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First tweets of 2019 - @CmonJared Georgia football, @hedstrombacon Rome's Miami vacation 01/02/19
Jake in Youngstown - AB and the Killer B's killed Pittsburghs football culture 01/02/19
Francis in Glendale tweets about James Kelley and Irie bum smack 01/02/19
Patrick in PA says the current team is not cut from the same cloth of a Pittsburgh Steeler 01/02/19
Mary in PA is steamed up over the Steelers situation, AB is acting like a child 01/02/19
Rome sets the tone for 2019, no more Ray Liotta or Irie bum smack, Hawk lost his running shoes 01/02/19
Link in NY ordered ranch for his wings while in Buffalo 01/02/19
Marathon update from Hawk, shoe shopping at bow-tique, Rome talks about South Beach vacation 01/03/19
Lou in Connecticut thinks Eli Manning is done in New York 01/03/19
Matt in LA talks Big Ben, gets run for an interview but instead of a guest it was a dial tone 01/03/19
Lee in Van elevates the conversation with a Brady Bunch email 01/03/19
Rex in ABQ - New year, new Rex - NOT! Got run for Ray Liotta smack 01/04/19
Irie Craig is living with a couple of dancers in Huntington Beach 01/04/19
RG in Peoria with an email about John Bobbitt and Super Dave, Rome asks Hawk why he brought the email, Hawk blames the room 01/04/19
Rick in Buffalo takes a run at Antonio Brown and Mark in Hollywood 01/04/19
Orion in Waterford claims that cannabis is not a gateway drug, he knows from experience 01/04/19
Rex in ABQ got run for massive dong joke about Nick Foles and Frank Sinatra 01/07/19
Silk Brah calls to talk about the Chargers playoff victory 01/07/19
Ryan in Chicago is not a fan of Cody Parkey 01/07/19
Hawk took the day off, clones think its related to his marathon training 01/07/19
Dan in Denver responds to Silk Brah, substitute teacher smack 01/07/19
Terry in Boise got run for welcoming himself to the Jungle for the first time 01/07/19
Boatie in Pearland wants to bash the Texans but ran out of time 01/07/19
Dave in Berea is a Clemson grad, hungover, compared Saban to Blanche from the Golden Girls 01/08/19
Ugly Bob in South Carolina is excited about the Clemson championship 01/08/19
Manny in Bakersfield was listening on the radio delay, got run 01/08/19
Ken in Sacramento talks about Clemson and the National Championship game 01/08/19
Adam Hawk checks in from home, he's been sick for 2 days 01/08/19
John in Little Rock parodies Van Halens Jump with 'You Need a Lawrence' 01/08/19
Raider Mike was scouting the National Championship game for his Raiders 01/08/19
Eddie in Dallas is a Texas Tech alum, says Kliff Kingsbury is a good OC but horrible head coach 01/09/19
Jed in Illinois @JedinIllinois gets blocked for Najeh Davenport tweet 01/09/19
Rex in ABQ called with a straight take about NFL coaches not mattering as much to a team as the players 01/09/19
Reset of the Charlie in Lawrence call, Rome wants to give him a Golden Ticket 01/09/19
Matt in LA likes the offensive-minded NFL coaches, runs out of time 01/09/19
Parody Larry gets run for not singing 01/09/19
Gary in New Jersey talks about Shared Belief 01/09/19
Mike in the Bay answered Rome's call for new blood, used a bunch of gloss, run for 1906 SF earthquake smack 01/10/19
Phil in Maine thinks Adam Gase is a 1 year rental in New York 01/10/19
Frank in Santa Clara talks Chargers/Patriots, wants to know why Jake isn't interested in UCSB 01/10/19
Eric in Orlando is concerned about his pics on CBS, talks Patriots Chargers 01/11/19
Matt in LA informs the clones about a SoCal CloneStock benefiting Luis in Palmdale 01/11/19
Silk Brah talks about the upcoming Chargers Patriots game 01/11/19
Rome mentions he was sequestered in Ontario CA for 3 days, asked clones to guess why 01/11/19
Rick in Buffalo goes in on Josh McDaniels 01/11/19
Parody Larry gets on the air because Josh in Detroit hung up, sang a Steely Dan song, got run 01/11/19
@TommyFrom_NC with a Princess Di - Queen blast 01/11/19
Kasey in Pensacola wants Parody Larry to know that Costco has 30 gallon buckets of macaroni and cheese, run by Flight Deck 01/11/19
Stu in Manhattan returns with an email from Rams fan 01/14/19
Charlie in Coronado Island is a longtime Chargers fan, compared them to Michigan 01/14/19
Rome got his seat bumped from first class to row 20, he was 'first on the downgrade' list 01/14/19
Show open - President Trump served fast food for Clemson championship team 01/15/19
Rome allows fat smack for the day, calls from Christian in Maine and Steve in the Nati 01/15/19
Matt in LA talks about Andy Reid and CJ Anderson wanting the same White House meal 01/15/19
Alvin has a new, positive 'Fat Announcement' 01/15/19
Chris Hansen was arrested for bouncing checks 01/16/19
Steve in Nati tried to redeem himself for failed call the day before, got run again 01/16/19
Earl in Wichita got run for a Rudolph parody hype call for Patrick Mahomes 01/16/19
Andi in Rocklin witnessed John Denvers plane crash 01/16/19
Al in Ontario is a new listener, took a run at the Canadian callers Trench and Shred 01/16/19
Callers respond to Al in Ontario, Grandpa Pat in Vancouver and Grandpa Trench 01/17/19
Douglas in Green Bay is a fan of Al in Ontario 01/17/19
Curtis Morro Bay wonders if Kyrie Irving will sign with the Lakers next season 01/17/19
DJ in Pittsburgh says Antonio Brown is a primadonna and is replaceable 01/17/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch talks NFC title game, mentions Michael Franzese on WoodScopes 01/18/19
Jim in KC got run for saying it's Tom Brady's last game, he can go home and make out with his kids forever 01/18/19
Greg in KC doesn't understand radio delay 01/18/19
Vince in KC is gripping hard about the AFC title game, wants the monkey to stop messing around with the show 01/18/19
Freddie Kitchens interview - Cleveland Browns head coach 01/18/19
Hawk's baby is due, Rome asks why they planned to have a baby during NFL playoffs 01/18/19
Tyler in Maine is a lifelong Rams fan, enjoyed the Freddie Kitchens interview 01/18/19
Scott in Wichita rambles on about the AFL history, gets run 01/18/19
Heidi in Wichita was really excited to talk to Rome, proud of the Chiefs community 01/18/19
Joel in San Bernardino is a Saints fan, says the better team didn't win 01/21/19
Ryan in Phoenix is a lifelong Rams fan, refs blew the game 01/21/19
Bob in Arkansas is upset about Saints game, want them to redo the game from the no-call 01/22/19
Rex in ABQ has questions about mattress stores, run for asking about the protein stain by the headboard 01/22/19
JD in Winnipeg calls to inform us about CFL challenge rules 01/22/19
JJ in KC is a proud Chiefs fan who is tired of the refs 01/22/19
Chris in New England waited on hold for 87 minutes, chowd talked about the Pats 01/22/19
Adam Hawk called in to talk about the birth of his son 01/22/19
Fabian in LA talks about the LA Rams 01/23/19
Parody Larry sings 3 Blind Mice for the NFL refs, gets run 01/23/19
Mark in Barstow says the MLB Hall of Fame voters are stupid, wants to make a case for Fred McGriff 01/23/19
Rick in Buffalo talks Julian Edelman, Super Bowl matchup, predicts Rams 41 - Patriots 10 01/24/19
Jeff in Socal tries to win a Masterbuilt smoker, 2 week fan of the Rams, doesn't care if they win the Super Bowl 01/24/19
Randall in the OC with a Ron G / OJ email, Rome says its the worst OJ reset ever 01/24/19
Matt in LA gives props to James Harden 01/24/19
Brad in Corona talks Hawk, circumcisions, and Keiths bitchtits 01/24/19
Cal in Vegas wonders if Romes crew is from a halfway house, talks about last Smackoff, Matt in LA, wins Masterbuilt smoker and Golden Ticket 01/24/19
John in Little Rock sings a Ratt Round and Round parody for the Patriots, gets run 01/24/19
Kaleb in Indiana brags about his 100 degree fever, thinks the Pacers are cursed, gets run 01/24/19
Rex in ABQ gets run for 'lay cable' and 'grease the bowl' references 01/25/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch talking about Joe Montana investing in legal marijuana business, wins Masterbuilt smoker 01/25/19
Hawk showed up to work even though he's supposed to be on paternity leave 01/25/19
Terry in Boise tries to explain Americas obesity problem 01/25/19
Jeff in San Antonio wants everyone to know that he's still a badass 01/25/19
Vic in NoCal with takes on Joe Montana, New Orleans Saints, and Rick in Buffalo 01/25/19
Mike in Albuqueque started a podcast, had Rex Brown on his show and talked about the Rex Streak 01/25/19
Fabian in LA has smoked weed for over 30 years and never thought about trying any other drug 01/25/19
Bill Romanowski on Radio Row 01/28/19
Tweets and resets before Bill Romanowski's interview 01/28/19
Reaction to Justin Forsett interview (rat story) from @Stucknut, @dlh1029, @RiddyBadluck13, and Sarah T 01/29/19
Mike in Indy takes a run at Silk Brah, wins another Masterbuilt 01/29/19
Adam in ABQ has no sympathy for New England Deflatriots fans, gets run 01/29/19
Terry in Boise tries to win a Masterbuilt smoker with Canada smack, fails 01/30/19
John in NY calls with Super Bowl prediction - New England is going to take it 31-20, Tom Brady MVP 01/30/19
Mike in Cleveland is hyped after the Baker Mayfield interview, updates everyone on Pat Catan's 01/30/19
Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield - Interview from Radio Row 01/30/19
Takebox That Was - Stucknut Radio - January 2019 01/30/19
Christian in Maine's 7 month year old nephew has seen more championships than the city of LA has seen in 17 years 02/04/19
Rome breaks down the Stella Artois commercial with SJP and The Dude 02/04/19
Christopher in New England is not calling to gloat, the Rams will be back, he's taking his Jaguar to the casino to parlay his winnings 02/04/19
