste for squirrels 05/18/21
Raw Dog it 06/10/08
Rays First Pitch Problems 09/30/08
Rays First Pitch Reaction 09/30/08
Razor Rudduck wants to sell u a trash can 12/13/06
Reaction to Bob Diaco Interview; Lance in Louisville/Topeka glossed a Scorpion and Energy Vampire 12/18/13
Reaction to Chris in SE Wisco's call, Rome explains why he couldn't go to Kit's Place, gives love to Stucknut 02/03/22
Reaction to Hawk's attack on dog culture 05/12/21
Reaction to Jason in Oregon's call, beat by ex-step son 01/20/21
Reaction to Matija Pecotic interview, all about Jack Sock 02/16/23
Reaction to Mike in San Diegos passing 07/02/12
Reaction to Silk Brah, Rome and DJ salary comparison, Jack Nicholson picture 04/14/23
Reaction to the Jim Rome rap song, plus phone calls 02/28/18
Reason to go... pee on a girls leg on airplane 08/12/11
Rebecca Black remixed her classic song Friday for the 10th anniversary 02/12/21
Recap of Buffalo CloneStock, email from Rick in Buffalo, audio of Kyle in Green Bay's table slam 12/19/18
Recap of clone and Texans GM Nick Caserio on Payne and Pendergast, Rome gives him an honorary Golden Ticket 06/16/23
Recap of Ravens vs Browns, Lamar Jackson left with a 'cramp' 12/15/20
Reche Caldwell reset 01/24/07
Redskins draft pick hit in groin by paintball 06/18/07
Referee injured by cannon at Maine Maritime Academy football game 09/27/19
Refractory period 02/26/09
Reggie Evans 10K grabbing 05/02/06
Reggie Evans gropes Chris Kaman 05/01/06
Reggie Jackson on A-rod 08/29/06
Remembering Whitey Albers and Melvin 06/14/22
Reminder about Year in Review show, use hashtag #RomeYIR 12/20/18
Reset and reaction to Gavin in Illinois' flameout 04/09/21
Reset of Brad in Corona's call to Brian Webber 11/05/18
Reset of Gaucho Bill's rat family fax 06/03/21
Reset of J-Stew's call screening techniques and Boaties Moleface Rock 02/16/21
Reset of John in Little Rock's greatest hits 03/16/22
Reset of Kevin Durant shouting out to Toby in Houston 04/19/19
Reset of Leff in Laguna and Brad in Corona from day before 06/16/20
Reset of Mark in Humboldt and Johnny Scabs' calls 05/04/21
Reset of old school Smackoff callers - Willie in KC, Otis in Austin, Kerwin in Riverside, Jim in Fall River, Doc Mike 06/04/21
Reset of old school Texters, Ron Full of Rage 11/27/18
Reset of ponytail guy doing the Week That Was 09/24/21
Reset of some of the best first calls, Brad in Corona, Mike in San Diego, JD in Nashville 05/20/22
Reset of the Self Gloss segment - 5 year anniversary 04/25/19
Reset-Teacher admits she smokes weed 09/13/06
Resets of Mark Grace audio 06/25/20
Resets of the dog getting invited to the Smackoff, Jim in Fall River donkey call, Tommy in Detroit oorf 12/08/20
Results of the Radio Hall of Fame - Jim Rome didn't make it this time 06/25/18
Retrospective on the Hackoff 06/20/14
Reverse LT Buzzer 06/22/21
Rex Hudler reaction 02/13/09
Ricardo Montalbon dead at 88 01/15/08
Rice player plays 4 positions 10/04/07
Rich Ackerman might've had a stroke on-air 03/13/23
Rich Fantasy Baseball Guy - Pig Farmer 10/26/11
Rich Flores gifted Rome a signed 'Henry Winkler jumping the shark' poster 12/17/18
Rich in Anaheim Hills 111396 11/13/96
Rich in Rochester jokes about Sammy Watkins' premature touchdown celebration, wars Buffalo Bills playoff talk on local radio 10/27/14
Rich Rodriguez DUI 12/11/06
Rich Rodriguez family receiving threats 01/09/08
Rich Rodriguez Josh Groban Take 12/03/10
Rich Rodriguez messes with UM tradition 05/08/07
Rich Rodriguez Reaction 12/03/10
Richie Sexson given steal sign 04/24/06
Rick Brunson books appointment with masseuse under the name of Patrick Ewing and sexually assaults her; Rome gives this take with Enya bumping in background 07/10/14
Rick in Buffalo goes after Vic in Nocal, ends with a bad impersonation of an explosion 01/25/18
Rick Pitino Reaction 10/01/08
Rick Reilly
Rick Sutcliffe and Ramonce Taylor 05/15/06
Rick Sutcliffe part 2 05/15/06
Rick Sutcliffe part 3 and Rome on AFHV 05/15/06
Rick Tocchett busted in gambling ring 02/07/06
Rickey Henderson back with Mets 02/13/06
Rickey Henderson stealing promoters money 01/25/08
Ricky in Seattle submits his own Smackoff promo, reaction 05/11/22
RIP Alex Trebek 11/09/20
RIP Eddie Van Halen 10/07/20
Ritt disappoints everyone with a decent The Week That Was 06/10/22
Ritt gets to handle The Week That Was duties since Alvie is missing 06/08/22
Ritt hasn't had sugar in 30 days, Hawk says Dr. Pepper is a kids drink 09/15/20
Ritt is a fan of Weird Al 08/04/20
Ritt is drinking hot chocolate 11/20/19
Ritt plays a soundbite at the end of the Taylor Heinicke interview, upsets Rome 02/18/21
Ritt plays the wrong bumper music again, 2nd time in 2 weeks 01/28/21
Ritt plays the wrong bumper music, Lust for Life instead of Up All Night 01/14/21
Ritt took the entire commercial break making hot cocoa 03/25/21
Ritt with a parody song for Jose Quintana's dishwashing injury 07/03/20
Rob in Cleveland The Grump calls for 2nd day in a row, gets run again 07/07/15
