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First email of the year - UUU New Year Guy from Matt in Poland Springs, Rome asks Steve in HTown to find first email ever to the show 01/04/16
Mark in Hollywood calls about New Years, takes a run at Brad in Corona 01/04/16
Rome reads tweet from Steve in HTown @stucknut about the first email to the show, using the E-Takes form on the website in 1999 01/04/16
Brad in Corona calls at the end of the show to respond to Mark in Hollywood 01/04/16
Email from Randall in the OC about E-Takes, Kyle Brandt announces that he and his wife are expecting 01/04/16
Emails - John in San Antonio about OC skanks, Sarah T saying Johnnys face is a roulette wheel and everyone was betting red 01/05/16
Matt in Los Angeles doesn't realize he's on the air, he's having a conversation about plumbing 01/05/16
Jeff in Lincoln emails about Guns n Roses reunion, gets Fat Axl reaction from other emailers 01/05/16
Tom Herman interview - Peach Bowl recap, new grill from Paul Wall, Kyle Allen recruitment, Elk 01/07/16
Slash in Brentwood talks about the OJ documentary at Sundance, then references The Juice filleting Nicki and Ron like Bama fan slicing up the family squirrel, ejects before the buzzer 01/07/16
Rome revisits the Slash in Brentwood call, determines that Slash got the buzzer before saying I'm out 01/08/16
Kyle Brandt guest hosting - Rams leaving St. Louis for Los Angeles; John in Louisville with an e-mail cracking on St. Louis and including bum smack and Najeh Davenport reference 01/13/16
Kyle Brandt interviews Steve Carbone, who runs a Bachelor spoiling website RealitySteve.com 01/13/16
Steve in St Louis calls and gets run for child support smack 01/13/16
Calls from Billy in College Station TX (Johnny Manziel impersonator), Adam in Cincinnati (PacMan Jones impersonator), and Aaron in Green Bay (Aaron Rodgers impersonator); all get run 01/15/16
Lee in Vancouver with a Rat Family e-mail about Gary Gaetti 01/15/16
@TrueDodgerCrue wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 01/15/16
Julie in Orange County calls and says she listens to Rome because of his hot voice and is awarded Huge Call; some Clones suggest she was catfishing like Creepy Ronnie T 01/19/16
Jim, Kyle, and Alvin reenact a scene from Space Jam 01/22/16
John in Little Rock sings A-ha's Take on Me from a bad phone connection 01/27/16
Mark in Chicago gets run for John Elway rodeo reference, giddy-up horsey 01/27/16
The Rock Show - Nutties Awards 01/28/16
Interview with mystery guest Richard Sherman delayed by technical difficulties; Rome takes two bad calls and is in a bad mood 01/29/16
Leff in Laguna Beach calls and gets run for Train-Bombing Rome 01/29/16
Interview with Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman 01/29/16
Ask the Pros - J.B. in the 785 asks about Jake and Logan getting into radio and guest hosting the show; Rome recaps his sons' appearances on the program 01/29/16
Mark in Hollywood Creed-bombs Rome on radio row 02/01/16
Steve in HTown decodes Rome's plea that personal appearance is not show fodder 02/01/16
Bill Romanowski on radio row, drops a new FAT soundbite 02/03/16
Trapper in Dana Point checks in during radio row, talks about the SI cover shoot, Rome tells a story about Trappers chili 02/04/16
Mike in Indy calls during the first segment, gets racked and run for an Aaron Neville bomb 02/05/16
Parody Larry shows up to radio row, sings a parody from the CBS Sports Radio set 02/05/16
Mike in Toledo and Denlesks email about Fat Tuesday 02/09/16
Slash in Brentwood calls with thoughts on Peyton Manning and the Super Bowl, gets run 02/09/16
Leff in Laguna calls Kyle Brandt as Donald Trump 02/12/16
Twitter contest with Kyle Brandt hosting 02/12/16
Emailer Jeff in the 919 calls for the first time, takes a run at Smackoff participants, gets run 02/16/16
Kaleb in Green Bay responds to Jeff in the 919's call 02/17/16
Orion in Waterford has a take on John Scott and the NHL, wins huge call 02/18/16
Cal in Vegas calls about the Raiders possibly going to Las Vegas, gets run 02/18/16
Marty in NoCal calls about John Scott, email reaction 02/18/16
Parody Larry calls with a Jungle Bells song 02/20/16
Ask The Pros - Bryce in Topeka wants to know who runs a bad caller, Jim or Alvin 02/22/16
Shey from The Bay gets run for crude sexual reference about Gronk; and Fake Sarah T. in Providence gets run for vulgar word that has to be edited out of the broadcast 02/22/16
Mark in Boston calls with thoughts on Flip of Flop, Creed-bombs and still gets racked 02/23/16
Kaleb in Green Bay calls out Evan in the Bay as worst Tweeter, Rome and Kyle ponder who is the worst 02/24/16
Ask the Pros, Benny in Wisco gets in with generic rapid fire questions, Vic in NoCal wins with a question about movies 02/24/16
Evan in the Bay emails about Tiger Woods playing virtual golf, takes shot at Kaleb in Green Bay 02/24/16
Leff in Laguna calls to smack Kaleb in Green Bay, wins Huge Call 02/25/16
Three out of four callers get run for trying to make small talk with Rome and not going to their takes 02/26/16
Final Segment - Rich Myklebust wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card; Chael Sonnen calls; Alvin's Week That Was; Steve in H-Town (stucknut) gets in on the Ask The Pros 02/26/16
Kasey in Pensacola calls in drunk from work, where he makes seeing glasses 02/26/16
Lauren in Tempe - Mechanical engineering student calls from her lab shmammered while working on a 3 wheel car, hopes her dad is listening 02/26/16
Ed in San Diego waits on hold for an hour to deliver a Stapp bomb 03/01/16
Tyson in Portland tells a story about Ryan Mallett drinking at the airport bar in Houston 03/01/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) with Stucknut-exclusive reponse to Jim Rome's interview with Iowa State's Georges Niang 03/02/16
Orion in Waterford gets racked with a take on Conor McGregor 03/02/16
