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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff Wrap-Up
Leff in Laguna, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco,
Rick in Buffalo, Tyler in Edmonton, Boatie, and more!

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Ben Mezrich in studio to talk about his new book Bitcoin Billionaires 05/22/19
Keanon Lowe interview reaction, call from Gino in San Antonio 05/21/19
Nevin in PDX calls as a Portland woman, gets run 05/21/19
Kyle in Green Bay wants to team up with Mike in Indy for the Smackoff 05/21/19
John in Little Rock reworked his hit song Odom's on the Pipe 05/20/19
Parody Larry got run for Ike in Mindy smack 05/20/19
Trapper in Dana Point likes Mike in Indys schtick, talks Preakness, smacks Stucknut for the odds 05/20/19
Kevin Hart interview 05/20/19
JR in Scottsdale on Brooks Koepka, all he does is wins majors 05/20/19
Jeff in SoCal won a Golden Ticket 05/17/19
Keith Arnold in studio for his exit interview 05/17/19
Mike in Indy wants to sell the opportunity to be his tandem partner in the Smackoff 05/17/19
Boatie in Pearland has been exploring alternative medicines, RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/17/19
Gino in San Antonio only called because he thought Alvie was leaving the show 05/17/19
Mark in Boston calls to roast Keith Arnold 05/17/19
Jeff in Southfield wants to apply for Keith Arnolds job, brings more Beaks fat smack 05/17/19
Dan in Denver - Keith is the tonsil of the XR4Ti, we can see him but don’t know what he does 05/17/19
Matt in Vancouver wants to with Keith Arnold good luck as he goes to a lesser job 05/17/19
Rex in ABQ - We are going to miss Keith about as much as a scorching case of herpes, didn't get run 05/17/19
Keith Arnold poem from Denlesks and email from Rick in Buffalo 05/17/19
Smackoff watch party, Rich Flores calls to give the details 05/16/19
Leff in Laguna Beach calls out Brad in Corona for being a snitch 05/16/19
Liz in Falls City is glad that Ritt is a Tiger Honk 05/16/19
Bruce Willis achieved obesity 05/16/19
Gino in San Antonio RSVP's to the Smackoff, smacks Knicks fan and Rick in Buffalo 05/16/19
Jeff in SoCal gets on the Smackoff watchlist for taking another run at Nooch 05/15/19
ATP - HedstromBacon - Do you send new employees to Stucknut for a Jungle manual? 05/15/19
Parody Larry got run by Alvie for a Fat Bottom Beaks song, clones want him to get a Golden Ticket, won Huge Call 05/15/19
Jason Terry on JRIB reset, Adam Hawk gained weight - joined a gym and fake bakes 05/15/19
Johnny in Detroit on the Rick vs Kaleb beef, got taken off the watchlist again 05/14/19

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