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Adam in Texas doesn't feel bad about the Longhorns losing, got run for saying he would have felt worse if they won, first call of 2024 01/02/24
Matt in Washington gets run for a global warming reset 01/02/24
Roger in Laguna with a take on the officiating in the Cowboys Lions game 01/02/24
Dave in Michigan questions reviews at the end of games 01/02/24
Bobby in North Carolina has been listening for a year, has a take on Eagle fan but gets let go for an interview 01/02/24
Mark in Boston on Michigan going to the championship game, cheating works, takes a run at Mike in Indy 01/02/24
Joey in Oregon likes when the Huskies prove the sports books wrong 01/02/24
Mike in Hartford complains about the bowl game start times 01/02/24
Lou in Buffalo is 77 years old, doesn't know which Bills team will show up 01/03/24
Brian in Pennsylvania responds to complaining Bills fans 01/03/24
Jeff in Cleveland hypes the Browns going into the playoffs 01/03/24
Dave in Detroit is still mad about the ending of the Lions game 01/03/24
V in the Fee says the Lakers already won the mid-season tournament, they don't need Jaime Jaquez 01/04/24
Silk Brah is in the 805 doing wine tasting, has thoughts on the Lakers 01/04/24
What's Your Beef? #164 - Calls from Jackson in Corvallis, Nooch in New Orleans, Terry in Texas, Ryan in Sactown, Roger in Tennessee, Matt in Green Bay, Ben in Green Bay, Matt in Alaska, Vince in the ATX, Brandon in Oregon, Bart in the ATX, Scott in Hawaii, JD in South Carolina, Pete in Phoenix, Ryan in Tampa, Eamon in Portland, Glenn in Green Bay, Dan in New Orleans 01/04/24
John in Tucson loved the interview with Jedd Fisch, also a Packer fan, Jordan Love changed his mind around 01/05/24
Kevin in Indianapolis is an LA transplant, wants Antionio Pierce to get the Raiders job 01/05/24
Jeff in Tampa thinks Jamies Winston can be an offensive coordinator 01/08/24
Jim in Portland has listened since April of 96, says Rome finally crossed the line 01/09/24
Jeff in Cleveland wants Mike Vrabel to come home and coach OSU 01/09/24
Mike in Clearwater says there are many reasons to stop listening, like Romes hatred for Hall and Oates 01/09/24
Anthony in Myrtle Beach was born an Oiler fan, hates what the Adams family is doing to the Titans 01/09/24
Nooch in New Orleans is calling sober for the first time, has a take on the Saints and Falcons rivalry 01/09/24
Dave in Arkansas says the Benson family should have fired the coach and released Jameis Winston 01/09/24
Duke in Boise thinks its ironic that Michigan won in Houston with the cheating scandals 01/09/24
Tim in Wisconsin is psyched about the playoff game, Packers are riding high on emotion 01/10/24
Texans GM Nick Caserio with thoughts on Smackoff 30 01/10/24
Bruce in Austin thought Saban would walk off after another championship 01/11/24
Matt in Providence says Belichick has done nothing with draft picks or trades in the last 5 years 01/11/24
Rob in OKC is a Chargers fan and would rather have Belichick than Carroll 01/11/24
Greg in North Carolina is a Seahawks fan, Carroll no longer coaching is bittersweet, wants Dan Quinn 01/11/24
Rich in North Carolina would rather the Panthers get Pete Carroll than Belichick 01/11/24
What's Your Beef? #165 - Calls from Mark in Akron, Jake in Tempe, Mark in Cleveland, Ryan in Sactown, Michael in San Antonio, Ron in Arkansas, Drew in Bako, Jim in Iowa, Ben in Driftwood, Frank in Mass, Jack in Bako, Robert in Oregon 01/11/24
Mark in Hollywood previews Bill Belichick if he took the Chargers job, Rome on X 01/12/24
Alan in San Diego wants Pete Carroll to take the Chargers coaching job, gets run for giving his age 01/12/24
Damian in Dallas talks about all the cheeseheads in town for the game 01/12/24
Mike in Dallas says its been 2 decades since his last call, Cowboys played like ass 01/15/24
Daryl in Richmond is hurt by the Cowboys, Jerry needs to give up 01/15/24
Tommy in Detroit talks about the last Lions playoff win 01/15/24
Anthony in Portland wants the Cowboys to look at Harbaugh instead of Belichick 01/15/24
Mark in Green Bay says its Heaven on Earth for Packers fans 01/15/24
Tina in Detroit is 70 years old, Alvie drops the hammer 01/15/24
Mike in Clearwater says Alvie needs to lighten after running Tina in Detroit 01/15/24
Jimmy in Tampa thanks Philly fans for spending money in his city, Baker filled huge shoes 01/16/24
Will in Green Bay is proud of Jordan Love, got to work as water boy for Packers 01/16/24
Matt in Green Bay is feeling great about the Packers, teamwork works, the Superbowl is looking for the best team 01/16/24
Gary in San Antonio claims to be a first time listener, sings a parody and gets run 01/16/24
Scott in Nocal loves that Rome took the opposite picks of Big Head and won, has nothing to war 01/16/24
Ryan in Tampa says Brian Daboll saved his job, says Rome is the only host that has Bakers back 01/16/24
Ryan in Sactown wants Eagles fans to turn their frown upside down because they took a crap on Bakers field 01/16/24
Connor in Michigan says Jared Goff is not a poor-mans anything 01/16/24
Preston in Kansas City on the Bills Mafia, thought they were supposed to be tough guys 01/17/24
Bob in LA is in a good mood, talks Lions football 01/17/24
Tina in Detroit calls back, the Lions crowd was electric and she can't wait for this week 01/17/24
Larry in Pennsylvania says Tomlins only problem is that he's too good of a coach 01/17/24
Evan in Grand Rapids was at the Lions Broncos game and the crowd was electric, has confidence that the Lions will beat the Bucs 01/17/24
Ben in Tulsa is a Cowboys fan, they fail him year after year, they're underachievers, he's done with them 01/18/24
Levi in Arkansas is also upset with the Cowboys, worst playoff loss in history, lack discipline 01/18/24
What's Your Beef? #166 - Calls from Terry in Texas, Fernando in San Francisco, Ryan in Sactown, Ben in Driftwood, Anthony in Pomona, Mike in Long Beach, Douglas in Milwaukee, Avery in North Carolina, Eric in Youngstown, Mike in Detroit, Darius in Tucson, Armando in Santa Ana, JJ in KC, Brian in Palm Springs, Matt in Oregon, Stu in Wisconsin, Joe in Idaho, Parady Larry 01/18/24