Anton in Florida smacks Sam Bradford, gets run 03/02/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) with an e-mail comparing Peyton Manning's stalling on his retirement annoucement to Rome's stalling on taking his calls 03/03/16
Mark in Hollywood gets run for too much innuendo 03/04/16
Slash in Brentwood calls on day OJ's knife was found, gets out before the buzzer 03/04/16
Peyton Manning retires from the NFL; Rome carries the presser live in Hour 2 of his show 03/07/16
ATP - Where does the awkward soundbyte come from? Jacoby Jones 03/07/16
Mark in Boston calls with a take on Calvin Johnson's retirement 03/08/16
Vic in NoCal calls as Conor in Vegas, wins huge call 03/09/16
Mike in Indy - Najeh wants to potty all the time 03/14/16
Leff in Laguna calls as Barry in DC to talk about his bracket, Donald Trump interrupts 03/15/16
E-mails - Mark from Boston cracks on Michigan State, Benny in Wisco takes shot at Kansas' Perry Ellis, Denlesks with Scottie Pippen poem on World Poetry Day 03/21/16
Interview with Kansas Jayhawks senior forward Perry Ellis 03/21/16
Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (@iambthewalrus) with an e-mail making fun of Perry Ellis' age and containing bum smack 03/21/16
Ask The Pros - Tim in New Jersey asks about do's and don'ts for a best man speech; Rome gives him pointers 03/21/16
Rome spends most of Hour 1 recapping action from NCAA Tournament Rounds of 64 and 32, including Northern Iowa's meltdown against Texas A&M and Middle Tennessee upsetting Michigan State 03/21/16
Joaquin in San Diego with an e-mail about MMA heading to New York, wants equalizers (weapons) in Madison Square Garden 03/23/16
LeVon in the 209 gets BLOCKED from the Jungle for e-mail containing "cho-mo" (child molester) blast 03/23/16
Ask The Pros - E-mailer suggests that Clones be allowed to name Rome's next horse BISP, BOHICA, SedakAttack, Slumpbuster, or The Sound Trapper Makes When He Clears His Throat 03/23/16
Sports Radio 610 Houston - Sean the Cablinasian and Rich Lord talk about how Jim Rome helped put the station on the map in the late 90's 03/23/16
Fabian in LA returns, gets run for rambling and dropping a 4 letter bomb 03/25/16
Tim Van Patten interview, Salami from The White Shadow 03/25/16
Steven in Central Cali - Student on Spring Break trying to be the first teen to win a Golden Ticket, takes run at Kaleb and it doesn't work 03/25/16
Ask the Pros - Bryce in Topeka asking about the history of the buzzers 03/25/16
Rome resets the 'worst segment ever' on its 7 year anniversary 03/25/16
Twitter Contest - Evan in the Bay wins the gift card, @CrocOfTwit @EvanInTheBay @TheRealMozzi @AlanInRaleigh 03/25/16
R.L. in Seattle gets BANNED FOR LIFE from Jungle for e-mail suggesting Rome and Marty double-dated with Bert and Ernie 04/04/16
South-Side Mike in Chicago with an e-mail suggesting Rome get Jake an XR4Ti for his 15th birthday, resets Parody Larry's appearance on Radio Row 04/04/16
Mike in Toledo calls and gets run for bum smack at the very end 04/04/16
John in Little Rock calls at the end of the show, wins Guns-N-Roses tickets with G&R reset 04/04/16
Troy Smith - I'm Officer 04/04/16
Steve in Aliso Viejo calls and wins tickets to Guns-N-Roses 04/05/16
Pauly in Indy wins Guns-N-Roses tickets by playing 'Whats That Sound', Peyton Manning karaoke 04/06/16
Vic in NoCal calls for a chance to win Guns-N-Roses tickets, which he did 04/07/16
Brad in Upper Marlboro takes a run at Vic but fails 04/07/16
Kasey in Pensacola, the Jim Beam Bandit, calls yet again while drunk 04/07/16
Leff in Laguna Beach gets run for saying that Vic should of checked his prom date for an adams apple 04/07/16
Mike in Indy tries to take down Vic but has a poor phone connection 04/07/16
Mike in Indy challenges Vic to put his tickets on the line 04/08/16
Joe in Las Vegas tries to win Guns-N-Roses tickets with a sob story about his old lady 04/08/16
Reaction to Joe in Las Vegas from @JB_in_the_785, @yelwad, and @LeeInVan 04/08/16
Mark in Boston tries to win Guns-N-Roses tickets so he could give them away on Twitter 04/08/16
Boatie in Pearland responds to Joe in Las Vegas 04/08/16
Brad in Corona rips the Guns-N-Roses tickets from Mike in Indy 04/08/16
Ken in SA email from Danny Willett's pet Ratt, puts Ken in lead for Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/11/16
Gino in San Antonio calls to rip on Detroit in effort to win a trip there, wins Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/11/16
Shey from The Bay calls and gets run for poop references 04/11/16
Steve Elkington on the Masters 04/12/16
Carter in Scottsdale calls his shot via email, but failed as a caller 04/12/16
Rick in Boise email about men that takes a glove to baseball games, wars the JTP 04/12/16
CJ in Oxnard lays out the entire history of Guns-N-Roses and the Jungle, might be longest bad call ever 04/12/16
Tommy in Stockton tries to rap his way to see Guns-N-Roses but drops an s-bomb within a second 04/12/16
Mark in Hollywood calls about Kobe's last game, then smacks Brad, Mike, and Vic 04/13/16
Mark in Boston calls with a take on Kobe, tries to win Guns-N-Roses tickets for his dad 04/13/16
Bernie in Vermont (Vic in Nocal) tries to win Guns-N-Roses tickets, runs out of time 04/13/16
Mike in Indy calls to smack Brad in Corona, wins Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/13/16
Phil in Missouri email wins Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/13/16
Evan in the Bay - Tweet about So-Cal 04/14/16
Holmey in Newport Beach - Email about No-Cal 04/14/16
Mark in Boston goes after Jim Nantz and his picture of burnt toast 04/14/16
Leff in Laguna compares Kobe's last game to Smackoff callers, wins Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/14/16
Chino in Buffalo calls to let Jim know that it's Chino in Buffalo 04/14/16
Trapper in Dana Point calls for a chance to win Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/15/16
Chad in LA takes a run at a few clones, Herbert the pervert impression, won Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/15/16
