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What's Your Beef? #124 01/05/23
Raider Mike on the current state of the Raiders 01/09/23
Gino in SA says the Cowboys are horrible, Longhorns are a conundrum, Spurs are tanking 01/09/23
Paul in Buffalo's dog on the Georgia championship 01/10/23
KC in LA on the TCU Georgia championship game 01/11/23
James in Portland reenacts the Bill in Syracuse call 01/11/23
What's Your Beef? #125 - Calls from Bobby in North Carolina, David in El Paso, Ed in San Antonio, Kathleen in Omaha, Joe in Orlando, Greg in Madison, Terry in Lubbock, Dave in Lake Havasu, Richie in Lafayette, Brett in Cincinatti, Anthony in East Tennessee, Ben in Driftwoods, Steve in Michigan, Carl in Indy, Ryan in Sactown, Tim in SLC, Matt in Alaska, Ken in Lindon, MJ in Knoxville, Jim in Winston-Salam, Sean in Cincinatti, Andrew in Denver 01/12/23
John in NY gets run for pretending to be Drizzle in Wichita 01/12/23
Halftime show featuring Ashlee Simpson, Fergie, Yoko, Carl Lewis, and Roseanne Barr 01/13/23
Danika in Jacksonville says the tenderoni’s look for her now, never gave up on Trevor Lawrence 01/16/23
Rick in Buffalo with Vic in NoCal mom smack, talks about the Bills game 01/16/23
Dennis in Mass claims to be king of NY Giants football, the future is bright, clones get onto Alvie for not running him 01/16/23
Stewart in South Carolina is a 49ers fan, not worried about the Cowboys 01/17/23
Robert in Bay Area says Tom Brady is a 3-time loser, thinks he’ll go to the Raiders 01/17/23
Matt in LA with old school Charger smack 01/17/23
Drizzle in Wichita responds to John in NY, clones score the matchup 01/18/23
John in Little Rock with a horrible John in NY impersonation 01/18/23
Doug in Milwaukee resets his own call from 2009, a Jeff in Richmond impersonation 01/18/23
V in the Fee is going to another bachelor party, invites most of the XR4Ti to Puerto Vallarta, going to look for Romes iPad, gets run then racked 01/18/23
Peter in Point Loma wanted to set the record straight about Badger Mafia, clones wanted Alvie to run him for correcting the host 01/19/23
What's Your Beef? #126 - Calls from Conner in Mackinac, Tom in Grand Rapids, Ryan in Sactown, Ben in Driftwood, Phil in South Carolina, Zack in Stockton, Bobby in the Bay, Tom in Portland, Tony in Arkansas 01/19/23
Opening segment reaction turns into death smack 01/20/23
Mark in Hollywood hypes the Eagles, takes a run at New York 01/20/23
NFL Divisional Round calls from Dave in Tucson, Steve in Omaha, Hawk in Clearwater, and Phil in Rochester 01/23/23
Jake (Jason) in Vegas gets run for correcting the host, calls back because he didn't know the rules, gets racked 01/23/23
Email from Joel H. prompts a Joel vs Joe segment 01/23/23
Gino in SA called his shot about the Cowboys, Dak is horrible, takes a run at San Francisco 01/23/23
Dave in Orchard Park confirms that it really was Damar Hamlin at the game 01/24/23
Pat in SLO wants the Cowboy fans know that they can pick a new team 01/24/23
What's Your Beef? #127 - Calls from Tom in Grand Rapids, Travis in San Francisco, Dickie in Iowa, John in Seattle, Cody in NoCal, Kathleen in Omaha, Jeff in Pittsburgh, Tim in SLC, Matt in Alaska, Travis in Missouri, Ed in Washington 01/26/23
Leff in Laguna submits 10 Tweets about Jay Leno's motorcycle accident 01/27/23
JD in Philly says the Eagles will stomp the 49ers 27-16 01/27/23
Clemson basketball guard Brevin Galloway claimed his 'balls and nut sack exploded', reaction call from Rex in ABQ 01/27/23
Scott in Kansas has a message for the Bengals, Cinci Nada 01/30/23
Billy in Toronto responds to the Eli Manning interview about failed plays 01/30/23
Drizzle in Wichita tries to respond to John in NY, has a bad phone, gets chased by sharks 01/30/23
Iafrate drops an updated version of Michael's Dad for Patrick Mahomes 01/30/23
Bruce in Ottawa fools the X4RTi into thinking he was John Niems 01/31/23
Jason in South Jersey is fired up for the Kelce Brothers, talks horse racing, gets run for stalling on his war 01/31/23
Vic in Nocal on motivational gurus, gets run for Jocko smack 02/01/23
Kathleen in Omaha calls to explain her email about Sean Payton 02/01/23
What's Your Beef? #128 - Calls from Anthony in Pomona, Bern in Bay Area, Nick in Minnesota, Joe in Orlando, Nooch in Little Rock, Jack in Michigan, John in Philly, Jay in Texas 02/02/23
Parody Larry claims that Ron Howard tasked him with writing a song for the Colts, Crappy Days 02/02/23
Manny in Oxnard wonders why people keep crapping on his city 02/02/23
V in the Fee is heading to Laughlin NV for a friends 40th birthday 02/03/23
Steve in Nocal is Frisco fan, not worried about the 49ers future 02/03/23
Scott in KC tries to pitch Kansas to Rogan Lome 02/03/23
J-Stew chats with Rome at radio row 02/09/23
What's Your Beef? #129 - Calls from Nick in Palm Desert, Megan in Portland, Steven in Ventura, Anthony in Pomona 02/09/23
John in Philly has a problem with Philly fan 02/13/23
Nate in Columbia MO liked the broadcast team of the Super Bowl 02/13/23
James in Portland on the Super Bowl, turf, refs, Alvie 02/13/23
Matt in LA wants the Raiders to pay Josh Jacobs 02/13/23
JJ in KC says Kelce's comments weren't about Big Head Bets because they got it right 02/14/23
