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Bart Scott on Tom Brady, the NY Jets take toilet paper to London 01/02/15
Rome apologizes to band nation over Tweet 01/02/15
Lee in Vancouver with a Johnny Manziel Clearasil e-mail 01/06/15
Eric in Falls Church returns, e-mails about Sammy Sosa and wars Rome buying the Rams for him. Rome welcomes WHBO-AM 1040 in Tampa to the Jungle 01/07/15
Jesus in Chicago returns with an e-mail slamming Packers QB Aaron Rodgers 01/08/15
Rome accuses J.B. in the 785 of being Lance in Topeka and calls Lance weird; Tommy from NC cracks on Lance via e-mail 01/09/15
Dave in Seminole FL calls with crying baby in the background and gets run for Pinkhead blast on Peyton Manning 01/09/15
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie dominates Jukebox Friday, with submissions from Max_Coits, Jordan in Madison, johnquinn95, Lee in Vancouver, and paulytwall 01/09/15
Rome appears in commercial for Beats By Dre; e-mailer suggests that he should bump Enya in his Beats By Dre to noise-cancel bad phone calls 01/12/15
Twitter contest 01/12/15
Kaleb in Green Bay calls with thoughts on Packers vs Seahawks 01/16/15
Parody Friday - Parody Larry in San Francisco, Lance in Topeka, John in Little Rock; with e-mail and Twitter reaction; Lance wins Huge Call 01/23/15
Week That Was 01/23/15
Chris in C-Port wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 01/23/15
Ray in St. Paul wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card (Super Bowl XLIX Radio Row in Arizona) 01/27/15
Interview with UFC president Dana White; says he will never allow weapons in MMA in response to Zach in San Jose, followed by Jim Rome and Kyle Brandt reading e-mail response from Joaquin in San Diego (Super Bowl XLIX Radio Row in Arizona simulcast on TV) 01/28/15
Rome concludes first-ever radio/TV simulcast with Twitter Contest 01/28/15
Leff in Laguna Beach rants about Lance on the FCK Podcast 01/30/15
Boston Phinn returns after 16 years, gets run for rambling 02/02/15
Reaction to Boston Phinn's call from Jesus in Chicago and Lee in Vancouver 02/02/15
Ray Ray in Tampa informing the clones that he's been dealing with cancer and is in remission 02/03/15
Joaquin MMA email 02/04/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 02/06/15
Tiger Woods complains about not being able to activate his gluts; Rome clowns him with malfunctioning robot noises 02/06/15
Bills Mafia e-mail reaction to Rex Ryan signing Ritchie Incognito to Buffalo Bills, including Mark in Buffalo going with Rome and Marty in Bills Snuggies and Johnny Manziel acne smack 02/09/15
Parody Larry in Oakland (not San Francisco) gets run for rambling and not going straight to his song, gets chewed out by Rome and clowned by the Clones 02/10/15
Rome's thoughts on Powerball Guy and Detroit Lions fans who want to buy wedding gifts from Matt Stafford's wedding registry 02/11/15
Rome reads an open letter to Joaquin in San Diego, awards himself Huge Call at the end of the show 02/12/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 02/12/15
Grum in Portland calls to crack on Peyton Manning, I'm flaming I'm out Reaction! 02/12/15
Matt in LA gets run for Big Bopper voice imitation 02/12/15
PJ in Denver with a Rome and Marty Valentine's Day e-mail 02/13/15
Nick in Newport Beach cracks on Rex Ryan with a Bad Santa blast and gets run 02/13/15
Ken in San Antonio wars Logan asking for a shout-out from Toby in Houston; Rome warns Randall (WFI) in the OC not to tell Jake and Logan about Toby in Houston at the next horse-race 02/13/15
Amar'e Stoudemire poems, Jesus in Chicago with a Diana Nyad reset 02/17/15
Kentucky struggles against Tennessee but remains unbeaten; Bryce in Topeka wants UK to lose in the NCAA Tournament 02/18/15
Rome reacts negatively to a Sonny Bono e-mail 02/18/15
Tweets about Vanilla Ice getting arrested and KG going back to T-Wolves 02/19/15
Matt in LA returns with a normal call, resets old school Jungle moments 02/19/15
Colin Kaepernick gets hooked by Twitter troll, with e-mail response from Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) 02/19/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 02/19/15
Rome threatens to ban J.B. in the 785 for Ernie and Bert e-mail 02/20/15
Phil in Panama City gets run for ignorant call comparing Jameis Winston to Ray Rice 02/23/15
Joe in Superior with an e-mail warring Rome naming his next horse Sedak-Attack in honor of Lance in Topeka 02/23/15
Dave in Madison with an e-mail suggesting a human wall for NASCAR racers 02/23/15
Rome calls for an end to court-storming in college basketball, accuses Kansas State of ruining it after fans get violent following win over Kansas 02/24/15
