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Tim in DC with the first call of the year, tanks a lot Philly 01/04/21
Rod in Florida has been a Browns fan since '64, he's being tortured 01/04/21
JT in Buffalo says Josh Allen is the GOAT 01/04/21
XR4TI 2021 resolutions - Hawk will swear less, read more - Ritt hired a personal trainer 01/04/21
Chris in SE Wisco on Cowboys coach McCarthy not using the challenge flag, gets racked 01/04/21
Mike in New York was unprepared, had a take on Ron Rivera 01/04/21
Rex in ABQ gets run for referencing Nick Chubb's snake holster 01/05/21
Johnny in Texas tries to smack Chris in SE Wisco, gets run 01/05/21
Curt in New Hampshire wants the NFL to be more violent like the old Raiders 01/05/21
North Carolina QB Sam Howell claims to have never eaten anything but chicken, clones call out Brian Webber for McRib addiction 01/05/21
Tom in Denver gets run for glossing himself Tombo 01/05/21
What's Your Beef? #44 - Calls from Branson in Toledo, Terry in Lubbock, Chris in Colorado Springs, Oscar in Austin 01/06/21
Door Dash driver not happy with $8 tip, reaction and calls from Charlie on Long Island, Bobby in Texas, Dennis in Las Vegas, and Larry in Alabama 01/06/21
Ben in Beverly Hills calls out Chris in Colorado Springs about reassembling his Rolex 01/06/21
Rome talks about a road trip to San Diego during the holidays, Jake was his camera man for Instagram post 01/07/21
Robert Dozmati got married on Zoom 01/07/21
Deshaun Watson is not happy with Texans owner Cal McNair 01/08/21
Jason La Canfora coughed during his interview, clones react 01/08/21
Tommy Lasorda passed away, reset of old interviews 01/08/21
Chris in SE Wisco responds to Johnny in Texas, gets run for gerbil smack 01/08/21
Matt in LA calls with thoughts on Tommy Lasorda 01/08/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for the Wild Card Round 01/08/21
Jeremy in Green Bay smacks Chris in SE Wisco for finally getting run 01/08/21
Parody Larry gets run for a Cleveland Browns Jim Croce parody 01/08/21
Joe in Akron is hyped after the Browns playoff win 01/11/21
Jake in Buffalo takes a run at James Kelley's wardrobe, gets on the Smackoff watch list 01/11/21
Leon in Arizona wanted to talk Bills but wasn't ready, got run 01/11/21
Hawk did an interview about radio on Facebook last year, clones just found it 01/12/21
Rusty in Cleveland got run for trolling as a Browns fan 01/12/21
Rome just noticed that Alvie wears his headphones backwards 01/12/21
Rick in Buffalo is excited for the Bills and young mafia, takes a run at Matt in Vancouver 01/13/21
What's Your Beef? #45 - Calls from Ryan in NoCal, Chris in Colorado Springs, Patrick in the 805, Jerome in Houston, Ken in Lynden, Kathleen in Omaha, Ed in San Antonio 01/13/21
Danika in Jacksonville won the Jaguars Fan of the Year 01/14/21
Ritt plays the wrong bumper music, Lust for Life instead of Up All Night 01/14/21
Mike in Sacramento calls with more stories about Boogie Cousins smoking weed 01/14/21
Nickelodeon's Gabrielle Nevaeh Green accidentally given Tony Romo’s 800-page game notes package for NFL broadcast 01/15/21
Rex in ABQ gets run for saying 'squeezing out a dwarf after my morning coffee' 01/15/21
Jeff in SoCal claims that Bills fans are drug addicted alcoholics with learning disabilities 01/15/21
Jessie in Eugene wants to know how Alvie plays the soundbites so quick 01/15/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for the Divisional Round 01/15/21
Jim in Green Bay thanks Rome for the phone, hopes the warm Florida sunshine softens Tom Brady 01/18/21
Cliff in Wisco says the worst rule in sports was the tuck rule 01/18/21
Rick in Buffalo was at the game, said the Taron Johnson pick 6 was the most electric he's ever seen at Bills Stadium 01/18/21
Silk Brah is recovering for the 19, likes the new Chargers coaching staff 01/18/21
Mets fire GM Jared Porter for sending explicit, unsolicited text message images to female reporter 01/19/21
Logan in Green Bay doesn't want Rome to interview any Bucs players and give them karma 01/19/21
CBS launched a YouTube channel for the Jim Rome Show 01/19/21
JJ in KC previews the AFC championship game, Chiefs 33 Bills 27 01/19/21
John in NY likes Harden on the Nets, basketball is back in New York 01/19/21
Tito Ortiz criticized TK Burgers for not letting him in without a mask on 01/20/21
Philip Rivers retired, email with all of Alvie's kids names 01/20/21
What's Your Beef? #46 - Calls from Johnny Scabs, Mario in Phoenix, Kenny in Albany, Dylan in Vegas, David in Seattle, Tony in Sactown, Matt in LA, Jason in Oregon 01/20/21
Reaction to Jason in Oregon's call, beat by ex-step son 01/20/21
Denlesks email about Girth Brooks, Hawk and Rome talk about 24 hour fast 01/21/21
Johnny in Texas ran into a clone that uses Big Head Bets, got run with a skit about Alvie and Rome pitching the show to ABQ 01/21/21
Jeremy in Green Bay goes all in on Ariel Helwani, gets run for nose smack 01/21/21
Calls from Gary in Corvallis and Rob in Reno about fasting 01/21/21
Hank Aaron passes away at 86, reaction and call from Spencer in Madison 01/22/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for the Championship Round 01/22/21
Rip in Pittsburgh on the Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier fight, thinks Conor will win in first round 01/22/21
Rome and Hawk recap their fast, call from John in Memphis 01/22/21
Larry King, legendary talk show host, dies at 87 01/25/21
Chris in SE Wisco says the Packers are full of excuses, takes a run at Jeremy in Green Bay, gets racked 01/25/21
Murph in Wisconsin said the state is grieving over the Packers loss 01/25/21
Tribute to Trapper in Dana Point 01/26/21
Clone reaction to Trapper's passing, call from Silk Brah 01/26/21
More reaction to Trapper's passing and a call from his sister Lorna 01/26/21
Potluck guy and Michael Jordan's Catch 23 fishing boat wins sailfish tournament in Florida 01/27/21
What's Your Beef? #47 - Calls from Bob in KC, James in Tucson, Mike in Minneapolis, Todd in Oregon, Kathleen in Omaha, Ed in Washington, Paul in SF, and Chuck 01/27/21
Huntington Beach City Council is looking to issue a vote of no confidence in Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz 01/28/21
Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Mike in Indy with a documentary 'The Lost Dunce' featuring cameos from Cal in Vegas, John in NY, and Rick in Buffalo 01/28/21
Mark in Corona saw Ritt on GSN's America Says 01/28/21
Ritt plays the wrong bumper music again, 2nd time in 2 weeks 01/28/21
Bob in LA never cared for Tom Brady but now respects him 01/28/21
Eric in Orlando wanted to share an amusing story about Flight Deck, reaction from clones 01/29/21
JT in Southfield says Matt Stafford is a good quarterback, but he's injury prone and will let you down 02/01/21
Arch in Pismo Beach calls the Matt Stafford deal the biggest trade in Rams history 02/01/21
Bruce in Michigan likes Matt Stafford, he never quits, but had bad coaches and receivers 02/01/21
Todd in Green Bay talks about Patrick Reed's embedded ball controversy 02/01/21
Lebron James versus Courtside Karen 02/02/21
KC in KC says the last time he was in Tampa he saw a woman walking a man on a leash 02/03/21
What's Your Beef? #48 - Calls from Todd in Sacramento, Rich the Truck Driver, Patrick in Santa Barbara, Brian in San Diego 02/03/21
Nick In Iowa with a 'finish the cut' tweet, regards Brad in Corona 02/04/21
Rome leaves after hour 2 to catch a flight to Tampa, Brian Webber fills in 02/04/21
