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Jeff in Lincoln sets the tone with the first email of 2017 01/03/17
Eric in Venice Florida, 1st call of 2017, says Carrie Fisher had a better weekend than Ronda Rousey 01/03/17
Tom in Myrtle Beach is depressed with the Buffalo Bills, lets out a great sigh 01/03/17
Dirk in Irvine thinks Sam Darnold will make up for USC's bad reputation, like OJ Simpson and Arrogant Steve 01/04/17
First Ask the Pros of 2017: Best bits of 2016 that didn't make it in the Year in Review 01/04/17
Americans eat 554 million Jack in the Box tacos per year 01/05/17
Jack in Ventura has a cool story about sharing Jack in the Box tacos with Tony Gwynn 01/05/17
Twitter contest - @FrankInThe209 wins with question about the Daily Jungle 01/05/17
Raider Mike calls with thoughts on the old Sacramento Kings, Raiders vs Texans wildcard game, and mentioned after party with Stucknut 01/06/17
Adam Hawk gets formally introduced as an XR4Ti member 01/06/17
Jim recaps the Sacramento station visit, clones rag on Adam for ordering water at the bar 01/09/17
Rick in Buffalo goes after Vic in Nocal and Mark in Boston, still on Smackoff bubble 01/09/17
John in Little Rock calls with a Ratt parody about the NCAA Championship game called 'Kick Their Ass' 01/09/17
Green Bay Tour Stop Anniversary - Part 1 - Bill Plaschke 01/10/17
Green Bay Tour Stop Anniversary - Part 2 - Toi Cook and Jerry, the owner of Stadium View Bar 01/10/17
Green Bay Tour Stop Anniversary - Part 3 - Al in Green Bay 01/10/17
Luke in Fort Collins calls to smack Rick in Buffalo, gets on Smackoff watch list 01/10/17
Dave in Greenville calls about the Clemson championship, gets racked for new errrr soundbite 01/11/17
Conor in San Diego calls with thoughts on the Chargers moving to LA, said the Spanos' are rats and kooks 01/12/17
Marcus in Seattle calls about the Chargers move to LA. Gets racked. 01/12/17
Silk Brah calls with thoughts on the Chargers move from San Diego to Los Angeles 01/13/17
Kelly in San Diego calls about the Chargers move, agrees with Silk 01/13/17
Leb in Grayling calls about the Packers Cowboys game, gets run for using a fake voice 01/13/17
ATP - Chris in Biloxi asks about the Blink-182 video, Twitter contest 01/13/17
Jen in NY with a very incoherent call 01/16/17
KC in Appleton is sick of hearing about Favre. Like's Rodgers because he doesn't need pain killers or slumpbusters. 01/16/17
ATP - Ken in SA - What would Jim do if Logan broadcasted a Jake 'ass-chewin' on social media 01/16/17
Paul in South Carolina thinks the Steelers should bench Antonio Brown, I can't go for that, spawned Hall and Oates emails 01/17/17
Alvin gets challenged with Hall and Oates songs, ends up playing animal soundbites 01/17/17
The clones wanted Jim Rome to know that Vince Neil has gained weight 01/18/17
Doctor Dave in Chicago tries to take a run at Vic in NoCal, flames out, clones react 01/19/17
Nick in San Francisco calls about the Raiders possible move to Las Vegas, run for dropping F bomb 01/19/17
Parody Larry gets in with a 'Hit the Road Dak' parody 01/19/17
Luke in Fort Collins has a suggestion for Goodell if the Patriots win, has advice for Doctor Dave 01/19/17
Neil in Cleveland vows to make the Jungle great again 01/20/17
Jeff Bagwell interview - 2017 MLB Hall of Fame inductee 01/20/17
Orion in Waterford says Bellator is garbage, gave Chael Sonnens fight a chance, doesn't change his mind 01/23/17
Tweets from @JBinthe541, @NathanInOmaha, @stucknut, @tedrickdancin, and @MattTheQuick. Also an original song from John in Little Rock about Leff 01/23/17
@GarbageManBrad resets Larry in Santa Maria's Chael Sonnen vegetable call 01/23/17
Jeff in South Carolina questions Jungle Karma, doesn't want Rome to interview Atlanta Falcons Brian Poole 01/24/17
Irie Craig asked Rome if he will be at the Pegasus World Cup in Florida, but Rome reminded him about the Super Bowl 01/24/17
A look back at the Brett Favre Dilla Hunt 01/25/17
Football player descriptions from scouts get borderline erotic 01/25/17
Mike in Encino is a Division I high school football equipment manager and wants to talk deflategate, clones react 01/26/17
Rick in Buffalo checks in again to smack Vic in Nocal and Luke in Fort Collins, still on Smackoff bubble, clones react 01/27/17
Steve Elkington discusses bourbon, gives Silk Brah a shoutout 01/30/17
2017 Radio Row - Monday Hour 1 - Jason La Canfora 01/30/17
2017 Radio Row - Monday Hour 2 - Steve Elkington, Dan Shaughnessy, Pete Prisco 01/30/17
2017 Radio Row - Monday Hour 3 - Bernardrick McKinney, Jeffrey Chadia 01/30/17
Luke in Fort Collins responds to Rick in Buffalo 01/31/17
2017 Radio Row - Tuesday Hour 1 - Mike Freeman, Bill Romanowski 01/31/17
2017 Radio Row - Tuesday Hour 2 - Holly Robinson Peete, Ian Rapoport 01/31/17
2017 Radio Row - Tuesday Hour 3 - Albert Breer, AJ Hinch 01/31/17
2017 Radio Row - Wednesday Hour 1 - Jimmie Johnson, Trevor Siemian, David Johnson 02/01/17
2017 Radio Row - Wednesday Hour 2 - Josh Norman, Emmanuel Sanders, Shaun O'Hara, Cam Jordan 02/01/17
2017 Radio Row - Wednesday Hour 3 - Tim Brown, Von Miller, Melvin Gordon 02/01/17
Cal in Vegas calls to talk about the Raiders and Charles Barkley 02/02/17
2017 Radio Row - Thursday Hour 1 - Hines Ward, Jerry Kramer, Lavonte David, Antonio Brown 02/02/17
2017 Radio Row - Thursday Hour 2 - Adam Vinatieri, Demaryius Thomas, Deshaun Watson 02/02/17
2017 Radio Row - Thursday Hour 3 - Malcom Jenkins, Major Applewhite, Brandon Marshall 02/02/17
2017 Radio Row - Friday Hour 1 - Drew Brees, Boomer Esiason, Ike Taylor 02/03/17
2017 Radio Row - Friday Hour 2 - Ricky Jean Francois, Anthony Lynn, Justin Forsett 02/03/17
2017 Radio Row - Friday Hour 3 - Allen Robinson, Chris Harris Jr, Kirk Cousins 02/03/17
Super Bowl Sunday Show Hour 1 - Keegan-Michael Key, Steve Elkington, Glover Quin 02/05/17
Super Bowl Sunday Show Hour 2 - Maria Menounos, Duane Brown 02/05/17
Super Bowl Sunday Show Hour 3 - Jason La Confora, AJ Hinch, The Week That Was 02/05/17
Clones try to guess who Rome saw on the elevator. It wasn't Steve from Stucknut. 02/06/17
Boatie in Pearland recaps the Super Bowl 02/06/17
Jim Rome interview on Pardon My Take podcast 02/06/17
Matt in LA talks about the Raiders and responds to Cal in Vegas 02/08/17
Ken in Sacramento with thoughts on the Charles Oakley confrontation at the Knicks game 02/09/17
@GarbageManBrad tweets about the plastic surgery addict that wants to look like a Ken doll 02/09/17
William in Detroit blames Kevin Durant's free agency on Thunder management 02/13/17
Jim Rome bought clothes from hotel to work out, didn't have shoes so wore disposable sandals 02/13/17
Adam Hawk runs a 10k after a month of eating healthy and abstaining from alcohol, finished 1192nd place 02/13/17
Jeff in SoCal mocks UConn womens basketballs 100th straight win 02/14/17
Garbage Man Brad in Minnesota gets run for self gloss 02/14/17
Dave in Sacramento has a daughter playing basketball on scholarship, says she can break the clones ankles 02/14/17
Mike in Little Rock wonders what happened to smack. War me. 02/14/17
Rome addresses the Shey from the Bay Twitter video 02/14/17
Harrison Ford lands his plane on the taxiway 02/15/17
Irie Craig compares Tom Brady to Fonzy 02/15/17
Phil in Tampa calls to hype Brent 'Bones' Barry 02/15/17
Tweets about Matthew Stafford's vacation and Adrian Peterson's interest in Giants - from @DrewWestLA, Keith in St. Paul, @RayInSaintPaul, @Matt_InVan, @TwelveWood 02/16/17
Shey from the Bay calls to explain her video 02/16/17
Parody Larry calls with a James Dolan song, Rome sets Over/Under at 9 seconds, Larry lasts for 12 02/16/17
Tweets and emails from Liz in Phoenix, @RandallintheOC, Jason in CBus, @TheMianoPan, @Jeff_fromthe919, @Denlesks, @RitchDaRuler, @love_dem_birds, @realbrockpete 02/16/17
Phoenix affiliate reaction - @BlaiseInKC, @CalinVegas, @PCBrent1, @DanLouisville, @IamTrent1999, @pranil101 02/18/17
Harrison Ford update - Told tower he was flying a helicopter 02/18/17
Jukebox Friday 02/18/17
Dan in Denver calls to smack on Rick in Buffalo, Rome didn't like the wife smack 02/18/17
Twitter contest - @Stucknut, @MikeDForThree, @chrisinstpete, @theStruvee, @LuisInPalmdale, @Uspsdriver, @BlaiseInKC 02/18/17
Ken in Sacramento calls about the DeMarcus Cousins trade, followed by 2 run calls, Larry and Michael in Sacramento 02/21/17
Jeff in New Orleans likes the DeMarcus Cousins trade, but loves the Sacramento fan meltdown 02/21/17
Logan asked Jim about the Rat Family 02/21/17
Luke in Fort Collins with takes on Darrelle Revis, Magic Johnson, and John in Little Rock 02/22/17
