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First show of year, Opening segment, CBS Sports Network TV simulcast 01/02/18
First calls of the year, Dave in Boise (run for stumbling) and Cliff in Wisconsin (run for self gloss, Red Dog) 01/02/18
Calls from Alex in Cleveland and Gary in Ponoma 01/02/18
Adam Hawk gets ridiculed for his shirt 01/02/18
Kristian in Maine gets run for comparing the Buffalo Bills to Miss Congeniality 01/02/18
Rick in Buffalo calls with his thoughts on the Bills going to the playoffs 01/02/18
Poindexter in Houston called because he saw Rome on TV 01/02/18
Calls from Jah in Sactown and Nicole in Buffalo 01/02/18
Evan in Oakland gets run for a Del Rio parody 01/03/18
Silk Brah responds to Rome's bat signal for legends 01/03/18
Iafrate checks in for the first time since 2016 Smackoff 01/03/18
Calls from Luke in Fort Collins, Mike in Little Rock, Rex in ABQ 01/03/18
Mark in Chicago asks about Rome's plans once he takes the Detroit Lions head coaching job, run for bum smack 01/04/18
Dan in Denver takes a run at the Browns, Sam Darnold, and TeamBake 01/04/18
Matt in LA with thoughts on the Raiders and Jon Gruden 01/04/18
Matt in Vancouver responds to Dan in Denver 01/04/18
Brad in Corona wins Huge Call, takes a run at Ackerman and Leff 01/04/18
Mark in Boston with Adam Hawk smack 01/04/18
Erron in Diamondhead talking Saints, Drew in West LA resets Quinn Pitcock 01/04/18
Tyler in Edmonton takes a run at Brad in Corona and Mike in Indy 01/04/18
Twelvewood calls in to talk about his upcoming scope lineup, Rome talks to Hawk about his appearance 01/04/18
Mike in Albuquerque checks in to update us on his show 01/05/18
Mark in Hollywood calls out a few clones, including Ugly Paul Rudd Mike in Indy 01/05/18
Benny in Wisco takes a run at the XR4Ti for being really pale 01/05/18
Jeff in Socal is waiting for Leff to get his Oprah moment, gets run 01/05/18
John in Little Rock gets run again 01/05/18
Eric in Falls Church wants Austin to deliver his emails on silver plate 01/08/18
Danika in Jacksonville calls about the Jaguars Bills game 01/08/18
Bo in Nashville wants the clones to pray for Trapper 01/08/18
Erron in Diamondhead is taking the Saints, says Ca Newton folded like a Bills table 01/08/18
Raider Mike knows more about the Raiders than Jon Gruden 01/08/18
David in Tampa is an Atlanta native that took the Bulldogs loss really hard 01/09/18
Kevin in Florida responds to David in Tampa 01/09/18
Ken in Sacramento says that Nick Saban is the greatest coach in all sports 01/09/18
Kaleb in Green Bay returns with a 3 point plan to end Jungle bullying, wins Huge Call 01/09/18
Irie Craig calls to discuss his autobiography 01/09/18
Parody Larry tries a Blue Suede Shoes parody called Teal Blue Beer, gets run 01/09/18
KP in New Mexico calls with a Merkur story 01/10/18
Tom Tolbert Dr. Boudreaux reset 01/10/18
OJ denies being Khloe's father 01/10/18
Corey in Ann Arbor has a Merkur story too 01/10/18
Matt in LA with another Raiders call 01/11/18
Kyle in Green Bay is already planning his 2018 Clonestock 01/11/18
John in San Diego @jseggy wants to get a Jungle inspired tattoo, takes suggestions from the clones 01/11/18
Josh in Detroit chimes in on the tattoo discussion, gets run 01/11/18
Danika in Jacksonville previews the Steelers Jaguars playoff game 01/12/18
Adam Hawk will document John in SD's tattoo, reveals that he is also getting a tattoo of his cat Griffey 01/12/18
Adam Hawk gives an update on his cat tattoo, talks about the meet-up with John in SD 01/15/18
Trapper in Dana Point updates us on his condition, shares stories, says Rome is nationwide like ZZ Top 01/15/18
Evan in Oakland has an explanation for Marcus Williams' whiff 01/15/18
Mark in Chicago gets run for saying that Hawks tattoo is of Mark in Hollywood 01/15/18
Rex in ABQ wants someone to document his scrotox 01/16/18
Nick in Iowa gives props to Marcus Williams 01/16/18
Mark in Barstow calls the NBA No Balls Association 01/16/18
Kyle in Green Bay got a Jungle tattoo, TwelveWood scoped it 01/16/18
Bryan in Lincoln - no need to be nervous 01/17/18
Joaquin MMA email 01/17/18
Lane Kiffin hired Charlie Weis Jr, tweets from @BlaiseInKC and @MikeDForThree 01/17/18
Justin in Cleveland CFO of Car Nap Nation wants an XR4Ti tattoo 01/17/18
Joe in Pittsburgh got run for self gloss - horse monkey 01/17/18
Ken in Sacramento calls about the NBA violence, wins Golden Ticket 01/17/18
Josh in Detroit lights up everyone, still gets run 01/17/18
Jacob in Norcal talks Jungle Periscopes 01/18/18
Dan in Syracuse has a weird joke about Patton Oswalt and Monica Seles 01/18/18
Cal in Vegas bids for another Golden Ticket, falls short 01/18/18
Marty in Nocal sets the record straight that Jacob was not the first Jungle Scope 01/18/18
Chael Sonnen in studio, talking Bellator 192 and the Smackoff 01/18/18
Ben Golliver interview - SI writer that covered Smackoff 23 01/18/18
FBI Mike in Toledo wants the Vikings to pump the brakes 01/19/18
Fake Silk with a bad Tom Brady - Micheal Jackson joke 01/19/18
Chad in LA takes a run at Tom Brady's jawbooty, gets run for saying Iafrate has low hanging fruit 01/19/18
Matt in LA is calling a Jaguars upset of the Patriots 01/19/18
Mike in Little Rock smacks Josh in Detroit and Cal in Vegas, wins Huge Call 01/19/18
Mark in Hollywood after the Eagles won the NFC Championship - Tell me how my ass taste! 01/22/18
Matt in LA warns Rome about eating a habanero pepper 01/22/18
Dan in Denver smoked the entire XR4Ti crew, won a Masterbuilt smoker 01/23/18
Kristian in Maine calls out Philadelphia for not calling the show 01/23/18
3 Philly callers try to respond to Kristian in Maine 01/23/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for a Tiger Woods smack, wins Masterbuilt smoker anyways 01/24/18
Vic in Nocal talks about Robert Kraft, explains why he takes runs at Dr. Dave, wins Huge Call 01/24/18
Darren in Illinois has thoughts on the Bucks firing Jason Kidd, more long arm smack 01/24/18
Jeff in San Antonio calls from the hospital as his fiance was about to give birth to Jordan 01/25/18
Jacob in Norcal responds to Dan Wetzel's interview about Larry Nassar 01/25/18
Josh in Detroit got run for recycling Twitter jokes that Rome read 2 minutes prior 01/25/18
Rick in Buffalo goes after Vic in Nocal, ends with a bad impersonation of an explosion 01/25/18
Joe in New Jersey AKA the Tree Frog gets run for self gloss 01/25/18
Liz in Falls City is ashamed of being from the same city as Jeff in San Antonio 01/25/18
Erron in Diamondhead gets run for personal appearance smack 01/25/18
Matt in LA thinks the steroid users should be in the HOF 01/26/18
Kaleb in Green Bay is excited about the Brewers, run for Vic gets smokers from strip club smack 01/26/18
Mark in Hollywood takes a run at Vikings fan and Tom Brady, wins Masterbuilt smoker 01/26/18
Luke in Fort Collins can't wait to see Philly fan go Philly fan after Tom Brady beats them 01/26/18
Orion in Waterford is not a fan of Matt in LA, called him Israel 2.0 01/26/18
Mark in Chicago takes a run at Nick Faldos phone, Rex Ryan foot fetish smack 01/26/18
Vic in Nocal tried to bully Mark in Hollywood out of his smoker, it didn't work 01/26/18
Mark in Boston takes runs at Vic in Nocal, Mark in Hollywood, and Keith Arnold 01/26/18
Silk Brah informs the clones that he will be working during the show as a high school teacher 01/26/18
Stucknut Radio: Nutties Announcement Show in Review 01/30/18
Kurt Warner responds to Sarah T's tweet 01/31/18
Parody Larry gets run for Steve Miller 'Fly Like an Eagle', Rome and Alvin buzz him at the same time 02/01/18
Mark in Hollywood recaps the Super Bowl, passed out before post-victory wrestling session 02/05/18
Bob in Calgary gets run for SJP joke, Rick in Philly run for dropping F-bombs 02/05/18
Philly fan eats horse crap after the Super Bowl 02/05/18
Kevin in Philly gets choked up over the Super Bowl win, clones ridicule him 02/05/18
Tim in Philly is a 15 year clone, went to the Super Bowl, watched Rome in Burning on the DVR 02/06/18
Jared in Iowa went to radio row, says Hawks stache is even better in person 02/06/18
Randall in the OC tweeted that Kevin Hart should of said he was with Jungle Racing 02/06/18
Parody Larry tried calling as Pauly in Philly, got run 02/06/18
Rick in Buffalo loved watching the Patriots lose the Super Bowl 02/06/18
Cruz Pedregon interview 02/07/18
Rex in the ABQ thinks the NBA sucks, gets run for Shawn Kemp illegitimate children blast 02/09/18
Marie in Lynchburg calls to tell Rome she loves his TV show 02/09/18
Marie in Lynchburg reset and more reaction 02/09/18
Jeff in Socal has moved on to womens curling, gets run, Alvin has to explain delayed buzzer - glass houses man 02/09/18
ATP - Origin of Alvie's Dude Dude No No! 02/09/18
Matt in LA responds to Orion in Waterford 02/13/18
A clone recognized Adam Hawk at a sporting goods store, recognized the Griffey tattoo 02/13/18
Rex in ABQ is excited about an In-N-Out Burger opening 400 miles away 02/14/18
Stucknut resets Nikki in Sun City 'Man Candy' 02/14/18
Dane Cook got fat - tweet from @MPiazzasBacne, Alvie explains fat alarm 02/14/18
Irie Craig alleges that Tiger Woods still has a drug problem 02/14/18
Menendez brothers tweet from @philinmissouri 02/14/18
Josh in Detroit gave Rome an offer that he could refuse 02/15/18
Fergie butchers the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game, Let's play some basketball! 02/19/18
Adam Hawk gets a high five denied by Rory McIlroy, clones react to Hawks outfit 02/19/18
Clones try to guess the new announcement, Rome and Hawk talk about WoodScopes, another SJP call from Bob in Calgary 02/20/18
Show Announcement: CBS Sports Radio will be available on SiriusXM 02/20/18
Rex in ABQ has a take on Iries book, gets run for John Denver blast 02/20/18
Corey Pavin is a gopher email from Greg in Glendale 02/21/18
Parody Larry gets run for Starman parody 02/21/18
Kirstie Alley got in a Twitter feud with the USA curling team 02/21/18
Sam in Connecticut got run for bad call about Tiger Woods, gave us a huh? soundbite 02/21/18
ATP's about SiriusXM from @hedstrombacon and @phx_nolagirl 02/21/18