Jason in Dallas says Jerry Jones needs to retire and not get involved with the team 01/18/24
Jason in Oregon is a Cowboys fan, they are NFC East champions and he'll take it 01/19/24
Kenny in the Bay says the 49ers are going to pimp slap the Packers 01/19/24
Mike in Michigan says it's not going to be a cakewalk for the Lions over the Bucs 01/19/24
Preston in KC is pumped, Josh Allen will never get the hump with Mahomes in the league, gets run 01/22/24
Kyle in Queens responds to Preston in KC, wants him to husk some corn, thought it was a back and forth game 01/22/24
Charlie in Vancouver says the Bills fans got what they deserve 01/22/24
Mike in Baltimore says Lamar is this generations Ray Lewis, this team reminds him of when they beat Brady and Belichick 01/22/24
John in Buffalo takes the rose colored glasses off of the Bills Mafia 01/22/24
Tommy in Detroit says that they call Dan Campbell Dan Gamble, he’s not worried about the 49ers 01/22/24
Dave in Detroit has been a Lions fan for 6 decades, there is not way that they are not going to the Super Bowl 01/22/24
Greg in Oceanside says Raider Nation doesn’t care about GM, just glad they have AP back 01/22/24
Chris in KC appreciates the Bills fans getting the stadium ready, because its actually their (KC) house 01/22/24
Ryan in Tampa congratulates Rome on 30 years of Jungle glory, Baker Mayfield is his favorite athlete 01/23/24
David in Santa Clara says the Niners didn't win that game, flamed out 01/23/24
Joe in Detroit went to both playoff games, loves the clones 01/23/24
Jay in San Francisco says the 49ers are on another level, Lions will leave Santa Clara beaten down, gets racked 01/23/24
Kevin in Indianapolis is a transplant from LA, still hates Nocal, loves Detroit and felt an energy when he was there 01/23/24
Steve in Nocal says every major city has a song associated, only song Detroit has is ‘Its so Cold in the D’ 01/23/24
Fabian in LA says the 49ers aren’t important, Lakers banner is stupid, gets chased by shark 01/23/24
Richard in Sacramento wants to correct Rome, they hate San Francisco more, gets racked 01/23/24
Matt in Green Bay is excited about the Doc Rivers hire, he’s not a big basketball fan but Doc is a household name 01/24/24
Ed in Washington wants to get on the watch list, wants to talk about the Jungle pervert James in Portland, gets on watch-watch list 01/24/24
Kai in Boise is a 20 year listener, last called after the Divac Kobe trade, gets run 01/24/24
John in San Diego says Harbaugh is a great coach, Chargers usually don’t spend money on coaches, they seem committed to winning 01/25/24
Paul in San Diego gets run for giving his age 01/25/24
Greg in Oceanside says there is one loser in LA, the Chargers 01/25/24
Anthony in Pomona says nobody cares about the Chargers, everyone wants that LA zip code 01/25/24
Josh in Encinitas still considers the Chargers a San Diego team 01/25/24
Terry in Morro Bay is from LA, has been a Chargers fan since the beginning 01/25/24
Dave in Tustin Ranch doesn’t care about the Harbaugh signing, takes a run at V in the Fee, Detroit vs San Francisco 01/25/24
Rob in OKC says the Harbaugh hire is the best thing since Marty-ball 01/25/24
What's Your Beef? #167 - Calls from Ben in Driftwood, Jim in Houston, Stu in Richmond, Jake in San Diego, Dave in Tustin Ranch, John in Omaha, Ryan in Sactown, Jay in Humboldt, Anthony in Pomona, Colin in Tucson, Vince in the ATX, Evan in Grand Rapids, John in Philly, Josh in Encinitas, Nick in Socal 01/25/24
Dave in Tustin Ranch calls for 3rd time in the same show, not as good as his previous 2 efforts 01/25/24
Bella Bee in Calgary has a suggestion for the horse name, 818 For Life 01/25/24
V in the Fee responds to Dave in Tustin Ranch, fat smack and door dash drivers 01/26/24
Rodney in Indianapolis is a long time Lions fan, life has never been suckier 01/29/24
Paul in Detroit on SOL, Same Ol Lions, Dan Campbell in an amazon coach but can also be the worst coach 01/29/24
Ron in Sacramento is a 49ers fan, they were grieving at halftime, Prudy proved that he wanted to win 01/29/24
Will in Baltimore says the Ravens Chiefs game was JV vs Varsity, agrees with Rome about Lamar Jackson 01/29/24
Kenny in St Louis has questions about Spags and turnovers 01/29/24
Scott in Kansas City says its another beautiful day in Chiefs Kingdom, they have the best quarterback and cornerbacks 01/29/24
Jay in San Francisco akes a run at Mahomes brother and wife, Rome claims its insufferable smack 01/29/24
Angelo in the Bronx on Brock Purdy not getting any credit from sports networks 01/29/24
ATP - Where does the Mahomes and Jackson soundbites come from 01/29/24
Tobias in Colorado is a 49ers fans, the Lions belong in the XFL 01/30/24
Kumar in California gets run for resetting his name 01/30/24
Drew in Northern California says the Lions made a bad error, 49ers match up well against the Chiefs 01/30/24
Mike in Clearwater says Green Bay is coming, there's no guarantee that Detroit will own their division 01/30/24
Tommy in New Orleans says 49ers fans should act like they've been there before, they need this 01/30/24
John in ABQ says the 49ers will get the win, talks about In-N-Out burgers and Zaviers 01/30/24
Dave in Tustin Ranch responds to V in the Fee, V is the Jungle try-hard, gets run 01/30/24
Rodney in Indy says worst thing we have to deal with is 2 weeks of 49ers fans 01/30/24
Irie Craig talking about old school Super Bowl commercials that may or may not exist 01/30/24
Steve in Nocal comes to defense of Nocal people that all moved away, he likes Socal 01/30/24
Tim in DC says the District is full of loser teams 01/31/24
Mike in San Antonio wants to know the fascination with run first QB’s 01/31/24
Woody in the High Desert takes a run at Frisco Fan, questions KC as an underdog 01/31/24
Bob in LA gets run for resetting his name 01/31/24
Keith in Cleveland talks about how bad it is in C-Town 01/31/24
Joe in Oakland used to live in DC, talks about how bad it is in Oakland, got run 01/31/24
CJ in Oxnard says listen to Romes rules, Oakland has the first In-N-Out burger that ever closed 01/31/24