Benny in Wisco tells a story with at least 15 rat family references 04/15/16
Guns-N-Roses grand prize drawing, Pauly in Indy wins trip to Detroit 04/15/16
The Week That Was - Burt, Chino, Gino, Carter: the directors cut, Trap, and... Bernie. 04/15/16
Manny Johnziel in Hollywood calls to clear up a few things 04/15/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) flames out while singing Sedak-Attack about Trapper in Dana Point 04/18/16
Kyle in Salt Lake City calls to suggest Utah Jazz were paid to not defend Kobe Bryant in his final game and denies moon landing; response from Clones, including rebuttal by Orion in Waterford 04/19/16
Donald Trump and Rex Ryan at New York rally - Trump with verbal gaffes and misrepresenting Ryan's achievements 04/19/16
J.B. in the 785 with e-mail comparing Donald Trump's sports knowledge to that of Jeopardy contestants 04/19/16
Mike in Clearwater FL with conspiracy theory that Flatu-Lance in Topeka and Parody Larry are creations of Kyle and Alvin; Parody Larry calls to refute this claim 04/19/16
Ray in St. Paul with e-mail calling conspiracy theorist losers like the Anaheim Ducks 04/19/16
Lance Truthers and the real Jim Rome - Conspiracy theories to conclude show from Roger in Denver, Slash in Brentwood, Smoky Joe in Superior and Steve in PHX 04/19/16
420 Day - Dane in Kimberly reset, Matt in LA thinks the crew smokes during breaks 04/20/16
Lisa in Tucson wants to smoke but has to visit her parents, provides new laugh soundbyte 04/20/16
Chad in LA tries to take a run at Brad in Corona 04/21/16
Rome's take on astounding ESPN article about Tiger Woods - weird, awkward, nerdy, baggy, cheap, obsessed with Navy Seals 04/22/16
Rome threatens to ban Matt in Vancouver for sophomoric Kellen Winslow e-mail 04/22/16
Jukebox Friday - Steve in H-Town (stucknut), Mike in Omaha, Rick in the 403, Alan in Raleigh, Chickie in Ontario 04/22/16
Final Segment - new Bourne trailer, Week That Was, Ask The Pros, Steve in H-Town (stucknut) wins Twitter contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 04/22/16
Ask the Pros - Steve in HTown asking if we can ban Sarah T during Tom Bradys suspension 04/25/16
US Coast Guard has to rescue an idiot who tried to run in a waterproof ball across the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to Bermuda 04/26/16
Rome gets another prediction right, the Nashville Predators over the Anaheim Ducks, with clones cashing in and reaction 04/28/16
Lee in Vancouver email - Cleveland fans are excited to get soap 04/28/16
Emailer and Uber driver Rich Flores in Newport (@thedickflowers) picks up passenger Dennis Rodman and they call the show 04/29/16
Warren G sings Take Me Out to the Ball Game, messes up the lyrics 05/02/16
Earv Johnson with more Twitter magic 05/03/16
Irie Craig calls about the Kentucky Derby, says Iggy Pop shouted out to Rome at a concert, gives us a new soundbite (arggg I don't think so) 05/03/16
Chad in LA calls about the Spurs/Thunder game and Brad in Corona 05/03/16
J.B. in the 785 with a Portland Woman e-mail; Rome resets Brandon in Portland's 2014 call about "Portland Woman" 05/04/16
Leb in Grayling struggles through a script about the Spurs 05/06/16
Alpha in SoCal is a duck calling from Romes backyard, which he just took a crap in 05/06/16
John in Little Rock wins a Golden Ticket with an Eddie Money parody Run These Clones Tonight 05/06/16
Sarah T emails about Randall Periscoping Romes horse at Santa Anita, Randall in the OC calls to talk about it 05/09/16
Willie in KC calls to have lifetime ban rescinded after 13 years; Rome mulls it over 05/11/16
Chad in LA gives the Golden Ticket another shot 05/11/16
Willie in KC Tweets a promise to donate $5000 to charity if reinstated, invited to Smackoff XXII and wins; Rome awards Willie Huge Call but remains undecided on his fate 05/11/16
Raider Mike returns after many years to talk about.... the Raiders 05/12/16
Rome talks about the Sports Illustrated photo shoot from 1996, mentions archived images from Stucknut 05/12/16
Lafitte in Canada is a first time caller with a strong French Canadian accent, gives Vic in NoCal props, wins Golden Ticket 05/12/16
Irie Craig calls to talk about the SI photo shoot from 1996 05/12/16
2016 Smackoff Announcement, date and prize 05/13/16
KC in LA calls to talk about the Odor-Bautista fight 05/16/16
Joey Vendetta calls to talk about Toronto sports, Odor-Bautista fight 05/16/16
Carter in Scottsdale goes too long, gets run 05/16/16
Gino in San Antonio calls to talk about the Spurs, Jordan Spieth, and Parody Larry 05/16/16
Chris from the North told the screener that he was winning the Smackoff today, says 'Jim' at least a hundred times 05/16/16
Up All Night - Chopped and screwed? 05/16/16
Jeff in SoCal calls to crack on Warriors fans, gets run for saying they smell their own farts 05/17/16
John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) wants to rep Canada in the Smackoff, has a message for Vic 05/18/16
Erron in Diamondhead's first call, wants to win Golden Ticket, repping the Gulf Coast 05/18/16
Randall in Stockton - truck driver trying to make it into the Smackoff by rapping, Paul Revere parody about Brad in Corona 05/19/16
Gooch in Tampa is a trucker looking for a Golden Ticket, says Mark in Boston is the best caller 05/19/16
Gino in San Antonio talks about Draymond Green and Steven Adams 05/23/16
Trapper in Dana Point is on his way to Texas to get engaged 05/23/16
John in SA calls for the first time, takes a run at Chad in LA 05/23/16
Pauly in Indy rushes through a call about Bismack Biyombo 05/24/16
Mel in Gulfport wants a yellow ticket without picking on the Smackmasters 05/24/16
Anton in Tampa gets hung up on for talking hockey 05/24/16
John in San Antonio calls with thoughts on the Warriors/Thunder series 05/25/16
Erron in Diamondhead has a Nuthin But a G Thang parody then flames out 05/25/16
Vic in Nocal calls as Jon Snow, Rome cuts him off for being too sharky 05/26/16