Rob in Reno submits another clone song 06/06/23
Robert Dozmati got married on Zoom 01/07/21
Robert Horry hits another big shot 05/01/07
Rock Show - Pooldoc Recaps 2012 Ranch Bash 03/22/12
Rockies fans vs Brewers fans 09/24/07
Rockies owner thinks Colorado is better 10/29/07
Rockies retiring numbers 04/05/06
Rocky Balboa on the Hippy Lettuce 04/27/11
Roger Clemens Hour 1 02/13/08
Roger Clemens Hour 2 02/13/08
Roger Clemens Hour 3 02/13/08
Roger Clemens love affair 04/28/08
Roger Clemens Mindy McCready update 04/29/08
Roger Clemens with John Daly ex wife alledgely 05/01/08
Roger in Massachusetts thinks Joe Flacco should retire, doesn't want to de-minimize his injuries 02/13/19
Rome - Your Mama in Bulk, YO! reset 12/14/10
Rome addresses Gerrit Ritt's departure 02/15/23
Rome addresses the rumor that OJ 'Stinky' Simpson wears diapers 12/09/16
Rome addresses the Shey from the Bay Twitter video 02/14/17
Rome and Hawk break down the Big Lead article - Have a Take and Don't Suck: Inside the Twisted Minds of Jim Rome's Call-In Empire 06/18/20
Rome and Hawk discuss the James Kelley personal appearance smack 05/21/18
Rome and Hawk go over more of the HOF vote suggestions 05/22/18
Rome and Hawk talk about best relationships formed in the Jungle 03/11/21
Rome and Kyle discuss weed, then talk Smackoff 06/16/16
Rome and the Clones mourn the passing of Dave Geeting (aka Dave in St. Louis the Non-Hunter) 07/28/16
Rome announces another 2 week vacation 07/31/20
Rome announces he is going to Houston 08/20/07
Rome announces new contract 07/11/06
Rome announces that the radio show will be on CBS Sports Network TV 10/17/17
Rome apologizes to band nation over Tweet 01/02/15
Rome asks for rant requests for the CBS NFL show 11/06/18
Rome backed into Janets car in the driveway, who's at fault? 08/28/20
Rome breaks down a quote from NASCAR promoter Bruton Smith 01/16/97
Rome breaks down the fastest run calls between Ryan in Wichita and Parody Larry 09/05/17
Rome breaks down the Stella Artois commercial with SJP and The Dude 02/04/19
Rome brings up Stucknut again 04/23/08
Rome Burns On Favre/Sterger Scandal 10/08/10
Rome calls for an end to court-storming in college basketball, accuses Kansas State of ruining it after fans get violent following win over Kansas 02/24/15
Rome Calls Out Gonzo In SA (Guitar Fail) 11/17/10
Rome checks in with Hawk about Jeff in Richmond's appearance on Stucknut Radio 04/30/18
Rome checks in with Hawk, talk about vacation, birthday party, and marathon training 07/08/19
Rome claims that the Cleveland Browns are America's Team 10/08/18
Rome Compares the Crews' Degrees 10/31/08
Rome cracks on Metal Detector Guy 10/01/14
Rome cracks on mimes 07/28/14
Rome discusses Johnny Rotten and Greg Norman 11/24/20
Rome does a straight soccer take, Gregg Berhalter named USMNT coach 12/05/18
Rome doesn't like his chowd family from Boston 01/17/97
Rome doesn't want to talk about Jessica Simpson gaining weight 09/20/17
Rome eulogizes the late Gene Wilder, pays tribute to his role as Willy Wonka, with Tweets from Chris in St. Pete and @paulcarney1978 08/30/16
Rome explains that Romeageddon was a one-off, clones come in with fat smack, Alvie plays alarms 10/05/17
Rome forgets his passwords 07/13/09
Rome gained 7 pounds on the Wisconsin trip, but lost it in 1 day 08/10/21
Rome gets another prediction right, the Nashville Predators over the Anaheim Ducks, with clones cashing in and reaction 04/28/16
Rome gives away snickers for blackberry fix 03/03/08
Rome goes off on the karma and Chris Everett 08/10/07
Rome got FAT during his Wisconsin trip 08/13/18
Rome got his seat bumped from first class to row 20, he was 'first on the downgrade' list 01/14/19
Rome has a fake twitter 07/23/09
Rome has a take on hand shake guy 06/30/16
Rome has harsh words for UCSB student who ran on the court during UCSB-Hawaii game 03/07/14
Rome has phone problems 06/27/08
Rome has spam in his inbox 02/15/08
Rome has to spend most of Hour 2 defending his decision to discontinue the Hackoff 04/22/14
Rome hates Canadian PSAs 03/18/05
Rome Hates Halloween 10/31/08
Rome hates on Clay in Buffalo 05/08/08
Rome hates Starbucks 04/07/06
Rome hypes Dublin band Gama Bomb, wants to be in a video 08/31/21
Rome in Philly 05/17/06
Rome interrupts the Week That Was to wrap up the Larry, Rob, and Lance calls 11/06/15
Rome interviews new EP Tom Di Benedetto about the Count Chocula gloss 08/11/21
Rome introduces the newest crew member Gerrit Ritt 05/01/19
Rome is back on air in Austin, reset of Nolan Ryan at the Tour Stop 08/16/23
Rome jokes about skipping his Showtime show to get high on 4-20 04/21/15
Rome just noticed that Alvie wears his headphones backwards 01/12/21
Rome lays out the 2017 Smackoff odds from Stucknut 06/21/17
Rome lays out the Smackoff 25 odds from Stucknut 05/14/19
Rome lays out the Smackoff 26 invitee list 06/02/20
Rome leads off the show with a soccer take 10/11/17
Rome leaves after hour 2 to catch a flight to Tampa, Brian Webber fills in 02/04/21