Terrence in Oxnard calls high on heroin to tell Jim that he took the week off to play the lottery 02/23/17
CJ in Oxnard had to let the clones know that Terrence doesn't represent the rest of Oxnard 02/23/17
Mark in Hollywood calls with thoughts on Magic Johnson, Rick Pitino, Jameis Winston, and the Dan in Denver vs. Rick in Buffalo feud 02/24/17
Jeff in SoCal tries to establish his brand as the womens basketball caller 02/24/17
Jacob in NorCal rushes through his first call talking about Bay Area sports 02/24/17
Twitter contest - @zpatterson15, @Zonks11, @AveryGwyn, @TotalBigE, @chrisinstpete, @jgraffius 02/24/17
Orion in Waterford calls with thoughts on Shaq and Javale McGee's twitter beef 02/27/17
Ken in Sacramento on Shaq's bullying 02/27/17
Slash in Brentwood calls after an interview with a legal analyst discussing OJ Simpson, gets out before buzzer 02/27/17
Benny in Wisco's special Fat Tuesday email glossing the Twitter clones with FAT names 02/28/17
Fat Tuesday Tweets (@ShaunBeezee, @Robinthe21Ou, @NathanInOmaha, @salejandroh, @bigsteve8921, @DanLouisville) and back-to-back-to-back emails from @StevePHX 02/28/17
Silk Brah calls after Lee Jenkins interview about the Chargers move to Los Angeles 03/01/17
Denlesks emails a Dr. Seuss inspired poem for Adam Hawk, with Twitter reaction 03/02/17
Cal in Vegas takes a run at Dan in Denver, Matt in Vancouver, and Shey from the Bay 03/02/17
Dan in Denver responds to Cal in Vegas, gets racked 03/02/17
Matt in Vancouver follows Dan's call to smack on Cal in Vegas 03/02/17
Marcus in Seattle doesn't like the new smack talkers, gets on Smackoff watchlist 03/03/17
AC in Joplin calls about the Tonya Harding movie, gets run for f-bomb 03/03/17
Tonya Harding is finally getting a movie 03/03/17
Kim Mulkey apologizes for 'knock them in the face' comments, @DenverrDan calls her a scarecrow 03/03/17
Jeff in SoCal weighs in on college basketball, gets run for layup smack 03/03/17
Twitter contest - @love_dem_birds, @StevenCrowtown, @AlanInRaleigh, @WarLadyClones, @GABEinthe604, @Gordon_Hatthorn 03/03/17
AC in Joplin - Unedited with f-bomb 03/03/17
Michael Jordan - The ceiling is the roof 03/06/17
Luke in Fort Collins takes on Marcus in Seattle and Cal in Vegas 03/07/17
Cruz Pedregon drops a video on Twitter for Jim Rome 03/07/17
Jacob in NorCal calls with a rap, gets racked 03/07/17
Rome played the Boogie Cousins 'fat boy' clip at the dinner table 03/08/17
Rick in Buffalo responds to Dan in Denver and the 'Twitter frat party' 03/08/17
Ted in Oakland says the Raiders move to Vegas will be a circus, wins Huge Call 03/09/17
Sarah T. email - Del Rio dances at the Sands 03/09/17
Dan in Denver responds to Rick in Buffalo with old man smack 03/09/17
Marty in NorCal will follow the Raiders wherever they go, resets Quentin Groves segment on JRIB 03/09/17
The birth of the Giraffe Family 03/09/17
Matt in LA calls with thoughts on the Raiders and SF Giants 03/10/17
Chad in LA doesn't want Romo in Denver, has ideas for Raiders players in Las Vegas 03/10/17
Benny in Wisco breaks his own record for most rat references, Rome is tempted to bring the family back 03/13/17
Jacob in NorCal calls about March Madness, gets run for Giraffe Family reference 03/13/17
Charles Barkley on LaVar Ball, Warriors, players resting, Grayson Allen, Boogie Cousins, and Zeke Elliott 03/14/17
Luke in Fort Collins calls about the tourney, SDSU, Duke, and the Denver Broncos 03/15/17
Lisa in Tucson has a take about the tournament and her Arizona Wildcats, Rome resets her 420 call, she calls back to talk about it 03/15/17
Jeff in SoCal has a take on 'womens basketball gal', gets run for cankle reference 03/15/17
Fake Cal in Vegas calls and gets run 03/17/17
20 year anniversary of Pete Gillen's Duke is Duke, they are on TV more than Leave it to Beaver reruns. 03/17/17
Dan in Denver email comparing NBA players resting to Smackoff participants not calling throughout the year 03/20/17
Mark in Boston calls with a straight take on Michigan basketball 03/20/17
Denlesks poem for World Poetry day followed by 3 run calls from Parody Larry, Matt in LA, and Doctor Dave in Chicago 03/21/17
John in Little Rock freestyle raps and beatboxes, gets run (4th run caller in a row) 03/21/17
Jacob in NorCal raps for World Poetry Day, gets racked 03/21/17
Mike in Indy calls last minute about Savageland, University of Michigan athletics in debt, runs out of time 03/21/17
Dan in Denver glosses himself the Wolverine, takes a run at Jacob in NorCal and Kaleb in Green Bay 03/22/17
Shout out to Austin Huff - Dennis in Omaha, James in Myrtle Beach, Bobby in Houston, Jay in Houston, Matt in LA 03/23/17
Gary in California doesn't want Marc James to interview LaVar Ball, plus Twitter reaction 03/24/17
Orion in Waterford - LaVar Ball should be on the show because of freedom of speech 03/24/17
LaVar Ball interviewed by Marc James 03/24/17
Raider Mike calls with thoughts on move to Vegas, Rome interrupts a few times 03/27/17
Erron in Diamondhead calls with a poem, repping the Gulf Coast Mafia 03/27/17
Rick in North Carolina gets run for a ridiculous Ask the Pros question 03/27/17
Russell Crowe got fat - Tweets from @iambthewalrus @Jacob_in_NorCal @TedInPittsburgh @Chadinthe502 @Stucknut @NancysKnee @MomsOopsBaby 03/28/17
Marty in NoCal loves the Raiders more than he loves Jim Rome 03/28/17
LeBron took an elbow to the back, sounded painful 03/28/17
Silk Brah calls about the Raiders move, resets Al Davis conning Irwindale 03/29/17
Jacob in NorCal takes a run at Dan in Denver, Cal in Vegas, and the Raiders 03/29/17
@TotalBigE tweets about Najeh Davenport, gets blocked for the week 03/30/17
Matt in Cleveland global warming reset, 6 year anniversary 03/31/17
Lou in Sacramento calls with a story about Demarcus Cousins smoking all of his friends weed at a party, self-absorbed mother scratcher 03/31/17
Lisa in Tucson talks about how she is highly functional while baked 03/31/17
Jeff in SoCal gives odds on the NCAA Women's Final Four, gets run for mentioning their short haircuts 03/31/17
Marcus in Seattle butchered his Draymond Green war, gets run 04/03/17
Trapper in Dana Point checks in, discusses MLB opening day, UConn womens basketball, Danica Patrick, and talking to CEO, Leff, and Vic 04/03/17
Hank Azaria interview on Jim Norton's SiriusXM show - Hank refers to Jim Rome's Scoreboard gloss 04/03/17
Justin in Utah calls about Tony Romo, says the Hall of Fame won't take someone with 'crap down your leg' 04/04/17
Matt in LA calls about Tony Romo, the Padres mediocre lineup, and Roger Goodell 04/04/17
Dan in Denver wants to talk basketball, gets run for calling Draymond a donkey 04/05/17
Marcus in Seattle with another lackluster call, tries to take a run at Luke in Fort Collins 04/05/17
ATP - Penske Organization reset, what type of sunglasses does Rome wear 04/05/17
Tennis reporter congratulates Rafael Nadal for a win after a loss. It's a win anyways. 04/05/17
Jacob in NorCal is tired of Marcus 'Narcus' in Seattle's calls, brings up Lance in Topeka's throat cancer 04/06/17
Josh in Detroit glosses Las Vegas 'Hookland' because of all of the hooker cards being handed out, wins huge call 04/06/17
Ken in Sacramento is not a fan of LaVar Ball 04/07/17
Ernie Johnson interview promoting his new book: Unscripted 04/07/17
ATP John in Windsor, Hayes in the 562 04/07/17
Jacob in NorCal thinks LeBron is a huge bag, gets run 04/11/17
Josh in Detroit screams some smack towards Cal in Vegas 04/12/17
Tyler in Edmonton lays out the NHL playoffs, puts Logan Couture in Rat Family HOF, wins huge call 04/12/17
Seattle Mariners serves toasted grasshoppers at the ballpark, Rex Hudler reset 04/12/17
Emails and Tweets - Aaron in Omaha (Linkin Nark), Scott in Morocco (Family Feud), @TotalBigE (Mike in Indy shared title) 04/13/17
Eric in South Dakota calls Steph, KD, and Klay trash, predicts Blazers in 7, gets run 04/13/17
Dan in Denver says the Lakers can't even lose correctly 04/13/17
Matt in Vancouver cracks on Edmonton, they wear construction uniforms to clubs 04/13/17
Luke in Fort Collins is picking the Rockets over Thunder, takes run at Tyler in Edmonton and Marcus in Seattle 04/14/17
Mike in Little Rock is repping Raider Nation, smacks on Josh in Detroit 04/14/17
Josh in Detroit - Rome asked what he thought about Mike in Little Rocks smack, Josh responded with 'it was good, it was good' 04/14/17
Mike in Indy gets run for R Kelly golden ticket smack 04/14/17
Marcus in Seattle tries to respond to Luke in Fort Collins, gets run 04/14/17
Vody in Pasadena talks about former Bucks centers playing for the Cavs, Alvin runs him for saying Gonch 04/14/17
Tyler in Edmonton smacks back at Luke in Fort Collins and Matt in Vancouver, wins a Golden Ticket 04/14/17
