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Joe in Bugaha Show - Brian Beckner 01/21/13
Joe in Bugaha Show - 01/21/2013 01/21/13
Joe in Bugaha Show - Dan in DC 01/28/13
Joe in Bugaha Show - 01/28/13 01/28/13
Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker 02/05/13
Ryan in Wichita gets run for 'Mindy McCready is in a box' blast 02/18/13
Fabian in LA - Complains about Rome not being in LA and the podcast not working 02/22/13
Iafrate calls about the Kansas City Chiefs, gets cut off 02/27/13
J-Stews Farewell Show - Intro - Jason sings Better Man live in studio 03/08/13
J-Stews Farewell Show - Reaction to Intro and Blaise in KC call 03/08/13
J-Stews Farewell Show - Steve Elkington interview 03/08/13
J-Stews Farewell Show - Rachel in Houston call 03/08/13
J-Stews Farewell Show - Kyle Brandt presents Jason with pizza and lava cakes 03/08/13
J-Stews Farewell Show - Silk in Huntington Beach and Dan in DC 03/08/13
J-Stews Farewell Show - Sklar Brothers, Joe in the OC, Vic in Nocal 03/08/13
J-Stews Farewell Show - Steve Carbone call 03/08/13
J-Stews Farewell Show - Haiku winner and The Week That Was 03/08/13
Mike in Indy calls about J-Stew, gets run, Rome goes soft 03/12/13
Vic in NoCal - Busted bracket, Pre-smackoff hype, Drunk Papa John 04/12/13
Jason Stewart calls Travis Rodgers Now 04/24/13
Marshall in Newport Beach - Email about 'Brings his dog to the field guy' 04/26/13
Dave in St Louis calls, gets invited back to the Smackoff 05/09/13
2013 Smackoff Announcement 05/09/13
Kasey in Pensacola calls and flames out 05/10/13
Lance in Louisville calls with Sedak-Attack (Neil Sedaka parody), gets invited to Hackoff 05/13/13
Lance in Louisville RSVP's to the Hackoff 05/29/13
Ryan in Wichita RSVP's to the 2013 Hackoff 05/31/13
Jukebox Friday - Brocktologist, Chris in St. Pete, Steve in HTown Stucknut 05/31/13
2013 Hackoff - Part 3 - Ish in Memphis, Jesus in Chicago 06/07/13
2013 Hackoff - Part 4 - Kasey in Pensacola 06/07/13
2013 Hackoff - Part 5 - Ryan in Wichita, Alex in SLC, Eddie in Boise 06/07/13
2013 Hackoff - Part 6 - Fabian in LA 06/07/13
2013 Hackoff - Part 7 - Email contest, The Week That Was, Rome kills the Hackoff 06/07/13
2013 Hackoff - Part 1 - Intro, Jason in Ottawa CSLB, Aaron in Canton 06/07/13
2013 Hackoff - Part 2 - Lance in Louisville 06/07/13
Jason in Fullerton RSVP's to the Smackoff after 18 year hiatus - J-Stew 06/11/13
Brad in Corona RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/11/13
Mike in Wichita RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/13/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 01 - Intro 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 02 - Dave in St Louis 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 03 - Dan in DC 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 04 - Fake Silk 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 05 - Mike in Wichita 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 06 - Jason in Little Rock 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 07 - Trapper in Dana Point 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 08 - Joe in the OC 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 09 - Mark in Hollywood 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 10 - Jason Stewart 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 11 - Steve Carbone 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 12 - Vic in NoCal 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 13 - Brad in Corona 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 14 - Boatie in Pearland 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 15 - Mike in Indy 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 16 - Chael Sonnen 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Segment 17 - Top 10 announced, Winner Mark in Hollywood 06/14/13
2013 Smackoff Recap 06/17/13
Vic in NoCal recaps Smackoff, sings Neil Sedaka parody, then gets run for singing Foreigner parody 06/17/13