Erron in Diamondhead gets run for moms basement smack, Rome goes on a rant 05/26/16
John in Little Rock sings an Eddie Money parody 2 Tickets to the Smackoff, still has a bad phone connection 05/26/16
Matt in Vancouver email unwarring America 05/26/16
Harrold in San Jose calls to crack on the Oklahoma City Thunder, gets racked 05/31/16
Horrible e-mails from Seth Tenor and Bob in Tempe resetting Benito Santiago and Mark Mangino 05/31/16
Matt in Vancouver with e-mail resetting Bobby Petrino's motorcycle accident; followed by Seth in Denver with an e-mail trying to add Mets manager Terry Collins to the Rat Family 05/31/16
John in San Antonio cracks on the Golden State Warriors 06/01/16
Silk in Huntington Beach calls with a take on the Baylor scandal 06/01/16
John in San Antonio wins a Golden Ticket with more Golden State Warriors smack 06/03/16
Trapper in Dana Point updates us on his engagement to Connie 06/03/16
Matt in Vancouver smacks on America, gets on the Smackoff watch list 06/03/16
Larry in Santa Maria cracks on Chael Sonnen and Grandpa Vic in NoCal, cracks Rome up. Thank you and I'll take my ticket. 06/03/16
Lance in Topeka sings Soul Man parody, Rome tries to get him to switch to Locomotion, ends up getting run 06/03/16
Cal in Vegas tries to take down the Hack Pack 06/03/16
John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) teases his next call, Rome said he doesn't make the show better 06/06/16
ATP - When people ask what you do, do you respond with 'first, Im a dad' - Sark in Century City 06/06/16
Ken in Sacramento with thoughts on Muhammad Ali 06/06/16
Chris in Sacramento tries to win a Golden Ticket with a rap, gets on the watch list 06/07/16
Rome runs down most of the 2016 Smackoff participant list 06/07/16
Steve in Aliso Viejo tries to take a run at Brad, gets unracked by Rome 06/07/16
2016 Smackoff Promo 06/08/16
Zach in Bakersfield talks about the Warriors and Chael Sonnen, gets run for bad phone 06/08/16
Chad in LA smacks on Kaleb, does an impression of Kaleb's mom, sings Brian Adams parody, and it irritates Kyle Brandt 06/08/16
Boatie in Pearland RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/08/16
Kaleb in Green Bay gets called out by Rome, he responds during the same segment 06/09/16
Tyler in Edmonton tries to smack Chadly bro, gets run for cancer smack 06/09/16
Scott in Ontario has a bad call from the get-go 06/09/16
John in Little Rock sings a song about Kaleb in Green Bay 06/09/16
Willie in KC checks back in, Rome still undecided on reinstatement 06/09/16
Chad in LA responds to all of the haters 06/09/16
Matt in Vancouver with another America smack call, needs 1 more good call to get into Smackoff 06/10/16
Benny in Wisco tells another story with many cheese references 06/10/16
Interview with UCSB Gauchos baseball Andrew Checketts - Rome's alma mater advances to its first-ever College World Series 06/13/16
Will in Gulf Port tries for Golden Ticket, makes boring call, Rome tells him he'll never be good enough to be in the Smack-Off 06/13/16
Smash Mouth smashes LeBron James on Twitter; Clones begin smashing LeBron with resets of 90s bands and songs 06/13/16
Doug in Vancouver (aka Dougler) gets run for self-gloss 06/13/16
Ask The Pros - J.B. in the 785 asks if Rome would like to host a game show 06/13/16
John in San Antonio with a bad Smackoff RSVP, gets run; Rome revokes his Golden Ticket 06/14/16
Steve in PHX goes back to back with two e-mails; Rome declares him the show's top e-mailer 06/14/16
Reversed Golden Ticket 06/14/16
Slash in Brentwood talks about People vs. OJ, has a message for Chad and Avril, gets out before buzzer 06/15/16
Steve Elkington interview to talk US Open at the Oakmonster 06/15/16
Mike in Cleveland calls about the Cavs, compares Draymond Green and Marshawn Lynch to Bert and Ernie, gets run for saying they snapped more packages than Liberace 06/15/16
John in South Detroit (@hedstrombacon) has a horrible phone connection and gets run within seconds 06/15/16
John in Louisville resets Rob in Cleveland the Grump (aka The Dump) flaming out when he tried to rap about Parody Larry 06/15/16
Rome resets John in San Antonio being stripped of his Golden Ticket from previous show 06/15/16
Joe in Bugaha Show 06/15/16
Shey from The Bay calls about UCSB baseball, takes a run at Cal in Vegas 06/16/16
Mark in Boston RSVP's to the Smackoff and describes 'Indy Man' 06/16/16
Irie Craig talks about the good old days hanging with clones, suggests the Smackoff callers should be nicer to each other 06/16/16
Mike in Indy responds to Mark in Boston, also says Rex Ryan's next job will be a foot job 06/16/16
Rome and Kyle discuss weed, then talk Smackoff 06/16/16
Coby in Austin wants only Americans in the Smackoff, Rome removes him from the watch list 06/17/16
FBI Mike in Toledo calls but gets run for being boring 06/17/16
John in San Antonio wins the Golden Ticket back! Emkcar backwards is rack me. 06/17/16
Jukebox Friday - Dan in Denver wins 06/17/16
Shey from The Bay falls short of the Golden Ticket 06/22/16
Chad in LA finally gets over the hump, wins a Golden Ticket 06/22/16
Callers John in Windsor and Corey in Missoula get chased out by sharks 06/22/16
Alvie cut off Romes take on Dwyane Wade with shark music 06/22/16
Cal in Vegas wins his 2nd straight Golden Ticket 06/23/16
Jeff in SoCal tries for a Golden Ticket, gets chased out by sharks 06/23/16
Rome talks about Brett Favre, then Brett in Mississippi calls in 06/23/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) helps Kyle Brandt answer two Ask The Pros questions; gets Shame Bell for saying he wants to fart in Aaronthal's face; Kyle is terrified of spending 12 hours with Lance. 06/24/16
Martin in Sunset Beach calls his shot on Twitter, talks about Stevie Carbone, gets run by sharks 06/27/16
John in Little Rock reworked his Odom's On the Pipe song for Johnny Manziel 06/27/16
2016 Smackoff Game - Part 1 06/28/16
2016 Smackoff Game - Part 2 and Brad in Corona's RSVP 06/28/16