Jason in Sacramento says that they have it worse than Oakland because they have Ryan 01/31/24
Dom in Erie says his town is the most depressing, they are 2 hours from any sports and its Cleveland and Buffalo 01/31/24
John in Oregon talks about Damion Lillards return to Portland, fans booed him, Doc is 0-2 as Bucks coach 02/01/24
What's Your Beef? #168 - Calls from Daniel in Houston, Brian in Salt Lake City, Mark in Akron, Tommy in Detroit, Matt in Alaska, Vince in the ATX, Robert in Oregon, Eric in the Southside, Chris in Texas, Ryan in Sactown, Joe in Pismo Beach, Eddie inel in Houston, Brian in Salt Lake City, Mark in Akron, Tommy in Detroit, Matt in Alaska, Vince in the ATX, Robert in Oregon, Eric in the Southside, Chris in Texas, Ryan in Sactown, Joe in Pismo Beach, Eddie in Charleston, Jordan in Arkansas 02/01/24
2024 Radio Row - Monday Hour 1 - Kevin Kruger, Thomas Dimitroff, Eric Eager 02/05/24
2024 Radio Row - Monday Hour 2 - Mike Golic Jr., Mike Sando, Mike Pritchard 02/05/24
2024 Radio Row - Monday Hour 3 - Solomon Wilcots, Lincoln Riley 02/05/24
2024 Radio Row - Tuesday Hour 1 - Michael Lombardi, Sam Monson, Robbie Gould 02/06/24
2024 Radio Row - Tuesday Hour 2 - Mike Jones, Michael Brockers, Will Brinson 02/06/24
2024 Radio Row - Tuesday Hour 3 - Dr. David Chao, Andrew Whitworth, Jeff Chadiha, X Announcement 02/06/24
2024 Radio Row - Wednesday Hour 1 - Rod Woodson, Anthony Munoz, Kendrick Bourne 02/07/24
2024 Radio Row - Wednesday Hour 2 - Fletcher Cox, Jay Glazer, Derrick Brooks 02/07/24
2024 Radio Row - Wednesday Hour 3 - Dan Marino, Dana White, Brock Bowers 02/07/24
2024 Radio Row - Thursday Hour 1 - Rachaad White, Gary Vee 02/08/24
2024 Radio Row - Thursday Hour 2 - Maxx Crosby, Drew Brees, Matt Judon 02/08/24
2024 Radio Row - Thursday Hour 3 - Baker Mayfield, Ja'Marr Chase, Austin Ekeler 02/08/24
2024 Radio Row - Friday Hour 1 - Zack Moss, Big Head Bets,Jordan Love 02/09/24
2024 Radio Row - Friday Hour 2 - CJ Stroud, Sean Payton, Will Anderson Jr 02/09/24
2024 Radio Row - Friday Hour 3 - Jordan Poyer, Kyren Williams, Emmitt Smith 02/09/24
Iafrate with his annual post Chiefs Super Bowl championship call 02/12/24
JJ in KC said the Super Bowl felt like a boxing match, 49ers kept letting the Chiefs hang around, they’re the double-champs 02/12/24
David in Santa Clara is still embarrassed by the Oaktown tourstop, fans are buying Pedialite to re-energize themselves 02/12/24
Arch in Pismo Beach has one thing to say, rambles about the Super Bowl, gets chased by sharks 02/12/24
Ben in Driftwood congratulates Cheifs Kingdom, Kelce missed his chance to propose, gets run 02/13/24
John in Compton on situational awareness, 49ers never got Kittle ignited 02/13/24
KC in LA was in Las Vegas for radio row, Patrick Mahomes is like a Harlem Globetrotter, picks himself to win Smackoff 30 02/13/24
Michael in West Virginia says as long as Purdy is the 49ers QB, they won’t win 02/13/24
Ryan in Tampa says Andy Reid is the reason that the Chiefs won, not Mahomes 02/13/24
Bergie in Florida gets run for testing the rules, self-glossed the Bumsmacker 02/14/24
Jason in Dallas claims Dave in Tustin Ranch is Paul's Dog, 49ers were told the overtime rules 02/14/24
Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting and reaction, calls from Alan and JJ in KC 02/15/24
Ben in Driftwood submits a parody about skipping a week of What's Your Beef, Tracy Chapman 02/15/24
What's Your Beef? #169 - Calls from Tim in Wichita, Ryan in Sacramento, Jake in Tempe, Ty in Boise, Rich in Philly, Anthony in Pomona, Sean in Oregon, Cody in Indiana, Dave in Tustin Ranch, Mike in Wisconsin, Aaron in Boise, Vince in ATX, Chris in Youngstown, David in Houston, Clay in Wyoming 02/15/24
CJ in Oxnard talks to Rome about Cabo San Lucas, brother is an executive chef, referenced 'longest bad call' on Stucknut 02/16/24
Jay in Humboldt says Romes move to X will give the clones what they want, bum smack, JN, rat family, gets run 02/19/24
Rob in Florida talks about the Rick Pitino and St. Johns 02/19/24
Anthony in Pomona on Dave Roberts and the Dodgers, if they don't win next year he should get fired 02/20/24
Silk Brah says its ski week, talks about the Dodgers, smacks Nocal 02/21/24
Dave in Tustin Ranch tries to get on the watchlist, talks Dave Roberts, Anthony Rendon, and Michael Silver, resets Joaquin MMA emails 02/21/24
John in Buffalo gives some fun facts about bed bugs 02/21/24
What's Your Beef? #170 - Calls from Kevin in Eugene, Jeff in Roseville, Terry in Texas, Jim in Sacramento, Louie in Colorado, Brent in Texas, Russ in Houston, Pete in Madison, Duke in Boise, Ken in Lindon, Vince in the ATX, Kirk in Omaha, Josh in Encinitas, Alan in Sacramento, Mike in Provo, John in Idaho 02/22/24
Matt in Alaska has beef with slobs, got interrupted with a phone call, asked to get run 02/23/24
Raider Mike announced his retirement from the Air Force, Antonio Pierce is the only coach in Raiders history to led team in fewest penalties, Rome asks about the longest tenured clone 02/23/24
Who is the most tenured clone? CEO, Silk, Irie, Raider Mike, JT - Call from Irie Craig 02/23/24
Tim in Texas says Rome is to sports radio as the Pope is to religion, met Rome at the 1998 Final Four 02/23/24
Silk Brah talks about old school clones, started his Jungle journey on the midday show, explains the CEO gloss for Pat in Chino 02/23/24
Parody Larry has a song for Alvin to the tune of Luka, gets run 02/23/24
Vince in the ATX is a repeat offender, has a bone to pick about the response to his Jerry Jones beef 02/26/24
Will in Richmond has a haiku about Romes high school buddies, the Menendez brothers 02/26/24
Bills’ Dion Dawkins gets a Golden Ticket for his comments on the Jets 02/27/24
Tim in Houston reacts to the Anthony Kim rant and reset 02/27/24
Jeff from Richmond RSVP’s to Smackoff 30, added more members to his hype machine 03/01/24
What's Your Beef? #171 - Calls from Jim in Iowa, Tim in Montana, Mike in South Carolina, V in the Fee, Jay in Humboldt, Neman in Montana, Jay in Providence, Vince in the ATX, Brian in Charlotte, Ryan in Tampa, Matt in LA, Nick in Houston (Nick Caserio), Scott in Pensacola, John in Anaheim Hills, Ben in Driftwood, Bobby in Houston 03/01/24
