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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff Wrap-Up
Gino in San Antonio, Mike in Indy, Benny in Wisco, Kaleb in Green Bay
Rick in Buffalo, Dan in Denver, Boatie in Pearland, and more!

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An adult company wants Gardner Minshew to endorse special puppets 09/20/19
Houston Astros ace Justin Verlander 09/20/19
John in New York shows more love for Rome, responds to Jeff in Southfield 09/20/19
Trent in Florida gets a quick hammer from Alvie for not getting to his take 09/20/19
Steve in Malibu really liked Jeff in Southfields call 09/20/19
Jeff in Southfield calls with a John in New York impersonation 09/20/19
Mark in Hollywood on Wisconsin/Michigan, Gardner Minshew, and the Patriots 09/20/19
Matt in LA wants Jerry Jones to use his money on players instead of plastic surgery 09/19/19
Rick in Seattle almost wins a Golden Ticket with a 'dad joke' 09/18/19
Kyle in Green Bay is pimping the next Packers CloneStock 09/18/19
Denlesks tweet - Adelephant loves her plant based diet 09/18/19
Greg in Tahoe is tired of primadonna athletes demanding trades when they lose 09/18/19
Jason in Harrisburg talks about plant based diets, big meat, call James Wilks a dumbass 09/18/19
Joe in Acton with a take about Jalen Ramsey 09/18/19
Mike in Buffalo gets blocked for Beaks and bum smack 09/18/19
Mike in NoCal brags about the Browns victory over the Jets 09/17/19
Packer Benny in Green Bay parodies Raider Mike, arfff andyouknow 09/17/19
Eli in Santa Rosa recommends a book that will help Hawks back 09/17/19
Mark in Michigan is a Vikings fan but Cousins will never lead them to a championship, run for Greg Louganis blast 09/17/19
Hawk injured his back playing tennis 09/17/19
Raider Mike recaps the Chiefs Raiders game, gives Mahomes props 09/16/19
ABC News picked up the rescue story on Curtis in Morro Bay 09/13/19
Jeff in Miami is a newly retired, bought a new car with SiriusXM and found the show for the first time in 13 years 09/12/19
Dan in San Diego questions how Tom Brady could let Antonio Brown stay in his house 09/12/19
Susan in Sunset Beach loved the interviews with Carson and Jordan Palmer, wants the 100th podcast guest to be John Daly 09/11/19
JT in Southfield - KD is not good with the media because he speaks his mind 09/11/19
Matt in LA calls out Fizzle in Omaha for being a Cowboys fan and jumping on the Chiefs bandwagon 09/10/19
Drizzle in Wichita with a rant about the Denver Donkeys, wins Golden Ticket 09/10/19
JW in Boise has an issue with Antonio Brown calling Mayock a cracker 09/09/19
Rex in ABQ gets run for Rafael Nadal butthole reference 09/09/19

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