Rome makes a pitch to LeBron James to be in Space Jam 2 09/20/18
Rome meets one of the Olsen twins 12/11/06
Rome meets Rachael in Houston 08/22/07
Rome mentions he was sequestered in Ontario CA for 3 days, asked clones to guess why 01/11/19
Rome mentions Smackoff.net website 05/16/12
Rome mentions why he missed a few days, he had hernia surgery 07/16/21
Rome misplaced his HOF trophy, found it under the sink 02/11/21
Rome nails another NHL prediction, gets negative feedback, might retire giving out free picks 04/17/19
Rome nails another NHL prediction, some clones think the audio is doctored 05/11/18
Rome on Celebrity Maps 01/28/11
Rome on Golf 10/19/04
Rome opens by ripping Roger Goddell for his handling of the Ray Rice situation, followed by e-mails comparing Goddell to Matt in Cleveland, Justin in Huntington Beach, and Lance in Louisville 09/11/14
Rome pays tribute to 19-year-old cancer victim Lauren Hill 04/10/15
Rome played the Boogie Cousins 'fat boy' clip at the dinner table 03/08/17
Rome previews the OJ Simpson 'If I Did It' special 03/09/18
Rome previews the voicemails for Podcast episode 5 09/22/17
Rome promises a segment of personal appearance smack, rat family, bum smack, and/or the Toby call for getting his podcast to number 1 on iTunes 09/26/17
Rome pulls 5 suggestions from the Box of Chaos 06/04/18
Rome puts the hammer down on Star Wars dorks 02/03/97
Rome ran into Andy Reed at Javier's 04/16/18
Rome ran into Jeff DiTolla at a baseball game 05/09/18
Rome Reads 420 Drug Test email List 04/26/11
Rome reads an email over Photograph 07/22/09
Rome reads an open letter to Joaquin in San Diego, awards himself Huge Call at the end of the show 02/12/15
Rome reads tweet from Steve in HTown @stucknut about the first email to the show, using the E-Takes form on the website in 1999 01/04/16
Rome recaps his Hall of Fame induction ceremony 11/11/19
Rome recaps his Wisconsin trip 08/14/18
Rome recaps Smackoff 23 08/14/17
Rome reflects on the passing of John Thompson, call from Danny Swartz 08/31/20
Rome resets calls from Brad in Corona and Irie Craig to Grant Napear 10/18/18
Rome resets notable Tampa callers from the past 09/18/15
Rome resets Oren in Denver and Jeff in Richmond's feud 05/15/17
Rome resets the 'worst segment ever' on its 7 year anniversary 03/25/16
Rome resets the Kyle streak after Kyle Van Noy's interview 02/11/19
Rome revisits the Slash in Brentwood call, determines that Slash got the buzzer before saying I'm out 01/08/16
Rome revokes Golden Tickets for Marie and Ryan 'Ron' 05/15/18
Rome Rips Barry Bonds 03/23/05
Rome runs down most of the 2016 Smackoff participant list 06/07/16
Rome runs down the 2016 Stucknut Smackoff odds 06/29/16
Rome runs Tweets that are over 140 characters, Alvin introduces a new Twitter Buzzer 11/09/17
Rome says Phil does not choke 06/13/06
Rome sets the tone for 2019, no more Ray Liotta or Irie bum smack, Hawk lost his running shoes 01/02/19
Rome shares his thoughts on Smackoff XX, recaps last five Smackoff champions (Brad in Corona, 2009 & 2011; Vic in NoCal, 2010; Chael Sonnen, 2012; Mark in Hollywood, 2013) 06/26/14
Rome spends most of Hour 1 recapping action from NCAA Tournament Rounds of 64 and 32, including Northern Iowa's meltdown against Texas A&M and Middle Tennessee upsetting Michigan State 03/21/16
Rome starts show with Mike in San Diego reset, Giants win the pennant, email from Eric in Falls Church 10/23/12
Rome takes RSVP's for possible Hackoff return, calls from Matt in LA, Josh in Detroit, Parody Larry 11/28/18
Rome talks about a gift from 25 clones - Space Jam baseball bat, Hawk gives an update on his car 10/15/18
Rome talks about a road trip to San Diego during the holidays, Jake was his camera man for Instagram post 01/07/21
Rome talks about his induction to the Radio Hall of Fame 08/12/19
Rome talks about his old XR4Ti 04/28/22
Rome talks about his past NHL predictions 04/17/19
Rome talks about his recent trip to Wisconsin, Badgers tailgate/game 11/05/18
Rome talks about Hurricane Harvey in Houston 08/28/17
Rome talks about the Clone weekend, Woodscopes and Green Bay CloneStock 09/10/18
Rome talks about the Sports Illustrated photo shoot from 1996, mentions archived images from Stucknut 05/12/16
Rome teases a major Jungle announcement, clones try to guess 10/16/17
Rome thanks Stew for Hot Dog Cooker 01/13/06
Rome thinks LA beats Phoenix 05/01/06
Rome thinks Lance in Topeka has a better chance of being considered one of the Jungle's best callers than Geno Smith has of being the NFL's best QB 07/28/14
Rome Tweets to Follow Ryan in Wichita 05/10/11
Rome will appear on the Woodscopes, clones react 09/07/18
Rome's 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Prediction 04/11/18
Rome's 2019 NHL playoff predictions 04/10/19
Rome's computer has a virus 07/27/09
Rome's Racoon Problem 10/07/14
Rome's rant about Fireworks Guy 07/03/14
Rome's reset of NCAA Bracket Guy 03/17/14