Olympic Women's Hockey - Team USA defeated Canada for the Gold Medal 02/22/18
USA vs Canada Women's Hockey reaction, border skirmish, Nickelback and Creed blasts 02/22/18
Steve in Vancouver got run for 'Hey Jim, thanks for the Rome' 02/22/18
Tyler in Edmonton weighs in on the USA - Canada women's hockey game 02/22/18
Larry Holmes called on listener line, Adam Hawk didn't know who he was, Jim Rome interviewed him 02/22/18
Reaction to Hawk not knowing Larry Holmes, Huge Call from Mike in Utah 'Canadians joined the mile high club by themselves' 02/22/18
Drew in West LA cracking on Irvine 02/23/18
Jeff in San Antonio claims that he is definitely a bad ass 02/23/18
Liz in Falls City still doesn't like Jeff representing San Antonio 02/23/18
Matt in LA wants to help Hawk brush up on sports history 02/23/18
Hans in Pennsylvania heckles the Canadian hockey team 02/23/18
Jeff in Socal talks about the Canadian besties Matt and Tyler 02/23/18
Slash in Brentwood asks about a greater accomplishment, then gets out before the buzzer 02/23/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for Justin Thomas personal appearance smack 02/26/18
Pastor Norris in Georgia is representing PastorNation and TruckerNation 02/26/18
Chris in KC likes the Marcus Peters trade 02/26/18
CJ in Wichita doesn't like the Marcus Peters trade 02/26/18
Matt in LA bashed San Diego for dropping the show 02/26/18
Erron in Diamondhead piles on 1090 for dropping Rome 02/27/18
John in SD says that 1090 dropping Rome isn't that bad because Matt in LA can't listen now 02/27/18
Kristian in Maine got run for wanting to throw Oreo's at Panda Sandoval 02/27/18
Matt in Vancouver has a message Jeff in SoCal 02/28/18
A Jim Rome rap song was released 19 years after it was made by Str8jakkett 02/28/18
Reaction to the Jim Rome rap song, plus phone calls 02/28/18
James Harden crossing over Wesley Johnson emails, Roland in Pittsburgh, Matt in Poland Springs, Ryan in Minny, Stucknut resets Mike Forbess 03/01/18
Kristian in Maine - Malcom Butler didn't play in the Super Bowl because he was impregnating Robert Krafts girlfriend 03/01/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for saying that if you took a black light to a pillow case at Circus Circus, you would see a map of Hawaii 03/01/18
Twelvewood checks in to plug the next Woodscopes, with guests Ben Mezrich, Leff in Laguna, and Benny in Wisco 03/01/18
Fox is going to air an OJ Simpson interview from 2006, If I Did It 03/02/18
Derek in Idaho weighs in on Russia allowing drugs at World Cup, gets run 03/02/18
Jeff in Socal responds to Matt in Vancouver, gets run for calling Matt and Tyler the Canadian Bert and Ernie 03/02/18
Slava in Russia talking about drugs, not sure why he got run 03/02/18
Rex in ABQ calls about Justin Thomas, Hefty has a BMI of gravy, gets racked 03/05/18
Matt in LA says he got SiriusXM to listen to the show, Sirius is blowing up like Kirstie Alley's waistband 03/05/18
Austin Huff was a seat filler at the Oscars 03/05/18
Dan in Denver - Jon Lester can't throw to 1st, got run for Le Batard personal appearance smack 03/05/18
Josh in Detroit gets run for smacking Rex too hard, Rome grades his call an F 03/05/18
@Stucknut resets George in Tampa's 50 pound carrot call 03/06/18
Matt in Santa Cruz quizzes Rome on veganism 03/06/18
George in Tampa checks in after hearing his original call being reset 03/06/18
Fabian in LA checks in to make his presence felt 03/07/18
Wynonna in Colorado calls to find out what ET after the time means, clones react 03/07/18
Ryan Reeves can make a siren sound with his mouth, Denny Neagle train whistle reset 03/07/18
Wynonna reset, email from Vince in West Covina 03/08/18
KC Royals host anti-pornography workshop for players, coaches 03/08/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for mentioning that he got the squirts after eating chocolate lava cake 03/09/18
Lee in Vancouver resets someone using Jim Rome's name on the strip club poker machine 03/09/18
Mark Davis and Jon Gruden go to Warriors game, Twitter lights them up with personal appearance smack 03/09/18
Rome previews the OJ Simpson 'If I Did It' special 03/09/18
James Dolan's band was on the Jimmy Fallon show 03/09/18
Slash in Brentwood gets run while discussing the OJ special 03/12/18
Tommy from NC gets run for murder references 03/12/18
@Jeff_fromthe919 resets Tommy from NC's call 03/12/18
Rome's take on the OJ interview 03/12/18
Mitsy in Maine with a cool story about meeting Dan Marino 03/12/18
Marty in Norcal can chug beer and has a Scope to prove it 03/13/18
Rob in Oakland takes TB12 drinking beer, says something to get dumped by every crew member 03/13/18
Bob in Calgary wants to challenge SJP to a water trough competition, gets run 03/13/18
Skipper in Charlestown started to flame, Alvin buzzed him 03/14/18
Luke in Fort Collins smacks his affiliate, Coach K and Grayson Allen, wins a Golden Ticket 03/14/18
Adam Hawk explains the JTP 03/14/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for wondering if Stephen Hawking's estate will auction off his used colostomy bags 03/14/18
David in Wisconsin played celebrity softball with Favre and Rodgers 03/14/18
Kyle in Green Bay waits on hold for the entire show, smacks the Jungle Twitter Bags, gets run for saying In-N-Out sucks 03/14/18
Matt in LA is taking MSU in the tourney 03/14/18
Emails and Tweets leading up to Kyle in Green Bays icing 03/14/18
Dan in Denver responds to Kyle in Green Bay 03/15/18
Steve in PHX email - I need 16 to add a 1, Kip 03/15/18
Benny in Wisco takes a run at Dan in Denver 03/15/18
Kaleb in Green Bay calls from In-N-Out in Austin 03/15/18
Chad in LA calls with a story about Najeh in his dorm room closet 03/15/18
Mike in SLC with a cool story about Bud Bundy 03/15/18
Mark in Boston has a take on Ed Hochuli's guns, Kaleb in Green Bay is a food blogger that doesn't blog, gets run 03/16/18
Stone Cold Day - Reset of Smackoff cameos 03/16/18
Parody Larry calls from the ER, impersonates Rex but nobody could tell 03/16/18
John in New York says Rick in Buffalo talks like he's taking hostages 03/19/18
Mark in Boston talks about meeting Cruz Pedregon and Michigan basketball 03/19/18
Arrogant Steve in Aliso Viejo says Alvin is handsome, talks Duke basketball 03/20/18
Calls about bad breakups from Ron in NY and Chris in Wisconsin 03/20/18
W.S. Tobias calls with a Toby parody 03/21/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for warring bums using discarded Parliament Lights as Apple earpods 03/21/18
Denlesks with a Jungle related sonnet for World Poetry Day 03/21/18
Podcast voicemail preview 03/21/18
Rick in Buffalo - Zay Jones, John Beilein, Ricks wedding, hostages 03/21/18
Pattersaur with a SJP / Dee Snider poem 03/21/18
Lauren in Naples with an incoherent call 03/21/18
Tim in Houston called on his way to the golf course, perfect weather and luxury wrenches 03/22/18
Craig in Houston - email responding to Tim's call 03/22/18
Lauren in Tempe checks in after a couple of years, still likes to party 03/22/18
Fabian in LA lets everyone know that he might land a job from his last call 03/23/18
Al in Virginia thinks Fabian sells drugs, loved Denlesks poem 03/23/18
Lauren in Naples talks Michigan basketball, likes to get frisky at the yacht club 03/23/18
Albert Belle arrested on DUI, indecent exposure charges 03/26/18
PJC tweets that Odell Beckham is an average injury prone pre Madonna, Stucknut responds with pre Debbie Gibson 03/26/18
Tyler in Seattle claims that the Chargers are better than the Rams, Rome said it's the worst call of the year 03/27/18
Whats That Sound: Clones ask the origins of Brah!, a car!, and This is the Game, Doug! 03/27/18
Matt in LA gives props to the Rams, wants to see Rome on Gas Station TV 03/27/18
Loyola Chicago's old mascot was a hobo, prompts bum smack 03/28/18
Kevin Love tries to draw a charge, lost a tooth 03/28/18
ATP - Tony in Iowa City asks what it would take to vacate a Smackoff championship 03/28/18
Tom in Orlando found the show again after many years 03/29/18
Jeff in SoCal got run for womens basketball haircut smack 03/29/18
Silk Brah informs the clones that they can pause and rewind the show with the SiriusXM app 03/29/18
Adam Hawk doesn't know who Kevin Mitchell is 03/29/18
John 'Sterling' in Toronto - checks in before opening day, gets run 03/29/18
Eric in Orlando says Alvie is a creepy dude, gets racked 03/30/18
Mike in Buffalo with a fat Ben Affleck email 03/30/18
ATP from Phil in Missouri, Nicki in Houston, and Brent in Rocklin 03/30/18
Rex in ABQ talks Masters, gets run for saying he doesn't want to see a clone squatting on the edge of the Hogan Bridge taking a giant curly growler into Rae's Creek 04/02/18
Mark in Boston takes a run at Mark in Hollywood, gets racked 04/02/18
Fans yells 'overrated' as Bryce Harper hits a home run 04/02/18
Matt in LA is taking Villanova 77-65, gets run for growler reference 04/02/18
ATP - Hedstrombacon asks if Rome has ever been to a horse auction 04/02/18
Mark in Hollywood responds to Mark in Boston with Michigan smack and a Fresh Prince parody, wins huge call 04/03/18
Tim in Houston talks about his luxury wrenches, tried to add production value from computer but it failed 04/04/18
Lauren in Naples doesn't seem happy with the result of the Michigan basketball game 04/04/18
Matt in LA takes a run at Johnny Idiotface 04/05/18
Parody Larry wanted to read his 'World Poetry Day' poem so he waited on hold for 2 weeks, still got run 04/05/18
Lauren in Naples is going back to the yacht club 04/06/18
Mark in Barstow is a pool tech that got his son hooked on the show 04/06/18
Josh in Detroit checks in on the anniversary of his hookland call, Rome runs out of time 04/06/18
Rex in ABQ wants to add Rory McIlroy to the rat family, gets run 04/09/18
Adam Hawk injured his back while putting on a golf shoe 04/09/18
Brian in Bakersfield took Rome's advice and put a bet on Patrick Reed 04/09/18
Irie Craig has some medicine for Adam Hawk, lost connection 04/09/18
Kyle in Winnipeg is taking the Jets 04/11/18
Update on Adam Hawk's back issue, chiropractor visit, and clone reaction 04/11/18
Rome's 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Prediction 04/11/18