Matt in Vancouver email about that prickly a-hole David Stern, SteveInPhx with AC Green reset 02/05/19
Rex in ABQ gets his call dumped, Josh Gordon pawning his ring for drug money 02/05/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch talks about meeting Rome at radio row 02/05/19
Hawk talks about his time off with the new baby, you gotta do what you gotta do 02/05/19
Matt in LA gives props to Boston, takes a run at unethiCal in Vegas 02/05/19
Josh in Detroit got run for saying that Rome would ask him for an autograph to have it tattooed 02/05/19
Dan in Denver takes a run at Mike in Little Rock, the Nooch 02/06/19
Darren in Illinois calls about the Bucks and more Giannis arm length smack 02/06/19
Dana White interview interrupted by music, email from Joaquin 02/06/19
KC in LA talking about the Lakers, LeBron, and Anthony Davis 02/07/19
Jeff in SoCal breaks down the viral video from the Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt women's basketball game 02/07/19
TGIF - Keith brought sausage breakfast sandwiches to work 02/08/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch responds to Dan in Denver 02/08/19
Mark in Green Bay talks about how junk food is hard to resist 02/08/19
Henry in Tennessee is a cardiologist talking about the 80-20 rule, eat good 80% of the time 02/08/19
Vic in NoCal on Brad in Corona, Patriots, and Edelman 02/08/19
Matt in LA wants the 2 day Year in Review, Weis fat smack 02/08/19
Rome resets the Kyle streak after Kyle Van Noy's interview 02/11/19
JaVale McGee screams to let teammates know he's open, reaction from other screamers, Eric Snow gained a few pounds 02/11/19
Cleveland Browns fans react to the Kareem Hunt signing - Scott in Nashville, Daniel in Wichita, Corey in Youngstown, and Lou in Cleveland 02/11/19
Grant in Tulsa wants to buy Iafrate a house, got confused with Irie Craig 02/12/19
Trapper in Dana Point tells a story about Bob Costas 02/12/19
Dan in Denver has thoughts on Joe Flacco joining the Broncos 02/13/19
Roger in Massachusetts thinks Joe Flacco should retire, doesn't want to de-minimize his injuries 02/13/19
Zack in Denver agrees with Dan in Denver, Elway is a legend for what he did on the field only 02/13/19
Rah in the Bronx tries to win a Golden Ticket with a Floyd Mayweather rap 02/13/19
Rex in ABQ with takes on Matt Kuchar stiffing El Tucan and Poop Johnson blowing mud on a linebacker, leads to Kuchar take from Rome 02/14/19
Drew in West LA resets Romes Geisha House investment, Rome tells a story about a valet cropdusting his luxury sled 02/14/19
Matt in LA says Matt Kuchar needs to pay El Tucan 150 grrr, or don't go back south of the border 02/14/19
Grant in Anchorage tells a story about Double Dippin' Pippen at a club in Portland 02/14/19
Adam Hawk teases Gallows and Anderson appearance, Valentines emails from Sarah T. and Denlesks 02/14/19
WWE tagteam Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in studio, plus tandem call from Matt and Tyler 02/15/19
Anderson and Gallows reaction, chat with Adam Hawk 02/15/19
Karl Anderson's mother calls after his interview, talks about the Cincinnati tour stop 02/15/19
ATP - Tony in Iowa City - Good Montana vacation spots? 02/15/19
Bob in Los Angeles gets racked with straight fire on Matt Kuchar 02/15/19
Hawk wears an outrageous outfit to the Riviera, thought Tiger would recognize him, reaction from clones and call from his friend Ryan in Long Beach 02/18/19
Steve in Missouri got inspiration to lose weight after listening to the David Goggins podcast a year ago 02/18/19
Charlie in Madison just got a new cable service and was really excited to see Jim Rome 02/18/19
Pete in San Diego calls with thoughts on the Padres signing Manny Machado 02/19/19
Rick in Buffalo opens Smackoff season by going after Matt and Tyler, Vic in NoCal, and Mark in Hollywood 02/19/19
Glenda in Alabama says Rick in Buffalo's voice makes her sick to her stomach, got run by sharks, Hawk hit his head on the camera while bringing Twitter reaction 02/19/19
Kasey in Pensacola asks - was that Rick in Buffalo or Macho Man Randy Savage trying to pinch off a deuce? 02/19/19
Tyler in Edmonton responds to Rick in Buffalo 02/20/19
Matt in LA talks about the Padres, Machado, and Don Newcombe's passing 02/20/19
Matt in Vancouver on Tristan Thompson, responds to Rick in Buffalo 02/20/19
Mark in Hollywood responds to his stalker Rick in Buffalo 02/21/19
Dan in Denver wins a Golden Ticket, smacks Rick in Buffalo and Matt in Vancouver 02/21/19
Boatie in Pearland talks about Zion Williamson and his shoes 02/21/19
Show open - Robert Kraft charged for soliciting sex at a massage parlor 02/22/19
Irie Craig is doing over fine, wants to party with Robert Kraft 02/22/19
Kevin in Appleton says if there is video evidence of Robert Kraft, he'll make it disappear 02/22/19
Tim in Maine is disappointed in the bum Robert Kraft 02/22/19
Matt in Vancouver responds to Dan in Denver, calls him a punk bitch 02/22/19
Kasey in Pensacola - Robert Kraft was just trying to get his balls deflated like Tom Brady, got run 02/22/19
Eric in Houston wants more focus on the human trafficking than prostitution 02/22/19
Mark in Boston with thoughts on Robert Kraft, OpenFlyGate 02/22/19
Denlesks with a Jungle Oscars email 02/25/19
Hawk refers to the University of Washington as his alma mater, because he smoked a cigarette on campus 02/26/19
Matt in LA with more DA personal appearance smack, tried to give away a Golden Ticket 02/26/19
Brad in Corona got run for a Robert Kraft wang joke 02/26/19
Kasey in Pensacola gets run for Bob Kraft rub and tug reference 02/27/19
Rex in ABQ - much like Bryce Harper, Rex likes to launch frozen ropes from his gap right down the sewer pipe 02/27/19
Mike in the Bay with takes on the Lakers, LeBron, and a Wacko impersonation 02/28/19
Dr. Dave in Chicago goes all in on Matt in Van-hoover, gets run 02/28/19
Daphne in Las Vegas has a straight fire take on Jason Witten 02/28/19
Benny in Wisco parodies a Matt in LA call, gets a delayed buzzer 02/28/19
Jamie in Santa Barbara tells a story about being a high school basketball referee 02/28/19
Matt in Vancouver sends an email response to Dr. Dave 02/28/19
Bryce Harper contract reaction 03/01/19
Matt in LA on Bryce Harper, Scott Boras, and Phillies - Wins Golden Ticket 03/01/19
MikeDForThree in Michigan makes the jump from Twitter, tries to win a Golden Ticket with a comprehensible call 03/01/19
Alan in Raleigh with a Menendez Brothers email 03/04/19
Chris in Houston was inspired by the Eddie Olczyk interview 03/04/19
Jason in Harrisburg says Matt in LA makes him laugh more than Tyler in Edmonton, agrees that Americans are fat 03/04/19
Orion in Waterford thinks Rome is talking LA sports to lure Matt in LA to the chopper 03/04/19
Matt in LA is calling his shot early, Dodgers championship and Walker Buehler Cy-Young, avoids the chopper 03/04/19
Adam Hawk ran a half marathon in preparation for a full 03/04/19
Lance in Iowa is a runner, says Hawk has no chance to complete the full marathon at the end of the month, he should give his bib to somebody else 03/04/19
Frank on Long Island was an All-American track and field athlete in college, says Hawk can injure himself 03/04/19
Eric in Covina is tired of the Lakers being flakes 03/05/19
Rick in Buffalo says that Hawk needs to quit running and LeBron is a fraud 03/05/19
Bob in LA says the Lakers should keep playing LeBron for the fans, they should run his ass down 03/06/19
Fabian in LA is complaining about getting cut off at bars 03/06/19
Andy in Boise was a pit boss with insight on bet capping 03/06/19
Steve in PHX 3-peats National Dentist Day emails 03/06/19
JD in Winnipeg can't stand Matt in LA's schtick, gets racked 03/07/19
Matt in LA doesn't want the Raiders taking Kyler Murray, responds to JD in Winnipeg 03/07/19
Rex in ABQ talking about department store suits 03/07/19
Opening emails - Charley Casserly, LeBron James, National Cereal Day, spam 03/07/19
Kyle Brandt texted Rome from a dentist office 03/08/19
Jeff in Middletown talks Lakers and LeBron, wins a Golden Ticket 03/08/19
Raider Mike talks about Antonio Brown and the upcoming draft 03/08/19
Bob in Iowa is a first time listener, thinks the Smackdown will be hilarious 03/08/19
Jeff in San Antonio wanted to wish Rome a Happy International Women's Day 03/08/19
Parody Larry ends the show, Sittin on the Bench in LA, got run in 2.8 seconds 03/08/19
Cruz Pedregon calls to talk about the Antonio Brown trade, wants to defend Gruden 03/11/19
Roberta in Indiana is a Steelers fan, AB was all about the money 03/11/19
Byron in New Orleans talks about racism in sports, Russell Westbrook 03/12/19
Shawn in Sacramento worked for the Kings in their heyday, heard fans yell inappropriate things towards players 03/12/19
Shane in Texas is a professional magician that wants to perform in studio, hopes Rome recycles the email printouts, wanted to self gloss as Sideshow Shane 03/12/19
Mike in Cleveland likes what the Browns are doing, but pump the brakes on Super Bowl talk 03/13/19
Shawn in Pittsburgh is a lifelong Steelers fan, frightened by the rest of the AFC North 03/13/19
Jason in Harrisburg compares Tyler in Edmontons calls to wrestling with an ugly chick, very forgettable 03/13/19
John in NY says the Giants are going to regain their prominence 03/13/19
Tyler in Edmonton responds to Jason in Harrisburg then talks Flames and Oilers 03/14/19
Harold in Calgary says Tyler is barely a Smackoff caller, takes a run at Edmonton 03/14/19
JJ in KC is tired of Tyler in Edmonton and says he stinks 03/14/19
Josh in Detroit got run for using a weird announcer voice 03/14/19
