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First email of the year, Mark in Hollywood says Rome should pull an AB the next time CBS pulls the simulcast 01/03/22
Raider Mike, first call of 2022, talks about John Madden and Hell Week 01/03/22
Gino in SA had problems getting through Choc, Tom Brady and AB, Bombas sock reviews 01/03/22
Beaks in Studio City claims that the Madden games have gotten worse over the years 01/03/22
Cliff in Wisco got run for repeating his name 01/04/22
What's Your Beef? #85 - Calls from Susie in Wisco, Ty in Boise, Carl in Indy, Dom in Erie, Chad in Nashville, Kathleen in Omaha 01/05/22
Matt in LA weighs in on Hell Week 01/07/22
George in Houston has a message for Mike in LA, tired of Raider fan talking about championships 01/07/22
Frank in Brooklyn thinks the Raiders and Chargers will tie to get into the playoffs 01/07/22
Kathleen in Omaha says the Chargers are wasting Herberts career 01/10/22
Raider Mike recaps the win over the Chargers to get into the playoffs 01/10/22
Ritt injured his calf playing basketball at the gym 01/11/22
Pete in Long Island discusses the Giants coaching situation 01/11/22
What's Your Beef? #86 - Calls from Bob in LA, Gordon in Utah, Tony in Long Beach, Margo in Buffalo 01/12/22
Kings in-house DJ played Foreigner's Cold As Ice for Russell Westbrook 01/13/22
Kathleen in Omaha says Tom Brady is the luckiest QB of all time 01/13/22
Chris in SE Wisco responds to Kathleen, wants Ritts kickball league on tv 01/13/22
Bart Scott suggests Josh Allen use Viagra to fight cold weather 01/14/22
Dave in Orchard Park works for the Bills, talks about how cold the game will be 01/14/22
Matt in LA wants karma for the Raiders, predicts a win 30-24 over the Bengals 01/14/22
Dan in San Diego has 4 reason why the 49ers will beat Dallas 01/14/22
Gino in SA lost a bet with a 49ers fan, thought the Cowboys would outplay McCarthy's bad coaching 01/17/22
Rick in Buffalo talks about Josh Allen and the Bills beat down on the Patriots, wins huge call 01/17/22
Diane in Niagara Falls has a take on the Bills, asks about Garoppolos future 01/17/22
What's Your Beef? #87 - Calls from Ty in Boise, Dickie in Iowa, Kathleen in Omaha, Matt in Alaska, Ed in Texas 01/19/22
Kathleen in Omaha flamed out during What's Your Beef 01/19/22
Show Open - Brad in Corona sets the tone with a Meat Loaf tweet 01/21/22
Greg in Houston told Tom that he had a good take, asked for more JD in Nashville resets, got run 01/21/22
John in Philly wants to know why CBS doesn't fly Rome on a private jet 01/21/22
Brad in Corona calls out Big Head for not pronouncing Bengals correctly, predicts the Bengals over the Rams in Super Bowl, gets run for Danny Tanner reference 01/21/22
Jack in Medford is a lifelong Bills fan, talks about their history and the city of Buffalo 01/24/22
Rick in Buffalo checks in after the Bills lose to the Chiefs, takes a run at Vic in NoCal 01/24/22
Steve in New Jersey thinks Sean Payton will coach the Giants 01/25/22
Ed on the East Side says Sean Payton should've done more with the talent 01/25/22
Matt in LA told Choc that his call was a masterpiece, lost his Golden Ticket 01/26/22
What's Your Beef? #88 - Calls from Tommy in New Orleans, Parker in West Covina, Carl in Indy, Ryan in Canyon Lakes, Margo in Buffalo, Matt in Alaska, Dan in NoCal, Justin in Albany 01/26/22
Jerome in Houston started listening to the Reinvention Project, decided to turn his life around 01/27/22
Kathleen in Omaha wants Aaron Rodgers to leave Green Bay 01/27/22