Colton in Boise wants to remind everyone that it's the Jungle, not the 'clones running the show' show 02/04/21
Kevin in KC has been listening since the Oilers drafted Steve McNair, predicts Oilers drafted McNair, Chiefs 30-24, Sammy Watkins MVP 02/04/21
Mitzy in Maine gets run for singing a weird Tom Brady song 02/04/21
Brian Webber takes calls from Matt in LA, Parody Larry, and Logan in Green Bay 02/04/21
2021 Super Bowl from Tampa - Hour 1 - Interview with Andrew Whitworth 02/05/21
2021 Super Bowl from Tampa - Hour 2 - Interviews with Bill Romanowksi, Frank Gore, and Carson Palmer 02/05/21
2021 Super Bowl from Tampa - Hour 3 - Interview with David Njoku, Big Head Bets, Rich Ackerman called Rome Tommy 02/05/21
Jake in Buffalo has a take on the fat Super Bowl coaches 02/08/21
Zach in Philly witnessed Andy Reid coach a familiar game 02/08/21
James Kelley won big on a futures bet, Hawk wanted to buy in 02/08/21
Jeff T. in NYC got run for wanting to punch the clown on a Zoom call 02/08/21
Margo in Buffalo wishes the Chiefs gave the Bills the same effort a few weeks ago 02/08/21
Rex in ABQ thought John Elway had already ended Marty Schottenheimer 02/09/21
Larry in Virginia tries to explain Tom Brady's Lets Go Lake! 02/09/21
Rome takes a call from Wayne, announces him as Todd in St. Louis, Wayne gets run for correcting him 02/09/21
Todd in St Louis says Tom Brady was trying to say Lets Go Today 02/09/21
Pete in Lake Michigan says the local guys are ripping off Rome 02/09/21
Tribute to Terez Paylor 02/10/21
Bruce Springsteen DWI emails 02/10/21
What's Your Beef? #49 - Calls from Hedstrom, Kenny in Albany, Andy in the ABQ, X-Ray in Houston, Johnny Scabs, Lance in the ABQ, John in Treasure Island, Jim in PA 02/10/21
Rome misplaced his HOF trophy, found it under the sink 02/11/21
Jeremy in Green Bay officially launches Smackoff season, takes a run at Chris in SE Wisco and Matt in Vancouver, gets racked 02/11/21
Beauregard in Pacific Palisades is excited about Ritt Day, Rome wants to know more about him 02/11/21
Matt in Vancouver responds to Jeremy in Green Bay 02/11/21
Rip in Pittsburgh gets run for saying twat 02/11/21
JJ Watt and the Houston Texans part ways 02/12/21
Jeremy in Green Bay responds to Rip in Portland, Silk Brah, and Matt in Vancouver 02/12/21
Rob in Houston with thoughts on JJ Watt leaving the Texans 02/12/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for February 12, 2021 02/12/21
Jason in Harrisburg takes a run at Matt in Vancouvers personal appearance 02/12/21
Rebecca Black remixed her classic song Friday for the 10th anniversary 02/12/21
Mark in Corona has a scotch recommendation 02/12/21
Matt in LA is happy for Tom Flores getting into the HOF 02/12/21
Logan Rome's 2-seam fastball, Hawk hiking with IPA's, suits and sneaker guy 02/15/21
Chris in SE Wisco gets racked with a take about Hawk and Flight Deck fighting 02/15/21
Daughter of Lombardi trophy designer wants Tom Brady to apologize for tossing it during Super Bowl parade 02/15/21
Greg in Tennessee - as a Chargers fan he hated Brady forever but now Tom's his man 02/15/21
Beauregard in Pacific Palisades takes a run at Braemar Country Club in Tarzana 02/15/21
Rob in Portland thinks Blake Griffin is pulling a James Harden to get traded 02/16/21
JJ Watt is considering the Browns 02/16/21
Reset of J-Stew's call screening techniques and Boaties Moleface Rock 02/16/21
Johnny in Texas with a cool story about a girl he met that thought Jim Rome was cute 02/16/21
Rusty in Cleveland wants to prove to Johnny's girlfriend that not everything is bigger in Texas 02/17/21
What's Your Beef? #50 - Calls from Justin in Melbourne, Scott in Denver, Gabe in Eugene, Wayne in the ABQ, David in San Diego, Wells in the 360, Brian in Spring Mountain, Matt in LA, Anthony in East Tennessee 02/17/21
Ritt plays a soundbite at the end of the Taylor Heinicke interview, upsets Rome 02/18/21
Reaction to Ritt playing the St. Louis Battlehawks soundbite during the Taylor Heinicke interview 02/19/21
Kenny in Albany gets run for Wells in the 360 fat smack 02/19/21
Rip in Pittsburgh says Taylor Heinicke is a football legend 02/19/21
Diane in Niagara Falls calls to talk horse racing and hot walkers 02/19/21
Joe in Wisconsin was driving to his lake house to check on it, mentioned he could check on Rome's too 02/22/21
Bob in LA is pissed about the MLB deadening the balls 02/23/21
Nicole in San Diego liked JJ Watts tweet about Door Dash 02/23/21
Tiger Woods injured in single car accident, multiple leg injuries 02/23/21
Mike in Clearwater on Tiger Woods car crash, just relieved that he survived 02/24/21
What's Your Beef? #51 - Calls from Mark in Boston, Daryl in Bristol, June in St. Louis, Wells in the 360, Damon in Amarillo, Kathleen in Omaha, James in Bakersfield 02/24/21
Gavin in Illinois gets run for a terrible take about Frank Vogel and the Lakers 02/25/21
Gavin in Illinois lights up the boomer army of clones, gets racked 02/26/21
Jake in Buffalo responds to Gavin, takes a run at Rick in Buffalo, but Rome was still focused on Gavins call 02/26/21
Johnny in Texas doesn't think Wells in the 360 is a good caller 02/26/21
Mike in Eugene wants to respond to Gavin but got run 02/26/21
Evan in San Diego thanks Rome for giving the Padres their due 02/26/21
Fake Luke Walton gets run for not knowing his middle name 02/26/21
Mark in Savannah wants to share his earliest memory of Jim Rome plus has tips for a good caller, gets racked 02/26/21
Willie in KC wants to participate in the Smackoff, gets run for a bad phone connection 02/26/21
Chris in SE Wisco will free up time for Rome to interview him, gets racked 02/26/21
Rick in Seattle - Drew Brees had a just-in-case workout 03/01/21
What's Your Beef? #52 - Calls from CJ in the Bay, Hank in Houston, George in Frisco, Greg in St. Louis, Margo in Buffalo, Alden in the 401, Anthony in East Tennessee, John in Tucson 03/03/21
Callers try to win a ParamountPlus subscription - Nels in Denver (NBA officiating), Matt in LA (bad connection), Wells in 360 (prescription), Jared in ABQ (Pujols age) 03/04/21
Joe in Penn doesn't like how JJ Watt used the Browns for leverage 03/04/21
Baker Mayfield thinks he saw a UFO in Texas 03/04/21
Callers try to win a ParamountPlus subscription - Scott in Denver (congratulates Mike in Indy), Austin in Omaha (forgets to cancel subscriptions) 03/04/21
Callers try to win a ParamountPlus subscription - Taylor in Wichita (Rome is a constant in his life), Geoff in British Columbia (Mr. Automatic), Gavin in Illinois (hockey talk), Mark in San Diego (won a 6-foot sub), Parody Larry (Michaels Dad) 03/04/21
Derrick in Boise says Baker Mayfield saw a sign from God that he is the messiah 03/04/21
Callers try to win a ParamountPlus subscription - Rex in ABQ, Ryan in Sacramento (trading cards), Rip in Pittsburgh (UFC), Greg in Morin (Ray Liotta), Fabian in LA (all over the place), Margo in Buffalo (run for singing) 03/04/21
Callers try to win a ParamountPlus subscription - Todd in St. Augustine (run for repeating name), Michael in Oregon (new name for Indians), Tyler in Austin (JJ Watt), Ken in Washington (glad Canada is not calling), Alberto in Austin (Rome in Burning) 03/04/21
Matt in Colorado has a theory of why everyone hates the Jazz 03/05/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for UFC 259 03/05/21
Last minute calls from Jacob in Boise and Spencer in SLC 03/05/21
Johnny Scabs says the NBA All-Star game was more painful than stapling his testicles to his leg 03/08/21
Rex in ABQ gets run for take on DeChambag, uncut Euros 03/08/21
