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Paul in Louisville - 1st email of 2012 01/03/12
Norv Turner rejects Axls 'time to die' 01/04/12
Blaise in KC - Huge email regarding local radio hacks 01/04/12
Boatie in Pearland responds to T Suggs comment on Tebow 01/06/12
Jim Rome leaving ESPN for new personal appearance smack show on CBS 01/09/12
CBS Sports Sean McManus talking about Jim Rome's new TV shows 01/11/12
John Parr updates St. Elmo's Fire theme song for Tim Tebow 01/11/12
Houston Texans RB Arian Foster interview 01/13/12
Philadelphia Eagles QB Mike Vick 01/20/12
Bubba Watson buys the General Lee 01/24/12
Travis in Appleton - War Kicking Cancers Ass - Huge Email 01/24/12
Jim Everett returning for JRIB's last show? 01/25/12
Dee in Sierra Madre calls after getting drunk at Starbucks 01/26/12
Rome shouts out to Holmey in Newport Beach 01/26/12
Israel in LA calls about Lakers, Clippers, and Peyton Manning. Huge call 01/27/12
Brett Keisel sounds like J-Stew - Mike in Parma 01/30/12
Gronk is taking it Day by Day 01/31/12
Bill Romanowski on Radio Row 02/01/12
Rome on a Mobile with Chad in Portland on return to Rip City 02/02/12
Arian Foster interview from Superbowl Radio Row 02/02/12
Lee in Vancouver with Rae Carruth email 02/07/12
Cougars That Seek Out Jim 02/07/12
40 Year Old College Student and Canadian Fish Scandal 02/08/12
Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale interview 02/10/12
Tom Brady in game sound - 'Lets go to the lake' 02/10/12
Girl asks NY Giants Jerry Lin on date 02/17/12
Lee in Van 'Rae Carruth' and Blaise in KC 'Presidents Day' emails 02/20/12
Ryan in Wichita run for personal appearance smack 02/20/12
James in Houston calls while Kyle Brandt is guest hosting 02/20/12
Charles Oakley interview and email reaction 02/21/12
Live TV reporter doesn't react to car crash, anchorwoman makes lame gas prices joke 02/23/12
Alex Rodriguez invites Jeremy Lin to crash with him 02/27/12
Charles Barkley interview - Some NBA fans should be shot 02/29/12
Mike in San Diego Reviews Moneyball 02/29/12
Rock Show with Jeff in Phx on a Car Phone 03/01/12
Rome on a Mobile...Rock Show Style 03/01/12
Lee in Vancouver - Pranking Hitchhikers 03/02/12
The Funke Monkey blocked for Louie Anderson FAT tweet 03/02/12
Gino in Boise - Matt in Cleveland parody call 03/02/12
Mike in San Diego - Laker Retaliation & Smackoff Invite 03/02/12
Week That Was 03/02/12
KB in Bakersfields debut call - Not the next big thing 03/06/12
Scott in Bakersfield responds to KBs call 03/06/12
Bill Romanowski talking about NFL bounties 03/06/12
Mark in Boston on NFL bounty and snitches 03/06/12
Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 03/09/12
Mitch in Wichita chokes and flames 03/09/12
Boatie in Pearland sets Denver straight about Manning 03/12/12
St. Louis Cardinals David Freese interview 03/20/12
Mr. Positive - Mitch in San Bernardino 03/20/12
Ulysses in LA call with reaction - Peyton my neck my neck and my back 03/20/12
Chris in St Pete - Back to back emails about Fat Axl Rose 03/22/12
Duff McKagan interview - Discusses Guns-n-Roses and new book It's So Easy: and other lies 03/22/12
Rock Show - Pooldoc Recaps 2012 Ranch Bash 03/22/12
Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 03/23/12
Stu in Manhattan - New York City Checklist 03/29/12
Mike in San Diego Gives the Ball to the Sklars 03/29/12
The Fray butchers the National Anthem at NCAA Championship game 04/03/12
Brian Wilson interview - San Francisco Giants 04/03/12
Chris in St Pete - Gilligans Island movie pitch with Mama Cass as the island 04/05/12
Boatie in Pearland - Bubba Gives Bubba Watson Props 04/09/12