Eric in Orlando wants to set the record straight with Matt in LA, brags about his yacht, clones react 03/14/19
Joel in New Jersey wants to talk about how great horse racing is but ran out of time 03/14/19
Parody Larry got run for a Don McLean song for Adam Hawk 03/15/19
Rex in ABQ - mall kiosk guy tried to sell knockoff cologne that smelled like anal gland discharge, got run 03/15/19
Liz in Falls City wants a Leaving Neverland-ish documentary for Toby in Houston 03/15/19
Jason in Harrisburg smoked Tyler out of hibernation, got run for moose knuckle reference 03/15/19
Kasey in Pensacola gets the 5th and 6th consecutive call run, wonders why Aunt Becky didn't get kids into school the old fashioned way by banging the principal 03/15/19
James Dolan kicked someone out of a festival because of a sign they were holding 03/15/19
6 straight run calls - Parody Larry, Rex in ABQ, Liz in Falls City, Jason in Harrisburg, Kasey in Pensacola x 2 03/15/19
Hawk gives an update on his marathon training 03/18/19
The Run Streak gets stretched to 8 after Bob in Calgary and Jeff in SoCal's calls 03/18/19
Chad in Virginia ran the LA Marathon in 4 hours even though he smoked, ended the Run Streak at 8 callers 03/18/19
Detective Dan in Buffalo says running sucks, Hawk should lift weights instead, got run 03/19/19
Hawk with another marathon training update, carb loading with corndogs and lots of stretching 03/19/19
Nate in Wisco is a 2-time Iron Man finisher even though he ran with knee injuries, mind over body 03/19/19
Quinn in Valencia wants to pitch in $100 for Hawk to quit the marathon 03/19/19
Matt in LA has Romes back on the NCAA tourney, going with Duke 03/19/19
Nick in Maine loved the Greg Herenda interview from the other day 03/20/19
Trapper in Dana Point said his cancer is spreading, talked about growing up in New Jersey 03/20/19
Denlesks with a First Day of Spring poem 03/20/19
John in Houston is a 63 years old marathon runner, warns Hawk that runners die 03/20/19
Nick in Iowa is representing 'stay at home dad' nation, talks about his tourney watching setup 03/21/19
Rick in Buffalo wants to give Hawk some last minute marathon advice 03/21/19
Tony in Riverside email resets Dr. Boudreaux, Rome wants it reset again in 2039 03/21/19
Chuck in Western New York thinks the dumacrats will squeeze Krafts genitals real hard to see the video, also talked Steelers 03/21/19
Roman in Escondido tells a story about going to a Jim Rome live remote from a biker bar called Pounders, most likely in 1992 03/21/19
Hawk's last pre-marathon update, Keith is also running it 03/22/19
John in Little Rock wins a Golden Ticket with Smackoff Fever song 03/22/19
Fabian in LA is not going to the Escondido event 03/22/19
Adam Hawk completed the LA Marathon, reaction from his trainer Eric, Fabian in LA, and Eric Byrnes 03/25/19
Jeff in Southfield goes all in on fat Wisconsin, not proud of American cheese 03/26/19
Elvis Andrus uses Baby Shark as his walk-up music, Alvin plays walk-up music for entire Rangers team 03/26/19
Jeff in San Antonio is getting ready to launch Baby Jordan, talks about sexual abuse 03/26/19
Smackoff season has started, time to move content from Twitter to the show 03/27/19
Rex in ABQ thinks Cal in Vegas' Golden Ticket is a charity case, doesn't get run 03/27/19
Matt in Vancouver takes a run at Rick in Buffalo, says he looks like an angry screaming human penis 03/27/19
Josh in Detroit wants to put Rick in a bodybag, gets run 03/27/19
Toledo news team is woke AF 03/28/19
Ryan in Nashville doesn't like how MLB opening day is trying to compete with the NCAA tournament 03/28/19
Fake Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Mike in Indy and Brad in Corona 03/28/19
Dan in Denver mocks Matt in Vancouvers 25 second masterpiece call 03/28/19
Jeff from Richmond has more Matt in LA smack, wants to be part of Smackoff 25 03/28/19
Cal in Vegas - Adam Hawk looked like he was break dancing instead of jogging, lays out the Smackoff field 03/28/19
Liz in Falls City likes Matt in Vancouver, hates Dan in Denver 03/28/19
Matt in LA responds to Jeff in Richmond 03/28/19
Str8Jakkett released a new Jim Rome rap song 03/29/19
Mark in Boston with fat smack on Jeff in Richmond 03/29/19
Rick in Buffalo responds to Matt in Vancouver, if Rick is a peen, Matt is the fupa chalupa 03/29/19
Smackoff 25 announcement - June 21 03/29/19
Tyler in Edmonton takes a run at Drew in West LA, Brad in Corona, gets run for girth smack 03/29/19
Matt in LA with personal apprearance smack for Jeff in Richmond 03/29/19
John in New York on Rick in Buffalo, Jeff in Richmond, and Jeff in Southfield 03/29/19
John in Portland says Hawk needs to do a better job screening, got run 03/29/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on Kaleb in Green Bay, Hawk, Matt in Van, Cal in Vegas, Liz in Falls City, gets on the watch list 03/29/19
Brad in Corona responds to Tyler in Edmonton, got run for turtleneck schmeg reference 03/29/19
Rex in ABQ talks about Brad fatigue, call gets dumped 04/08/19
Jason in Harrisburg gets run trying to smack Tyler and Matt 04/08/19
Trapper in Dana Point previews the NCAA basketball championship 04/08/19
Robert in Las Vegas - if you're not a 12 year old little girl, you should have nothing to do with soccer, got run 04/09/19
Rome's 2019 NHL playoff predictions 04/10/19
Kathleen in Omaha is taking the Penguins in the NHL playoffs 04/10/19
Eric in Orlando wanted to know more about the yacht Rome was on in Mexico 04/10/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit gets removed from the Smackoff bubble 04/11/19
Matt in North Carolina has a straight take about the Masters 04/11/19
Rex in ABQ talks Masters, gets run for 'hanging rope' reference 04/11/19
Josh in Detroit tries to use 'no thanks' as a joke punchline, gets run 04/11/19
Matt in LA tries to respond to Johnny in Detroit, runs out of time 04/11/19
Drew in West LA emails about Gabe Kapler, Rome resets the great equalizer 04/12/19
Jeff in Middletown lost his Golden Ticket with yo mama smack 04/12/19
Jason in Harrisburg enjoys watching the Lakers implode, nobody wants to play with LeBron, more Tyler smack 04/12/19
Ron in San Diego is the self proclaimed grandpa of the Jungle, celebrating 25 years 04/12/19
Adam Hawk talks about Tiger Woods Masters win - Mrs. Hawk, please don't listen to this 04/15/19
Thomas in Bonanza tried his own marathon, but it involved smoking weed and drinking 04/16/19
Travis in Alberta talks about the NHL playoffs 04/16/19
Justin in Melbourne says Gino in San Antonio is the Tony Romo of the Smackoff 04/16/19
Brian in Maryland does a Russ Wilson impersonation, says he deserves the large contract 04/16/19
Kathleen in Omaha recorded Romes NHL prediction, tried to play it on air 04/17/19
John in New York gives Rome credit for his NHL prediction 04/17/19
Matt in LA chimes in with a Jungle haiku 04/17/19
Jason in Harrisburg got run for a limerick 04/17/19
Gino in San Antonio responds to Justin in Melbourne, smacks Florida 04/17/19
Rome talks about his past NHL predictions 04/17/19
Rome nails another NHL prediction, gets negative feedback, might retire giving out free picks 04/17/19
Alvie answers an ATP about how he got his job 04/17/19
Lauren in Naples talks about her surgery, Rome drops her for being gory 04/17/19
Reset of Kevin Durant shouting out to Toby in Houston 04/19/19
420 eve, Carl's Jr. has a CBD burger 04/19/19
Silk in Huntington Beach on the Raiders, Lakers, and planning a Laguna CloneStock with Nooch 04/19/19
Fabian in LA talks about smoking with Mike in San Diego, glossed James Kelley 'Head of the Class', run for GD blast 04/19/19
Johnny in the PDX - Damian Lillard is in Russ's head 04/22/19
Jason in Harrisburg can't get down with the NFL draft, Gronk smack 04/22/19
V. Stiviano added to self-gloss montage 04/22/19
Bob in Calgary calls about Zeke Elliotts tattoo, compared to Justify getting a tattoo of SJP 04/23/19
Niz in LA thinks everything in sports is staged 04/23/19
Damian Lillard game winner reaction, calls from Lance, David, and Adam in Portland 04/24/19
Derrick in OKC says Thunder fans are starting to question Russ's antics 04/24/19
Justin in Melbourne tried to respond to Gino in San Antonio, got run 04/24/19
James Kelley is texted Rome about the draft even though his wife is giving birth 04/25/19
Orion in Waterford pitching prescription strength Smackoff 04/25/19
Reset of the Self Gloss segment - 5 year anniversary 04/25/19
John in Little Rock got run for a Frosty Sasquatch song 04/25/19
Self gloss callers - Steve the Kentucky Cobra and Barry in Des Moines AKA Ohhh Barracuda 04/25/19
Kasey in Pensacola referred to James Kelley as a cracker, got run 04/25/19
Raider Mike breaks down round 1 of the 2019 draft 04/26/19
Beaks in Studio City talks about the upcoming CloneStock with Nooch 04/26/19
Rex in ABQ with a take on the dork weekend, doesn't get run 04/29/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch talking about the SoCal CloneStock, heading to Javiers 04/29/19
Andrew Bogut shouts out to Toby in Houston again 04/29/19
Clones try to guess who the new guy is behind the glass 04/29/19
Matt in LA talks about the SoCal CloneStock 04/29/19
Benny in Wisco roasts the new guy Vin Weasel, RSVP's to the Smackoff 04/29/19
Fabian in LA didn't get invited to the CloneStock 04/29/19
Tim in Houston says the Rockets will beat the Warriors despite the officials 04/30/19
Jerome in Houston thinks Harden and Paul are making the city look bad 04/30/19
Tom in Chicago thinks the new guy is Steve Wilkos 04/30/19
Bob in Calgary guesses that the new guy is Dr. Evil 04/30/19
JJ in KC breaks down the Arizona Cardinals draft 04/30/19