AVOID singer Benny Scholl butchers the National Anthem 03/08/21
Benny Scholl heard the take on his National Anthem, tweeted that it was funny, Rome sends him followers 03/09/21
Tommy from NC gets run for horse puns 03/09/21
Interview with Benny Scholl of rock band AVOID 03/09/21
Jimmy in SLC talking the tourney, Gonzaga and BYU 03/10/21
What's Your Beef? #53 - Calls from Hedstrom Bacon, Branson in Toledo, Chris in the 619, Chris in Colorado Springs, Jarrod in Wisconsin, Charles in Wyoming, Ken in Washington, Jeff in Chapel Hill, Doug in Santa Maria, Kathleen in Omaha 03/10/21
Bill in Raleigh says Buffalo is a great place 03/10/21
Rome and Hawk talk about best relationships formed in the Jungle 03/11/21
Ed in San Antonio on Jerry Jones and Leslie Visser 03/11/21
John in ABQ is celebrating 20 years of listening to the Jungle 03/11/21
Geoff in Lincoln states that if Julia Roberts is old enough to buy bread, she's old enough to be bred 03/11/21
Jim in PA is a retired cop with a vasectomy story 03/11/21
Mark in Palm Springs really liked what Paul in Buffalos dog said 03/11/21
Bob in Iowa is called the smokehouse because he has all this meat hanging 03/11/21
Derrick in Arkansas asks Rome about sports betting vs horse betting 03/12/21
Reset of Willie in KC's Moo Moo Madison song 03/12/21
Matt in LA is planning a get-together, run for SJP joke 03/12/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NCAA picks, gets run for picking against the Gaucho's 03/12/21
Jimmy Butler rips reporter for using word coalescing 03/16/21
Adam in OKC set up a doctor appointment to get out of work so he could watch the tourney on Friday 03/16/21
Wendy Williams is a gas, nerd creates Zoom Escaper 03/17/21
What's Your Beef? #54 - Calls from Darren in Key West, Brian in Phoenix, Matt in Alaska, Alex in Arkansas, Oscar in Austin, Johnny Scabs, Dan in Cleveland 03/17/21
CBS Soap Opera's cross promote the NCAA Tournament 03/18/21
Hawk doesn't want Alvie to order Ritt any more hot chocolate for the office, interviews with Hawk, Ritt, and Cindy, call from Greg in Penn 03/18/21
Kenny in Albany is jacked for the Syracuse vs San Diego game 03/19/21
Terry in Michigan is worried about the Michigan Wolverines 03/19/21
Bowler Pete Weber calls it a career after 41 years on PBA 03/19/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for 1st round of NCAA tournament 03/19/21
JT in Omaha got run for bragging about Creightons win over UCSB 03/22/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for Sweet 16 of NCAA Tournament 03/22/21
Krispy Kreme is offering free donuts for people that get vaccinated 03/23/21
Matt in Van is a big fan of Oral and the Beavs 03/23/21
Carl in Atlanta is a basketball coach, has a history with the Musselmans 03/23/21
What's Your Beef? #55 - Calls from Evan in Oregon, Ed in San Antonio, Dan in the ABQ, Hedstrom Bacon, Fake Matt in LA, Johnny Scabs, Scott in Wisconsin, Kenny in Albany 03/24/21
Ritt took the entire commercial break making hot cocoa 03/25/21
Jake in Buffalo on the Syracuse - Houston matchup, got run for take on Tan Smack 03/25/21
Jim Rome address the viral photo from the 80's, a young Tan Smack on a hog with 2 babes 03/25/21
Justin Turner prank calls Dave Roberts, Cody Bellinger, and others 03/26/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for Sweet 16 of NCAA Tournament 03/26/21
Cal in Vegas takes a run at Wells in the 360 03/26/21
Matt in Reno likes the 49ers trade, says they are a QB away from being back in the Super Bowl 03/26/21
Pasquale in Culver City wants the 49ers to take Trey Lance with the #3 pick 03/26/21
What's Your Beef? #56 - Calls from Johnny in Texas, George in San Francisco, Greg in OKC, Adam in OKC, Kathleen in Omaha 04/01/21
Gavin in Illinois on old boomer drivers, Gavin v Ritt showdown 04/01/21
MMA fighter Khetag Pliev lost finger during match, still wanted to keep fighting, Rick Allen reset 04/02/21
Cleveland TV host Bruce Drennan calls fan a 'fair-weather idiot' during epic rant on postgame show 04/02/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for Final 4 of NCAA Tournament, plus Ritt v Gavin 04/02/21
Matt in LA is surprised that Tony LaRussa is doing a good job managing the White Sox 04/02/21
CJ in the Bay is annoyed that Gavin is on the Smackoff watch list, gives LA 3/4 credit for championships during Covid 04/02/21
Evan in Oregon says the NBA jersey colors suck, no Portland woman in his town, gets run 04/05/21
Ken in Sacramento is a UCLA fan, they did every thing they could do to win 04/05/21
Ken in SA resets the tennis reporter, Drew in West LA asks if Rome yells during Logans games 04/06/21
Russell in Redding asks about Logans uniform, has a beef with construction trucks 04/06/21
Bobby in Newport Beach is a DA, give insight on Tiger Woods crash investigation 04/07/21
What's Your Beef? #57 - Calls from CJ in the Bay, Matt in Valencia, John in Rochester, Margo in Buffalo, Mario in San Francisco, Greg in Alaska, Nils in Denver 04/07/21
Gavin in Illinois tries to take another run at Ritt, flames and gets taken off the watch list 04/08/21
CJ in the Bay lays out the Jungle Mount Bitchmore, gets on the watchlist 04/09/21
Rick in Buffalo wants to help Gavin, Jeremy in Green Bay has no right declaring Smackoff season 04/09/21
Silk Brah calling from Mammoth mountain, encourages Gavin to keep calling, smacks the Padres 04/09/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for the Masters, NBA, and NHL 04/09/21
Reset and reaction to Gavin in Illinois' flameout 04/09/21
ATP and Ritt's The Week That Was 04/09/21
Johnny in Texas has advice for Gavin, refers to himself as the new Josh in Detroit 04/09/21
Matt in El Cajon is pumped after Joe Musgroves no-hitter for the Padres 04/12/21
Matt in LA says CJ needs JC in his life, glosses him BJ 04/12/21
New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton to be portrayed by Kevin James in upcoming football movie 04/13/21
Paul in Albany resets Alex in Louisville and Iggy in Springfield's calls 04/13/21
Jeremy in Green Bay calls Rick in Buffalo an idiot, gets run for a Rick impression 04/14/21
CJ in the Bay takes a run at Matt in LA and Silk Brah 04/14/21
Matt in LA responds to CJ in the Bay, got run for saying 'you can Google search deez nuts' 04/14/21
What's Your Beef? #58 - Calls from Chris in Grand Rapids, Johnny in Texas, Charles in Wyoming, Stoney in Sacramento, Dave in KC, Jim in PA, Kathleen in Omaha, Greg in OKC, Scott in Wisco 04/14/21
Rusty in Cleveland is on house arrest, not as bad as watching the Indians 04/15/21
Rex in ABQ on Dyson products, gets run for coining new phrase 'residual fecal particulates' 04/15/21
Fabian in LA is 51 years old, doesn't want to smack youngster Gavin, gets run for bad phone connection 04/15/21
Horse racing talk - Calls from Bobby in Maine, Brian in Florida, Darren in Cali, Julie in Ohio, Corey in Toronto, Dave in Tucson 04/16/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA and NHL 04/16/21
Happy Stoner Holiday, clip of Ritt on a game show 04/20/21
420 calls from Jerome in Houston, Irie Craig, Nick in Palm Desert, and Fabian in LA 04/20/21
Johnny Scabs in Detroit loves taking stoners weed 04/20/21
More 420 calls from Momo in the 805, Dave in Malibu, Patrick in Santa Barbara, Mike in Buffalo, and Matt in LA 04/20/21
CJ in the Bay wins a Golden Ticket with more Matt in LA smack 04/21/21
Matt in LA calls out CJ for his bad reading 04/21/21
What's Your Beef? #59 - Calls from Joe in the Bay Area, Todd in St. Louis, Frank in Michigan, Mike in Snowbird, Johnny Scabs, Momo in the 805 04/21/21