Ask the pros question from @SarahTinProv, low hanging fruit Tweets from @LeeInVan, @DanLouisville, and @magic_uno 02/25/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 02/27/15
Leff in Laguna Beach calls drunk from the Oakland airport, talks about what kind of travel mate Lyle is 02/27/15
Mike in Indy responds to Leff and Smooth Joe, gets run 02/27/15
Kevin fills in for Alvie on The Week That Was, fails 02/27/15
Charlie in Lawrence calls with a 14 second challenge 03/02/15
Ryan in Wichita gets run for saying Ronda Rousey has a penis, quickest run call ever 03/02/15
Kyle Brandt tells a story about drinking wine, making lasagna, taking his infant to a neighbors to borrow sugar, gets attacked by dogs 03/03/15
Kyle Brandt's dog attack story reaction and call from mailman James in Carbondale 03/03/15
Kyle Brandt's dog attack story reaction from Greg in Sun Valley, David in Portland, and Gary in Detroit 03/03/15
Slash in Brentwood calls during the Kyle Brandt dog attack story 03/03/15
@Stucknut responds to Coach Prohm's son getting free Dairy Queen for life 03/04/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 03/05/15
Jesus in Chicago emails about Steven Seagal wearing bras. 03/05/15
Rome has to spend most of Hour 1 warding off Clones making light of Harrison Ford plane crash (including call from Jake in East Lansing) 03/06/15
Larry in Santa Maria gives Rome a new Jackass Manual Buzzer; Rome uses it to run Parody Larry as he starts a Gilligan's Island parody 03/06/15
Orion in Waterford is frustrated with the 49ers 03/10/15
Sarah T in Providence with Gilligan's Island smack; Rome resets Parody Larry getting run four seconds into Gilligan parody 03/11/15
Leff in Laguna Beach cracks on Irie Craig and Vic in NoCal and wins Huge Call 03/11/15
Ask The Pros - Alan in Raleigh: Are there any Clones that are unblockable? 03/11/15
Rome drops a moratorium on Margot Kidder references; Joe in Superior violates the moratorium and gets BLOCKED from the Jungle 03/11/15
Kaleb in Green Bay "The Walrus" ripped the Golden Ticket that wasn't even available yet 03/12/15
Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 03/13/15
Mark in Hollywood's take on Chip Kelly's off-season moves 03/13/15
Jukebox Friday - Winner @Daytripper20 with Hate Everything About You, Yankees to A-Rod, entries from @RayInSaintPaul, @DonnieINNDurham, @SouthsideMike81, @EDnSantaPaula 03/13/15
Interview with Eastern Washington coach Jim Hayford, who confidently predicts an upset of Georgetown 03/18/15
Leff in Laguna Beach impersonates President Barack Obama (Barry in DC) making his NCAA Tournament picks 03/18/15
Interview with Alabama-Birmingham coach Jerod Haase 03/18/15
Ask The Pros - Beef in Grand Rapids wonders about memorable instances of Clones calling their shots (inspired by EWU coach Jim Hayford) 03/18/15
Jeff in SoCal with a terrible Toby in Houston impression 03/18/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 03/19/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 03/26/15
Mike in Indy gets run for saying Mike Tirico should feel a cheerleaders belly-button from the inside 03/26/15
Slash in Brentwood (OJ impersonator) segues from take on Sam Dekker's daggers to OJ using daggers to commit double murder and gets run 03/31/15
Aaron Hernandez (aka Aaronthal) revealed to hug and kiss Patriots owner Bob Kraft, with Clones' reaction 03/31/15
Lisa in Green Bay thinks Wisconsin can beat Kentucky, wins Huge Call for cracking on Michigan State coach Tom Izzo 03/31/15
Kaleb in Green Bay calls with thoughts on Kentucky, Rome praises his progress as a caller 04/01/15
Leff in Laguna Beach calls with smack on Kaleb in Green Bay and Mike in Indy, gets a shot off before getting run 04/01/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 04/02/15
Chris no longer in St Pete tries to call but flames. Rome suggests that he sticks to Twitter. 04/03/15
Randall (WFI) in the OC has a reputation as a stalker 04/03/15
Interview with Ben Golliver; Rome's microphone falls during interview and prompts Twitter reaction from Clones 04/03/15
Undefeated Kentucky falls to Wisconsin in the Final Four, with reactions from Clones 04/06/15
Lisa in Green Bay returns to predict a Wisconsin victory over Duke, gets broken off for not bringing heavy smack as she did in previous call 04/06/15
Rome pays tribute to 19-year-old cancer victim Lauren Hill 04/10/15
Kasey in Pensacola calls to crack Parody Larry with an Aerosmith reset and gets run; Rome regrets running him 04/10/15
John in Little Rock calls with Men At Work reset for Parody Larry and gets run for three gorilla balls blasts 04/10/15
Parody Larry gets on the air after three days on hold and tries to become Haiku Larry; Rome runs him and chews him out 04/10/15
Rome's take on National High-Five Day and High-Five Guy 04/16/15