Lane in Claremont dreamt that Rome did Smackoff 30 live from Vegas 03/04/24
Mike in Boise wants a Smackoff playoff 03/04/24
Mike in North Dakota wants a Hunger Games style Smackoff in Vegas 03/04/24
Frank in Texas has an idea for the annual Smackdown 03/04/24
Anthony in Pomona doesn't know why people keep suggestion Smackoff formats where clones die 03/04/24
Steve in the ABQ wants a Friars Club roast for the Smackoff 03/04/24
Mack in the 219 wants 40 Golden Ticket holders to get filtered out by a series of questions to test their intellect 03/04/24
Balls Out Bowling is back, where nudity is required - Pennsylvania 03/05/24
Ryan in Tampa reacts to the nude bowling take, talks about nudist colonies in Florida 03/05/24
What's Your Beef? #172 - Calls from Damon in Grand Rapids, Ryan in Tampa, Pauls Dog, Mario in Phoenix, JD in Philly, Deke in Boise, Vince in the ATX, Neiman in Montana, Orlando in Oakland, Dean in Torrance, Jacon in LA, Kenny in Nashville, Steve in Idaho, Paul in Erie, Lance in OKC, Tim in Arizona, Anthony in Pomona, Mike in Detroit 03/06/24
Dave in Orchard Park says the Bills can’t get it done with current roster, wants a youth movement 03/07/24
Nooch in New Orleans talks about Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul boxing match announcement, gets on Watch List 03/07/24
James in Portland takes a run at Alvie and James Kelley 03/07/24
Scorpion stung man in his testicles while he slept at Las Vegas hotel 03/08/24
James in Portland claims Alvin is out due to a scorpion stinger to the shaft 03/08/24
Ryan in Sactown talks about Kings vs Lakers, gets run for an interview, calls back and Rome lets clones decide if he gets back on, votes via calls from Lane in Claremont, Ben in Driftwood, and Jerry in Richmond 03/08/24
Nooch in New Orleans votes to let Ryan back on, Ryan in Sactown finishes his call, reaction from Anthony in Pomona 03/08/24
Sam in Harrisburg is trusting that the Steelers know what they’re doing by signing Russell Wilson, afraid Russ is washed up 03/11/24
Jack in Pittsburgh says Pickett is not in favor with the fans so he’ll welcome any other QB 03/11/24
Jake in Bakersfield is a Vikings fan, says good riddance to Kirk Cousins, he’s a yipper 03/12/24
Vince in the ATX talks about Jerry Jones’ lack of splash in the free agent market 03/12/24
Larry in Albany says the NY Giants biggest problem was scoring, not happy that they let Saquon leave 03/12/24
Neiman in Montana is a Raiders fan, wants to know what the bowl-cut has to do to get a QB 03/12/24
Bob in Green Bay owes an apology to Packers GM Gute 03/12/24
Charlie in Chicago talks about Packers free agency 03/12/24
Lyle in Pittsburgh on Anthony Grant and Dayton's chances in the tourney 03/13/24
Mike in Hartford says that the NCAA tournament is not wide open, 3 teams above all else 03/13/24
Ben in Driftwood sent a new song, Rome teased it but didn't get played 03/13/24
John in Little Rock gets a Golden Ticket based on his body of work 03/13/24
Zach in Stockton says the real Kings fans know that the team is up and down, but still excited about their run 03/14/24
Jackson in Sacramento doesn’t care about the Lakers, the Maloofs are long gone 03/14/24
What's Your Beef? #173 - Calls from Tim in Austin, Rob in San Antonio, Ed in San Antonio, Mike in the Bay, Mike in Canton, Bobby in El Paso, Duke in Boise, Anthony in Myrtle Beach, Vince in the ATX, Jeff in Pismo Beach, Mac in Indiana, Paul in Georgia, Zach in Stockton, Ben in Driftwood, John in Little Rock, Robert in San Antonio, Jacob in Arizona, Skip in Texas, Kyle in Texas, Timmy in Greenville 03/14/24
Vince in the ATX with a take on Jerrah's All In comment 03/15/24
Mike in Clearwater with a story about going to a friends ex-wifes wedding and being dead to his friend 03/15/24
Kevin in Indy is a UPS driver, talks Raiders 03/15/24
Mike in the Bay got excused early from jury duty, bent that cow poop nation is talking about the Lakers, Alvie ran him twice 03/15/24
AJ in Virginia went Louisville, Pitino made the right decision by not going to NIT 03/18/24
Manny in LA talking Trubisky, the Bears, and Justin Fields 03/18/24
PJ in Denver imagines Mike Tomlin using a dual QB system 03/18/24
Brian in Utah reacts to the Anthony Edwards dunk over John Collins, ready for the team to move to Kansas City 03/19/24
PJ in Denver responds to Manny in LA, lost sleep about how pathetic Manny is 03/19/24
Mike in Hartford is sick of colleges moaning and groaning about the bubble 03/19/24
Mike in Portland on Alvie playing the wrong song, thought frickin Ritt was on the board 03/19/24
Eric in Castle Rock on Stucknut Steve working for nothing 03/20/24
Kentucky Coach John Calipari interview 03/20/24
What's Your Beef? #174 - Calls from Brian in Michigan, Liz in Falls City, Joe in Missouri, Jim in Denver, Paul in Erie, Steve in Cleveland, Will in Nashville, Vince in the ATX, Josh in Encinitas, Nick in Myrtle Beach, Dave in Kansas City, Scott in Denver, KT in Wichita, James in Pensacola, Ed in San Antonio, Edward in Syracuse, Troy in Salt Lake, Jordan in Arkansas, Scott in Denver, Mark in San Antonio, Parody Larry, Anthony in Pomona, Ben in Driftwood 03/21/24
Nick in Myrtle Beach says gambling scandals doesn’t keep us from watching 03/22/24
Miles in Charleston is enjoying NC State in the tourney, questions Big West teams 03/25/24
Kevin in Texas on the Texas A&M vs Houston game, the Aggies shouldn’t have only relied on Taylor 03/25/24
ATP's - Jardy in NC with new handle, Songs about Alvie 03/25/24
Jack in South Carolina says Ohtani picked the wrong dude to be his translator 03/26/24
Peter in Northern Michigan has a problem with the new NFL rules 03/26/24
Eric in South Carolina wants to talk about the ref show, Jim is too hard on refs 03/26/24
V in the Fee says Shohei stinks, what is he hiding? 03/26/24
Reaction to the Baltimore bridge 03/26/24
Shane in Louisville talks about the past Kentucky basketball championships, wants to stick with Coach Cal 03/27/24
