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Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 26 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Sean the Cablinasian, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mark in Boston, Leff in Laguna, Sarah T, Dan in Denver, Benny in Wisco, Mike in Indy, Silk Brah, Jeff in Southfield, and more!

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 Reset of Evel Knievel interview - Do you know who the hell I am? 2001
 Ritt with a parody song for Jose Quintana's dishwashing injury 07/03/20
 Eric in Orlando talks about fishing in Wisconsin 07/03/20
 Mauro in Santa Barbara used to call Rome when he first started radio, takes Jim down memory lane 07/03/20
 Silk Brah, mayor of HB, has a hotline to report clone violations 07/03/20
 Jay Cutler chicken and raccoon saga update 07/03/20
 Suzy in Wisconsin is hooked on the show after the Smackoff 07/02/20
 Mike in Orange County is a Gaucho class of 84, talks about the 690am article on the Athletic 07/02/20
 Donnie in Venice has advice for Cutler, raccoons are like the sand people in Star Wars 07/02/20
 Jerry in Green Bay gives a weather report for northern Wisco 07/02/20
 Rudy in Topeka with a bad Matt in LA impression followed by a real Matt in LA call, then a reset of Mutt in LA 07/02/20
 Jim in Templeton wants to talk about the Phantom in the Thunderdome 07/02/20
 Brad in Corona forgives Rome for picking the wrong Smackoff winner, hotel cleaning staff has their work cut out for them in NBA bubble, run for punching clown blast 07/02/20
 Viktor Hovland is driving to every PGA Tour stop with the help of heavy metal music and Red Bull 07/02/20
 Mark in Chicago wants to remind Rome that adult bookstores still exists 07/02/20
 NBA bubble - Adult video provider offers free content to players 07/02/20
 Matt in Fort Worth talks NFL then gets run Rex in AB-Poo blast 07/01/20
 Tim in Calgary is working on Canada Day, doesn't think the NFL will play this year 07/01/20
 Mike in Vallejo is a vet, tired of athletes excuses for not playing 07/01/20
 Rex in ABQ gets run for saying Bryson DeChambeau rips anal audio all over the course 07/01/20
 John in Memphis wants Jay Cutler to help him with a flea problem 07/01/20
 Dexter in Kansas City sticks up for Huey Lewis, says The Who sucks 06/30/20
 Sonny in Toronto on Tom Brady and Mike in Indy, gets run for excess skin blast, told not to call back 06/30/20
 Troy in Appleton has advice for Jay Cutler, had pest control bait a trap with peanut butter, waiting for results 06/30/20
 Logan in Green Bay warns Rome that it’s hot in Wisconsin, dew point vs temperature 06/30/20
 Mike in Orange County talks about the old says of 690 with Rome and Hacksaw 06/29/20
 Chris in SE Wisco claims that Jeff in Richmond has been eating Jay Cutler's chickens, wins a Golden Ticket 06/29/20
 Martin in Pasadena wants Romes to do more deep dives 06/29/20
 Stoney in Sacramento loves interviews with Browns, talks about mental health 06/29/30
 Luke in Fort Collins talks about Cam Newton signing with the Patriots 06/29/20

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