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First tweet of 2020 - Matt in Poland Spring 01/02/20
Hawk had to walk a half mile during a 7 hour family car trip to clear his head 01/02/20
Reaction to Hawk's spiritual moment, peyote 01/02/20
Matt in Vancouver with the first call of 2020, Houston is fattest city for 2nd year in a row 01/02/20
Cliff in Wisco with the first flameout of 2020 01/02/20
Vic in NoCal calls as Mutt in LA 01/03/20
Gino in San Antonio loved Vic's Mutt parody, talks about David Stern 01/03/20
Dave in Tucson talks about the upcoming Patriots wildcard game 01/03/20
Matt in LA responds to Vic in NoCal 01/03/20
John in Philadelphia figured out that Rick in Buffalo's problem is that he's constipated 01/06/20
Larry in Houston tells a story about his son with leukemia and his interaction with the Texans 01/06/20
Bob Huggins interview - West Virginia Mountaineers men's basketball coach 01/07/20
What's Your Beef? #15 - Calls from Maury in Grand Rapids, Kathleen in Omaha, and Josh in the Panhandle 01/07/20
Jane Slater interview - NFL Network reporter and fan of Toby in Houston 01/07/20
Johnny in Texas called to pimp the 2020 San Antonio CloneStock 01/07/20
Joel in Florida doesn't understand the Joe Judge hire for the Giants, they are buffoons 01/08/20
Vance in Louisiana is on I-10 looking for Gardner Minshew 01/09/20
Tobin in Chapel Hill wanted to follow the 3 guests with NC ties 01/09/20
Mitsy in Maine with a story about how she met Tim Foley, former Dolphin 01/09/20
Silk Brah is heading to surgery, thinks the Dodgers were robbed by the cheating Astros 01/10/20
Flight Deck in studio to discuss playoff bets 01/10/20
Jerome in Houston is aggravated with the Texans, Bill O'Brien is a horses ass boob 01/13/20
Dee in Queens is taking Clemson in the championship game 01/13/20
What's Your Beef? #16 01/14/20
Astros cheating scandal 01/14/20
Don in Sacramento wants the Astros championship stripped 01/14/20
Robert in Oklahoma has a ridiculous idea for the Astros 01/14/20
Patch gets blocked with Kirstie Alley email, war Lady Bums using trash bags as prom dresses 01/15/20
Jerome in Houston is upset with Houston sports, they all suck 01/16/20
Email about Rome's dad - Jazz music and 'how does that grab ya?' 01/16/20
Shane in SLO congratulates LSU, wants people to ease up on the locker room cop 01/16/20
Dalton in Sacramento has a story similar to Rome and his father 01/16/20
Buzzer tweets - Office prank guy and Ritt 01/17/20
Bob in LA is fired up over the baseball cheating scandal 01/17/20
Parody Larry gets run for a Flintstones parody about Flight Deck 01/17/20
Vince in KC is looking forward to Rome's visit and wants karma 01/17/20
Flight Deck in studio again to break down the upcoming NFL conference championships 01/17/20
Cal in Vegas takes another run at Conor McGregor, wins Golden Ticket 01/17/20
Raider Mike called to hype Andy Reid and the Chiefs 01/17/20
JJ in KC is fired up for the Chiefs going to the Super Bowl for the first time in over 50 years 01/20/20
Dave in Santa Barbara has only shed tears twice, when he married his wife and when the Chiefs won the AFC Championship 01/20/20
Trapper in Dana Point wants Altuve and Bregman to get suspended and the Astros to return their rings 01/20/20
What's Your Beef? #17 01/21/20
Mike in Wichita talks about the possibility of a new Tour Stop 01/23/20
Jason in Harrisburg cracks on MMA fights lasting less than a minute, run for bologna pony reference 01/23/20
Alexis in New Jersey is the mother of Monmouth basketball player George Papas, talked about his last second steal against Kansas 01/23/20
Mark in Boston wonders if Bill Romanowski goes into hibernation when he's not on Radio Row, do Kansas players still get paid during suspension? 01/24/20
Brian in Bugaha announces the next Jungle Open June 12-14, breaks down the 49ers and Chiefs 01/24/20
Eric in Orlando invites Rome to a yacht party during Super Bowl week 01/24/20
Brett in Bugaha (@pattersaur) blocked for Doc Rivers oily face email 01/24/20
Kobe Bryant Tribute - Hour 1 - Mark in Hollywood, Billy in Arizona, Raider Mike, Trapper 01/27/20
Kobe Bryant Tribute - Hour 2 - Adrian Wojnarowski, Rudy Gobert 01/27/20
Kobe Bryant Tribute - Hour 3 - Silk Brah, Chris Geeter McGee 01/27/20
Calls about Kobe from Matt in LA, Johnny in Texas, and Jason in Atlanta 01/28/20
Calls about Kobe from Paul in San Diego and Rynell in Oakland 01/28/20
2020 Radio Row - Wednesday Hour 1 - Jorge Masvidal, Barry Sanders 01/29/20
2020 Radio Row - Wednesday Hour 2 - Jerry Kramer, Mark Ingram, Carson Palmer 01/29/20
2020 Radio Row - Wednesday Hour 3 - Cameron Heyward, Darius Slay, Tarik Cohen 01/29/20
2020 Radio Row - Thursday Hour 1 - Von Miller, Miles Teller and Glen Powell, Derrick Henry 01/30/20
2020 Radio Row - Thursday Hour 2 - Chris Harris Jr, Anquan Boldin, Melvin Gordon 01/30/20
2020 Radio Row - Thursday Hour 3 - Frank Gore, Lorenzo Alexander, Ron Rivera 01/30/20
2020 Radio Row - Friday Hour 1 - Devin and Jason McCourty, Deontay Wilder, Scott Pioli 01/31/20
2020 Radio Row - Friday Hour 2 - Taysom Hill, Dana White, Bill Romanowski 01/31/20
2020 Radio Row - Friday Hour 3 - Ronnie Stanley, Devin Bush, Rashaan Evans 01/31/20
Show open - Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl 02/03/20
Iafrate grew up in Kansas City, talks about how much the win means to him 02/03/20
Bill in Kansas is an old dude, remembers Super Bowl IV 02/03/20
Rich in Sactown talks about the halftime show tomorrow, Shakira played Led Zeprin riffs on the guitar 02/03/20
What's Your Beef? #18 - Calls from Parody Larry and Bob in LA 02/04/20
JJ in KC recaps the Super Bowl, would've called sooner but had a hangover 02/04/20
Kevin in Maine has a beef with New England fans 02/04/20
Jared in Maine wanted to talk Boston sports, got run for belching 02/04/20
Matt in LA calls about the Dodgers Red Sox trade, even though the emailers didn't want him to 02/05/20
Joe in South Dakota has thoughts on the Mookie Betts trade 02/05/20
Johnny in Texas didn't have a good call and Rome let him know 02/05/20
Rex in ABQ wins a Golden Ticket with a line about excreting a Chicago dog through his o-ring 02/06/20
What's Your Beef? #19 - Calls from John in NY, Marty in Kentucky, Gabriel in LA, Rick in Buffalo 02/06/20
Logan in Cincinnati will personally take Joe Burrow around the city until he loves it 02/06/20
Bo in Nashville doesn't like Rex in ABQ's childish takes 02/07/20
Mark in Hollywood congratulates the Chiefs and Andy Reid, takes a run at Rick in Buffalo 02/07/20
Monica in Colorado is waiting for the Tour Stop announcement 02/07/20
Oscars reaction, Eminem 02/10/20
ATP - Bella Bee asks Rome about his favorite internet rumor 02/10/20
What's Your Beef? #20 - Calls from Logan in Cincinnati, Jamie in Santa Barbara, Matt in Dallas 02/11/20
Matt in LA takes a run at Rob Manfred 02/12/20
Reaction to the Astros Jim Crane press conference 02/13/20
Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire arrested for indecent exposure, clones react 02/13/20
Jeff in Southfield does a tandem call with Fake John in NY 02/13/20
Two callers run in a row, Rome questions Hawk and Alvie 02/13/20
Matt in Vancouver gets his call dumped with a take about Rick in Buffalo 02/14/20
Jerome in Houston says it sucks being an Astros fan, Hinch is to blame 02/14/20
Hawk is taking his family to a golf tournament, thinks having his kids there will increase his chances of meeting Tiger 02/14/20
Trapper in Dana Point thinks that the Astros cheating helped them beat the Dodgers 02/14/20
Andy in West Hollywood still uses a Blackberry Curve, doesn't want to use something else because of all the pictures on it 02/17/20
Adam Hawk recaps his weekend at the Riviera Golf Course 02/17/20
What's Your Beef? #21 - Calls from Dee in Maine, Darlene, Bob in LA, Jeff in Orange, Mike in Camarillo 02/18/20
It's just a piece of metal, signed Tonya 02/19/20
Michael in the Bay gets run for a Rob Manfred conspiracy theory 02/19/20
John in Tucson tried to bang a trashcan during a take on Joe Altuve 02/19/20
ATP - Crew members that used to call the show? Hawk talks about 10k with Keith Arnold 02/19/20
Jeff in SoCal mentions the straight fire from the debate, invites Hawk to a party in Scottsdale, gets run for warring the coronavirus 02/20/20
Mark Richt's Hot Dog Delight 02/20/20
Rex in ABQ responds to Mark Richt's Hot Dog Delight, gets run, plus reaction 02/20/20
Tour stop announcement - Buffalo NY April 11, call from Crowley in Buffalo 02/21/20
Tour stop reaction, calls from Gary in Buffalo, John in NY, and Chris in Buffalo 02/21/20
More tour stop announcement reaction, call from John in Buffalo 02/21/20
Pasquel in Culver City has been listening since 1996, appreciates the show 02/21/20
Sam in Wisconsin listens all the time but he's not a clone, can relate to Tyson Fury 02/24/20
Bob in Jacksonville is slabbergastered over the fixed fight, got run for a Max Baer take 02/24/20
Kyle in Green Bay got tour stop tickets, Airbnb, and pimped the next CloneStock 02/24/20
Jose in El Paso - Fury isn't afraid of anything 02/24/20
Joe Burrow has small hands, Fat Tuesday emails 02/25/20
What's Your Beef? #22 - Calls from Johnny Scabs in Detroit, Maury in Grand Rapids, Dan in Sacramento 02/25/20
Rick in Buffalo is hyped for the Tour Stop, can't wait to party with the clones 02/26/20
Matt in LA is proud of the bald Lakers, won't be at Buffalo Tour Stop 02/26/20
Hawk talks about Luis in Palmdale's journey, walked a 5K 90 days after kidney transplant 02/26/20
ATP and Tweets - Jeremy in Sconny (Disturbed), Francis in Glendale (Crossfit and bumsmack) 02/26/20
Ritt used to be the president of a kickball league 02/26/20
Julie in Portland wonders why trainers don't get blamed for player injuries 02/27/20
Ben Bartch Smoothie Emails 02/27/20
Donald in the District gets run, should've started with a joke 02/27/20
Monmouth basketball player George Papas sent Rome a signed jersey, call from George's mom Alexis, and a short call from Parody Larry 02/28/20
Flight Deck in studio to give his weekend picks 02/28/20
Flight Deck reaction and calls from Jerome in Houston (car-nap), Gary in Florida (Flight Deck sounds like Gary Sinise, and Robert in Oklahoma (car-nap) 02/28/20
