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Stucknut Smackoff Aftershow
We took over 20 calls from clones including Leff, Mike in Indy, Mark in Hollywood, Trapper, and Terence in Sierra Madre

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Adelephant - Tweet from @radum27, Alvin plays along 09/19/17
Pete in Detroit refers to his team as SOL, Same Old Lions, but the Giants game surprised him 09/19/17
Dave in Detroit is expecting big things from the Lions, calls out Gino in SA 09/19/17
John in Little Rock responds to Eddie in Boise with a Copa Bohica remix 09/18/17
Eddie in Boise checks in for the first time in years, rambles about the Chargers, gets run 09/18/17
Voddie in Pasadena has a take on streaky Indians, then breaks down when it's ok to sit indian-style, gets run for Najeh blast 09/15/17
John in Escondido has been listening since early 90s, remembers the Tortollo brothers 09/15/17
Jeff in SoCal goes all in on San Diego, gets racked 09/15/17
Steve in Crowtown calls for first time, fumbles through script, gets run 09/15/17
@USCHolmey predicts the Texans Bengals score on Twitter 09/15/17
Charlie in Goochland is worried about his kids spying while he and his wife are wrestling 09/14/17
Dan in Sacramento let his girlfriend borrow his Audi and she won't give it back 09/14/17
Hawk got hacked! 09/14/17
Aaron in San Bernardino takes Canelo over GGG, 3rd Aaron of the streak 09/14/17
Erron in Diamondhead calls with thoughts on LA hosting the Olympics, gets run for cocaine and Russian whore reference 09/14/17
Aaron in Corvallis - 50th birthday, sounded drunk, Rome lets him ramble 09/14/17
Raider Mike and Boatie brushing off Liam Neeson throat punches - @Aaron_in_AZ and @DrewWestLA 09/13/17
Matt in LA - The Dodgers are back after snapping their 11 game losing streak 09/13/17
Josh in Detroit is sick of the Lions, claims his call is a touchdown, gets racked 09/12/17
Brad in Grand Rapids says Michigan loves the Lions no matter what 09/12/17
Quinn in Valencia reminds San Diego that LA doesn't care about them 09/12/17
Josh in San Diego is happy about the Chargers losing 09/12/17
Chad in LA is calling his shot for the next Smackoff 09/11/17
ATP - Why did Romes kids stop calling before school starts? 09/11/17
Kyle in Green Bay wants to have a CloneStock at the Bengals/Packers game 09/11/17
Glennon Raffe talk and Ram It 09/11/17
Nick in Iowa is on his way to Minneapolis to watch AP and the Saints 09/11/17
Raider Mike calls from Nashville to recap the Titans Raiders game 09/11/17
Trapper in Dana Point reflects on 9/11 09/11/17
Kay Savage in Texas calls to let the clones know that she's real 09/08/17

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