gordoroofing wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 04/16/15
Lance in Topeka (aka The Scorpion) e-mails a Neil Sedaka haiku on National Haiku Day 04/17/15
John in Little Rock gets run for cracking on Lamar Odom's crack addiction with Boomtown Rats parody (Up All Night) 04/17/15
Slash in Brentwood (OJ impersonator) cracks on Aaron Hernandez (aka Aaronthal) but segues to yet another OJ reset and gets run at the end of the show 04/17/15
Rome jokes about skipping his Showtime show to get high on 4-20 04/21/15
Interview with Nate Boyer, decorated Green Beret and former walk-on at U of Texas; followed by Clones' reaction on e-mail, Twitter and phones 04/21/15
Lance in Topeka e-mails to try to negotiate airtime with Rome after being on hold all day; Rome refuses the offer 04/22/15
Rome takes votes from Clones as to whether or not Lance in Topeka and Parody Larry should get on the air; Rome promises to let them on next day 04/23/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 04/23/15
Kyle Brandt shares his thoughts on Parody Friday II 04/24/15
Eric in Portland ME calls again to troll Lance in Topeka and Parody Larry 04/24/15
Parody Friday II - Lance in Topeka, Parody Larry in the Bay Area, John in Little Rock; with e-mail and Twitter reaction; John wins Huge Call 04/24/15
Week That Was 04/24/15
Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 04/24/15
Joaquin email - War ordering the pay-per-view fight on grandmas cable bill and making a surprise visit 04/28/15
Tanner in Tampa Bay talks Rays, Lightning and Buccaneers, includes Age of Aquarius reset, wins Huge Call 04/30/15
Twitter Contest - Chris in St. Pete, Brock in the 920, Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus), Jay in YTown (YtownJay) and Phil in Missouri 04/30/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 04/30/15
Leff in Laguna Beach takes a run at Klay Thompson's nose 05/01/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 05/07/15
Smackoff XXI set for June 26 05/08/15
Jukebox Friday - Sarah T in Providence, Max Coits, Alan in Raliegh, GrahamLake11 and paulytwall 05/08/15
John in Little Rock becomes first caller ever to get Smackoff Golden Ticket despite flaming and getting run 05/08/15
Daytripper20 wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 05/08/15
E-mails from Bryce in Topeka about Smackoff XXI and Denlesks about Rome working on a Monday 05/11/15
Rome offers to interview Clones who have achieved anything athletically, takes calls from Jake in Green Bay and Shannon in Wichita; Rome ultimately gets interview with Robert Lusetich instead 05/11/15
Kevin in Twin Falls ID bids for a Golden Ticket to Smackoff XXI, gets run for "whipped cream on horse turd" blast 05/11/15
Interview with Guns-n-Roses band member Duff McKagan 05/11/15
Kristian in Portland ME calls to earn Golden Ticket to Smackoff XXI, gets run for horrible phone connection 05/11/15
Fake Silk calls as Tim in Portland Maine, come on 05/12/15
Slash in Brentwood's take on deflategate 05/14/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 05/14/15
Ask the Pros - Sarah T. asked Rome who his celebrity crush was as a teen, Rome laughed his way through a list of hotties 05/18/15
Mark in Boston calls about Aaronthal, wins his 2nd Golden Ticket 05/27/15
Ken in Sacramento calls with a take about Ray McDonald 05/28/15
Jeremy in Sconny bids for a Golden Ticket, gets run for toilet paper smack, Rome advises he will never get another chance 05/28/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 05/28/15
Kaleb in Green Bay calls about the Ducks Blackhawks game 7, lays out his Stucknut Smackoff odds 05/29/15
Matt in Poland Springs email - War the spelling bee adding Boaties choking on spit to the words next year 05/29/15
Deontay Wilder interview 06/02/15
Joe in Minneapolis calls, he's angry, takes run at Kaleb, mentions the odds, Rome runs down the top 5 odds 06/02/15
New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (aka The Gronk) and his family look to play Celebrity Family Feud 06/03/15
John in Little Rock gets run for incoherent parody of song nobody knows 06/03/15
Andrew in Victoria BC asks Rome about the history of Jungle song parodies, prompting Rome to reset their history (w/ resets of Terrance in Sierra Madre, Three-Day Weekend, JD in Nashville, and Iafrate) 06/03/15
Ask The Pros - Email from The CEO - Who joins Jim, Janet, Jake and Logan if the Rome family appears on Celebrity Family Feud? Rome says it would be Randall (WFI) in the OC 06/03/15
Last segment - Singing calls from Dustin in Portland, Pauly in Indy, Alan in Raleigh, Johnny in Portland, Irie, Brad in Corona; Tweets from Drew in West LA, USC Holmey, Stucknut, Sarah T 06/04/15