Bubba Watson interview - 2012 Masters Champion 04/10/12
Eric Davis and Darryl Strawberry - Harvard Park documentary 04/11/12
Worst Texts Contest - Wass in Scottsdale and Gino in Boise 04/11/12
Gonzo in SA Show - Green Thumb 04/11/12
Olympics Organizers Ask Keith Moon to Play Closing Ceremony - Lee in Van Def Leppard text 04/13/12
2012 Smackoff Announcement - All past winners invited including Sean the Cablinasian 04/16/12
Joaquins UFC list including pouring bottom shelf vodka into premium bottles 04/16/12
JC in Alaska - Trying to smack bad callers, gets run - Beep Beep 04/18/12
Gonzo in SA Show - Mary J Blige 04/18/12
Gonzo in SA Show - Call from Fabian in LA 04/18/12
Smackoff 2012 invitees and mention of Stucknut odds 04/19/12
Kaleb in Green Bay on prize taxes, Aaron Rodgers, and Smackoff kickoff 04/19/12
Dane in Wisconsin - Called on 420 while high - Lorena Bobbitt blast 04/20/12
Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 04/20/12
Fabian in Los Angeles - The 420 Call 04/20/12
KB introduces video entries - Grossie O'Donnell Sports Minute 04/24/12
Jay Mohr calls J-Stew on stage for an improv bit 04/25/12
Gonzo in SA Show - Tweets of The Week Final 04/25/12
Video rants from Brett in C-Town, Danielle in Tampa, Curtis in Eureka, and Nick in Warcal 04/26/12
Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 04/27/12
Delonte West interview 04/27/12
Ish in Memphis call and email reaction 04/30/12
Dave in St. Louis calls, gets invited to Smackoff 04/30/12
Mike in Wichita wins huge call, invite to Smackoff 05/01/12
2012 Smackoff Promo 05/02/12
2012 'Smackoff on a Mobile' Promo 05/02/12
News of Junior Seau's death 05/02/12
Gonzo in SA Show - NBA Western Conference Playoff Talk 05/02/12
Bill Romanowski interview about Junior Seau 05/03/12
Ray Ray in Tampa RSVPs for the 2012 Hackoff 05/04/12
Norman in Norman RSVP's for the 2012 Hackoff. Wars Stucknut. 05/07/12
Ryan in Wichita RSVP's for the 2012 Hackoff with a donkey show blast 05/07/12
Dane in Kimberly RSVP's for the 2012 Hackoff 05/07/12
Gonzo in SA Show - Francis Pablo haikus 05/09/12
Gonzo in SA Show - Man Crush 05/09/12
2012 Hackoff - Segment 01 - Jolene Trending on Twitter 05/10/12
2012 Hackoff - Segment 02 - VinnyMacNation Trending on Twitter 05/10/12
2012 Hackoff - Segment 03 - Val Kilmer Trending on Twitter 05/10/12
2012 Hackoff - Segment 04 - Pre Hackoff Calls 05/10/12
2012 Hackoff - Segment 05 - Norman in Norman, Ish in Memphis 05/10/12
2012 Hackoff - Segment 06 - Ryan in Wichita, Aaron in Canton 05/10/12
2012 Hackoff - Segment 07 - Short Segment 05/10/12
2012 Hackoff - Segment 08 - Pat in Chino, Jason in Ottawa 05/10/12
2012 Hackoff - Segment 09 - Ray Ray in Tampa, Vinny Mac, Eddie in Boise 05/10/12
2012 Hackoff - Segment 10 - Shane in Richmond, Alex in SLC, Fabian in LA 05/10/12
2012 Hackoff - Segment 11 - Jolene in Farmington, Matt in Cleveland 05/10/12
2012 Hackoff - Segment 12 - Jolene Wins 05/10/12
The Rock Show - Post Hackoff with Boatie in Pearland, Norman in Norman, Ryan in Wichita, Jesus in Chicago 05/10/12
Mike in Indy RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/14/12
Dan in DC RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/15/12
Israel in LA RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/15/12
Brad in Corona RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/15/12
Mark in Hollywood wins the Golden Ticket 05/16/12
Rome mentions Smackoff.net website 05/16/12
Lee in Vancouver - Wives can't Tweet with 140 character limit 05/16/12
Blaise in KC - Must Be Fat Matt Perry 05/16/12
Boatie in Pearland RSVP's for the Smackoff 05/16/12