ATP - Why does Dr. Dave get run on the podcast? 04/11/18
Matt in LA wants to hear Don MacLean or Robert Plant on the podcast 04/12/18
San Diego is back in the Jungle, call from Rob in SD 04/12/18
Silk Brah responds to Green Bay's anti-San Diego email, also talks surfing and hockey 04/13/18
Rex in ABQ gets racked with hockey talk 04/16/18
Rome ran into Andy Reed at Javier's 04/16/18
Rick in Buffalo calls out Leff, Mike in Indy, and Vic for not calling more often, wins huge call 04/16/18
ATP - Tony in Iowa City asks where the 'ehh lets not get into that just yet' soundbite came from 04/16/18
Leff in Laguna responds to Rick in Buffalo 04/16/18
Matt in LA doesn't want Roger Goodell to eliminate kickoffs 04/17/18
Kaleb in Green Bay takes a run at Leff in Laguna and Jeff Passan, wins huge call 04/17/18
Leff in Laguna responds to Kaleb in Green Bay 04/17/18
Liz in Falls City destroys Kawhi by glossing him Coward Leonard 04/17/18
Reaction to Kaleb, Leff, and Liz's calls 04/17/18
John in Green Bay on the Aaron Rodgers / Packers feud 04/18/18
Rex in ABQ takes a run at Rick in Buffalo, Florida, then gets run for another molten lava cake at Morton's blast 04/18/18
Benny in Wisco weighs in on the Packers, Kaleb, then baits Leff with a riddle 04/18/18
Leff in Laguna takes a run at Ice Cube's Big 3 League, answers Benny's riddle 04/18/18
Adam Hawk gives update on his back, he's got a tee time in San Diego Saturday 04/18/18
Eric in Wisconsin talks about WoodScopes, Rome says that he will do the show some day 04/19/18
Kaleb in Green Bay talking NFL schedule release, responds to Leff and Benny, won huge call 04/19/18
Teather in Green Bay wants to give Golden Tickets to the 16 seeds of the Jungle, pimps the WoodScopes 04/19/18
Denlesks 420 email 04/20/18
Ryan in Green Bay calls for 420, call got dumped 04/20/18
Mike in Little Rock - The Nooch calls from Denver, calls out Vic, gets run while taking a hit 04/20/18
Tyler in Edmonton calls from New York as he and Matt are invading the USA 04/20/18
Matt in Vancouver follows up Tyler's call with Smackoff combine results 04/20/18
Irie Craig calls to discuss his new book 'When Every Day Is Friday Night' 04/20/18
Mark in Boston responds to the Canadian takeover 04/20/18
Raider Mike talks about the draft and Irie Craig 04/24/18
Irie Craig calls to give the correct GoFundMe information 04/24/18
Boatie in Pearland tells Irie Craig to 'pull your bootstraps up, boy!' 04/24/18
Jeff from Richmond on Stucknut Radio: April Wrap-up 04/24/18
Rex in ABQ got run for a Javier's reference... lobster enchiladas go through me like cheese through a goose 04/25/18
Matt in LA weighs in on what the Browns should do in the draft 04/25/18
Pattersaur Brett in Bugaha glosses Irie Craig 'Irie Beg' 04/25/18
Tweet from @bouche1 about Javier's dress code, Alvin goes through his soundboard of peoples names 04/25/18
Rome gets a call from Human Resources about Alvin bringing all of his kids to work 04/26/18
Alvin calls basketball games as a side hustle, dude dude yes yes! 04/26/18
Clones try to find a better word than Kook 04/27/18
Matt in LA says Roger Goodell sucks, likes the Martavis Bryant trade 04/27/18
Josh Rosen said there were 9 mistakes ahead of him, tweets and reaction 04/27/18
Silk Brah sent a whole montage of photos to the TV crew to show during his calls 04/27/18
Dan in Denver with Sam Darnold mole smack 04/27/18
Dr. Dave in Chicago got run for talking about spewing smack and IBS 04/27/18
Justin in Melbourne lays out reasons why the Penguins will repeat 04/27/18
Cruz Pedregon checks in after winning the NGK Four-Wide Nationals 04/30/18
Smackoff 24 announcement - July 20th 04/30/18
Rick in Buffalo on the NFL draft, takes a run at Leff in Laguna 04/30/18
Rome checks in with Hawk about Jeff in Richmond's appearance on Stucknut Radio 04/30/18
John in NY takes a run at Rich Ackerman for being a sellout 05/01/18
Ken in Sacramento comments on Charles Barkley, Raptors and Cavs 05/02/18
Rex in ABQ gets racked for LeBron smack 05/02/18
Lance in ABQ - Don't let that idiot Rex represent us 05/02/18
Trey in Louisiana destroys the minions behind the glass (XR4Ti) 05/02/18
Jeff from Richmond returns to the Jungle, Rogan Lome 05/03/18
Jeff from Richmond reaction - Reset of Oren in Denvers call 05/03/18
Matt in Vancouver responds to Jeff in Richmonds return 05/03/18
Mark in Barstow still uses Jeff in Richmond catchphrases 05/03/18
Kaleb in Green Bay has advice for the Golden Ticket holders 05/03/18
Tyler in Edmonton takes a run at Jeff in Richmond and Kaleb in Green Bay 05/03/18
Matt in LA responds to Jeff in Richmond 05/03/18
Benny in Wisco smacks Kaleb in Green Bay, gets run for rectum blast 05/03/18
Bob in Calgary gets run for saying horses get depressed after a loss, like SJP when Sex and the City got canceled 05/04/18
Rick in Buffalo responds to the Jeff in Richmond comparisons, gets promoted from a Golden Ticket to Smackoff exemption 05/04/18
Oren in Denver heard about his call getting reset, chats with Rome and won a Golden Ticket 05/04/18
Trapper in Dana Point checks in from Lexington KY, talks old-school Jungle, horses, and his health 05/04/18
Cal in Vegas tries to smack Leff but gets run 05/04/18
Rex in ABQ smacks Cal in Vegas for his golfing Periscopes 05/07/18
Kyle in Green Bay talks about his #MeetACloneTour, he's heading to Javier's 05/08/18
Whats that sound? Gronk with a minigun. Clones try to guess, Alvie caters to their requests 05/08/18
Trey in Louisiana calls with a story about delivery pizza to John Rocker 05/09/18
Ben in DC has a story about Shanny taking cheese from him at the supermarket 05/09/18
Rome ran into Jeff DiTolla at a baseball game 05/09/18
Hawk informs Rome about Kyle in Green Bay current situation, including sleeping in his car 05/09/18
Justin in San Diego offers that bum Kyle in Green Bay a shower 05/09/18
Fight broke out during a game of cornhole GIT! 05/09/18
Joaquin email - Wars cornhole fistfights 05/10/18
Hawk asked Tom Brady a question at a Super Bowl presser, updates Kyle in Green Bays trip 05/10/18
Matt in LA calls to talk about meeting Kyle in GB, warred Uncle Hawk 05/10/18
Josh in Detroit talked hockey playoffs, asked for a Golden Ticket, got run 05/10/18
John in New York takes a run at the Mets, Trey in Louisiana, and Rick in Buffalo 05/10/18
Tweets from @LeeInVan (wife smack) and @JohnnyScabss (John Denver blast) 05/10/18
Rome nails another NHL prediction, some clones think the audio is doctored 05/11/18
Kathleen in Omaha tries to call out Rome on his NHL prediction, turns out to be the kook from voicemails, dating an inmate 05/11/18
Kyle in Green Bay update - his car broke down in San Diego 05/14/18
Tyler in Edmonton talks about Tiger, the Caps, and wants Golden Ticket callers to get to tha choppah 05/14/18
Rex in ABQ has advice for Tiger Woods - In order to play good, you have to look good. Time to sprinkle some chia seeds on his head. 05/14/18
Parody Larry waited on hold for 15 days, sang Born to Be Wild parody for Kyle, never got to chorus 05/14/18
Jim Rome was nominated for the Radio Hall of Fame 05/14/18
Kyle in Green Bay interview on his local station WDUZ The Fan 05/15/18
Devin in Calgary takes a run at the other Canadian callers, fails 05/15/18
Rome revokes Golden Tickets for Marie and Ryan 'Ron' 05/15/18
Kyle in Green Bay calls to update his current status 05/15/18
Dan in Denver calls about Kyle in GB, Luke in Fort Collins and the Golden Ticket holders, and Robinson Cano 05/15/18
Deech in Oakland is hosting a Smackoff watch party 05/16/18
Hawk's doctor told him to lose a few pounds 05/16/18
Laurel or Yanny? 05/16/18
Erron in Diamondhead heard both yanny and laurel, freaks him out 05/16/18
Silk Brah calls to talk Chargers after the Anthony Lynn interview, he will host a Clonestock in Pittsburgh 05/16/18
Fabian in LA makes an attempt to win a Golden Ticket, I think 05/16/18
Ken in Sacramento talks about KD's efficiency, Brad Stevens, and responds to Dan in Denver 05/16/18
Liz in Falls City calls to reminisce about the old Austin Tour Stop 05/17/18
Lauren in Naples loves her job but is ready to get to the yacht club again 05/17/18
Twelvewood gets Rome's word that he will go on Woodscopes if the clones get him in the HOF 05/17/18
Danika in Jacksonville thinks Lebron should be the MVP 05/17/18
Andy in Cleveland, not a native C-Towner, calls to bash Cavs, gets run for misreading his Hawk smack 05/17/18
Jeff in San Antonio invites Rome to his wedding, started crying again 05/18/18
Eric in Orlando emails in response to Jeff, asks who is sitting next to Hawk, sets up the rest of the show for James Kelley personal appearance smack 05/18/18
Bobby in Green Bay gets motivation by listening to the David Goggins podcast, lost 45 pounds in 3 months, about to run a marthon 05/18/18
Rex in ABQ got run for calling PF Changs sesame chicken 'sesame cat' 05/21/18
Mark in Vegas is a Golden Knights season ticket holder, wasn't expecting success 05/21/18
Golden Knights advance to finals, thanks to Wayne Newton 05/21/18
Rome and Hawk discuss the James Kelley personal appearance smack 05/21/18
Matt in Vancouver doesn't want that crappy player Manziel in his crappy league 05/21/18
Eric in Orlando calls to discuss his email about James Kelley 05/21/18
Mark in Barstow hyperventilates a call about Rex and J-Stew 05/21/18
Dan in Nocal asks about which colleges Rome's kids will be going to 05/21/18
Brandi Chastain's HOF plaque looks nothing like her 05/22/18
HOF demands - Clones suggest what they want in return for voting for Rome 05/22/18
Justin in Cleveland has HOF demands: Take a car nap together or Rome can get a tattoo of Hawk 05/22/18
Steve in HTown's a man! He's 40! 05/22/18
Scott in Wisconsin has an issue with Jeff in Richmond's return 05/22/18
Rome and Hawk go over more of the HOF vote suggestions 05/22/18
Lou in Sacramento congratulates America for finally getting into the Royal Family 05/23/18
Tracee in Nola wants Rogan Lome to host the Jungle 05/23/18
Matt in LA takes a run at the other Matt and Tyler 05/23/18
Phil in Alaska thinks clones suck for wanting something in return for voting 05/23/18
Rex in ABQ gets racked for a call about the Warriors and the Cheesecake Factory, Rome talks about different types of cheesecake 05/29/18