JD in Philly is not worried about the Eagles losing their coaches, takes a run at Frisco fan 02/14/23
Darius in Tucson is a longtime Raiders fan, says they are done with Derek Carr 02/15/23
Steve in Philly hopes the Raiders have a plan for QB 02/15/23
Rome addresses Gerrit Ritt's departure 02/15/23
Reaction to Matija Pecotic interview, all about Jack Sock 02/16/23
What's Your Beef? #130 - Calls from Ray in SA, Anthony in Pomona, Ed in San Antonio, John in Philly, Johnny in Tucson, Nick in St. Paul, Parody Larry, Justin in Melbourne 02/16/23
Impromptu Hackoff with Jeff in San Antonio, Ryan in Sactown, Fabian in LA, Irie Craig, John in Little Rock, and John in Philly - Fake Jeff in SA gets a Golden Ticket 02/17/23
Hank in Detroit responds to Micah Parsons dissing the Lions on Twitter 02/21/23
John in Philly is not happy, thinks the XR4Ti is bringing Rome down, gets on watch list 02/21/23
Bruce in Baltimore hasn't listened in 5 years, loves Romes recent takes 02/22/23
New XR4Ti member: Jack Savage 02/22/23
Beaks in Studio City couldn't get through on the phones so he went after the XR4Ti on Twitter 02/23/23
What's Your Beef? #131 - Calls from Nick in St. Paul, John in Philly, Anthony in Pomona, Ty in Boise, Parody Larry, Kathleen in Omaha, Pauls Dog, Mark in Wisconsin, Ryan in Nocal, Ed in San Antonio 02/23/23
John in NY on the Brooklyn Nets, takes a run at Mark in Hollywood 02/24/23
V in the Fee tries to talk Lakers, phone dies 02/27/23
James in Portland on Alabama basketball, Dame and Blazers, gets run for Delloro Thunderstick 02/27/23
ATP about the 'war lady clones' drop, reset of Sheryl in Austin's calls 02/27/23
V in the Fee sings a song about Lebrons injury 02/28/23
Rex in the ABQ got run for saying V in the Fee sounded like he was popping a forehead vein straining to lay a couple of mud bricks 02/28/23
Steve in Green Bay says V in the Fee is mall kiosk cell phone guy 02/28/23
Craig in Bluewaters compares the disfunction in Green Bay to whats happening in Alabama (Brandon Miller) 03/01/23
What's Your Beef? #132 - Calls from Dave in Tustin Ranch, Pete in Madison, John in Philly, Christine in St. Paul, Pete in Chatsworth, Matt in Ohio, Anthony in Colorado, Ryan in Sactown, Myron in Oakland 03/02/23
TJ in San Francisco calls for first time in 23 years, he's still likes to fight guy 03/03/23
Paul in Buffalo's dog welcomes Jack Savage 03/03/23
Kike Hernandez had an issue with the great equalizer during a playoff game 03/03/23
Brian in the ATL on Nolan Smith and the Dawgs 03/03/23
Randy in Ann Arbor wants advice on how to deal with his new-found fame 03/03/23
Logan Rome pitched on his birthday, can't tip pitches when he only has 1 03/03/23
Ernie in Tampa on Ja Morant, he's a corporate entity 03/06/23
Nate in Pennsylvania says Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson situations are similar, both got their feelings hurt 03/07/23
Billy in Toronto thinks that maybe the Ravens don't want Lamar Jackson anymore, claims he's overrated 03/07/23
Fake John in New York tries to kick off Smackoff season, gets run 03/07/23
Patrick in Alabama says Lamar Jackson is not worth the money he's asking 03/07/23
Mike in San Francisco on the Lamar Jackson contract negotiations 03/08/23
10 years since J-Stews last day 03/08/23
Hedstrom Bacon calls to hype the Smackoff, plugs an orthopedic surgeon, gets reamed by Rome 03/08/23
Steve in Green Bay gets run for asking 'how its going', calls back and talks about Aaron Rodgers, gets run again 03/08/23
What's Your Beef? #133 - Calls from Cliff in Boston, Evan in Oregon, Mark in Virginia, John in Philly, Steven in New Orleans, Ed in San Antonio, Ray in Portland, Rowdy in Memphis, Sean in the ABQ, Ryan in Sactown, Parody Larry 03/09/23
EJ in Sacramento is pumped about the Kings, they have something special 03/10/23
Chris in SE Wisco wants Packer Nation to relax, Rodgers is not going to the Jets, gets racked 03/10/23
Ryan in Sactown appreciates Rome talking about the Kings 03/10/23
Zach in Stockton wants to apologize for his recent beef, talks Sacramento Kings 03/10/23
Matt in LA with an off topic call, about the WBC and how its hard to find on tv 03/13/23
Alexi in St Louis on March Madness, watch out for Drake 03/13/23
Gerrit in Fayetteville says Jimmy G is going to Vegas to be another Hugh Hefner 03/13/23
Johnny in Pittsburgh asks Rome about Jimmy G's winning completion percentage 03/13/23
Rich Ackerman might've had a stroke on-air 03/13/23
Nate in Pennsylvania thinks that the holdup for Aaron Rodgers going to the Jets is the cap hit 03/14/23
Shane in Sonora doesn't get why Jimmy G gets hate 03/14/23
Mike in Green Bay says the Jets are stalling to get under the cap 03/14/23
Paul in Buffalo's weighs in on the Barks Madness 03/14/23
Mathew in Mission Beach asks if there is a bigger enigma than Kevin Durant and Aaron Rodgers 03/14/23
Mark in Wisconsin is laughing at Aaron Rodgers wish list 03/14/23
Interview with newest crew member Jack Savage 03/17/23
What's Your Beef? #134 - Calls from Mark in Hollywood, Anthony in Pomona, Tim in the ABQ, Miles in Charleston, Steven in New Orleans, John in Philly, Ryan in Sactown, Devin in Raleigh, Ben in Driftwood, Steve in HTown, Will in Nashville, Bill in Central NY 03/17/23