Rome's take on astounding ESPN article about Tiger Woods - weird, awkward, nerdy, baggy, cheap, obsessed with Navy Seals 04/22/16
Rome's take on Black Friday shoppers, with e-mail response from Martin in Irvine 11/12/14
Rome's take on Bon Jovi 10/31/18
Rome's take on National High-Five Day and High-Five Guy 04/16/15
Rome's take on the NFL protests, plus LeBron calling Trump a bum 09/25/17
Rome's take on the OJ interview 03/12/18
Rome's thoughts on Powerball Guy and Detroit Lions fans who want to buy wedding gifts from Matt Stafford's wedding registry 02/11/15
Romes 0-16 Dream 09/15/08
Romes recap of the Smackoff 06/24/19
Romes son Jake gets busted for an unapproved bat 04/14/11
Ron Artest 07/29/08
Ron Artest denied entrance to Hollywood Club 01/25/08
Ron Artest table leg story 07/13/09
Ron Kittle emails 02/24/09
Ron Mexico takes up for his brother 01/26/06
Ron Popils daughter 07/23/08
Roommate beaten to death (Best of) 05/29/06
Rory Sabbatini bolts charity event 12/17/07
Rose bowl recap 01/05/06
Rosie quits the view 04/25/07
Roy Jones Jr likes cockfighting 02/09/07
Roy Scheider from Jaws dies 02/11/08
Roy Williams is cheap 09/28/07
Royals are horrible 05/23/06
Royals dugout fight 09/13/06
Royals lose 12 in a row 05/25/06
Royals lose 13 in a row 05/26/06
Royals out 2-11 04/19/06
Royals score 10 in first and lose 08/24/06
Royals vs Bluejays for Gil Meche 12/11/06
Rubix cube world record 01/17/06
Rugby player has opponents tooth pulled from his head 07/17/07
Runaway Bride and Johnny Miller 06/17/05
Runaway Football Cart in Dallas 12/19/11
Russ Ortiz demoted to pen 04/25/06
Rutgers fans go off on Navy with emails 09/13/07
Rutto bites another player 01/07/09
Ryan Howard didnt get the memo about Nickelback 06/19/14
Ryder Cup recap 09/29/06
Saddam Hussein is dead 01/02/07
Saints players sleeping in front of market 03/27/06
Sales is Rough 12/17/07
Sales Reset 07/21/09
Salutation rules 11/28/06
Sam in Connecticut got run for bad call about Tiger Woods, gave us a huh? soundbite 02/21/18
Samuel Jackson lights up an L.A. entertainment reporter 02/11/14
San Diego is back in the Jungle, call from Rob in SD 04/12/18
San Francisco Giants shut out Pittsburgh Pirates 8-0 in NL Wild Card, with e-mails from Bryce in Topeka and Scott in Frisco 10/02/14
Sarah Jessica Parker email 05/01/08
Sarah T asks Rome if he remembered when Mark Helfrich called him Sarah, he didn't, Stucknut provided the audio 09/22/23
Schilling-Manny 12/01/06
Science proves soccer is most exciting sport 01/05/06
Scott Olsen suspended for insubordination 07/17/07
Scott Pioli hired by Chiefs 01/14/09
Scott Spiezio cut after arrest 02/28/08
Scott Stapp will play Frank Sinatra in a Ronald Reagan movie 12/18/20
Scott Weiland writes open letter to Charlie Weiss 01/10/07
Scottie Pippen sings Take Me Out to the Ballgame at Wrigley, joins the club 10/24/16
Seahawks rookie Kemah Siverand was released after sneaking girlfriend into team hotel dressed as player 08/25/20
Sean Casey has his car vandalized 04/24/07
Sean Taylor Hour 1 11/27/07
Sean Taylor Hour 2 11/27/07
Sean Taylor tribute 12/03/07
Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting for Rome, show open 11/27/20
Sean the Cablinasian promo 04/27/06
Sean the Cablinasian promo 05/02/07
Sean the Cablinasian recaps his Smackoff call on his Houston show 610am 06/21/19
Seanny the Cablinasian retires per Jim Rome 10/11/07
Seattle Mariners made a Bad News Bears play 06/04/19
Seattle Mariners serves toasted grasshoppers at the ballpark, Rex Hudler reset 04/12/17
Secret Santa Rant, with e-mail and Twitter reaction 12/18/13
Seg 3-BCS and calls 12/04/06
Seg 4-UCSB wins soccer title 12/04/06
Seg 6-Romes rodeo trip 12/04/06
Seg 9-BCS mess 12/04/06
Segment 2-Sir Edmund Hillary and funny emails 01/10/08
Segment with Building Alarm 02/05/09
Sergio calls out TIger 09/21/06
Sergio complaining about locker rooms at Ryder Cup 01/07/09
Sergio Garcia spits in cup and emails 03/26/07
Sex 06/21/07
Sex with cars 05/22/08
Shan Foster cant wait to play in the NBA 07/01/08
Shaq and Kobe have babies 05/02/06
Shaq and Kobe make up 01/17/06
Shaq has a bruised scrotum 03/10/08
Shaq has expenses 01/23/08
Shaq says MVP award is tainted 02/27/07
Shaq to Cleveland 06/25/09
Shaqs rap breakdown 06/25/08
Shaun Livingston dislocates his kneecap 02/27/07
She are the manager 04/17/09
Shoot Heroin like a champion today 01/10/07
Shortest segment ever 02/07/06
Show Announcement: CBS Sports Radio will be available on SiriusXM 02/20/18
Show open 03/28/06
Show open 04/19/06
Show Open - Getaway day for Thanksgiving weekend, Patrick Mahomes puts ketchup on turkey, email and Twitter reaction 11/25/20
Show Open - Jacko is Dead 06/26/09
Show open - NBA boycott, comments from Chris Webber and Robert Horry 08/27/20
Show open - President Trump served fast food for Clemson championship team 01/15/19
Show open - Robert Kraft charged for soliciting sex at a massage parlor 02/22/19
Show open - Rome talks about the shooting in Thousand Oaks, takes calls 11/08/18
