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A.I.'s mom (long)
A.I.'s Mom (short)
Adam Sandler on the Yankees 12/21/07
Al Bernstein on Evander Holyfield 12/21/07
Albert Belle on Omar Vizquel 06/20/07
Alec Baldwin goes off on daughter
Alec Baldwin reset 01/08/08
Allen Iverson Practice #2
Allen Iverson-Practice
Alvie's Raider Mike Christmas Mix 12/08/16
Alvies Halloween Mix 11/01/11
Alvies Halloween Mix 2017 10/31/17
Alvin Delloro Mans Game Mix 03/26/09
Alvin mix with Tonya 07/12/06
Alvins Mix 07/26/10
Alvins Mix 02/06/09
Alvins Mix 08/03/07
Alvins Mix 10/18/07
Alvins Mix at double speed 08/10/07
Alvins Mix In 1.5 Speed 12/04/09
Alvins Mix with Yakety Sax 03/23/09
Alvins Mix-Double Speed 06/29/07
Alvins new mix 09/18/06
Alvins New Mix 03/09/07
Alvins new mix 10/31/06
Alvins New Mix 02/26/07
Alvins new mix 06/11/07
Alvins updated Mix 05/17/07
Andruw Jones Spelling Bee
Andy Reid on Philly fan 12/21/07
Anna Nicole Smith at the AMAs
Archie Manning likes Cooper 12/21/07
Arthur Blank fried chicken 12/11/07
Barry Bonds hits homer 715
Barry Zito and the Guitar
Bedpost notches at family reunions 12/21/07
Ben Fransisco talks up Chad in Portland 12/21/07
Ben Mezrich explains the difference between Oligarchs and the Olive Garden 06/11/15
Ben Roethlisberger on dog fighting 12/21/07
Benny Hill theme song - Yakety Sax take 02/24/09
Bernard Hopkins in jail
Bernard Hopkins makes food in jail 07/11/05
Big Baby Larry Mandt soundbyte 02/25/09
Bill Parcells - Jap Plays
Bill Parcells-Jap plays
Bill Plaschke reset 01/17/08
Bill Polian soundbyte 12/20/07
Billy Wagner pissed off soundbyte 05/16/08
Bo Jackson crab apple soundbyte 12/20/07
Bob Costas on Jeff from Richmond
Bob in Costas on Jeff from Richmond 12/21/07
BOHICA 09/19/07
BOHICA 12/17/07
Bon Jovi on Pacman Jones 12/21/07
Boo Weekley butthole pucker up soundbyte 12/20/07
Boo Weekley orangutan soundbyte 12/20/07
Brian Giles on Greg Maddux 12/21/07
Brian Giles on releasing pressure 12/21/07
Brian Giles-HIs Brothers Pedro 02/08/07
Brigid Feinstein Drum Solo
Brooks Robinson-can i call you romey 12/20/07
Brother Love Says "I Love You" 09/22/10
Bruce Bowen on the Thunderdome 12/21/07
Bruce Pearl on defense 12/20/07
Bruce Pearl take the over soundbyte 12/20/07
Bruce Snyder on Pat Tillman 12/20/07
Buck Oneil cracks John Rocker 05/13/05
Bud Black on Brian Giles 12/21/07
Bumper - Lust for Life
Bumper - Up All Night
Bumper - Welcome to the Jungle
Butthole Montage 10/27/17
CAAF Public Service Announcement 12/20/07
Cal Ripken sucks
Cal Ripken sucks 01/26/07
Cal Ripken talking junk 12/20/07
Caller puts Rome on hold soundbyte 12/20/07
Carl Lewis
Chad in Portland parody-Bee Gees 12/21/07
Chad Johnson media day soundbyte 12/20/07
Charles Barkley hanging with Janet 12/21/07
Charles Barkley on Curt Schilling 12/21/07
Charles Barkley on golden state 12/20/07
Charles Barkley on jail 12/21/07
Charles Barkley on Kobe Bryant 12/21/07
Charles Pierce on Steve Spurrier soundbyte 12/20/07
Charley Hoffman mullet soundbyte 12/20/07
Chipper Jones on the Hall of Fame 12/21/07