Jeff in SoCal called to talk about the WNBA draft with more womens basketball smack, ran out of material because he thought he would get run 04/14/17
Parody Larry gets run for having a hot take on LeBron James 04/18/17
Steve in PHX Tiny Dancer Email 04/18/17
Darren in Illinois and his 'Kinda Weird' Huge Call 04/18/17
Aaron Hernandez committed suicide - Hour 1 and interview with Ben Volin 04/19/17
Matt in California Huge Call 04/20/17
Dan in Denver Gets Golden Ticket 04/20/17
JC in Calgary 420 Email Crashes Rome's Opening Segment 04/20/17
Mike in Little Rock tries to track down the brownies, takes run at Matt in Van 04/20/17
Luke in Fort Collins calls Dan in Denver a poor mans Mike in Indy 04/21/17
Lisa in Tucson finally checks in for 420 04/21/17
Chad in LA gets run for a bad phone connection 04/21/17
Mark in Hollywood has takes on Aaron Hernandez and Mike in Indy 04/21/17
Mike in Indy calls last minute to respond to Mark in Hollywood 04/21/17
Kellie in Fairfax calls with a take on LeBron James and Dan in Denver, remember the lame 04/21/17
Kellie in Fairfax has thoughts on Dustin Pedroia and Manny Machado, has a message for Jacob in NorCal 04/24/17
Matt in LA says Ballsy needs to blow up the Clippers, gets run for referencing Romes sister hanging their cat 04/24/17
ATP Bella Bee asks Rome what he smells like 04/24/17
Wayne in Florida had surgery similar to Steve Kerr and had leaking spinal fluid, plus reaction from @BigSkyTryst, @Avalanche43, @LuisInPalmdale, @GABEinthe604 04/25/17
Marcus in Seattle is fed up with the Clippers 04/25/17
Justin in Utah says the Clippers are a bunch of crybabies 04/25/17
Hookland Josh in Detroit compares Blake Griffin's injury to NHL players, gets run 04/25/17
John in Little Rock calls from a new smartphone, parodies Land Down Under again 04/25/17
KC in LA says Donald Sterling cursed the Clippers, wins huge call 04/25/17
Rome threatens to block J.B. in the 319 (formerly in the 785) for Tweeting polygamy smack about Utah Jazz fans 04/26/17
Jeff in Middletown calls for the first time in seven years, complains that Mike in Indy has turned the Jungle into a petting zoo - with Clones' reaction 04/26/17
Mike in Indy calls to crack back on Jeff in Middletown, gets run for crude sexual innuendo; with Twitter and e-mail reaction 04/26/17
Four consecutive calls from Utah Jazz fans 04/26/17
Mike in Little Rock (the Nooch) calls to talk Marshawn Lynch, New Orleans Saints, NHL playoffs, crack on Mark in Hollywood, gets broken off at the end of Hour 2 04/26/17
The worst Ask The Pros question ever 04/26/17
Jeff in Middletown calls to respond to Mike in Indy, gets chased off by music 04/27/17
Raider Mike's take on Marshawn Lynch signing with Oakland 04/27/17
Mark in Boston lets Jeff in Middletown know that he is recycling takes from 7 years ago 04/27/17
Rick in Buffalo screams through a take about Dan in Denver, wins a Golden Ticket 04/27/17
Matt in Salt Lake City hyperventilates and gets run 04/27/17
Vody in Pasadena calls about the NFL Draft and Big Baller Brand 04/28/17
Matt in Vancouver gets run for being belligerent towards Rick in Buffalo 04/28/17
Jeff in SoCal calls about the Bears draft, Rick in Buffalo, and Leff in Laguna 04/28/17
Chad in LA takes a run at Leff in Laguna and Vic in NoCal 04/28/17
Twitter contest - @VicNocal, @TommyFromNC, @stucknut, @Jeff_fromthe919, @SirWalterCity, @TFPWillEat 04/28/17
Zach in SLC calls about the Jazz/Clippers series. We have good families and mountains, so suck on that LA! 05/01/17
Tim in Fullerton is a dentist that explains how to reinsert a tooth when it falls out 05/01/17
Al in Indy with a really cool story about a tooth extraction 05/01/17
Tweet from @shoxrox17 Sounds like Noah Syndergaard has a Thor arm. Regards, Mike Tyson 05/01/17
Twitter thugs call Sidney Crosby soft @HitmanCanadian, @Avalanche43, @JC_in_Calgary; Giraffe party @crazybiloxi 05/02/17
Rome addresses Mike Glennon and the non-existent giraffe family @DrewWestLA, @RandallintheOC, @Denlesks, @TFPWillEat, @PatrickLineber1, @SarahT_in_Prov 05/02/17
Kelvin Benjamin email from Greg in Bugaha, Alvin sounds the Fat Alarm 05/02/17
Holmey wanted to remind everyone he knows where Rome lives 05/03/17
ATP - Fake Kaleb (Camping), Sarah T. (Speedos), Jamie in London Ontario (Bombay Sapphire) 05/03/17
May the Fourth Be With You emails plus a call from Chewbacca on Alderaan 05/04/17
Dan in Denver puts his Golden Ticket on the line 05/04/17
Vic in NoCal has a take on the Bears draft, Old man Tom Coughlin, and gets run for a Falco parody 'Ima Douche' 05/04/17
Zach in SLC responds to the Twitter trolls 05/05/17
John in LR tries to respond to Vic in Nocal 05/05/17
Leff in Laguna Beach takes a run at Lavar Ball's yellow teeth 05/05/17
Ken in Sacramento claims that LeBron James is the best player ever 05/08/17
Ken in Mission Viejo email sparks a segment about Romes dad making him listen to jazz music 05/09/17
Josh in Detroit doesn't understand how quarterbacks land color commentator jobs. What is that? 05/09/17
Matt in Omaha eviscerating fools while drunk, Wizard of the Windmill 05/10/17
Zach in SLC calls about the Warriors and Twitter groupies 05/10/17
Matt in LA has takes on the NHL Playoffs and Zach in SLC 05/10/17
Kellie in Fairfax takes a run at THE Mike in Indy 05/10/17
Jeff in Socal gets run for Popovich face smack 05/10/17
Jim Rome nails another NHL playoff prediction 05/11/17
Joey Vendetta recaps Oilers Ducks game 7 05/11/17
Dave in Michigan thinks Rome's prediction of Penguins over Capitals is a conspiracy. Claims Alvin edited the audio. 05/11/17
John in San Antonio calls about the Spurs destroying the Rockets 05/12/17
Jerome in Houston is a pissed off Houston sports fan, claims the Rockets game was the 2nd worst day in his 40 years in Houston 05/12/17
Boatie in Pearland has never liked James Harden. Rockets need a true point guard. 05/12/17
Vody in Pasadena calls about the Boston Celtics, gets run for Najeh Davenport reference 05/12/17
Mike in Indy's last minute call about Jim McElwain, gets run 05/12/17
Gino in San Antonio with thoughts on Zaza Pachulia and Kawhi Leonard 05/15/17
Joey in New Bedford calls for the first time in 11 years, talks Spurs, Predators, Stucknut 05/15/17
Rome resets Oren in Denver and Jeff in Richmond's feud 05/15/17
ATP and Twitter contest: @SmileyYYC, @TotalBigE, @TFPWillEat, @a_Troia 05/15/17
Gino in San Antonio calls back for 2nd day in a row to talk Spurs/Warriors 05/16/17
Lou in Sacramento, the British caller, responds to Gino smacking San Francisco. Says San Antonio 'The so called River Walk, urine filled stream that goes through the city' 05/16/17
Parody Larry gets run for not going directly to his song 05/16/17
Alex in Cleveland has a message for the city of Boston, gets racked 05/17/17
Logan in Vancouver told the screener he had the first good take the show has ever heard, doesn't like callers that read takes 05/17/17
Jacob in NorCal responds to San Antonio with: I'm about to go to your river so I can drain my snake 05/17/17
Gino in San Antonio calls for the 3rd straight day to take a run at the Warriors 05/17/17
Mark in Boston responds to Alex in Cleveland 05/17/17
Gino in San Antonio calls for 4th day in a row to talk Spurs and Warriors 05/18/17
John in Oakland thinks Zaza is a clumsy moron 05/18/17
Matt in LA with thoughts on the NBA lottery, gets chased off by sharks 05/18/17
Ward in Cleveland tries to convince Rome to visit C-Town 05/18/17
Emailer compares Clarkson to a zamboni, it goes over Romes head 05/19/17
Irie Craig calls and sparks a horse discussion 05/19/17
John in Little Rock with an Outfield parody, plus reaction 05/19/17
@TFPWillEat tweet resetting Chris Hansen soundbites 05/19/17
Preston in Nashville is a football fan in Nashville that loved the Predators/Ducks series better than the Titans Super Bowl game 05/23/17
Rat Cafe in San Francisco - Email from @TFPWillEat and call from @BennyInWisco 05/23/17
Josh in Detroit waited on hold for 3 weeks, tried to push his Hook brand, got run 05/23/17
Cal in Vegas takes a run at Mark in Boston and Chad in LA, does not get racked 05/24/17
Justin in Melbourne FL bashes the city of Ottawa 05/24/17
Chad in LA responds to Cal in Vegas, gives him a taste of his own medicine, gets racked 05/24/17
Zach in SLC takes a run at Matt in LA, Rome can't decode his call 05/25/17
Matt in LA responds immediately to Zach, Rome says it's not the best clone-on-clone crime 05/25/17
Luke in Fort Collins talks about the Rockies, tries to win Golden Ticket, comes up short 05/25/17
Body-slamming politician from Montana broke reporters glasses 05/25/17