ATP and call from Ken in Bay Area, office nap nation member 02/28/20
Benny in Wisco takes a run at the fat Toronto Raptors 02/28/20
Reggie in Orange County is sending Matt in LA to Buffalo on a Greyhound bus 03/02/20
Francis in Glendale - War Irie Craig using a spongecake as memory foam mattress 03/02/20
What's Your Beef? #23 - Calls from Dylan in Vegas, Matt in LA (responds to Veggie in OC), Mike in Cincinnati, Kyle in Michigan, Ken in San Antonio 03/03/20
Brian in San Diego is a paramedic, responds to the story about a sheriff taking pictures at the Kobe crash site 03/03/20
Rich in Monrovia is a retired sheriff, has seen officers take pictures with personal phones of traffic accidents 03/03/20
Huey's Burgers in Memphis shows Rome on tv, calls from Adam in Mississippi and Matt in Memphis 03/03/20
Jason in Harrisburg gets run with a take on fat gym guy 03/04/20
Silk Brah calls from Mammoth Mountain, RSVP's to the Buffalo Tour Stop 03/04/20
Jeopardy contestant guesses wrong nickname for Joel Embiid 03/05/20
Rome hit his head on the studio camera during a break, call from Tommy in Tucson 03/05/20
Reaction to Rome hitting his head on the camera 03/05/20
Arch in Pismo Beach wants Rome to get checked out by a neurologist, more twitter reaction 03/05/20
Flight Deck in studio, weekend picks, sets over/under on Hawks marathon 03/06/20
Hawk's goal for finishing the marathon is under 5 hours, clones react, call from Lance in Iowa 03/06/20
Jerome in Houston believes Hawk will run the marathon in under 5 hours 03/06/20
John in Houston guesses Hawk will run the marathon in 5:20 03/06/20
Dr. Dave in Chicago gets run quickly for saying 'whats up doc' instead of Jim 03/06/20
Mark in Stockton chimes in on Lakers vs Clippers, LeBron should be MVP 03/09/20
David in Green Bay says the Lakers aren't flying under the radar, Giannis is more efficient 03/09/20
Hawk finished the LA Marathon in under 5 hours, call from his trainer Eric Gilsenan 03/09/20
Hawk talks more about the marathon, James Kelley had a bad weekend for picks, call from 'Suzie' in Santa Monica 03/09/20
Tiki and Tierney congratulate Adam Hawk on finishing his 2nd marathon 03/09/20
Stucknut resets the J-Stew dorm room call 03/10/20
Marcus in Alaska talks for a really long time about coronavirus 03/10/20
Steve Elkington interview 03/10/20
What's Your Beef? #24 - Calls from Rex in ABQ, Matt in Dallas, Mike in Clearwater 03/10/20
Christian in Maine and Fabian in LA get run back-to-back with GD blasts 03/10/20
I like big putts and I cannot lie 03/11/20
Parody Larry sings a Casper parody for Barry Bonds, doesn't get run 03/11/20
NBA and other events suspended due to coronavirus, Hour 1, calls from Tony in Sacramento and Jason in Baltimore 03/12/20
Andrew in Illinois is a nurse practitioner, worried about the older generation and lack of healthcare 03/12/20
Coronavirus related calls from Mike in Vallejo, Shane in Iowa, and John in Las Vegas 03/12/20
Shane in SLO was originally irritated when sports were canceled, now has free time to spend with family 03/13/20
Terry in Portland says we will get through this, Rome is the content king 03/13/20
Logan in Green Bay is 26, doesn't mind the canceled sports because he wants to see the next 50 Super Bowls and March Madness tourneys 03/13/20
Dr. Celine Gounder interview on the coronavirus pandemic 03/13/20
Buffalo Tour Stop has been postponed 03/13/20
Jerome in Houston is an old geezer, poopoo'd at the coronavirus last week, now wants to make sure everyone is prepared 03/13/20
Chip in Ohio - Tom Brady made a big mistake, he'll be out of his comfort zone 03/17/20
Jerome in Houston wants to know what's more dangerous, coronavirus or Bill O'Brien 03/17/20
What's Your Beef? #25 - Calls from Angelo in Palm Desert, Hank in Texas, Frank in ABQ 03/17/20
Fabian in LA rambles through another call, cut off by end of hour 03/17/20
Doug in New Hampshire thinks Brady didn't consider New England because he wants to prove he's the GOAT somewhere else 03/18/20
Elias in Modesto wants to give Jason Licht props for bringing in Arians and Brady 03/18/20
Ray in Tampa is excited that the GOAT is joining the Bucs 03/18/20
Silk Brah on Tom Brady, LA Chargers, Coach Lynn, and teaching students online 03/18/20
Mike Piazza interview 03/18/20
Florida Spring Breakers don't care about the coronavirus 03/19/20
Lou in Iowa wonders why the Bears can never get a good quarterback 03/19/20
Fake Silk is catching some gnarly waves, practicing social distancing 03/19/20
Eric in Whitefish Montana says the Bears will never find a good quarterback 03/19/20
Ray in Tampa - Tom Brady will love it in Florida 03/19/20
Geoff in Lincoln gets run for correcting Rome on how to pronounce his name 03/19/20
Matt in LA says the Raiders are stockpiling talent, Chucky is the anti-O'Brien 03/19/20
Tobin in Chapel Hill and Johnny in Texas thank Rome for being on the air during the quarantine 03/20/20
Brock in Tennessee wonders if Darius Slay's trade value was down because of his social media 03/20/20
Parody Larry gets run, Lions calls from James in Detroit and Dave in H-Town 03/20/20
Eric Gilsenan responds to the Tim Grover podcast, encourages clones to exercise and help others 03/20/20
Peter in Detroit gets racked with a take on the Lions 03/20/20
Six Degrees of Kenny Rogers and the Jungle 03/23/20
Chris in San Jose has a friend named Kenny Rogers, Antonio Brown has a connection with Bruce Arians 03/23/20
Rex in the ABQ gets run, calling as Richard in Japan 03/24/20
What's Your Beef? #26 - Calls from Thumb in Tucson, Matt in LA, Dan in Michigan, Hogan in Florida 03/24/20
Jerome in Houston is watching the simulcast, tried to guess the crew members 03/24/20
Denlesks with a SJP inspired story 03/25/20
Graham in Indy doesn't want Phillip Rivers, he has never really done anything 03/25/20
Deb in Melbourne watches the CBS pregame show because Rome is the life of the party 03/25/20
Jacob in Toronto responds to Graham, he likes the Phillip Rivers acquisition 03/25/20
Mark in Boston smacks on Rich Ackerman and Graham in Indy 03/25/20
Andi in Rocklin wanted to continue the conversation about Joe Montana that never happened, still has basil 03/25/20
Dr. Saquib Rahim in Queens calls to discuss the coronavirus pandemic 03/26/20
John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) calls to thank Rome for the healthy distraction, Rome shouts out to Stucknut Radio 03/26/20
Austin in Montana is a Chiefs fan, Patrick Mahomes behind the backwards pass, gosh darn 03/26/20
Matt in LA is one of the blessed to still be working, went down rabbit hole of Rome podcasts 03/26/20
Jeff in C-Town thanks Rome for having doctors call in, thinks NFL season might get pushed back, he likes Matt in LA 03/26/20
Silk Brah has walk up music - Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart, talks about the Matt Money Smith podcast 03/26/20
Jeff in SoCal says Rome dodged a bullet by postponing the tour stop, Rick in Buffalo looks like a thumb 03/27/20
Cal in the 906 invites Rome to Upper Michigan, Search Results Web results Yooper's are fat Canadians, stumbles on word and gets run 03/27/20
Jimmy Johnson with stories about Janis Joplin, Terry Bradshaw, and Barry Switzer 03/27/20
Dan in Michigan doesn't believe that Carmelo's life would've been different if drafted by Pistons 03/30/20
Mike in Camarillo met MC Hammer at an airport bar in the 90's, chatted about Chris Webber 03/30/20
Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Matt in LA 03/31/20
What's Your Beef? #27 - Call from Parody Larry 03/31/20
Extended Beef - Matt in LA responds to Jeff in Southfield, Dan in Michigan on the Detroit Patriots 03/31/20
Geoff in Lincoln gets run for responding to Parody Larry, another beef that nobody wanted 03/31/20
Deep Dive: Look back at Brett Favre's Jungle moments, interview with Jeff Pearlman 04/01/20
Matt in Vancouver appreciates Rome bringing it, not talking rasslin and rodeo 04/02/20
Nick in Atlanta is a Patriots season ticket holder, wants Cam Newton 04/02/20
Mike in Vallejo talks Chick Hearn, UFC and Michael Bisping 04/02/20
OJ Simpson has a take on the Carole Baskin husband disappearance 04/02/20
Calls from Spencer in SLC (Bisping podcast), KC in LA (OJ is looking for the real killers), and Dan in Michigan (wants Cam Newton on the Lions) 04/02/20
Bernie Ecclestone is 89 and has a pregnant wife, his first kid was born in 1955 04/03/20
Deep Dive: Look back at the Tiger Woods saga in 2009, interview with Robert Lusetich, calls from John in Houston, Dan in Spokane, and Parody Larry 04/03/20
Silk Brah responds to the Udonis Haslem interview, front line workers are more isolated 04/03/20
Alan in Pittsburgh, former XR4Ti 'the stache', calls to talk about WrestleMania 04/06/20
Frank in Brooklyn loved the Deep Dives, wants Alvie to produce Elk's 'I saw cat mate' with Joe Exotic 04/06/20
Dan in Michigan talks about the Udonis Haslem interview 04/06/20
Matt in LA has a beef with speeders in metroplex traffic 04/07/20
Tracy Morgan talks quarantine on the Today Show 04/08/20
Mike in Vallejo calls about UFC and Dana White's private island 04/08/20
Adam Hawk updates the clones on tennis tinder 04/08/20
Frank Gore makes NFL All-Decade Team, call from Jerome in Houston 04/08/20
Gerrit Ritt starts the show with Game On, plays soundbite during interview 04/09/20
Rona routine calls from Susan in Sunset Beach, Tony in Sacramento, and Jerome in Houston 04/09/20
Rona routine calls from Brian in Cali, Chris in Toronto, Dean in South Dakota, Mike in Milwaukee, Matt in Vancouver, Justin in Appleton, Kelly in Nashville 04/09/20
Rona routine calls from Zack in Humboldt, Alex in Philadelphia, Keith in Cleveland, Dave in New Jersey, Brandon in Seattle 04/09/20
Vic in NoCal goes all in on Buffalo and Rick 04/10/20
Deep Dive: Look back at Ryan Lochte 04/10/20
Mark in Hollywood on Dana White's Fyre Fest island 04/10/20
Brad in Corona on Vic in NoCal, XR4Ti without makeup, Rona routines 04/10/20
Rex in ABQ gets run for BIC soft junk smack 04/10/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Dave in Berea, Mark in Hollywood, and Kaleb in Green Bay 04/13/20
