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Lou in Denver is a 49ers fan and he's tired of their fans 09/22/23
Jess in Humboldt County says Rome should take it easy on Trent Williams 09/22/23
Anthony in San Francisco didn't like Romes take on Brock Purdy 09/22/23
James in Rochester gets run for repeating his name and city 09/23/23
What's Your Beef? #150 - Calls from Eddie in Buffalo, Matt in Grand Rapids, Ethan in Oregon, Steve in New Orleans, Daniel in Houston, Nathan in Green Bay, Josh in SLO, Mike in Provo, John in Philly, Francis in Florida, Ryan in Sactown, Nick in Colorado Springs 09/21/23
Bob in LA on the Lincoln Riley press conference and the suspended beat writer, spazzed out and got run 09/20/23
Ethan in Oregon says the ticket prices for the Colorado game went from $40 to $200 09/20/23
Pete in Phoenix is ready for the 0-17 season 09/20/23
Clint in Bakersfield wants his Vikings to play like the Vi-Kings and not Vi-Queens 09/20/23
Scott in Hawaii on Nick Chubbs injury, what's up with Chandler Jones? 09/19/23
Naked Bills fan covered in feces rescued from 40-foot hole outside stadium 09/19/23
KC in LA talks about all the products the Rome pimps, Deion can run for President right now, annual State of the Dodgers address, wins a Golden Ticket 09/18/23
V in the Fee says the Vikings make him sick to his stomach 09/15/23
Mike in Wisconsin says James Kelley makes the average clones sound like Frederick Douglas, fatheaded man child, Dr. Janet 09/15/23
Aaron in Canton calls to follow up his Whats Your Beef call, gets run 09/14/23
James in Portland goes in on James Kelley 09/14/23
What's Your Beef? #149 - Calls from Rich in Oregon, Chris in Redding, Matt in Alaska, Aaron in Canton, Ryan in Sactown, John in ABQ, Ben in Tulsa, Colin in Portland, Carlton in OKC, Edward in Syracuse, Scott in NY, Lane in Claremont, Darren in Bakersfield, Jeff in Omaha, Chris in New Orleans, Matt in Alaska again 09/14/23
Greg in Oceanside brings up the Evel Knievel interview as favorite Jungle moment 09/13/23
Randy Moss interview, cameo by Megatron 09/13/23
Eddie in NYC is a Jets fan, has Zach Wilsons back, keeping receipts on Rome 09/13/23
Brian in Harrisburg is a huge Bills fan, NFL is better with Aaron Rodgers playing 09/12/23
Bob in Florida is a 20 time listener, people should feel bad for Aaron Rodgers 09/12/23
Andrea in Berkeley is a sports astrologer, wrote an Athletic column about Aaron Rodgers 09/12/23
Patrick in San Francisco is a Bills fan, family knew not to talk to him after the game, wants a slumpbuster 09/12/23
Adrian in Arkansas says Jets still have top 5 defense 09/12/23
Mike in Hartford is laughing at the Jets fans, next man up 09/12/23
Rueben in Sonoma is a Cowboys fan, gets run for losing train of thought 09/12/23
Tommy in Green Bay says they were jacked to watch Aaron Rodgers on the Jets, dark day for football 09/12/23
Greg in Oceanside is a Raiders fan, glad the Chiefs lost 09/08/23
Gavin in South Bend wants everyone to calm down after the Lions win, caller reaction from Nate in Detroit, Mark in Indy, and Bob in LA 09/08/23
Pete in Detroit says people can no longer assume that playing the Lions is a W 09/08/23
What's Your Beef? #148 - Calls from Ed in San Antonio, John in Oregon, Dennis in Vegas, Melinda in South Carolina, Matthew in Mission Beach, James in South Carolina, Jeff in Pittsburgh, Greg in Houston, Ken in Washington, Harry in Wichita, Carl in Redlands, Greg in Oceanside, Norm in Boise, Tom in Portland 09/07/23
V in the Fee responds to John in Philly 09/06/23
John in Tampa is upset that UCF didn't hire Deion Sanders 09/06/23
Vic in NoCal on Menendez family, Rome with a take on the Great Equalizer grounding a plane 09/06/23
John in Philly is tired of V in the Fee 09/05/23
Patrick in Wisconsin likes how Deion encourages the kids 09/05/23
Mac in Wisconsin tips his cap to Deion 09/05/23
Mac in Indiana talks about the Colorado TCU game, war's Alvie twice 09/05/23
Eric in Castlerock is a CU Buffs alum, rambles about the game 09/05/23
James in Portland on Mark in Bostons weight, Rogan in Boulder 09/01/23
Brady in Costa Mesa wants to talk about Barnes but was too drunk 09/01/23
Eric in Huntsville breaks down the Utah Florida football game 09/01/23
V in the Fee is worried that fat guys are going to try to sneak things into stadiums in their guts 08/31/23
Daniel in Houston wants to defend Matt Stanford's wife 08/31/23
Dan in South Carolina with a take on the fat lady that smuggled a gun into a baseball stadium 08/30/23