Conor in Vegas calls the new guy Snakeman and Phil Collins 04/30/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit talks about the personal appearance of the clones at the SoCal CloneStock 04/30/19
Earl in ABQ calls to talk about Ryan Palmer 05/01/19
Americas Best Racing uses clone references in their live reads 05/01/19
Matt in Vancouver with personal appearance smack on Matt in LA and Rick in Buffalo, RSVP's for Smackoff 05/01/19
Sam in Detroit lists 5 possible guesses of the new guy 05/01/19
Kaleb in Green Bay roasts the new guy 05/01/19
Rome introduces the newest crew member Gerrit Ritt 05/01/19
Liz in Falls City says she was trolled on the ATP, loves TeamBake 05/02/19
Matt in Alhambra calls to talk about the Dodgers, thinks Kenley Jansen should stop taking heart medication 05/02/19
Matt in Vancouver checks in for 2nd day in row, takes a run at Karl Anderson 05/02/19
Smackoff 25 is 50 days away 05/02/19
Jason in Harrisburg wants a Golden Ticket, talks Little League, Tyler is a future coach 05/02/19
Dan in Denver responds to Matt in Vancouver and Kaleb in Green Bay 05/02/19
Bruce in Detroit with Canada and Stanley Cup smack, gets run 05/02/19
Beaks in Studio City wants Dan in Denver to lose his Golden Ticket 05/02/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit got run for insinuating that Matt and Tyler sleep in the same bed 05/02/19
Parody Larry waited on hold for 6 weeks, got run for a Nooch CloneStock song 05/02/19
Beaks and Gerrit smack from emailers, call from Charlie in New York on the Kentucky Derby 05/06/19
Sean in Brooklyn has a question about the Kentucky Derby track conditions 05/06/19
Matt in Portland wants his money back because he bet on SJP and Nancy Kerrigan in the Kentucky Derby 05/06/19
Roger in Minneapolis with an incredible story about losing his Kentucky Derby winning ticket 05/06/19
Andi in Rocklin is intrigued how Googling Andi and Jim Rome shows her calls 05/06/19
Trapper in Dana Point called to talk about the Kentucky Derby controversy, doesn't seem to be a fan of The Donald 05/07/19
Matt in LA says he has sports takes but talks about Gerrit Ritt instead 05/07/19
Ryan in South Dakota talks about the Celtics, wants Kyrie Irving gone 05/07/19
Digger Phelps calls to talk about the Phoenix Suns new head coach Monty Williams 05/07/19
Parody Larry gets run for a Mr. Ed theme song parody 05/07/19
Jason in Harrisburg takes another run at Tyler, gets on the watchlist of the watchlist 05/07/19
Tim in Maine is a Celtics fan, thinks the trash show is disgusting 05/07/19
Smackoff 25 preview - Canadian bros, Rick in Buffalo, Benny in Wisco, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mike in Indy 05/08/19
Tyler in Edmonton responds to Jason in Harrisburg again, wants to start a Ritt family 05/08/19
Orion in Waterford with Cal in Vegas and Conor McGregor impressions 05/08/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit gets back on the Smackoff watchlist 05/08/19
Moratorium on John Denver, email from Denlesks for Billy Joels birthday 05/09/19
Jeff in Southfield compares the oversized strawberries from Shari's to Beaks in Studio City 05/10/19
Jason in Harrisburg takes another run at Tyler, gets run 05/10/19
Jeff in SoCal - Nooch is malnourished, WNBA on CBS, got run for crank blast 05/10/19
Kyle in Green Bay lays out his CloneStock tour schedule 05/10/19
Beaks in Studio City - you can't keep him down because fat floats 05/10/19
Smackoff 25 preview - Chasing the 5-time champ 05/10/19
Leff in Laguna Beach RSVP's to Smackoff 25 05/10/19
Ryan in Pismo Beach loves the show, wants to wish the moms Happy Mothers Day 05/10/19
Rick in Buffalo tries to take a run at Stucknut and the Smackoff Odds 05/13/19
Mark in Boston on Coach Beilein, Stucknut odds, Karl Anderson, RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/13/19
Angry caller talks to Adam Hawk off air because he doesn't understand the show 05/13/19
John in New York anticipated a call from Rick in Buffalo after the John Beilein news 05/13/19
Alex in Denver is a caterer at the Pepsi Center, blames Jungle Karma for the Nuggets loss 05/13/19
Matt in LA tries to get Mike in Indy out of the basement 05/14/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch responds to Jeff in SoCal and takes a run at Beaks 05/14/19
KC in LA on the Lakers, wants Jeanie Buss to sell the team 05/14/19
Rome lays out the Smackoff 25 odds from Stucknut 05/14/19
Kaleb in Green Bay on the Stucknut Smackoff odds, Rick in Buffalo personal appearance smack 05/14/19
Matt in Vancouver emails an apology to Stucknut 05/14/19
Mark in Boston calls for 2nd day in a row, responds to Kaleb, gets run for tube sox parody 05/14/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit on the Rick vs Kaleb beef, got taken off the watchlist again 05/14/19
Jason Terry on JRIB reset, Adam Hawk gained weight - joined a gym and fake bakes 05/15/19
Parody Larry got run by Alvie for a Fat Bottom Beaks song, clones want him to get a Golden Ticket, won Huge Call 05/15/19
ATP - HedstromBacon - Do you send new employees to Stucknut for a Jungle manual? 05/15/19
Jeff in SoCal gets on the Smackoff watchlist for taking another run at Nooch 05/15/19
Gino in San Antonio RSVP's to the Smackoff, smacks Knicks fan and Rick in Buffalo 05/16/19
Bruce Willis achieved obesity 05/16/19
Liz in Falls City is glad that Ritt is a Tiger Honk 05/16/19
Leff in Laguna Beach calls out Brad in Corona for being a snitch 05/16/19
Smackoff watch party, Rich Flores calls to give the details 05/16/19
Keith Arnold poem from Denlesks and email from Rick in Buffalo 05/17/19
Rex in ABQ - We are going to miss Keith about as much as a scorching case of herpes, didn't get run 05/17/19
Matt in Vancouver wants to with Keith Arnold good luck as he goes to a lesser job 05/17/19
Dan in Denver - Keith is the tonsil of the XR4Ti, we can see him but don't know what he does 05/17/19
Jeff in Southfield wants to apply for Keith Arnolds job, brings more Beaks fat smack 05/17/19
Mark in Boston calls to roast Keith Arnold 05/17/19
Gino in San Antonio only called because he thought Alvie was leaving the show 05/17/19
Boatie in Pearland has been exploring alternative medicines, RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/17/19
Mike in Indy wants to sell the opportunity to be his tandem partner in the Smackoff 05/17/19
Keith Arnold in studio for his exit interview 05/17/19
Jeff in SoCal won a Golden Ticket 05/17/19
JR in Scottsdale on Brooks Koepka, all he does is wins majors 05/20/19
Kevin Hart interview 05/20/19
Trapper in Dana Point likes Mike in Indys schtick, talks Preakness, smacks Stucknut for the odds 05/20/19
Parody Larry got run for Ike in Mindy smack 05/20/19
John in Little Rock reworked his hit song Odom's on the Pipe 05/20/19
Kyle in Green Bay wants to team up with Mike in Indy for the Smackoff 05/21/19
Nevin in PDX calls as a Portland woman, gets run 05/21/19
Keanon Lowe interview reaction, call from Gino in San Antonio 05/21/19
Ben Mezrich in studio to talk about his new book Bitcoin Billionaires 05/22/19
Bob in Calgary doesn't see a problem with Drake, they let SJP on the track at the derby 05/23/19
Smackoff 25 Promo 05/23/19
Kaleb in Green Bay gives an infomercial for the Smackoff watch party at Lorelei 05/23/19
John in New York thought Leffs call during the Mazmarack interview was funny 05/23/19
Conor in San Diego talks about the Roger Lodge podcast, Dan Wetzel article, got run for Private Winslow blast 05/24/19
Matt in LA takes a run at Mike in Indy 05/24/19
Rick in San Diego calls to talk about his love for the show, gets compared to Marty 05/24/19
Cal in Vegas takes a run at the stuttering idiots Team Canada 05/24/19
Matt in Vancouver responds to Cal about teaming up with DLC, got run for taint reference 05/24/19
Tommy from NC email - My daughter won a French Open. Regards, Bill Belichick 05/28/19
Smackoff 25 Profile - Brad in Corona 05/28/19
Brad in Corona calls after his profile to smack Leff 05/28/19
Leff in Laguna Beach responds to Brad in Corona, calls his wife a hog 05/28/19
Jason in Harrisburg takes a run at Leff, gets run and taken off of the watchlist 05/29/19
Wells in the 360 with details on a Portland Smackoff watch party 05/29/19
Mark in Chicago gets blocked with a call about Kaleb and Mark in Hollywood 05/29/19
Smackoff 25 Profile - Mark in Hollywood 05/29/19
Rich Flores talks about the Smackoff party, Jason in Harrisburg, takes credit for past Smackoffs, claims to be Mr. October, wins a Golden Ticket 05/29/19
Jeff in San Antonio claims to be Smackoff material, wants to offer a Baby Jordan email address as a prize 05/29/19
Clones give Rich Flores credit for everything 05/30/19
Miles in Greece wants to thank Rich Flores for making a volcano erupt so he can enjoy the view 05/30/19
Andi in Rocklin wants Romes take on the NBA Finals 05/30/19
Buddy in North Carolina tells a story about a foul ball that hit a woman at Wrigley, wants more nets 05/30/19
Smackoff 25 Profile - Benny in Wisco - Followed by a call 05/30/19
Lauren in Naples called from the yacht club, got run for 4 letter bomb 05/31/19
Damon Amendolara goes all in on Matt in LA again, RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/31/19
Gino in San Antonio discovered why Rome takes bad calls, not happy with Kawhi Leonard 05/31/19
Mark in Boston takes a run at DA and Rich Flores 05/31/19
Smackoff 25 Profile - Matt in Vancouver and Tyler in Edmonton 05/31/19
Jeff in SoCal tries to solidify his spot in the Smackoff club 05/31/19
Matt in LA responds to DA with more teeth smack 05/31/19
Tyler in Edmonton responds to Gino about Kawhi Leonard 05/31/19
Matt in Vancouver just broke up with Tyler in Edmonton 05/31/19
Parody Larry got run for a Lauren in Naples song 05/31/19