Tim in Houston had a Houston Rockets-esque call... started strong, got fatigued 05/29/18
Dave in Las Vegas AKA G-Money calls about the Nice Hockey League, sneaks in self-gloss at the end, Alvie takes a minute to react 05/29/18
2018 Smackoff Promo 05/29/18
SNR - May Mashup 05/29/18
Josh in Detroit stepped his game up, gets racked 05/30/18
Diane in South Carolina watched Rome because it's the only sports station on her tv, asks for magazine suggestions 05/30/18
Box of Chaos suggestions 05/30/18
Ken in Sacramento talks about the NBA Finals 05/30/18
Jeff in Butte calls to smack Vic and Silk, says they are no longer edgy, got run 05/31/18
Fake Silk RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/31/18
Dan in Denver tries to win a Golden Ticket, gets denied for too much personal appearance smack 05/31/18
Esther in Manhattan Beach wants Mike Piazza back on the show 05/31/18
Lorraine in Denver wants Denver to get a new affiliate 05/31/18
Chaels Podcast, talking about the Smackoff 06/01/18
Dom in Sacramento wants Rome to get a tramp stamp that says Janets Property 06/01/18
Hawk made a Box of Chaos using supplies from Joanns 06/01/18
Dan in Denver smacks the Oracle Arena, comes up short for Golden Ticket 06/01/18
Kyle in Green Bay tries to smack Kaleb in GB and Dan in Denver, gets run 06/01/18
Chad in LA is not happy about his placement in the Stucknut odds 06/01/18
Matt in LA wants the legends to call more, gets run for unwarring Lebrons hairline pubic stubble 06/01/18
Mike in San Francisco is definitely voting for Rome 06/01/18
Jason in Portland calls with a rap, stumbles on his script, gets run 06/01/18
Rome pulls 5 suggestions from the Box of Chaos 06/04/18
Liz in Falls City responds to the Box of Chaos results 06/04/18
Bonus Box of Chaos winners 06/04/18
Gino in San Antonio talks about Romes HOF competition 06/04/18
Boatie in Pearland thought Gino was trying to promote Rome's HOF competitors 06/04/18
Raider Mike is going to have his army carry Rome to the finish line 06/04/18
Kids write spiteful obituary for mom who abandoned them 06/05/18
Fake Silk offers to give Alvin a vasectomy 06/05/18
Jeff from Richmond humbly acknowledges that he only gets positive reaction, clones react 06/06/18
Nate in Grand Rapids can't stand that guy Jeff in Richmond 06/06/18
Donald in Finger Lakes thinks Jeff in Richmond is confusing Rome's show for Rush 06/06/18
Tyler in Edmonton claims that Jeff in Richmond rambles on about nothing 06/06/18
Matt in LA got run for calling Jeff in Richmond a Virginia vaginal swab 06/06/18
Paul in NoCal thinks Jeff in Richmond is awesome 06/06/18
ATP - Tony in Iowa City - Is Jake jealous that Logan gets to be on the show 06/06/18
Trapper in Dana Point talks about the Radio HOF, wants to wish Irie a happy 50th birthday 06/07/18
Mark in Sacramento doesn't like how the clones are getting bribed 06/07/18
Mike in New Hampshire thinks Belichick ratted out Edelman 06/07/18
Oren in Denver says that if Rome gets inducted to HOF, the clones go with him 06/07/18
Eric in Orlando glosses James Kelley the 'flight deck with legs' 06/07/18
Susan in Colorado didn't realize she was talking to Rome because of the tv delay 06/07/18
Matt in Vancouver takes a run at Jeff in Richmond, then Stucknut for the odds 06/08/18
Email from Aaron in Omaha - Private Winslow arrested 06/08/18
Jay in Florida doesn't think Jeff in Richmonds calls have progressed, talks NBA Finals, chased out by sharks 06/08/18
James in San Diego calls to talk NHL Finals, trips on his script, gets run 06/08/18
Brad in Corona responds to Matt in Vancouver, Stucknut odds, Tyler in Edmonton, Hawks tats, Jeff in Richmond, and RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/08/18
Austin Huff is leaving the show 06/08/18
CJ McCollum responds to a tweet with I'm trying Jennifer 06/16/18
Rex in ABQ - Hefty was in a hurry to sprinkle medicated powder on his undercarriage so he doesn't get swampass 06/18/18
Mike in Buffalo email resets 'war bums using scaffolding to play Hollywood Squares' 06/18/18
Rick in Buffalo takes a run at Dan in Denver, Josh in Detroit, and John in New York 06/18/18
Fake Silk gets run for a blowup doll joke 06/18/18
Tyler in Edmonton responds to Brad in Corona's call, gets racked 06/18/18
ATP - Tony in Iowa City - Resets the Rex Streak, Steve in Phx with an Indiana Jones 'wrecks' tweet 06/18/18
Beaks in Studio City is on vacation, enjoyed Rick in Buffalos call, plugged Romes HOF on other shows 06/19/18
Mona in Knoxville survived cancer, domestic violence, and a gunshot wound. Also an ER nurse, helicopter pilot, and was friends with Pat Summitt. Won a Golden Ticket. 06/19/18
Jim Rome verifying that he was born in Los Angeles, not Tarzana 06/19/18
Josh in Detroit tries to respond to Rick in Buffalo, gets run 06/20/18
Smackoff history - Jim in Fall River 06/20/18
Luke in Fort Collins called to maintain his Golden Ticket, got choppered 06/21/18
Rex in ABQ gets racked with a call about driving etiquette and food 06/21/18
Parody Larry gets run for a Puke in Fort Collins reference 06/21/18
Dan in Denver takes another run at Hawk and the XR4Ti crew 06/21/18
Malcolm in Jacksonville rants about Jeff in Richmond, runs out of time 06/21/18
John in NY thinks Rick in Buffalo should apologize for using the scripted garbage in Hawks cat box, got run 06/21/18
Chip in Arizona is confused about the Smackoff, tried to RSVP for he and his wife 06/21/18
Matt in Vancouver attempts a call, phone dies 06/22/18
Mark in Hollywood RSVP's to the Smackoff, takes a run at Brad and Mike, gets run for human centipede blast 06/22/18
Jeff in SoCal gets run for saying that Rex in ABQ is leaking oil in his tighty whities 06/22/18
Raider Mike talks about the good ol days hanging with JT the Brick 06/22/18
Matt in Vancouver's 2nd attempt, responds to Brad in Corona and calls Leff fat 06/22/18
Jukebox Friday - Topics: Tiger, Dallas Huff, Sparrows mustache, lady hit with hotdog, legends not RSVPing 06/22/18
Liz in Falls City says the Canadian twins look like celery sticks 06/22/18
Damacio in ABQ tries to jump from Twitter to phone, gets run for sloppy seconds blast 06/22/18
Results of the Radio Hall of Fame - Jim Rome didn't make it this time 06/25/18
Mike in Clearwater claims the HOF results is a conspiracy - no way Jim would allow microwaved fish in studio 06/25/18
Bob in Calgary asks if SJP does heroin, would she be riding herself? 06/25/18
Smackoff Announcement - No more studio visits, the Leff Rule 06/25/18
Jason in Harrisburg says Leff in Laguna is the Jungles jocksniffer 06/25/18
Jay in Florida takes a run at Mark in Hollywood, run for rambling 06/25/18
Don in Finger Lakes says Rick in Buffalo is Jeff's twin that was left behind, run for inflatable companion smack 06/26/18
Niems and Whitey's Dad reset 06/26/18
Smackoff recap of 2017 Golden Ticket holders 06/26/18
John in Little Rock gets run with a parody song that nobody recognized 06/26/18
Alvie's John in Little Rock Mix 06/26/18
Rex in ABQ thinks Archie Bradley has AFMRS, gets run, sets up Rome's take on Archie 06/27/18
Roland in Pittsburgh talks podcast, takes a run at Mike in Indy, Brad in Corona, and J-Stew 06/27/18
The Canadians call out Benny for being a scared coward 06/27/18
Benny in Wisco responds to the Canadians, gets run for a D reference 06/27/18
Preview of the Podcast with Charles Barkley 06/27/18
Justin in Melbourne finishes his wrestling story from the voicemail, gets chased out by sharks 06/27/18
Smackoff 24 Profile: Mark in Hollywood 06/27/18
Christian in Maine says there is no way the Canadian power couple Myler will win the Smackoff 06/27/18
Dan in Denver goes after Matt in Vancouver, has a take on Gold's Gym in Venice Beach 06/28/18
Teresa in Portland with another risque call, reset of Portland woman 06/28/18
Smackoff 24 Profile: Iafrate 06/28/18
Kathleen in Omaha doesn't understand how Mad Bum didn't get a win when he left the game while scoreless 06/28/18
JJ in KC says Silk Brah deserves a lifetime achievement award, run for Tide pod reference 06/28/18
Vic in NoCal will be a part of the Smackoff, but this isn't an RSVP call 06/28/18
Trapper in Dana Point talking Oregon State baseball 06/28/18
John in New York takes a run at Rich Ackerman, wins Golden Ticket 06/29/18
Mark in Boston RSVP's to the Smackoff, says Mike in Indy calls every podcast but not the Jungle 06/29/18
James Kelley reads Mean Tweets - Calls from Rick in Buffalo, Slava in Moscow, Christian in Maine, Silk Brah, Nick in Iowa, Matt in LA, and Adam in OKC 06/29/18
Eric in Orlando thanks James Kelley for being a great sport 06/29/18
Vic in NoCal is sending James Kelley and Mark in Hollywood a 5-head remedy 06/29/18
Gino in San Antonio talks about the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard, gets chased out by sharks 07/05/18
Rex in ABQ talks about the Nathans hot dog competition and lack of bathrooms, gets run 07/05/18
Luke in Fort Collins tries to win his Golden Ticket back with Denver sports takes, Rome wasn't impressed 07/05/18
Lauren in Naples rambles about Mona after an insincere apology 07/05/18
Lance in ABQ is fired up over Rex's calls 07/05/18
Payton in Grand Rapids addresses Jim as Alfa Romeo, drops a Mike in Undy blast, gets run; New crew member gets glossed Ross from Friends by emailer 07/06/18
Parody Larry reinvents himself as Smack Larry, still got run 07/06/18
Barry in San Diego wants Jeff in Richmond to know it's ok to be old, tries smacking Lebron and Mona 07/06/18
Fake Silk claims that Larry Parody's call was one of the greatest calls he ever heard 07/06/18
Silk Brah responds to Fake Silk, talks about listening to Fake Silk during the Smackoff while vacationing in Honduras and 4th of July parade in HB 07/06/18
Smackoff 24 Profile: Steve Carbone 07/09/18
John in NY says Mike in Indy and Jeff in San Antonio should start the first annual bitch-off 07/09/18
Hefty Mickelson gets another penalty, reaction from SJP 07/09/18
Barry in San Diego tries to smack Mona, gets run by Alvie for self gloss 07/09/18
Mike in Buffalo email about Hefty, calling him a fat bum 07/09/18
Rex in ABQ got run for saying Verne Troyer was buried in a Build-a-Bear box 07/09/18