James in California got run for self glossing as Bruin James twice 08/29/23
Taylor in Montana disagrees with Romes take about Noah Lyles 08/29/23
Scott in Phoenix asks if the NFL is going to stop a game every time a player gets a headache 08/28/23
Emailer resets Adult Alarm, Give me back my son, Rat family, and Mr. Automatic 08/25/23
Eric in ABQ bidding for a Golden Ticket, takes a run at Brad in Corona errr Has Been, gets cut off for guest, reaction 08/18/23
Jeff in the ATL has suggestions for things to do in Boulder 08/17/23
Paul in Houston talks about meeting Rome and DJ at the Sam Houston Tour Stop 08/17/23
Paul in Boulder pitches a reggae concert at Red Rocks 08/17/23
Silk Brah talks about the Silks in Austin, Kaleb and the Dodgers, San Antonio needs 3 hours 08/17/23
Jason in Boulder works at a spa and wants to take care of Rome and DJ 08/17/23
Michael in Pennsylvania questions Romes greatest sports movie list 08/16/23
Mike in Austin says their local sports radio has been horrible, glad Rome is back 08/16/23
Rome is back on air in Austin, reset of Nolan Ryan at the Tour Stop 08/16/23
Todd in Green Bay on the Packers future, shouts out to Quinn the Car Fixer, story about Woody in Eagle River 08/15/23
Ron in South Carolina has been listening since 96, responds to Jordans call 08/15/23
Jordan in San Antonio thinks they deserve an NFL team, should move one from LA 08/15/23
Sam in San Antonio is an old school listener, shouts out Jeff in SA 08/15/23
Manny in Oxnard takes a run at San Antonio, has a theory about Logans cell phone 08/15/23
Jason in San Antonio welcomes Rome back, likes the energy 08/14/23
Michael in San Antonio got run for repeating his name 08/14/23
JT in San Antonio is hyped that Rome is back, mentions old school callers 08/14/23
John in Philly has a problem with texters and emailers 08/15/23
Chuck in Phoenix didn't like Javiers in Vegas 08/14/23
Eric in Texas follows up a previous call about James Harden, compares him to Terence in Sierra Madre 08/14/23
Wells in the 360 gets blocked from the show for his bad quality of takes 07/28/23
Deandre Hopkins responds to Sean the Cablinasians Tweet about practicing 07/28/23
John in Philly says the year long Smackoff season is brilliant 07/28/23
Jim in Maryland was disappointed with Pauls Dog in the Smackoff 07/28/23
Joey in Omaha talks about the Luke Fickell podcast 07/27/23
Eddie in NYC on the Madden ratings and Aaron Rodgers in a Jets uniform, meow meow 07/27/23
Anthony in Pomona is a Dodgers fan, girlfriend is an Angels fan, wants Artie Moreno to let Ohtani go to the Dodgers 07/27/23
Paul in Buffalo's dog talks about the Smackoff 07/26/23
Mike in Clearwater on Brian Harman winning the 2023 Open Championship 07/25/23
Justin in Florida got run for correcting his name 07/25/23
Mark in Boston on Jim Harbaugh's suspension 07/25/23
Sam in Alaska talks NFL, gets dumped for 4 letter bomb 07/25/23
Mark in Georgia took his family to Javiers 07/21/23
Eric in Castelrock takes a run at V in the Fee, Leff, Brad, and Jeff from Richmond, gets run 07/21/23
Sam in DC on the new owner of the Washington Commanders 07/21/23
Silk Brah on the Dodgers, V in the Fee, and Raider Mike is heading to town 07/21/23
Dave in Arizona wants Rome to start a female jockey college 07/20/23
V in the Fee wants a mid-season Smackoff, secured his spot for Smackoff 30 07/19/23
Fabian in LA with a Dodgers take, wants to drink less alcohol 07/18/23
JD in Philly talks about the train-wreck 76ers, disappointed that they didn't make it to the finals so they could lose 07/18/23
Matt in Denver on Joel Embiid, thinks Jokic should have 3 MVP awards 07/18/23
Jeff in Milwaukee responds to Benny in Wisco's Smackoff call, gets run 07/17/23
Aaron in Northwest got run for being on a speaker phone 07/17/23
2023 Smackoff Hour 3 - Leff in Laguna, Brad in Corona, Mark in Boston, Iafrate 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff Hour 2 - Kaleb in Green Bay, Benny in Wisco, Paul's Dog, Sean the Cablinasian, Drizzle in Wichita, John in NY, Vic in Nocal, Rick in Buffalo 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff Hour 1 - Mark in Hollywood, James in Portland, Jeff from Richmond, Amber in Portland, V in the Fee 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Top 10 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 17 - Iafrate 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 16 - Mark in Boston 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 15 - Brad in Corona 06/30/23

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