Boatie's Pre-Smackoff Interview featuring new J-Stew song 05/16/12
Vic in NoCal's pre-smackoff weigh-in 05/17/12
The Rock Show - Silk Brah reminisces about the Jungle of old and tour stops 05/17/12
2012 Smackoff Segment 01 - Intro, Gino in San Antonio 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff Segment 02 - Dan in DC, Trapper in Dana Point 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff Segment 03 - Mark in Hollywood 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff Segment 04 - No calls 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff Segment 05 - Dave in St. Louis, Silk in Huntington Beach, Mike in Wichita 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff Segment 06 - Joe in the OC 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff Segment 07 - Chael Sonnen 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff Segment 08 - Iafrate 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff Segment 09 - Vic in NoCal, Doc Mike DiTolla 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff Segment 10 - Jolene in Farmington, Mike in Indy 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff Segment 11 - Brad in Corona, Israel in LA 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff Segment 12 - Chael Sonnen Wins 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff on a Mobile Segment 1 - Jeff in Phoenix, Sean the Cablinasian 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff on a Mobile Segment 2 - Jim Everett 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff on a Mobile Segment 3 - Greg in Vegas, Willie in KC 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff on a Mobile Segment 4 - Recap, Winner Greg in Vegas 05/18/12
2012 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show Segment 1 - Todd in Florida, Matt in C-Town, Jeff in Phoenix 05/18/12
2012 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show Segment 2 - Hedstrom, Mark in Boston, Joe in the OC 05/18/12
2012 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show Segment 3 - Boatie in Pearland, Jeff in Phoenix again, Mike in Indy 05/18/12
2012 Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-Up Show Segment 4 - Matt in Cincy, Norman in Norman, Amanda in 423, Nick in WarCal, Jesus in Chicago 05/18/12
Gino in SA listened to his local radio station for Wemby coverage but it was PGA fantasy talk 05/18/12
2012 Smackoff reaction, Chael Sonnen and Mike in Indy recaps 05/21/12
Mike in Indy interview with Kyle Brandt 05/25/12
Joe in the OC calls Kyle Brandt about the Smackoff 05/25/12
Toby in Houston calls JT the Brick about the Smackoff 05/25/12
'Bruce Jenner' with the Sklar Brothers 05/28/12
Jay Onrait with the Sklar Brothers 05/28/12
Dave in St Louis calls with opinion on Smackoff, Rome rants 06/01/12
Holmey in Newport Beach - Gene Rayburns phallic microphone 06/04/12
Cathy in Long Beach 06/04/12
J-Stews pant seams, good job, good effort 06/06/12
Jade in Cincinnati - Compares Miami Heat to a coked-out stripper 06/06/12
Gonzo in SA Show - TFP Haiku 06/06/12
Gonzo in SA Show - Lil Wayne 06/06/12
Gonzo in SA Show - Tweets of the week 06/06/12
Gonzo in SA Show - NBA's Favorite Announcers 06/06/12
Gonzo in SA Show - I'm Heart Broken The Spurs Lost Last Night 06/07/12
Vic in NoCal - Tim Duncans opposite receding hairline, Machowicz smack 06/08/12
Mike in Indy - Welcomes new affiliates, Manny Pacquiao smack, takes run at Chael 06/08/12
Mark in Hollywood - first call since the Smackoff 06/11/12
Chael Sonnen talks about boxing and the Smackoff 06/11/12
Chael Sonnen responds to Mike in Indys tweet about Smackoff rematch 06/12/12