Brandon in Wichita is 4 years sober, loves the Reinvention Project 01/27/22
Paul in Buffalo's has a message for the Smackoff people, wins another Golden Ticket 01/28/22
Jason in Dallas says Tom Brady is a quitter, wants Sean Payton in Dallas 02/01/22
Drizzle in Wichita with a call about the Brian Flores lawsuit, wins a Golden Ticket 02/02/22
What's Your Beef? #89 02/02/22
Steve in HTown calls with an ATP for Rome, asks what time he will be at Kit's Place 02/02/22
Matt in Alaska has a beef with Johnny in Green Bay 02/02/22
Bob in Cocoa Beach doesn't like Washingtons new team name Commanders 02/02/22
Joe in San Antonio has an ATP, what flavor protein bar does Rome eat 02/02/22
Vince in Boca Raton asks what type of baseball dad Rome is 02/02/22
Chris in SE Wisco takes a run at the CloneStock in HB, gets invited to the Smackoff 02/03/22
Reaction to Chris in SE Wisco's call, Rome explains why he couldn't go to Kit's Place, gives love to Stucknut 02/03/22
Ed in Texas tells a story about meeting OJ and Al Cowlings 02/04/22
Don't sleep on the Bengals D - Tweets from Siegfried and Roy 02/07/22
Blue in the Bay chuckled at the fact that the Dolphins hired a multi-racial head coach 02/07/22
Gino in SA responds to the Josh McDaniels interview 02/07/22
Alvie sits down with Rome on Radio Row 02/08/22
Rob in Temecula is a true Rams fan, says its the first real championship for them 02/14/22
Radio Row Week That Was 02/14/22
Interview with Texans GM Nick Caserio, tells a story about Sean the Cablinasian 02/15/22
Matt in LA takes a run at Johnny Wideface in Texas, talks about the passing of Cal in Vegas 02/15/22
What's Your Beef? #89 - Calls from Bob in LA, Tony in NoCal, Kathleen in Omaha, Elmo on Sesame Street, Shannon in Omaha 02/16/22
Gino in SA on Chuck Klosterman, greatest pop culture writer of our generation 02/17/22
Ideas for 2/22/22 02/21/22
Gino in SA on the horrific NBA All-Star Weekend, gives Juwan Howard a pass because he lives in Michigan 02/21/22
Matt in LA thinks Lebron should man up 02/21/22
Dicky in Iowa wants a Smackoff Battle Royale for a Golden Ticket 02/21/22
Ben Mezrich discusses his new book The Midnight Ride 02/22/22
Anything goes for 2/22/22 Day, calls from Mark in Hollywood, Jeremy in Boise, Vic in NoCal, Dom in Erie, Benny in Wisco, Mr. Bugaboo, Sandwich in NoCal, Michael in Hollywood, Parody Larry, Brad in Corona, Fat Ass Scott in Wisconsin, Ol Trapper, Jason in Harrisburg 02/22/22
James in Portland gets run for trying to answer Brads ATP about the XR4Ti 02/22/22
What's Your Beef? #90 - Calls from James in Portland, Matt in Alaska, Bob in LA (compared N95 mask to oral), Dom in Erie 02/23/22
Jason in Harrisburg has a beef with Bob in LA's beef, got run for muff reference 02/23/22
Karl-Anthony Towns explains why Michael Jordan seemed angry at him - Yeah I like this energy! 02/24/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog gets racked again with a Gin and Juice parody and haiku about Brad in Corona 02/25/22
Dom in Erie loves watching the Lakers melt down, got run for a Bob in LA kitty blast 02/28/22
Diane in Niagara Falls talks about Straight Up G winning the Mine That Bird Derby 02/28/22
Jeff Passan returns to the show, Smacks clones and Pauls Dog, reaction and Vanilla Ice reset 03/01/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog responds to Jeff Passan with a limerick 03/01/22
What's Your Beef? #91 - Calls from Travis in Green Bay and Mike in Vancouver 03/02/22
Gino in SA on Celtics fans booing Kyrie, mixes in Hall and Oats references, wins Huge Call 03/07/22