Show open - take on Tony La Russa's DUI 11/11/20
Show open - The Milwaukee Bucks win the NBA Championship 07/21/21
Show Open - USC Crushes OSU 09/15/08
Show open before 2 week break, Alvie goes crazy on the board 07/27/18
Show open-Agent zero fails-Hefty-Punter blown up at pro bowl 02/12/07
Show open-Albert Haynesworth-Michigan State-Jason Grimsley report 10/02/06
Show open-Arizona Cardinal meltdown 10/17/06
Show open-BCS-Bill Callahan 12/05/06
Show open-BCS-UCSB wins title 12/04/06
Show Open-Big Ben 06/13/06
Show Open-Big Ben on the Show 06/12/06
Show open-Big Ben-Chris Simms-Notre Dame-Ryder Cup 09/25/06
Show open-Bonds 756-Kevin Durant goes pro 04/10/07
Show open-Bonds and Glavine reach milestones-Agent zero plagiaris 08/06/07
Show Open-College Football recap 09/18/06
Show open-Daisuke Red Sox Artest 911 Miami Football 03/07/07
Show open-Delmon Young-Carl Pavano 08/30/06
Show open-Dice K-Billy Gillespie 04/06/07
Show Open-FSU miami colorado loses 09/05/06
Show open-GiantsBarry-Tiger JOhn Smoltz 04/04/07
Show open-GMU and UCLA in final 4 03/27/06
SHow open-Joey Crawford-Charlie Manuel 04/18/07
Show open-Kelvin Sampson-Roy Williams-Coack K 02/20/08
Show open-Kenny Rogers tickets 10/23/06
Show open-Kobe needs help 05/03/07
Show open-Man Ram and Dwyane Wade 02/22/07
Show Open-Miami brawl-Detroit Tigers-Mets-Iowa loses to indiana 10/16/06
Show open-Miami Heat blown out-OSU Mich-John L Smith 11/01/06
Show open-Miami murder-Chiefs QB-Dick Cheney hunting trip 11/08/06
Show open-Miami set up 01/29/07
Show open-Michael Ray Richardson and Diego Maradona 03/29/07
Show open-NBA playoffs-Carl Pavano-Chuck Liddell 05/24/07
Show open-NBA playoffs-Yankees-Man Ram goes Man Ram 04/25/07
Show open-NBA scandal-Sergio meltdown 07/23/07
Show open-NBA-NHL bumped for Preakness 05/21/07
Show Open-NCAA Day 1 03/21/08
Show Open-NCAA title game preview 04/03/06
Show open-NCAA Title game recap 04/03/07
Show open-NCAA tourney 03/19/07
Show open-NCAA tourney 03/26/07
Show open-NCAA tourney-Pacman Jones 03/12/07
Show open-Nebraska USC 09/15/06
Show Open-Nebraska-Notre Dame-Spurrier 09/14/06
Show open-NFL Draft-Maverics 04/30/07
Show open-Pacman Jones and Hank Aaron on 755 04/11/07
Show open-Schaub-Yankees 03/22/07
Show open-Schilling on Bonds-Barry cracks Costas 07/26/07
Show open-Schillings Bloody Sock-Nascar fixed 04/26/07
Show open-Sox win WS-Arod opt out-Patriots coast 10/29/07
Show open-Tiger wins again-Yanks Sox 08/21/06
Show Open-Tigers-Brad Penny-Soriano 50-40 08/25/06
Show open-Tim Hardaway-Agent Zero 02/15/07
Show open-Tim Hardway 02/17/07
Show Open-USA basketball loses 09/01/06
Show open-Utah Jazz-Lefty wins the Players 05/14/07
Show open-World Cup 07/10/06
Show open-Yankees 04/24/07
Show Open-Yankees and Padres 10/04/06
Show open-Zac Johnson wins Masters 04/09/07
Show openBilly Donovan-Cavs go to finals 06/04/07
Sidney Ponson to the Yankees 07/14/06
Silk Brah and Tito Ortiz were featured in a Spectrum News 1 report 10/07/20
Silk Brah is in charge of mobile homes in Huntington Beach 05/05/21
Silk got fired for going to tour stops 03/21/08
Simon the portable game 01/17/06
Singapore airlines bans sex 11/05/07
Six Degrees of Kenny Rogers and the Jungle 03/23/20
Skip Bayless on Maurice Clarett 08/09/06
Sklars Guest Host Hour 1 - Shaq on WWE, Snoop vs Gasol 12/29/11
Sklars Guest Host Hour 2 - Caron Butler interview, Jerry Jones 12/29/11
Sklars Guest Host Hour 3 - Bruce Jenner, Independence Bowl broken by mascot 12/29/11
Sklars Hour 1 07/18/08
Sklars Hour 2 07/18/08
Sklars Hour 3 07/18/08
Sklars namedrop Steve in H-Town & Stucknut 07/05/07
Skull Bong 05/09/07
Sleeping through the alarm 05/13/09
Smackoff 2012 invitees and mention of Stucknut odds 04/19/12
Smackoff 24 announcement - July 20th 04/30/18
Smackoff 24 Preview 07/19/18
Smackoff 25 is 50 days away 05/02/19
Smackoff 25 preview - Canadian bros, Rick in Buffalo, Benny in Wisco, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mike in Indy 05/08/19
Smackoff 25 preview - Chasing the 5-time champ 05/10/19
Smackoff 26 Announcement - June 19, 2020 04/22/20
Smackoff 26 recap 06/22/20
Smackoff 27 Announcement - June 25, 2021 05/21/21
Smackoff 28 will be June 24th 04/20/22
Smackoff 29 announcement - June 30, 2023 04/18/23
Smackoff 29 odds to be announced May 25th 05/17/23
Smackoff 29 preview - The Idolmaker 05/23/23
Smackoff Announcement - No more studio visits, the Leff Rule 06/25/18
Smackoff announcement will be next week 04/17/20
Smackoff history - Jim in Fall River 06/20/18
Smackoff profile for RSVP's 05/17/22
Smackoff reaction 05/11/09
Smackoff reaction 2-Rachel sounds 05/11/09
Smackoff reaction 3 05/11/09
Smackoff Recap 07/23/18
Smackoff recap of 2017 Golden Ticket holders 06/26/18
Smackoff season has started, time to move content from Twitter to the show 03/27/19
Smackoff XXI set for June 26 05/08/15
Smash Mouth smashes LeBron James on Twitter; Clones begin smashing LeBron with resets of 90s bands and songs 06/13/16
Smoking Pipes 05/29/08
Smooth jazz reset 02/05/09