Taylor in Lexington says the standard is the standard, wants the old Calipari back 03/27/24
Matt in LA wants the Dodgers to go a full season without a scandal 03/28/24
What's Your Beef? #175 - Calls from Vince in the ATX, John in San Francisco, Kenny in Sacramento, Mike in La Quinta, Edward in Tennessee, Jay in Philly, George in San Francisco, Bill in Baltimore, Ryan in Tampa, Joe in Kansas City, Tim in Austin, Josh in Solana Beach 03/28/24
Jack Savage's last day, he's moving to London 03/29/24
Mike in Clearwater has a beef with Dino in Vegas, worst case of jungle tourettes with the I Can’t Wait song 04/01/24
Luka Doncic was a bartender, as you know 04/01/24
PJ in Denver on Rashee Rice’s car being involved with drag racing and an accident 04/01/24
Bill in Portland got run for not being ready 04/02/24
Dave in Portland says the city is falling apart, painting a 3 point line is like brain surgery 04/02/24
Amber in Portland responds to Dave, talks about the 3 point line discrepancy and how bad the Trail Blazers have become 04/02/24
Justin in San Antonio is sitting in traffic eating his Old Trapper beef jerky, comments on Dave in Portlands call, thinks bullying will help Portland guy 04/02/24
Bo in Arkansas is a huge Eric Musselman fan, there are too many idiots in Arkansas, wants him to stay with the Razorbacks 04/03/24
Chris in Fayetteville says the Razorback fan base has become an abomination 04/03/24
Adam in Arkansas would hate for the Muss-bus to leave the station, he’s done amazing things for the Razorbacks 04/03/24
What's Your Beef? #176 - Calls from Mike in Milwaukee, Mack in Grand Rapids, Casey in Savannah, Miles in Charleston, Ben in Driftwood, Jeff in Omaha, Duke in Boise, Chad in Biloxi, Anthony in Pomona, Vince in the ATX, Bill in Sacramento, Aaron in San Antonio, Erron in Diamondhead, Josh in Iowa, Paul in Erie, Scott in Denver, Vincent in San Antonio, Kenny in Nashville 04/04/24
Jake Rome's 23rd birthday, reset of his calls as a kid 04/04/24
Show open, notable clone Nick Caserio is making moves for the Texans 04/05/24
Vince in the ATX wants the Cowboys to take advice from the Texans and Bob McNair 04/05/24
Joe in Orlando has an idea for Big Head so he can play sound drops while making picks, tries to get run by stating his age, gets on the Watch List 04/05/24
Scott in Wichita baits James Kelley into running him by stating his name and age 04/05/24
Big Head plays his soundbite montage in place of The Week That Was 04/05/24
Kevin in Kentucky loves coach Cal, hates other Kentucky fans, Cal is staying in conference 04/08/24
Rick in Buffalo on the Stefon Diggs trade, thanks Nick Caserio for being dumb enough to trade for him, the eclipse is for losers, declares it Smackoff season 04/08/24
Ross in Lexington wishes Cal the best, wants Rick Pitino back 04/08/24
Mike in Clearwater on the kooks looking at the eclipse, get a life losers 04/08/24
Mike in Hartford was at the Final Four, UConn is 6-0 in finals, Dan Hurley is too good for Kentucky 04/09/24
Rich in Orlando says players love playing for Coach Hurley 04/09/24
Vic in Victoria wants to introduce himself to the Jungle, including Rick in Buffalo, Geoff in Lincoln, and Parody Larry 04/09/24
James in Portland on Big Head doing Alvie’s job while he was out making babies 04/10/24
Silk Brah calls from Mammoth mountain, Jen got a new job, Silks dream gig is teaching middle school, talks Dodgers 04/10/24
OJ Simpson passed away, show open and Juicemas calls from Mark in Hollywood calls as OJ (21:10), Max in San Diego (23:36), Mike in Philly (25:50), Dom in Erie (34:35), John in Little Rock (36:26), Steven in Orlando (39:50) 04/11/24
What's Your Beef? #177 - Calls from Joe in Orlando, John in Omaha, Ed in San Antonio, Nooch in New Orleans, Anthony in Pomona, Paul in Erie, Vince in the ATX, John in Omaha, Steve in Green Bay, Dylan in Vegas, Scott in Arkansas 04/11/24
Kevin Frazier interview, co-host of Entertainment Tonight 04/11/24
V in the Fee canceled his wifes ultrasound so he could listen to Juicemas, sings 12 Days of Juicemas parody 04/11/24
Mike in Albuquerque talks about the old Orenthal t-shirt 04/12/24
Ryan in San Antonio calls about the old Jim Rome shirts, the shirts came with Orenthal stickers 04/12/24
Tony in Phoenix says watching Tiger was incredible, UUU dudes that tuck their eyes into their hats, first caller on Infinity Network, gets racked 04/15/24
Tony in Phoenix calls back for 2nd straight day due to the Jungle crack, responds to the reaction 04/16/24
Matt in Green Bay talking about the Packers and Bucks always laying eggs 04/16/24
Tony in Phoenix AKA Shaky T gets run while reading a poem 04/18/24
Scott in Denver impersonates the tennis reporter, asking about Tony’s call 04/18/24
What's Your Beef? #178 - Calls from Ty in Boise, Dave in Tustin Ranch, Brian in Green Bay, Duke in Boise, Dave in Louisville, Damon in Boise, Bergie in Florida, Paul in Erie, John in Tucson, Tony in Phoenix, George in Tampa, Vince in the ATX, Kenny in Nashville, Ty in Boise 04/18/24
Tony in Phoenix flames out on his 3rd call of the day, gets blocked 04/18/24
James in Portland responds to Tony in Phoenix, Shaky A and Shaky T 04/18/24
Fabian in LA calls for 4/20, needs positivity from the clones 04/19/24
V in the Fee on the Lakers, D-Lo, LeBron Blames, Diarrhea Darv, still says Lakers in 6 04/22/24
PJ in Denver says the Nuggets will sweep the Lakers, making it 12 in a row, gets run 04/22/24
Jay in Humboldt calls for 420, gets run for talking about taking a growler 04/22/24
AJ in Arlington talks about how pathetic the Mavs played in the first half 04/22/24
Dave in Kentucky on Jerruh offering Kentucky players double to play for Arkansas, he hit some dudes horse right in the mouth 04/22/24
V in the Fee is sick to his stomach about the Lakers, blames Diarrhea Darv, wins Huge Call 04/23/24
Matt in Green Bay on LeBron blaming the replay center after the loss 04/23/24
Greg in Indiana is a retired UPS driver, umps like the one that ejected Boone are ruining baseball 04/23/24
Jacob in LA says it’s ridiculous what Hunter Wendelstedt did 04/23/24
Louis in Phoenix first call since 1994, add Suns to list of failed super team experiments, gets run 04/24/24