Cal in Vegas points out the irony that a soccer guy is hosting the Jim Rome show 05/26/17
Tim in Florida takes a run at Cal in Vegas 05/26/17
Josh in Detroit goes after Tyler in Edmonton, gets a red card for hook reference 05/26/17
Dan in Denver, the Wolverine, takes shots at soccer, gets a red card 05/26/17
Jacob in NorCal calls to smack Zach in SLC, gets a red card 05/26/17
Doug in Berkley is a grumpy old man with thoughts on coaches resting players 05/26/17
Luke in Fort Collins wanted to give the Rat and Giraffe family some love 05/26/17
Landon Donovan calls with a very enthusiastic take on soccer, gets a red card 05/26/17
Hope Solo was partying with Donovan, gets red card 05/26/17
Frank in the 209 takes a run at Dan in Denver, Rick in Buffalo, and Leff in Laguna 05/26/17
Parody Larry gets a red card for being Parody Larry 05/26/17
Neil in Cleveland calls to talk about the NBA Finals, gets run for reading 05/30/17
John in Little Rock remixes Odom's on the Pipe for Tiger Woods 05/30/17
Irie Craig talks about John in Little Rock, Tiger Woods, Dodgers, and horse racing 05/30/17
Mark in Boston smacks Cal in Vegas, bummed about Flip or Flop 05/31/17
Calls from Josh in Detroit, Parody Larry, and Matt in LA turn into a mini-Hackoff 06/01/17
Jerome in Houston gets run for old Smacktionary references 06/02/17
Kaleb in Green Bay calls with thoughts on Mary Kay Letourneau's divorce, gets run 06/02/17
Matt in Van takes a run at Cal in Vegas and Dan in Denver 06/02/17
Zach in SLC calls from the BK Lounge to talk about Steph Curry's ugly shoes 06/02/17
Jeff in SoCal switches gears to talk womens softball, gets run 06/02/17
Crazy Charlie in Nashville calls on his way to the arena 06/05/17
Mike in Nashville is a Pittsburgh native that owns a bar in Nashville 06/05/17
Marcus in Seattle lost his voice, questioned an earlier call that Rome racked, got run 06/05/17
Ask the Pros: Nicki in Houston - Asked Rome about his favorite Smackoff 06/05/17
Silk Brah calls from O'Reilly Auto, doesn't like Zach stealing his brand 06/05/17
Ivan in Indio takes a run at Leff, Silk, and Cleveland 06/05/17
Becky in Chicago tells Jim that he's banned from the city of Chicago and the airwaves 06/06/17
Kasey in Pensacola responds to Becky in Chicago 06/06/17
Dylan in Boise says that the Smackoff is not ready for his heat 06/06/17
Bobby in Nashville wants us to know that his boys call him Cracker Jack, Alvie ran him for self gloss 06/06/17
John in Little Rock does a Fat Boys cover, Rome gives him a Golden Ticket 06/06/17
Nick in San Luis Obispo with a topical call about Albert Haynesworth and Lisa in Tucson 06/06/17
Ken in Sacramento talks about the differences in eras of basketball 06/07/17
James in the Bay takes a run at Dan in Denver, gets run 06/07/17
Zach in SLC tries to win a Golden Ticket by piping in noise and saying he was at Benihanas 06/08/17
Tyler in Edmonton talks hockey and clone-on-clone crime, gets to keep Golden Ticket 06/08/17
Calls from Josh in Detroit, Jacob in NorCal, and Matt in LA. All got run within 1:38 total (new record) 06/08/17
Dan in Denver takes a run at James in the Bay, interviews Joey Vendetta for Smackoff call cameo 06/09/17
Calls from Josh in Detroit (run), Matt in LA (won GnR tickets), Aaron in Denver, James in South Dakota, Larry in Ohio, Jacob in NorCal (won GnR tickets), Rob in San Diego 06/09/17
Calls from James in the Bay, Jason in Hawaii (run), Mike in Idaho (won GnR tickets) 06/09/17
Calls from Kevin in Pittsburgh (good Nashville smack), Garbage Man Brad (took runs at Jacob, Josh, and James), Ian in Florida, Dylan in Eugene 06/09/17
Tom in Nashville was bummed about the Predators losing, until he realized that Penguins fans live their lives in Pennsylvania's butthole 06/12/17
Steve Elkington interview, US Open, muff/hippie hair, new show on SiriusXM 06/12/17
Nicki in H-Town has a message for Josh in Detroit and the rest of the ninnies 06/13/17
Zach in SLC calls from space, says Nicki's call sounded like an informercer 06/13/17
Ken in Sacramento calls with his thoughts on former Smackoffs 06/13/17
Kasey in Pensacola gets run for Challenger explosion smack 06/13/17
Mark in Boston RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/13/17
Eric in Denver says Zach in SLC aka Silk the 3rd puts him to sleep 06/14/17
Vic in Nocal RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/14/17
Bo in Nashville goes after Kasey in Pensacola, will smack him in the face with a Smashville catfish, gets on watchlist 06/14/17
Parody Larry sings a song for D-Bag LeBron, gets run for a scheduled interview 06/14/17
Fake Silk checks in from Maine, gets run 06/15/17
Deech in Oakland is a bar owner (The Miranda) calling from the parade. He also tells a story about legend Alvie. 06/15/17
Tyler in Edmonton called as Dan in Denver 06/16/17
Mike in Little Rock the Nooch discusses Tyler and Dan's bromance 06/16/17
Erron in Diamondhead gets a red card for saying Benny in Wisco pitches from the bottom 06/16/17
Dan in Denver runs smack at the XR4Ti crew members 06/16/17
Josh in Detroit gets a red card for saying 'why dont you go dunk on these' after suggesting Zach's next call will be from Dunkin Donuts 06/16/17
Luke in Fort Collins takes a run at Zach in SLC 06/16/17
Calls from Blair in Green Bay, Matt in LA, Jacob in NorCal, Tim in Modesto 06/16/17
Luke in Fort Collins thinks the Smackoff will be boring because of the bad Golden Ticket callers 06/19/17
Zach in SLC calls from your moms house, finally wins the Golden Ticket 06/19/17
Gary Vaynerchuk interview - entrepreneur, four-time New York Times bestselling author, speaker and internet personality 06/19/17
Kasey in Pensacola responds to Bo in Nashville, gets run for Manti Te'o catfish joke 06/20/17
Devin in SLC doesn't like how Zach represents Utah 06/20/17
Bo in Nashville finishes off the Kasey feud, clones think he deserves a Golden Ticket 06/21/17
Kaleb in Green Bay RSVP's to the Smackoff with a Silence of the Lambs inspired take about Leff 06/21/17
Rome lays out the 2017 Smackoff odds from Stucknut 06/21/17
Josh in Detroit shows off his Smackoff grind versatility, gets run; Rome warns Dan in Denver that his emails and Tweets can get his Golden Ticket revoked 06/22/17
2017 Smackoff Promo 06/22/17
Travis in New Mexico read his script wrong, flames out 06/22/17
Matt in Vancouver takes a run at Dan in Denver, wins Golden Ticket 06/23/17
Mark in Hollywood RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/23/17
Sarah T. in Providence calls, wants to get into the Year in Review, clones love her chowd accent 06/23/17
Benny in Wisco aka Mr. Bell Ding with another cheesy call, wins Golden Ticket 06/23/17
John in Little Rock calls with a Devo Whip It parody called Rip It, for Dan in Denvers Golden Ticket 06/23/17
Dan in Denver checks in with a call strong enough to keep his Golden Ticket 06/23/17
Jeff Passan RSVP's to the Smackoff during his interview 06/26/17
New Fit Alarm for when celebrities or athletes lose weight 06/26/17
Tyler in Edmonton smacks on fat Americans, wins huge call 06/26/17
Tandem call from Mike in Little Rock (The Nooch) and Doctor Dave in Chicago, got run 06/27/17
Reaction to Mike and Dave's tandem call; Call from Dee in NorCal 06/27/17
Joe in Minneapolis says Kaepernick is the most toxic individual in the country 06/28/17
Leff in Laguna Beach RSVP's to the Smackoff, takes a run at Chael Sonnen 06/28/17
Travis in New Mexico explains his last flamout, talks Phil Jackson, gets run 06/28/17
Marcus in Seattle is pissed about the Clippers trading Chris Paul 06/28/17
2 bad calls from Ohio - Alex in Cleveland (flamed) and Kurt in Ohio 06/29/17
National Handshake Day 06/29/17
Rick in Buffalo yells through a call, keeps Golden Ticket, gets compared to Jeff in Richmond 06/30/17
Jeff in SoCal gets through an entire call, gets on Smackoff radar 06/30/17
Fake Zach in SLC 06/30/17
Brad in Corona is trying to resolve a schedule conflict for Smackoff, takes a run at Leff's ears 06/30/17
Chad in LA responds to Brad and Leff, has a take on Brett Favre 06/30/17
Twitter Contest - Winner @mongosmash2135 06/30/17
Snowbird Buzzer - New way to run clones when Joey Vendetta is hosting 07/03/17
Steve in Ontario has a theory about NBA free agency, thinks LeBron will try to sign with a good team next season 07/05/17
Boatie in Pearland thinks Brad in Corona has plenty of time to fix his Smackoff scheduling conflict 07/05/17
Fake Silk calls as Eric in Maine to talk about Tom Bradys book 07/06/17
Luke in Fort Collins gets one last chance to win a Golden Ticket, fails 07/06/17
Ben in Calgary calls to talk Tom Bradys book, smack Tyler in Edmonton, wins Huge Call 07/06/17