Danika in Jacksonville tweeted that she is going to the NFL draft in Cleveland 04/22/21
Calls about old tour stops from Blaise in Santa Cruz, Jared in Wisconsin, Jake in Wisconsin, Reggie in San Diego, and Terry in Ventura 04/22/21
Parody Larry with an Autumn Wind poem 04/23/21
Bowler has 300 game with his dads ashes in the ball 04/23/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA and NHL for week of April 23rd 04/23/21
CJ in the Bay calls out the Smackoff circle of friends, loses his Golden Ticket 04/23/21
Fake Silk loves that Mike's Hard Lemonade 04/23/21
Crowley in Buffalo said CJ's call was the most scripted call ever 04/23/21
Margo in Buffalo says Tom Brady needs to stop crying about uniform numbers 04/23/21
Javier in San Diego doesn't like the Dodgers complaining, Padres don't need to spend money 04/26/21
Lucas in Poway loves the atmosphere in San Diego 04/26/21
Jake in Buffalo on deGrom, CJ in the Bay, and Chris in SE Wisco 04/26/21
Cycle guy doesn't like MMA because it's too barbaric 04/26/21
Rex in ABQ says MMA is human cockfighting 04/26/21
Phillip in Pacific Beach has a message for Dodger fans, gets run 04/26/21
Quinn in San Diego loves the Bauer v Tatis storyline 04/26/21
Jeff in Southfield on Paul in Buffalo's dog Bo Jackson, Steve Carbone might lose the worst job ever, Hawk sounds like a Hallmark card, Midnight Oil parody, Trapper smack 04/27/21
Silk Brah responds to CJ in the Bay, San Francisco smack, gets run for audio bit with Alvie 04/27/21
Margo in Buffalo says the local brewery is running a promotion to get a vaccine and free beer 04/28/21
What's Your Beef? #60 - Calls from Marshall in Orlando, John in NY, Kathleen in Omaha, Kenny in Albany, Suzy in Wisco, Coby in Fort Collins, Pete in Madison, Bill in Detroit, Terry in Ventura, Pete in Cleveland 04/28/21
Jared in ABQ doesn't like his neighbors borrowing his tools, gets run 04/29/21
Mike in Ashland says Eddie George could run over him, asks Rome a question, gets run 04/29/21
Momo in the 805 wants the 49ers to draft Kyle Pitts 04/29/21
Rusty in Cleveland is excited for the draft in his hometown, gets run for Danika pepperoni reference 04/29/21
Packers draft calls from Scott in Wisconsin, Colton in Boise, Dylan in Lincoln, Mike in Green Bay, DMo in the East Bay 04/29/21
Jeremy in Green Bay on the hated Roger Goodell and doughey Mac Jones, stays on watch list 04/29/21
Matt in LA on the trio of assclowns that run the LA Rams, gets racked 04/29/21
Mark in Hollywood on the Eagles draft, takes a run at Jeff in Southfield - thinks he's Mike in Indy 04/30/21
Danika in Jacksonville was ruined after the draft in Cleveland, still has a couple of days to rack up her body count 04/30/21
Margo in Buffalo gets run with an incoherent call 04/30/21
Paul in Houston is excited about the derby, talks horse betting, flamed and got out 04/30/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA, NHL, and Kentucky Derby for week of April 30th 04/30/21
Brandon in Green Bay on the Packers, Jordan Love, and Matt LaFleur 04/30/21
Chris in SE Wisco says Jeff in Richmond played the bugle at the Kentucky Derby, Cal in Vegas was supposed to be a jockey, gets racked 05/03/21
Bobby in Des Moines says the Packers got Rodgers some help, with his game show hosting career, gets run 05/03/21
Kevin in Madison on the Packers, they aren't keeping players 05/03/21
Mark in Humboldt says his sick father only eats Old Trapper 05/03/21
David in Green Bay was at Tour Stop #5, resets Bill Plaschke 05/03/21
V in the Fee honks for AD and the Lakers 05/03/21
Johnny Scabs goes all in on Mark in Humboldt and his father, gets run and taken off the watchlist 05/04/21
Reset of Mark in Humboldt and Johnny Scabs' calls 05/04/21
Johnny in Texas says Johnny Scabs should be put on the Do Not Block list 05/04/21
Jen in Canton compares the Packers situation to a man picking up a 3 at the bar when he has a 10 at home 05/05/21
CJ in the Bay calls with facts on Silk Brah, Buffalo, and Chris in SE Wisco, gets his Golden Ticket back 05/05/21
Rex in ABQ has advice for Mark in Humboldts dad, call gets dumped 05/05/21
What's Your Beef? #61 - Calls from Patrick in Three Lakes WI, Kathleen in Omaha, Nathan in Idaho, Jerome in Houston 05/05/21
Silk Brah is in charge of mobile homes in Huntington Beach 05/05/21
Clones try to guess where Jim Rome was for the past 3 shows 05/11/21
Margo in Buffalo responds to Johnny Scabs, wants to send him cigarettes 05/11/21
Diane in Niagara Falls talks horse racing, Bob Baffert, and veterinarians 05/11/21
Johnny Scabs gives a sincere apology to Mark in Humboldt, claims to be the diabetes smacker and will go after blind people next 05/11/21
What's Your Beef? #62 - Hawk takes a run at Dog Culture, Calls from Steve in Myrtle Beach, John in Houston, Raul in Arizona, Kyle in Houston, Rob in Temecula, Scott in Wisconsin, Jerome in Houston 05/12/21
Reaction to Hawk's attack on dog culture 05/12/21
Brad in the Central Valley doesn't like when his students ask him spelling questions when they could easily Google it 05/13/21
Patrick in Santa Barbara is a Lyft driver, doesn't want riders to be DJ's 05/13/21
Jim in Arizona went to college with Bob Baffert, doesn't think he's a cheater 05/14/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA and Preakness 05/14/21
Margo in Buffalo talking Brandon Beane and Bills vaccinations 05/14/21
Ravens rookie Ben Cleveland discusses his acquired taste for squirrels 05/18/21
CJ in the Bay says Dodgers have a half championship, hella smack on Buffalo 05/19/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA play-in games 05/19/21
What's Your Beef? #63 - Calls from George in NoCal, Wells in the 360, Jay in Humboldt, Ed in San Antonio, Momo in the 805, Kathleen in Omaha 05/19/21
Jeremy in Green Bay takes a run at Wells in the 360 and Smackoff callers that call once a year, stays on watch list 05/20/21
Ed in San Antonio with a take on Wells in the 360's chicken sandwich, gets runs 05/20/21
Mark in San Diego has suggestions for baseballs unwritten rules 05/20/21
Chris in SE Wisco is ready for the Smackoff, talks Aaron Rodgers 05/20/21
Rex in ABQ says Phil Mickelson is playing well while Tiger is defecating into his bed pan, gets run 05/21/21
Smackoff 27 Announcement - June 25, 2021 05/21/21
Brad in Corona is the first to RSVP, takes a run at Steve Carbone 05/21/21
Melissa in Charleston wants Rome to show some skin 05/21/21
Margo in Buffalo tried to take a run at CJ in the Bay, gets run 05/21/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA Playoffs and PGA 05/21/21
Zach in Philly with a take on Phil Mickelson, gets run for Leff smack 05/24/21
Melissa in Charleston enjoyed her call last week, invites Jim and the TR14 assistants to dinner 05/24/21
Fake Silk RSVP's and says Melissa sounds smoking hot 05/24/21
John in NY says New York sports are great then brings Parody Larry on, gets run 05/24/21
Silk Brah on the Padres and Dodgers, can't RSVP until talking to the Mayor 05/24/21
Brooks Koepka loses train of thought during interview, rolls eyes when Bryson DeChambeau walks by 05/25/21
Susie in Wisconsin tries to smack Kathleen in Omaha (Assleen) and Chris in SE Wisco 05/25/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Benny in Wisco 05/25/21
Dominican baseball player Elvis Lebron banned for life after attacking umpire with bat 05/25/21
Kathleen in Omaha responds to Susie errr Boozie in Wisconsin 05/25/21