Quinn Pitcock interview talking about his video game addiction 06/12/12
Ryan in Wichita sends email about Corey Pavin's addiction to gouda cheese 06/13/12
David Stern interview - Ends awkwardly after Jim Rome asks about lottery being fixed 06/13/12
David Stern interview reaction with email and phone calls 06/13/12
Gonzo in SA Show - Stephen Jackson Interview 06/13/12
Gonzo in SA Show - Mike In Indy Calls Out Chael Sonnen & Gives Props To Geo 06/13/12
Jim Rome recaps the David Stern interview, Call from Gino in San Antonio 06/14/12
Rome on a Mobile with David Stern on a Mobile - 1560thegame.com 06/15/12
Eric in Falls Church - 'Shame on you email' from David Stern 06/15/12
Wes the Fat Kid email - Chael needs to sign up for Stucknut to prepare for the fight 06/19/12
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Interview 06/19/12
Chael vs Mike Promo, Call from Mike in Indy 06/20/12
John in Cleveland - LeBron will always be known as a Judas, traitor, trench coat 06/20/12
Greg in Sun Valley calls in his support for Mike in Indy 06/21/12
Jake in Peoria call - Rather get hit in face with urine soaked tennis ball than listen to Chael 06/21/12
Joaquin email - MMA guy punches ATM machine when it says insufficient funds 06/21/12
Joe in the OC call - The friction caused by Tebow and Lolo Jones dry-humping could power Vegas 06/21/12
2012 Chael Sonnen vs. Mike in Indy Battle - Round 1 06/22/12
2012 Chael Sonnen vs. Mike in Indy Battle - Round 2 06/22/12
2012 Chael Sonnen vs. Mike in Indy Battle - Mike announced as winner, reaction 06/22/12
Rome on a Mobile interviewing The Ghost of JoPa 06/25/12
Eric in Portland Maine - Call about Kevin Youkilis gets dubbed the chowd version of Alvins mix 06/25/12
Blaise in KC email about drummer of Def Leppard. Rome drops a moratorium. 06/25/12
Fabian in LA calls Romes soundbites annoying, pot calling the kettle black 06/29/12
Kyle Brandts tribute to Mike in San Diego 07/02/12
Reaction to Mike in San Diegos passing 07/02/12
Kyle Brandt guest hosting - The birth of 1-800-MEN-TOTO 07/02/12
Gonzo in SA Show - Top 15 One-eyed People 07/04/12
Gonzo in SA Show - Zimmerman's Phone Number 07/04/12
Jake in Peoria call - Takes another run at Chael Sonnen 07/09/12
Jim Rome pays his respect to Mike in San Diego 07/09/12
Israel in LA - Talks and raps about Mike in San Diego 07/09/12
Text contest - Steve in SLC, Gino in Boise, Ryan in Indy 07/10/12
Guaranteed FB comment read and guaranteed ReTweet, Gino in Boise 07/11/12
Mark in Hollywood call about Penn State 07/12/12
Fabian in LA apologizes for calling soundbites annoying, gives props to Mike in San Diego 07/13/12
Jay Mohr Guest Host - 07/16/12 - Hour 1 - Comments about Jeremy Lin, Skip Bayless, and Penn State 07/16/12
Jay Mohr Guest Host - 07/16/12 - Hour 2 - Penn State, Dwight Howard, Matt Fortes new contract 07/16/12
Jay Mohr Guest Host - 07/16/12 - Hour 3 - Explains why he didn't participate in Smackoff, Kevin Youkilis chowd talk 07/16/12
Ted in Boise and Tight Lettuce try out Kyle Brandts new buzzer 07/18/12
Ryan in Wichita triggers the new buzzer with David Carradine hangman blast 07/18/12
Craig in Tampa email about Dexter Manley LMFAO 07/18/12
Kyle Brandt interviews Fabian in LA 07/18/12
Vic in NoCal calls with thoughts on the Olympics 07/21/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - 07/23/2012 07/23/12
Drew in DTLA email sparks a Morning Zoo rant 07/25/12
Jeremy Lin Interview - Houston Rockets PG 07/27/12
Jake in Peoria gets racked despite a poor job of reading his take 07/30/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - 07/30/2012 07/30/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - Paul Greco Interview 07/30/12