Josh in Detroit only waited 2 weeks on hold this time, still got run 07/06/17
Jerome in Houston doesn't like the Chris Paul trade, gets run 07/07/17
Mike in Indy RSVP's to the Smackoff, lays out his resume 07/07/17
Cal in Vegas takes a run at Kyle Brandt, Mark in Boston, and Matt in Vancouver. Still no Golden Ticket. 07/07/17
Vic in NoCal responds to Mike in Indy 07/07/17
Mark in Boston responds to Cal in Vegas, tells him to fight himself in a Target parking lot, gets run 07/07/17
Just Not Sports Podcast - Episode 80 - Steve Carbone 07/07/17
Rich in the 970 talks about the home run derby and Zach in SLC, gets red card 07/10/17
Fake Canadian Star Linebacker lays out odds for a non-existent Hackoff 07/10/17
Dan in Denver the Wolverine takes a run at the guest hosts and Adam Hawk, gets red card 07/10/17
Matt in LA calls about Cody Bellinger and the Dodgers 07/10/17
Jacob in NorCal takes a run at Dan in Denver 07/10/17
Beaks in Studio City talks about the Dodgers and Jacob in NorCal, gets red card 07/10/17
Josh in Detroit calls to crack on Wes Clements dome, gets red card 07/10/17
McGregor Mayweather emails from Joe in Superior and Andy from Denver 07/17/17
Clones want Rome's take on R. Kelly 07/17/17
Lorne in NoCal - 9 days sober, might have to turn off the radio because of the Busch beer talk 07/18/17
Slash in Brentwood talks about OJ's parole hearing, gets run for Caitlyn Jenner reference 07/18/17
Irie Craig checks in from the train to Del Mar 07/19/17
Ben Mezrich in studio to discuss new book Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive One of History's Most Iconic Extinct Creatures 07/19/17
Brad in Corona officially RSVP's to the Smackoff, has a message for Chad in LA 07/20/17
Trapper in Dana Point thinks OJ should stay in jail longer, announced he has stage 4 cancer 07/20/17
Bob in Calgary jokes that OJ can't go back to jail because his head is too big for the cell 07/20/17
Chad in LA calls to respond to Brad, Rome interrupts with live coverage of the OJ parole hearing 07/20/17
Twitter contest - @GamblinEngineer, @denlesks, @BrianlnRochestr, @stevephx, @RichInThe970 (Winner) 07/21/17
Blaise tweets about bums using pizza boxes as laptops, Rome mentions moratorium, Stucknut lists active Jungle moratoriums including Tina Yothers 07/24/17
Twitter contest @phx_nolagirl, @WhacKaMolePro, @CEEJAY024, @engineerhunter - JT the Brick Smackoff call reset 07/24/17
John in Little Rock keeps his pipes warm with a Godsmack parody 07/24/17
Parody Larry with a diss song for Zach in SLC to the tune of Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead 07/25/17
The Smackoff will be streamed live on Periscope 07/25/17
Josh in Detroit with a last-ditch effort to win a Golden Ticket, fails 07/25/17
Tweets from @TodriffNicholas, @austin_barnes1, @Siever, @RichInThe970, @stucknut, @TylerWilliams_G 07/25/17
Fake Silk calls to remind Jim that it's been 3 years since he broke into the Jungle 07/25/17
Rick in Buffalo puts his Golden Ticket on the line, gets it revoked 07/26/17
Tyler in Edmonton calls and gains strength before the Smackoff 07/26/17
Today in Jungle History: 2003 - Detroit Tour Stop 31, 2005 - BOHICA call from Jerome in Nashville 07/26/17
Cal in Vegas tries to win a Golden Ticket, gets run for farting 07/26/17
Dan in DC RSVP's to the Smackoff 07/26/17
Rich in Anaheim Hills tries to make it into the Smackoff again, comes up short 07/27/17
Vic in NoCal with his annual pre-Smackoff weigh-in 07/27/17
Mike in San Antonio owns a lawn service, will listen to get mind off heat 07/27/17
Mike in Indy gets a phone call from the XR4Ti, talks about Smackoff and new t-shirts 07/27/17
Dan in Seattle tries to win a Golden Ticket 07/27/17
Matt in LA calls with Smackoff predictions 07/27/17
Eric in Orlando called offshore from a 50ft boat 07/27/17
Cal in Vegas calls and gets forgiven for his previous call 07/27/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 01 - Brad in Corona 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 02 - Vic in NoCal 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 03 - Trapper in Dana Point 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 04 - Benny in Wisco 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 05 - Mark in Boston 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 06 - Tyler in Edmonton 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 07 - John in Little Rock 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 08 - Leff in Laguna 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 09 - Matt in Vancouver 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 10 - Kaleb in Green Bay 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 11 - Dan in Denver 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 12 - Chad in LA 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 13 - Jeff Passan 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 14 - Mike in Indy 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 15 - Chael Sonnen 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff - Call 16 - Mark in Hollywood 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff Hour 1 - Brad in Corona, Vic in NoCal, Trapper in Dana Point, Benny in Wisco 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff Hour 2 - Mark in Boston, Tyler in Edmonton, John in Little Rock, Leff in Laguna, Matt in Vancouver, Kaleb in Green Bay, Dan in Denver 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff Hour 3 - Chad in LA, Jeff Passan, Mike in Indy, Chael Sonnen, Mark in Hollywood, Top 12 and Winner Announcement 07/28/17
2017 Smackoff Bonus Content - Behind The Scenes, In Studio With 96 SI Picture Crew, and Leff in Laguna 07/28/17
Silk Brah recaps the Smackoff, including behind the scenes of the So-Cal crew 07/31/17
Neil in Cleveland smacks the entire Smackoff field 07/31/17
Rick in Buffalo talks about losing the Golden Ticket, takes a run at Dan in Denver 07/31/17
Tyler in Edmonton liked Leffs call and bringing in the legends 07/31/17
Segment of rapid fire calls from Parody Larry, Dan in Denver, Jeremiah in Colorado Springs, and Beaks in Studio City 07/31/17
Mike in Indy recaps the entire Smackoff, including his rankings 07/31/17
Gio and Jones on CBS Sports Radio play Brad in Corona's Smackoff call, Rich Ackerman smack 08/01/17
Chris in Missouri tells Dave Denholm a story about plunging a toilet with his hand, gets a red card 08/01/17
Chael Sonnen Podcast - Mike in Indy discussing 2017 Smackoff 08/02/17
Rome recaps Smackoff 23 08/14/17
Kasey in Pensacola is a drug expert and has a take on Tiger Woods 08/15/17
Lou in Las Vegas respects Colin Kaepernick and Michael Bennett 08/15/17
Jim Benton's mother had questions about the fellas in the SI photoshoot 08/15/17
Mitch in Maine calls to talk about Tom Brady, most likely intoxicated, won't answer Rome's questions 08/16/17
Edward 'John' in Little Rock calls to smack John in LR and Hugh Freeze 08/17/17
Matt in LA gets run for answering Romes question about what a baseball player can get from J-Lo, a full palm of rumpelstiltskin bootycheek 08/17/17
John in Little Rock parodies Ballroom Blitz with Monkey Ass Bitch, gets run 08/17/17
Josh in Detroit stumbles through a take about the Detroit Lions, gets run 08/17/17
Danika in Jacksonville will go to the games, get drunk, find a little Tinderoni for the night and ruin him, wins a Golden Ticket for 2018 Smackoff 08/18/17
Luke in Virginia fast-talks through a Conor McGregor take 08/18/17
Benny in Wisco closes the show with Danika in Jacksonville smack 08/18/17
Eclipse tweets from @leeharoldoswald and @LeffInLaguna 08/21/17
Kristian in Maine has a bad joke about Danika and Jerry Jones, gets run 08/21/17
Announcement: Jim Rome will release a new podcast every Tuesday 08/21/17
Fake Silk picked up Tom Brady's new diet book and dropped 75 pounds c'mon! 08/22/17
Kyle in Green Bay is a Giants fan worried about Odell Beckham's ankle 08/22/17
Zack in SLC checks in to talk about the Smackoff that he didn't get on 08/22/17
SJP eclipse tweets 08/22/17
Irie Craig is working on an autobiography 08/22/17
Edward 'John' in Little Rock calls to talk McGregor Mayweather and Odell Beckham 08/22/17
Brian in Maine is a 37 year martial artist with thoughts on the fight 08/22/17
Jeff in Socal compares the McGregor Mayweather fight to other sports competing against each other 08/22/17
Tiger Woods #EclipseSolar tweets from @BlaiseInKC, @kevie1021, and @Jeff_fromthe919 08/22/17
Bohica tweet from @Stucknut, Jon Jones emails from Dan in Denver and Denlesks 08/23/17
Fake Silk's girlfriend got bitten while surfing, needed duct tape and fix-a-flat as first aid 08/23/17