Mona in Knoxville responds to Lorenema, got run for saying BIC's package was so big that it has an elbow and that elbow belonged to Rich Flores, still won a Golden Ticket 05/31/19
Liz in Falls City responds to Lauren the Lush and Marlboro Mona 05/31/19
Fabian in LA wants Rome to interview the Dodgers bullpen for karma, might attend the CloneStock 05/31/19
Sarah T. in Providence on Robert Kraft, updates soundbites with chord accent 05/31/19
John in New York calls about the Matt in LA vs. Damon Amendolara beef 06/03/19
Boxer Andy Ruiz Jr. beat Anthony Joshua for the Heavyweight title, Weighson Sherbert reset 06/03/19
Derrick in Salem - Drake needs to respect the Warriors, Golden State in 5 06/03/19
Smackoff 25 Profile - Rick in Buffalo 06/03/19
Maury in Grand Rapids is taking Rick in Buffalo in the Smackoff 06/03/19
Liz in Falls City calls as Ricks wife, gets run 06/03/19
Dave in Lake Tahoe heard Rome talking about BitCoin so he called to talk about coin collecting, clones react 06/04/19
James Holzhauer's win streak finally ended on Jeopardy 06/04/19
Seattle Mariners made a Bad News Bears play 06/04/19
Smackoff 25 Profile - Mike in Indy 06/04/19
Deech in Oakland is hosting a Smackoff watch party at Fort Green, talked about last years event 06/05/19
Mike in Indy has a couple of high profile clones interested in his offer, Rome warns Golden Ticket holders to call 06/05/19
Smackoff 25 Profile - Leff in Laguna 06/05/19
Clones respond to Pete Rose's story about Joe DiMaggio's hog 06/05/19
Rex in ABQ got run for Santa Anita race park reference, said the injured Warriors should be put down 06/10/19
Rich in Calgary said there are Jurassic parks all over Canada to watch the Raptors games, hockey kids are picking up basketballs 06/10/19
Smackoff 25 Profile - Sean the Cablinasian 06/10/19
Dan in Denver responds to the Cablinasians Smackoff profile 06/10/19
Kay in Portland is excited to meet clones at the Smackoff watch party 06/10/19
Boatie in Pearland with some Rich Ackerman personal appearance smack 06/10/19
Rich Flores calls to defend his Golden Ticket, reads the menu at Hennessey's Tavern 06/11/19
Smackoff 25 Profile - Vic in NoCal 06/11/19
Reaction to Vic's profile sparks Nice Radio, calls from Matt in LA, Orion in Waterford, Andrew in Des Moine, and Mike in St. Louis 06/11/19
James in Santa Maria says that he sold Tommy Armour III cocaine in 1984 06/11/19
Steve Elkington 06/11/19
OJ's Silver Anniversary - Adam Hawk used to work for the lady that interviewed OJ 06/12/19
Smackoff 25 Profile - Mark in Boston 06/12/19
Mona in Knoxville calls with a Rick in Buffalo impersonation 06/12/19
Mark in Boston pays homage to OJ's Silver Anniversary 06/12/19
Smackoff 25 Profile - Kaleb in Green Bay 06/13/19
Manny in LA liked the John Lynch interview, excited for next season 06/13/19
Mike in St. Louis - all the Blues fans are losing their minds, wanted Rome to ask him questions 06/13/19
Lauren in Naples with one of the worst calls in the history of the show 06/14/19
Vic in NoCal RSVP's to the Smackoff with a John Daly song, Suzyn Waldman smack, and alleges Brian Koppelman reverse engineers his calls 06/14/19
Smackoff 25 Profile - Steve Carbone 06/14/19
Silk Brah RSVP's to the Smackoff, thinks the event is rigged for J-Stew to win 06/14/19
Jeff in SoCal gets choppered for a Kellen Winslow - Mona blast 06/14/19
Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Gino, talks about the differences between Detroit and San Antonio 06/14/19
Gino in San Antonio responds to Jeff in Southfield, gives props to Kawhi Leonard 06/14/19
Jason Stewart RSVP's to the Smackoff, talks Blind Date and R. Kelly 06/14/19
Chad in LA apologizes for his last Smackoff call, takes a run at Kaleb, Benny, DLC, and Brad 06/14/19
Rex in ABQ doesn't like Joel Klatt and Fox's coverage of the US Open 06/17/19
Whats that sound? Clones try to guess. Answer: Patrick Reed breaking his club 06/17/19
Slash in Brentwood talks about the 25 year anniversary of the chase and Smackoff, gets run 06/17/19
Beaks in Studio City answers the question 'who wants to walk with Jeff in Richmond?' 06/18/19
Gino in San Antonio wants to offer the Golden Ticket callers help, takes a run at Jeff in Buffalo 06/18/19
Mark in Barstow wants to buy a Walkman with AM radio but his phone doesn't work 06/18/19
Reed in North Carolina is excited for the Smackoff, shouts out to J-Stew on GMFB 06/18/19
Trapper in Dana Point is back in SoCal, RSVP's to the Smackoff, wants to get even with OJ 06/18/19
Pooldoc calls to plug the Smackoff Wrap-up Show, Rome asks him questions about Stucknut 06/18/19
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch is going to burn electric lettuce at his watch party, taking Mike in Indy in the Smackoff 06/19/19
Justin in Melbourne is taking credit for Gino in SA calling the show again, thinks Gino will win the Smackoff 06/19/19
Jeff in SoCal calls as Fake Mona in Knoxville, gets run 06/19/19
Lenny Dykstra spent 9 hours dumpster diving outside a Jersey Mike's 06/19/19
Mark in Chicago on Rick in Buffalo and Kaleb in Green Bay, got run for OJ reference 06/19/19
Cal in Vegas screamed through a Lebron-esque take, got choppered 06/19/19
John in Little Rock sings Sugar Ray's hit 'I Just Want to Smack' 06/19/19
Parker in West Covina is getting a prison tattoo during his Smackoff party 06/19/19
Matt in LA is planning to call the Smackoff with serious smack, just like Silk Brah 06/19/19
Mark in Chicago with a Smackoff Eve poem 06/20/19
Tyler in Edmonton takes on Hipster Matt in Van, Alvie has something up his sleeve 06/20/19
Brad in Corona responds to Tyler in Edmonton, thanks Rich Flores, spoils Leffs call with a cameo of Parody Larry 06/20/19
Geo in NoCal is going to the Oakland watch party with his electric lettuce 06/20/19
Jason in Harrisburg is putting his money on the BIC 06/20/19
Matt in Vancouver responds to the garbage from Tyler in Edmonton 06/20/19
Cal in Vegas takes on the Canadian bros, gets run 06/20/19
Benny in Wisco takes a run at the sponsors 06/20/19
Mark in Boston is teasing that a 'show stopper' will join his Smackoff call 06/20/19
Eric in Orlando is having a Smackoff listening party on a yacht 06/20/19
Mike in Indy claims that somebody paid the $5001 to be his tandem partner 06/20/19
Jeff in Southfield wants to go first in the Smackoff, calls out tandem callers 06/20/19
Matt in LA claims that the IRS will be after Mike in Indy for not paying taxes on the $5001 06/20/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 01 - Damon Amendolara 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 02 - Jason in Fullerton 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 03 - Tyler in Edmonton 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 04 - Sean the Cablinasian 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 05 - Jeff in Southfield 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 06 - Vic in NoCal 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 07 - Rick in Buffalo 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 08 - Benny in Wisco 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 09 - Matt in Vancouver 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 10 - Steve Carbone 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 11 - Dan in Denver 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 12 - Mike in Indy 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 13 - Mark in Hollywood 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 14 - Kaleb in Green Bay 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 15 - Leff in Laguna 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Call 16 - Brad in Corona 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff - Top 10 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff Hour 1 - Damon Amendolara, Jason in Fullerton, Tyler in Edmonton, Sean the Cablinasian, Jeff in Southfield 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff Hour 2 - Vic in NoCal, Rick in Buffalo, Benny in Wisco, Matt in Vancouver, Steve Carbone, Dan in Denver 06/21/19
2019 Smackoff Hour 3 - Mike in Indy, Mark in Hollywood, Kaleb in Green Bay, Leff in Laguna, Brad in Corona 06/21/19
Sean the Cablinasian recaps his Smackoff call on his Houston show 610am 06/21/19
Mark in Boston recaps the Smackoff, takes a run at Kaleb in Green Bay 06/24/19
Romes recap of the Smackoff 06/24/19
Hedstrom's email about his trip to Texas and how Steve in HTown is the greatest person he has ever met 06/24/19
Gino in San Antonio understands why he was left on hold during the Smackoff 06/24/19
Matt in LA responds to Damon Amendolara's Smackoff call 06/24/19
John in New York with a take on the Mets, gives props to WoodScopes and Stucknut Radio 06/24/19
Graham in New Jersey is fed up with the Mets 06/24/19
Adam Hawk is limping, claims it's from a stair workout 06/25/19
Parody Larry gets run for a Free Fallin parody 06/25/19
Argell in Louisiana wants Drew Brees to get more respect, gets run 06/25/19
Josh in Detroit wants the first Golden Ticket of the season, claims his smack hits so hard that it might blow car speakers 06/25/19
Eric in LA is tired of hearing Matt call everyday representing Los Angeles 06/26/19
Brad in Corona compares the Smackoff to a chili cook-off, pimps Cruz Pedregon's hot sauce 06/26/19
Matt in LA respond to Eric in LA, Rome talks about selling Toshiba phones 06/26/19
Curtis in Morro Bay tells a story about being rescued at Big Sur after sending a message in a a bottle 06/26/19
Reset and reaction to Curtis in Morro Bay's call from day before 06/27/19
Curtis in Morro Bay calls back to give more information about the rescue 06/27/19