Gino in SA says Jack Savage is full of crap 03/17/23
Rob in Arkansas says Eric Musselman is the hardest working man in Arkansas and doesn't want to lose him 03/20/23
Brandon in Cedar Falls calls about the FAU game and unsportsmanlike dunk attempt 03/20/23
John in NY s hyped about St. Johns hiring Rick Pitino, wins a Golden Ticket 03/21/23
Mike in Hartford on Ed Cooley taking the Georgetown job 03/21/23
Tom in Illinois talks about the history of Rick Pitino 03/21/23
Jeff in Southfield calls with Stephen Hawking jokes, gets run 03/21/23
Matt in Louisville says Pitino will have St. Johns back in the final four 03/21/23
Faye in South Carolina asks Rome if likes blues music, has a busted bracket and wants Jungle juju for Alabama 03/21/23
What's Your Beef? #135 - Calls from O in the Bay Area, Ty in Boise, Ryan in Sactown (gets on watchlist) 03/23/23
Silk Brah is heading to a winery, calls the JTP scumbags 03/24/23
James in Portland gets run for mention of Alvie, Pitino, and Shawn Kemp at an orgy 03/24/23
Calls about the FInal Four from Aztec and Hurricane fans, Max in San Diego, John in San Diego, and Dave in Miami 03/27/23
Brian in Cleveland talks about Lamar Jackson, wants Alvie to queue Loving Every Minute of It 03/27/23
Mike in Hartford thinks UConn should be considered a blue blood 03/28/23
Ryan in Sactown takes a run at Silk Brah, gets removed from the Watch List 03/28/23
Don in Wisco compares the Aaron Rodgers situation to Lazarus 03/28/23
Matt in San Diego was a ball boy for SDSU, talks SD sports, melts down 03/28/23
Larry in Hillsboro is a longtime Packer fan talking the Aaron Rodgers situation, ham and egg heaven 03/29/23
Leff in Laguna with Tweets about Sean Paytons package 03/29/23
What's Your Beef? #136 - Calls from Anthony in Pomona, John in Philly, John in Sacramento, Amber in Portland, Bergie in Florida, Randy in Ann Arbor, Mark in Kentucky, Joe in Sacramento, Matt in Alaska, Pete in Madison, Ray in Portland, Steve in Michigan 03/30/23
Mario in San Francisco wants the Kings to beat the Warriors in the playoffs and end their dynasty 03/30/23
Fake Kathleen in Omaha has a message for Amber in Portland 03/30/23
Wells in the 360 has Shohei Ohtani fatigue 03/31/23
Matt in San Diego is currently battling cancer, he's in Houston for the championship game 04/03/23
Perry in Colorado Springs talks about the Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark taunting 04/03/23
Ryan in Sactown lays out the championship game between SDSU and UConn 04/03/23
Michael in Bakersfield says UConn doesn't go on scoring droughts 04/03/23
Mathew in Ramona says it's a great time to live in San Diego 04/03/23
Leff in Laguna with Tweets about LIVers 04/04/23
V in the Fee on the Lakers losing 11 straight to the Clippers 04/06/23
Drizzle in Wichita with a take on Angel Reese and Lamar Jackson, gets interrupted for a guest 04/06/23
What's Your Beef? #137 - Calls from Ty in Boise, Clint in Mississippi, Kathleen in Omaha, John in Sacramento, Ryan in Sacramento, V in the Fee, Sean in Wichita, McKay in Oakland, Dom in Erie, John in Nashville, Anthony in Humboldt, Ed in San Antonio 04/06/23
Amber in Portland responds to Methleen, smacks Johannes from Avatar, gets racked 04/07/23
James in Portland on the Masters menu and Alvie's meat rub 04/07/23
Drew in West LA with a Jon Rahm take, gets warned about bum smack 04/10/23
Louis in Kansas is not a clone, talks about the Masters, clones react 04/10/23
Rick in Detroit responds to Louis in Kansas, talks about the definition of clone 04/10/23
John in New York has an issue with his toe, takes a run at Leff in Laguna, gets his Golden Ticket ripped 04/11/23
Ryan in Sactown responds to John in New York's call, gets run 04/11/23
Brantley in Eugene says Anthony Street Clothes Davis almost blew the game 04/12/23
Tommy in New Orleans says Zion is a punk 04/13/23
What's Your Beef? #138 - Calls from Tom in Alabama, Patrick in Green Bay, Johannes in Sweden, Ryan in Sactown, Dan in ABQ, Tom Jr in Alabama, Edward in Washington, Ben in Driftwoods, Craig in Santa Rosa, Tom in Alabama again, Anthony in Pomona, John in Little Rock, Sal in Astoria, Tom Jr in Alabama again 04/13/23
Tom in Alabama responds to the Fake Tom Jr. again 04/13/23
Silk Brah calls from Roatan, responds to Ryan in Sactown, asks for Sandstorm 04/13/23
Reaction to Silk Brah, Rome and DJ salary comparison, Jack Nicholson picture 04/14/23
Rick in Buffalo targets Stucknut, Cal in Vegas, Vic, and the draft - declares Smackoff season 04/14/23
Amber in Portland wins a Golden Ticket with an email response to Ed in San Antonio 04/14/23
Zach in Stockton was at the Kings Warriors playoff game, vibe was wild 04/18/23
Ed in San Antonio congratulates Amber for getting a Golden Ticket, gets run for personal appearance smack 04/18/23
Smackoff 29 announcement - June 30, 2023 04/18/23
Malcolm in Jacksonville takes a run at Jeff from Richmond 04/18/23
Ted in NoCal plays a cowbell, talks Warriors King series 04/18/23
Ron in Montana is a Warriors fan, talks about Draymond's stomp 04/19/23
Paul in Buffalo's dog talks about Draymond's stomp, wins a PPV 04/20/23
Sarah T in Providence wins a PPV with a 420 submission 04/20/23