Tim in Houston says the Brooks versus Bryson rivalry is good for golf 05/25/21
Chris in Michigan doesn't really like sports but loves the show 05/25/21
Melissa in Charleston wants to enter the Smackoff but doesn't want to send the other callers home to their moms 05/25/21
Jeff in Southfield on Benny, Wisconsin, rednecks, and riding lawnmowers 05/26/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Vic in Nocal 05/26/21
What's Your Beef? #64 - Calls from Johnny Scabs, Tres in Hawaii, Rusty in Cleveland, Nick in Lincoln, Bergie in Florida, Jared in Wisconsin, Tom in Santa Barbara 05/26/21
Tyler in Milwaukee gets run for personal appearance smack on Trae Young's hair 05/26/21
Jake in Buffalo responds to CJ in the Bay, San Francisco is a dump, Hawks beer, gets taken off the watchlist 05/27/21
JP in Riverside has advice for Lady Clones, does a Jeff in Southfield impression, gets run 05/27/21
William in Clearwater asks for a Golden Nugget for Saturdays event, gets run 05/27/21
Tyler in Milwaukee calls again about Trae Young, Utah Jazz's ugly court, ugly playoff jerseys, gets racked 05/27/21
Phil in Fresno wants the free Lakers tickets, gets run 05/27/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Jeff from Richmond 05/27/21
Jeremy in Green Bay on Jake in Buffalo, Chris in SE Wisco, and Jeff in Richmond - wins Golden Ticket 05/27/21
Johnny in Texas got run for an 'everything is bigger in Texas' reference, call dumped 05/27/21
Fake Johnny in Texas apologized for being a creep, gets run for being from Erectus 05/28/21
John in Philly is disappointed with the Phillies 05/28/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NBA and NHL Playoff picks 05/28/21
Mark in Hollywood RSVP's, what happened to Leff? Spin Doctors parody 05/28/21
Jay in Buffalo defends his city, responds to CJ in the Bay 05/28/21
Melissa in Charleston wants a shirtless pic of Rome, shouts out to the XR2-14 05/28/21
CJ in the Bay goes after Rick in Buffalo, Silk Brah, and Brad in Corona 05/28/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Mark in Boston 05/28/21
Wells in the 360 talks about the Smackoff field, gets run 06/01/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Cal in Vegas 06/01/21
Bob in LA gives props to PGA for becoming the WWE, got run for saying DeChamblow 06/01/21
Jerome in Houston tries to encourage Johnny in Texas to quit calling 06/01/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Iafrate 06/02/21
Tito Ortiz resigns from the Huntington Beach council 06/02/21
What's Your Beef? #65 - Calls from Cal in Vegas, Phil in San Francisco, Ryan in Sacramento, Johnny Scabs, Scott in Wisconsin 06/02/21
Jason in Dallas is getting married this weekend, asking for advice on where to go in New Orleans for honeymoon 06/03/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Kaleb in Green Bay 06/03/21
Reset of Gaucho Bill's rat family fax 06/03/21
Jeff in SoCal is sad about the J-Lo / A-Rod breakup, records his longest call 06/03/21
James in Portland wins a Golden Ticket, CJ McCollum is a shark 06/03/21
Reset of old school Smackoff callers - Willie in KC, Otis in Austin, Kerwin in Riverside, Jim in Fall River, Doc Mike 06/04/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NBA and NHL Playoff picks 06/04/21
Mark in Boston RSVP's to the Smackoff, loved getting roasted during the profile 06/04/21
Greg in Medford is a former radio monkey, talks about old school callers, gets chased by sharks 06/04/21
Tyler in Edmonton on fat Americans weighing in before flights, Stevie Carbone smack, wins a Golden Ticket 06/04/21
John in Philly gets run for a Police 'King of Pain' parody about Silk Brah 06/04/21
James in Portland roasts the XR4Ti, Alvie impregnated socks 06/04/21
Kim in Sacramento wants more Lady Clone representation 06/04/21
Gavin in Illinois with more old people smack, Rick in Buffalo, CJ in the Bay 06/07/21
Wells in the 360 takes a run at Jeremy in Green Bay 06/07/21
Chris in SE Wisco wants a player profile, feels disrespected, RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/07/21
Smackoff 27 Promo 06/07/21
Anniversary of Eric in Orlando glossing James Kelley 'Flight Deck' 06/07/21
Fabian in LA on Anthony Davis and the Lakers, wants to organize a Smackoff watch party 06/07/21
Fake Silk has 2 questions for Rome, if you drive a clean car through a carwash backwards, does it come out dirty, gets run 06/08/21
Smackoff 27 Odds - provided by Stucknut, Hawk has to explain a joke 06/08/21
Paul in Buffalo's dog responds to Jeff in Southfield, gets run 06/08/21
Jeff in Southfield on Wells in the 360, Silk Brah, trailer parks, gets racked 06/08/21
Ed in San Antonio had a dream about a Jungle related horse race, gets run 06/08/21
Johnny in Texas wants to wreck Jerome in Houston, gets run 06/08/21
James in Portland takes another run at the XR4Ti, gets choppered 06/08/21
Susie in Wisco wants a Golden Ticket to represent the Lady Clones, ran out of time 06/08/21
CJ in the Bay on Gavin in Illinois, Chris in SE Wisco, and Silk Brah 06/09/21
Leff in Laguna RSVP's with smack on Brad in Corona, Fabian in LA, Mark in Hollywood, and Swing Lube 06/09/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Sean the Cablinasian 06/09/21
Jeremy in Green Bay on Sean the Cablinasian, CJ in the Bay, Smackoff profile, Mark in Boston, gets choppered 06/09/21
James in Texas claims that he's an alien, they are going to breed a horse for Rome, gets run 06/09/21
What's Your Beef? #66 - Calls from Steve in Myrtle Beach, Brie in San Antonio, Matt in Alaska, Nick in Lincoln, Kathleen in Omaha, Tony in Green Bay, Andrew in Virginia, Barry in OKC, Andrew in Richmond 06/09/21
Jeff from Richmond RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/10/21
Jake in Buffalo on Benny in Wisco, Phish, and the Buffalo Sabres 06/10/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Mark in Hollywood 06/10/21
James in Portland with a take on MLB cheating, Alvie's drywall towel under his bed 06/10/21
Tyler in Milwaukee smacks James in Portland and Jeremy in Green Bay, gets run 06/10/21
Matt in LA says the plumber is coming back into the Jungle, wins a Golden Ticket 06/10/21
Johnny Scabs says Tyler in Edmonton looks sick and skinny, Matt in LA needs the 5k for child support 06/11/21
Matt in Vancouver on Jeff from Richmond, Cal in Vegas, and Iafrate 06/11/21
Jeffrey Toobin returns to CNN after suspension 06/11/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Mike in Indy 06/11/21
Tyler in Edmonton responds to Johnny Scabs, the way Nate Diaz talks drives him insane, where is Dan in Denver 06/11/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NBA and NHL Playoff picks 06/11/21
Dan in Denver responds to Tyler in Edmonton, gets another Smackoff invite 06/11/21
Susie in Wisco tries to read her way to a Golden Ticket, gets run 06/11/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Gino in San Antonio 06/14/21
Kim in Sacramento takes a run at Cal in Vegas, Lady Clones, and Johnny in Texas, gets on the watch list 06/14/21
Melissa in Charlston was fired up but got run for dropping 4-letter bomb 06/14/21
Margo in Buffalo responds to CJ in the Bay 06/14/21
Kathleen in Omaha fires back at Kim in Sacramento, gets racked 06/14/21
Bill in Baltimore lays out the entire Smackoff field 06/14/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Sarah T, Dan in Denver, Matt in Vancouver 06/15/21
Apparently some people still use wallets 06/15/21
John in Memphis brought heat on Bryson DeChambeau, compared Leff to Dane Cook 06/15/21