Chucky and Zeke on Red Lobster 04/08/05
Chucky Brown Red Lobster update 12/20/07
Chucky Brown Red Lobster-new
Clint Hurdle on his daughter 12/21/07
Cooper Brannan on having finger blown off soundbyte 12/20/07
Cooper Brannon on MLB roster soundbyte 12/20/07
Corey in Ann Arbor cracks on Appalachian State before the game 12/21/07
Craig Biggio on playing the game 12/21/07
Cris Collinsworth Reche Caldwell soundbyte 12/20/07
Curt Schilling calling Canseco a so called author 03/18/05
Dan Haren on styling your jack 12/21/07
Dan Hawkins
David Feherty-fart in a bag 01/23/08
David Stern on gambling 12/21/07
David Stern on the WNBA 12/21/07
Denise wants to have sex with OJ
Denny Neagle Train Whistle
Detroit sports 07/13/07
Devin Hester Take me out to the ballgame 12/20/07
Dhani Jones 09/06/07
Dial up modem sound 03/21/07
Doc Mike Finale - From 1996 Smackoff 04/05/96
Doc Mike on Marge Schott - From 1996 Smackoff 04/05/96
Don Cherry on T-Rodge holding the Stanley Cup 12/21/07
Don King supports Larry Bonds 01/25/08
dont tase me bro dont tase me 04/22/08
Dr Harry Edwards on Don Imus 12/20/07
Drug Test
El Manuel wins 1st race 12/21/07
Eric Byrnes soundbyte 10/17/07
Evil Kenevil on Charles Barkley 12/21/07
Extended soundbye mix 07/11/06
Fake Gay Caller 12/21/07
FAT 01/08/08
Floyd Mayweather soundbyte 12/20/07
Frank Thomas on hitting 500 homers 12/21/07
Fuzzy Zoeller
Gilbert Arenas on going on strike against the girlfriend 12/21/07
Gilbert Arenas on video games 12/21/07
Giles incest comment 04/16/07
Giles taking showers with Kendall 04/16/07
Giles taking showers with teammates 04/16/07
Giles thinks Finley is cute 04/16/07
Giles-his brothers pedro 04/16/07
Greg in Raleigh-Tony Romo HS jersey 12/17/07
Greg in Vegas Bruce Edwards blast from Smackoff 2003 06/21/03
Haray Caray
Harry Caray-Hideki Irabu
Hern Edwards-you play to win the game 08/12/08
His Brothers Pedro 02/08/07
Holly Robinson soundbyte 12/20/07
Hope Solo 12/21/07
How playa is dat? 04/17/09
Howard Dean Scream
Howard Johnson on Tommy Hearns 12/21/07
Iafrate finale - From 1996 Smackoff 04/05/96
Iafrate on dying - From 1996 Smackoff 04/05/96
Isiah Thomas impression 11/07/07
Isiah Thomas-beatdown 12/21/07
Isiah Thomas-blackmail 12/21/07
Isiah Thomas-settlement 12/21/07
Isiah Thomas-sexual harrasment 12/21/07
Jake Peavy playing cards with Greg Maddux 12/21/07
Jarod Zabransky soundbytes 01/03/07
Jason Kendall-Giles is a treat 04/16/07
Jason Kidd 911 call
Jason Stewart new movie role sound 05/11/09
Jason Stewart redoes movie lines on air 07/17/09
Jay Mohr on Cecil Fielder
Jay Stew Blind Date
Jay Stew Limp Comment
Jay Stew movie role with emails
Jay Stew Murder at the Presidio
Jay Stew skin story on blind date 04/16/07
Jay Stew Streamlink Ad
Jayson Williams 911 call
JD in Nashville 12/21/07
Jeff Bagwell on the HOF 08/21/07
Jeff Gordon-JD on his ipod 12/21/07
Jenna Jamesons crotch 12/20/07
Jesus in chicago-Alvins rap and reaction 03/04/09
Jim Everett
Jim Lampley and the millenium
Jim Mora
Jim Mora rants
Jim Mora-Playoffs
Joe in Bugaha-braces and visiline 01/14/08