NFL GM compared Caleb Williams to Prince, story about Prince getting booed off stage at Rolling Stones concert, calls from John in Anaheim Hills and Ron in Bakersfield 04/24/24
What's Your Beef? #179 - Calls from Mike in Vancouver, Jay in Humboldt, George in Houston, Neiman in Montana, Andy in Phoenix, Vince in the ATX, Matt in Green Bay, Leroy in ABQ, Kenny in Nashville, Cesar in Austin, Bergie in Florida, Josh in Solana Beach, Anthony in Pomona, Mitch in Arkansas, Christian in Sarasota, JB in South Carolina, Bob in Boston, Rich in Philly, Eric in Colorado 04/25/24
V in the Fee on the Vikings draft and Lakers meltdown 04/26/24
TJ in Austin on Anthony Edwards and the Wolves crushing the Suns 04/29/24
Brendan in Savannah likes the Falcons drafting Pennix 04/29/24
Rob in Tucson is a perpetual, pervasive LeBron apologist, disappointed with the Lakers 04/30/24
Jimmy in NC thinks JJ Reddick will be the next Lakers coach 04/30/24
V in the Fee on Coach Ham and the Lakers getting knocked out of the playoffs 04/30/24
Nick Caserio responds to the Monti Ossenfort interview, says Iafrate and Parody Larry should be the only callers singing, war’s Michaels Dad 04/30/24
Reaction to the Nick Caserio call 04/30/24
Texans GM Nick Caserio on Payne and Pendergast (Sports Radio 610 Houston KILT), talks about his drive-by in the Jungle and callers that sing 05/01/24
JD in Philly on the 76ers/Knicks series, doesn't want tickets sold to New Yorkers 05/01/24
ATP about the English Beat playing at Rome's 50th birthday party 05/01/24
Max in SD calls with a sales pitch for new cameras, Rome talks about sales reps 05/02/24
What's Your Beef? #180 - Calls from Max in San Diego, Duke in Boise, Jackson in Tucson, Kimberly in Houston, George in Houston, Michael in San Antonio, Ron in Bakersfield, Troy in Salt Lake City, Kenny in Nashville, Carlton in OKC, Ken in Lindon 05/02/24
Matt in Green Bay compares Philly fan letting Knicks fans in to Dave at the Lorelei letting Mark in Boston in 05/03/24
Vince in the ATX says Jerruh makes him want to die 05/03/24
Lisa in Texas on the Lakers, AD is #1, LeBron #2, new coach needs tough skin 05/06/24
JD in South Carolina says LeBron has a horrible track record of hiring coaches 05/06/24
Mr. Jones in Atlanta is a Lakers fan and LeBron hater, he’s not bigger than the franchise, gets run for self gloss 05/06/24
Mike in Clearwater is surprised that Jamal Murray throwing things on the court is not getting more attention 05/07/24
PJ in Denver says Jamal Murray throwing the heat pack on the court was his best shot of the night 05/07/24
Andy in Phoenix wonders why there were heating packs on the sideline, gets run 05/07/24
KC in LA on the Lakers coaching situation, 2020 championship was fools gold, wants Steve Nash 05/07/24
Robert in Corvallis is excited about the X launch, there will be listeners from all over the world 05/07/24
Brandon in Jersey talks about the rules of the Brady Roast, gets run for joke about Kaleb french kissing his hand 05/07/24
Mike in Hartford appreciates Rome going in on Coach Prime 05/08/24
PJ in Denver on Coach Prime, the nepotism and his hypocrisy has destroyed his legacy, describes Boulder Skank 05/08/24
Brenan in Wisconsin wanted Coach Prime when Wisconsin had an opening, glad they went with Luke Fickell 05/08/24
What's Your Beef? #181 - Calls from Jackson in Tucson, Ryan in Sacramento, Mike in Vancouver, Don in Detroit, Mike in New Mexico, Damian in Salt Lake City, Jim in Corona, Andy in Phoenix, Josh in Solana Beach, Rich in Virginia, Bill in Sactown, Steve in Tracy CA, Buck in Texas, Vince in the ATX, Jimmy in NC, Bill in Tucson, Troy in Salt Lake City 05/09/24
Mike in the Bay Area was wrongfully accused of a crime, went to prison for 9 months, talks about Ippei being a fall guy 05/09/24
Scott in Denver wanted in to sing a parody but got cold feet, Rome takes call from Ben in Driftwood, reset of bad parodies 05/10/24
Scott in Denver calls back with a Jump Around parody, gets run 05/10/24
ATP - Origins of manual buzzer and ionic soundbites 05/10/24
Vince in the ATX says Mike McCarthy will soon be a greeter at Walmart if they can find a big enough blue vest 05/13/24
Mike in Hartford can’t stand Knicks fans, Pacers are going to win 4-2 05/13/24
Don in Detroit on the Goff extension, some Lions fans are not sold on him 05/14/24
Max in San Diego got run for saying uh too many times 05/14/24
Vince in the ATX is eating popcorn waiting for lady clones to duke it out, wished the Cowboys window was open so he could jump out of it 05/14/24
Justin in Melbourne is excited about the X platform, wants to put respect on the podcast, reinventing himself 05/14/24
Mike in the Bay Area on the absence of Denver Nuggets fan until recently, gets on Watch List 05/15/24
Raul in Tempe was offended by coach Tommy Lloyd commenting on Romes foot speed 05/15/24
PJ in Denver says its a fantastic time to be a Denver sports fan, there is no way that anyone can beat the Nuggets right now 05/15/24
George in Tucson tells Raul in Tempe to lay off the sauce, Tommy Lloyd is the man 05/15/24
Jimmy in Tucson on the border skirmish with Phoenix and ASU 05/15/24
What's Your Beef? #182 - Calls from Dom in Erie, Robbie in Dallas, Jeff in Oregon, Kenny in Nashville, Jim in Corona, Grayson in Buffalo, Jay in Humboldt, Ron ok Bakersfield, Duke in Boise, Jake in Tempe, Vince in the ATX, JJ in KC, Roland in Arkansas, Bill in Sacramento, David in Charleston, Ken in Lindon,Mike in La Quinta, Josh in Salina 05/16/24
Big Head Bets - James Kelley talks about going to jail 05/17/24
Vince in the ATX wars James Kelley at the honeymoon suite Denver county jail 05/17/24
John in New York on the Pacers beating the Knicks 05/20/24
Milton in Georgia says good riddance to the Knicks goofy ass fanbase, they haven't mattered since 1973, MSG is a dump, you're the Clippers East 05/20/24
Dan in New York on Rick Carlisle, he’s a whiny piece of crap 05/20/24
Vince in the ATX says the only thing more delusional than Cowboys fans is Knicks fans, stick to Sex and the City reruns 05/20/24