Blaise in KC with a John Denver plane crashing tweet 08/23/17
Rick in Buffalo with thoughts on the Bills and Tiger, gets compared to Jeff in Richmond 08/24/17
Parody Larry sings a belated eclipse song Here Comes the Sun, drops a Give Me Back My Sun!, gets run 08/24/17
Dan in Denver smacks on Sam Darnold, gets run for saying Rick in Buffalo has a 2-inch pipe 08/24/17
Joaquin email for the Mayweather McGregor fight 08/25/17
Mike in Little Rock called while baked, talks McGregor and takes a run at Josh in Detroit 08/25/17
Nick in Iowa talks about his plans for the Mayweather McGregor fight 08/25/17
Jeff from the 919 calls to talk about meeting Danika at the Jaguars game 08/25/17
ATP, tribute to Shared Belief, @Jeff_fromthe919 won Huge Tweet 08/25/17
Rome talks about Hurricane Harvey in Houston 08/28/17
Larry in Santa Maria recaps the McGregor Mayweather fight, wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/28/17
Thomas in Bonanza drunkenly sings a song for Danika, wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/28/17
Jeff Passan talks about baseball and his Smackoff experience 08/28/17
Raider Mike called from Germany to talk about his team and the Smackoff 08/29/17
Conor in Vegas checks in after the fight 08/30/17
Dave in Vegas AKA G-Money run for self gloss, wins Masterbuilt smoker 08/30/17
Matt in LA talks Brewers, calling his shot - Dodgers Indians in the World Series 08/31/17
Mark in Boston calls about Notre Dame, SI Photo Shoot, Matt Stafford, and Aaron Rodgers 08/31/17
Parody Larry sings Journey, gets run 08/31/17
Lisa in Indy checks in for first time in years, chit chats with Rome, tells him about how her friend Gina can be the next great Lady Clone 09/01/17
Kevin in Indy is a SoCal native breaking down the difference between an LA 10 and everywhere else, mentions he was at the Clonestock Riot, Romey talked about old Tour Stops and Clonestocks 09/01/17
Rome talks about the Clonestock riots at Mr. B's, Silk Brah calls to give his retrospective and wins Masterbuilt smoker 09/01/17
Parody Larry calls for 2nd straight day, asked Alvie to queue his music, gets run in 3.9 seconds (new record) 09/01/17
Osweiler tweets from @stucknut, @OneCardMonty, @Spikeandkel, and @StevePHX 09/05/17
Bob in Calgary asks if Elway and SJP had a baby, would Rome run it at the Derby 09/05/17
Sexy Rexy from New Mexi gets run for self-gloss 09/05/17
Rome breaks down the fastest run calls between Ryan in Wichita and Parody Larry 09/05/17
Drew in Wichita called 21 years ago as a kid but now he is a broadcaster 09/05/17
Matt in LA responds to San Diego caller about the Padres beating the Dodgers 09/06/17
Nate Burleson reaction from @RandallintheOC @AaronSlam13, Hawk reaction from @MrToxic @Jeff_fromthe919 @MikeDForThree @Brian_C60 @DenttekJason @Struvee406 @DrewWestLA 09/06/17
Rich in Anaheim Hills wants Tom Brady to get injured, thinks the Bills will beat the Patriots twice this season 09/07/17
Randall in the OC tweets about Map Nation (Miss Teen South Carolina) 09/07/17
Kristian in Maine responds to Rich and Bills fan about the Patriots 09/07/17
Alvie is a fantasy expert, Tweets from @45gotFAT @BennyInWisco 09/08/17
Denlesks wants Rome to know that Christian Bale gained weight 09/08/17
Kay Savage in Texas calls to let the clones know that she's real 09/08/17
Trapper in Dana Point reflects on 9/11 09/11/17
Raider Mike calls from Nashville to recap the Titans Raiders game 09/11/17
Nick in Iowa is on his way to Minneapolis to watch AP and the Saints 09/11/17
Glennon Raffe talk and Ram It 09/11/17
Kyle in Green Bay wants to have a CloneStock at the Bengals/Packers game 09/11/17
ATP - Why did Romes kids stop calling before school starts? 09/11/17
Chad in LA is calling his shot for the next Smackoff 09/11/17
Josh in San Diego is happy about the Chargers losing 09/12/17
Quinn in Valencia reminds San Diego that LA doesn't care about them 09/12/17
Brad in Grand Rapids says Michigan loves the Lions no matter what 09/12/17
Josh in Detroit is sick of the Lions, claims his call is a touchdown, gets racked 09/12/17
Matt in LA - The Dodgers are back after snapping their 11 game losing streak 09/13/17
Raider Mike and Boatie brushing off Liam Neeson throat punches - @Aaron_in_AZ and @DrewWestLA 09/13/17
Aaron in Corvallis - 50th birthday, sounded drunk, Rome lets him ramble 09/14/17
Erron in Diamondhead calls with thoughts on LA hosting the Olympics, gets run for cocaine and Russian whore reference 09/14/17
Aaron in San Bernardino takes Canelo over GGG, 3rd Aaron of the streak 09/14/17
Hawk got hacked! 09/14/17
Dan in Sacramento let his girlfriend borrow his Audi and she won't give it back 09/14/17
Charlie in Goochland is worried about his kids spying while he and his wife are wrestling 09/14/17
@USCHolmey predicts the Texans Bengals score on Twitter 09/15/17
Steve in Crowtown calls for first time, fumbles through script, gets run 09/15/17
Jeff in SoCal goes all in on San Diego, gets racked 09/15/17
John in Escondido has been listening since early 90s, remembers the Tortollo brothers 09/15/17
Vody in Pasadena has a take on streaky Indians, then breaks down when it's ok to sit indian-style, gets run for Najeh blast 09/15/17
Eddie in Boise checks in for the first time in years, rambles about the Chargers, gets run 09/18/17
John in Little Rock responds to Eddie in Boise with a Copa Bohica remix 09/18/17
Dave in Detroit is expecting big things from the Lions, calls out Gino in San Antonio 09/19/17
Pete in Detroit refers to his team as SOL, Same Old Lions, but the Giants game surprised him 09/19/17
Adelephant - Tweet from @radum27, Alvin plays along 09/19/17
Rome doesn't want to talk about Jessica Simpson gaining weight 09/20/17
Gary in Detroit run for self-gloss, G-Man in Motown 09/21/17
Jerry Jones misuses Superman-kryptonite metaphor 09/21/17
Luke in Fort Collins calls about the Broncos Bills game, gets run for going too long 09/21/17
Twitter contest - @OneCardMonty won with 3 Doors Down Kryptonite reference 09/21/17
Parody Larry gets run for his What's New Pussycat song 09/22/17
Rich in Copyright Hills wanted to talk Oklahoma hockey 09/22/17
ATP, Twitter Contest, and 10 year anniversary of Mike Gundy rant 09/22/17
Kyle in Green Bay calls to pimp the Green Bay CloneStock 09/22/17
Rome previews the voicemails for Podcast episode 5 09/22/17
Joe in Minneapolis says that kneeling during the National Anthem is worse than burning the flag 09/25/17
Ken in Sacramento agrees with Joe, weighs in on NFL discussion 09/25/17
Trapper in Dana Points gives his thoughts on the president and NFL 09/25/17
Rome's take on the NFL protests, plus LeBron calling Trump a bum 09/25/17
Rich in Anaheim Hills talks about the OU/Baylor game, wins a Golden Ticket 09/26/17
Rome promises a segment of personal appearance smack, rat family, bum smack, and/or the Toby call for getting his podcast to number 1 on iTunes 09/26/17
Kyle in Green Bay calls to discuss the CloneStock 09/26/17
Brendon in H-Town (via the Nati) invited the Houston area clones to listen to Romeageddon from Toby's Lounge 09/28/17
Mark in North Carolina is 58 years old, told SIRI to set a reminder to listen to Romeageddon 09/28/17
Kevin in Kansas City thinks there is more buildup for Romeageddon than the Smackoff 09/28/17
Parody Larry tries Romeageddon smack a day early, gets run 09/28/17
Quinn in Valencia has a take on Mike Shanahan, Roseanne Barr, Merton Hanks, and Terence. Gets run. 09/28/17
Romeageddon Promo 09/28/17
Romeageddon - Bum Smack 09/29/17
Romeageddon - Personal Appearance Smack 09/29/17
Romeageddon - Rat Family 09/29/17
Romeageddon - Toby in Houston 09/29/17
Romeageddon - Hour 1 - Show open with Grant Napear, Bum Smack, recap 09/29/17
Romeageddon - Hour 2 - Interviews with Dave Joerger and Nolan Arenado, Personal Appearance Smack 09/29/17
Romeageddon - Hour 3 - Rat Family, Toby in Houston reset, call from J-Stew, ATP and TWTW 09/29/17
Kristian in Maine gets run for Aaron Judge teeth smack 10/03/17
Preview of Podcast voicemails 10/03/17
Ken in Sacramento is a Raiders fan that is scared of the Chiefs 10/03/17
Hannah in Denver takes a run at Ken in Sacramento and the KC Chiefs 10/04/17
Jason in Ottawa gets run for Ron Jeremy reference, Rome gets mad at Hawk for not letting him know it was the Canadian Star Linebacker 10/05/17
K Savage with a take on Cam Newton, call gets dumped 10/05/17
Jeff in SoCal breaks down the WNBA, gets run 10/05/17
Rome explains that Romeageddon was a one-off, clones come in with fat smack, Alvie plays alarms 10/05/17
Tyler in Edmonton gives us a preview of the NHL season 10/05/17
Parody Larry does a parody of Hope Solo's nephew, Alvie plays them side-by-side 10/05/17