What's Your Beef? #67 - Calls from Ben in Rancho Sante Fe, JJ in KC, Paul's dog, Rex in ABQ, Chuck in Boise, Anthony in East Tennessee, Cliff in Michigan, Kathleen in Omaha 06/16/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Rick in Buffalo 06/16/21
Kaleb in Green Bay RSVP's, announces a watch party at the Lorelei, thoughts on Trapper 06/17/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Jeff in Southfield 06/17/21
Fake Silk likes a nice dry rub on his balls, gets run 06/17/21
Mark in Chicago wants to talk tennis and Rafael Nadal 06/17/21
James in Portland on KD's beard, rubber band wallet, Alvie's a magnum man, gets run 06/17/21
Will in Pacific Beach is tired of Denny Hamlin interviews, takes a run at Jeff in Southfield, Leff in Laguna, and Brad in Corona, gets run 06/17/21
Kenny in Dallas is sick and tired of soccer, compares it to ice hockey 06/17/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Golden Ticket Holders 06/18/21
CJ in the Bay takes a run at Brad in Corona, Rick in Buffalo, and Matt in LA, gets choppered again 06/18/21
Kim in Sacramento responds to Kathleen in Omaha, gets run 06/18/21
Big Head Bets James Kelley's NBA and NHL Playoff picks 06/18/21
Calls from Barbara in South Carolina, Christina in Grand Rapids, and Jerome in Houston 06/20/21
Ricky in Tampa checks back in after Coach Steve Nash loses in the playoffs, still wants an NBA job 06/21/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Brad in Corona 06/21/21
Carl Nassib of Las Vegas Raiders announces he is gay, pledges $100,000 to Trevor Project 06/22/21
Mark in Chicago gets run for a Brad in Corona foreskin joke 06/22/21
Smackoff 27 Profile - Leff in Laguna 06/22/21
Will in Pacific Beach takes a run at Stucknut and the Jungle dung beetles, gets run 06/22/21
Paul in Buffalos dog gets racked but Alvie ran him, reverse LT hammer 06/22/21
Reverse LT Buzzer 06/22/21
Leff in Laguna compares his profile to Brads, gets run for a Dick Flowers blast 06/22/21
Sarah T in Providence sings happy birthday to Kurt Warner, Alvie is still opening Fathers Day presents, gets racked 06/22/21
Tyler in Milwaukee talks more about Trae Youngs hair, personal appearance smack for the XR4Ti 06/22/21
Jeff in Southfield calls as Gordon in London, gets run 06/22/21
James in Portland takes a run at BJ in the Bay, Kim in Sacramento, Matt in LA, gets run 06/22/21
JD in Philly questions Leff as a bully 06/22/21
Mark in Boston wasn't impressed with Jeff in Southfields newest impression 06/22/21
CJ in the Bay coins the term Breff for Brad and Leff, gets run 06/23/21
Jeremy in Green Bay wins another Golden Ticket with a tandem call with Fake Silk 06/23/21
Smackoff 27 Storylines 06/23/21
Dan in Denver on ESPN corn hole, Chael Sonnen smack, gets racked 06/23/21
Will in Milton FL sings another song for Rome, gets run 06/23/21
James in Tucson announces a Smackoff watch party at the Tap & Bottle 06/23/21
John in Little Rock responds to Will in Milton's song with a Mission Impossible parody 06/23/21
Jerome in Houston has a poem for Chrisco in SE Wisco, gets run 06/23/21
What's Your Beef? #68 - Calls from Bergie in Stillwater, Phil in San Francisco, Anthony in Humboldt, Johnnyscabs, Margot in Buffalo, Ed in Deming, John in Portland ME, Melissa in WV 06/23/21
Hedstrom calls to promote the Smackoff Wrap-up show 06/23/21
Bobby in Brooklyn calls for the first time in 21 years, gets a Golden Ticket 06/23/21
Benny in Wisco RSVP's and takes a run at Adam Hawks side hustle 06/24/21
Fake Kyle in Green Bay got run for being a Fake Kyle in Green Bay 06/24/21
Smackoff 27 Eve 06/24/21
Guido in Iowa is upset that 22 names were mentioned before Mike in Indy 06/24/21
Stoney in Sacramento is on a 3 day bender while preparing for the Smackoff 06/24/21
Gino in San Antonio responds to Guido, takes a run at the Midwest Mafia 06/24/21
Phil in Penn has an MRI scheduled but will not miss the Smackoff 06/24/21
Silk Brah tells a really bad train story, gets run by Alvie 06/24/21
Rich Flores also has a train story, responds to Silk and Guido 06/24/21
David in Appleton warns Rome about trying to eat healthy at taverns 06/24/21
Brad in Corona says MLB hired Toobin to check pitchers, gets run, calls back to apologize but gets run again with another Toobs joke 06/24/21
Fake Silk calls to apologize for Silk's lame train story 06/24/21
Bobby in Brooklyn calls for 2nd day in a row, takes a run at Hawk 06/24/21
Paul in Buffalo's loves his new odds, chases his tail round and round 06/24/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 01 - Jeff in Southfield 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 02 - Dan in Denver 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 03 - Jeremy in Green Bay 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 04 - Matt in Vancouver 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 05 - Chris in SE Wisco 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 06 - Chael Sonnen 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 07 - Cal in Vegas 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 08 - Tyler in Edmonton 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 09 - Vic in Nocal 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 10 - Rick in Buffalo 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 11 - Paul in Buffalo's dog 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 12 - Mark in Boston 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 13 - Matt in LA 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 14 - Sean the Cablinasian 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 15 - Kaleb in Green Bay 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 16 - Benny in Wisco 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 17 - Mark in Hollywood 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 18 - Brad in Corona 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Call 19 - Leff in Laguna 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff - Top 10 and winner announced 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff Hour 1 - Jeff in Southfield, Dan in Denver, Jeremy in Green Bay, Matt in Vancouver, Chris in SE Wisco, Chael Sonnen, Cal in Vegas, Tyler in Edmonton 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff Hour 2 - Vic in NoCal, Rick in Buffalo, Paul in Buffalo's dog, Mark in Boston, Matt in LA, Sean the Cablinasian, Kaleb in Green Bay 06/25/21
2021 Smackoff Hour 3 - Benny in Wisco, Mark in Hollywood, Brad in Corona, Leff in Laguna 06/25/21
Stoney in Sacramento wants Conor McGregor to take a sabbatical for 10 years 07/12/21
Rex in ABQ takes a run at fatass Chael Sonnen 07/12/21
Vincent in Wisconsin has a solution for Rome's geese problem at the lake 07/12/21
Kelly in Pittsburgh tells Rome to rent dogs to get rid of the geese 07/12/21
Chris in Oshkosh wants Rome to shoot bottle rockets at the geese 07/12/21
Ken Griffey Jr. sounded the Fat Alarm 07/13/21
Mark in Chicago gets run for asking Rome if he watched Wimbledon 07/13/21
Paul in Buffalo's dog talks about Romes problem with Gruss 07/13/21
Beaks in Studio City is back to the Jungle after a few months 07/13/21
Guido in Iowa wonders what happened to Mike in Indy, claims to be the new don of Midwest Mafia 07/15/21
Matt in LA gets run for asking Rome 'how was Wisconsin?' 07/15/21
Steve in Santa Rosa likes Jim Rome and defends him in NorCal 07/15/21
Todd in St Louis appreciates Rome talking about UFO's 07/15/21
Clones react to Bryson DeChambeau's 'driver sucks' comment 07/16/21
Rome mentions why he missed a few days, he had hernia surgery 07/16/21