Damacio in ABQ called Kyle in Green Bay and Mark in Hollywood bums, got run 07/09/18
Matt in LA responds to John in New York with Knicks smack 07/09/18
John in Little Rock with a bad parody of Michael Jackson's Bad 07/09/18
Gordon Hayward seemed thrilled to find out that his wife was having another daughter 07/10/18
Smackoff 24 Profile: Chael Sonnen 07/10/18
Scooter in Boise claimes that Carmelo and Cutler are the same guy, investigating radio HOF results 07/10/18
Jay Cutler appeared on his wife's TV show 07/10/18
Costco is discontinuing the $1.50 Polish Dog 07/10/18
Smackoff 24 Profile: Team Canada - Matt in Vancouver and Tyler in Edmonton 07/11/18
Dan in Denver wins another Golden Ticket 07/11/18
Tyler in Edmonton takes a run at Dan in Denver, challenges other Smackoff participants to spar before the event 07/11/18
ATP - Nicki in Houston asked if Rome went all out in Little League 07/11/18
Mona in Knoxville wanted to clarify a few things, responds to Lauren 07/11/18
Matt in Vancouver says he will win Mona over, quick hit on Dan in Denver 07/11/18
Trapper in Dana Point is going back for more chemo, will miss Smackoff 07/12/18
Smackoff 24 Profile: Rick in Buffalo 07/12/18
Vic in NoCal calls to respond to Rick's profile, takes another run at Dr. Dave 07/12/18
Kaleb in Green Bay RSVP's to the Smackoff 07/13/18
Smackoff 24 Profile: Brad in Corona 07/13/18
Chad in LA RSVP's to the Smackoff, takes a run at Kaleb, gets dumped 07/13/18
Brad in Corona RSVP's to the Smackoff, smacks Chad in LA, Mike in Indy, Kaleb, and Team Canada 07/13/18
Cal in Vegas tries for a Golden Ticket, smacks the XR4Ti 07/13/18
Boatie in Pearland says TeamCanada is America's skidmark, Rome wonders why he didn't get run 07/13/18
Smackoff 24 Profile: Current Golden Ticket Holders 07/16/18
Mark in Boston got run for a Michael J. Fox shake joke 07/16/18
John in NY had a decent enough call to keep his Golden Ticket 07/16/18
Rex in ABQ chimes in on the Smackoff participants fighting on Twitter, got racked 07/16/18
Tyler in Edmonton responds to Mark in Boston, Chad in LA, and talks about his dime girlfriend 07/16/18
Liz in Falls City talks about the fighting on Twitter 07/16/18
Dan in Denver committed Golden Ticket suicide with a Mike and Chael joke 07/16/18
John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) pimps the Post-Smackoff Show on Stucknut 07/16/18
Hawk alludes to using weed to treat bad back 07/16/18
Rich in Anaheim Hills calls to RSVP to the Smackoff, gets his Golden Ticket revoked 07/17/18
Smackoff 24 Profile: Vic in Nocal 07/17/18
Rick in Buffalo responds to Vic's profile 07/17/18
Jason Stewart RSVP's to the Smackoff, might call back as Rex 07/17/18
Gino in San Antonio will not participate in the Smackoff this year, but took a few minutes to smack the competition 07/18/18
Leff in Laguna calls to tell Rome to watch out for his RSVP later in the show 07/18/18
Jeff in SoCal talks about a WNBA record, then says LiAngelo Ball should play in WNBA because he already has a short haircut 07/18/18
Matt in Vancouver responds to Gino in San Antonio and the Laguna Beach Belly 07/18/18
Leff in Laguna submits 2 RSVP videos, from Straight Fire and Henry Winkler 07/18/18
Smackoff 24 Profile: Mike in Indy 07/18/18
Deech in Oakland reminds the bay area clones to watch the Smackoff at his bar, Fort Green 07/18/18
Ryan in Austin talks about the latest podcast with Armen Keteyian 07/18/18
Mike in Indy announces his retirement 07/18/18
Email from Denlesks - Twas the Night Before Smackoff 07/19/18
Smackoff 24 Preview 07/19/18
Leff in Laguna weighs in on Mike in Indy's retirement, fires his writers, and promotes another video 07/19/18
Silk Brah calls to tell Rome that an RSVP is coming from someone famous, then Fake Silk calls in to deliver the message 07/19/18
Benny in Wisco calls to RSV-Brie to the Smackoff 07/19/18
Steve Carbone RSVP's to the Smackoff and alludes to making a tandem call 07/19/18
Mike in Indy ends his retirement with a call, simply says I'm Back 07/19/18
Cruz Pedregon will put the Smackoff winners name on his car for a race 07/19/18
Cal in Vegas tries calling as Stephen A. in Bristol, gets run 07/19/18
Tyler in Edmonton takes credit for everyone calling before the Smackoff 07/19/18
Luke in Fort Collins called to pimp his new album, got run 07/19/18
Mike in Indy calls back for 2nd time, claims that Leff's championships were stripped and he's the current champ 07/19/18
Boatie in Pearland says Sum Bitch will be the name on the back of Cruz's car 07/19/18
Teather in Green Bay calls Liz a groupie, talks about DLC on Woodscopes, Twitter beefs 07/19/18
Vic in Nocal with his annual pre-Smackoff weigh in 07/19/18
Oren in Denver takes a run at Leff for the Fonz video, gets choppered for smacking Henry Winkler 07/19/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 01 - Jeff Passan 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 02 - Matt in Vancouver 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 03 - Benny in Wisco 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 04 - Jason in Fullerton 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 05 - Tyler in Edmonton 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 06 - Danika in Jacksonville 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 07 - Boatie in Pearland 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 08 - Mona in Knoxville 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 09 - Kaleb in Green Bay 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 10 - Rick in Buffalo 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 11 - Vic in Nocal 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 12 - Steve Carbone and Sean the Cablinasian 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 13 - Leff in Laguna 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 14 - Chad in LA 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 15 - John in New York 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 16 - Brad in Corona 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 17 - Mark in Hollywood 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 18 - Chael Sonnen 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Call 19 - Mike in Indy 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff - Results 07/20/18
610am Houston - Triple Threat - Sean the Cablinasian makes a return to the Smackoff 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff Hour 1 - Jeff Passan, Matt in Vancouver, Benny in Wisco, Jason in Fullerton, Tyler in Edmonton, Danika in Jacksonville, Boatie in Pearland, Mona in Knoxville 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff Hour 2 - Kaleb in Green Bay, Rick in Buffalo, Vic in Nocal, Steve Carbone with Sean the Cablinasian, Leff in Laguna Beach, Chad in LA, John in New York 07/20/18
2018 Smackoff Hour 3 - Brad in Corona, Mark in Hollywood, Chael Sonnen, Mike in Indy 07/20/18
Gino in San Antonio recaps the Smackoff 07/23/18
Dan in Denver says Chaels call sucked, doesn't regret giving up his Golden Ticket 07/23/18
Smackoff Recap 07/23/18
Donald in Finger Lakes takes a run at Team Canada, gets run 07/24/18
Dan in Denver talks about Brad's winning call, got run for saying war Woodscopes because you would need a scope to see that wood 07/24/18
Parody Larry recaps the Smackoff, gets run for a My Sharona parody for BIC 07/24/18
Matt in LA gets run for comparing the Smackoff to Jimmy G's MILF 07/24/18
Rich Flores calls to discuss the Leff's call and spending time with Henry Winkler, Javier, and Ron Cey 07/24/18
Jeff in Southfield wins a Golden Ticket in his first call, takes a run at Mike in Indy and Arthur Fonzarelli 07/25/18
John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) updates Jim on the Smackoff Wrap-up show numbers 07/25/18
Boatie in Pearland apologizes for his Smackoff performance, chokes again 07/25/18
Podcast voicemails after the Smackoff 07/25/18
Benny in Wisco email about OJ being an exterminator, wars bums using roaches as harmonicas 07/26/18
Matt in LA goes off on CBS Sports Network for not replaying the Smackoff 07/26/18
Tanner in St Augustine takes a run at Boatie and Jeff in Southfield 07/26/18
13 Year Anniversary of the BOHICA call 07/26/18
Chase in Houston talks about the old H-Town tour stop at the horse track 07/26/18
Show open before 2 week break, Alvie goes crazy on the board 07/27/18
Silk Brah wants Alvie to hit him with a Deca-Brah, he's working on the his Smackoff 25 call 07/27/18
Kaleb in Green Bay emails about Rome's family going to Wisconsin, doesn't want Jim to get fat 07/27/18
Vic in Nocal email to reset Willie in KC's Moo Moo Madison call 07/27/18
Eric in Orlando asks if Jim will do any fishing in Wisconsin 07/27/18
ATP, Has Hawk ever baked at work, The Week That Was 07/27/18
Rome got FAT during his Wisconsin trip 08/13/18
Kyle in Green Bay calls to talk about the Green Bay Clonestock 08/13/18
Tiger Woods is back 08/13/18
Liz in Falls City calls to talk about Koepka's girl swooning over Tiger 08/13/18
Hawk talks about the 2 week vacation 08/13/18
Andi in Rocklin is a podcast voicemailer that tried a live call, didn't go well, but she likes basil 08/13/18
Neil in Detroit talked about how great Wisconsin is 08/13/18
Leanne in Tucson was a softball player at Nebraska when Scott Frost played there 08/14/18
Casey in Lincoln was on the verge of tears talking about Nebraska football 08/14/18
Rome recaps his Wisconsin trip 08/14/18
Parody Larry sings 'Welcome Back' for Rome 08/14/18
Orion in Waterford is a SF Giants fan, loves the Dodgers bullpen 08/14/18
Dave in Chicago hurried through a call so he couldn't get run, but he got run 08/15/18
Mike in Philly melted through a Jim Tomsula take 08/15/18
Irie Craig called and said he is homeless, clones react with bum smack 08/15/18
LB in ABQ called out the clones for clowning Irie Craig 08/15/18
ATP - Nicki in Houston asked if Rome will get Dusty when Jake leaves for college 08/15/18
More Tweets about homeless Irie Craig 08/16/18
Smiley in South Central LA says baseball is the only sport you can't celebrate, wins Huge Call 08/16/18