Vic in Nocal has take about soccer, then gets run for singing 06/04/15
Tommy from Winston-Salem gets run for a Love Shack parody called Bum Smack 06/04/15
Singing suicide mission calls from Timmy in Cleveland, Warren in Portland, Dave in Scranton; Tweets from TommyFromNC and Stucknut 06/04/15
Irie Craig calls to talk about American Pharaoh's Triple Crown and talk straight fire about horseracing 06/09/15
Kristian in Portland ME gets run for horse meat with Swedish meatballs blast 06/09/15
Interview with Jeff Passan - Passan denounces "The Wave", prompting e-mail reaction from the Clones 06/09/15
Mark in Boston returns after winning the Golden Ticket and gets racked with good call 06/09/15
Trapper in Dana Point wins Huge Call of the Day with pre-Smackoff take on Sepp Blatter and Hope Solo 06/09/15
Boatie in Pearland preparing for the Smackoff, New World Order, and butchering basketball players names 06/10/15
Ben Mezrich interview to promote new book Once Upon a Time in Russia 06/11/15
Jeff Banister interview - Texas Rangers manager 06/11/15
Ben Mezrich explains the difference between Oligarchs and the Olive Garden 06/11/15
2015 Smackoff prize announcement - $5,000 bucks 06/11/15
Jeremy in Sconny tries to run smack at Mark in Boston, gets run again 06/11/15
45gotFAT attempts to win a Golden Ticket, gets run, then mocked by Rome 06/16/15
Kasey in Pensacola tries for a Golden Ticket, old video game system smack, brags about his boat 06/18/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 06/18/15
Kyle Brandt plays old audio of his DJ audition, callers respond by trying to win a guitar and tickets 06/19/15
Ryan in Wichita gets run twice in one call, first for LeBrons crank reference, then for pitching Ron and Nicole Pez dispensers 06/19/15
Pauly in Indy gets run for story about Stevie Wonder reading an eye chart, Blinded by the Light parody 06/19/15
Slash in Brentwood sings a Nickelback parody about Ron and Nicole 06/19/15
Steve Elkington interview 06/22/15
Cal in Vegas wins Golden Ticket with call about what others will do with Smackoff prize money 06/22/15
Norman in Norman tried to get Golden Ticket, gets run for saying Full Retard 06/23/15
Sarah T. in Providence calls for Golden Ticket, gets run for Greg in Sun Valley smack 06/24/15
Gino in San Antonio calls to not RSVP into the Smackoff 06/24/15
Brad in Corona calls to smack on Kaleb and Vic 06/24/15
Kaleb in Green Bay calls but gets cut off due to bad phone connection 06/24/15
Mike in Indy calls to take a run at Brad, excellent womens soccer take 06/24/15
Vic in NoCal runs smack on Mike and Chaels call from last year 06/24/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 06/25/15
You're Welcome! with Chael Sonnen - Ep 38 - Jim Rome Smackoff with Mike in Indy 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 01 - Brad in Corona 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 14 - Vic in NoCal 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 08 - Trapper in Dana Point 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 11 - Mike in Indy 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 03 - Dave in St Louis 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 02 - Mark in Boston 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 04 - Kaleb in Green Bay 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 10 - Joe in the OC 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 12 - Dan in DC 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 13 - Leff in Laguna 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 09 - Boatie in Pearland 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 07 - Fake Silk 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 05 - Silk Brah 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 06 - Mike in Wichita 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 15 - Stevie Carbone 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 17 - Chael Sonnen with Mike in Indy 06/26/15
2015 Smackoff - Call 16 - Mark in Hollywood 06/26/15
2015 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show - Mark in Boston, Jesus in Chicago, John in Ontario, Jeff in Phoenix, Alan in Raleigh, Silk Brah 06/26/15
Gino in San Antonio with thoughts on the Smackoff, underwhelmed 06/29/15
Vic in Nocal calls to reflect on the Smackoff, gets run 06/29/15
Jason in Redding - First time caller, gets hooked by Rome telling him his connection was bad, reads his script again 06/29/15
Vernon Davis appears on Family Feud and gives creepy answers 06/30/15
Mike in Indy with a disgruntled call demanding an apology from Rome for not awarding him and Chael Sonnen the Smackoff XXI championship 06/30/15
Marshall in Newport Beach with an e-mail resetting Jason in Redding's scripted call from previous day 06/30/15