Larry in Santa Maria calls and gets run for talking about Sarah T's corroded panties 06/29/16
Sarah T. in Providence responds to Larry, goes after Cal in Vegas, and apologizes to Greg in Sun Valley through song 06/29/16
Rome runs down the 2016 Stucknut Smackoff odds 06/29/16
Fake Leff calls to war Leff 06/29/16
Shey from the Bay breaks down the Smackoff odds in the style of a sports update 06/29/16
Boatie in Pearland's cousin T-Boat checks in 06/29/16
Trapper in Dana Point called from a spine care center in Oregon, recently got injured in a car accident, won't be able to call during Smackoff 06/30/16
Orion in Waterford calls with thoughts on Trapper 06/30/16
Vic in NoCal with his traditional Smackoff eve call 06/30/16
Steve in El Cerrito tries to win a Golden Ticket, talks about Blink 182 album, want in on Stucknut odds 06/30/16
Rome has a take on hand shake guy 06/30/16
2016 Smackoff - Call 01 - John in San Antonio 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Call 02 - Steve Carbone 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Call 03 - Mark in Boston 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Call 04 - Cal in Vegas 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Call 05 - Silk in Huntington Beach 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Call 06 - John in Little Rock 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Call 07 - Vic in NoCal 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Call 08 - Chad in LA 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Call 09 - Kaleb in Green Bay 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Call 10 - Mark in Hollywood 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Call 11 - Leff in Laguna Beach 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Call 12 - Iafrate 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Call 13 - Brad in Corona 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Call 14 - Chael Sonnen 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Call 15 - Mike in Indy 07/01/16
2016 Smackoff - Top 10 - Leff in Laguna Beach wins 07/01/16
2016 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show - Rob in the 210 07/01/16
2016 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show - Erron in Diamondhead 07/01/16
2016 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show - Alan in Raleigh 07/01/16
2016 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show - Evan in the Bay 07/01/16
2016 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show - Boatie in Pearland 07/01/16
2016 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show - John in San Antonio 07/01/16
2016 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show - Chad in LA 07/01/16
2016 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show - Mark in Boston 07/01/16
2016 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show - Mike in Indy 07/01/16
Smackoff XXII (2016) - Hour 1 - John in San Antonio, Steve Carbone, Mark from Boston, Cal in Vegas, Silk in Huntington Beach, John in Little Rock 07/01/16
Smackoff XXII (2016) - Hour 2 - Vic in NoCal, Chad in LA, Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus, Mark in Hollywood, Leff in Laguna Beach 07/01/16
Smackoff XXII (2016) - Hour 3 - Leff reaction, Iafrate, Brad in Corona, Chael Sonnen, Mike in Indy, Top 10, Leff in Laguna Beach wins 07/01/16
Sklar Brothers interview Jerry Jones, possibly 07/03/16
2016 Smackoff Recap 07/05/16
Parody Larry calls with thoughts on Warriors, Rome wants a parody, Larry goes with one from the late, great Steve Miller, but Millers not dead and he sang a Stealers Wheel song 07/06/16
Colby in Austin says that Larry Brown is only known for that time in Houston, Rome corrects him 07/08/16
Steve in Tucson hyperventilates on air, ejects 07/08/16
Tim Duncan retires after spending his 19-year NBA career with the Spurs, with reaction from Clones 07/11/16
Feuding between Erron in Diamondhead and John in San Antonio 07/11/16
Draymond Green (aka Draymond Groin) accused of slapping a heckler in a club in East Lansing, MI 07/11/16
Tweet from Smackoff XXII champion Leff in Laguna Beach about Tim Duncan's retirement, with references to John in San Antonio; Rome resets Leff's Golden Ticket call from 2014 07/11/16
The heckler who hooked Draymond Green (aka Draymond Groin) was a Michigan State football player - Spartan-on-Spartan crime - with Rome's thoughts and call from Austin in Grand Rapids (Michigan Wolverines fan) 07/12/16
Interview with Washington Wizards small forward (and former Kansas Jayhawk) Kelly Oubre Jr 07/12/16
Interview with Cleveland Browns running back Terrell Watson, with reaction from Clones, including Tweets from Sarah T in Providence and Mike in Indy 07/12/16
Ian in Venice shares how to beat the rap for falling asleep behind the wheel while intoxicated, gets run for suggesting Draymond Green's heckler dangled his package in front of him 07/12/16
Iafrate in studio - Discusses Whitey's dad, his nickname, history of the Jungle 07/13/16
Ken in SA email about wrestling with his wife, Rome doesn't want to hear it 07/13/16
Joe in Bugaha Show 07/13/16
ATP's from Pauly in Indy and Sarah T, call from Matt in LA, and email from Joaquin 07/18/16
Jeff Passan interview - references OJ, Bartolo being fat, clones ask if he can be invited to 2017 Smackoff 07/19/16
Mark in Barstow got run twice in 1 show, Hour 2 for restating his name and city, Hour 3 for melting down and ejecting 07/19/16
Eddie in Santa Barbara calls during a Vicodin bender 07/20/16
Trapper in Dana Point with thoughts on the Smackoff 07/20/16
Charlie no longer in South Bend calls about his favorite sport, competitive eating 07/21/16
Matt in LA calls with a bunch of old resets 07/21/16
Benny in Wisco has another cheesy story, has Alvie 'rat' him 07/21/16
Orion in Waterford's favorite sport is when Rome trolls the clones 07/21/16
StevePHX sends an email from 'Rocky Dennis swiping left on Tinder' 07/21/16