Snowbird Buzzer - New way to run clones when Joey Vendetta is hosting 07/03/17
Snowboarder hot dogs and falls 02/17/06
Snuggies and Shamwow 01/06/09
Soccer and Porn 04/18/08
Soccer fan Inflatable cranks 02/07/06
Soccer Jail 03/22/06
Soccer messes 11/26/07
Soccer player gives faschist salute 01/24/06
Soccer player traded for meat 02/28/06
Soccer Porn 10/31/06
Soccer Racism 04/13/06
Soccer title is like getting knocked up 12/05/06
Social media didn't like Adam Jones putting ketchup on his tacos 05/06/20
Softball guy 10/15/07
Somebody asked Rome if he knew Erie Craig, Choc and Big Head went to Javiers 06/17/22
Sopranos ending sucked (with emails) 06/11/07
Soundbyte Montage take 06/29/06
South Korean fencer kicked off team for facelift 01/13/06
South Park NASCAR Take 10/14/10
Space Jam 20 year anniversary 11/15/16
Space Station Golf 03/09/06
Spain basketball photo mocks Chinese 08/15/08
Speedo guy 03/21/08
Sports and Jeopardy! don't mix 01/17/14
Spreewell gets his yacht repoed 08/23/07
Spurrier cracks on Georgia 09/10/07
Spurs in a haunted hotel 03/26/14
Spurs with 4th title in 9 years 06/15/07
Stanford Tree Drunk 02/17/06
Stanley Cup-Mickelson caddie 06/20/06
Starbucks take 09/21/06
Steeler fan has heart attack after Bettis fumble 01/18/06
Steelers player charged with pimping 05/14/07
Steelers porn email 05/24/07
Stephen Jackson flys Southwest 08/26/08
Stephon Marbury at the bus stop 02/20/09
Stephone Marbury takes up for Michael Vick 08/22/07
Steve Alford leaves Iowa 03/22/07
Steve Bartman ESPN Documentary 09/28/11
Steve Bartman turns down 25K autograph 07/24/08
Steve Belichick sounds just like his old man 12/06/19
Steve Carbone Radio Show Promo
Steve Elkington interview 06/22/15
Steve Elkington resets 05/18/07
Steve Foley shot 09/05/06
Steve in HTown's a man! He's 40! 05/22/18
Steve McNair and Arturro Gatti thoughts 07/13/09
Steve Spurrier wants to rip Sterling Sharpes number 02/09/09
Stoled bases and recepted 03/20/07
Stone Cold Day - Reset of Smackoff cameos 03/16/18
Str8Jakkett released a new Jim Rome rap song 03/29/19
Stucknut Day on The Jim Rome Show 05/04/09
Stucknut sex email 04/25/06
Stucknut tries to induct Chris Taylor to the Rat Family 10/01/21
Substitute teacher sex change 02/28/06
Super Bowl Prop Bets 01/25/06
Supermodel tears up Terrell Owens 06/24/09
Susie in Wisconsin submits a XR4Ti song, Puttin' on the Ritt 12/10/20
T.O.-Clean Dugouts 03/20/06
Taking credit for stupid things 08/04/08
Talladega bans fans from track 05/02/07
Tank Johnson gets 8 games 06/05/07
Tatum Bells alledgely takes Rudi Johnsons bags 09/03/08
Team USA hitting on chicks at Olympics 08/14/08
Team USA vs Australian Rugby 08/28/06
Teddy Dupay telemarketer with email 06/27/06
Teen baked her grandpa's ashes into sugar cookies, fed them to peers 10/19/18
Temple loses 63-9 10/13/06
Tennessee student Corey Zickefoose robbed by football players but doesn't want them to get punished 11/13/09
Tennis player drug excuse 07/15/09
Tennis reporter congratulates Rafael Nadal for a win after a loss. It's a win anyways. 04/05/17
Terence In Sierra Madre 2002 2002
Terrell Owens is not selfish 10/18/07
Terrell Owens Once Again To 09/29/08
Terrell Owens oversleeps 08/29/06
Terrell Owens-Hour 1 09/27/06
Terrell Owens-Hour 2 09/27/06
Terrell Owens-Hour 3 09/27/06
Terrell Pryor to Ohio State 03/19/08
Terrell Pryor to Ohio State-Day 2 03/20/08
Terrelle Pryor gets off in bball game 02/26/08
Terrible College Football Rule Changes 02/19/09
Terry Francona wants to quit chewing 03/01/07
Terry Glenn nude at hotel 02/05/09
Tex Winter reset 01/23/07
Texans GM Nick Caserio on Payne and Pendergast (Sports Radio 610 Houston KILT), knew Jeff from Richmond RSVP'd to the Smackoff, Sean is tempted to use AI to write his script 06/16/23
Texas 30 Baltimore 3 08/23/07
Texas beats Ohio State in Fiesta Bowl 01/06/09
Texas CB suspended 09/05/06
Texas Oklahoma grab bag 09/12/07
Texas Ranger emails 08/23/07
Texas Tech may fire Mike Leach 02/19/09
Text contest-featuring two blocks and a marty-rome snuggie text 02/23/09
TGIF - Keith brought sausage breakfast sandwiches to work 02/08/19
Thanksgiving Leftovers - Mike Tyson v Roy Jones Jr, Nate Robinson v Youtuber 11/30/20
The 420 Meets the 911 02/11/11
The Birth of the Adult Alarm 06/28/06
The clones wanted Jim Rome to know that Vince Neil has gained weight 01/18/17
The console broke, calls weren't working, Alvin and Choc were unplugging wires 12/13/21
The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman 02/03/14
The Fray butchers the National Anthem at NCAA Championship game 04/03/12
The Glossary Part 1 1992
The Glossary Part 2 1992
The Glossary Part 3 1992
The Hackoff is NOT coming back (includes reset of Lance in Louisville) 03/19/14
The heckler who hooked Draymond Green (aka Draymond Groin) was a Michigan State football player - Spartan-on-Spartan crime - with Rome's thoughts and call from Austin in Grand Rapids (Michigan Wolverines fan) 07/12/16
The Laugh montage take 03/22/07