Calls from Alan in Virginia and Don in Portland about the origins of 'Pimp in the Box', music chat from Ron in San Antonio 04/13/20
Trapper in Dana Point talks about an experience similar to the Tiger King 04/14/20
Tony Hawk podcast preview, Drew in West LA hyped as great skateboarder 04/14/20
Matt in LA talks about the Tony Hawk podcast and upcoming interview with Michael Imperioli 04/14/20
Jerome in Houston urges clones to drive their cars so the shafts don't bow 04/14/20
Jerome in Houston calls for 2nd time in the show, asks for a Golden Ticket and gets one 04/14/20
Parody Larry gets run for a Country Roads song for staying at home 04/15/20
Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Cal in Vegas 04/15/20
Matt in Dallas says Dak Prescott needs to cut the ish 04/15/20
Ben in Venice appreciates the show, doesn't like Jeff in Southfields voice 04/15/20
Good Bros let go by the WWE, ATP about Rome's kids day drinking 04/15/20
Fabian in LA announces that the Hackoff is back on, wants it on 420 04/15/20
10 year anniversary of Vinnie Mac winning the inaugural Hackoff 04/16/20
Cal in Vegas responds to Jeff in Southfield, midwest women look like Popeye, Ritt flicking boogers 04/16/20
Boxing referee Arthur Mercante Jr. calls on the listener line, talks about fights he reffed 04/16/20
Smackoff announcement will be next week 04/17/20
Jerome in Houston thanks Rome for the Golden Ticket, gives Trapper a shout-out, smacks Stucknut Steve in HTown 04/17/20
Gerrit Ritt plays Horse by himself, trash talks and calls out NBA players, chats about it with Rome 04/17/20
Reaction to Ritt playing Horse, calls from Monica in Colorado, Dan in Michigan, Matt in LA, Johnny in Texas - ATP 04/17/20
Denlesks email for 420 04/20/20
Bobby in Des Moines gets run for glossing Jeff in Southfield 'The JiS' 04/20/20
Dan in Michigan has another issue with his neighbor that leaves his trashcans out 04/20/20
Stoner Alphabet, Nooch in New Orleans with a 420 call about Hawk, Hawk responds 04/20/20
Brent in El Centro wants to talk LeBron and MJ comparisons 04/20/20
Stoney in Sacramento says he and Hawk could run marathons while high 04/20/20
Jeff in Chapel Hill - UNC produced game changers in 2 sports, MJ and LT 04/20/20
420 calls from Ray in Idaho, Cameron in PDX, and Stoney Tony in Colorado Springs 04/20/20
Dan in Indianapolis gets high before climbing a ladder to trim trees 04/20/20
Tom Brady was thrown out of park by a Tampa recreation worker 04/21/20
Chris in St. Pete says Tom Brady is an egotistical ass 04/21/20
Aaron in Youngstown asks why MJ is such a great person 04/21/20
Bobby in Des Moines tries to smack Jeff in Southfield but gets run again 04/21/20
Pasquel in Culver City wants tp talk 49ers draft possibilities 04/21/20
Smackoff 26 Announcement - June 19, 2020 04/22/20
Silk Brah calls to talk about the Chargers and new uniforms 04/22/20
Eric in Orlando gets run for talking about Florida strip clubs 04/22/20
Tyler in Edmonton says car dealerships are recycling promos pretending to care, wanted to get racked, did not get racked 04/23/20
Vic in NoCal - Ritt Whisenhunt, Renegade, wants Travis Barker or Tyson Fury on podcast, phone signal died during Rick smack 04/23/20
James Kelley calls to discuss NFL draft prop bets 04/23/20
Mark in Boston says Tyler won't make Alvies Smackoff promo, responds to Vic in NoCal and Silk Brah 04/23/20
Dan in Denver on the NFL virtual draft, keeps Smackoff invite 04/23/20
Logan in Green Bay doesn't like how the Packers are drafting for the future 04/24/20
Rick in Buffalo declares that it's Smackoff season, responds to Vic in NoCal 04/24/20
Jason in Harrisburg targets Eric in Orlando, gets run for a tuna blast 04/24/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Tyler in Edmonton, NFL Draft, Silk Brah, and Cal in Vegas 04/24/20
Jerome in Houston is now a fan of the Tampa Bay Bucs, the Texans screw up so much that he doesn't even care anymore, they are run by a kook and boob 04/24/20
Dan in Michigan with a breakdown of the NFL draft, grades the Lions and Jaguars with a B+ 04/27/20
Keegan-Michael Key interview 04/27/20
Pentagon officially releases UFO videos, Blink-182 and Tom DeLonge, calls from Todd in Hayward and Dan in Michigan 04/28/20
Alvie plays soundbites during the sports update 04/29/20
Martin in Pasadena has a friend that knows Mark Shapiro, wants to know why Rome's not on the air in LA 04/29/20
Dave in Malibu wants a Niems reset of Michael's Dad 04/29/20
Rex in ABQ and Jerome in Houston both call, both get their Golden Tickets ripped in the same segment 04/30/20
Monica in Colorado called to pile on Jerome in Houston, it's not the Jerome Show, it's the Jim Rome Show, gets racked 04/30/20
Jeff in SoCal on NFL Draft, commish butchers Tua's name, 2 reasons Jeff in San Antonio would need tissues while watching the Last Dance 04/30/20
Blaise in Santa Cruz says Rex in ABQ should be Wrecks, wants a Golden Ticket, gets run 04/30/20
Matt in LA on Brad in Corona, Mike in Indy, and Johnny Scabs 04/30/20
Brad in Corona takes a run at Silk Brah for being a narc 04/30/20
Shawn in Pittsburgh describes the 3 types of people during a pandemic 04/30/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Matt in LA and Silk Brah, still on the watch list 04/30/20
Silk Brah calls to clarify the Huntington Beach volleyball incident, Rome resets Brad's Narc Brah call 05/01/20
Mark in Boston calls out Brad in Corona for narcing on Silk Brah 05/01/20
Parody Larry gets RACKED for a Narc Brah song, Hall and Oates Rich Girl 05/01/20
Last Dance emails from Drew in West LA, Denlesks, and Steve in PHX 05/04/20
Author Ben Mezrich on the pandemic, Billions, Bitcoin, his serialized novel in the Boston Globe, UFO's, and Toby in Houston 05/04/20
Bob in Wisconsin tells a story about drinking murder hornet infused sake in Japan 05/04/20
Lance in Honolulu with a Jamarcus Russell blob email, Rome talks about a trip to Hawaii as a teen 05/04/20
Live baseball is back, KBO baseball in Korea 05/05/20
Tweets about Frank Gore and Mike Tyson 05/05/20
Todd in St. Louis is a pilot, talks about Pilot Nap Nation 05/05/20
Social media didn't like Adam Jones putting ketchup on his tacos 05/06/20
John in Little Rock tries to win another Golden Ticket but gets run before getting to the chorus 05/06/20
Sarah T in Providence on Silk Brah being a hall monitor, pandemic, Dr. Dave, and Tom Brady, wins a Golden Ticket 05/06/20
Andy in South Carolina thanks Rome for all he does, wants Alvie back 05/07/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit wants a Smackoff on Zoom 05/07/20
Rex in ABQ gets run for saying Brad in Corona is a grower and not a shower 05/07/20
Calls from Sonny in Toronto (rhyme about Earl Thomas, choo choo), JJ in KC (hole in one), Logan in Green Bay (Bucks) 05/07/20
James Kelley breaks down UFC 249 05/08/20
Leff in Laguna on Adam Hawk and his golf clothing company Nation Golf, gets run for Richard Gere blast 05/08/20
Brad in Corona talks about meeting the owner of Nation Golf and the promo code he received 05/08/20
Dan in Michigan on UFC 249 and Sarah T. 05/11/20
Mike in Vallejo wishes he took Big Heads advice and bet on Gaethje 05/11/20
Chris in Toronto with a take on the Last Dance, gets on the Smackoff watch list 05/11/20
Ryan in Tampa talks the Last Dance, Jordan makes teammates better 05/12/20
Jerome in Houston has seen Pistol Pete, Wilt, Kareem, Magic, and Bird, and nobody is better than Jordan, gets run for stumbling 05/12/20
Kyle in Green Bay is on another road trip, posted pics with Wells in the 360 and Cal in Vegas, clones smack their personal appearances, Rome does a Smackoff preview 05/12/20
Matt in LA smacks Sean the Mayonnaise-man, wins a Golden Ticket 05/13/20
Billy in Richmond is a trucker, loves Romes childhood stories, reminds Rick that he's not Jeff 05/13/20
Silk Brah says the negativity from snitching is fake news, talked Jordan documentary 05/13/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Leff in Laguna 05/13/20
Matt in Vancouver with personal appearance smack of Leff and Cal 05/13/20
Mike in Lincoln loves how Rome appreciates and acknowledges veterans 05/13/20
Alan in West Virginia gets run for saying Alan, but apparently he said 'hey' 05/13/20
Reaction to Alan in West Virginia, calls from Kenny in Missouri and Jerry in Phoenix 05/13/20
Dan in Denver takes a run at Matt in Vancouver, reassures his Smackoff invite 05/13/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Matt in Vancouver, Dan in Denver, and Matt in LA 05/14/20
Chris in Toronto takes a run at Matt in LA, Leff in Laguna and Vic in NoCal, wins a Golden Ticket 05/14/20
Chris in Toronto reaction from Canadians 05/14/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Kaleb in Green Bay 05/14/20
Geoff in Lincoln gets run, asked Alvie to put him out of his mystery 05/14/20
Mark in Boston wants the prize money in small bills due to strip clubs in Tampa, smacks on Kaleb in Green Bay and Chris in Toronto, Rome talks about Canadas Smackoff record 05/14/20
Jeff in SoCal wants a Golden Ticket, takes a run at Mark in Boston, Kaleb in Green Bay, and Canadians, runs out of time 05/14/20
Reggie in the OC on Kyle in Green Bays road trip and Cal in Vegas attempting to shotgun a beer, gets run 05/14/20
Kenny in Albany on Nark Brah, Reggie, Hawk, Alvie, and Rogan, gets run 05/14/20
Jeff in Southfield has an issue with Kyle in Green Bay's road trip during a pandemic 05/14/20
Benny in Wisco on Mark in Boston, Reggie in the OC, and Jeff in Southfield, urges Golden Ticket holders not to call 05/15/20
Rome goes over the Stucknut odds 05/15/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Rick in Buffalo 05/15/20
Mark in Boston is channeling his anger from being left on hold last year 05/15/20
Jeff in SoCal has a short call about his long call 05/15/20
Digger Phelps calls in to tell stories about the Bulls 05/15/20
John in NY says the studio stays cool so Ritt's corpse won't rot, mentions Rick's appearance on Stucknut Radio 05/15/20
Geoff in BC piles on Toronto, loves the US more than Toronto 05/15/20
Dan in Denver on Cal in Vegas, Mark in Boston, and Chris in Toronto 05/15/20
Johnny in Texas gets run for calling Rome Joe 05/15/20