E-mails to end Hour 1 - Andy in Denver, Sam in ABQ, Jack in La Hoya and John in Louisville 07/21/16
Kyle Brandt Farewell Show - Hour 1 - Announcement, Video messages from clones 07/22/16
Kyle Brandt Farewell Show - Hour 2 - Classic KB stories, calls from Vic in NoCal, Mike in Indy, and John in San Antonio 07/22/16
Kyle Brandt Farewell Show - Hour 3 - More KB stories, calls from Slash in Brentwood, Anton in Tampa, and Vic again. KB ends the show with Larry Brown's crank reset 07/22/16
Rome threatens to block Erbie in the 716 (@ErbieStyle) for Ron and Nicole Tweet 07/25/16
On this day in 2005, Jerome in Nashville made the BOHICA call 07/25/16
Interview with Kansas City Royals pitcher Danny Duffy 07/26/16
Twitter Contest; Royals pitcher Danny Duffy awarded Huge Call 07/26/16
Joe in Bugaha Show 07/27/16
In Memory of Dave In St. Louis, Non-hunter (produced by @FrankInThe209) 07/28/16
Chad in LA calls and gets racked, Phil in Sonoma calls and gets run 07/28/16
Rome and the Clones mourn the passing of Dave Geeting (aka Dave in St. Louis the Non-Hunter) 07/28/16
Alvin's compilation of John in Little Rock's parodies to cheer Rome up following the Non-Hunter's death; John calls with a new parody 07/28/16
Reaction to John in Little Rock, including Tweet from Leff in Laguna Beach and call from Orion in Waterford 07/28/16
84-year-old Barbara in Desert Hot Springs reminsces on Mike Piazza and listens to a lot of sports radio, gets positive run from Clones, but Chad in LA wins Huge Call 07/28/16
Return of CJ in Oxnard 07/28/16
Raider Mike calls with a fresh take about Derek Carr scouting, gets chased out by sharks 07/29/16
Emails, Twitter Contest, and Alvin gets loose on the board 07/29/16
Pauly in Indy calls Grant Napear with Olympic predictions, Grant gets flustered 08/05/16
Mike in Toledo calls as Jerry in Sandusky Ohio, references Harambe 08/09/16
Louis in LA calls Clark James with thoughts on Pete Rose and the Olympics 08/11/16
Uncle Clark in Boston calls to recap Jim Rome's vacation 08/15/16
Emails from Denlesks and StevePHX about Rio Olympics, call from Orion in Waterford about 49ers QB's 08/15/16
Jim Rome addresses the Jim Harbaugh tweet 08/17/16
Kasey in Pensacola aka the Jim Beam Bandit welcomes Rome back from vacation 08/17/16
FSU student is a murderer and face eater (Face Snacks University), John in Little Rock does a Flipper parody, ATP relationship advice, Huge Call 08/17/16
Irie Craig calls to talk horses, again 08/18/16
Ray in the Bay Area has a cool story about Steph Curry at the airport, zone 3 08/18/16
Mark in Hollywood somehow sneaks a call into a Rome rant about Darren Sharper, then gets run abruptly 08/19/16
Cal in Vegas calls about Conor McGregor, phone dies 08/19/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) with an e-mail about Rome's upcoming show at Del Mar, wants to sing Neil Sedaka parodies and fart in Parody Larry's face 08/23/16
Todd Marinovich arrested in Irvine for trespassing in a resident's backyard, found naked and carrying a sack of meth and marijuana 08/23/16
James Harden's ugly black shoes 08/24/16
Vic in NoCal calls as Conor in Vegas, does Conor McGregor impersonation, gets run 08/24/16
Disturbing update on the Florida State face eater - GRAPHIC IN NATURE 08/24/16
Ask The Pros - Merlin in Portland wants to know when and why Rome dropped the show's 4th hour 08/24/16
Emails from Dan in Denver, Pattersaur, and FBI Mike. Alex in SLC rap reset. Rasheed Wallace So Gone challenge. John in Little Rock raps and gets run 08/25/16
Clone Roundtable from Del Mar Thoroughbred Club - Leff in Laguna, Vic in NoCal, and Mark in Hollywood 08/26/16
Live from Del Mar Hour 1, Richard Sherman interview, Smack-off Winners Roundtable 08/26/16
Live from Del Mar Hour 3, Trevor Hoffman interview, Clones Roundtable Part 2, Flavien Prat interview, The Week That Was 08/26/16
Live from Del Mar Hour 2, Mike Smith Interview, Joe Tutino interview, Jerry Hollendorfer interview 08/28/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) e-mails to crack on Colin Kaepernick and wants to fart in his face; Rome declares it to be in the Top 10 of worst e-mails ever 08/29/16
Alan in Raleigh wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 08/29/16
Del Mar Recap - Shey from the Bay tweet, John in San Antonio call, Randall's big day 08/29/16
Denlesks with an e-mail, appears to be about Joey Bosa but ends up being about Randall in the OC; also cracks on Vic in No-Cal, Irie Craig, Boatie in Pearland and Lance in Topeka 08/30/16
Rome eulogizes the late Gene Wilder, pays tribute to his role as Willy Wonka, with Tweets from Chris in St. Pete and @paulcarney1978 08/30/16
@Fesluv with an Alex in Louisville reset 08/31/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) gets run for Shania Twain parody about Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus 08/31/16
Randall in the OC's Yeah! soundbite from Del Mar 09/01/16
Randall in the OC tweets about his nap at Del Mar 09/01/16
Frank in Buffalo calls about nap nation, Rome introduces his call with summary from call screener, Frank responds with 'thats it', and gets both run and racked 09/01/16
Trapper in Dana Point with thoughts on Colin Kaepernick and racism 09/02/16
Alvin's Week That Was; Alpha The Duck wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts Gift Card 09/02/16
Ben Mezrich discusses his new book The 37th Parallel, clone reaction and conspiracy theories 09/07/16
Kaitlyn Savage in Texas conspiracy theories 09/08/16
Whats that sound? Clones try to guess. Answer: Rice LT Calvin Anderson solving a Rubix Cube behind his back 09/08/16
Tom Tolbert interview from the station event in San Francisco 09/12/16
Kevin Harlan does play by play for drunk fan running on the field 09/13/16
Bonyraider sends an ATP through Sarah T, asks Rome if paper crumple is real paper or soundbite 09/14/16
Dan in Toronto email - Federline in AZ 09/15/16
Chad in LA calls with a take on Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills 09/15/16