What's Your Beef? #92 - Calls from Kathleen in Omaha, Ed in SA, Ryan in Sacramento, Darrin in Roseville 03/09/22
Mike in Fresno talks about Rodgers and Wentz wanting to stay away from the AFC 03/10/22
JD in Philly says it's like Christmas because the Eagles get to face Wentz twice a season and Ben Simmons visits as a Net 03/10/22
Vic in Nocal is upset that the 30k of porn story wasn't included in the Year in Review, smacks on Mutt in LA, Irie Craig, and Bella Bee, gets run 03/11/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog is glad that baseball is back for bark at the park, Passan vs Pauls Dog song 03/11/22
JD in Philly on the Nets 76ers game and James Hardens performance 03/11/22
Gino in SA on the PGA tour announcers trying to be clever, Tom Brady, Hope Solo 03/15/22
John in Little Rock has a Sugar Ray parody for Larry 03/15/22
Reset of John in Little Rock's greatest hits 03/16/22
Vic in NoCal is tired of the childish Longwood jokes, gets run for rant on Kofi Cockburn 03/16/22
What's Your Beef? #93 - Calls from Oscar in Austin, Pete in Madison, Andy in Vacaville, Christopher in Wisconsin, Phil in San Francisco, John in ABQ, Matt in LA, Jimmy in Kentucky 03/16/22
James in Portland talks about Alvie's reactions during What's Your Beef 03/16/22
25 year anniversary of 'Certainly Duke is Duke' 03/17/22
Will in Erie gets run for a Sorry Miss Jackson parody about Baker Mayfield 03/17/22
Pitt QB Kenny Pickett's hand measures larger at pro day than at 2022 NFL scouting combine 03/22/22
Todd in St Louis didn't like that Rome interviewed the coach going against his alma mater, wanted to hear Parody Larry's Flatulance call 03/22/22
What's Your Beef? #94 - Calls from Dom in Erie, Diane in San Diego, Todd in St. Louis 03/23/22
Rodney in Emporium PA gets run for self gloss, Rockin Rodney 03/23/22
Mark in Hollywood says Rome brings chaos, the Face Snatcher is a punk bitch, Jeff Passan smack 03/25/22
Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, interview with Kevin Frazier 03/28/22
Gino in SA's Oscar bracket is busted, thoughts on Will Smith and Chris Rock 03/28/22
Sean in Oregon says the Will Smith/Chris Rock incident was choreographed 03/28/22
Matt in LA says Will Smith is a fake tough guy 03/28/22
Rusty in Cleveland wanted to talk about Deshaun Watson but UPS interrupted with his girlfriend in a box 03/29/22
JD in Philly is happy with the 1st round pick the Eagles got for Wentz, don't sleep on the Villanova Wildcats 03/30/22
What's Your Beef? #95 - Calls from Phil in PA, Jonathon in Memphis, Barry in Green Bay, Brian in Phoenix 03/30/22
Eric Church cancels his concert to watch a basketball game 03/31/22
Greg in Louisville says Eric Church is this generations Johnny Cash 03/31/22
Lester in Mobile says Eric Church's music helped him get through tough times like when he broke up with his sister 03/31/22
Tyler in the OC responds to the penultimate take from yesterday 03/31/22
James in Portland has a take on the guy that lost his pennis after injecting blow into it, warns Alvie that it's booger sugar, not shaft sugar 03/31/22
John in Little Rock with a Hot Blooded parody called Shaft Sugar 03/31/22
O.J. Simpson gets a shock in his sleep By Nicole Brown look-alike in viral prank 04/05/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog on the Barks Madness, went heavy on Bulldogs, why so many cat teams? 04/05/22
What's Your Beef? #96 - Calls from Mike in Tampa, John in Tucson, Ron in Washington, JJ in KC, Bob in LA 04/06/22
James in Portland says Vic in NoCal is a liar 04/06/22