Evan in Oregon with rapid fire on several clones 05/15/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Mark in Hollywood 05/18/20
Dan in Michigan on Reggie in the OC, Kyle in Green Bay, and Cal in Vegas 05/18/20
Matt in Vancouver takes a run at Adam Hawk for calling the Canadian Smackoff stats pathetic 05/18/20
Tyler in Edmonton is also pissed at Adam Hawk, takes a run at his golf game 05/18/20
Chris in Toronto on The Last Dance, Cal in Vegas, Matt in Vancouver and Johnny Scabs appearance on the Stucknut Radio Smackoff Odds show, got chased by sharks 05/18/20
Justin in Melbourne takes a run at Tyler and Edmonton 05/18/20
Johnny Scabs responds to Chris in Toronto, gets out before getting run for Magic Johnson smack 05/18/20
Alan in West Virginia tries to clarify his last call but made it worse 05/18/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Jeff in Southfield 05/19/20
Jake in Buffalo gets run for talking about Kyle in Green Bay's road trip 05/19/20
Johnny in Texas tries to redeem himself, addresses the mean clones on Twitter, get off of me, Rome mentions it was Hackoff worthy 05/19/20
Chuck E. Cheese changed name on GrubHub to Pasqually's Pizza to trick customers 05/19/20
Sonny in Toronto says the rest of Canada is butt-hurt about Toronto 05/19/20
Jake in Buffalo compares Johnny in Texas to a hotdog, gets run 05/20/20
Woody in New York with thoughts on Horace Grant from the Last Dance 05/20/20
Rex in ABQ with Pier 1 smack, gets run for saying 'rope a coiler inside that decorative vase' 05/20/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Jeff from Richmond 05/20/20
Information on how to submit Smackoff videos to CBS Sports Network 05/20/20
Arthur in Arizona's girlfriend in 1985 went to Calabasas HS and claims Rome went to a house party with him 05/21/20
Greg in Marin County jokes about Rome being at parties with him in the 60's 05/21/20
Audio of Silk Brah and Rich Flores at Huntington Beach City Council, reaction from clones and call from Jake in Arkansas 05/21/20
Drizzle in Wichita loses his Golden Ticket for inactivity 05/21/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Benny in Wisco 05/21/20
Silk Brah responds to the segment about the council meeting, wants to be known as Premium Content Machine in HB 05/21/20
Drizzle in Wichita checks in after losing his Golden Ticket, fell on hard times, gets ticket back 05/26/20
Matt in LA responds to Drizzle in Wichita 05/26/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Steve Carbone 05/26/20
Adam Hawk talks about Smackoff videos and his weekend, playing golf at Torrey Pines 05/26/20
Ben in Orange County is a cyclist, responds to the Lance Armstrong doc 05/26/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Cal in Vegas 05/27/20
Matt in Dallas wants to represent the millennials, tries smacking Cal in Vegas but gets run 05/27/20
Jake in Buffalo takes a run at Cal in Vegas 05/28/20
Smackoff 26 Promo 05/28/20
Parody Larry got run for not getting to his song again, Niems reset 05/28/20
Fabian in LA wants help getting more Twitter followers so he can write a book 05/28/20
Parody Larry gets a second chance buts gets run again for talking 05/28/20
Chris in Toronto calls to smack Cal in Vegas but gets run for going long, choppered 05/28/20
Jeff in SoCal on Chris in Canada, Cal in Vegas, Sarah T, and the Last Dance, stays on watch list 05/28/20
Sarah T in Providence with a Bobby Brady take, smacks Matt in Vancouver and Bella, keeps her Golden Ticket 05/28/20
Parody Larry is on hold to try to break a record with 3 run calls in 1 show, Rome doesn't let him back on air 05/28/20
Rex in ABQ wanted Rome to rip Golden Tickets so he could have one, phone cut out, got run 05/29/20
Matt in LA gets run for talking for too long, got choppered 05/29/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Mike in Indy 05/29/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit got run for Cal in Vegas hooker smack, removed from the watch list 05/29/20
John in New York with a take on Mike in Indy and Cal in Vegas 05/29/20
Race In America Conversation Part 1 - Calls from Rob in Oakland, Ross in Arkansas, Kenny in Nashville, Carla in Idaho, Russell in the Bay Area 06/01/20
Race In America Conversation Part 2 - Calls from John in Santa Barbara, Tobin in Chapel Hill, Chris in Oregon, Ody in Orange County, Paul in Santa Monica, Steve in Omaha 06/01/20
Mark in Hollywood RSVP's to the Smackoff, wonders why people get mad about the race conversation, shares stories about getting pulled over by cops 06/02/20
Chris in Toronto thanks Rome for using his platform for change, says if you're uncomfortable with the topic, welcome to our world 06/02/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Mark in Boston 06/02/20
Rome lays out the Smackoff 26 invitee list 06/02/20
Craig in Omaha thanks Rome for keeping the conversation going, shares his experiences 06/02/20
Richard in South Carolina is a 71 year old Vietnam vet, respects Rome for talking non-sports topics 06/03/20
Johnny in Texas was moved by the Coach Moten interview 06/03/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Dan in Denver 06/03/20
Sonny in Toronto gets run for saying his name instead of Jim's 06/03/20
Adam in Tulsa wants the Smackoff participants to be more original, likes Slam Man and Silk Brah 06/03/20
Matt in LA addresses Brad in Corona's spoof fitness video 06/03/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Matt in Vancouver 06/04/20
After a man died from inhaling psychedelic toad venom, a Spanish porn actor has been charged with manslaughter 06/04/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Gino in San Antonio 06/05/20
Rich Flores calls to announce a exclusive golf tournament and barbecue, reads the list of invitees 06/05/20
Jeff in Southfield talks about clones movie roles, takes a run at Mike in Indy, Rick in Buffalo, and Dan in Denver 06/05/20
Monica in Colorado smacks Cal in Vegas, Mark in Boston, and Matt in LA, really liked Brad in Corona's video 06/05/20
Sonny in Toronto tries to win a Golden Ticket with another rhyming call, it didn't work 06/05/20
Trapper in Dana Point RSVP's to the Smackoff, took a run at Stucknut for not putting him in Alvin's promo 06/05/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Iafrate 06/08/20
Rex in ABQ wants Hawk to make brown slacks so he can release a mahogany slider and nobody will know 06/08/20
Charlie in South Bend RSVP's to the Snackoff 06/08/20
Brian in PA - Conor retiring is either for more money or a bigger fight 06/08/20
Raider Mike's daughter just finished high school, Jerry Jones opened AT&T center so they could have a graduation 06/08/20
Bob in Iowa says Rex is a middle aged man making poop jokes, wants him to stop calling 06/08/20
Vince in Humboldt - with everything going on with social injustice, it's time to change the Redskins name 06/08/20
Jake in Buffalo compares Matt in LA to the MLB, gets racked 06/09/20
Susan in Sunset Beach says Rome needs a haircut, loves Terence in Sierra Madre, gets run 06/09/20
Matt in LA calls to respond to Jake in Buffalo because he's the automatic clap-back 06/09/20
Daniel in Wichita calls with job ideas for Silk Brah, gets run for stumbling on Drizzle smack 06/09/20
James in Detroit wants a Golden Ticket, calls out Dino in San Antonio, bad phone connection, gets run 06/09/20
Jake in Buffalo calls for 2nd time to respond to Matt in LA 06/09/20
Jason in the LBC really appreciates everyone on the show 06/09/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Matt in Vancouver, Bella, Vic in NoCal, Matt in LA, James Kelley 06/09/20
Jeff from Richmond RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/10/20
Mark in Boston responds to Jeff in Richmond with personal appearance smack 06/10/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Sean the Cablinasian 06/10/20
Dan in Denver responds to Sean's Smackoff profile, smacks Jeff in Southfield 06/10/20
KC in LA gives props to Rome for addressing the social issues 06/11/20
Chris in Toronto on the Washington Redskins and Paw Patrol, still on watch list 06/11/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Brad in Corona 06/11/20
Brad in Corona RSVP's to the Smackoff, reaction to his player profile 06/11/20
Sonny in Toronto gets run for male chauvinism smack on Sarah T 06/11/20
Justin in Phoenix - Silk Brah wants people to stay at home because it helps Mrs. Silks business 06/11/20
Will in Florida says Brad can lose the Smackoff if he goes overboard on the foreskin smack 06/11/20
Jerome in Houston loves being involved with the show, had to go back to work, gets his Golden Ticket back 06/11/20
Matt in Vancouver takes a run at Kaleb in Green Bay and Dan in Denver 06/12/20
Jason in Harrisburg gets run with yeast smack for Wells in the 360, taken off the watch list 06/12/20
Christine in Vermont didn't get the memo that all Canadians are fit and skinny, says they are fat slobs 06/12/20
Jake in Buffalo wants in the Smackoff to win 5k for Save-a-Clone charity, gets run 06/12/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - JT the Brick, Doc Mike, Jeffrey DiTolla, Terence in Sierra Madre, Kerwin in Riverside, Jim in Fall River, Rachel in Houston 06/12/20
Fake Silk RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/12/20
Kaleb in Green Bay RSVP's to the Smackoff, takes a run at Grandpa Brad 06/12/20
Jeff in SoCal is going to golf with clones next week, smacks Rich Flores and Brad in Corona, and Dan in Denver, still on the watch list 06/12/20
Silk Brah RSVP's to the Smackoff with premium content, clones try to rile him up by saying his wife is successful and hot 06/12/20
Rich Flores talks about Silk Brah, Lithuania, and HB city council 06/12/20
Adam in OKC tells Silk Brah that snitching is lame, kook 06/12/20
Matt in LA wonders how is Sean is so pale while living in Houston, Brad talks about circumcisions, gets his Golden Ticket back 06/12/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Chris in Toronto, Sarah T, compares Kaleb to Silk 06/12/20
Geoff in Lincoln is going to take a big dump in his pants on the 1st tee box 06/12/20
Donnie in Georgia says Rome is a great character 06/12/20
Leff in Laguna is calling to bookend the week, gives Brad in Corona a choice 06/15/20