Orion in Waterford informs the clones that he is a stay at home dad 09/16/16
Eric near the Canadian Falls ATP, wife wants to name son Emerson, Rat family talk ensues 09/16/16
Kasey in Pensacola, drunk again, calls to brag that he's going to be on Alvin's podcast 09/19/16
Fabian in LA returns with a Tweet and call, drops new soundbites, didn't know he was on the air 09/19/16
Iowa Hawkeyes lost to FCS North Dakota State 09/19/16
Clark in Boston calls with a take on Big Papi, gets run 09/22/16
Bill in New England calls to discuss the Patriots Texans game 09/23/16
ATP - ever hang up on an athlete you thought was fake? Twitter contest, @Ian_Soper wins 09/23/16
Raider Mike calls from Nashville with thoughts on the Raiders Titans game 09/26/16
ATP - Joe in Superior asks if Rome would rather party in Vegas with large group or Randall, Larry, and Lance 09/26/16
Stucknut tweets about Astros Tal's Hill, Rube in Richmond takes a run at Stucknut 09/28/16
Trapper in Dana Point calls with thoughts on Vin Scully 09/30/16
Audio tribute to Vin Scully by Alvin, plus reaction 09/30/16
More Vin Scully reaction and a call from Irie Craig 09/30/16
FBI Mike in Toledo calls with his thoughts on Vin Scully 09/30/16
Ask The Pros - Fred in Houston asks about Rome being Watch Guy and prompts a Connor McGregor reset 10/03/16
Bad Twitter Contest, no one wins 10/03/16
Tweets about Barefoot Airline Passenger and Odell Beckham Jr, including Steve in SA, Mike in Buffalo, Lance in Topeka, Felix in Boston, and Lee in Vancouver 10/05/16
Jeff Passan lights up Cal in Vegas during an interview 10/06/16
Jeff Passan vs Cal in Vegas email and Twitter reaction 10/06/16
Orion in Waterford calls with thoughts on Giants and Cubs series, gets run 10/06/16
Ian in Venice rambles through a call, asks Stucknut to verify that he never had an email read 10/07/16
Twitter contest - winner @SirWalterCity, ATP asked by Joe in Superior 10/07/16
Canadian Thanksgiving Tweets - Blaise in KC with 3 in a row 10/10/16
ATP - How to handle Holmey and Randall in public, email requesting SD Chargers song backwards 10/10/16
Raider Mike gets put on hold twice for interviews, but finally gets his call in about the Chargers 10/11/16
Joey Vendetta calls and ask if the MLB is more compelling than the NFL 10/12/16
Ask The Pros - Alex in Boise - How did Iggy Pop's "Lust For Life" become the Jungle theme song? 10/12/16
Twitter Contest - including Tweets from Blaise in KC and Ryan G. May 10/12/16
Dennis Fratella with an e-mail trying to add Giants pitcher Derek Law to the Rat Family; Rome apologizes again for creating the Family and resets how Logan found out about it 10/12/16
Parody Larry with an e-mail cracking on Cam Newton, calling him "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" and glossing him "Fig Newton"; Rome declares the e-mail to be "truly terrible" and worse than an F 10/13/16
Matt in Vancouver cracks on Edmonton and its dirt people 10/13/16
Alvin bumps Thomas Dolby for Jim Rome's Birthday 10/14/16
Seth in Toronto glosses himself the Zookeeper and gets run 10/14/16
Andrea in Baltimore calls to update the clones on Thomas Dolby's whereabouts 10/14/16
Cal in Vegas finally responds to Jeff Passan 10/14/16
Twitter contest, Cal in Vegas response, Ray in St Paul wins 10/14/16
ATP - Pauly in Indy asks about Romes birthday dinner, then a call from Mike in Indy 10/14/16
Jeff Passan responds to Cal in Vegas' call during an interview 10/17/16
Twitter contest, ATP (does Romes kids listen to his music), RIP Quentin Groves, call from Matt in LA 10/17/16
Steve in Aliso Viejo responds to Shane Battiers interview 10/18/16
Blaise in KC informs Rome that Robin Thicke got fat. Tweets from @BlaiseInKC, @RayInSaintPaul, @Stucknut, @chrisinstpete, and the Growing Pains theme song rewritten by Blaise 10/19/16
Boomer Esiason references Robin Thicke, for the clones 10/20/16
Mike in Cleveland is now pleased with his local teams 10/20/16
Chad in LA takes a run at Mark in Hollywood's giant head 10/20/16
Matt in LA calls with thoughts on Josh Brown and the Dodgers vs Cubs 10/21/16
Mark in Hollywood responds to Chad in LA 10/21/16
ATP - Origin of Goodnight Now soundbite, Twitter contest - @DrewWestLA 10/21/16
Chad in LA jumps in last second to respond to Mark in Hollywoods call 10/21/16
Scottie Pippen sings Take Me Out to the Ballgame at Wrigley, joins the club 10/24/16
Alex in Cleveland is sick of bandwagon Cubs fans, gets racked 10/24/16
John in Little Rock parodies Der Kommissar again, with Penn State vs Ohio State theme, gets racked 10/24/16
Orion in Waterford tried to become 3rd straight caller racked, fails 10/24/16
Matt in LA calls about Arian Fosters retirement, gets on Smackoff bubble 10/25/16
Paul in NoCal calls about the NY Giants, wants to add Hillary Clinton to the Rat Family 10/26/16
Trapper in Dana Point with thoughts on Kyle Schwarber playing in the World Series 10/27/16
Twitter contest followed by call from Mark in Boston on Michigan/Michigan State game 10/28/16
Ken in Sacramento calls with thoughts on Buffalo Bills fans and the sex toy 11/01/16
Fabian in LA calls about the Rams, I think, and ATP's Rome with question about his TV room 11/01/16
John in C-Town returns to talk about game 7 of the World Series, wins huge call 11/02/16
Steve in Aliso Viejo calls about the media coverage on World Series game 7 11/03/16
Cruz Pedregon - NHRA Interview 11/03/16
Chicago Cubs win game 7 of the World Series 11/03/16
Matt in LA calls with thoughts on the Cubs and Durant vs Westbrook 11/04/16
Erron in Diamondhead calls with his list of favorite candy 11/04/16
Parody Larry with a candy song, gets run 11/04/16
Frank in the 209 takes a run at Cal in Vegas, gets run 11/04/16
Joey Vendetta's favorite candy list 11/04/16
Dan in Denver is tired on Matt in LA, has a candy suggestion for him 11/04/16
Raider Mike calls after the Raiders beat the Broncos 11/07/16
Dana White - Sirius XM Town Hall with Jim Rome 11/10/16