Smackoff XXI champ Brad in Corona calls to crack on Leff in Laguna Beach and Vic in NoCal; wins Huge Call 06/30/15
Mark in Boston calls about the Smackoff, Leff, and sings Bryan Adams for Canada Day 07/01/15
Leff in Laguna gets interviewed by Rome about the planning of his Smackoff call 07/01/15
Gonzo in SA Show - Final show, Fabian audio, Jeremy Brown, Adam Clanton, recap of Jim Rome House of Blues Show 07/01/15
Jim Rome's take on Top Gun 2 07/03/15
Rob in Cleveland gets run for glossing himself The Grump, gets added to Alvins self-gloss mix 07/06/15
Rob in Cleveland The Grump calls for 2nd day in a row, gets run again 07/07/15
Rob in Cleveland The Grump makes it 3 days in a row, strikes out 07/08/15
Tweets from @RayInSaintPaul, @stucknut, and @evanforsberg. Rome says they suck and are terrible. 07/08/15
Rob in Cleveland The Grump gets run for 4th day in a row 07/09/15
Nooch in Alexander AR admits his name is self gloss, gets run anyways 07/09/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 07/09/15
Rob in Cleveland The Grump, 5th call of the week, gives Rome ultimatum, accept the gloss or he won't call again 07/10/15
William in Cleveland defends Cleveland Browns fanbase with straight fire 07/10/15
Jukebox Friday - NFL fireworks songs (TNT, Burden in My Hand, Wrapped Around Your Finger), Lump for the Grump, I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore for DeAndre Jordan in Dallas 07/10/15
Woman calls 911 because her chinese food wasn't good, paid with credit card, demanded cash back 07/10/15
Buffalo Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer arrested for allegedly punching a minor and threatening to kill his family, with Twitter and e-mail reaction 07/13/15
Oscar the Grouch in Detroit - The Grump parody 07/15/15
Vic in Nocal with first monthly check-in since Smackoff, goes after Sarah T, Donovon McNabb, gets run for mentioning Hillary Clinton orgasm 07/15/15
J.B. in the 785 with an e-mail cracking Nick Saban and Vic in NoCal and asking for a Lance in Topeka call; Rome accuses him of being Lance operating under false identity 07/16/15
Larry in Indiana, RadioShack employee, with indignant call accusing Rome of doctoring Nick Saban audio to fool audience; provokes e-mail and Twitter reaction and calls from Steve in San Jose and John in Waterford; Larry gets Huge Call 07/16/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 07/16/15
Kasey in Pensacola calls from a boat, lets callers on hold know he didn't wait, takes a shot of Jim Beam, dedicates it to Ish 07/17/15
Kasey in Pensacola calls back for 2nd call of day, even more drunk than before, lets the callers on hold know he was on twice 07/17/15
John in Little Rock sings a Safety Dance parody for FSU QB DeAndre Johnson, gets run 07/17/15
Zach Johnson backswing distraction alternatives, bagpipes, Beatles music, Yoko screaming 07/17/15
Twitter contest - Dan in Louisville wins with Kasey in Pensachlorophyll gloss 07/17/15
Dan in SF email - War CJ Wilson being nudged into a dance circle to Rock Lobster 07/17/15
Mark in Boston calls about Mike in Indy claiming to be best caller ever, sparks debate 07/22/15
Gino in San Antonio responds to best caller ever, nominates Raider Mike 07/22/15
Mike in Indy responds to Mark in Boston about best caller ever 07/22/15
Vic in Nocal tweets that he is the best caller ever after 6 straight top 4 Smackoff finishes 07/22/15
Jim Rome wants a part in Space Jam 2 07/23/15
Smooth Joe in Hollywood lays out his Mt. Rushmore of best Jungle callers 07/23/15
Mike in Indy responds to Smooth Joe, takes a run at Brad in Corona 07/23/15
Mark in Hollywood on Hulk Hogan, Ashley Madison, and Mike in Indy 07/24/15
Mark in Boston calls from hospital tipsy, announces the birth of his daughter, takes a run at Mike in Indy 07/24/15
Kaleb in Green Bay goes after Mike in Indy, criticizes Jim Rome's Twitter avatar 07/24/15
Mike in Indy responds to Walrus and Mark in Hollywood, has a take on BackInFriday 07/24/15
Mark in LA calls with a story about how he told Tommy Lasorda to get Kirk Gibson from Detroit 07/27/15
Joe in Indianapolis calls with a story about being at the gym with his buddy Tob, crank in the face 07/27/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 07/31/15
Travis in Battle Creek calls with hot take about Ronda Rousey knocking out more women than at a Bill Cosby pudding pop party, gets shame bell 08/06/15
Dan in Denver calls with his Mount Rushmore of male unit slip pics, gets shame bell 08/06/15
Don in LA (Sterling) talks about his friendship with Hulk Hogan, fan of Chip Kelly and Riley Cooper, new film project with the Hulkster 08/06/15
Argyle Grant tries a Bill Cosby joke, then asks KB what it will take to play the Toby call 08/06/15