The laugh reset 01/24/06
The Mix at Double Speed 10/15/07
The Murphy Curse 10/22/15
The new nba ball is out 12/12/06
The Origin of Iafrate 06/19/09
The Pole Assassin and her Monkey 11/02/21
The Rat Family 01/24/08
The Show Goes South 12/08/04
The Situation Blows Roasting of the Donald 03/16/11
The Smackoff will be streamed live on Periscope 07/25/17
The studio door is squeaky, clones suggest ways to fix it 12/10/15
The Warriors dance to Fergie's National Anthem with the Fergie Remix Challenge 10/29/18
The Week That Was - with tributes to Randall 07/26/19
Thermostat problem 01/24/06
This Guy Tiger 03/03/06
Tiger fires back at Sabbatini 05/15/07
Tiger vs Phil 11/14/18
Tiger Woods and his daughter 03/06/14
Tiger Woods complains about not being able to activate his gluts; Rome clowns him with malfunctioning robot noises 02/06/15
Tiger Woods daredevil 04/24/06
Tiger Woods hits group in front of him 11/17/06
Tiger Woods injured in single car accident, multiple leg injuries 02/23/21
Tiger Woods is back 08/13/18
Tiger Woods is back and your coworker in the red polo will let you know about it 11/30/17
Tiger Woods misses ball mark 02/26/07
Tiger Woods out for year 06/18/08
Tiger Woods receding hairline knee injury 04/16/08
Tiger Woods thinks hes playing like an 18 handicap 12/05/07
Tiger Woods wins 500K at blackjack 04/19/06
Tigers score 19 runs on Royals 07/22/08
Tigers tank lose central 10/03/06
Tiki and Tierney congratulate Adam Hawk on finishing his 2nd marathon 03/09/20
Tillman family upset about investigation 03/27/07
Tillman reaction 03/27/07
Tim Duncan retires after spending his 19-year NBA career with the Spurs, with reaction from Clones 07/11/16
Tim Hardaway reaction 1 02/16/07
Tim Hardaway reaction 2 02/16/07
Tim Tebow was cut by the Jaguars, Danika doesn't have to lick Ritt's head 08/17/21
Tito Ortiz criticized TK Burgers for not letting him in without a mask on 01/20/21
Tito Ortiz got sworn in, had problems speaking 12/11/20
Tito Ortiz resigns from the Huntington Beach council 06/02/21
To Catch a predator 04/30/08
Toast 11/07/07
Toby in Houston calls JT the Brick about the Smackoff 05/25/12
Today in Jungle History: 2003 - Detroit Tour Stop 31, 2005 - BOHICA call from Jerome in Nashville 07/26/17
Todd Bozeman doesnt like ham sandwiches 02/06/07
Todd Gurley dropped his phone in the toilet 12/17/20
Todd Marinovich arrested in Irvine for trespassing in a resident's backyard, found naked and carrying a sack of meth and marijuana 08/23/16
Toledo football scandal 04/03/07
Toledo news team is woke AF 03/28/19
Tom Brady in game sound - 'Lets go to the lake' 02/10/12
Tom Brady is gonna be a father 02/21/07
Tom Brady out for season 09/08/08
Tom Brady was thrown out of park by a Tampa recreation worker 04/21/20
Tom Brokaw story 07/23/07
Tom Coughlin compares himself to Hitler 03/30/07
Tom Cruise recorded berating 'Mission Impossible' crew over Covid protocols 12/16/20
Tom Penders heart attack technical 01/24/06
Tom Thibodeau's scary laugh 02/25/14
Tom Watson chokes away British Open 07/20/09
Tom Zbikowski Fails Drug Test 04/26/11
Tommy Lasorda passed away, reset of old interviews 01/08/21
Tony Allen injury after whistle 01/11/07
Tony Berzanard wants to fight the Mets 07/22/09
Tony Dungy retiring 01/12/09
Tony Hawk podcast preview, Drew in West LA hyped as great skateboarder 04/14/20
Tony in Cleveland reaction 03/13/07
Tony La Russa charged with another DUI 11/10/20
Tony LaRussa DUI 03/22/07
Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson in Mexico 01/09/08
Tony Romo changes a tire for a couple 09/12/08
Tony Romo dumps Jessica Simpson 07/21/09
Tony Romo dumps Jessica Simpson at an iHOP 07/28/09
Tonya Harding 911 call take 03/20/07
Tonya Harding and LT reset 09/29/06
Tonya Harding is finally getting a movie 03/03/17
Top Gun 03/14/08
Torii Hunter mishap 10/05/06
Tracy Morgan talks quarantine on the Today Show 04/08/20
Travis Henry Discussion 10/02/08
Travis Rodgers choking on a sandwich 02/08/08
Travis Rodgers gets a cramp 08/12/08
Travis Rodgers holding the Stanley Cup (with emails) 06/08/07
Travis Rodgers holding the Stanley Cup Part 2 06/08/07
Travis Rodgers holding the Stanley Cup Part 3 06/08/07
Travis Rodgers holding the Stanley Cup Part 4 06/08/07
Travis Rodgers holding the Stanley Cup Part 5 06/08/07
Travis Rodgers roommate story (best of) 05/29/06
Travis Rodgers vacation 04/04/08
Travis Rodgers weight loss update 01/17/07
Trevor Pryce finally breaks the losing streak 11/09/18
Trevor Pryce has lost 6 straight picks on the RPO Podcast 11/05/18
Tribute to Terez Paylor 02/10/21
Tribute to the replacement referees 09/27/12
Tribute to Trapper in Dana Point 01/26/21
Trick bowling 06/21/06
Triple U sponsors 06/26/08
Trot Nixon 0-9 07/10/06
Troy Hudson album sells 78 copies 08/01/07
Troy Smith - I'm Officer 04/04/16
Troy Smith has stripper cred 12/20/06
Troy Smith thoughts on In-N-Out 01/05/07
Tubby Smith leaves Kentucky for Minnesota 03/23/07
Two Handed handshake 03/14/08