Drizzle in Wichita RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/15/20
Kirkland in New Orleans tries to take a run at Silk Brah, run for being breathy 06/15/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - The importance of good phone quality 06/15/20
Jungle Open recap, call from Kyle in Green Bay 06/15/20
Brad in Corona responds to Leff in Laguna, got run for calling Rick a dildo 06/15/20
Reset of Leff in Laguna and Brad in Corona from day before 06/16/20
Smackoff 26 Profile - Storylines of the heavy favorites 06/16/20
Sonny in Toronto with another Golden Ticket bid, comes up a bit short 06/16/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Kaleb in Green Bay, Sarah T, and Mike in Indy 06/16/20
Adam in Indy wants to make 9th and 10th place great again 06/16/20
4 callers get run in a segment, Eric in Wisco, Fake Reggie in the OC, James in the D, and Justin in Phoenix 06/16/20
Steve in HTown calls for the first time ever, promotes the Stucknut Smackoff Aftershow 06/17/20
JT the Brick calls for first time in 25 years, talks about his book 'The Handoff' and radio career 06/17/20
Reaction to JT the Brick and Steve in HTown, Hawk talks about the Stucknut Smackoff Aftershow 06/17/20
Jeff in SoCal makes a final attempt to win a Golden Ticket, Bugaha smack, gets run for bad phone connection 06/17/20
Gino in San Antonio tells a story about getting a job offer from a radio station based on the strength of a Smackoff call 06/17/20
Parody Larry gets run for a Welcome to the Jungle parody 06/17/20
Chris in SE Wisco takes a run at everybody, gets run 06/17/20
How to listen to the Smackoff 06/17/20
Rome and Hawk break down the Big Lead article - Have a Take and Don't Suck: Inside the Twisted Minds of Jim Rome's Call-In Empire 06/18/20
Stoney in Sacramento is picking Silk Brah, loves the content from last few weeks and the JT the Brick interview 06/18/20
Beaks in Studio City on Mark in Boston, Jeff in Richmond, Jeff in Southfield, gets run 06/18/20
Geoff in BC says Matt in Vancouver has the entire weight of Canada on his shoulders, channel your inner Gretzky, sings Oh Canada 06/18/20
Fabian in LA says Stucknut is the hugest clone, got his money on Brad but doesn't have any money, run for f-bomb 06/18/20
Benny in Wisco RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/18/20
Fake Cal in Vegas gets run with Canada smack 06/18/20
Rex in ABQ has smack so hot that you'll need a rectal thermometer, gets run 06/18/20
Chris in Toronto has a take on Leff's gimmicks 06/18/20
Pauly T Wall is going to hide in his basement, picking Mark in Boston 06/18/20
Jeff in Phoenix calls for first time in a long time to smack Hawk, carphone dies 06/18/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 01 - Iafrate 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 02 - Chael Sonnen 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 03 - Vic in NoCal 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 04 - Jeff from Richmond 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 05 - Jeff in Southfield 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 06 - Mark in Boston 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 07 - Sarah T in Providence 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 08 - Mark in Hollywood 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 09 - Matt in Vancouver 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 10 - Steve Carbone 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 11 - Cal in Vegas 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 12 - Sean the Cablinasian 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 13 - Trapper in Dana Point 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 14 - Kaleb in Green Bay 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 15 - Rick in Buffalo 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 16 - Mike in Indy 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 17 - Leff in Laguna 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 18 - Benny in Wisco 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Call 19 - Brad in Corona 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff - Top 10 - Interview with winner 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff Hour 1 - Iafrate, Chael Sonnen, Vic in NoCal, Jeff from Richmond, Jeff in Southfield 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff Hour 2 - Mark in Boston, Sarah T in Providence, Mark in Hollywood, Matt in Vancouver, Steve Carbone, Cal in Vegas, Sean the Cablinasian, Trapper in Dana Point 06/19/20
2020 Smackoff Hour 3 - Kaleb in Green Bay, Rick in Buffalo, Mike in Indy, Leff in Laguna, Benny in Wiscom, Brad in Corona 06/19/20
Smackoff 26 recap 06/22/20
Dan in Denver talks about not getting in the Smackoff, smacks Mark in Bostons call 06/22/20
Drizzle in Wichita touches on racism in NASCAR, Smackoff recap 06/22/20
Gino in San Antonio recaps the Smackoff 06/22/20
Josh in Houston calls in response to a Tweet he sent to Mike in Indy, gets run 06/22/20
John in NY compares the last segment of the Smackoff to a heavyweight fight, didn't like Mark in Bostons call 06/22/20
Mark in Boston on the deep Smackoff field, recaps the event, gets run for Michael J Fox blast 06/22/20
Email reaction to Smackoff 26 06/22/20
Matt in LA on the fat family 06/23/20
Jeff in Southfield calls out Cal in Vegas for using Rodney Dangerfield jokes, parodies Bitchin Camaro as Bitch in Corona 06/23/20
Chris in SE Wisco on Jeff in Richmond, Silk Brah, and Brad in Corona 06/23/20
Kevin in New Orleans wants Rome to get back to the old days, these new guys suck 06/23/20
Reaction to Jeff in Southfields call 06/23/20
Fake Reggie in the OC gets run, but not for the circumcision smack 06/23/20
Brad in Corona songs - Jeff in Southfield vs Lance in Topeka 06/23/20
15 year anniversary of the Toby in Houston call 06/24/20
Tim in Tampa tells a story about seeing Cal in Vegas' crank in a microscope 06/24/20
Diego the tortoise, famous for saving species with his high sex drive, starts retirement 06/24/20
Adam Hawk brags about his 1.85 GPA and having no student debt 06/24/20
Geoff in BC brings up the fact that Tom Tolbert's Dr. Boudreaux story was the first crank call 06/25/20
Resets of Mark Grace audio 06/25/20
Robert in Illinois is a truck driver that graduated high school with a 1.8GPA, high school was about chasing skirt 06/25/20
Matt in LA weighs in on the NASCAR noose topic 06/26/20
Jay Cutler is hunting a Chicken Serial Killer 06/26/20
Luke in Fort Collins talks about Cam Newton signing with the Patriots 06/29/20
Stoney in Sacramento loves interviews with Browns, talks about mental health 06/29/20
Martin in Pasadena wants Romes to do more deep dives 06/29/20
Chris in SE Wisco claims that Jeff in Richmond has been eating Jay Cutler's chickens, wins a Golden Ticket 06/29/20
Mike in Orange County talks about the old says of 690 with Rome and Hacksaw 06/29/20
Logan in Green Bay warns Rome that it's hot in Wisconsin, dew point vs temperature 06/30/20
Troy in Appleton has advice for Jay Cutler, had pest control bait a trap with peanut butter, waiting for results 06/30/20
Sonny in Toronto on Tom Brady and Mike in Indy, gets run for excess skin blast, told not to call back 06/30/20
Dexter in Kansas City sticks up for Huey Lewis, says The Who sucks 06/30/20
John in Memphis wants Jay Cutler to help him with a flea problem 07/01/20
Rex in ABQ gets run for saying Bryson DeChambeau rips anal audio all over the course 07/01/20
Mike in Vallejo is a vet, tired of athletes excuses for not playing 07/01/20
Tim in Calgary is working on Canada Day, doesn't think the NFL will play this year 07/01/20
Matt in Fort Worth talks NFL then gets run Rex in AB-Poo blast 07/01/20
NBA bubble - Adult video provider offers free content to players 07/02/20
Mark in Chicago wants to remind Rome that adult bookstores still exists 07/02/20
Viktor Hovland is driving to every PGA Tour stop with the help of heavy metal music and Red Bull 07/02/20
Brad in Corona forgives Rome for picking the wrong Smackoff winner, hotel cleaning staff has their work cut out for them in NBA bubble, run for punching clown blast 07/02/20
Jim in Templeton wants to talk about the Phantom in the Thunderdome 07/02/20
Rudy in Topeka with a bad Matt in LA impression followed by a real Matt in LA call, then a reset of Mutt in LA 07/02/20
Jerry in Green Bay gives a weather report for northern Wisco 07/02/20
Donnie in Venice has advice for Cutler, raccoons are like the sand people in Star Wars 07/02/20
Mike in Orange County is a Gaucho class of 84, talks about the 690am article on the Athletic 07/02/20
Susie in Wisconsin is hooked on the show after the Smackoff 07/02/20
Jay Cutler chicken and raccoon saga update 07/03/20
Silk Brah, mayor of HB, has a hotline to report clone violations 07/03/20
Mauro in Santa Barbara used to call Rome when he first started radio, takes Jim down memory lane 07/03/20
Eric in Orlando talks about fishing in Wisconsin 07/03/20
Ritt with a parody song for Jose Quintana's dishwashing injury 07/03/20
Rome recaps his 2 week vacation in Wisconsin 07/20/20
Adam Hawk mails it in for guest hosts, never heard of Eddie Haskell 07/20/20
Susie in Wisconsin asked her dad if he knew who Jim Rome was, he responded 'the rugga donga guy' 07/20/20
JR Swish doesn't like the size of his hotel blanket 07/21/20
Jerome in Houston loves JR Swish's swag, doesn't understand why he needs a blanket in Florida in July 07/21/20
Chris in SE Wisco thinks the Lakers brass should cater to JR Smith 07/21/20
Mike in Orange County talks about Santa Barbara and the Angels 07/21/20
Trapper in Dana Point on Dr. Anthony Fauci throwing out the first pitch, brings up 1 year anniversary since Randall's passing 07/22/20
Rich Flores reflects on Randall's passing, reads a note from Crystal 07/22/20
Jerry in Cleveland gets run for a Huey Lewis parody 07/22/20
ATP - Bella asks about Rome and Janets first date, Rome talks about liquor 07/22/20
Matt in LA gives props to Gabe Kapler and the Giants 07/22/20
Jose in San Diego gives Rome advice on tequila 07/22/20
Silk Brah is going to host a tequila tasting event at Javier's, takes a run at the Angels fans, gets broken off by Alvie 07/23/20