Darren in Green Bay with an awesomely awesome call about Aaron Freaking Rodgers 10/09/17
Rick in Buffalo takes a run at Dan in Denver, wins another Golden Ticket 10/09/17
Irie Craig chimes in on the Miami Dolphins coach that took a video snorting coke 10/09/17
Sarah T. had another use for CD cases 10/09/17
ATP - Sarah T (does Rome do coke), Bella B (favorite meat, white or dark), Lou in Escondido (playoff stats count towards career stats) 10/09/17
Dan in Denver responds to Rick in Buffalo 10/09/17
Matt in LA calls about the Dodgers moving on to the NLCS 10/10/17
Paul in NoCal calls to talk about Jerry Jones, stumbles on Harvey Weinstein's name 10/10/17
Irie Craig says Zack Greinke took a big dump in his pants 10/10/17
Marty in Phoenix reminds the Dodgers that they haven't won anything in a long time 10/10/17
Emails and Tweets from Snags to Riches, @apollokc, @RMeierkort, @paul_in_nocal 10/10/17
Rome leads off the show with a soccer take 10/11/17
Rah in the Bronx thinks the Yankees will beat the Indians, but still wants Girardi fired 10/11/17
CJ in the Bay Area thinks the Dodgers are a cute little story but will choke 10/11/17
Thomas in Bonanza gets run for saying Duck the Fodgers 10/11/17
Mike in Clearwater said he is getting an Aries tattoo so he can Ram It 10/11/17
Rick in Buffalo loses his Golden Ticket via ATP 10/11/17
Lou in Sacramento calls about the US Men's soccer blemish 10/11/17
Parody Larry finished his Hit the Road Dak song on the voicemail, reset of The Grump rapping 10/12/17
The Grump calls to face his anxiety fears, says he's moving to Boston, wins huge call 10/12/17
Matt in LA claims that the Grump caller was a fake 10/12/17
Jacob in NorCal calls about the Yankees beating the Indians 10/12/17
Jeff in San Antonio fights back tears throughout his call, clones react 10/13/17
More reaction to Jeff in San Antonio's call 10/13/17
Silk Brah calls from Silver Strand, celebrating birthday weekend, weighs in on Jeff in SA's call 10/13/17
Adam Hawk asked a Hot Pocket question on Twitter, @Hotpockets responded 10/13/17
Baby Jessica tweets and emails from @chrisinstpete, @StevenCrowtown, and @philinmissouri 10/16/17
Mr. Automatic reset from @SquirrelTew 10/16/17
Rome teases a major Jungle announcement, clones try to guess 10/16/17
Victoria in Wisconsin calls with her thoughts on the Aaron Rodgers injury 10/16/17
Rome announces that the radio show will be on CBS Sports Network TV 10/17/17
Joaquin with another MMA email 10/17/17
Podcast voicemails mocking Jeff in San Antonio 10/17/17
Paul in Cleveland calls about the upcoming Celtics/Cavs game and Cryrie Irving, gets run with Double LT Buzzer 10/17/17
Alvin's computer crashed and doubled the LT Buzzer audio 10/17/17
Ryan in Maine missed work because he was so upset about the Gordon Hayward injury 10/18/17
Mike in Buffalo email - Unwars people air-drumming the Phil Collins solo 10/18/17
Josh in Detroit gets through an entire call, talking about the tv show, boring NBA, and war lady clones 10/18/17
Picachi in SoCal is an old school listener that wants to talk Dodgers 10/18/17
Mike in the Bay Area thinks his newborn baby is Dodgers karma 10/18/17
Kelly in Nashville calls on his 53rd birthday, he's heading to LA and wants to hang with Rome 10/19/17
Kristian in Maine compared Aaron Judge to a jack-o-lantern 10/19/17
Rich in Copyright Hills calls with an unusual topic, sports 10/19/17
Justin in Green Bay talks Milwaukee Bucks, but sparks the Tom DeLonge gained weight topic 10/19/17
Jeff in San Antonio calls back on the 1 week anniversary, gets his Golden Ticket taken away 10/20/17
Reaction to Jeff in San Antonio plus a call from John in Little Rock 10/20/17
Matt in LA talking Dodgers and Raiders 10/20/17
Jake in Grand Rapids has a bone to pick for ripping Jeff's Golden Ticket, Rome talks about Gender Reveal parties 10/20/17
Orion in Waterford takes a run at Golden Ticket holders 10/20/17
Twitter contest - @MikeDForThree, @Denlesks, @BennyInWisco, @DocSergio21, @stucknut 10/20/17
Sam in San Antonio is Jeffs friend, reads an email he sent to Rome earlier, asked to get racked 10/20/17
Brandon in East Lansing gets run for Harbaugh stained khakis reference 10/23/17
Jack Nicholson set off the Fat Alarm 10/23/17
Astros are going to the World Series 10/23/17
Irie Craig is begging fans for a World Series ticket, doesn't answer Jim's question 10/23/17
Tim in Houston is disappointed with the national coverage of Astros 10/23/17
Liz in Falls City thinks the Astros deserve the championship more than the Dodgers 10/23/17
Dan in Spokane is non-athletic, but good looking, wanted to be a guest. He got run. 10/24/17
Matt in LA honking the Dodgers 10/24/17
Raider Mike talking about his team, then predicts Dodgers over Astros 10/24/17
Tyler in Edmonton urges Irie Craig to join Uber so he can buy his own World Series ticket 10/24/17
Cruz Pedregon calls as possible 3rd guest, talks about upcoming races and Raiders 10/24/17
Podcast preview with Chris Archer and voicemails 10/24/17
Trapper in Dana Point is taking the Dodgers over Astros 10/24/17
Ryan in Albuquerque got run by Alvin because Hawk logged his name as Ron, he tried to correct him on air 10/24/17
JuJu Smith-Schuster lost his bike, tweeted about it, responds to Mia Khalifa 10/25/17
Josh in Detroit talks hockey, basketball, Dodgers in 4, podcast, didn't get run 10/25/17
Irie Craig checks in after game 1 of the World Series 10/25/17
Deangelo in Berkeley hates the SF Giants so he's rooting for the Dodgers 10/25/17
Steven in Redding gives a geography lesson on California, Rome runs him manually 10/25/17
Deangelo in Berkeley says Lavar Ball is a great dad, and if you disagree, you need to jump off a cliff head first 10/26/17
Jeff in North Carolina doesn't like how NFL players skip out on interviews 10/26/17
Jon in Huntington Beach jumped off emails to call, talked about knowing Justin Turner at CSF when he was a 25 year old student 10/26/17
Steve Elkington @Elkpga tweets a Monty reference, wants to check on @SilkBrah, Rome talks about the Astros Jungle Karma 10/26/17
Quinn in Valencia was mad about the Astros karma 10/26/17
Matt in LA recaps game 2 of the World Series 10/26/17
Dom in Sacramento is calling an upset of 49ers over Eagles, Unwar wars 10/26/17
Lou in Sacramento recaps the Boogie Cousins dope smoking story because he's coming back to town 10/26/17
Dirk in Irvine called to ask if Rome was bidding on the Newman Daytona Rolex 10/26/17
Mark in Hollywood has beef with NFL owners 10/27/17
Silk Brah talks about the ongoing Twitter beef with @elkpga during the World Series 10/27/17
Butthole Montage 10/27/17
Scooter in St. Pete wouldn't mind the Dolphins signing Kaepernick because he hates losing 10/27/17
Steve Elkington calls from the Juice Box, responds to Silk Brah, talks about the World Series 10/27/17
Jeff in Socal talks about Houston last championship in 2012, Americas Fattest City 10/27/17
Sam in Houston drank a lot of RumChata with his boys while watching the Texans and Astros, clones react 10/30/17
Matt in LA is not worried, Dodgers can get it done at home 10/30/17
Bob in Idaho got through a Dodgers take so he could unwar RumChata 10/30/17
Silk Brah breaks down the drama of Game 5, might miss part of game 6 due to his Methods class 10/30/17
Drunk fan leaves a voicemail 10/31/17
Alvies Halloween Mix 2017 10/31/17
Parody Larry gets run with an Addams Family parody for the Dodgers 10/31/17
Dave in Amarillo is a long time caller, first time listener, bold prediction that series that will go to 8 games 10/31/17
Irie Craig trips on the word adrenaline, notices Jose Altuve for the first time 11/01/17
Matt in LA predicts that Darvish is going to shut down the Astros 11/01/17
Adult that brought baseball glove to game missed ball and it hit a woman 11/01/17
Silk Brah's game 7 prognostication, Alvie injects 'Brah' soundbites 11/01/17
Liz in Falls City thinks the Astros will win game 7 11/01/17
Jeff in SoCal calls as Dan in Houston to push his fattest city agenda 11/01/17
Jeff in Houston has been listening since the Big Fax, thinks Astros will win 11/01/17
Astros calls from Randy in Houston and Lou in Sacramento pretending to be Steve Elkington 11/01/17
Houston Astros won the World Series 11/02/17
World Series calls from Matt in LA, Trevor in Houston, and Irie Craig 11/02/17
Jim Kelly interview 11/02/17
Calls from unhappy Ohio State fans, Susan in Atlanta and Luke in Cleveland 11/06/17
Rick in Buffalo goes after Dan in Denver and Vic in NoCal, Rome resets Jeff in Richmond again 11/06/17
Mike in Cleveland encourages dads to not look at c-section, bashes the Browns again 11/07/17