Mario in Phoenix says we shouldn’t be surprised about James Kelley arrest, he’s the Walter White of the Jungle 05/20/24
Jim Rome on X starts Tuesday, May 28 2024 05/20/24
Bergie in Florida says the new X stream will create a loophole of JN names 05/21/24
Mark in Greenville went to Javiers in Vegas, best Mexican food he’s ever eaten 05/21/24
Leff in Laguna with an X post about Javiers 05/21/24
AJ in Arlington on Kyrie Irving without LeBron, he can see LeBron being a player coach for the Lakers 05/21/24
Mark in Birmingham on Red Lobster shutting down, wants to see how many Mark’s can call in on 1 day 05/21/24
Russell in Austin talks about being at the Tour Stop, wars the Longhorns kicking the SEC’s ass 05/22/24
Jay in Humboldt says he has 7 kids, trying to catch Alvie, gets run for unwarring pulling out 05/22/24
Eric in River Hills WI on the show moving to X, they allow free speech, Brad in Corona is washed and should hang’em up 05/22/24
What's Your Beef? #183 - Calls from Milton in Georgia, Josh in Iowa, Ryan in Sactown, Lee in Syracuse, Ben in Driftwood, Jeff in Oregon, Lane in Claremont, Neiman in Montana, Mike in the Bay Area, Ken in San Antonio, Rob in the 570, Pete in Phoenix, Mark in San Antonio, Jack in Michigan, Steve in Wisco, Luis in Louisville, Scott in Arkansas, Anthony in Pomona, Matt in Green Bay, Mike in Provo, Mark in Kentucky 05/23/24
Eric in Orlando thought he was banned, asks if Rome was too hard on Big Head, gets run 05/24/24
Boatie in Pearland has been living in Mexico, not retired but enjoying life 05/24/24
Opening segment for the new X stream 05/28/24
First X posts for the new X stream 05/28/24
Chris in St. Pete wants the new listeners to know that there are some cool clones 05/28/24
Scott in Arkansas gets run for self gloss 05/28/24
V in the Fee on JJ Reddick and Sam Cassell possibly joining the Lakers coaching staff 05/28/24
Lisa in Texas with a take on Kyrie Irving, he’s been balling all year, wants Rome to keep it real 05/28/24
PJ in Denver on Russell Wilson, glad he’s gone, gets run for asking Rome if Alvie thought they would be streaming on the sex platform 05/28/24
Parody Larry calls with a Dream parody for Streams, gets run 05/28/24
Matt in Green Bay on LeBron trying to control everything, let Bronny be a kid 05/29/24
Tom in Detroit talked about how the current state of Detroit sports, got run for giving his age 05/29/24
Cj in Oxnard just signed up for X, his brother bought Old Trapper at Costco and another customer asked if he was a clone 05/29/24
Nick Caserio talks about Smackoff 30, predicts a repeat winner 05/30/24
Matt in Green Bay talks about NFL coaches that fire people up, Demeco Ryans and Dan Campbell 05/30/24
What's Your Beef? #184 - Calls from Jeff in Omaha, Josh in Solana Beach, Duke in Boise, Josh in Iowa, Dominic in Lockport NY, Tom in Boise, Barkley in the ABQ, Boatie in Pearland, Dom in Erie, CJ in Sacramento, Aaron in San Antonio, Martin in San Antonio, Steve in Wisco 05/30/24
Damian in Dallas says Rome is the GOAT of radio, it’s a good time to be in Dallas 05/31/24
Jay in Humboldt on the Wooves Mavs game, gets run for mushroom stamp blast 05/31/24
Brad in Corona on the hottest coach in NFL, Kaleb in Green Bay, Rome's R logo looks circumcised, WNBA salaries - Griner gets haircuts at SportsClips, the ladies in the back row 05/31/24
Dave in College Park MD on Caitlin Clark getting bullied, it’s a horrible look for the WNBA 06/03/24
Tyler in Edmonton on the Oilers making it to the NHL Finals, they hit rock bottom in November, Rome hangs up on him 06/03/24
Mark in Detroit weighs in on the WNBA and Angel Reese, he's a gettable sports fan, usually becomes a fan because of 1 person, Caitlin Clark 06/04/24
Jeff in SoCal is the WNBA expert of the Jungle, says he should get credit for its recent success, gets run for saying fans have short hair and drive Suburus 06/04/24
James in Portland with a V in the Fee impersonation 06/05/24
Will in Wisconsin talks about Rome's clothing style from the 90's 06/05/24
V in the Fee calls as James in Portland, says Cindy is not a Portland woman, she’s a Poulter woman 06/05/24
What's Your Beef? #185 - Calls from Dev in North Carolina, CJ in Oxnard, Drew in Wisconsin, Michael in Denver, Miles in Charleston, Bergie in Florida, John in Portland, Vince in the ATX, Rob in Portland, Mike in the Bay Area, Rob in Scranton, Mike in Snowbird, Dom in Erie, Larry in H-Town, Ken in Corona, Jay in Humboldt, Ben in Idaho, Ty in Boise 06/06/24
John in Little Rock gets run for a Wack Man song, still has a horrible phone 06/07/24
Ed in San Antonio sings a Gilligans Island song about the Jungle gets run 06/07/24
JD in South Carolina thought Dan Hurley to the Lakers was a far fetched idea, wise decision for Hurley to not deal with Lebron 06/10/24
Paul in Erie breaks down the contract numbers for Dan Hurley 06/10/24
V in the Fee is mad that Dan Hurley didn’t pick the Lakers, gets run for Rick Pitino alfredo sauce blast 06/10/24
John in Anaheim Hills congratulates Dan Hurley for not taking the Lakers job, then congratulates JJ Reddick for the money he’s about to make 06/10/24
Rick in Seattle calls from a bad connection, Lakers coaching job 06/11/24
Sean in Wichita is bored with the Chiefs but is switching to the Raiders, gets run 06/11/24
KC in LA reflects on Jerry West's passing, KC was a Lakers ball boy in the early 70's 06/12/24
Daniel in San Antonio tells a story about meeting Jerry West 06/12/24
Chetan828 on X posts about how the show hasn't evolved, Alvie gives an explaination 06/12/24
It's The Summer Of The Hot Rodent Men 06/13/24
What's Your Beef? #186 - Calls from Matthew in Del Mar, Wesley in Bakersfield, Matt in Green Bay, Pauls dog, Matt in Atlanta, Eric in Henderson, Vince in the ATX, Ed in San Antonio, Ken in San Antonio, Ron in Corona, Jimmy in NC, Dom in Erie 06/13/24
Mike in the Bay takes a run at V in the Fee, wants to be the LA correspondent 06/14/24
Irie Craig used to listen to Rome in Santa Barbara in the late 80’s, said he had a cocktail with Jerry West at a Lakers game 06/14/24
Bill in Knoxville returns, now in Ocala Florida, Luka needs to play D, calls out some old school clones 06/14/24