2020 is the Year of the Brah - Reset of the Silk vs Alvin feud 07/24/20
Mike in Orange County says nothing is more annoying than someone from the OC rooting for the Dodgers 07/24/20
Matt in LA weighs in on the Silk vs Alvin feud 07/24/20
ATP - Which SiriumXM station would Jim Rome choose to guest DJ? Lithium 07/24/20
Kenny in Albany on Jets Jamal Adams trade, gets racked 07/27/20
Jake in Buffalo says Florida is ruining the MLB, takes a run at Silk Brah haters, gets run 07/27/20
John in NY announced that he is getting a hip replacement, needs Jeter to be better 07/27/20
Ben in Boise gets run for Lou Williams clams blast 07/27/20
Jerome in Houston was excited for baseball but MLB screwed it up, left Rome speechless after a take on chipmunks and nuts, wins Golden Ticket 07/27/20
Jeff in Southfield - Give peace a chance, gets run for Leff and Sarah T smack 07/28/20
Silk Brah recaps the events since his feud with Alvin 07/28/20
Bob Samuelson, bronze metal volleyball player in 92 Olympics, with a story about Charles Oakley 07/28/20
Hawk on golf etiquette, tuck in your shirt and don't wear a backwards hat 07/29/20
John in New York checks in from the hospital after his hip replacement surgery 07/29/20
Professor Laurie from UCSB calls to talk about MLB during the pandemic 07/29/20
Jeff in SoCal just started golfing to give him a reason to day drink 07/29/20
Interview with Ariel Helwani, gets another Golden Ticket 07/30/20
Jerome in Houston gets racked with a take about Joe Kelly's 8 game suspension 07/30/20
Mike in Las Vegas is a Dodger fan, thinks Dave Stewart should be commissioner 07/30/20
Geoff in Lincoln wants Silk Brah to run against Tito Ortiz for HB city council, instead of voting, they should drop to the ground and hump each other 07/30/20
Parody Larry gets run for a Be Like Mike parody for Ritt 07/30/20
Tweets about Ikea furniture 07/31/20
MLB sleeper buses - recycled 80's rock tour buses? 07/31/20
Rome announces another 2 week vacation 07/31/20
Silk Brah plans to run for Huntington Beach city council 07/31/20
Ritt is a fan of Weird Al 08/04/20
Jerome in Houston (as Jim in Pearland) calls local show with a slumpbuster reset - Clint Stoerner & The Show on 610am KILT 08/10/20
Adam Hawk rode his bike to work, 21.1 miles 08/11/20
Calls about Daniel Cormier from JR in Oceanside and Matt in New York 08/17/20
ATP from Bella - Better neighbors, Cali or Wisco? Hawk talks about his bike ride to work 08/17/20
Kenny in Albany has a take on Alex Smith, gets run for stumbling on script 08/18/20
Pepperoni shortage during pandemic, Tweets from Keith Arnold 08/18/20
Mike in Orange County wants to see Shaq and AD get a title for the Lakers 08/18/20
Drew in West LA resets the Brett Myers soundbite 08/18/20
Jerome in Houston on NBA Playoffs, unwritten baseball code, and Nolan Ryan vs Robin Ventura 08/18/20
Fake Silk doesn't like Jerome's catchphrase 'come on man' 08/18/20
Reaction to Mike in Orange County's Shaq and AD call 08/19/20
Twitter barrage on 5 Guys prices 08/19/20
Todd in St Louis asked about the Wisconsin microburst, mentions he's the president of Pilot Nap Nation 08/19/20
John in Annapolis is a pilot that enjoys a good power nap 08/19/20
Matt in LA on Lakers losing game 1 to Blazers 08/20/20
Chris in SE Wisco on Oscar De La Hoya and addictions, would like to watch Hawk vs Reiter play tennis 08/20/20
Silk Brah with a campaign update and take on the Lakers 08/21/20
Oscar in San Diego talks about the Padres and 4 straight games with a grand slam 08/21/20
Jerome in Houston can't wait to see the Slam Diego Padres and Astros series 08/21/20
Matt in Dallas made too much noise after the Luka Doncic shot, neighbor called the cops 08/24/20
Conrad in Houston thanks Rome for talking about social justice, murder shouldn't be politicized 08/25/20
Seahawks rookie Kemah Siverand was released after sneaking girlfriend into team hotel dressed as player 08/25/20
Nick in Bugaha on Nebraska fan and Rick in Buffalo, gets run for going too long 08/26/20
Jeremy in Green Bay takes a run at Cal in Vegas, Silk Brah, and Pooldoc 08/26/20
Show open - NBA boycott, comments from Chris Webber and Robert Horry 08/27/20
Calls from Brian in Portland and Eric in Riverside regarding the NBA boycott 08/27/20
Tweet from Eric in Orlando regarding the NBA boycott 08/27/20
Stoney in Sacramento addresses the fans that don't want to hear about the NBA boycott 08/27/20
Reaction to NBA boycott, Karl Anderson Luke Gallows podcast preview 08/27/20
Eric in Savannah responds to Eric in Riverside's call 08/27/20
Rome backed into Janets car in the driveway, who's at fault? 08/28/20
Cal in Vegas responds to Jeremy in Green Bay AKA Jere 08/28/20
Rome reflects on the passing of John Thompson, call from Danny Swartz 08/31/20
Clones sound the fat alarm for Adam Sandler 08/31/20
Richard in San Diego is fired up for the Padres after the trade deadline 09/01/20
Jerome in Houston uses a Padres take to jab Bill O'Brien 09/01/20
Jeremy in Green Bay keeps the Cal in Vegas feud alive 09/01/20
Matt in LA is not worried about the Padres trades, still thinks its the Dodgers year 09/01/20
Mike in Clearwater says things are looking great in Tampa with Rays, Bucs, and Lightning 09/03/20
Chad in Lake Charles is asking for help after Hurricane Laura destroyed his city 09/03/20
Impromptu Jukebox Friday of Jungle songs 09/04/20
Matt in Vancouver is taking the Canucks over the Golden Knights 5-0 09/04/20
Jerome in Houston sings Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Clones 09/04/20
Chris in SE Wisco says Cam Newton and the Patriots are going to shred the division 09/04/20
Matt in Dallas wants everyone to know that he's on vacation 09/08/20
Hawk confuses Greg LeMond for Greg Louganis 09/09/20
Matt in LA thinks OKC blew it by firing the Munster kid 09/09/20
What's Your Beef? #28 - Calls from Jeff in SoCal and Kyle in Houston 09/09/20
JJ in KC took a deep dive on the Rome podcasts 09/09/20
Jared in Wisconsin is concerned because he say a pic of Rome with Wells, Kyle sent him the cardboard cutout 09/09/20
Woody in New York recaps the recent failures of the Yankees 09/09/20
Hayden in Loomis asked if Adam Hawk had a girlfriend because he sounded unhappy 09/10/20
Fake Jerome in Houston takes a run at the nincompoop Bill O'Brien 09/11/20
Tim in Houston is fed up with the H-Town sports teams 09/11/20
Fabian in LA got a tweet from Elk before an interview and it was awesome, thinks Lakers will win championship, shouts out to Matt in the 805 for recruiting clones 09/11/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 1 09/11/20
Cal in Vegas takes another run at Jeremy in Green Bay, Jere's bank roll is smaller than his penis 09/11/20
Ricky in Tampa has been coaching basketball for over 40 years, Steve Nash getting a head coaching job with no experience or championships is ridiculous, clones react 09/14/20
Mark in San Diego thinks the Colts would've been better off with Cam Newton than Philip Rivers 09/14/20
Jose in Carlsbad is feeling great after the Padres win, Dodgers who? 09/15/20
John in NY says Kawhi's legacy is on the line with the Clippers/Nuggets game 7 09/15/20
Jerome in Houston talks about getting his mouth washed out with soap, breaks down how the Denver Nuggets got their name 09/15/20
Ritt hasn't had sugar in 30 days, Hawk says Dr. Pepper is a kids drink 09/15/20
Matt in Dallas wants more hockey talk, Dallas Stars 09/15/20
Chris in Wisconsin witnessed an old dude win a push-up contest at a bar 09/15/20
Steve in Phx has an issue with contractors 09/16/20
Matt in LA piles on the Clippers after another choke-job 09/16/20
Alvin play calls the ridiculous Bam Adebayo block on Jayson Tatum 09/16/20
What's Your Beef? #29 - Calls from Kyle in Houston, Craig in Portland, Parody Larry, Jerome in Houston, Matt in Dallas (blocked for dropping f-bomb) 09/16/20
Geoff in Lincoln gets run for trying to get Rome to wish him happy birthday 09/17/20
Drizzle in Wichita with takes on Skip Bayless, the Cowboys, and social injustice 09/17/20
Chris in SE Wisco talks about Tom Brady's meltdown after the pick 6 09/17/20
Yankees and Dodgers get back on track, call from Woody in New York 09/17/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 2 09/18/20
Bo in Nashville got burned by the backdoor in the Browns Bengals game 09/18/20
Jerome in Houston calls to respond to Chris in SE Wisco, got run for being wasted, loses Golden Ticket 09/18/20
Jeremy in Green Bay is hyped in the Packers, LaFleur frontrunner for coach of the year 09/21/20
Raider Mike on the MNF victory over the Saints, he likes blondes 09/22/20
Scotty in San Francisco gets run for self gloss, The Bartender 09/22/20
Oklahoma woman tells cops 'I have to poop so bad' before high-speed chase 09/22/20
What's Your Beef? #30 - Calls from Jason in Harrisburg, Kyle in Houston, Stoney in Sacramento, Kathleen in Omaha, Don in Lincoln 09/23/20
John in Memphis says Leff isn't funny, compares him to Eli Manning 09/23/20
Chris in SE Wisco on local legend Tyler Herro's journey to the NBA 09/24/20
Jerome in Houston calls to redeem himself but has a bad phone connection 09/24/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 3 09/25/20
Rick in Buffalo speaks for the Bills Mafia, never had a doubt about Josh Allen or Sean McDermott 09/28/20
Manny in LA, former Trubisky honk, called to apologize because Rome was right 09/28/20
Chris in SE Wisco finishes off Slurome in Houston 09/29/20
Woody in New York on the Yankees Indians Wild Card matchup 09/29/20
What's Your Beef? #31 - Calls from Logan in Green Bay, Kyle in Houston, Kenny in Albany, Kathleen in Omaha 09/30/20
Matt in LA - like 2 hands on a DD rack, your boy is feeling it, gets run 10/01/20
Brad in Corona reacts to Matt in LA's call, gets run for Dodger loving boobies blast 10/01/20
Jeff from Richmond lays out a plan for Jeff in San Antonio to win the Smackoff 10/02/20
Ryan in Las Vegas liked Jeff in Richmond's call, shouts out to Pedro at Javiers 10/02/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 4 10/02/20
Fake Irie Craig gets run for bum smack 10/02/20
Jason in Harrisburg gets run for D battery joke directed towards Matt in LA's chubby girlfriend 10/02/20