Nooch in New Orleans wants to know how Ryan in Sactown made it on the Watch List, stoner friend awareness, wins a PPV 04/20/23
What's Your Beef? #139 - Calls from Justin in Green Bay, Rich in Oregon, Ed in San Antonio, Kathleen in Omaha, Kevin in NoCal, Joli in Indiana, Ted in NoCal, Ryan in Sactown, Gary in Corvallis, Will in Nashville, Anthony in Pomona, Dan in Houston 04/20/23
Fabian in LA checks in on 420 04/20/23
Amber in Portland responds to Gary in Corvallis, lays odds for Kathleens teeth 04/21/23
V in the Fee on the Lions gambling, marathon pooper, gets run 04/21/23
Chris in SE Wisco on the JTP and Silk Brah 04/21/23
Richard in Sacramento takes a run at Big Head, Warriors Kings series, gets racked 04/21/23
Tyler in the 831 says Kings fan need to put respect on the Warriors name 04/21/23
KC in LA says the whole city of Oakland should move, talks about Don King 04/21/23
David in Green Bay agrees on Space Jam 2, Milwaukee Bucks, gets run for being all over the place 04/25/23
Mike in Wisco says Aaron Rodgers is washed, he won't like the NY media 04/25/23
Ron in Wisconsin says people were tired of Rodgers and Packers dysfunctional relationship 04/25/23
David in New Mexico has a beef with the Yankees and Brian Cashman 04/26/23
ATP's - Bacon 45, who is Stucknut, call from Matt in Alaska about Rogan in Colorado 04/26/23
What's Your Beef? #140 - Calls from George in San Francisco, Andrew in Phoenix, Steven in Riverside, Brighton in Santa Maria, George in Houston, Ed in San Antonio, Ben in Driftwood 04/27/23
John in C-Town is fired up about the Cavs and Cleveland sports 04/27/23
Jeff from Richmond brags about the success of his business 04/27/23
Dino in Vegas submits another horrible Replacements Smackoff song 04/28/23
Steve in HTown gets run for pretending to be a fake Stucknut 04/28/23
Craig in Vancouver talks NHL playoffs, Kraken and Bruins, debalacle 05/01/23
Manny in Oxnard on the history of the Smackoff, Kaleb in Green Bay, Warriors/Kings 05/01/23
Ray in SA gets run for self gloss - The Big Stingray in SA 05/01/23
Scott in Hawaii wanted a drug test on Dillon Brooks 05/01/23
Jimmy in Illinois on the NBA playoffs, debalacle and Dillon Brooks 05/01/23
Stucknut resets Joey in New Bedfords 'Recepted' call 05/01/23
V in the Fee on the NBA playoffs, Sactown fan, Jack Nicholson 05/01/23
Gabriel in Orlando calls with a fake Boston accent, gets run 05/02/23
Eric in Orlando is taking a yacht to Boston, lost his phone connection 05/02/23
Scott in Nocal has a problem with Rome wanting to do meth 05/02/23
Orlando in Oakland responds to V in the Fee, says Warriors in 7 05/03/23
JD in Philly on the Phillies and 76ers, he's a Duke grad 05/03/23
Bobby in Boise was disappointed that the Lakers didn't win by double digits 05/03/23
Chris in SE Wisco takes a run at Jeff from Richmond and Eric in Orlando 05/03/23
Eric in Orlando responds to Chris in SE Wisco, apologizes for phone disconnection 05/03/23
Scott in Philly talks about the 76ers Celtics game 2 05/04/23
What's Your Beef? #141 - Calls from Anthony in Pomona, Ryan in Sactown, Kathleen in Omaha, Bernie in Florida, David in KC 05/04/23
UCLADodgerFrank has Alvie produce a My Sharona parody for Ryan in Sactown's Pomona 05/04/23
Paul in Buffalo's sings a Replacements parody, smacks Ryan in Sactown, eats kitty litter 05/05/23
Lee in Oxnard says Laker fan sucks 05/05/23
Brad in Corona wants Jack Savage fired, compares Rick in Buffalo to Jackson Mahomes, declares the start of Smackoff season 05/05/23
Matt in LA hypes the Smackoff, responds to Lee in Oxnard about the Lakers 05/05/23
V in the Fee on the Lakers beating Jims Warriors, Rob Pelinka, gets taken off the watch list 05/15/23
Erich in Texas is a Rockets fan and has Harden PTSD 05/15/23
Chad in Philly said he was Philly just to get on the radio so he could talk about Jordan Love 05/15/23
Ryan in Santa Barbara invited Rome to Harrys bar 05/15/23
John in Philly takes a run at Brad in Corona and Rick in Buffalo, gets run for midget smack 05/15/23
Manny in Oxnard on Jim in Fall River's calls, Wells in the 360, and Kaleb in Green Bay, wants a Golden Ticket 05/16/23
Bransen in Toledo warns Packers fans that the old Bears are back 05/16/23
KC in LA on successful NBA coaches that get fired, he wants that gig 05/16/23
Jim in Washington is sad because once again Canada has no teams left in the playoffs 05/16/23
Dean in San Antonio on Coach Pop sticking around long enough to get another elite prospect 05/17/23
Dan in Michigan cannot believe that the Pistons dropped to the 5th pick after tanking, thinks its a conspiracy 05/17/23
Gino in San Antonio is glad that Wemby is going to the Spurs and not the armpit of Texas, Houston 05/17/23
Matt in Cleveland is not a fan of LeBron's free throw shooting 05/17/23
Mark in Boston tells Gino not to call during the Smackoff, talks about the Pistons getting the 5th pick 05/17/23
Tom in Boston feels sorry for Wembanyama going to San Antonio, he's had enough of Coach Pop 05/17/23
Smackoff 29 odds to be announced May 25th 05/17/23
John in Long Island says the Celtics lack mental toughness 05/18/23
What's Your Beef? #142 - Calls from Richie in Jacksonville, John in Philly, Carl in Michigan, Fake Rick in Buffalo 05/18/23