Joe in Bugaha-Michael J. Fox 12/21/07
Joe Montana on Bill Walsh 12/21/07
John Calipari poop soundbyte 12/20/07
John Feinstein on Oakmont Golf Course 12/21/07
John Kruk on LA 12/20/07
John L Smith soundbyte 10/24/05
John Romo show 12/21/07
John Torterella soundbyte 08/14/08
Johnny Miller on choking 12/21/07
Johnny Miller on ESPN pimping Jim Rome 06/17/05
Jon Miller Bob Costas on Barry Bonds 12/21/07
Jukebox Friday - NFL fireworks songs (TNT, Burden in My Hand, Wrapped Around Your Finger), Lump for the Grump, I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore for DeAndre Jordan in Dallas 07/10/15
Justin Tuck-Big Midget 01/23/08
Kerry Strugg
Kevin Gogan on Neil Smith soundbyte 12/20/07
Keyshawn calls Jon Gruden "johnny boy"
Kim Ethridge soundbyte 01/05/07
Kim Ethridge soundbyte 12/20/07
Kyle Turley on Pacman Jones soundbyte 12/20/07
Lady doing nails impression 08/03/07
Laugh Montage
Laugh montage 12/12/07
Laugh montage with Tonya 03/22/07
Lawrence Taylor
Lendale White-Ohio State sucks 08/28/08
Lennox Lewis biting soundbyte 12/20/07
Lennox Lewis soundbyte 06/21/07
Leslie Visser laugh soundbyte 12/20/07
Leslie Visser Megan manual buzzer 03/06/07
Leslie Visser soundbyte 02/16/07
Lima promises Rome the ball 08/20/07
Lou Pinella meltdown 04/16/07
Luis Gonzalez piles on A-Rod 12/21/07
Man Candy soundbyte 12/20/07
Man Ram does not care 10/18/07
Manual Buzzer (w/ LaDainian Tomlinson)
Mark Grace Slumpbuster
Mark Grace-Greg Maddux reset 08/24/05
Mark Madsen
Mark Schlareth on soap operas 12/21/07
Mark Shapiro on Ryan Garko 12/21/07
Martin Gramatica soundbyte 12/20/07
Matthew McConnahey reset 07/24/07
Megan in Sacramento-Manual Buzzer 03/06/07
Megan Manual Buzzer reset 03/09/07
Megans Manual Buzzer 12/20/07
Michael Irvin on Philly fan 10/09/07
Michael Jackson Golf Cart Alarm 02/23/09
Michael Vick Spring Training 12/21/07
Mike Ditka 7th inning stretch
Mike Esq finale - From 1996 Smackoff 04/05/96
Mike Esquire wiz - From 1996 Smackoff 04/05/96
Mike Flynt is good at fighting 12/21/07
Mike Forbess reset 01/08/08
Mike Franseze on owing money 12/21/07
Mike Franzese on Tim Donaghy 12/21/07
Mike Piazza on HR Derby 12/21/07
Mike Piazza-Dude he was throwing water bottles at me 07/27/07
Mike Piazza-I am not gay 02/07/07
Mike Strahan on Tom Coughlin 12/21/07
Mike Tyson rage
Mike Tyson scared coward
Mike Tyson-I wanna eat his children
Mike Tyson-Turn off your station
Miller Lite Girls
Mills Lane
Miss Teen South Carolina 08/30/07
Mix at two and half times speed 04/15/08
Montae Ellis showers soundbyte 12/20/07
Mr. Automatic (Song Only) 06/03/05
Nick Saban Alabama coach 10/30/07
Nicole Simpson 911 call
Nolan Ryan on Robin Ventura 06/22/07
Nolan Ryan-Austin tour stop reset 05/18/07
Ohio State 27 Michigan 27 09/08/06
OJ Simpsons greatest hits
OJ-Nicoles Sister
Orenthal-Ron Goldman-people die everyday 09/19/07
Orlando Hudson on lifetime 12/21/07
Orlando Hudson on lifetime 2 12/21/07
Oscar De La Hoya soundbyte 12/20/07
Ozzie Guillen soundbyte 06/23/06
Ozzy Osbourne 7th inning stretch
Pacman Jones Scrip Club 04/03/08
Pedro Guerrero