Kelvin in Orlando thinks pitchers that bean hitters should lose game checks 08/16/18
Matt in Arkansas is a publisher that wants to help Irie Craig 08/16/18
Matt in LA liked the Peter Berg interview, wants Rome to interview a Dodger for karma 08/16/18
Christopher in Wisco wants Rome to stop promoting his state 08/16/18
Keith in Wichita says Jalen Ramsey needs to shut his mouth til he gets to a Super Bowl 08/16/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for mentioning that after Yogurtland he sits on the pot and watches the launch angle on projectile diarrhea 08/17/18
Hawk lost weight 08/17/18
FBI Mike in Toledo gets run for saying the Dodgers bullpen is shakier than a washing machine with Marty McFly sitting on it 08/17/18
Ken in Sacramento called Rex diarrhea boy and a failed comic, thinks baseball needs a MeToo movement for the code 08/17/18
Rick in Buffalo takes a run at Jalen Ramsey, wants the oldschool callers to participate in Smackoff 25 08/17/18
Irie Craig clarifies a few things from his previous call, lives with girlfriend 08/17/18
Silk Brah talks about Irie Craig but got cut off for The Week That Was 08/17/18
Zack Smith had sex toys shipped to his office 08/20/18
Milton in Texas says who cares about having sex toys shipped to work 08/20/18
Mark in Mississippi says that the NFL trying to protect the players is getting crazy 08/20/18
Vic in NoCal tries to win a Masterbuilt smoker but gets run for a 5-hole reference 08/20/18
Ryan in South Dakota won a Masterbuilt smoker with a Zack Smith call 08/20/18
Van in Minnesota is a senior citizen that thinks Ohio State gets away with everything 08/21/18
Jeff in Southfield's 2nd call, lost Golden Ticket with Special Ed smack 08/21/18
Jeff in Socal tries to win a Masterbuilt smoker with a call about Last Chance U's Jason Brown 08/21/18
Vic in NoCal wants the Smackoff date moved up, got run for Hank Gathers mention 08/21/18
Rick in Buffalo email about Vic's attempts to win the smoker, ends up winning a Masterbuilt smoker 08/22/18
Kelly in Pittsburgh is looking forward to the Steelers facing Baker Mayfield 08/22/18
Tyler in Edmonton with an email about fat Americans not needing the smoker, wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/22/18
Jeremy in SLC has a take on Urban Meyer but lost his train of thought 08/22/18
Vic in NoCal's 3rd attempt at a smoker, takes a run at Rick, doesn't win 08/22/18
Josh in Detroit gets through an entire call but doesn't win a smoker 08/22/18
2 Masterbuilt smoker winners, Rick in Buffalo and Tyler in Edmonton 08/22/18
Urban Meyer calls from Susan in Atlanta and Anthony in LA 08/23/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for more diarrhea sabermetrics smack, exit velocity 08/23/18
Brad in Youngstown is a longtime Buckeye fan, wants Meyer fired 08/23/18
Bob in Richmond gets run for a weird call about the smoker 08/23/18
Benny in Wisco wins a Masterbuilt smoker with a call about Vic using John in Little Rocks phone 08/23/18
Lauren in Tempe's dad calls to tell the clones that she's getting married 08/24/18
Dr. Dave in Chicago gets run while trying to win a smoker 08/24/18
Eric in Orlando calls to talk about fishing 08/24/18
Ben Affleck goes to Jack in the Box before rehab 08/24/18
Mike in Indy wanted to prevent Vic from winning the smoker, Mike won the Masterbuilt smoker 08/24/18
Irie Craig checks back in, now living at a Marriott in Long Beach 08/27/18
Dan in Memphis calls to talk Urban Meyer and Earle Bruce, wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/27/18
Bo in Pismo Beach talks about the Stephen A. Smith podcast, Rome rants about the speaker phone connection 08/28/18
OJ Simpson was on Sacha Baron Cohen's show 08/28/18
Andi in Rocklin tells a story about her friend hooking up with OJ, wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/28/18
Rex in ABQ has a take on middle-aged strip club guy, doesn't get run 08/29/18
Jeff from Richmond has a take on the dude Hank Huckabee Sanders, wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/29/18
Matt in LA says Jeff in Richmond is that loser who peaked freshman year of high school and has been chasing ever since 08/29/18
Silk Brah talks about his smoker and the Chargers 08/29/18
Tanner in St Augustine promised a parody but got run before he could get to it 08/30/18
Ryan in Green Bay likes the Aaron Rodgers contract, wants Khalil Mack 08/30/18
Boatie in Pearland has advice for Tanner and Irie, wants the smoker 08/30/18
Olympic swimmer Klete Keller used dog walking app, came home to 2 shirtless guys on couch with personal lube and a camera 08/30/18
Mike in Indy is thinking about following his 6th person on Twitter, wins another Masterbuilt smoker 08/30/18
Christian in Maine got run for referring to Buffalos NFL as the Billdos 08/31/18
Cal in Vegas takes a run at Chael Sonnen and Mike in Indy 08/31/18
Beaks in Studio City gets racked with a call about Irie Craig and Vic in Nocal 08/31/18
Jeff in Southfield imitates Mike in Indy, Rick in Buffalo, and Mitch Hedberg wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/31/18
Rick in Buffalo responds to Jeff in Southfield, smacks Vic in Nocal 08/31/18
Raider Mike calls from Kuwait with his take on the Khalil Mack trade 09/04/18
Kyle in Green Bay talks more about the upcoming Green Bay Clonestock 09/05/18
Anthony in Tennessee has a bad connection, Hawk tells him 'screw you buddy', Rockies Kyle Freeland said he was glad that Hawk didn't yell at him 09/06/18
Scott in North Hills is an oldschool listener, horse racing fan, and has the gift of gab 09/06/18
Josh in Arizona is tired of clowns calling for inflated stats at Coors Field, wants to hear royalty free techno for the Rockies 09/06/18
Matt in LA responds to a Matt in Vancouver email 09/06/18
Rome will appear on the Woodscopes, clones react 09/07/18
Rex in ABQ says last nights game was ass, got run for mispronouncing anal-sis 09/07/18
Tyler in Edmonton talks about the upcoming Woodscopes and Clonestock 09/07/18
Boatie in Pearland likes the way that Twelvewood kid grinds 09/07/18
Zack in Appleton calls to talk about Aaron Rodgers performance 09/10/18
Matt in LA called from his timeshare in San Diego, says Chargers fans aren't welcome there anymore 09/10/18
Ron in Oakland calls to talk about the culture of the show 09/10/18
Rome talks about the Clone weekend, Woodscopes and Green Bay CloneStock 09/10/18
Liz in Falls City thanks Rome for being on the WoodScopes 09/10/18
Parody Larry gets run for a Mr. Rodgers parody about Aaron Rodgers 09/10/18
Fabian in LA was caught off guard like always, even though he's the one that called Rome 09/10/18
Isaac in Oakland is disappointed with Gruden 09/11/18
Kyle in Green Bay recaps the CloneStock 09/11/18
Parker in West Covina - Raider Nation are cockroaches 09/11/18
ATP, Parody Larry wants to sing a Beatles song, Rome talks to Hawk 09/12/18
Beaks in Studio City thanked Rome for doing Woodscopes, Dodgers talk 09/12/18
Dan in Denver's unedited call about Stucknut and the Beatles that got dumped 09/12/18
Rex in ABQ has a decent take about the Raiders, then got run for Beatles Winston Churchill reference 09/13/18
Jeff in Socal checks in after the Seattle Storm won the WNBA Championship 09/13/18
Irie Craig calls to talk Dodgers but ran out of time, but Rome went on with the segment for 5 more minutes 09/14/18
Mike in Orange County had a cool Gaucho story that only Romey could relate to, clones react 09/14/18
Rick in Buffalo bashes the Bills, mentions Jeff in Southfields sex change operation is complete, Rome gives warning about gender smack 09/14/18
Kyle Brandt interview - New show on NFL Network 'Kyle Brandt Football Experience' 09/14/18
Jeff Pearlman in studio to discuss his new book 'Football for a Buck: The Crazy Rise and Crazier Demise of the USFL' 09/17/18
Larry in Florida - ticked off about the Giants, run for self gloss - The Z Man 09/17/18
Frank in the 209 glosses Keith Arnold Batman 09/17/18
Scotty in Boston calls to talk about Josh Gordon, gave us a supa soundbite 09/18/18
Jim in Maine says if Josh Gordon is a success in New England, winna winna chicken dinna 09/19/18
Fake Silk thinks Josh Gordon on the Patriots will be phenomenal 09/19/18
Eric in Orlando takes a run at California with lobster smack 09/19/18
Matt in LA says Gruden needs to sack up 09/19/18
Silk Brah wants to call his shot for the weekend, Chargers will not win 09/19/18
Rome makes a pitch to LeBron James to be in Space Jam 2 09/20/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for warring Cinnabon with extra, extra icing and his 6ft blast radius 09/20/18
Mike in NoCal is from Youngstown, cried while watching the Browns win, said the game meant as much to him as his inline skating medal, drank Bud Light Orange 09/21/18
Jeff in San Antonio set the date for his wedding, October 6, anniversary of Michael Jordans first retirement 09/21/18
Tyler in Edmonton AKA Shredmonton is the CEO of Tiger Honk Nation, reminds clones that moose meat is lean, wins huge call 09/24/18
Rick in Buffalo claims that Josh Allen ended the 20 year wait for Bills franchise QB, Patriots dynasty is ending 09/24/18
Guess That Sound... Kawhi Leonard laugh 09/25/18
Jeff in Southfield with a take on Patriots, Malcolm Butler, Matt Patricia, and the Same Old Lions. Gets run for Harvey Weinstein joke. 09/25/18
Drew in Maryland got run for addressing Romey as Drew 09/25/18
Jay in Wisconsin calls with gossip about Jimmy Butler and KAT 09/25/18
New rewards for getting the RPO Podcast into the top 10 09/26/18
Quinn in Valencia talking about LA football 09/27/18
Jace Fry's fiance destroyed him on social media 09/27/18
Tony in SoCal is still not over the Dodgers losing the World Series, wants Dave Roberts fired 09/27/18
Matt in LA likes Dave Roberts, talks Raiders football 09/27/18
Brian in Wisco says the Brewers are a helluva team 09/27/18
Mark in Hollywood on Ohio States silence Tweet 09/28/18
Calls from Liz in Falls City and Josh in Detroit to close the show 09/28/18
Francis in Glendale email from Danny Trejo at the exploding pineapple factory 09/28/18
Rex in ABQ calls to talk Ryder Cup, gets run for asking to be put into the butthole montage 10/01/18