Chris in East Bay is a search and rescue guy calling BS on Curtis' story 06/27/19
Mike in the Bay gets racked with takes on Mike in Indy whining after the Smackoff, Bay Area Weird, and Cody Bellinger 06/27/19
Email reaction to Rome going on vacation, more Curtis in Morro Bay talk 06/28/19
Jeff in Southfield on Wisconsin, Kaleb in Green Bay, and Brad in Corona 06/28/19
Denlesks email about Rome's upcoming Wisconsin vacation 06/28/19
Jason in Harrisburg recaps the Smackoff, wants Bob Krafts video to be called Jurassic Pork 06/28/19
Raider Mike talks about Richie Incognito, Fabian at the watch party 06/28/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit has a take on the Smackoff reaction, takes a run at Jason in Harrisburg 06/28/19
Josh in Detroit gets run while trying to get a Golden Ticket again, Rome says he's terrible 06/28/19
JT the Brick - 1st time filling in for Rome, opening segment 07/04/19
Rome checks in with Hawk, talk about vacation, birthday party, and marathon training 07/08/19
JJ in KC calls to pitch the Jungle Open, clone golf outing in Omaha 07/09/19
Matt in LA on Kawhi going to the Clippers 07/09/19
Kurt in Michigan got run for self gloss, the Muscle Shark 07/09/19
Jeff in SoCal is not a fan of the Jungle Open in Omaha 07/10/19
Harvard fencing coach got fired - admission scandal 07/10/19
Lee in Fairfax with a super duper call about women's soccer 07/11/19
Rex in ABQ got run for referencing Brad in Corona's giblets 07/11/19
LD in Indy doesn't understand Kawhi's decision, wants Melvin Gordon on the Colts 07/11/19
Kaleb in Green Bay talks about a weight loss competition with Beaks, proceeds go to charity 07/11/19
Mark in Chicago has a straight take on Wimbledon, gets run for not being kooky 07/15/19
Jon in Huntington Beach ripped Eric in Falls Church's music bed - Loser 07/15/19
Bobby in Cleveland doesn't think that the Browns will ever win 07/16/19
Rome retroactively runs Bobby in Cleveland for self gloss, more self gloss calls from Denver John, Bob in Calgary, and Christian in Maine 07/16/19
Steve Elkington interview 07/17/19
Eric in Falls Church called to get his song Loser back 07/17/19
Geoff in Lincoln calls with a Matt in LA parody, gets run 07/17/19
Rex in ABQ gets run for greasy hot snake reference 07/18/19
Josh in Detroit took Rory McElroy to win The Open, got run for singing the Golden Ticket song 07/18/19
Matt in LA responds to Geoff in Lincoln, gives warning that he may call more 07/18/19
Kyle in Green Bay called en route to the Jungle Open 07/19/19
Fabian in LA wanted to set the record straight about the Smackoff 25 watch party 07/19/19
Jungle Open Recap - Calls from Brian in Omaha and Jeff in Omaha 07/22/19
Hawk recaps Elk's betting app results for The Open 07/22/19
Dave in Berea won the inaugural Jungle Open 07/22/19
JJ in KC talks about the Jungle Open, reminded him of a Tour Stop 07/22/19
Kyle in Green Bay talks about his experience at the Jungle Open 07/22/19
Walker in NoCal with comments on the death of boxer Maxim Dadashev 07/23/19
Bob in Calgary wants Rome to interview SJP for the 100th podcast 07/23/19
More 100th podcast guest suggestions from Susan in Sunset Beach, Kip in Denver, and Matt in LA 07/23/19
Kathleen in Omaha wants the 100th podcast guest to be Sidney Crosby 07/23/19
Rich Flores is offering his services to book Henry Winkler as the 100th podcast guest 07/23/19
Brett from Bugaha with a Taco Tuesdayson Chewart email, resets J-Stew's iconic lines 07/23/19
Tribute to Randall WFI in the OC, calls from Kyle Brandt, Rich Flores, Nooch, Liz in Falls City, and Silk Brah 07/24/19
Tribute to Randall WFI in the OC, more email reaction and call from Mark in Hollywood 07/24/19
Tribute to Randall WFI in the OC, emails and calls from Matt in LA and Randall's brother John in Lake Elsinore 07/24/19
Bill in Harrisburg is stoked for the NBA season, loved the Randall tribute 07/25/19
Johnny in Texas loves how the Jungles clones are family 07/25/19
Justin in Melbourne tells a story about meeting Terry Bradshaw 07/25/19
Randall added to the Deca Yeah 07/26/19
Irie Craig announces that his book is done and on Amazon, reflects on Randall 07/26/19
Eric in Orlando is looking for Jungle Karma because the fish aren't biting 07/26/19
Fred in Moorpark thanks Rome for the Javiers recommendation 07/26/19
Benny in Wisco calls as Charlie Ray in Jepson with a Call Me Maybe parody 07/26/19
The Week That Was - with tributes to Randall 07/26/19
Trapper in Dana Point talks about being with Randall at the Smackoff party, the clones are a family 07/26/19
Ariel Helwani interview, asks for Golden Ticket and gets it 07/26/19
JT the Brick talks about his start in the Jungle 07/29/19
Eye of the Hawk 07/29/19
Kyle Brandt Guest Hosting - Hour 1 08/05/19
Kyle Brandt Guest Hosting - Hour 2 08/05/19
Kyle Brandt Guest Hosting - Hour 3 08/05/19
Josh in Detroit congratulates Rome on getting into the Hall of Fame, takes the credit 08/12/19
Rome talks about his induction to the Radio Hall of Fame 08/12/19
Marty in NoCal is excited for his buddy getting the Hall of Fame induction 08/12/19
Jason in Santa Cruz has a suggestion for Rome's MacBook 08/12/19
Matt in LA calls to congratulate Rome on getting into the Radio Hall of Fame 08/13/19
Kasey in Pensacola gets run for a Kardashian peter-cillin porcupine blast 08/13/19
Rick in Buffalo smacks Matt in Vancouver and Mark in Hollywood, announces that he is going to SoCal for a week 08/14/19
Matt in Vancouver responds to Rick in Buffalo, he's been icing up since the Smackoff 08/14/19
Jason in Harrisburg foreshadows Rick in Buffalo's SoCal trip 08/15/19
James in ABQ is celebrating 25 years of the Sports Animal 08/15/19
Geoff in Lincoln gets run for a Nose Dusters parody 08/15/19
Self Gloss Segment - Hooters Sharpshooter, Lumberjack, Chicken Man, Bird Feeder, Kraftville, O'Reillys in Hollywood, Marky the Gooch, Andy the Dandy from Clevelandy, Canadian Beaver Savior, Big Papa, Helmet Scuffer 08/16/19
Raider Mike on his team and Hard Knocks 08/16/19
Jeff in SoCal is looking forward to Rick in Buffalo's visit 08/19/19
Hawk talks about Tinder for Tennis 08/19/19
Christian in Maine gets run for dildo reference (allegedly) 08/19/19
ARod on eSports: This is the first generation of kids that will not outlive their parents. 08/20/19
Fake Silk wants to introduce Rome at the Hall of Fame 08/21/19
Rex in ABQ's take on the Popeyes chicken sandwich with spicy mayo 08/22/19
Orion in Waterford is a huge Rammstein fan, but Du Hast is unoriginable 08/22/19
Jason in Harrisburg got run for comparing Bob Kraft video to Jurassic Pork 08/22/19
Silk Brah talks about meeting Rick in Buffalo and their plans for the weekend 08/22/19
Kaleb in Green Bay on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers taking their act to Canada 08/22/19
Gas station sex pills 08/22/19
Steve Elkington interview 08/22/19
Angel in Virginia Beach is hormonal as hell, likes Rammstein and hates Nickelback 08/23/19
Matt in LA welcomes Rick to the west coast, Canada is an inferior sports nation 08/23/19
Rick in Buffalo talks about his SoCal trip so far, pimps the get-together at Kit's 08/23/19
Josh in Detroit takes a run at Rick's height and socks, claims to be Americas Caller 08/23/19
Trapper in Dana Point talked to Rick, everyone is pumped for the event at Kits, the Jungle is family 08/23/19
Silk Brah lays out Rick's itinerary, Rome resets Rachel's errrr, Rome talks about his relative Corey 08/23/19
Kirk in Omaha talking Nebraska and Scott Frost 08/23/19
Rex in ABQ got run for Leff circumcision smack 08/27/19
Dom in Saskatchewan blames Ryan Grigson for Andrew Lucks retirement 08/27/19
Tobin in Chapel Hill congratulates Rome on HOF, straight take on Andrew Luck 08/27/19
Caleb Cox in Indy, Cruz Pedregon's crew member and longtime Colts season ticket holder with thoughts on Andrew Lucks retirement 08/27/19
Lauren in Naples is a Barry Sanders fan, got run for her cheek hitting the dialpad multiple times 08/27/19
Parody Larry gets run for a Rick in Buffalo Google Dolls song 08/27/19
Hawk recaps Rick in Buffalo's appearance at Kit's 08/27/19
Derek in Wisconsin offers to help Jake move 08/27/19
Kim in Texas is a physical therapist, understands Andrew Lucks decision 08/27/19
Matt in LA recaps Ricks SoCal trip, has a take on Andrew Luck 08/28/19
Silk Brah recaps Rick in Buffalo's SoCal trip and pool party with Cousin Cory 08/28/19
Eric in Napa is Hawks running guru, talks about old school Jungle event, keep an eye on Sam Ehlinger 08/28/19
Terry in Indy doesn't know how Andrew Luck strained his calf since he played in the Pro Bowl and danced on commercials during the off-season 08/28/19
Brad in Dana Point thinks Rick was calm from all the running he did, got his anger out 08/28/19
Steven Seagal in Russia reacts to the podcast with James Wilks and plant based diets 08/29/19
David in Milwaukee listened to Rome while in prison, dropped some old school Jungle knowledge 09/03/19
Kyle in Arkansas talks about Georgia State over Tennessee 09/03/19
Drizzle in Wichita says Zeke is going to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl 09/04/19
Trapper in Dana Point welcomed David in Wisconsin to the Jungle... or did he? 09/04/19
Rob in Oakland tries to be the 3rd straight racked call, fails 09/04/19
Tony in South Carolina - Trapper is just another lawyer with a drug problem that wants to be a judge 09/04/19
David in Milwaukee responds to Trapper, wants to set the record straight 09/05/19
John in New York wants to go to Jim Rome's HOF induction 09/05/19
Joe in Minneapolis with thoughts on Kaleb, Conor McGregor, and Andrew Luck 09/05/19
Drizzle in Wichita address the self gloss, talks Cowboys and Raiders 09/06/19
Matt in LA - I have no idea what he was talking about 09/06/19