Chris in SE Wisco takes a run at V in the Fee, gets on the watchlist 05/22/23
Fake Jeff from Richmond claims to be the real Jeff, gets run 05/22/23
John in NY likes Denver in the Finals, sick of Lakers and LeBron, gets his Golden Ticket back 05/23/23
Smackoff 29 preview - The Idolmaker 05/23/23
V in the Fee on the Lakers losing to the Nuggets, gets back on the watchlist 05/23/23
Ryan in Sactown announces a CloneStock Smackoff watch party in Gardena 05/23/23
Stephanie in Maine is a Celtics fan that thinks they will lose 05/23/23
Mike in Vegas talks about the Dallas Stars fans 05/24/23
Bob in LA doesn't watch the NBA because it's boring, intrigued by Miami Heat with undrafted players 05/24/23
Smackoff 29 profile - Benny in Wisco 05/24/23
Benny in Wisco RSVP's, declared Smackoff season, and takes a run at James in Portland 05/24/23
Scott in Hollywood FL says the Panthers crowd was like a college football game 05/25/23
Eric in Texas on Hurricanes coach Rod Brind'Amour thinking that they did not get swept 05/25/23
Smackoff 29 profile - James in Portland 05/25/23
What's Your Beef? #143 - Calls from Clint in MS, Ryan in Sactown, Carl in Michigan, Chris in Arizona, Pete in Madison, Jay in Texas, Johnny in Tucson, Vince in Maryland, Bo in Nashville 05/25/23
John in Philly compares a V in the Fee call to being in the restroom without toilet paper 05/25/23
Emailer visited Michigan with his son, asked Harbaugh about the Smackoff 05/25/23
Smackoff 29 Odds from Stucknut 05/26/23
Layne in Claremont responds to Ryan in Sactowns WYB call 05/26/23
Ryan in Sactown calls while hopped up on whatever is in his IV after hip surgery 05/26/23
Mike in La Quinta also responds to Ryan in Sactowns WYB call 05/26/23
Smackoff 29 profile - Mark in Boston 05/30/23
Ray in SA pretends to be Pooldoc, gets run 05/30/23
John in New York responds to Jeff from Richmonds Smackoff prediction video 05/30/23
Wisconsin not over Aaron Rodgers, T Swift in the rat family, bad blood attains the hiv, salad 05/31/23
Eddie in NYC gets run for self gloss 05/31/23
Chris in San Diego wants an update on Jungle Racing 05/31/23
Smackoff 29 profile - Gino in San Antonio 05/31/23
Justin in Melbourne responds to Gino's profile, shouts out to PoolDork and ButtNuts 05/31/23
ATP's - Cindy in Glendale AZ gets on the Watch List, Mike in Indy sighting 05/31/23
Smackoff 29 profile - Jeff from Richmond 06/01/23
What's Your Beef? #144 - Calls from Nick in Philly, Kathleen in Omaha, Ryan in Sactown 06/01/23
Eddie in NYC calls back after getting run the day before, talks about the Jets 06/01/23
V in the Fee takes a run at Jeff from Richmond, gets racked 06/01/23
Max in San Diego is a longtime listener, thinks Iafrate is the one to beat, gets on Watch List 06/01/23
Smackoff 29 profile - Paul's dog 06/05/23
Bellas Cat gets run for talking about her unkemptness 06/05/23
Calls from Will in Richmond (self gloss Tow Truck), Matthew in Ramona (wants Hacksaw impression), and Art in Tennessee (LIV PGA) 06/06/23
Matt in LA wants the clones to step their game up for the Smackoff 06/06/23
Rob in Reno submits another clone song 06/06/23
Parker in Georgia says Monahan makes Goodell look like the Pope 06/07/23
Trey in Portland on the PGA, shouldn't get mad at the players that took the money 06/07/23
Smackoff 29 profile - Mike in Indy 06/07/23
Gino in San Antonio on Mike in Indy and the PGA/LIV 06/07/23
Josh in Nashville says Rome gave a Master Class on how to cover the PGA news 06/07/23
Tracy in Phoenix says the Smackoff should be a holiday 06/07/23
Dominos pizza day controversy, was it Thursday or Friday? 06/08/23
Smackoff 29 Promo 06/08/23
Paul in Buffalo's dog pretends to be Jerome in Houston, smacks on Jeff from Richmond 06/08/23
What's Your Beef? #145 - Calls from Lance in OKC, Eddie in NYC, Chris in Oakland, Ryan in Santa Barbara, Ryan in Sactown, Parody Larry 06/08/23
V in the Fee is hyped by the Smackoff profile, takes a run at John in Philly and Chris in SE Wisco, gets a Golden Ticket 06/08/23
Pooldoc tried to win a Golden Ticket by calling Pauls dog a bitch 06/08/23
Mets kid wins a retroactive Golden Ticket 06/09/23
Nick in Fresno is very disappointed with the Mets, run for 4 letter bomb 06/09/23
Vic in NoCal email leads to a moratorium on 'Attaining the HIV' 06/09/23
Mark in Hollywood RSVP's to the Smackoff, what if Saudi Arabia was the sponsor? 06/09/23
Comparing this years Smackoff Promo to the original in 2006 06/09/23
James in Portland calls to RSVP but gets run and loses his Golden Ticket 06/09/23
Smackoff 29 profile - First time callers that became legends 06/12/23
John Sterling got hit in the head by a foul ball, other audio of people getting hurt 06/12/23
Robert in Denver is a trucker, couldn't find game on radio so listened through a phone call 06/13/23
Smackoff 29 profile - Mark in Hollywood 06/13/23
Jake in NYC points out that Rome's cellphone flashlight is on, gets on Watch List 06/14/23
Smackoff 29 profile - Rick in Buffalo 06/14/23
Chris in SE Wisco wants to put V's Golden Ticket in a wood-chipper 06/14/23
John in Philly was disappointed with Chris' call, takes a run at V in the Fee, wants more Smackoff energy 06/14/23