Argell in Louisiana corrects the pronunciation of her name, talks about soy tabasco sauce 10/02/18
Bobby in Green Bay made a joke about correcting the pronunciation of his name, got run 10/02/18
John in Illinois kept asking Rome questions, got run 10/02/18
MMA email from Joaquin, Rex Lee email from Drew in West LA 10/02/18
Ken in Sacramento with a take on NFL coaching 10/03/18
Brad in Corona smacks Adam Hawk for his 2nd anniversary on the show 10/03/18
@Brian_C60 tweets 'Yanks vs Sox is always a great match up for us /s/ Sir Paul & the Lads' 10/04/18
@StevePHX (A-Rod lipgloss), @Denlesks (Teddy Ballgame thawed out), @AlanInRaleigh (Billy Joel DrinkedIn) 10/04/18
Cal in Vegas says Rick in Buffalo is his clone, calls Matt - Fat in LA 10/04/18
Matt in LA responds to Cal, gets run for calling him a girls name, plus Cal in Vegas reaction 10/04/18
John in Little Rock tries to act like Cal but got run 10/04/18
Conor in Vegas (Vic in NoCal) responds to Brad in Coronas call, gets racked 10/05/18
Mikey in Fresno is a former prisoner that used to listen to the Jungle while locked up 10/05/18
Dan in Encinitas wants to wish Canadian clones a Happy Thanksgiving, gets run for using lame smack 10/05/18
Matt in Vancouver responds to Dan in Encinitas, accepts the Smackoff loss from Brad in Corona 10/05/18
Jim and Sam Show - John C. McGinley talked about hanging out with Jim Rome for inspiration for his character in Any Given Sunday 10/05/18
Joaquin with another MMA email 10/08/18
Tracy in Bakersfield is a 57 year old grandma and she loves Conor McGregor's swagger 10/08/18
Rome claims that the Cleveland Browns are America's Team 10/08/18
WWE's Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows tweeted Rome a video, became the Official Tag Team Partnership of the Jungle 10/09/18
Drew Brees broke Peyton Manning's record for career passing yards 10/09/18
Jenna in Wisco is traveling to Sheboygan, eating macadamia nuts out of her fanny pack 10/10/18
Josh in Detroit with straight fire for the UFC 10/10/18
Keith is at jury duty, referenced Marcia and Ito in a tweet, Hawk doesn't know who that is 10/10/18
Adam Hawk lost his car 10/11/18
Rex in ABQ got run for a dongle blast 10/11/18
Tommy from NC got run for using OJ puns 10/11/18
Rick in Buffalo calls with thoughts on the Yankees and Cal in Vegas 10/11/18
Fabian in LA updates Jim on the status of his drug test 10/11/18
Update on Adam Hawks car, it was picked up for no tags 10/11/18
John in New York - Eli Manning is like the guy at work that doesn't wear deodorant 10/12/18
Tyler in Edmonton responds to Rick in Buffalo, says Rick would fail a smog test, Goo Goo Dolls smack 10/12/18
Silk Brah calls from wine country to break down the Dodgers Brewers series 10/12/18
Irie Craig talks Dodgers, has advice for Hawk but runs out of time 10/12/18
Rome talks about a gift from 25 clones - Space Jam baseball bat, Hawk gives an update on his car 10/15/18
Greg in San Diego talks about the brawl at Mr. B's Sports Bar, back when Rome was doing a night show 10/15/18
Chris in Wisconsin talks Packers and Brewers, it's an amazing time in Wisco 10/16/18
Matt in LA gives credit to NY suits for showing his pics, even though they never do, and Dodgers talk 10/16/18
Tony in Houston thinks HTown doesn't get any respect 10/16/18
Irie Craig in Long Beach gets in an argument with Grant Napear over Clayton Kershaw 10/17/18
Brad in Corona lets Grant Napear know that his wife is out of his league 10/17/18
Rome resets calls from Brad in Corona and Irie Craig to Grant Napear 10/18/18
Jeff in San Antonio talked about the anniversary of his call and getting dissed by Hawk 10/18/18
Andi in Rocklin got run for trying to get her call reset from last year 10/18/18
Josh in Detroit thinks it would be an honor to have his mugshot on Brads bahana hammock 10/18/18
Connor in Dallas - stumbled through a parody call 10/19/18
Bob in Calgary wants to start smoking weed so he can work his way up to heroin 10/19/18
Rick in Buffalo gives Lebron credit for fitting in with LA scumbags, Joe West smack, Matt and Tyler smack, unwars Rush 10/19/18
Matt in Vancouver responds to Rick in Buffalo, called him alcoholic Brad Childress 10/19/18
Wanda in Tennessee got run for self gloss - Titan Woman 10/19/18
Teen baked her grandpa's ashes into sugar cookies, fed them to peers 10/19/18
Ryan in KC says the Chiefs dated pretty girls before but never had the hottest chick, Pat Mahomes 10/22/18
Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul get in a fight 10/22/18
Hawk leases a new Hyundai after he tricked them into giving too much for trade-in, he and Alvie are Hyundads 10/22/18
Ken in Sacramento has a take on Rajon Rondo, spitting is a 'go to the trunk' moment 10/22/18
Eric in Orlando has advice for fat Dodger fans going to Fenway, laughed at his own joke 10/22/18
Matt in LA says the Dodgers are going to Fenway like a buzzsaw 10/22/18
Jeff in Southfield withs takes on Brad vs Napear, Matt & Tyler, Rick, and Cal 10/23/18
Shawn in Del Mar hypes the Alex Honnold interview 10/23/18
Rex in ABQ thinks Kershaw will choke, wars diabetic foot removal 10/23/18
Jack in Sacramento watched Alex Honnold's documentary with his father, a former rock climber 10/23/18
Alex Honnold interview - Free Solo Rock Climber 10/23/18
Silk Brah recaps game 1 of the Dodgers/Red Sox World Series 10/24/18
Eric in Portland Maine wants to dispel Bostons dominance 10/24/18
A Ross Geller lookalike stole beer from store, clones thinks it's Dozmati 10/24/18
Liz in Falls City talks about the XR4Ti crimewave 10/24/18
Rex in ABQ talks about the Taco Bell promotion, 99 cent double decker leads to 99 minute double decker 10/25/18
Damon in Santa Maria says its not too late for the Dodgers 10/25/18
Irie Craig talks Dodgers and horse racing 10/25/18
Fake Silk calls with a knock knock joke 10/25/18
John in Little Rock sings a Welcome to the Jungle parody about tacos 10/25/18
Drew in West LA resets Romes Geisha House investment 10/26/18
Tim in Alberta gets run for self-gloss, The Goose 10/26/18
Hawk is fighting City Hall over a health code violation 10/26/18
Jack in San Francisco blasts SoCal, parodies the Brad in Detroit Mace call with Clayton Kershaw 10/29/18
The Warriors dance to Fergie's National Anthem with the Fergie Remix Challenge 10/29/18
Mike Gundy latest post game interview gives us a new soundbite 10/29/18
Bo in Nashville is not going to allow Rex to call anymore, 2019 will be sucker-free 10/30/18
Rex in ABQ gets run for saying Bo in Nashville has a great time with a bidet 10/30/18
Josh in Detroit tries to take a run at Rick in Buffalo, gets dumped 10/30/18
Rick in Buffalo responds to Josh, smacks Boston sports fans and adults that wear costumes 10/30/18
Tobin in Chapel Hill's first call since 2007, talks Maryland football, Smackoff, Jeff in Richmond 10/31/18
Halloween Block: 2018 Spooky Mix and story about Amethyst, lady that plans to marry a ghost 10/31/18
2018 Halloween Spooky Mix 10/31/18
Rome's take on Bon Jovi 10/31/18
Drew in West LA takes a jab at Woodscopes 11/01/18
Dr. Bahdkramph at UCLA has advice for Rome's cramps, take a dump 11/01/18
Jeremiah in Colorado has 2 solutions for Rome's cramps, go to a dispensary or get some tree from Hawk 11/01/18
Jed in Illinois @JedinIllinois tweet: Accept the head. - The Dr. to FlightDeck's parents after delivering him 11/01/18
Twelvewood calls to promote his next guest Scott Ferrall 11/01/18
Brad in Corona roasts guest host Brian Webber 11/02/18
Reset of Brad in Corona's call to Brian Webber 11/05/18
Iafrate has a take on who the real GOAT is between Brady and Belichick, Rome talks about waterbeds 11/05/18
Silk Brah called from rental car shuttle in Seattle, recaps Chargers/Seahawks game and Iafrates call 11/05/18
Rome talks about his recent trip to Wisconsin, Badgers tailgate/game 11/05/18
Trevor Pryce has lost 6 straight picks on the RPO Podcast 11/05/18
Dan in Denver has a rant on Iafrate and Trevor Pryce 11/06/18
Lou in Connecticut is a Giants fan, Beckham is frustrated 11/06/18
Rome asks for rant requests for the CBS NFL show 11/06/18
Corey in Oregon is a Cowboys fan, Dak and Zeke got too much credit 11/06/18
Phil in Dallas @philindallas becomes first Twitter user blocked from the show with a Baby Jessica Tweet 11/06/18
NHRA legend Cruz Pedregon in studio 11/07/18
Matt in LA hypes the upcoming appearance of Gary Payton on the podcast 11/07/18
ATP - Tony in Iowa City asks if Logan is interested in college yet 11/07/18
Show open - Rome talks about the shooting in Thousand Oaks, takes calls 11/08/18
Response to Le'Veon Bell's upside down Tweets 11/08/18
Michael in Arizona talks Bryce Harper, Scott Boras is fat 11/08/18
Trevor Pryce finally breaks the losing streak 11/09/18
Jim in Portland gets run for self-gloss, the Octopus 11/09/18
Ron in Pacific Beach questions Ben Golliver's take on Steph Curry 11/09/18
Tyler in Edmonton talks about Jeff Pearlman's article on Kyle Brandt 11/09/18
John in New York thinks Canadians should get fat, since they want to be like the USA 11/09/18
Liz in Falls City says there is too much drama in the JTP 11/12/18
Alan in Virginia wants Liz to be president, dropped his own Fat soundbite 11/12/18
Hawk recaps his trip to Pomona Raceway to see Cruz Pedregon 11/12/18
ATP - Bella asks who Romes favorite superhero is 11/12/18
Matt in Vancouver baits Matt in LA to call, he does, gets chased out with royalty free techno music 11/13/18
John in Kansas City is blind, thanks Rome for being a bright spot 11/13/18
Calls from Fake Fabian (Parody Larry) and Lou in Sacramento 11/13/18
Fabian in LA responds to the Fake Fabian 11/13/18
Nathan Peterman out in Buffalo, Rome reads an email from Rick in Buffalo 11/13/18
EJO and Norv T. tweets 11/14/18
Tiger vs Phil 11/14/18
Will Flight Deck handle TWTW? Rome resets a story about a failed attempt by a guy with a ponytail 11/14/18
Ken in Washington chokes and gets run 11/14/18
Ramon in Indy is a doctor chiming in on flu shots 11/15/18
Patrick Mahomes puts ketchup on his steak 11/15/18
Francis in Glendale @TFPWillEat gets his Tweet applauded by Rome 11/15/18
Wendy in the 360 doesn't like the taste of catsup getting mixed with syrup 11/15/18