Parody Larry does great impersonations of Aaron Rodgers and Tiger Woods 11/07/17
Wake up, bitch! 11/07/17
Twitter goes to 280 characters, Johnny Manziel got Fat! 11/08/17
Lou in Sacramento got run for calling Clayton Kershaw Catherine 11/09/17
Rex in Albuquerque - Ric Flair in a coma is a better QB than Brock Osweiler 11/09/17
OJ Simpson got kicked out of a Las Vegas bar for being belligerent 11/09/17
Rome runs Tweets that are over 140 characters, Alvin introduces a new Twitter Buzzer 11/09/17
Matt in LA talks the Nate Boyer interview on the podcast 11/10/17
Paul in Orange County loves the NFL, hates Thursday Night Football, mixes in references to other callers 11/10/17
Drew in West LA asked if Rome was driving through the 909 to recover a stolen car 11/10/17
Cal in Vegas calls out tough guy Adam Hawk, smacks Mike McCarthy 11/10/17
Josh in Detroit has a new phone but same horrible takes 11/13/17
Rich in Detroit has so much straight fire that it triggered Alvins fire alarm 11/13/17
Luke in Fort Collins trusts John Elways process 11/14/17
Emails: Drew in West LA and John in HB on Josh Beckett, Matt B horseplay tweet from @PhoenixTreeRat 11/14/17
Podcast Voicemails 11/14/17
Drew in West LA suggested that the audio from Greg Gianforte breaking the reporters glasses was Josh Beckett at the country concert 11/14/17
Liz in Falls City wins huge call with Blake Shelton fat smack 11/15/17
Teather in Green Bay is pro Mike McCarthy, F you to the haters 11/15/17
Nicole in Buffalo thinks Nathan Peterman will turn the Bills around 11/15/17
Kyle in Green Bay calls on the 1 year anniversary of his first call, gets interviewed by Rome 11/15/17
Paul in NoCal calls about the Chargers 11/16/17
Darren in Illinois wants us to know that Giannis Antetokounmpo has really long arms 11/16/17
Matt in LA has a problem with adults that wear Uggs, glossed LiAngelo Ball Jello Testicle 11/16/17
Josh in Detroit likes good ol' North American hockey 11/17/17
JoJo in Maine called but all we remember is his laugh 11/17/17
Calls from the Golden Baked Warrior, Zack in Wisconsin, and John in Shasta 11/17/17
Callers not happy with the Bills, Mike and Luigi in Buffalo 11/20/17
Rick in Buffalo doesn't trust the Bills process, wins huge call 11/20/17
Ryan 'Ron' in New Mexico says Carson Wentz will take Eagles to promise land, didn't correct Jim with getting his name wrong, won Golden Ticket 11/20/17
Liz in Falls City doesn't understand how people still hate the Cowboys 11/20/17
Dan in Denver thinks Elway and his soft Broncos should sign Kaepernick 11/21/17
John in Little Rock gets run for a bad song with bad content 11/21/17
Josh in Detroit got a leaked version of the podcast, hosting a mini-Clonestock at the Red Wings game 11/21/17
San Diego Charger callers, Tyler in Seattle, Conor in San Diego, and Jeff in San Diego, all got racked 11/27/17
Reaction to Chargers callers, calls from Javier in San Bernardino (4th caller racked) and Matt in LA (run) 11/27/17
ATP - History of Jim Rome's studios 11/27/17
Ken in Sacramento with thoughts on Aqib Talking and Michael Crabtree 11/28/17
Benny in Wisco sings a Jewel parody about Najeh 11/28/17
Hour 1 - Last day in studio 11/28/17
Hour 2 - Last day in studio 11/28/17
Hour 3 - Last day in studio 11/28/17
First email, tweet, and call in the new studio 11/29/17
Fabian in LA calls but doesn't have time to talk 11/29/17
Kyle in Green Bay with thoughts on Eli Manning's benching 11/29/17
Tiger Woods is back and your coworker in the red polo will let you know about it 11/30/17
Tyler in Edmonton is a Tiger Woods honk, wins huge call 11/30/17
Rex in ABQ lets Hawk know that vegetarian Hot Pockets will give you explosive diarrhea 11/30/17
Jason in ABQ gets run for sleeping on a Serta mattress 11/30/17
Drew in West LA emails about an old take Rome had on diarrhea, provides audio proof 11/30/17
Aaron in Las Vegas says Eli Manning is not good, just got lucky a few times 11/30/17
Alvie Mashup - Marky Mark, Sandstorm, Yoko Ono, All the Way Turnt Up 12/01/17
Josh in Detroit emailed his script before calling, Rome reads along with him, gets run 12/01/17
Liz in Falls City calls out another fat ass, Jerry Jones 12/01/17
Matt in LA with a take on the Ball family 12/05/17
Tyler in Seattle thinks Anthony Lynn should be in the Coach of the Year discussion 12/05/17
Felix in San Diego is an old school listener, wanted Chargers to be SoCal instead of LA 12/05/17
Jungle back on the air in Portland, call from Andre in Rip City, Portland woman reset 12/06/17
Calls about football safety from Nate in Penn and Russell in the Bay Area 12/07/17
PJ in the Mile High takes a run at Nebraska 12/07/17
Jake in Grand Rapids doesn't like Rome endorsing Hope Solo running for US Soccer President 12/08/17
Steve in Vancouver was confused when he turned on the Jungle and heard soccer talk 12/08/17
Thomas in OKC smacked Sam Darnold for having bad face 12/08/17
Tyler in Seattle wants Rome to interview more Chargers for the karma 12/11/17
Jeff in SoCal trolls San Diego by pretending to like the Chargers 12/11/17
ATP, voicemails, last segment 12/11/17
Dan in Denver takes a run at Adam Hawk 12/12/17
Larry in the OC calls to talk about the podcast 12/12/17
Vic in Nocal calls as Scotty Ferrall 12/12/17
Matt in LA is not happy with the Raiders 12/12/17
Rex in ABQ gets run for being way too excited about Josh Gordons return 12/12/17
Parody Larry gets run for a Stray Cat Strut parody for Adam Hawk 12/12/17
Liz in Falls City cracks back at Dan in Denver 12/12/17
Twitter reaction to Lorenzo Alexander interview, Francis in Glendale wars lady clones sliding into his DM's 12/12/17
Danine in LA thinks Aaron Rodgers will be ok because Clay Mathews will protect him 12/13/17
Mitch in NC tries to make logic of Danines call, thinking she only knows Aaron and Clay from the commercials 12/13/17
Vic in Nocal takes a run at Huff Austin and Doctor Dave in Chicago 12/13/17
Tim in Maine calls to war lady clones 12/13/17
Teather in Green Bay thinks Aaron Rodgers return is all the Packers need to go all the way this year 12/13/17
Dr. Dave in Chicago tries to respond to Vic, chokes and flames out 12/14/17
Arrogant Steve has advice for Dr. Dave in Chicago 12/14/17
Matt in Vancouver talks about the Vic and Dave feud, calls Americans muffintops 12/15/17
Matt in LA wants karma for the Raiders receivers 12/15/17
Flameout Friday - Rome recaps the best Flameouts in show history, including results from his Twitter poll, Matt in Cleveland, Fabian in LA, Kyle in Green Bay, and Dr. Dave in Chicago 12/15/17
Irie Craig calls to recap the flameouts 12/15/17
Fabian in LA calls because he heard he was being talked about but didn't know why 12/15/17
Raider Mike calls during flameout reaction to talk Raiders 12/15/17
ATP, Twitter contest, and call from John in Little Rock 12/15/17
Matt in LA called the voicemail 19 times, blames it on the tree 12/18/17
Josh in Detroit claims to be the Greatest Ever, Rome disagrees 12/18/17
Rex in ABQ doesn't get all of the Kobe Bryant jersey retirement hype 12/19/17
Irie Craig rambles on about Shaq and the Lakers 12/19/17
Liz in Falls City calls about the full voicemail, gets on Smackoff watch list 12/20/17
Bo in Nashville says Romes the best dressed on CBS pregame, wants Alvie to store his number on speed dial 12/20/17
Rube in Richmond tells a story about meeting Parody Larry 12/20/17
Parody Larry verifies Rube's story, gets run for rhyming John in Little Rock with little cock 12/20/17
Garrett in Wisconsin gets run for reading his take about Aaron Rodgers 12/20/17
@Twelvewood calls to discuss his Friday night Periscopes 12/20/17
Denlesks poem 'Very Merry Jungle Christmas Story' and a call from Trapper in Dana Point 12/21/17
Email from K Savage, call from Hannah in Denver, and Trapper reaction 12/21/17
John in Little Rock responds to Parody Larry 12/21/17
Bob in Calgary asks 'was that Trapper clearing his throat or SJP pulling her head out of a bag of oats' 12/21/17
Alvin creates a new holiday song using Dr. Dave soundbites 12/21/17
Josh in Detroit gets run for saying percific instead of pacific 12/21/17
Matt in LA gives more props to the podcast 12/21/17
Tyler in Edmonton ends the year with more fat American smack 12/21/17
Rick in Buffalo takes another run at Vic in Nocal 12/21/17
Bella Bee @SmileyYYC responds to Hannah and Mark in Barstow wants to call his exwife snagger 12/21/17
Teather in Green Bay 12/21/17
Luke in Fort Collins talks NFL playoff predictions during a mini-Smackoff 12/21/17
2017 Year in Review - Hour 1 12/22/17
2017 Year in Review - Hour 2 12/22/17
2017 Year in Review - Hour 3 12/22/17

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