Margo in Buffalo gets run for stumbling on a work boots joke, still added to the Watch List 06/14/23
Jeff from Richmond is ready to start a dynasty, Canada loves him 06/15/23
V in the Fee on John in Philly, Chris in SE Wisco, and Jeff from Richmond 06/15/23
What's Your Beef? #146 - Calls from George in San Francisco, Dickie in Iowa, Bobby in Des Moines, Manny in Oxnard, Rich in Sacramento, Anthony in Pomona, Kathleen in Omaha, Tom in Happy Valley, Brandon in Louisville 06/15/23
Texans GM Nick Caserio on Payne and Pendergast (Sports Radio 610 Houston KILT), knew Jeff from Richmond RSVP'd to the Smackoff, Sean is tempted to use AI to write his script 06/16/23
Bo in Nashville shouts out to Bruce Bochy and George Kittle, wants to be the best caller in the Jungle, gets on the Watch List 06/16/23
Matt in LA made multiple threats to Jeff from Richmond 06/16/23
John in Philly is mad at V for dissing his city 06/16/23
James in Portland on Jeff from Richmond and Kaleb in Green Bay 06/16/23
Mark in Boston calls out Dan in Denver and Jeff in Southfield 06/16/23
Recap of clone and Texans GM Nick Caserio on Payne and Pendergast, Rome gives him an honorary Golden Ticket 06/16/23
Jeff in SoCal talking about the Nuggets parade, fat Smackoff participants 06/16/23
Smackoff 29 profile - Sean the Cablinasian 06/19/23
John in NY takes a run at Sean the Cablinasian for not promoting the Smackoff while talking to Nick Caserio 06/19/23
Mike in the Bay on the Giants Dodgers series, wants to hang with Rome 06/19/23
Andrew in Phoenix is a fan of Isiah Thomas, doesn't understand why he's making decisions for the Suns 06/20/23
Nick Caserio calls to talk about the Smackoff and his interaction with Sean the Cablinasian 06/20/23
Reaction to Nick Caserio's call 06/20/23
Sal in Queens gets on the watchlist with a call about Mark in Hollywood and Beaks 06/20/23
Smackoff 29 profile - Iafrate 06/20/23
Brad in Corona on Iafrate, Nick Caserio, and Sean the Cablinasian, RSVPs for Dong Day 06/20/23
Leff in Laguna RSVPs for Dong Day and the Smackoff, takes a run at Jeff from Richmond and Nick Caserio 06/20/23
Reaction to Brad and Leffs calls, Dong Day preview 06/20/23
Trevor in Appleton is a teacher, takes a run at Jeff from Richmond and Methleen 06/21/23
Smackoff 29 profile - Leff in Laguna 06/21/23
Chad in LA gets run with an early Dong Day call 06/21/23
Ben in San Antonio says the dynasty is coming back to the Spurs with Wemby, predicts Jeff from Richmond to win the Smackoff 06/21/23
James in Portland gets run for self gloss 06/21/23
Kaleb in Green Bay RSVP's to the Smackoff, calling as Jeff from Richmond 06/22/23
Smackoff 29 profile - Vic in Nocal 06/22/23
What's Your Beef? #147 - Calls from Anthony in Pomona, Michael in San Antonio, Jeff in Portland, Evan in Milwaukee, Bradley in Bakersfield, Ryan in Sactown, Kathleen in Omaha, Mike in Houston, Ed in San Antonio, Ty in Boise, John in Philly, Eric in Southside 06/22/23
Stucknut tries to transcribe Methleen's call 06/22/23
Trevor in Appleton responds to Methleens jiberish, offers to teach her English, picks Mike in Indy to win the Smackoff 06/23/23
Parody Larry gets run for a Come on Methleen song 06/23/23
Sal in Queens gets run for Reggie in the OC smack 06/23/23
Smackoff 29 profile - Brad in Corona 06/26/23
Richard in Santa Barbara was a professor at UCSB, taught Gabe Vincent and Brian Shaw 06/26/23
Paul in Buffalo's dog on Stucknut prop bets and Vic in Nocal's impersonations 06/26/23
Eric in Castle Rock gets dumped for circle jerk reference 06/26/23
Smackoff 29 profile - Kaleb in Green Bay 06/27/23
Eric in Castle Rock takes a run at Nick Caserio and Brad in Corona, got run for Rachel dude smack 06/27/23
James in Portland on Kaleb, Dong Day, gets another Golden Ticket 06/28/23
Eric in Castle Rock tries to finish his call, old school lady clones, Leff in Laguna, Silk, NBA mascots 06/28/23
Golden Ticket and Watchlist Chopper Day 06/28/23
Fake Rex in ABQ with a weird call about Vic in NoCal, Jeff from Richmond, and Silk 06/28/23
Drizzle in Wichita RSVP's to the Smackoff 06/28/23
Max in San Diego with haiku Smackoff predictions, Elk reset 06/28/23
Brad in Corona says Dong Day is a state of mind, Titanic sub, Jeff from Richmond, run for Dick Boogers joke 06/29/23
James in Portland on Sean the Cablinasian's low T, gets run 06/29/23
Jeff in Southfield takes a run at Adam Hawk, Mark in Boston, James in Portland, Drizzle, Pauls dog, and Brad 06/29/23
Mark in Boston responds to Jeff in Southfield, takes a run at Houston’s John McClain, run for hard in the taint reference 06/29/23
Big Head Bets discussing the Smackoff odds 06/29/23
Steve in HTown calls to promote the Wrap-up show, run for throbbing member reference 06/29/23
Ray in SA talks about the watch party at Beauregard's palatial estate, gets run for taint reference 06/29/23
Fabian in LA hopes he's around for Smackoff 50, gets racked 06/29/23
Scott in San Diego is a first time caller, takes a run at Brad in Corona, gets run 06/29/23
Ryan in Sactown is driving through Fresno to get to a CloneStock 06/29/23
Abigail in San Diego got run for using her apparatus on the phone 06/29/23
John in Little Rock has a Smackoff song 06/29/23