Kyle in Green Bay calls on the 2 year anniversary of the Drew the Jumpman Gillett call, talks about his next road trip to Buffalo 11/15/18
Orion in Waterford wonders why other running backs don't support Le'veon Bell 11/15/18
Matt in Vancouver has a message for Lovehandle Loaf in Laguna 11/16/18
Ryan in South Dakota wants Three Cheeseburger McCarthy fired 11/16/18
Scott in Green Bay is sick and tired of the plays that Aaron Rodgers doesn't make 11/16/18
Jeff in San Antonio talks about a new clothing line he's launching for Baby Jordan, cries again 11/16/18
Chris in Destin has been listening since 2003, doesn't like Jeff in San Antonio, imitates Jim in Fall Rivers call 11/16/18
James Kelley's The Week That Was, pays homage to Kevin the ponytail audio engineer 11/16/18
Chris in KC self-glossed himself velvet, but Rome knew it was done on purpose 11/16/18
Conor McGregor apologizes for his whiskey Proper 12 selling out 11/16/18
ATP - Zack in Wisco - Did you try Culvers? 11/16/18
Rex in ABQ gets run on World Toilet Day for Alex Smith's 'inner vaginal pull' reference 11/19/18
Bob in Calgary gets run for another SJP blast 11/19/18
Rick in Buffalo takes a run at Michigan football, Jim Harbaugh, and Mark in Boston 11/19/18
Mark in Boston responded to Rick in Buffalo 11/19/18
Corey in Ann Arbor calls to talk Michigan and Big 10 football 11/20/18
James in North Carolina says the Michigan Ohio State rivalry is overrated 11/20/18
John in Michigan tells a long story about getting picked up for DUI in Ohio and telling everyone he's from Michigan 11/20/18
Parody Larry sings a nice Thanksgiving song 11/20/18
Maury in Grand Rapids is a Michigan fan with a rant on Harbaugh 11/26/18
Rick in Buffalo called his shot with the Michigan - Ohio State game 11/26/18
Adam in Pittsburgh wonders if Hue Jackson is going to replace Marvin Lewis 11/26/18
Fake Silk wants a Peloton to help with his weight gain 11/26/18
Pete in Detroit says Michigan man Harbaugh needs to put up or shut up 11/27/18
Detroit Lions ridiculed on Jeopardy 11/27/18
Johnny Scabs in Detroit rambles through a Michigan take just so he could call Pete in Detroit an idiot 11/27/18
Dave in Boise loves what Baker Mayfield is doing on and off the field 11/27/18
Hedstrombacon gets a block threat for Dexter Manley Tweet 11/27/18
Reset of old school Texters, Ron Full of Rage 11/27/18
Matt in LA wanted to beg Amy Trask to come back to Oakland 11/27/18
Dean in Maryland wanted to call out Joe Flacco for not helping Lamar Jackson's development 11/27/18
Takebox That Was - Stucknut Radio - November 2018 11/27/18
History of the Hackoff, Rome entertains bringing it back, call from Rex in ABQ 11/28/18
Rome takes RSVP's for possible Hackoff return, calls from Matt in LA, Josh in Detroit, Parody Larry 11/28/18
More possible Hackoff RSVP's from Dr. Dave in Chicago, Andi in Rocklin, Bo in Nashville, Lauren in Naples, Mona in Knoxville, Fabian in LA, and Edward in San Diego 11/28/18
Peter in Toronto woke up one day with New Balance on his feet 11/29/18
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch is excited about the Saints vs Cowboys, Matt in Van is a UUU 11/29/18
Ryan in South Dakota saw Tom Morello wearing New Balance shoes, a piece of his soul died 11/29/18
Drew in West LA gets Rome to do an Andy Rooney impression 11/29/18
Mike in Wichita says Amari Cooper saved Jason Garretts career 11/29/18
Antoine in Grand Rapids got roasted by his girlfriend for buying a pair of New Balance shoes 11/29/18
Sean in Fall River is excited about the New Balance revolution 11/29/18
Hawk talks about Paul Walker and training for the marathon, email from Rick in Buffalo 11/30/18
Tyler in Edmonton lays out his own seeding for the Hackoff 11/30/18
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch responds to Tyler, calls him a joke 11/30/18
Rex in ABQ gets run while talking about 'guy that uses Starbucks as an office' 11/30/18
Couple got married at Costco 11/30/18
Kyle in Green Bay calls Matt and Tyler the real life version of Bert and Ernie 11/30/18
Ken in Sacramento talks about how great Jalen Hurts character is, unlike Kareem Hunt 12/03/18
Mark in Louisiana is Shared Beliefs greatest fan 12/03/18
Irie Craig called with a bad connection, got run 12/03/18
Ford in Sacramento smacks Cris Collinsworth's broadcasting abilities, got run for Hitler blast 12/03/18
Casey in Green Bay says Mike McCarthy's firing was unprofessional 12/03/18
Mark in Hollywood on Urban Meyer's retirement from Ohio State 12/04/18
Brett in Bugaha @pattersaur - Shrapnel tweet from Edward James O. 12/04/18
Tweets about 'show me the video' and 'Ill catch you, guaranteed' 12/04/18
Matt in LA responds to Mark in Hollywood 12/04/18
Josh in Detroit rambles about the pump fist Michigan fans, tells a store salesman I'll take it 12/04/18
Rome does a straight soccer take, Gregg Berhalter named USMNT coach 12/05/18
Mike Gundy reimbursed a local radio host for a lost over/under bet 12/05/18
Darin in Boise @MTBDarin talks about Cruz Pedregons bid for Bell Athlete of the Year, gets call dumped during his war 12/05/18
Andrew in Omaha got run for literally answering Rome's salutation 'how are you doing?' 12/06/18
Fabian in LA talks Dodgers, Lakers, Lavar Ball, finishes his call and gets racked 12/06/18
Nick in Boise thought the Jamal Crawford interview was incredamazing 12/06/18
Rick in Buffalo email leads to Woodscopes discussion, Brad in Corona is scheduled guest 12/06/18
Jeff in San Antonio calls from Buffalo Wild Wings, thinks he's Smackoff material instead of Hackoff 12/07/18
Cal in Vegas wants a Golden Ticket, takes a run at Alvie and Notch in LR, run for KY jelly reference 12/07/18
Parody Larry got run for Jeff in SA family smack 12/07/18
Jake in Wisco had a nice rhyme about the Calgary stampede 12/10/18
Robert in San Antonio is a private pilot, won good money on a 6 game parlay because of Amari Cooper's touchdown 12/10/18
Hawk discusses Brad in Corona's appearance on the Woodscopes 12/10/18
Rex in ABQ talks about Ray Liotta, gets run for another scrotox reference 12/11/18
Raider Mike talking Steelers/Raiders, Phil Villapiano, Franco Harris 12/11/18
Matt in LA takes a run at Damon Amendolara and Ray Liotta 12/12/18
Damon Amendolara @DAonCBS responds to Matt in LA 12/13/18
DA Show - Damon addresses Matt in LA's call on his show 12/13/18
Matt in LA responds back to Damon Amendolara with more dental smack 12/13/18
Dr. Dave in Chicago chimes in on DA v Matt in LA, mentions he's in the Jeopardy pool 12/13/18
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch responds back to Cal in Vegas 12/13/18
Mike in NoCal is looking forward to the Browns in the playoffs next year 12/13/18
John in PDX has a Christmas vacation suggestion for the Rome family 12/13/18
Fabian in LA wants to take a picture with Rome at the BW3's event 12/13/18
Mike Tyson in Buffalo got run for a bad impression 12/14/18
Jeff in SoCal calls from a bad phone connection, run for too many Fat Andy references 12/14/18
Elderly woman destroyed the Phoenix Suns owner 12/14/18
Radio terms, update from Hawk on Christmas card submissions, mentions WoodScopes lineup 12/14/18
Email reaction to Mission Valley BWW visit 12/17/18
Jay in San Diego says Fabian is slow and has a screw loose 12/17/18
Pete in Irvine recaps the Mission Valley BWW visit, Fabian got cut off by noon 12/17/18
Rick in Buffalo talks about midget Mark in Hollywood, WoodScopes, Belligerent Nuck, and Buffalo CloneStock 12/17/18
Mark in Chicago asked if Fabian collected cans so he could Uber to San Diego 12/17/18
@SeanHesterEsq recap of Mission Valley BWW visit, ATP about Hawk 12/17/18
Fabian in LA calls to talk about the BWW visit 12/17/18
Rich Flores gifted Rome a signed 'Henry Winkler jumping the shark' poster 12/17/18
Rick in Buffalo email about the upcoming CloneStock 12/18/18
Jeff in Southfield returns with takes on Michigan weed laws and Rick in Buffalo 12/18/18
Kyle in Green Bay calls while en route to the Buffalo CloneStock 12/18/18
Matt in LA responds to Jeff in Southfield 12/18/18
Rome talking about Jakes college choices, U of Arizona president Dr. Robert C. Robbins calls the listener line to make a pitch 12/18/18
Knicks owner James Dolan is vape guy 12/18/18
Tweets about Ray Liotta and vape guy 12/18/18
Rex in ABQ called as Ray Liotta 12/18/18
Rick in Buffalo lays out the CloneStock itinerary 12/18/18
Liz in Falls City thinks Jeff in Southfield is Vic in Nocal 12/18/18
Josh in Detroit is the most polarizing figure in the Jungle, got run for a Jingle Bell parody that didn't rhyme 12/18/18
Takebox That Was - Stucknut Radio - December 2018 12/18/18
Recap of Buffalo CloneStock, email from Rick in Buffalo, audio of Kyle in Green Bay's table slam 12/19/18
Mike in Buffalo called pretending to be Rick in Buffalo's probation officer, couldn't attend CloneStock 12/19/18
Fake President of DeVry making a pitch for Jake 12/19/18
Gina in Indy is now living in Napa, her mom wants to send Rome her homemade biscotti 12/19/18
Mark in Hollywood take a run at Rick in Buffalo 12/19/18
Denlesks emails an updated 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' 12/20/18
Lisa in Indy wants Rome to try lemon ricotta pancakes, asks for support for rileykids.org/tyler 12/20/18
Dr. Dave in Chicago asks DJ Delloro to play his hit, resets his Rudolph song 12/20/18
Matt in LA has HVAC advice for Rome's cold studio 12/20/18
Silk Brah checks in from school, his only Christmas wish is a Chargers playoff bye 12/20/18
Reminder about Year in Review show, use hashtag #RomeYIR 12/20/18
Rick in Buffalo calls out Mike in Buffalo, responds to Mark in Hollywood 12/20/18
Tyler in Edmonton has Christmas presents for the Smackoff participants, manual Fat Alarm 12/20/18
Kyle in Green Bay met Jim Kelly and got his jersey autographed 12/20/18
Ryan in Indy was told to sex up his take by J-Stew - Parody Larry, 12 Days - Fabian, Happy Christmas - Trey in NC, NFL on CBS suggestion - Benny in Wisco, Silk and Rick are teachers? - Beaks in Studio City, Dan is the result of truck stop hooker bum sex 12/20/18
2018 Year in Review - Hour 1 12/21/18
2018 Year in Review - Hour 2 12/21/18
2018 Year in Review - Hour 3 12/21/18

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