Spencer in SLC hasn't listened is a while, fears Antonio Brown landing on the Redskins 09/06/19
Paul in Rhode Island is not enthusiastic about the Antonio Brown signing 09/09/19
Exploding pineapple factory email 09/09/19
Trey in Pittsburgh is a Steelers fan but knew the team would be bad this season 09/09/19
Rex in ABQ gets run for Rafael Nadal butthole reference 09/09/19
JW in Boise has an issue with Antonio Brown calling Mayock a cracker 09/09/19
Drizzle in Wichita with a rant about the Denver Donkeys, wins Golden Ticket 09/10/19
Matt in LA calls out Fizzle in Omaha for being a Cowboys fan and jumping on the Chiefs bandwagon 09/10/19
JT in Southfield - KD is not good with the media because he speaks his mind 09/11/19
Susan in Sunset Beach loved the interviews with Carson and Jordan Palmer, wants the 100th podcast guest to be John Daly 09/11/19
Dan in San Diego questions how Tom Brady could let Antonio Brown stay in his house 09/12/19
Jeff in Miami is a newly retired, bought a new car with SiriusXM and found the show for the first time in 13 years 09/12/19
ABC News picked up the rescue story on Curtis in Morro Bay 09/13/19
Raider Mike recaps the Chiefs Raiders game, gives Mahomes props 09/16/19
Hawk injured his back playing tennis 09/17/19
Mark in Michigan is a Vikings fan but Cousins will never lead them to a championship, run for Greg Louganis blast 09/17/19
Eli in Santa Rosa recommends a book that will help Hawks back 09/17/19
Packer Benny in Green Bay parodies Raider Mike, arfff andyouknow 09/17/19
Mike in NoCal brags about the Browns victory over the Jets 09/17/19
Mike in Buffalo gets blocked for Beaks and bum smack 09/18/19
Joe in Acton with a take about Jalen Ramsey 09/18/19
Jason in Harrisburg talks about plant based diets, big meat, call James Wilks a dumbass 09/18/19
Greg in Tahoe is tired of primadonna athletes demanding trades when they lose 09/18/19
Denlesks tweet - Adelephant loves her plant based diet 09/18/19
Kyle in Green Bay is pimping the next Packers CloneStock 09/18/19
Rick in Seattle almost wins a Golden Ticket with a 'dad joke' 09/18/19
Matt in LA wants Jerry Jones to use his money on players instead of plastic surgery 09/19/19
Mark in Hollywood on Wisconsin/Michigan, Gardner Minshew, and the Patriots 09/20/19
Jeff in Southfield calls with a John in New York impersonation 09/20/19
Steve in Malibu really liked Jeff in Southfields call 09/20/19
Trent in Florida gets a quick hammer from Alvie for not getting to his take 09/20/19
John in New York shows more love for Rome, responds to Jeff in Southfield 09/20/19
Houston Astros ace Justin Verlander 09/20/19
An adult company wants Gardner Minshew to endorse special puppets 09/20/19
Drizzle in Wichita takes a run at Matt in LA, brags about getting more YouTube views 09/23/19
Jeff in SoCal is a Dolphins fan that trusts their process, gets run for Beaks smack 09/23/19
Rick in Buffalo is fired up about the Bills starting 3-0 09/23/19
Matt in Vancouver compares Rick in Buffalo to a mall cop, says Drizzle is a stupid name 09/23/19
Matt in LA responds to Fizzle, smacks the Cowboys and honks the Raiders 09/23/19
Rich in Copyright Hills is picking the Bills over the Patriots, gets run for singing 09/24/19
Spencer in SLC is trying to elevate his city to Mediocre Take Lake, talks Raiders, gets run for going to long 09/24/19
Dan in Madison says its a great time to be a sports fan in Wisconsin 09/25/19
Derek in North Carolina claims he will put the clones on notice, wants more hockey talk, gets run 09/25/19
Jerry Jones says Ezekiel Elliott spanks himself in pregame Cowboys antics 09/25/19
Johnny Scabs in Detroit takes a run at Good Brother Karl Anderson 09/25/19
Jared in Florida talks about the rollercoaster of emotions of being an outside salesman 09/25/19
Josh in Detroit smacks on Michigan, brags about going yard then gets run 09/25/19
Kyle in Green Bay checks in from the Packers tailgate and CloneStock, he got bread 09/26/19
Ryan in South Dakota says Kyle in Green Bay is making all Wisconsin fans look stupid 09/26/19
Jason in Harrisburg on old Trapper beef jerky, smacks fat Canadian chicks 09/26/19
Holly in Buffalo feels pretty good about the Bills Patriots game, Pats haven't seen a defense like the Bills yet 09/26/19
Kyle in Green Bay recaps the CloneStock, wants to be glossed 'Bread Man' 09/27/19
Jeff in Tampa wants to gloss Kyle in Green Bay 'Yeast Infection' 09/27/19
Matt in LA thinks the Dodgers are finally going to win the World Series 09/27/19
Jay in Houston wants to gloss Kyle in Green Bay 'Banana Nut Up in the Tailpipe Man' 09/27/19
Jerry in Green Bay wants to gloss Kyle in Green Bay 'The Pinched Loaf' 09/27/19
Matt in Anchorage wants to gloss Kyle in Green Bay 'Skid Mark' 09/27/19
Rick in Buffalo previews the Bills and Patriots game, compares Tom Brady to Gary Hogeboom 09/27/19
Jake in Wisconsin says Matt in LA looks like a stinky Uber driver, got run for a manual rim shot 09/27/19
Referee injured by cannon at Maine Maritime Academy football game 09/27/19
Corey in Ohio wanted to talk about overrated Dak Prescott but Alvie dropped the hammer 09/30/19
Josh in Detroit wants to talk about going to the Chiefs Lions game, gets run 09/30/19
Lawrence in Michigan says Jim Harbaugh reeks of failure 10/01/19
Jeff from Richmond 10/01/19
Terry in Detroit has been listening since the early 90's, thinks Jeff in Richmond is hilarious 10/01/19
Matt in LA responds to Jeff in Richmond with fat smack 10/01/19
Jack in Arizona talks about Wisconsin being a great party school 10/02/19
Lawrence in Michigan wants to point his sword at East Lansing, gets run 10/02/19
Nick in Modesto says the wildcard game should be a series 10/03/19
Jerome in Houston says the Astros are full of killers, they're on a collision course with the Dodgers 10/03/19
Alex in Key West with a story about an exploding toilet, run for an Imodium report 10/03/19
Frank in Brooklyn is Mets fan, Calloway was responsible for at least 5 losses 10/03/19
Lawrence in Michigan wanted to let Rome know that Yandy Diaz killed it for the Rays, gets run 10/03/19
Fake Silk with advice on how Hawk can lose weight 10/04/19
Matt in LA is a proud member of plumber nation, takes a run at Belichick 10/04/19
WWE Good Brothers Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in studio, responds to callers and emailers 10/04/19
Karl Andersons mother checks in again after the interview 10/04/19
Silk Brah bragging about being at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar Hotel 10/07/19
Dan in San Diego is an old school listener. says Rome is the soundtrack to his adulthood 10/07/19
Susan in Sunset Beach works at a restaurant and made Jim a drink but didn't get to deliver it to him 10/07/19
Matt in LA says the Dodgers have awakened and have Jungle karma, wins huge call 10/07/19
Kevin in Los Angeles is a Falcons fan, says Dan Quinn sucks 10/08/19
Mike in Clearwater is going to the Astros Rays game tonight 10/08/19
Sam in DC says things are never going to change with the Redskins as long as Dan Snyder owns them 10/08/19
Benny in Ventura just wanted to call and congratulate Rome on the HOF 10/08/19
Jungle Karma defined by Urban Dictionary 10/09/19
Jacques in Quebec calls to talk about his Rays 10/09/19
Jeff in Southfield responds to a Kyle in Green Bay tweet, questions his marketing strategy 10/09/19
Dan in San Diego asks an ATP, best call ever, resets Terence in Sierra Madre 10/09/19
Reaction to Dodgers losing in NLDS, emails, calls from Alan in San Diego, Mark in San Diego, and Damon in Santa Maria 10/10/19
Iafrate compares Dave Roberts to Marty Schottenheimer 10/10/19
Matt in Vancouver jumps in on the Jeff in Southfield and Kyle in Green Bay beef 10/10/19
Matt in LA congratulates Washington, takes a run at Clayton Kerosene Kershaw 10/10/19
Raider Mike with a Dodgers take, lives and dies by the homerun 10/10/19
Rex in ABQ responds to the Brooks Koepka interview, run for 'Rory McIlroy rushing to the portajohn to build a log cabin' blast 10/11/19
Geoff in Lincoln calls with Eddie Money Shakin parody for Gerrit Ritt 10/14/19
Eric 'Hawks running guru' reads a list of marathon times, Hawk gives an update on his recent half marathon 10/14/19
Matt in Wisconsin - the refs make it were he doesn't want to watch football anymore, can't put the toothpaste back in the tube 10/15/19
Alvie produces Geoff in Lincolns song about Ritt 10/15/19
Scott in Michigan is tired of the Lions getting bad calls against the Packers, flamed out but Rome racked him anyways 10/15/19
Jerome in Houston lost his train of thought after Scotts call, Washington Nationals scare him 10/15/19
Rick in Buffalo takes an angry run at Hawk's half marathon and Kaleb vs Beaks weight loss contest 10/16/19
Kasey in Pensacola gets run for a rubba donga reference 10/16/19
Matt in LA talks about the history of the Nationals / Expos 10/16/19
Kaleb in Green Bay responds to Rick in Buffalo, gives an update on the weight loss contest 10/17/19
Parody Larry gets run for a late birthday song for Rome 10/17/19
Spencer in SLC thanks Rome for the Utah Utes karma 10/17/19
Tony in Houston wants Romes take on the Astros chances 10/21/19
Darryl in Lincoln in a Broncos fan, Elway needs to find a different quarterback 10/21/19
Derrick in Green Bay says everyone is pumped for the new era of the Packers 10/21/19
What's Your Beef? #1 - Calls from Scotty in New York, Trip in Richmond, David in Green Bay, and Steve in Kentucky 10/22/19
Jeff in Southfield on Irie Craig, spends his royalty money at 7-11, aspires to work at Guitar Center 10/22/19
Jason in Harrisburg takes a run at Jeff in Southfield, self-publishing smack 10/23/19