Rob in Cleveland (The Grump) tries to troll KB as Gisele Brady, responds to the name Rob, sparks #PrayForRob 08/06/15
Larry Brown in Philly calls to confirm that he did have his crank in Toby's face, shame bell 08/06/15
Vic in NoCal rambles on about Johnny Utah and Point Break 08/06/15
Slash in Brentwood sings a Papa Roach parody, gets the shame bell 08/06/15
Kevin in Compton talks about getting drunk on Amtrak, goes to handicapped car to wrestle 08/07/15
Mark in Hollywood breaks down Man of Steel to troll Vic in NoCal's call about Point Break 08/07/15
Leff in Laguna tries to out-bore the Vic and Mark calls 08/07/15
Kal-El in Krypton - Leff in Laguna and Mark in Hollywood tandem prank call, Leff does a Mike in Indy impression 08/07/15
Boatie in Pearland calls KB with a riddle, trying to win a heefer 08/07/15
O'Shea Jackson Jr. interview discussing his new movie Straight Outta Compton 08/07/15
Vic in NoCal fills Rome in on what he missed during vacation, goes after Kaleb, gets run for saying beats more meat than Rocky Balboa 08/20/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 08/20/15
Drew in San Diego endorses Rome as Hall of Fame broadcaster, then tells story about playing basketball with Alvin Delloro, crank in face 08/21/15
Leff in Laguna with a take on Little League moms, goes after Kaleb and Mike 08/21/15
Dane in Youngstown - Defends Coach Sarkisian, tells Rome it must be a slow news day 08/25/15
National Dog Day - Rome resets dog related topics 08/26/15
Mike in Indy calls on NationalDogDay to inform the clones that he's still the big dog 08/26/15
Dave in Chicago calls to discuss Russell Wilson's miracle water to prevent concussions 08/27/15
Mark in Hollywood has a take on Coach Sarkisian, Chris Carter, and Curt Schilling, goes after Mike in Indy and Vic, tells us why he's known as chocolate thunder 08/28/15
Jim mentioned he missed a day for a medical procedure (colonoscopy), clones suggest it was for plastic surgery 09/01/15
Pete in Buffalo calls with story about how Fred Jackson visited him in hospital after breaking neck, then another story about a dream of Rex Ryan offering him a menthol cigarette but only beotches smoke menthols 09/01/15
Twitter contest 09/01/15
Rob in Cleveland (The Grump) and Lance in Topeka (The Scorpion) attempt a tandem call and get run for incest and gay blasts; Rome and the Clones declare it the worst moment in the history of the Jungle and human communications; Rob and Lance win Huge Call 09/02/15
Mark in Boston calls to discuss Tom Brady, also talks about a procedure he had done so he can wrestle with no pads 09/03/15
Silk Brah calls to discuss a CloneStock in Green Bay for the Chargers game 09/03/15
Rome revisits the Rob in Cleveland-Lance in Topeka tandem call; Clones gloss it Callpocalypse (includes e-mail from Leff in Laguna Beach and call from Vinnie Mac in Des Moines) 09/03/15
Kyle Brandt has a new Binaca addiction, clones try to guess the sound 09/10/15
Mark in Hollywood calls as Tommy in Foxborough, gets run 09/11/15
Jessica in El Paso email 09/11/15
Leff in Laguna crushes Brian Cushing 09/11/15
Mike in Indy on James Franklin, Texas football, gets out before delayed buzzer 09/11/15
Manic Bloom releases a song about Alvin Delloro called Lil Alvie D King of the Jungle, clone reaction, Alvie in studio, interview with Hildee and David 09/15/15
Parody Larry does an All in the Family theme song about the 49ers, Joes were the days 09/17/15
Kaleb in Green Bay discusses Seahawks at Packers, takes a run at Vic in NoCal 09/17/15
Donald Trump with GOP debate smack 09/17/15
Vic in NoCal responds to Kaleb, explains where Doug Martin gets his nickname (Richard Gere reference) 09/17/15
Rome resets notable Tampa callers from the past 09/18/15
Leff in Laguna smacks Tampa 09/18/15
Anton in Tampa responds to Leff in Laguna 09/18/15
Jim in Buffalo compares drinking Keystone Light to an old song called Beans Taste Fine, Rome breaks down the song 09/22/15
Lance in Topeka returns to Fresh Coast Kliq, talks KU sports, tandem call with Rob in Cleveland (Callpocalypse), sings On Wisconsin parody about Kaleb in Green Bay 09/22/15
John Tortorella gets pranked on USA Hockey conference call 09/23/15
JB in the 785 email resets Louis Slungpoo 09/23/15
Elderly man punched at Costco over Nutella dispute 09/23/15
John in Little Rock with a Safety Dance parody, ran out of words so he beatboxed 09/23/15
Pauly in Indy with a story about child birth, followed by a Stevie Wonder inspired parody of She Blinded Me With Science 09/25/15
Jeff in NoCal glosses himself Mole-doggy in East Bay, gets run, Rome resets the self gloss reel 09/29/15
Twitter contest, Rome gives extra time, Kyle Brandt tells story about losing laptop at airport 09/29/15