Bill in Sacramento says Phil Mickelson is shadow banned from the Masters 04/07/22
Ed in San Antonio wants a welfare check on Kathleen in Omaha, worried about her acute medical condition 04/07/22
Ryan in Sacramento says James in Portland is the greatest stoner in the Jungle, Alvie bedroom audio 04/07/22
Rob in Victoria on Tigers comeback, its more remarkable that he avoided vehicular manslaughter 04/08/22
Travis in Green Bay loved the podcast with Jay Glazer 04/11/22
Irie Craig bet $25 on Rome's horse, won $5k, reaction from the clones 04/11/22
Rome allows previously bannable topics 04/12/22
KC in LA on the Lakers disastrous season 04/12/22
James in SLO says that LeBron wrecks teams, pissed about the Caruso trade 04/12/22
Silk Brah is on vacation in wine country, talks Lakers 04/13/22
What's Your Beef? #97 - Calls from Neenan in Montana, Travis in Green Bay, Mike in Tampa 04/13/22
Joel in Minneapolis loved how Pat Beverly got revenge on his former team 04/13/22
Matt in LA responds to Mike in Tampa 04/14/22
KC in LA on Dave Roberts pulling Kershaw during a perfect game 04/14/22
Scott in Wisconsin understands Dave Roberts decision, but wanted to see a perfect game 04/14/22
Jeff from Richmond shouts out the CBS suits, smacks Matt in LA, reaction 04/15/22
Deech in Oakland talks about the old Sacramento Tour Stop 04/18/22
Lynn in Davis CA still has the tickets from a tour stop, talks about Janets pants 04/18/22
Steven in Orlando says the clones haven't been thankful enough for Rome, gets run for horse joke 04/18/22
Eric in Orlando asked Rome what happened in New Mexico 04/18/22
Welcome to Pound Town 04/19/22
Rick in Buffalo on the Bills, Jeff from Richmond, and declares the start of Smackoff Season 04/20/22
Smackoff 28 will be June 24th 04/20/22
What's Your Beef? #98 - Calls from d in Deming, Jerry Jones, Jim in Ann Arbor, Matt in Alaska 04/20/22
Robert in Davis thought he had Smackoff material, got run 04/22/22
James in Portland calls with a straight sports take, wants Coach Lanning on the show 04/22/22
Joe in Minneapolis on the Timberwolves choking 04/22/22
'I hope I dont run into any barriers' Tweets from Billy Joel and Sonny Bono 04/26/22
Ricky in Tampa calls in expected to get interviewed by Rome, talks about his professional coaching career 04/26/22
Corey in Tampa played for Ricky's team when he coached the Tampa Turtlenecks 04/26/22
Chris in SE Wisco on Ricky in Tampa, throw hips - not hands, wins a Golden Ticket 04/27/22
What's Your Beef? #99 - Calls from Ed in San Antonio, Rick in Chico, Jason in Chicago, Connor in Ohio, Pete in Madison 04/27/22
ATP - Origins of Alvie's Dude Dude No No, Sal in Arkansas gets blocked on Twitter 04/27/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog gets racked with fat smack on Rich Ackerman and Bella Bee 04/28/22
Rome talks about his old XR4Ti 04/28/22
Parody Larry gets run for a Rice-a-Roni song for Danika 04/28/22
JD in Philly rants about Doc Rivers and the 76ers 05/02/22
Fake James in Portland gets run for following up the real James email about beaver tranquilizer 05/03/22
What's Your Beef? #100 - Calls from Thomas in Wyoming, Mike in Indiana, Patrick in Green Bay, Frank in PA, Fake James in Portland, Ty in Boise, Pete in Madison, Chris in Tampa 05/04/22
Calls from James in Portland (got run), Scott in NoCal (got racked), and Mark in Lake Havasu 05/05/22
Story time with Rome, remote show from Dykstra's car wash, call from CEO Pat in SoCal 05/06/22
James Kelley is opening a car/dog wash in Colorado 05/06/22
Diane in Niagara Falls wanted to wish Straight Up G a happy birthday 05/06/22