Mark in Chicago erected a Dong Day pole, run for too many dong reference 06/29/23
Eric in Escondido on local affiliate on tape delay, gets run 06/29/23
Dave in Green Bay talks about the watch party at his bar, walks back prediction 06/29/23
Sean in Wichita gets run for self gloss, the Dong Father 06/29/23
Dan in Indy took the day of for Smackoff, ready to listen to the show live 06/29/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 01 - Mark in Hollywood 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 02 - James in Portland 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 03 - Jeff from Richmond 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 04 - Amber in Portland 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 05 - V in the Fee 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 06 - Kaleb in Green Bay 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 07 - Benny in Wisco 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 08 - Paul in Buffalos dog 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 09 - Sean the Cablinasian 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 10 - Drizzle in Wichita 06/30/23
2022 Smackoff - Call 11 - John in NY 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 12 - Vic in Nocal 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 13 - Rick in Buffalo 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 14 - Leff in Laguna 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 15 - Brad in Corona 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 16 - Mark in Boston 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Call 17 - Iafrate 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff - Top 10 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff Hour 1 - Mark in Hollywood, James in Portland, Jeff from Richmond, Amber in Portland, V in the Fee 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff Hour 2 - Kaleb in Green Bay, Benny in Wisco, Paul's Dog, Sean the Cablinasian, Drizzle in Wichita, John in NY, Vic in Nocal, Rick in Buffalo 06/30/23
2023 Smackoff Hour 3 - Leff in Laguna, Brad in Corona, Mark in Boston, Iafrate 06/30/23
Aaron in Northwest got run for being on a speaker phone 07/17/23
Jeff in Milwaukee responds to Benny in Wisco's Smackoff call, gets run 07/17/23
Matt in Denver on Joel Embiid, thinks Jokic should have 3 MVP awards 07/18/23
JD in Philly talks about the train-wreck 76ers, disappointed that they didn't make it to the finals so they could lose 07/18/23
Fabian in LA with a Dodgers take, wants to drink less alcohol 07/18/23
V in the Fee wants a mid-season Smackoff, secured his spot for Smackoff 30 07/19/23
Dave in Arizona wants Rome to start a female jockey college 07/20/23
Silk Brah on the Dodgers, V in the Fee, and Raider Mike is heading to town 07/21/23
Sam in DC on the new owner of the Washington Commanders 07/21/23
Eric in Castelrock takes a run at V in the Fee, Leff, Brad, and Jeff from Richmond, gets run 07/21/23
Mark in Georgia took his family to Javiers 07/21/23
Sam in Alaska talks NFL, gets dumped for 4 letter bomb 07/25/23
Mark in Boston on Jim Harbaugh's suspension 07/25/23
Justin in Florida got run for correcting his name 07/25/23
Mike in Clearwater on Brian Harman winning the 2023 Open Championship 07/25/23
Paul in Buffalo's dog talks about the Smackoff 07/26/23
Anthony in Pomona is a Dodgers fan, girlfriend is an Angels fan, wants Artie Moreno to let Ohtani go to the Dodgers 07/27/23
Eddie in NYC on the Madden ratings and Aaron Rodgers in a Jets uniform, meow meow 07/27/23
Joey in Omaha talks about the Luke Fickell podcast 07/27/23
Jim in Maryland was disappointed with Pauls Dog in the Smackoff 07/28/23
John in Philly says the year long Smackoff season is brilliant 07/28/23
Deandre Hopkins responds to Sean the Cablinasians Tweet about practicing 07/28/23
Wells in the 360 gets blocked from the show for his bad quality of takes 07/28/23
Eric in Texas follows up a previous call about James Harden, compares him to Terence in Sierra Madre 08/14/23
Chuck in Phoenix didn't like Javiers in Vegas 08/14/23
JT in San Antonio is hyped that Rome is back, mentions old school callers 08/14/23
Michael in San Antonio got run for repeating his name 08/14/23
Jason in San Antonio welcomes Rome back, likes the energy 08/14/23
John in Philly has a problem with texters and emailers 08/15/23
Manny in Oxnard takes a run at San Antonio, has a theory about Logans cell phone 08/15/23
Sam in San Antonio is an old school listener, shouts out Jeff in SA 08/15/23
Jordan in San Antonio thinks they deserve an NFL team, should move one from LA 08/15/23
Ron in South Carolina has been listening since 96, responds to Jordans call 08/15/23
Todd in Green Bay on the Packers future, shouts out to Quinn the Car Fixer, story about Woody in Eagle River 08/15/23
Rome is back on air in Austin, reset of Nolan Ryan at the Tour Stop 08/16/23
Mike in Austin says their local sports radio has been horrible, glad Rome is back 08/16/23
Michael in Pennsylvania questions Romes greatest sports movie list 08/16/23
Jason in Boulder works at a spa and wants to take care of Rome and DJ 08/17/23
Silk Brah talks about the Silks in Austin, Kaleb and the Dodgers, San Antonio needs 3 hours 08/17/23