Todd in St Louis says that clinching the peeing and pooping muscles helps strengthen the abs 07/16/21
Eric in Orlando uses an airhorn to get rid of cats, thinks it will work with geese 07/16/21
Chris in SE Wisco on Aaron Rodgers and the spoiled Packers fanbase 07/20/21
Kathleen in Omaha likes Bryson DeChambeau because he's thick and meaty 07/20/21
Tracy in Phoenix says the Suns series has been a roller coaster of emotions, wants them to go back to team basketball 07/20/21
Show open - The Milwaukee Bucks win the NBA Championship 07/21/21
Bucks reaction and calls from Vincent in Madison, Mike in Wisconsin, Craig in Fond du Lac, and Greg in Appleton 07/21/21
More Bucks calls from Susie in Wisco and Brian in Fond du Lac 07/21/21
James in Portland on the Kraken, Shawn Kemp, and the XR4Ti, wins a Golden Ticket 07/22/21
Jerome in Houston really wants to see Texas get beat up by the SEC, gets racked 07/22/21
Ray in SA is in LA meeting clones, Fabian was throwing out $2 bills 07/22/21
Fans in Milwaukee shout out to Jim Rome on the DA Show 07/22/21
CJ in the Bay responds to James in Portland's golden ticket call, gets run 07/23/21
Silk Brah takes a run at CJ and the Dodgers 07/23/21
Adam Hawk leaves the show to concentrate on small business, Nation Golf Co. 07/23/21
Justin in Nocal loves to vacation in northern Wisconsin, drinks PBR 08/09/21
Paul in Buffalo's dog on the Milwaukee Bucks, wants them to go bark to bark 08/09/21
Rome gained 7 pounds on the Wisconsin trip, but lost it in 1 day 08/10/21
@SquirrelTew with a Suzanne Vega tweet for Luka Doncic, Alvie can't find the audio 08/10/21
Kathleen in Omaha gets racked with a take on meaty guys 08/10/21
Rome interviews new EP Tom Di Benedetto about the Count Chocula gloss 08/11/21
Impromptu Jukebox Wednesday with love songs for Jordan Love 08/11/21
Margo in Buffalo has a beef with Rome for thinking about Fat! soundbites 08/11/21
Kathleen in Omaha wants Jordan Love to fail, gets racked again 08/11/21
JR Smith heads to college with eyes set on playing golf 08/12/21
Jerome in Houston wants Rome to use black pepper to get rid of the geese 08/12/21
Fake Rex in the ABQ gets run with growler reference, bats #2 in softball lineup, reset of fake callers 08/13/21
Danika in Jacksonville tweeted if the Jaguars keep Tebow, she'll lick Ritts head 08/16/21
Tim Tebow was cut by the Jaguars, Danika doesn't have to lick Ritt's head 08/17/21
Parody Larry gets run for an Adamms Family song about Choc, Rome talks to EP Tom about the callers 08/17/21
Kathleen in Omaha reads a list of 75 songs that she thinks Rome likes, can't email it because she doesn't have internet 08/18/21
Marty in Norman talks about Jungle tourette syndrome and how it controls his life 08/18/21
Tyler (Tyson) in Lincoln gets run for correcting Rome 08/19/21
Ernesto in ABQ stresses the importance of tipping 08/19/21
Will in Milton FL has a theme song for Rome and Kevin Kiermaier's fishing show 08/23/21
Chris in SE Wisco on fans fighting in stadiums 08/24/21
Aaron Rodgers interview 08/24/21
Marty in Norman with a heat check call, tried to take a run at Smackoff participants, gets run 08/25/21
Choc allegedly killed a mouse 08/26/21
John in NY talks about the Christy Martin podcast 08/26/21
Paul in Buffalo's dog with a take on Rex, wins huge call 08/27/21
Silk Brah does a Hacksaw impression, takes a run at the Padres and Angels 08/27/21
Mets players are giving their fans thumbs-down, reset of Mike in San Diego Bochy call 08/30/21
Marcus in Seattle with a take on the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight 08/30/21
Rome hypes Dublin band Gama Bomb, wants to be in a video 08/31/21
Kathleen in Omaha is a metalhead, loves when Nebraska football is bad 08/31/21
Alan in Sacramento says athletes that don't get the vaccine are irresponsible 09/01/21
Ryan in Sactown takes a run at Matt in LA 09/01/21
Josh in Nashville tells a story about crashing his truck into a house while drunk 09/02/21
Jared in Sconsin takes a run at Ryan in Sacramento 09/02/21
Bruce in Louisiana had a take on Coach O but his phone died 09/07/21
Tyler (Tyson) in Lincoln gets run again for calling under the wrong name 09/07/21
Ben Mezrich interview for new book - The Antisocial Network: The GameStop Short Squeeze and the Ragtag Group of Amateur Traders That Brought Wall Street to Its Knees 09/07/21
What's Your Beef? #69 - Calls from Jason in Atlanta, Jared in NM, Fred in Utah 09/08/21
Silk Brah asks about Jim's night in HB, reset of Mutt in LA call 09/08/21
Jake in Wisconsin invites Rome to a rodeo and Badgers game 09/09/21
Beaks in Studio City moved to the 805, gives shout-out to his former boss Adam Carolla, talks Hard Knocks, gets run 09/09/21
CJ in the Bay is not quitting the show, apologizes to Rome, smacks Silk and Wells, gets racked 09/10/21
Ernesto in the ABQ talks old school Jungle 09/10/21
Kathleen in Omaha gets racked with a mean call about Tom Brady 09/10/21
Matt in LA responds to CJ in the Bay and Ryan in Sactown 09/10/21
Fake Rex in the ABQ gets run, looking forward to Sex and the City movie with Kalama Jessica Parker 09/13/21
Raider Mike on the win over the Ravens in overtime at the Death Star 09/14/21
Paul in Buffalos dog gets racked with Jeff in Richmond smack 09/14/21
What's Your Beef? #70 - Calls from Ed in San Antonio, Joe in Central PA, Robert in Norman, Kathleen in Omaha, Matt in LA, Phil in SF 09/15/21
Nick in Iowa went to Vegas, dropped Rome's name at Javiers and got a table right away 09/21/21
What's Your Beef? #71 - Calls from Matt in Alaska, Mike in Snowbird, Jay in San Diego, Kathleen in Omaha, Nick in Lincoln 09/22/21
Christian in Maine is a tree farmer, has an idea for Rome's bird problem 09/22/21
Chris in West Virginia has a YouTube show, talked about Nick Diaz 09/23/21
Matt in LA liked the Reggie Wayne and Dave Roberts interviews 09/23/21
Reset of ponytail guy doing the Week That Was 09/24/21
Ed in Washington takes a run at Ritt and Kathleen, gets run 09/24/21
Kathleen in Omaha responds to Ed in Washington, refers to Tom Brady as 44 year old turkey vulture earthworm, wins a Golden Ticket 09/24/21
Justin in Melbourne is looking forward to Big Heads podcast, wants to have dinner with Romes family 09/24/21
Kathleen in Omaha calls to pimp the band Avatar, loses Golden Ticket - fastest ripped ticket ever 09/27/21
Pete in Long Island has a WFAN honk call about the NY Giants 09/27/21
Ed in Oregon goes way back with Rome, nice Hacksaw impersonation 09/27/21
Marie in Denver loves the new Reinvention Project podcast 09/28/21
Ed in Washington has advice for Kathleen in Omaha, gets racked 09/28/21
Chris in SE Wisco isn't happy that CBS preempts the TV show 09/28/21
Kathleen in Omaha is unphased by the ripped Golden Ticket, pimps Avatar again 09/28/21
What's Your Beef? #72 - Calls from Kathleen in Omaha, Dickie in Waterloo, Dustin in ABQ, Johnny in San Francisco, John in Philly, Anthony in Tennessee 09/29/21
John in San Francisco wants to make a bet with Rome on the Dodgers Giants series 09/30/21
Paul in Buffalo's dog takes a run at Canada 09/30/21
Margo in Buffalo gives a history lesson on rock music for Kathleen in Omaha 09/30/21
Stucknut tries to induct Chris Taylor to the Rat Family 10/01/21
John in Philly says Kathleen sounds like a rat 10/01/21
Jeff from Richmond takes a run at Al Roker, gets racked 10/01/21
Silk Brah calls from Big Bear Lake, excited for Chargers Raiders week 10/01/21
Kathleen in Omaha talks about the Giants beating down the Dodgers 10/01/21