Billy in Toronto thinks that Rich Strike was juiced out of his mind 05/10/22
Mark in Hollywood responds to Jim Rome trending on Twitter, RSVP's to the Smackoff 05/11/22
Gary in Seattle talks about horse racing and the Kentucky Derby 05/11/22
What's Your Beef? #101 - Calls from Ed in San Antonio, Rich in Michigan, Justin in Melbourne 05/11/22
Ricky in Seattle submits his own Smackoff promo, reaction 05/11/22
John in NY is disgusted with clone participation 05/11/22
Matt in LA takes a run at Mark in Hollywood, gets cut off for an interview 05/12/22
Scott in NoCal compares the Smackoff to the Kentucky Derby, he's bitten and nipping, takes a run at Leff and Brad, gets on the watch list 05/12/22
JD in Philly says there isn't any Doc that can fix the 76ers dumpster fire 05/13/22
NFL VP of Broadcast Planning Mike North sounds like the Chicken Man 05/13/22
Mark in Hollywood responds to Matt in LA and John in NY 05/13/22
Matt in LA called during Mark in Hollywoods call to respond 05/13/22
Drew Brees making a comeback? Jameis Winston has a passion for playing football 05/16/22
Thomas in New Orleans says the news about Drew Brees coming back is silly 05/16/22
Steve in Arizona doesn't like Pat Bev in the public eye 05/17/22
Brandon in New Jersey takes a run at Mark in Hollywood, bidet and duvet, Chris in SE Wisco's dynasty, gets on watch list 05/17/22
Smackoff profile for RSVP's 05/17/22
What's Your Beef? #102 - Calls from Kathleen in Omaha, Jay in Humboldt, JD in Green Bay, Charles in Lafayette IN, Ryan in Oregon, Kevin in NoCal, Ken in Linden 05/18/22
Jason in Harrisburg has a beef with Portland woman at Cabo pools 05/18/22
Gino in SA says that he say Scottie Pippen at a liquor store and his Jungle Tourettes made him yell 'no tippin Pippen' 05/19/22
Thomas in New Orleans says the Jungle Tourettes has him anticipate Alvie's drops 05/19/22
James in Portland compares Tiger Woods to Mark in Hollywood, gets run for while smacking off about his RSVP 05/19/22
Otis in Austin returns and wants to be part of the Smackoff 05/19/22
Chris in SE Wisco responds to Brandon in New Jersey, RSVP's to the Smackoff and gets racked 05/20/22
Reset of some of the best first calls, Brad in Corona, Mike in San Diego, JD in Nashville 05/20/22
Rob in Reno gets run with a Don't You Want Me parody 05/20/22
Tweets about Mito Pereira's choke job 05/23/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog gets racked with a RSVP call 05/23/22
Smackoff 28 profile - Reset of JT the Brick's winning call 05/23/22
Smackoff 28 Profile - Paul's Dog 05/24/22
Texas school shooting - Calls from Cathy in Buffalo, Fred in Missouri, Laurie from UCSB, Bo in Utah, Ryan in Sacramento, Raul in San Antonio 05/25/22
What's Your Beef? #103 - Calls from Bernie in Largo, Kathleen in Omaha, Scott in Wisconsin, Dan in Oregon, James in Fort Lauderdale, Carl in Indy, Mike in Vancouver 05/25/22
Smackoff 28 profile - Benny in Wisco 05/26/22
Tyler in Edmonton talks a lot about hockey 05/27/22
Smackoff 28 promo 05/27/22
John in NY takes a run at the Canadian callers and other Smackoff participant, gets to keep his ticket 05/27/22
Sean in Wichita is a first time caller trying to win a Golden Ticket, gets on watch list 05/27/22
Jimmy in Portland sings and plays harmonica, ZZ Top parody 05/27/22
Brad in Corona wants to renegotiate his contract, wants clones to update their location 05/27/22
Smackoff 28 Odds from Stucknut 05/31/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog has a merch store Petsy, sales extra small underoos for Brad 05/31/22