Paul in Boulder pitches a reggae concert at Red Rocks 08/17/23
Paul in Houston talks about meeting Rome and DJ at the Sam Houston Tour Stop 08/17/23
Jeff in the ATL has suggestions for things to do in Boulder 08/17/23
Eric in ABQ bidding for a Golden Ticket, takes a run at Brad in Corona errr Has Been, gets cut off for guest, reaction 08/18/23
Emailer resets Adult Alarm, Give me back my son, Rat family, and Mr. Automatic 08/25/23
Scott in Phoenix asks if the NFL is going to stop a game every time a player gets a headache 08/28/23
Taylor in Montana disagrees with Romes take about Noah Lyles 08/29/23
James in California got run for self glossing as Bruin James twice 08/29/23
Dan in South Carolina with a take on the fat lady that smuggled a gun into a baseball stadium 08/30/23
Daniel in Houston wants to defend Matt Stanford's wife 08/31/23
V in the Fee is worried that fat guys are going to try to sneak things into stadiums in their guts 08/31/23
Eric in Huntsville breaks down the Utah Florida football game 09/01/23
Brady in Costa Mesa wants to talk about Barnes but was too drunk 09/01/23
James in Portland on Mark in Bostons weight, Rogan in Boulder 09/01/23
Eric in Castlerock is a CU Buffs alum, rambles about the game 09/05/23
Mac in Indiana talks about the Colorado TCU game, war's Alvie twice 09/05/23
Mac in Wisconsin tips his cap to Deion 09/05/23
Patrick in Wisconsin likes how Deion encourages the kids 09/05/23
John in Philly is tired of V in the Fee 09/05/23
Vic in NoCal on Menendez family, Rome with a take on the Great Equalizer grounding a plane 09/06/23
John in Tampa is upset that UCF didn't hire Deion Sanders 09/06/23
V in the Fee responds to John in Philly 09/06/23
What's Your Beef? #148 - Calls from Ed in San Antonio, John in Oregon, Dennis in Vegas, Melinda in South Carolina, Matthew in Mission Beach, James in South Carolina, Jeff in Pittsburgh, Greg in Houston, Ken in Washington, Harry in Wichita, Carl in Redlands, Greg in Oceanside, Norm in Boise, Tom in Portland 09/07/23
Pete in Detroit says people can no longer assume that playing the Lions is a W 09/08/23
Gavin in South Bend wants everyone to calm down after the Lions win, caller reaction from Nate in Detroit, Mark in Indy, and Bob in LA 09/08/23
Greg in Oceanside is a Raiders fan, glad the Chiefs lost 09/08/23
Tommy in Green Bay says they were jacked to watch Aaron Rodgers on the Jets, dark day for football 09/12/23
Rueben in Sonoma is a Cowboys fan, gets run for losing train of thought 09/12/23
Mike in Hartford is laughing at the Jets fans, next man up 09/12/23
Adrian in Arkansas says Jets still have top 5 defense 09/12/23
Patrick in San Francisco is a Bills fan, family knew not to talk to him after the game, wants a slumpbuster 09/12/23
Andrea in Berkeley is a sports astrologer, wrote an Athletic column about Aaron Rodgers 09/12/23
Bob in Florida is a 20 time listener, people should feel bad for Aaron Rodgers 09/12/23
Brian in Harrisburg is a huge Bills fan, NFL is better with Aaron Rodgers playing 09/12/23
Eddie in NYC is a Jets fan, has Zach Wilsons back, keeping receipts on Rome 09/13/23
Randy Moss interview, cameo by Megatron 09/13/23
Greg in Oceanside brings up the Evel Knievel interview as favorite Jungle moment 09/13/23
What's Your Beef? #149 - Calls from Rich in Oregon, Chris in Redding, Matt in Alaska, Aaron in Canton, Ryan in Sactown, John in ABQ, Ben in Tulsa, Colin in Portland, Carlton in OKC, Edward in Syracuse, Scott in NY, Lane in Claremont, Darren in Bakersfield, Jeff in Omaha, Chris in New Orleans, Matt in Alaska again 09/14/23
James in Portland goes in on James Kelley 09/14/23
Aaron in Canton calls to follow up his Whats Your Beef call, gets run 09/14/23
Mike in Wisconsin says James Kelley makes the average clones sound like Frederick Douglas, fatheaded man child, Dr. Janet 09/15/23
V in the Fee says the Vikings make him sick to his stomach 09/15/23
KC in LA talks about all the products the Rome pimps, Deion can run for President right now, annual State of the Dodgers address, wins a Golden Ticket 09/18/23
Naked Bills fan covered in feces rescued from 40-foot hole outside stadium 09/19/23
Scott in Hawaii on Nick Chubbs injury, what's up with Chandler Jones? 09/19/23
Clint in Bakersfield wants his Vikings to play like the Vi-Kings and not Vi-Queens 09/20/23
Pete in Phoenix is ready for the 0-17 season 09/20/23
Ethan in Oregon says the ticket prices for the Colorado game went from $40 to $200 09/20/23
Bob in LA on the Lincoln Riley press conference and the suspended beat writer, spazzed out and got run 09/20/23
What's Your Beef? #150 - Calls from Eddie in Buffalo, Matt in Grand Rapids, Ethan in Oregon, Steve in New Orleans, Daniel in Houston, Nathan in Green Bay, Josh in SLO, Mike in Provo, John in Philly, Francis in Florida, Ryan in Sactown, Nick in Colorado Springs 09/21/23
Anthony in San Francisco didn't like Romes take on Brock Purdy 09/22/23
Jess in Humboldt County says Rome should take it easy on Trent Williams 09/22/23
Lou in Denver is a 49ers fan and he's tired of their fans 09/22/23
James in Rochester gets run for repeating his name and city 09/23/23

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