Parody Larry gets run for another Aaron Rodgers impersonation and Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood parody 10/02/20
Rex in ABQ says the Bills are Americas Team, gets run for ruptured polyps blast 10/05/20
Anti-Tommy Tuberville political ad, calls from Mark in Palm Springs and Kevin in Tampa 10/05/20
Woody in New York on the Death Star Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays 10/06/20
Jerome in Houston soberly comments on Bill O'Briens firing 10/06/20
Nathan in Richmond calls to talk about Dak Prescott but phone died 10/06/20
RIP Eddie Van Halen 10/07/20
What's Your Beef? #32 - Calls from Jarrod in Clearwater, Kyle in Houston, Matt in LA 10/07/20
Silk Brah and Tito Ortiz were featured in a Spectrum News 1 report 10/07/20
Monica in Colorado Springs explains how Alex Caruso is the XR4Ti crew wrapped up into one person 10/08/20
Ruby Tuesday files for bankruptcy 10/08/20
A recap of the story of Silk running for city council 10/08/20
Twelvewood with a tweet about efforting Jake Rome for WoodScopes 10/08/20
Mel Gibson as a gun-toting Santa Claus in 'Fatman' trailer 10/09/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 5 10/09/20
Rex in ABQ gets run for saying Nick Foles is as thick in his head as he is in his junk 10/09/20
Silk Brah gives Rome props for the name recognition 10/09/20
Jeff in SoCal is glad that the train wreck NBA season is over, smacks adult fans that wear full Laker uniforms 10/12/20
Woody in New York breaks down the Yankees lineup and why they lost, chased out by sharks 10/12/20
Chris in SE Wisco doesn't like the Twitter trolls smacking Clayton Kershaw 10/13/20
Gerrit Ritt guest hosted a segment for his birthday, calls from John in New York, Matt in LA, Andi in Rocklin, and Parody Larry 10/14/20
What's Your Beef? #33 - Calls from Johnny Scabs, Woody in New York, Joseph in Houston 10/14/20
John in C-Town calls to talk about the Browns 10/14/20
Conor in Philly with a question about McGregor and Pacquiao 10/15/20
Story about most rat infested cities prompts a Rat Family reset, calls from Stoney in Sacramento and JC in The Woodlands 10/16/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 6 10/16/20
More old school resets, call from Mitch in Sacramento 10/16/20
Miguel in Tampa tells a story about meeting and hanging out with Jose Lima 10/16/20
Fig in Stockton calls Rome a Dodgers homer 10/19/20
Matt in LA calls in after the Dodgers game 7 victory over the Braves, predicts Dodgers in 6 for World Series 10/19/20
Brett in SLO thinks the Dodgers are like the early 90's Bills 10/19/20
Jerome in Houston recaps the Dodgers and Rays game 7 victories 10/19/20
Justin in Melbourne tries to one-up Jeff in Richmond, gets run 10/20/20
Jane Slater Tweeted that the Cowboys players are not happy with the coaching staff, call from Michael in Portand 10/20/20
What's Your Beef? #34 - Calls from Laura in Laughlin, John in Little Rock, Kyle in Houston, Pete on Long Island 10/21/20
Twitter reaction - Drew in West LA on Dodger Jim, Vic in NoCal on Buffalo, Johnnyscabs almost gets banned 10/22/20
Cruz Pedregon's co-crew chief Eric 'Hop' Lane was struck and killed by a car, GoFundMe information 10/22/20
Bill in Tampa glossed the city Champa, asked Rome if Dodgers have home field advantage 10/22/20
Mark in Hollywood gets run for Nick Foles junk references 10/23/20
John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) suggests Golden Ticket wannabe's to practice on Stucknut Radio, gets run for Dak Prescott joke 10/23/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 7 10/23/20
Jeremy in Green Bay on Leff's Twitter brand, gets run by Alvie 10/23/20
ATP - Susie in Wisconsin - Favorite show soundbite? 10/23/20
ATP - Do your kids root for the Dodgers? Reset of David in Houstons UFC call 10/26/20
Mike Nolan got Tabasco in his eye, Rome tells a story about a bully at summer camp 10/27/20
Mike Tyson released an EDM song 10/27/20
Logan in Green Bay asked if Romes cabin is winterized, loved the Adrian Amos interview 10/27/20
Dodgers win the World Series 10/28/20
Jake in Tampa is upset with decision to pull Snell after strucken out 55% of the batters 10/28/20
Rex in ABQ - the Dodgers should take their trophy to Pier 1 imports and bust a grumpy in it, gets run 10/28/20
Carlos Pena interview after the Dodgers beat the Rays in the World Series 10/28/20
What's Your Beef? #35 - Calls from Tony in Maine, Justin in NoCal, Mike in Clearwater 10/28/20
Tweets about Justin Turner and Kaleb in Green Bay 10/29/20
Doc Emrick interview - retired NHL broadcaster 10/29/20
Mike in Orange County calls to talk about the Paul Westhead interview, sounded like he was calling from a closet 10/29/20
Sue in South Carolina credits Hank Gathers for saving her life 10/29/20
Jeff in Southfield on Johnny in Texas and porn for millennials 10/30/20
Alvie's Spooky Mix 2020 10/30/20
Matt in LA with a perfect post-Dodgers championship call 10/30/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 8 10/30/20
Chris in SE Wisco on the Packers loss to the Vikings, gets racked 11/02/20
On election eve, Rome gives his political opinion 11/02/20
Kevin in Florida is a Bears fan but can't stand Nick Foles anymore 11/02/20
ATP about Rome's hiking, talk with Hawk about losing weight and Sober October 11/02/20
Fake Silk encourages everyone to vote, like he did 4 times 11/03/20
Rick in Buffalo on the Bills victory over the Patriots, campaigns for Silk Brah 11/03/20
Silk Brah checks in from school on election day, gets interviewed by Rome 11/03/20
Pete on Long Island is a lifelong Giants fan, organization is a dumpster fire 11/03/20
Election results for Tommy Tuberville, Tito Ortiz, and Silk Brah 11/04/20
What's Your Beef? #36 - Calls from Fake Silk, Steven in Orlando, Kenny in Albany 11/04/20
Jeremy in Green Bay gives an unbiased review of Silks campaign 11/04/20
Jerome in Houston with a take on Silk Brah's campaign, shouts out to Trapper 11/04/20
Silk Brah calls to talk about the election and his plans to run in 2022 11/05/20
Matt in LA called to hype up Jim Rome, loved the Mike Daniels interview 11/05/20
Pet parrot named Eric saves man from house fire in Australia 11/05/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Silk Brah's city council campaign 11/05/20
Ritt doesn't have eyebrows, Andi in Rocklin called and wanted to talk to him again 11/06/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 9 11/06/20
Brad in Corona on Silk Brah's campaign and Ritt guest hosting 11/06/20
Wheel of Fortune contestant mistakenly calls Sir Isaac Newton 'Tom', Creed might reunite 11/06/20
Josh in San Diego likes the Chargers again 11/09/20
RIP Alex Trebek 11/09/20
Falcons' Keith Smith eats food from Chipotle 'about four or five times a day' 11/09/20
Argell in Louisiana is predicting the Saints to win the championship because the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras are on the same days as 2010 11/09/20
Chris Carson fires back at fantasy football guy 11/10/20
Tony La Russa charged with another DUI 11/10/20
Matt Cassel detailed a wildly dysfunctional fight with ex-Chiefs coach Todd Haley 11/10/20
Pete on Long Island wanted to talk about the Jets but wasn't ready 11/10/20
Jerome in Houston has a take on Tommy La Russa, tells story about tripping on stairs 11/10/20
Scott in NoCal had an issue with cyber bully, ended up being a 14 year old kid 11/10/20
15 year anniversary of Rome falling down the stairs 11/10/20
Show open - take on Tony La Russa's DUI 11/11/20
What's Your Beef? #37 - Calls from Ryan in NoCal, Kathleen in Omaha, Kyle in Houston, Kenny in Albany, Jim in Medford 11/11/20
Robert in Oklahoma is not a fan of cold coffee, prefers sweet tea 11/11/20
Kenny in Albany called his shot that he'd get racked, but got run for speed reading his script 11/12/20
Rex in ABQ calls with his annual Masters preview, gets run for 'flushing a scud missile' blast 11/12/20
Hawk is jacked up on mushroom coffee 11/12/20
Jake in Buffalo says the entire fan base is TRL level schmammered, Bills will be a premiere organization for a long time 11/12/20
Bob in Iowa gets run for giving the technical term for eating poop 11/12/20
Alex Trebek outtakes and possible replacement 11/12/20
Kevin in Florida says Rome reminds him of his father, loves the show 11/12/20
Greg in South Carolina asks if Rome has ever been on celebrity Jeopardy 11/12/20
Jungle Anniversaries - George Papas dunk, Conor McGregor post-fight rant, Kyle in GB Jumpman call 11/13/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 10 11/13/20
ATP's from Brent in PC, Hawk describes the break room 11/13/20
Cardinals hail mary, DeAndre Hopkins, Blake Shelton's hyperextended scrotum 11/16/20
Nick in Chicago (Fake Nick Foles) wanted to give an update on his injury 11/17/20
John in New York says the Buffalo Bills remind him of Silk's campaign, gets run for stumbling 11/17/20
Monica in Colorado takes a run at Mike in Indy, Brad is Brady and Mike is Chris Redman 11/17/20
What's Your Beef? #38 - Calls from Nick in Chicago, Tom in Tampa Bay, Kenny in Albany, Oscar in Austin, Jerome in Houston 11/18/20
Ciara and Russell Wilson launch fragrances inspired by their love 11/18/20
News site mistakenly runs dozens of obituaries 11/18/20
Rudy Giuliani's hair dye and Costco's return policy 11/20/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 11 11/20/20
James Kelley lays out odds for a fight between Ritt and Hawk, clones react 11/20/20
Mike in the Bay describes 'bay area luxury', gets racked 11/20/20
Jake in Buffalo gets racked with a take on the Hawk vs Ritt fight, Hawk talks about thrift store cardigans 11/23/20
Joe in South Dakota is a Red Sox fan and still loves Mookie 11/23/20
Parody Larry gets run for a Bennie in the Jets parody 11/23/20
Florida man wrestles alligator to save puppy 11/23/20
Matt in LA on Tiger and his kid hitting the links 11/24/20
Rex in ABQ on Greg Norman being an underachiever, only thing left to choke is the massive ostrich in his pants 11/24/20
John in Philly has Hawks back, no way fat slob Ritt is gonna make it in the ring 11/24/20
Silk Brah reminisces about the Green Bay trip in '15, bummed that the Buffalo trip got canceled 11/24/20