Goat man gets run for self gloss and being a horrible caller 05/31/22
What's Your Beef? #104 - Calls from Skip in Orlando, Lee in Sacramento, Bob in LA, James in Portland, Kathleen in Omaha, Layne in Ponoma, Johnny Scabs, Paul in Cleveland 06/01/22
Smackoff 28 profile - Gino in San Antonio - followed by a call from Gino 06/02/22
Calls from John in Little Rock (bad phone) and Justin in Melbourne, taking a run at Gino in SA 06/02/22
Smackoff 28 profile - Jeff from Richmond 06/03/22
V in the Fee is heading to a bachelor party in the desert, cracks on Ritt for being old 06/03/22
Alvie talks about his birthday plans 06/03/22
Mark in Boston RSVP's to the Smackoff, takes a run at Jeff from Richmond 06/03/22
Otis in Austin is pulling for Jeff from Richmond to win the Smackoff so he can use the money for Jenny Craig 06/03/22
John in Little Rock with a Shaft Sugar sequel 06/03/22
Matt in LA responds to the heaviest player in the game 06/03/22
Smackoff 28 profile - Mark in Boston 06/06/22
Dan in Denver has thoughts on the Waltons wanting to buy the Broncos, gets on the watchlist 06/06/22
James in Portland has a theory why Alvie is missing 06/06/22
Mark in Chicago got run for asking if Rome watched the French Open 06/06/22
Larry in Santa Maria talks about Rome being on crack 06/06/22
Smackoff 28 profile - Kaleb in Green Bay 06/07/22
John in NY takes a run at Kaleb in Green Bay and Gino in SA 06/07/22
Dom in Erie got run for describing Alvie's party 06/07/22
Ritt gets to handle The Week That Was duties since Alvie is missing 06/08/22
What's Your Beef? #105 - Calls from Gino in SA, JD in Philly, Zack in Wisco, Amber in Portland 06/08/22
Smackoff 28 profile - Mike in Indy 06/08/22
Kaleb in Green Bay calls to RSVP, does a double audio bit 06/08/22
Smackoff 28 profile - Rick in Buffalo 06/09/22
Otis in Austin takes a run at Jeff in Richmond, has excuses for people not calling 06/09/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog takes a run at Stucknut, Pooldoc, and Steve in HTown 06/09/22
Brandon in New Jersey gets taken off the watch list after taking a run at John in NY and Dan in Denver 06/09/22
Smackoff 28 profile - Jeff in Southfield 06/10/22
Ritt disappoints everyone with a decent The Week That Was 06/10/22
Alvie and Ritt are missing, James Kelley flew in to run the board 06/13/22
Andy in Cleveland tries to compare Kaleb and Rick, gets run for Green Bay and Buffalo smack 06/13/22
Mark in El Paso gets on the watch list with an 'Afternoon Delight' parody about Alvie 06/13/22
James in Portland gets run for talking about Ritt and Alvie's side hustles 06/14/22
Rex in SLO first call in 25 years, talks about the Warriors of the 90's, wins a Golden Ticket 06/14/22
Remembering Whitey Albers and Melvin 06/14/22
Whitey emails an update of his whereabouts 06/15/22
What's Your Beef? #106 - Calls from Don in Detroit, John in Reno, Chris in Scottsdale, Dan in San Jose, Ty in Boise 06/15/22
Smackoff 28 profile - Sean the Cablinasian 06/16/22
Somebody asked Rome if he knew Erie Craig, Choc and Big Head went to Javiers 06/17/22
Paul in Buffalo's dog tried to help find Alvie, B-Webb filled 3 empty chairs at once, Surf and Suds commercial 06/17/22
Smackoff 28 profile - Mark in Hollywood 06/17/22
Leff in Laguna RSVP's to the Smackoff, being recruited by Sand Smack in Saudi Arabia 06/17/22
Brad in Corona 06/20/22
Ray in SA 06/20/22
Smackoff 28 profile - Leff in Laguna 06/20/22
Will in Erie 06/20/22
Dino in Vegas 06/21/22
Tyler in Edmonton 06/21/22
Smackoff 28 profile - Vic in Nocal 06/21/22
Drizzle in Wichita 06/21/22