Emailer asked Rome if he would rather listen to the Cardinals rap or Parody Larry. Larry gets on air, sings 1 parody verse of a McDonalds commercial, gets run 09/30/15
Slash in Brentwood with a take on Mark Richt, then said Papelbon should of gone Wolfgang Puck like Slash did on Ron and Nicole 09/30/15
Parody Larry tries to rap as P. Larr, still gets run 10/02/15
980 the Beast update anchor Matt Morrisson melts down 10/05/15
Emailer Marshall in Newport Beach tries calling, does not go well 10/05/15
Holmey in Newport Beach email about Rome being a tennis gigolo, challenges Rome to a match 10/06/15
Vic in Nocal with a take about Daily Fantasy Sports, Kaleb in Green Bay, and a Bed of Roses parody for Greg Hardy 10/07/15
Jimmy in Windsor Ontario - Drunk poetry 10/08/15
John in Little Rock responds to Jimmy in Windsors poetry 10/08/15
Ryan in Wichita - Najeh Davenport poem 10/08/15
Mark in Hollywood with a take on Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes, calls out Vic for being predictable 10/09/15
Jukebox Friday 10/09/15
Boatie in Pearland calls about the Astros, peacefully ejects 10/09/15
Dave in St Louis Non-hunter calls with takes on Cardinals, Joe Torre, and Jim Harbaugh - Wins Huge Call 10/13/15
Jim Romes birthday, KB in studio, they discuss other people that share Jims birthday 10/14/15
Boatie in Pearland calls to respond emailer claiming Lamar Odom is a bad person 10/14/15
Silk Brah lays out the plans for the Green Bay Clonestock 10/15/15
Ken in Sacramento with thoughts on Lamar Odom 10/15/15
Eric in Falls Church email - Wars going to a brothel with Rome 10/15/15
Mark in Boston destroys Michigan State 10/16/15
Several callers try to respond to Mark in Boston but all fail 10/16/15
Anton in Tampa calls while drinking, talks about a street hockey team from Fall River and how they will assault farm animals 10/16/15
Leff in Laguna goes after Kaleb, Vic, Mark in Hollywood, Mike in Indy, Brad, then gets run 10/16/15
Twitter contest, @JB_in_the_785 wins with bad National Poetry Day reset 10/16/15
Mark in Boston - post Michigan/Michigan State call 10/19/15
Silk Brah checks in from Green Bay, talks about the Clone-Stock 10/19/15
Emails - Sarah T dropped acid in college, Mike in Toledo brings up Mike Ditkas gas issue 10/20/15
Caller Chris in Indy was a 2002 Louisville football recruit, knows for sure escorts were brought to parties 10/20/15
Jungle Jeopardy - NFL player accused of stabbing 2 people then writing a book about it, Slash in Brentwood guesses incorrectly 10/21/15
Vic in NoCal - Jim Harbaugh will get bored in college, Indianapolis Colts fake punt play reminds him of Mike in Indy, sings Meatloaf 10/21/15
Antonio in Georgia doesn't like Vic in NoCal, thinks he should be suspended for that garbage 10/21/15
E-mails mocking Cubs with resets of Tom Thibodeau laugh and Beans Taste Fine after getting swept by the Mets in the NLCS 10/22/15
The Murphy Curse 10/22/15
Daryl Morey interview, talks about disappointing opening night loss, Dwight Howards positive attitude 10/29/15
Jeremy in Sconny email - Glosses the Dolphins 'Feminine Sharks', lays out Dantallica song requests, Jewel email from Steve in PHX 10/29/15
Iafrate calls to talk about the Kansas City Royals championship 11/02/15
Orion in Waterford rambles about 49ers, gets run by sharks 11/03/15
Parody Larry with another bad parody song, rambles for a while, then glosses Lance as FlatuLance, email reaction 11/04/15
Jonny Gomes steals the show at Royals' World Series celebration with epic rant 11/04/15
Lance in Topeka doesn't want Parody Larry on the air; Rome reminds him of his tandem call with Rob in Cleveland 11/04/15
Mike in Indy calls the show and advises Rome to allow Rob and Lance to defend themselves 11/05/15
Reaction to The Grumps call and the Twitter contest 11/05/15
Rob in Cleveland the Grump (Rob G in CLE) tries to take down Larry with a rap, flames out, drops an s-bomb and gets run 11/05/15
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) gets run and chewed out by Rome for saying he wants to fart in Parody Larry's face; Rome awards Lance and Rob a Huge Call 11/05/15
The Bungle in the Jungle - Rob the Cleveland the Grump (aka The Dump or Rob G in the CLE) flames out trying to rap about Parody Larry; Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) gets run and chewed out by Rome for threatening to fart in Parody Larry's face 11/05/15
Boomer Esiason starts interview with gas and crank reference, plus a shoutout to Lance in Topeka 11/06/15
Rome interrupts the Week That Was to wrap up the Larry, Rob, and Lance calls 11/06/15
Rich in Fayetteville, Arkansas calls with thoughts on Greg Hardy and Jerry Jones, slips in an alzheimers joke 11/06/15