Peyton Manning-Idiot Kicker
Pulling out 12/20/07
Raider caller on Jamarcus russell 12/21/07
Randall in the OC's Yeah! soundbite from Del Mar 09/01/16
Random Soundbytes #2
Random Soundbytes #3
Random Soundbytes 1
Randy Johnson Soundbyte 01/11/05
Randy Johnson-dont get in my face
Ranger Rick 05/03/07
Ray Buchanan rap from 1999 08/21/06
Ray Buchannan rap 06/22/07
Real Pacman vs Rome Pacman 12/21/07
Reggie White Racist #2
Reggie White Racist Blast #1
Rene Lacheman bakery soundbyte 12/20/07
Reversed Golden Ticket 06/14/16
Rich in Anaheim Hills on Bugaha - From 1996 Smackoff 04/05/96
Rick Reilly on Sammy Sosa soundbyte 12/20/07
Rickey Henderson-today i am the greatest 08/12/08
Rockets GM about Yao Ming 12/20/07
Rodney Harrison dirty soundbyte 01/20/08
Rome thinks that Carl in Rosemead's "boner in sweatpants" call was still not as bad as John-and-Trapper tandem call 01/07/08
Romeageddon Promo 09/28/17
Romes dial up vs real dial up 12/20/07
Roy Jones and his chickens
Ryan Garko cracks Tobin in Chapel HIll 12/21/07
Ryan Leaf
Ryan Zimmerman on John Smoltz 12/21/07
Scared Coward 07/16/07
Scrooge on Bam Morris - From 1996 Smackoff 04/05/96
Scrooge on Bugaha - From 1996 Smackoff 04/05/96
Scrooge on Michael Irvin - From 1996 Smackoff 04/05/96
Sean O Hara on keeping clean 01/20/08
Sean the Cablinasian promotion announcement 05/04/05
Sergio Garcia spits in cup soundbyte 12/20/07
Seth Joyner soundbyte 12/20/07
Stan Brooks-wooden and laconic 12/21/07
Steve Elkington on fat Monty 04/03/07
Steve Elkington on Tommy Smothers 12/27/23
Steve Nash on Shaq 12/21/07
Steve Smith 12/21/07
Stucknut Smackov 2007 11/19/07
Teemu Salane on Brett Hull 12/21/07
The Mix 06/23/08
The Mix 03/19/08
The Mix 05/22/08
The Mix - Double Speed 10/02/08
The Mix at half speed 08/24/07
The mix backwards 08/24/07
The Mix-sort of 05/02/08
The Quad Yeah Is Born 02/04/09
The Week That Was 12/04/09
Tiger gets married
Tiger Woods Soundbyte #1
Tiger Woods Soundbyte #2
Tiger Woods Soundbyte #3
Time To Die 09/02/10
Tobin in Chapel Hill cracks Ryan Garko 12/21/07
Tom Brokaw wants $3800 12/21/07
Tommy Lasorda on Golf
Tommy Lasorda stiffs Larry King
Tony Hawk on the 900 12/21/07
Tony in Cleveland is an idiot 12/20/07
Tony La Russa Alphabet soundbyte 12/06/07
Tony LaRussa drunk 12/20/07
Tony LaRussa Laugh 03/22/07
Tony LaRussa Laugh
Tony Parker on Greg Popovich 12/21/07
Tony Romo on the botched snap 12/21/07
Tonya Harding
Tonya Harding 911 call 12/20/07
Tonya Harding 911 call 03/20/07
Torii Hunter on not wearing a cup 12/21/07
Torii Hunter-too much down there 09/13/07
Towers-Giles rub back story 04/16/07
Trav takes a knee reset 03/21/07
Travis Rodgers on John in Ctown and Shigetosi Hasagawa 09/14/06
Turtle on growing up 12/21/07
UUU J-Stew Song - Tom Petty 'Free Fallin' parody 03/17/09
Visser-the laugh 02/16/07
Wacko Jacko Alarm
Warren Sapp laugh 07/16/09
Will Clark cracks Palmeiro 08/04/05
Wingforward wins 1st race 12/21/07
XR4TI crew
XR4TI Crew gets its name
You got a big dump in your pants
Zeke at Red Lobster

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