Kyle Brandt in studio talking about life in New York, his tv show, transportation, and the clones 11/11/16
Best burger debate - In-N-Out versus everyone else 11/14/16
John in Little Rock screams through a song about the Michigan Wolverines 11/14/16
Irie Craig talks about Conor McGregor and horse racing 11/14/16
Kyle in Green Bay can't get Jim's name out, gets run 11/15/16
Kyle in Green Bay reaction 11/15/16
Space Jam 20 year anniversary 11/15/16
Bill Walton gets in Twitter war with an airline for losing his bike 11/15/16
Pattersaur email about TO living under a concrete ceiling 11/16/16
Choda in Houston doesn't think Derek Carr will be ready for Mexico City 11/17/16
Clones want Romes take on the man that took an acid bath at Yellowstone National Park 11/18/16
Benny in Wisco with another rat family and cheese reference call 11/18/16
Twitter contest - @DenverrDan, @RayInSaintPaul, @JC_in_Calgary, @AlanInRaleigh, @dataminer_1999, @ChadnLA 11/18/16
Rome doesn't like small talk with the bank tellers 11/19/16
Matt in LA calls about the Raiders 11/22/16
Marty in NoCal calls to remind Rome about the 10 year anniversary of his first call, plus Twitter reaction 11/22/16
More Marty in NoCal Twitter and email reaction 11/22/16
Matt in Vancouver tries to get on the Smackoff radar but fails 11/22/16
Mike in Wichita gets run for 3rd leg reference 11/22/16
Twitter Contest - Theme was Marty in NoCal and Jim Rome's anniversary 11/22/16
Vinnie Mac with another Hackoff worthy call 11/22/16
John in Little Rock parodies Outkast Sorry Ms. Jackson for Lamar Jackson 11/28/16
Rome threatens to block Phil in Missouri for Mark Mangino Tweet 11/29/16
Why are the Clones called the Clones? Because Rome got eight consecutive e-mails comparing Jose Aldo to Dwight Howard 11/29/16
Members of Ratt take control from the drummer, Ratt Partnership Agreement 11/30/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) sings a 12 Days of Christmas parody and gets run, with Clones' reaction 11/30/16
Fabian in LA calls to tell the clones he's the #1 Smackoff champ, wins Huge Call 11/30/16
Interview with Kansas Jayhawks basketball coach Bill Self 11/30/16
Tim in Jamestown (the Rooster) gets run for self-gloss; Phil in Santa Rosa gets run for reading his take 11/30/16
Boomer Esiason starts off his interview by talking about the Ratt Partnership Agreement 12/01/16
Matt in LA with a take on Rams, Dickerson, and the Raiders 12/01/16
Kyle in Green Bay calls to redeem himself 12/01/16
Canadian cops punish drunk drivers with Nickelback tunes 12/01/16
Mike in Indy calls with thoughts on the Ratt Partnership Agreement 12/01/16
Mark in Hollywood calls to talk about Penn State, responds to Roland in Pittsburgh's email 12/02/16
Raider Mike has a message for the Kansas City Chiefs 12/05/16
Matt in LA calls about Bag Harper, the Rams, and the Raiders 12/06/16
Bella in Calgary @SmileyYYC calls for the first time, chats with Rome about his family and Utah hockey 12/06/16
Barry in Long Beach calls about the Raiders 12/07/16
Ryan in Houston sings his take as a Creed song 12/07/16
Scott in NYC - Scotty Ferrall impersonator gets run 12/08/16
Alvie's Raider Mike Christmas Mix 12/08/16
Leff in Laguna gets in on the Raider talk 12/08/16
Parody Larry gets run for a Beatles Drive My Car parody 12/08/16
Raider Mike checks in after the loss to Kansas City 12/09/16
Rome addresses the rumor that OJ 'Stinky' Simpson wears diapers 12/09/16
Stucknut fact checks the Bud Black interview 12/09/16
Silk Brah calls from North Carolina, has thoughts on Raider Mike 12/09/16
Pauly in Indy calls with a bum, crank, and horseplay reference, gets run for singing 12/11/16
Denlesks wins Huge Tweet of the Day with rat family reference 12/11/16
FBI Mike in Toledo gets run for making reference to Jamal Anderson exposing himself 12/15/16
Interview with Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Dee Ford 12/15/16
Former Atlanta Falcons star Jamal Anderson exposes himself and masturbates at a gas station (MATURE CONTENT) 12/15/16
Wake Forest radio announcer Tommy Elrod fired for giving confidential info from Demon Deacons football team's playbook to the Louisville Cardinals; Rome would add him to the Rat Family if he were to bring it back 12/15/16
Decent Twitter Contest 12/15/16
Interview with Boomer Esiason - Boomer trolls Rome with more crank references and a Jamal Anderson dirty bird reference 12/16/16
Chad in LA calls with his Christmas wish list; Rome promises to put his call into The Daily Jungle 12/16/16
Ask The Pros - Jim in Austin asks what happens to callers stuck on hold like Parody Larry and Flatu-Lance in Topeka 12/16/16
Alvin Delloro's Week That Was for December 14-16, 2016 12/16/16
@chrgrfndan wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly Auto Parts gift card 12/16/16
PB&J Sandwich discussion: Clones suggest tortillas, marshmallows, and Holmey says jelly is ass 12/16/16
Craig Sager tribute 12/16/16
Matt in LA calls about the Raiders win at San Diego 12/19/16
Raider Mike with thoughts on the Raiders/Chargers game, wins huge call 12/19/16
When Rome was on The NFL Today, Boomer Esiason left the Clones a Christmas present 12/19/16
Ask The Pros - John in Louisville asks if Rome wants to go caroling with Parody Larry, Flatu-Lance, or John in Little Rock; Rome segues from the ATP to an anecdote about Jake and Logan going caroling 12/19/16
Dan in Denver calls out Matt in LA 12/20/16
Sarah T emails Jim reminding him that her birthday is Friday 12/20/16
Rick in Buffalo calls to take a run at Vic in NoCal, gets on Smackoff bubble 12/20/16
Mark in Boston responds to Rick in Buffalo about the Jim Harbaugh smack, gets run for saying Jack Del Rio means 'going Private Winslow next to a river' 12/20/16
John in Little Rock calls with a Jingle balls song 12/20/16
Matt in LA responds to Dan in Denver 12/20/16
2016 Year in Review - Hour 1 12/21/16
2016 Year in Review - Hour 2 12/21/16
2016 Year in Review - Hour 3 12/21/16

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