James in Portland responds to Jeff in Richmonds pictures, has a beef with the Merkur 10/01/21
Jaguars coach Urban Meyer goes viral for party photos, videos - with reaction 10/04/21
Jerome in Houston is thrilled that the Chargers beat the Raiders, Urb is an idiot, gets run 10/05/21
Marcus in Seattle war'd and unwar'd a lot of things, dancing on Bo Jacksons hip replacement grave, got run 10/05/21
Patrick in Santa Barbara mentions local bars near UCSB, unwar the foot patrol 10/05/21
What's Your Beef? #73 - Calls from Mike in Snowboard, Mike in Tampa, Brian in Green Bay, Jim in Council Bluffs 10/06/21
ATP - When was the last time you loved yourself? 10/06/21
Matt in LA takes a run at the St. Louis Cardinals, wins huge call 10/06/21
Dave Roberts has 3 pennis 10/07/21
Ernesto in ABQ wants to talk Dodgers but his dog wouldn't stop barking, has a beef with CBS preempting the show 10/07/21
Paul in Buffalo's dog responds to Ernesto's dog, has a palindrome 10/07/21
Rick in Buffalo calls after the Bills beat the Chiefs, doesn't like the new guy Choc 10/11/21
Horsie talk and a call from Diane in Niagara Falls 10/11/21
Matt in LA before game 4 of the Dodgers Giants series 10/12/21
Melissa in West Virginia is glad that hockey is back, wants to remind Jim who she is 10/13/21
What's Your Beef? #74 - Calls from Kathleen in Omaha, Daren in Roseville, Marcus in Seattle, Moe in KC, Bergie in Florida, Cody in Buffalo, Patrick in Santa Barbara, Brad in San Diego 10/13/21
Gerrit Ritt hosts a segment for his birthday again, calls from Paul in Buffalo's dog and Susie in Wisco, interviews Thomas Dolby 10/14/21
Chris in SE Wisco with thoughts on Ritt's segment 10/14/21
Raider Mike on the Mark Davis presser, MLB check swing rules 10/15/21
Bitcoin is on the rise, Rome mentions Ben Mezrich 10/15/21
Todd in St Louis says the Dodgers win should have an asterisk, gets run 10/15/21
Parody Larry gets run for talking instead of singing again 10/15/21
KC in LA was at the Dodgers Giants game 5, Wilmer wouldn't get a hit anyways 10/15/21
Andy in the South Bay doesn't care what part of Wisconsin that Chris is from 10/15/21
Bob in LA gets run for singing a I Left My Heart in San Francisco parody 10/15/21
JD in Philly wants Ben Simmons to get traded to the Pacers to be closer to Mike in Indy, who also comes up short in big events 10/19/21
Christian in Maine says the Red Sox are going to bring it like Hope Solo 10/19/21
What's Your Beef? #75 - Calls from Bob in Kansas City, Sean in Montana, Doug in Wisconsin, Richard in St. Louis, Daren in Roseville 10/20/21
Matt in LA gets on to talk Dodgers during the show open, gets racked and a Golden Ticket 10/22/21
Alvie killed a roach on the soundboard 10/22/21
John in Utah thinks Andy Reid is distracted with family issues 10/26/21
Victor in NJ with a WFAN-ish call about the Jets GM 10/26/21
Clones try to name Jungle Racings new colt 10/26/21
What's Your Beef? #76 - Calls from Rob in Temecula, Keith in Seattle, Scott in Vegas, Paul in Buffalo's dog, Jim in PA, Anthony in East Tennessee, Alfred in San Jose, Tony in Youngstown, Dustin in ABQ 10/27/21
Halloween and the Spooky Mix 10/29/21
Alvie's Spooky Mix 2021 10/29/21
The Pole Assassin and her Monkey 11/02/21
Logan in Portland claims to have a Smackoff call, does a Fake Paul's dog impression, stumbles on a Leff and Brad joke, gets run 11/02/21
John in C-Town loves the Lunch with the Monkey resets 11/02/21
What's Your Beef? #77 - Calls from Henrik in Portland, Josh in San Jose, Jessica in Denver, Phil in Penn, John in Philly 11/03/21
Terry in Palm Springs thought Gruden was the next coming of Jesus, got run for self glossing T-Rush 11/04/21
Reset of Rome on David Letterman 11/04/21
What's Your Beef? #78 - Calls from Bergie in Florida, Matt in Alaska, Ken in SA, Phil in Penn, Jack in Michigan, Kathleen in Omaha, Scott in Wisconsin 11/10/21
Alvie has guest suggestions for podcast episode 200 11/10/21
John in NY explains why radio works on tv, wins a Golden Ticket 11/11/21
Silk Brah honors the Veterans including Raider Mike 11/11/21
Rick in Buffalo is pissed about the Bills loss to the Jaguars 11/11/21
Mo in Kansas City follows up his What's Your Beef call about his wife 11/11/21
10 year anniversary of personal appearance smack for 11/11/11 11/11/21
Todd in St Louis asks about clones mating with each other 11/12/21
Paul in Buffalo's dog proves that he is not Jeff in Southfield 11/16/21
Larry from Radio shack reset from @jamieingreenbay 11/16/21
Justin in Green Bay chimes in on toad tripping, mushrooms changed his life 11/17/21
What's Your Beef? #79 - Calls from Mike in Van, John in Philly, Brian in Southern Oregon, Momo in the 805, Kathleen in Omaha, Jeff in Virginia, Riley in Long Beach 11/17/21
Raider Mike says you never know what you'll get with Carr, he will be tailgating with his Phil Villapiano throwback jersey 11/19/21
Paul in Sacramento gets run for self glossing as Funk Lord 11/22/21
Diane in Niagara Falls calls to talk Straight Up G 11/22/21
Steven in Orlando AKA The Chicken Man wins a Golden Ticket 11/23/21
Bill Belichick - Starch me up 11/23/21
What's Your Beef? #80 - Calls from Christopher in Appleton, Bob in LA, Don in Santa Cruz, Ed in Texas, Kathleen in Omaha, Margo in Buffalo, Jake in Green Bay 11/24/21
Matt in LA responds to the Chicken Man 11/24/21
Tim in Houston says that Oklahoma fans are pissed about Lincoln Riley leaving 11/29/21
Patrick in Sacramento on Brian Kelly going to LSU 11/30/21
What's Your Beef? #81 - Calls from James in Wichita, Dominique in Erie, Ty in Boise, Anthony in East Tennessee, Paul in ABQ, Matt in Alaska, John in Houston 12/01/21
Nick in Irie apologizes to Kathleen for his brother calling her a hag, she's a milf, gets run for unwarring the Chicken Man 12/02/21
Ken in Seattle is excited to have Adrian Peterson on the Seahawks, just like Jerry Rice and Franco Harris 12/02/21
Kathleen in Omaha confirms that she is not an old hag 12/03/21
Fake Brian Kelly in Lousiana called to defend his family, he identifies as a southern man, gets racked 12/03/21
Fake Brian Kelly in Lousiana gets run for not knowing which college he attended 12/06/21
What's Your Beef? #82 - Calls from Jim in Pittsburgh, Fred in Ogden, Alex in Iowa, David in Vacaville, Kathleen in Omaha 12/08/21
Matt in LA says the Chicken Man is underrated, don't drag out the MLB lockout 12/09/21
Mikey in Fresno says bulletin board material matters 12/09/21
Paul in Buffalo's dog gets racked with a Ringle Bells parody 12/10/21
The console broke, calls weren't working, Alvin and Choc were unplugging wires 12/13/21
Diane in Niagara Falls calls every time horse racing is mentioned 12/14/21
What's Your Beef? #83 - Calls from Matt in Alaska, Ed in Texas, Bob in LA, Margot in Buffalo, Tommy in New Orleans 12/15/21
Jaguars fire Urban Meyer after 13 games, he kicked the kicker 12/16/21
Mark in Hollywood on Urban Meyer getting fired by the Jaguars, great Kathleen impersonation 12/16/21
Danika in Jacksonville wins a Golden Ticket with a call about Urban Meyer's firing 12/16/21
Vic in Nocal on 'family', Rick in Buffalo, Goo Goo Dolls, Christmas parody, gets run then racked 12/22/21
What's Your Beef? #84 - Calls from Don in Erie, Fabian in LA, Matt in LA, Ty in Boise 12/22/21
Rick in Buffalo responds to Vic in Nocal, takes a run at the Bills 12/22/21
Silk in HB on Twitter and the JTP, breaks down the Chargers game 12/22/21
2021 Year in Review - Hour 1 12/23/21
2021 Year in Review - Hour 2 12/23/21
2021 Year in Review - Hour 3 12/23/21

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