Benny in Wisco 06/21/22
Dan in Denver 06/21/22
George in SA aka Pooldoc calls to pimp the Stucknut Smackoff Wrap-up Show 06/21/22
What's Your Beef? #107 06/22/22
Smackoff 28 profile - Rachel in Houston 06/22/22
Golden Ticket D-Day 06/22/22
Mark in Boston 06/22/22
Jeremy in Green Bay 06/22/22
Eric in Escondido 06/22/22
John in NY 06/22/22
James in Portland 06/22/22
Smackoff 28 profile - Smackoff OG's 06/22/22
Sean in Wichita 06/23/22
Jeff in Southfield RSVP's for the Smackoff, gets run for too many Brads small junk references 06/23/22
Smackoff eve 06/23/22
Pre-smackoff 28 calls from Zack in Philly, Matt in LA, Boatie in Pearland, John in Little Rock, Wes in Knoxville 06/23/22
Dong Day calls from Brad in Corona and Leff in Laguna 06/23/22
2022 Smackoff Hour 3 - Brad in Corona, Sean the Cablinasian, Mark in Hollywood, Iafrate, Rick in Buffalo 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff Hour 2 - Leff in Laguna, Mark in Boston, James in Portland, Vic in Nocal, Drizzle in Wichita, Benny in Wisco, Kaleb in Green Bay 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff Hour 1 - Dan in Denver, Jeremy in Green Bay, Jeff in Southfield, Chris in SE Wisco, Damon Amendolara, Paul in Buffalo's dog 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Top 10 and results 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 18 - Rick in Buffalo 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 17 - Iafrate 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 16 - Mark in Hollywood 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 15 - Sean the Cablinasian 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 14 - Brad in Corona 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 13 - Kaleb in Green Bay 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 12 - Benny in Wisco 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 11 - Drizzle in Wichita 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 10 - Vic in Nocal 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 09 - James in Portland 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 08 - Mark in Boston.mp3 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 07 - Leff in Laguna 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 06 - Paul in Buffalos dog 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 05 - Damon Amendolara 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 04 - Chris in SE Wisco 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 03 - Jeff in Southfield 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 02 - Jeremy in Green Bay 06/24/22
2022 Smackoff - Call 01 - Dan in Denver 06/24/22
James in Portland wins a Golden Ticket 08/31/22
Matt in LA wins a Golden Ticket 10/10/22
What's Your Beef? #113 10/12/22
What's Your Beef? #114 10/20/22
V in the Fee gets on the watch list 10/24/22
What's Your Beef? #115 10/27/22
KC in LA wins a Golden Ticket 10/27/22
What's Your Beef? #112 10/5/22
Chris in SE Wisco on Aaron Rodgers 11/07/22
Steve in HTown calls to tell the Phillies fans 'tell me how my ass taste' 11/07/22
What's Your Beef? #117 11/10/22
What's Your Beef? #118 11/17/22
What's Your Beef? #119 11/23/22
What's Your Beef? #116 11/3/22
What's Your Beef? #120 12/01/22
What's Your Beef? #121 12/08/22
What's Your Beef? #122 12/15/22
What's Your Beef? #123 12/22/22
2022 Year in Review - Hour 1 12/23/22
2022 Year in Review - Hour 2 12/23/22
2022 Year in Review - Hour 3 12/23/22
What's Your Beef? #111 9/28/22
What's Your Beef? #108 9/7/22

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