Tim in Houston gives a history lesson on golf, Dechambeau is the new face of golf, glosses the XR crew Pete and Repeat 06/17/24
Rex in ABQ on Rory, gets run for butt dumplings blast 06/17/24
Jason in Harrisburg is glad that the NBA Finals are over, the product is unwatchable, snuck in AIC reference 06/18/24
Mike in Hartford said it feels good for the Celtics to pass the Lakers for championships, wants Rome to come to Boston 06/18/24
Manny in LA talks about Willie Mays and the style he played, Candlestick Park was a dump, reads a story 06/19/24
Silk Brah on Willie Mays, also talks about how awful Candlestick Park was, Coors Canaveral, it's another summer of Silk 06/19/24
What's Your Beef? #187 - Calls from V in the Fee, Mario in Phoenix, Vince in the ATX, Dom in Erie, Jeff in Omaha, Dan in Green Bay, Kyle in Pittsburgh, Miles in Charleston, Jeff in Pittsburgh, Rob in Michigan, Mike in Clearwater, Anthony in Pomona, Dave in KC 06/20/24
Reggie Jackson recalls racist treatment in Alabama, calls from Bennent in Carlsbad, Mike in LA, Boatie in Pearland, and Scott in Hawaii 06/21/24
Josh in Philly still believes that the Florida Panthers will win the Stanley Cup for America 06/24/24
Mike in Clearwater is a diehard Lightning fan, wants nothing to do with the Panthers winning, go Canada 06/24/24
Josh in Solana Beach doesn’t really know the rules of hockey but does know that Florida is gross 06/24/24
Ryan in Tampa is wondering why Lightning fans are calling and Florida rat fans aren’t 06/24/24
Missouri football coach Eliah Drinkwitz wins a Golden Ticket 06/25/24
James in Portland on Choc’s honeymoon, says Scottie Scheffler is so dry that Alvie can’t even get him wet 06/25/24
Reaction to the Florida Panthers winning the Stanley Cup, Rat Family 06/25/24
Geoff in Lincoln mentions that Ian Garry should've been run from his interview for giving his age 06/26/24
Vince in the ATX on the Aggies losing their baseball coach to Texas, they are the Longhorns little step brother 06/26/24
Kevin in College Station had his heart broken twice in the last 24 hours by Texas A&M baseball 06/26/24
Marshall in Orlando doesn’t like the Break Take music 06/26/24
AI generated Jungle bumper music 06/27/24
Ty in Boise tries to hit the Jungle Cycle, tried to use a Rome AI voice in a previous call 06/27/24
What's Your Beef? #188 - Calls from Ty in Boise, Dominic in Lockport, Matt in Green Bay, Larry in HTown, Mark in Savannah, Robert in Oregon, Dave in Tustin Ranch, Tucker in Norman, JD in South Carolina, David in Florida, Oscar in South Austin, Ben in Driftwood, Todd in Texas, Kevin in Wisco, Michael in South Alabama, Anthony in Pomona, Tim in Wichita, Peter in Erie, Boatie in Pearland 06/27/24
James in Portland says Romes shirt looks like Portland Womans panties without the bush pushing through, gets run 06/28/24
Silk Brah invites Rome to the longest running 4th of July parade west of the Mississippi in HB, embarrassed by the Lakers 06/28/24
Mark in Boston responds to Silk, 1 year anniversary of his crown, Romes shirt, roasts the new crew members 06/28/24
Jim in Cleveland was at Tour Stop 34, lit a Yankees hat on fire 06/28/24
Lorenzo in Cleveland is a huge Lebron fan, thought the Lakers made a horrible selection in the draft 06/28/24
John in Little Rock with a song about V in the Fee and Caleb Williams 07/01/24
V in the Fee responds to John in Little Rock with a parody, gets run 07/01/24
John in Tucson asks Rome if he flies private or commercial 07/01/24
Nick Caserio calls to congratulate the X launch, talks about some of the interviews, wishes Rome a good vacation with the cats, wins huge call 07/02/24
Matthew in Romona has a beef with his wife and her shoes 07/02/24
Chris in Clearwater talks about Berhalter and the USMNT 07/02/24
Joe in Akron sends a list that has hundreds of Joaquin 'wars' 07/02/24
What's Your Beef? #189 - Calls from Matt in Green Bay, Travis in the Bay Area, Ryan in Utah, Dan in Kansas, Miles in Charleston, Vince in the ATX, Ed in San Antonio, Ben in Driftwood, Mike in Provo, Paul in Wisco, Scott in Minnesota, Mike in Hartford, Ken in Alabama, Anthony in Pomona, Josh in Solana Beach 07/03/24
James in Portland has Jungle Tourettes, Alvie has his weed guy next to him, Big Head thinks X is wear the treasure is 07/03/24
Mike in Freedom WI talks about the rain in Eagle River, asks about Quinn the Car Fixer 07/08/24
Vince in the ATX want to go before Jerruh so he can haunt him 07/08/24
Ryan in Sactown on DeMar DeRozen picking the Kings over the Lakers 07/08/24
Vince in Houston talks about Elk, resets Mrs. Doubtfire at Enron 07/09/24
David in Arizona gets run for repeating his name and self gloss 07/09/24
Vince in the ATX talks about not being able to get on a boat while wearing a walking boot 07/10/24
JJ in KC on the Utah Hockey Club and their stupid name 07/10/24
Silk Brah calls to talk about Jens family beach house 07/11/24
Mike in the Bay loves the changes in the summer like soccer talk, wants Grant Napier to call on Dong Day, responds to Ryan in Sactowns call 07/12/24
Guy in Portland on Caitlin Clarks impact on the WNBA 07/12/24
Vince in the ATX on Mike Gundy's response to one of his players getting a DUI 07/12/24
KC in LA responds to Romes Bo Jackson take about eating the protein bar on live TV, Bo is the greatest athlete KC has ever seen, Dodgers is the worst best team money can buy 07/12/24
Chuck in Phoenix is a Navy vet, didn't like Prince Harry winning the Pat Tillman award 07/12/24
Scottie in Salt Lake gets run for a joke about Rome's vacation 07/12/24
Steve in Green Bay on Jordan Loves contract situation 07/12/24
Guy in Portland talks about soccer, there’s no action in the again, it’s boring 07/15/24
Brian in the D was at the Dodgers Tigers game, it was the greatest game he’s seen 07/15/24
JD in South Carolina on Bronny winning a COD tournament, questions his basketball talent 07/16/24
Alex Sarr, second overall pick in NBA draft, shot 0-15 in a Summer League game, Rome glosses Ken in SA 'Sarr in SA' 07/17/24
ATP - The origin on Jungle Tourettes 07/17/24

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