Twolves tank and secure lottery pick 04/19/07
Tyler Hansborough dunks on 7-7 guy 01/10/08
Tyler Sash tasered after leading cops on drunken scooter chase 05/14/14
Tyus Edney skips interview to take a nap 02/03/97
UC Irvine wins another CWS games with emails 06/20/07
UCF phone sex line 09/03/08
Ugueth Urbina to the slam for 14 years 03/28/07
UNC crushes Duke 02/12/09
Undefeated Kentucky falls to Wisconsin in the Final Four, with reactions from Clones 04/06/15
Update on Adam Hawk's back issue, chiropractor visit, and clone reaction 04/11/18
Update on Adam Hawks car, it was picked up for no tags 10/11/18
Urban Meyer may give schollie to student 03/10/08
UroClub 05/28/08
US Americans reset 09/19/07
US Coast Guard has to rescue an idiot who tried to run in a waterproof ball across the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to Bermuda 04/26/16
US down 2-0 06/14/06
US loses 3-0 in World Cup 06/12/06
US Navy ships overcome by pirates 03/20/06
US Relay team upsets France 08/11/08
US Skeleton coach suspended for sex 01/04/06
US Soccer out after loss to Ghana 06/22/06
USA v Canada 12/09/04
USA v Canada and Marty 02/07/07
USA Wins the Ryder Cup 09/22/08
USA-Canada border skirmish 10/25/06
USA-Canada reset 03/09/06
USA-Canada segment 2 03/09/06
USC Football problems 04/27/06
USC loses to Oregon St 10/30/06
USC overcome by jock itch 08/14/08
Utah Valley vs. New Mexico State brawl and court storming, with e-mail and Twitter reaction 02/28/14
V Young pissed at Pacman JOnes 06/22/07
Vagina Friendly Mayor 03/13/08
Van Gundy wants every team in the lottery 03/28/07
Vernon Davis appears on Family Feud and gives creepy answers 06/30/15
Vic in NoCal email leads to a moratorium on 'Attaining the HIV' 06/09/23
Vic in NoCal explanation 05/14/07
Vic in NoCal on Menendez family, Rome with a take on the Great Equalizer grounding a plane 09/06/23
Video game emails 04/08/08
Video rants from Brett in C-Town, Danielle in Tampa, Curtis in Eureka, and Nick in Warcal 04/26/12
Viktor Hovland is driving to every PGA Tour stop with the help of heavy metal music and Red Bull 07/02/20
Vin Scully live foghorn 07/30/07
Vin Scully lost his ring at Costco, rant on Costco, email and Twitter reaction 12/19/14
Vince Young is troubled 09/09/08
Vince Young may be nuts 09/10/08
Virginia Tech reaction 04/17/07
Visanthe Shiancoe Has Alcohol Talk with McNabb 04/26/11
Vlad Guerrero grand slam 05/02/07
VP Debate Preview 10/02/08
WAC bans bad chanting 01/17/08
Wake Forest radio announcer Tommy Elrod fired for giving confidential info from Demon Deacons football team's playbook to the Louisville Cardinals; Rome would add him to the Rat Family if he were to bring it back 12/15/16
Wake up, bitch! 11/07/17
Warren G sings Take Me Out to the Ball Game, messes up the lyrics 05/02/16
Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden reads his players' Tweets publicly during team meetings 12/10/14
Water main break floods Pauley Pavilion at UCLA; prank caller to KABC-TV Louis Slungpue pulls fast one on anchors, suggests break came from cherry bomb down a drain or someone taking a massive dump 07/30/14
Wax Museums 01/25/07
WBC returning in 2009 11/15/06
Webster speeding ticket (best of) 05/29/06
Week That Was 03/02/12
Weird Cubs injuries 03/03/08
Welcome to Pound Town 04/19/22
Wells in the 360 gets blocked from the show for his bad quality of takes 07/28/23
Wendy Williams is a gas, nerd creates Zoom Escaper 03/17/21
Wes the fat kid with first email to RomeyYouRock at gmail.com 12/13/11
Wesley Snipes take 10/18/06
Whats That Sound: Clones ask the origins of Brah!, a car!, and This is the Game, Doug! 03/27/18
Whats that sound? Clones try to guess. Answer: Patrick Reed breaking his club 06/17/19
Whats that sound? Clones try to guess. Answer: Rice LT Calvin Anderson solving a Rubix Cube behind his back 09/08/16
Whats that sound? Gronk with a minigun. Clones try to guess, Alvie caters to their requests 05/08/18
Whats that sound? Clones try to guess. Answer: Elon Musk fails at smashing a window 11/22/19
Wheel of Fortune contestant mistakenly calls Sir Isaac Newton 'Tom', Creed might reunite 11/06/20
Wheel of Fortune not very kind to members of Military 01/07/10
When Rome was on The NFL Today, Boomer Esiason left the Clones a Christmas present 12/19/16
Where is the Stanley Cup 06/20/06
White Sox Blow Up Dolls 05/07/08
White Sox go back to back to back to back 08/15/08
Who came first silk or irie 06/15/07
Why The Phone Calls Didn't Suck Ths Week 12/04/09
Wichita-UC Irvine battle 06/11/07
Wife rips Husbands bag off 05/18/06
Wife rips off husbands bag update 05/19/06
William Hung is an actor 01/06/05
Willie in KC Tweets a promise to donate $5000 to charity if reinstated, invited to Smackoff XXII and wins; Rome awards Willie Huge Call but remains undecided on his fate 05/11/16
Willie Nelson busted for weed and shrooms 09/19/06
Wisconsin band geeks gone wild 10/13/06
WNBA fight 07/23/08
WNBA gambling 04/20/06
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