Aaron Rodgers interview, Green Bay Packers Quarterback 07/31/12
Fabian in LA - Official Jungle Olympic Correspondent 07/31/12
Steve in Albuquerque calls and wars pretty much everything 08/01/12
George in Ottawa calls with a Sandstorm - Careless Whisper remix on the kazoo 08/03/12
Chris in St Pete - Emails about HOF game being better than Olympics, T.O. rode Greyhound to tryouts 08/06/12
Jake in Peoria gets run for smacking NBCs Olympic coverage 08/06/12
Brian Banks interview - story of a wrongly convicted rapist who wants his shot at playing in the NFL 08/06/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - 08/06/2012 08/06/12
Craig Ochoa NFL replacement ref is ready for the Hack-off 08/10/12
John in San Diego calls about the Lakers and Dwight Howard 08/10/12
Stu in Manhattan welcomes Birminghams new affiliate 08/13/12
John in San Diego calls with old school knowledge, gets on Smack-off bubble 08/13/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - 08/13/2012 08/13/12
Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott interview 08/17/12
John in San Diego calls about Melky Cabrera 08/20/12
Jake in Peoria calls about John in San Diego 08/20/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - Interview with Jim Rome on a Mobile 08/20/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - 08/20/2012 08/20/12
Jay Mohr Guest Host - 08/27/12 - Hour 1 - Vin Scully, Dodgers payroll, Miami Dolphins Hard Knocks 08/27/12
Jay Mohr Guest Host - 08/27/12 - Hour 2 - Dez Bryant Rules, Cookie Monster diapers 08/27/12
Jay Mohr Guest Host - 08/27/12 - Hour 3 - Jets arent good, Roger Clemens frosted tips 08/27/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - 08/27/2012 08/27/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - 09/03/2012 09/03/12
Bob in Ann Arbor calls with ex-lax smack 09/04/12
Scott in Prescott - Caller has nothing to say, Rome does a J-Stew impression 09/06/12
Eric in Falls Church - Adam Sandler Yankees reset, Eric rebrands himself as a jerk 09/07/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - 09/10/2012 09/10/12
Jake in Peoria gets run after calling his shot on Twitter 09/11/12
Bill Romanowski interview, Oakland Raiders MNF long snapper debacle 09/11/12
Trapper in Dana Point - Talks about a murder case with former MMA fighter, reflects on 9/11 09/11/12
Joaquin's MMA email from dudes that order for their girlfriends at Olive Garden 09/12/12
Charles Woodson interview - Green Bay Packers Safety 09/14/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - 09/17/2012 09/17/12
Mark Kriegel interview - Author of The Good Son, Ray Mancini book 09/19/12
Mark Kriegel interview - Calls and email reaction 09/19/12
Mark in Hollywood calls in opening segment, gets put on hold, finishes call later 09/21/12
Gino in San Antonio calls about father and son bonding 09/21/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - 09/24/2012 09/24/12
Josh Sitton interview - Green Bay Packers guard with thoughts on replacement refs 09/25/12
Rack me! Mark in SLO - Emails sent to Rome with recycled takes 09/26/12
Israel in LA calls about the greedy NFL officials 09/26/12
Tribute to the replacement referees 09/27/12
Jim Rome addresses the South Park appearance 09/27/12
Mike in Indy lays out the West Coast Mafia and their leader Mark in Hollywood 09/28/12
Kobe Bryant interview 09/28/12
Jake in Peoria tries to take a run at Mark in Hollywood but gets run for reading 09/28/12
Henry in Springfield Missouri - Clueless in Seattle 09/28/12