Jeff in Southfield with another weird call, this time targeting the Detroit Lions 11/24/20
Rome discusses Johnny Rotten and Greg Norman 11/24/20
Show Open - Getaway day for Thanksgiving weekend, Patrick Mahomes puts ketchup on turkey, email and Twitter reaction 11/25/20
Brad in Corona gets run for talking about Greg Normans junk 11/25/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 12 11/25/20
What's Your Beef? #39 - Calls from Susie in Wisco, Matt in LA, Daniel in Wichita, Earl in Wichita, Kathleen in Omaha 11/25/20
Andy Gresh filling in for Rome, Beaks fat smack 11/26/20
Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting for Rome, show open 11/27/20
Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting - Reads Tweet from @Hedstrombacon about Stucknut 11/27/20
Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting - Tweet from @Twelvewood, calls from Vic in NoCal and Jerome in Houston 11/27/20
Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting - Call from Silk Brah 11/27/20
Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting - Call from Trapper in Dana Point 11/27/20
Rex in ABQ with Nebraska smack, ScoFro or scrotox 11/30/20
Woody in New York on the Bears, they need to clean house - coaching and quarterbacks, chased out by sharks again 11/30/20
ATP - How did you get into punk music and would you let a current XR4Ti member host the show 11/30/20
Chris in SE Wisco was passed down the curse of being a Bears fan from his dad, ready for them to clean the house 11/30/20
Thanksgiving Leftovers - Mike Tyson v Roy Jones Jr, Nate Robinson v Youtuber 11/30/20
Steve on Long Island didn't like the Eagles decision to go for 2, covering the spread 12/01/20
Clone named Bernie submits a terrible song called 'Ritt vs Hawk' to the tune of Mission Impossible 12/01/20
Reaction to the Ritt vs Hawk song 12/01/20
What's Your Beef? #40 - Calls from Ryan in NoCal, Chris in Colorado Springs, Kathleen in Omaha, Parody Larry 12/02/20
Bernie sends email to explain his Ritt v Hawk song 12/02/20
Jordan in the OC works outside sales, played golf with Chase Claypool 12/03/20
Calls from Frank in PA (enough basketball talk!), Mike in the Bay (Lakers and KCP), Bobby in Redding (wants to annihilate Tom Brady), Veronica in San Diego (stem cells for junk), Johnny in Texas (pimping WoodScopes), Rob in St. Louis (Raiders), Diane in Niagara Falls (Shared Belief) 12/03/20
Ritt catches heat for stepping on Diane in Niagara Falls' call with soundbite, lady clone caller, lady clone button 12/03/20
More reaction to Ritt stepping on Diane's serious phone call, interview with Alvin 12/04/20
Andrew Bogut and Joakim Noah retire, resets of Boguts crank references and Noahs Cleveland smack 12/04/20
Diane in Niagara Falls calls back to talk about the Ritt incident and Shared Belief 12/04/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 13 12/04/20
Jason in Harrisburg gets run for Will Brinson smack 12/04/20
AJ in Green Bay responds to Joakim Noahs take, he enjoyed his vacation to Cleveland 12/04/20
Eric in Orlando has a tuna recipe, gets run for calling Ritt a foreskin with ears 12/04/20
Rex in ABQ gives a straight take about the NY Jets, the clones weren't happy 12/07/20
Chris in Arkansas talks about the Chiefs, wants them to face the Browns in the AFC championship game 12/07/20
Zack in Madison says the Packers and the state of Wisconsin should get more respect 12/07/20
A troll in Utah was running the fake Matt Patricia burner account 12/07/20
Paul North of Buffalo wanted to talk horses and the Jets but his dog wouldn't stop barking, the dog won a Golden Ticket 12/07/20
Mark in Boston is really bummed that Ohio State can't play in the Big 10 championship game 12/08/20
Jake in Buffalo takes a run at 49er fan and the bay area, has a haiku, gets racked 12/08/20
Tweets about bad investments 12/08/20
Resets of the dog getting invited to the Smackoff, Jim in Fall River donkey call, Tommy in Detroit oorf 12/08/20
Matt in LA wants to give props to the pooch for getting a Golden Ticket 12/08/20
Ben in Buffalo thinks the Bills should be 10-1, not 9-3 12/08/20
What's Your Beef? #41 - Calls from Tony in Maine, Chris in Colorado Springs, Vince in Illinois, Kenny in Albany, Nello in Salt Lake City 12/09/20
Rick in Buffalo on the Bills, won't let Jake into the mafia, Matt in Vancouver has same chance to win the Smackoff as the dog 12/09/20
Matt in Vancouver responds to Rick in Buffalo, wants Rome to ask Dana White to add them to a card 12/10/20
LC in Kentucky calls about the Browns, Stefanski is the right guy 12/10/20
Ben Greenfield podcast recap, reaction, call from John in Philly 12/10/20
Susie in Wisconsin submits a XR4Ti song, Puttin' on the Ritt 12/10/20
More reaction to the Ben Greenfield podcast, calls from Morgan in San Diego, Branson in Ohio, Matt in LA 12/10/20
Jeremy in Green Bay jumps in on the Matt in Vancouver vs Rick in Buffalo feud, gets on watch list 12/11/20
Jake in Buffalo responds to Rick in Buffalo, gets a delayed run 12/11/20
Tito Ortiz got sworn in, had problems speaking 12/11/20
Jeff in Southfield goes all in on Paul's dog 12/11/20
Mark Cuban interview 12/11/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 14 12/11/20
Silk Brah talks about how Tito Ortiz became mayor pro tem, gets run 12/11/20
Matt in Rancho Mirage hasn't called since 1994, likes Ross Tucker calling games 12/14/20
Hoff does metal 12/14/20
Johnny Scabs gets run for saying I bet Leff can hear a mouse pissing on a piece of cotton 12/14/20
Recap of Ravens vs Browns, Lamar Jackson left with a 'cramp' 12/15/20
Jeff from Richmond's Christmas card debuted on tv, clones react 12/15/20
James Harden shows up to camp a bit heavier, report claims that he is the real Rockets GM 12/16/20
Jim Benton gets Harden tweet read, Rome thanks Benton and Stucknut, email from Denlesks 12/16/20
What's Your Beef? #42 - Calls from Thomas in New Orleans, Berndog in San Antonio, Kathleen in Omaha, Matt in Grass Valley 12/16/20
Pete on Long Island is bummed about Florida losing to LSU 12/16/20
Tom Cruise recorded berating 'Mission Impossible' crew over Covid protocols 12/16/20
Alvie is a home school teacher, Tom Cruz vs Cornhole lady 12/17/20
Todd Gurley dropped his phone in the toilet 12/17/20
Kim in Sacramento, a front-line worker, calls with a bumsmack parody of 12 Days of Christmas, gets racked 12/17/20
Connor in San Diego gets run for bad Belechick impression 12/17/20
Kim in Sacramento bumsmack song reaction 12/17/20
David in Santa Clara was embarrassed to be at the Oakland tour stop, says the Raiders suck, gets racked 12/18/20
Jerome in Houston grew up in the Denver area, calls to talk AFC West 12/18/20
Patrick in Santa Barbara is in charge of the Christmas lights for the city, smoked with Irie at the Studio City event 12/18/20
Johnny in Texas appreciates the Jungle during the pandemic and the show within the show 12/18/20
Scott Stapp will play Frank Sinatra in a Ronald Reagan movie 12/18/20
Matt in LA gets run within seconds for a bad phone connection 12/18/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 15 12/18/20
Shane in SLO thanks Jim for the show and getting him through the tough year, friends with Phil Coke 12/18/20
Alvie's Christmas songs - Raider Mike and Dr. Dave 12/21/20
John in Omaha is no longer embarrassed by the Browns 12/21/20
Tobin in Chapel Hill has reasons why 2020 was so weird, wants to hear the original Alvins Mix 12/21/20
Jeff in SoCal takes a run at the Bills and Rick in Buffalo 12/21/20
Brad in Portland sings a parody 'My In-Laws are Coming to Town' 12/21/20
John in Little Rock sings a song about Brad in Corona with a meth pipe 12/21/20
Calls from Randall in DC, Brandon in Tampa, and Mike in Clearwater about the Tampa tour stop 12/21/20
Laurie in Houston surprised her husband and took him to the Tampa tour stop 12/21/20
Will in Milton FL gets run for singing a song about taking Jim to Colorado 12/21/20
NFL hall-of-famer Kevin Greene dies at 58 12/22/20
Alvie produced a new Christmas classic, Choke the Calls featuring Reggie in the OC 12/22/20
Kevin in the Bay sings a parody named 'Larry the Red Faced Moron' 12/22/20
Calvin in San Diego resets the San Diego tour stop with Tony Gwynn 12/22/20
Sonny in Salem says the Kevin Greene death hits your heart 12/22/20
Calls and dad jokes from John in Tucson, Fabian in LA, Rusty in Kansas City, Mike in Phoenix, and Andi in Rocklin 12/22/20
Bruce in Dallas wants to wish the crew happy holidays, Kevin Greene reminds him of Pat Tillman 12/22/20
Matt in Vancouver says he and Rick in Buffalo are finalizing the fight island event, 2021 will be the year of Matt in Van 12/22/20
Brett F in Mississippi is ready to go back and help the Jets lose again 12/22/20
Matt in Dallas wants to get unbanned from the show for Christmas 12/22/20
Malcolm in San Francisco is a huge 49ers fan, wants to know whats wrong with the team 12/22/20
Mark in Hollywood calls in the show open with a 'All I Want for Christmas' parody 12/23/20
Brad in Corona responds to Mark in Hollywood, Mark had a great 2020 12/23/20
Johnny Scabs in Detroit takes a run at Matt in Van, he's not paying to watch the bitches at fight island 12/23/20
Mike in Anaheim met Rome at a CD signing event at Tower Records years ago, Rome was chippy 12/23/20
Benny in Wisco has an early beef entry for Buzz McCallister from Home Alone 12/23/20
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 16 12/23/20
What's Your Beef? #43 - Calls from Silk Brah, Parody Larry, Matt in LA, Chris in Colorado Springs, Terry in Texas, Miles in Charleston, Digger Phelps, Kenny in Albany, Kathleen in Omaha, Will in NoCal 12/23/20
Fake Ritt calls to brag about his vacation activities, gets run 12/23/20
ATP - Origins of the term 'take' 12/23/20
Cal in Vegas on Sarah T, Rick in Buffalo, gets run for Matt in Van butt-chin smack 12/23/20
Chris in SE Wisco on clones name-dropping Rome, Silk Brah and Cal in Vegas 12/23/20
Ernesto in the ABQ talks about the Albuquerque tour stop 12/23/20
2020 Year in Review - Hour 1 12/24/20
2020 Year in Review - Hour 2 12/24/20
2020 Year in Review - Hour 3 12/24/20

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