Mike in Indy also gets run for singing 06/17/13
Silk wins huge call despite bad phone connection 06/17/13
Vic in NoCal gets run again for singing Power Station after straight sports take 06/18/13
Mike in Indy gets run for singing Spur of the Moment 06/18/13
Lance in Louisville protests the demise of the Hackoff, gets run for suggesting a Karaoke Guy Invitational as its replacement 06/18/13
Kyle Brandt announced that he and his wife are expecting 06/28/13
Vic in NoCal calls with take on George Zimmer 06/28/13
Kyle Brandt's take on George Zimmer 06/28/13
Houston rapper Slim Thug recruits Dwight Howard via Twitter 07/02/13
Dan From D.C.'s Week in Review with guest Jason Stewart 07/07/13
Lance in Louisville on hold entire show, doesn't get on the air; Rome reviews his history 07/22/13
Lance in Louisville tries to smack Vic in NoCal with another Sedak-Attack (Neil Sedaka parody) and gets run with Whisper Buzzer 07/25/13
Eric (the loser) in Falls Church wins huge email, Auto Zone gift card 08/02/13
Lance in Louisville gets run for Connie Francis parody 08/08/13
Ryan in Wichita gets run for cracking on Cleveland and Detroit 08/09/13
Lance in Louisville drops a Macarena bomb on Brad in Corona and wins Huge Call 09/06/13
The Week that Was - Edited by Alvie! 09/06/13
Lance in Louisville gets into the Twitter contest 09/11/13
Lance in Louisville in the Twitter Contest for the second day in a row 09/12/13
Lance in Louisville accepts Romes Sedaka Challenge, gets run for another song parody 09/24/13
Lance in Louisville fails Rome's Sedaka Challenge and gets run again 10/01/13
Tom in Detroit the Pharmaceutical Rep gets run for fat and ugly smack on the people of Cleveland 10/03/13
Brad in Lafayette goes Straight Fire on the Atlanta Fail-Clowns and wins Huge Call 10/08/13
Jim in Tampa the Bowling Ball gets run for self-gloss 10/10/13
Danika in Jacksonville on Peyton Manning destroying the Jags, Blaine Gabbert so bad that the fans miss David Garrard 10/10/13
Jake and Logan pay Jim a surprise birthday visit 10/14/13
Fred in Temecula sings What Did John Fox Say, gets run, but wins Huge Call 10/14/13
Lance in Louisville in the e-mail contest, wants to bust Ryan in Wichita in his bleeping mouth 10/21/13
Jim's 2013 Rant About Adults in Halloween Costumes, with E-Mails and Tweets 10/31/13
E-Mail: Riley Cooper vs. Richie Incognito 11/05/13
Personal appearance smack allowed for 11-12-13 day, Charlie in Lawrence looking for Jungle Caramel 11/12/13
Champions Classic recap - Michigan State vs. Kentucky, Kansas vs. Duke 11/13/13
Mark in Hollywood invites the crew to his birthday party, lays down a rap Smack God 11/15/13
Interview with Bill Self 11/15/13
Joaquin's MMA email from dudes with Richie Incognito jersays and use girlfriends Pandora skips 11/15/13
Randy in Pleasanton calls about NFL safety, gets MyVi Wrecking Balled 11/18/13
Chris in St. Pete introduces TheFamily hashtag 11/21/13
Rome threatens to block Brocktologist for incest smack 12/11/13
Lance in Louisville e-mails about moving to Topeka; Rome resets his history, promises to let him on next day 12/12/13
Vinny in Indy calls Rome a dweeb and gets clowned 12/13/13
Lance in Louisville (soon to be Topeka) vs. Ryan in Wichita 12/13/13
Joe in Baltimore (Joe Flacco impersonator) gets run, but wins Huge Call 12/13/13
Kenny in the D e-mail - Matt Stafford's face fat, Detroit kids not getting Xmas presents 12/17/13
Barry Hinson rips his Southern Illinois team 12/18/13
E-mail - Guy who buys his wife fitness equipment for Christmas 12/18/13
Secret Santa Rant, with e-mail and Twitter reaction 12/18/13
Interview with new UConn football coach Bob Diaco 12/18/13
Reaction to Bob Diaco Interview; Lance in Louisville/Topeka glossed a Scorpion and Energy Vampire 12/18/13
2013 Year in Review - Hour 1 12/20/13
2013 Year in Review - Hour 2 12/20/13
2013 Year in Review - Hour 3 12/20/13

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