Emailer wars smoking dope with Kyle Brandt at the Albuquerque event, Rome and Kyle discuss weed, KB gets glossed Kyle Blunt 11/10/15
Rocco in Youngstown - If you put your hands on a woman, you have no business being in the NFL at all. Now that's just my opinion and I'm not going to apologize for it. 11/11/15
Chris in Buffalo calls with a horrible poem 11/12/15
Rome takes 14 calls in 1 segment, breaks previous record of 12. Peter in Washington, Jimmy in Boise, Jameson in Santa Barbara, Mike in NYC, Glen in Valencia, Brian in Buffalo, Perry in Gasport, Dan in North Dakota, Mac in Portland, Wade in ABQ, Jeremy in Grand Rapids, Rafael in San Jose, Bill in Foxborough, Russell in Lynchburg 11/12/15
Mark in Chicago's first call, takes a run at the Grump 11/13/15
Mike in Clearwater FL gets run for saying he wants to fart in Greg Hardy's face 11/16/15
JJ Watt on Andy Dalton: Our goal was to come out here and make the Red Rifle look like a Red Ryder BB Gun, and I think we did that 11/17/15
LeRoy in Albuquerque drops old school Rome references, mentions Dude and Fabio guest hosting the Jungle in 1996 11/19/15
Kyle in Albuquerque tries to guess what KB did the last time he was in town, Rome asks him a question and he keeps rambling 11/19/15
Jim Rome station visit to Albuquerque opening segment, resets notable callers 11/20/15
Lance in Topeka returns to Fresh Coast Kliq, sings banned Four Tops reset about Parody Larry 11/22/15
Steve in Buffalo calls with bad Bills vs Patriots take. Gronkowski is like Jesus out on the field, he is going to rip our asses apart 11/23/15
Kyle Brandt talks about the Concussion movie, takes suggestions for a sequel title 11/24/15
Sean and Bo Show - Interviews with Mike in Indy, Vic in NoCal, and Leff in Laguna Beach. Full audio of the Jim Rome Albuquerque event. 11/27/15
Sean in Alberta dreams about drinking coffee with Rome, still thinks Peyton Manning has 10 good years in him 11/30/15
Death, Taxes, and Matt Schaub Pick 6's 12/01/15
Wass in Scottsdale email about Benito Santiago, Rome asks the clones for fresh material 12/02/15
Mark in Chicago calls to respond to a video Grump posted about him on Youtube 12/03/15
Lance in Topeka emails to urge Rome to give Grump a chance to respond to Mark in Chicago 12/03/15
Rob in Cleveland Grump responds to Mark in Chicago 12/03/15
Mark in Hollywood takes a run at Mark in Chicago 12/04/15
Twitter contest - Blaise in KC wins gift card 12/04/15
Jim Rome talks about the passing of Jungle Racing's champion racehorse Shared Belief 12/04/15
Irie Craig calls from a funeral to talk about Shared Belief and Scott Weiland 12/04/15
Mike in Toledo calls and gets run, clones think he's disguising his voice 12/07/15
Mike in Cleveland is a long time Browns fan and is fed up, wants them to move to LA, he'd rather spend Sundays with his wife shopping at craft stores for wussies 12/07/15
Mike in Indy thinks the NFL should scout for elaborate dap and dances, sings a parody for Scott Weiland 12/07/15
Tweets and emails - John in SA met his idol Billy Joel, Colonel Sanders met American Idol Kelly Clarkson 12/08/15
Kyle conducts a rapid fire Ask the Pros, plus the Twitter contest 12/09/15
The studio door is squeaky, clones suggest ways to fix it 12/10/15
Cal in Vegas calls to smack Conor McGregor 12/10/15
The Rock Show with Pooldoc and Hedstrom 12/10/15
Sarah T emails about Simon and Garfunkel, gets put in time out until Coach Mark Helfrich references Sarahs email 12/11/15
Leff in Laguna calls to discuss Bruce Arians hat and Kaleb in Green Bay 12/11/15
Trapper in Dana Point with thoughts on UFC, Dana White, and Ronda Rousey 12/11/15
Claude in Texas is a USPS worker and is tired of bailing out other delivery services, blow it out your arse you Johnny-come-lately bitches 12/11/15
Eric in Falls Church - War Rome and I attending a game in Blacksburg, boozing, and hitting up frat parties 12/15/15
Fake Parody Larry sings Gilligans Island 12/15/15
Vic in NoCal with a serious take on Yoda and Star Wars 12/15/15
Parody Larry with a Star Wars themed call, gets run while giving clones gifts 12/17/15
John in SA emails about Star Wars dorks 12/17/15
Anton in Tampa calls about fans of Star Wars 12/17/15
Mark in Chicago calls about the Grump and Mark in Hollywood, gets run for fart smack 12/18/15
Jukebox Friday - Most entries about LeBron knocking out Jason Day's wife 12/18/15
Alvie in studio, KB on the board 12/18/15
2015 Year in Review - Hour 1 12/22/15
2015 Year in Review - Hour 2 12/22/15
2015 Year in Review - Hour 3 12/22/15
Lance in Topeka sends Sarah T. in Providence a Christmas reset about Parody Larry (based on Ken Griffin's rendition of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer) 12/24/15

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