Jerome in Houston is still afraid of the Washington Nationals 10/23/19
Reggie in Ontario wanted to let Rome know that he was calling from Canada, got run 10/23/19
Nate in Sacramento got run for saying 'whats going on?' 10/23/19
Rex in ABQ parodies Reggie in Ontario, gets run 10/23/19
Geoff in Lincoln gets Boaties The Mole Face Rock reset for National Mole Day 10/23/19
What's Your Beef? #2 - Calls from Dan in C-Town and Kathleen in Omaha 10/24/19
Brian in Charlotte resetting Fake John in New York 10/25/19
Matt in LA comparing Juan Soto to Andruw Jones and Miguel Cabrera, Expos in 5, wins huge call 10/25/19
Mark in Chicago went to Wisconsin and it smelled like b.o., sheep, and cow manure 10/25/19
Vinny in Tennessee wonders why Kershaw gets blasted for postseason stats but not Verlander 10/25/19
What's Your Beef? #3 - Call from Anthony in Tennessee 10/29/19
Matt in LA doesn't like the World Series umpires 10/30/19
Brad in Corona smacks Matt in LA, Beaks and Kaleb weight loss challenge, gets run 10/30/19
Josh in Detroit compares himself to Verlander, begs for a Golden Ticket, gets run 10/30/19
Matt in LA responds to Brad in Corona 10/31/19
What's Your Beef? #4 - Call from KC in LA 10/31/19
Brad in Corona finishes off Matt in LA 10/31/19
Alvie's Spooky Mix Volume 9 10/31/19
Ron in Oakland is on cloud 9 because he watched the best looking quarterback last night and now he's watching the best looking sports talk host 11/01/19
Lane in South Carolina doesn't like how the Redskins handle their players 11/01/19
Eric in Orlando is going to hang out by the yachts at the boat show with his Boston posse and some chicks 11/01/19
Matt in LA says Brad in Corona is jealous of him, gets run, didn't take Romes advice about staying down 11/01/19
Raider Mike went to Houston for Raiders/Texans, really liked Deshaun Watsons game 11/04/19
Scotty in NY doesn't believe Deshaun Watson ate Popeyes chicken sandwiches 11/04/19
Jeff in Southfield calls as Trapper in Dana Point 11/05/19
What's Your Beef? #5 - Calls from Justin in Melbourne, Jeff in SoCal, and Dennis 11/05/19
Johnny in Texas loved the Jon Dorenbos interview, makes a public apology for a Tweet 11/06/19
Rex in ABQ has a beef with gym locker rooms, gets run for 'crossing swords' reference 11/06/19
Liz in Falls City says the clones are a dysfunctional family, has advice for HOF speech 11/07/19
What's Your Beef? #6 - Calls from Diego in San Francisco and Eric in Orlando 11/07/19
Alvie slowed down Matt Nagy's pennis and Cracker Jack's line 11/07/19
Damon Amendolara plays old Hackoff calls for Romes Hall of Fame induction 11/08/19
Parody Larry gives Rome a Hall of Fame introduction 11/08/19
Matt in Tucson got dumped for doing 'Epstein stuff' 11/11/19
Rome recaps his Hall of Fame induction ceremony 11/11/19
Hawk recaps his trip to New York for Rome's Hall of Fame induction 11/11/19
What's Your Beef? #7 - Call from Fake Scotty in NY 11/12/19
Reggie in Ontario tries to redeem himself but fails 11/13/19
Clippers and Rockets are a great NBA rivalry, Austin Rivers wanted his dad to get a technical foul 11/14/19
Adam in Indiana loved the interview with IU Coach Tom Allen, drops the 'brother' soundbite on his sons 11/14/19
Cruz Pedregon in studio, talks Raiders, NHRA Finals, Smackoff, and Brad in Corona 11/14/19
Josh in Detroit takes a run at John in NY for his HOF appearance 11/14/19
Wayne in NYC enjoyed Hawks stories about being in the city 11/14/19
Jeff in Cleveland is a lifelong Browns fan, they're the most undisciplined team in all sports 11/15/19
Mark in Hollywood takes credit for Rome's HOF, doesn't like the reverse karma for PSU, sneaks in a Diggler reference 11/15/19
Jim in Youngstown thinks Mason Rudolph should get all the blame in the Myles Garrett fight 11/15/19
What's Your Beef? #8 - Calls from Jason in Harrisburg, Johnny in Texas, and Kathleen in Omaha 11/15/19
Matt in LA thanks Rome for changing sports radio, announces a mini-CloneStock 11/18/19
What's Your Beef? #9 - Call from Steve in Las Vegas 11/19/19
John in Wisconsin hyperventilates through a Dallas Cowboys take 11/19/19
Carmelo emails, Geoff in Lincoln with Matt B - SJP rusty spurs 11/20/19
Ritt is drinking hot chocolate 11/20/19
Larry in Pittsburgh tells a story about a lady that skied down a slope with her pants down 11/20/19
Parody Larry sings New York New York for John, gets run 11/20/19
Joe in Gardena is an old man with poor credit, talks Kawhi and Clippers 11/21/19
What's Your Beef? #10 - Calls from Maury in Grand Rapids, Justin in San Diego, and Robert in NC 11/21/19
Christian in Maine gets run for a take about the Cowboys and Patriots owners 11/21/19
Denlesks email - Clone Thanksgiving Potluck 11/22/19
John in New York calls to recap his experience at the Hall of Fame induction 11/22/19
Trapper in Dana Point talks beef jerkey, sticks up for Jersey, congratulates Rome on HOF 11/22/19
Whats that sound? Clones try to guess. Answer: Elon Musk fails at smashing a window 11/22/19
Rick in Buffalo with takes on John in NY periscoping the HOF and personal space, Matt in Vancouver, Rome and Hawk chat about HOF 11/25/19
Cliff in Wisconsin - Frank Gore is a warrior 11/25/19
Mike in Peoria says the Ravens are so good that they will make the 49ers look like scrubs, Bills are a win away from playoffs 11/26/19
What's Your Beef? #11 - Call from Dennis in Las Vegas 11/26/19
Denlesks email - Happy Thanksgiving Eve 11/27/19
Matt in LA starts his call with a Tina Yothers reference, gets worse from there 11/27/19
John in Little Rock gets run with a Bang Your Head parody 11/27/19
Adam Hawk inducts Steve in HTown / Stucknut into the Jungle Hall of Fame 11/29/19
Rex in ABQ gets run for Steve Belichick extra chromosome smack 12/02/19
Danika in Jacksonville wants Minshew because he better represents the sinners of Duval, they drink beer, slam fireballs, and like to bump uglies - Wins Golden Ticket 12/03/19
What's Your Beef? #12 - Carson Daly, Steve Belichick - Call from Dave in KC 12/03/19
Clone Generated Segment - @Wells_InThe_360 asks 'Whats a sound drop from the Jim Rome show that can also be said during sex?' 12/04/19
Reaction to Well's segment, call from Parody Larry 12/04/19
Scotty in San Francisco is a Cowboys fan, team is pathetic, wants to get rid of Pee Wee Herman 12/05/19
Greg in Mountain View calls about USC, Clay Helton can't recruit 12/05/19
Steve Belichick sounds just like his old man 12/06/19
Drew in Buffalo says the Bills will shut down the Ravens 12/06/19
Silk Brah doesn't agree with Yogi Roth's assessment of Clay Helton 12/06/19
Ben in Little Rock corrected Rome when he was announced as Dan, got run 12/06/19
Rick in Buffalo checks in before the Bills vs Ravens game, Bills are on the doorstep of something big 12/06/19
Mark in San Francisco is proud of the 49ers and fans, thinks they'll win the Super Bowl 12/09/19
Jerome in Houston says the Texans loss was devastating and amusing, run for singing 12/09/19
Dan in Buffalo got run for asking Rome 'is this Jim?' 12/09/19
Wells in the 360 responds to Rick in Buffalos 'gender reveal' smack 12/09/19
Randy in Bako is an old school listener, hyped about the niners 12/09/19
Emails from Salty Sarah T and Denlesks about the Patriots new scandal 12/10/19
What's Your Beef? #13 - Call from Perry in Texas 12/10/19
Matt in LA goes all in on Belicheat, Rome didn't mean to take his call 12/11/19
Rex in ABQ responds to the 2 Gloves story, white pants at the Presidents Cup are so tight that you can see the silhouette of Tigers crank 12/12/19
Lionel Richie admits that Stevie Wonder can see 12/13/19
Silk Brah with a take on Anthony Rendon signing with the Angels, city of LA is a disaster, puts Hawk on blast 12/13/19
Andre in Detroit follows the Lions and Raiders, rattles off old school players 12/16/19
Rick in Buffalo is flying high after the Bills clinched a playoff birth, he's going to buy tickets to Miami 12/16/19
Calls from Cliff in Wisconsin, Tracee in Phoenix, Rich in Copyright Hills, and Matt in Vancouver 12/16/19
Nick in Iowa calls about Drew Brees and Michael Thomas 12/17/19
What's Your Beef? #14 - Calls from Cliff in Wisco, Christian in Maine, Joe in Michigan, and Josh in LA 12/17/19
Matt in LA is embarrassed by the Raiders, gets run 12/17/19
Susan in the Bay Area reads an article from the local paper 12/17/19
Gerrit in Toledo hates cats but wants a serval after hearing the take on Ezekiel Elliots dad 12/18/19
Walker in NoCal is an old school fan, loves all of Romes content 12/18/19
Parody Larry gets run for his annual Christmas song 12/18/19
Jeff from Richmond and email reaction 12/19/19
Raider Mike is pumped about the future of his team and the new stadium 12/19/19
Year in Review preview, Jeff in Southfield and Jason in Harrisburg 12/19/19
Vic in NoCal on Rick in Buffalo, Matt in LA, Buffalo Bills, and the University at Buffalo Buffalos 12/19/19
Beaks in Studio City reminisces on 2019, dedicates call to Randall 12/19/19
Dr. Dave in Chicago Christmas song 12/19/19
Eric in Orlando talks about a trip he recently took on a yacht 12/19/19
Dan in Buffalo responds to Vic in NoCal, claims that the Bills will beat the Patriots and win the division 12/19/19
Fabian in LA has a beef with spam calls 12/19/19
Jeff in SoCal tells the story of Fabian getting drunk outside the Smackoff party, suggests cheddar cologne for Jake to attract women in Wisco 12/19/19
John in Little Rock with a Smackoff Fever song, gets run 12/19/19
Cliff in Wisco with a take on the Raiders 12/19/19
Tom in Boston gets dumped for a call about the Patriots and Aaron Rodgers 12/19/19
2019 Year in Review - Hour 1 12/20/19
2019 Year in Review - Hour 2 12/20/19
2019 Year in Review - Hour 3 12/20/19

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