Greg in Sun Valley - Challenges Luke Walton for deepest voice 10/01/12
War bums using scaffolding to play Hollywood Squares 10/04/12
Mack Brown - Coach of Texas Longhorns football 10/04/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - 10/08/2012 10/08/12
Jay Mohr Guest Host - 10/08/12 - Hour 1 - Colts win, KC fans cheer for hurt Cassel 10/08/12
Jay Mohr Guest Host - 10/08/12 - Hour 2 - Chris Berman doing Colts highlights, Alvins soundboard, Kurt Busch 10/08/12
Jay Mohr Guest Host - 10/08/12 - Hour 3 - Steve Gorman interview, DeAngelo Williams responds to Twitter hate 10/08/12
Jay Mohr Guest Host - 10/09/12 - Hour 1 - Jets are a disaster, Clones cant handle the current topics 10/09/12
Jay Mohr Guest Host - 10/09/12 - Hour 2 - David Koechner interview, Orlando Cruz is first openly gay boxer 10/09/12
Jay Mohr Guest Host - 10/09/12 - Hour 3 - Anthony Robles interview with reaction 10/09/12
Alfred Morris interview, Washington Redskins RB 10/15/12
Manti Te'o interview - Notre Dame linebacker, story about losing girlfriend to leukemia 10/17/12
The Jason Stewart Show - with Van Smack the phone slap 10/19/12
Jonathon Vilma interview, talks about bounty accusations, Greg Williams, cart-offs 10/22/12
Aaron Rodgers interview, talks about bounty scandal and unfair criticism 10/22/12
Rome starts show with Mike in San Diego reset, Giants win the pennant, email from Eric in Falls Church 10/23/12
Sherman from LA Times calls the hotline to sale newspaper subscriptions 10/24/12
Axl Rose butchers an acoustic version of Welcome to the Jungle 10/24/12
Phil Coke interview - Detroit Tigers pitcher 10/26/12
Fake Randy Moss calls in, doesn't know his middle name or birthday 10/30/12
Jose Canseco interviewed by Kyle Brandt 11/02/12
Levi the Trashman gets run for self gloss 11/06/12
Huge text contest 11/09/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - 11/12/2012 11/12/12
Holmey in Newport Beach - Email about slimy Phil Jackson, Rome told Holmey to frame the email 11/13/12
Text contest 11/13/12
Zach in the 909 calls and gets run 11/14/12
Text contest 11/14/12
Mark in Hollywood call, Lakers are Phil Jacksons booty call, goes after Fake in Peoria 11/15/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - 11/19/2012 11/19/12
Joe in Bugaha Show - Paul Greco Interview 11/19/12
Brad Pitt does a commercial for Chanel No. 5 11/28/12
Johnny Football Manziel interview 11/30/12
Week That Was Nov 28 - Dec 2 2011 12/02/12
Mike in Wichita calls about the Jovan Belcher tragedy 12/03/12
Text contest 12/03/12
Ted in Pittsburgh - Arkansas hog call or Kelly Clarksons mating ritual 12/06/12
Joaquin with another great MMA email 12/06/12
Vinny Mac calls and gets run, drank too much cheese and ate too much beer, Notre Dame fight song 12/06/12
Chris Kluwe interviewed by the Sklar Brothers 12/12/12
Brandon Marshall hates the Packers, compares the Bears season to Charlie Browns tree 12/13/12
Chris in St Pete - Lakers take, war losers dressing up as Santa and asking cougs to sit on their lap 12/14/12
Gonzo in SA Show - Interview with boxer Jesse James Leija 12/19/12
Jim Boeheim interview 12/20/12
Fabian in LA calls about the X-Factor and gets run 12/20/12
Text contest - Possibly the last one ever 12/20/12
Eric in Falls Church email - almost good enough to ditch the soundbed 12/20/12
2012 Year in Review - 01 - Jan-Mar 12/21/12
2012 Year in Review - 02 - Mar-Jun, Showtime announcement 12/21/12
2012 Year in Review - 03 - Jun-Oct, CBS announcement 12/21/12
Gonzo in SA Show - UTSA WR Josiah Monroe and Colorado St CB Bernard Blake 12/26/12

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