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What's Your Beef? #183 - Calls from Milton in Georgia, Josh in Iowa, Ryan in Sactown, Lee in Syracuse, Ben in Driftwood, Jeff in Oregon, Lane in Claremont, Neiman in Montana, Mike in the Bay Area, Ken in San Antonio, Rob in the 570, Pete in Phoenix, Mark in San Antonio, Jack in Michigan, Steve in Wisco, Luis in Louisville, Scott in Arkansas, Anthony in Pomona, Matt in Green Bay, Mike in Provo, Mark in Kentucky 05/23/24
Eric in River Hills WI on the show moving to X, they allow free speech, Brad in Corona is washed and should hang’em up 05/22/24
Jay in Humboldt says he has 7 kids, trying to catch Alvie, gets run for unwarring pulling out 05/22/24
Russell in Austin talks about being at the Tour Stop, wars the Longhorns kicking the SEC’s ass 05/22/24
Mark in Birmingham on Red Lobster shutting down, wants to see how many Mark’s can call in on 1 day 05/21/24
AJ in Arlington on Kyrie Irving without LeBron, he can see LeBron being a player coach for the Lakers 05/21/24
Leff in Laguna with an X post about Javiers 05/21/24
Mark in Greenville went to Javiers in Vegas, best Mexican food he’s ever eaten 05/21/24
Bergie in Florida says the new X stream will create a loophole of JN names 05/21/24
Jim Rome on X starts Tuesday, May 28 2024 05/20/24
Mario in Phoenix says we shouldn’t be surprised about James Kelley arrest, he’s the Walter White of the Jungle 05/20/24
Vince in the ATX says the only thing more delusional than Cowboys fans is Knicks fans, stick to Sex and the City reruns 05/20/24
Dan in New York on Rick Carlisle, he’s a whiny piece of crap 05/20/24
Milton in Georgia says good riddance to the Knicks goofy ass fanbase, they haven't mattered since 1973, MSG is a dump, you're the Clippers East 05/20/24
John in New York on the Pacers beating the Knicks 05/20/24
Vince in the ATX wars James Kelley at the honeymoon suite Denver county jail 05/17/24
Big Head Bets - James Kelley talks about going to jail 05/17/24
What's Your Beef? #182 - Calls from Dom in Erie, Robbie in Dallas, Jeff in Oregon, Kenny in Nashville, Jim in Corona, Grayson in Buffalo, Jay in Humboldt, Ron ok Bakersfield, Duke in Boise, Jake in Tempe, Vince in the ATX, JJ in KC, Roland in Arkansas, Bill in Sacramento, David in Charleston, Ken in Lindon,Mike in La Quinta, Josh in Salina 05/16/24
Jimmy in Tucson on the border skirmish with Phoenix and ASU 05/15/24
George in Tucson tells Raul in Tempe to lay off the sauce, Tommy Lloyd is the man 05/15/24
PJ in Denver says its a fantastic time to be a Denver sports fan, there is no way that anyone can beat the Nuggets right now 05/15/24
Raul in Tempe was offended by coach Tommy Lloyd commenting on Romes foot speed 05/15/24
Mike in the Bay Area on the absence of Denver Nuggets fan until recently, gets on Watch List 05/15/24
Justin in Melbourne is excited about the X platform, wants to put respect on the podcast, reinventing himself 05/14/24
Vince in the ATX is eating popcorn waiting for lady clones to duke it out, wished the Cowboys window was open so he could jump out of it 05/14/24
Max in San Diego got run for saying uh too many times 05/14/24
Don in Detroit on the Goff extension, some Lions fans are not sold on him 05/14/24
Mike in Hartford can’t stand Knicks fans, Pacers are going to win 4-2 05/13/24
Vince in the ATX says Mike McCarthy will soon be a greeter at Walmart if they can find a big enough blue vest 05/13/24
ATP - Origins of manual buzzer and ionic soundbites 05/10/24
Scott in Denver calls back with a Jump Around parody, gets run 05/10/24
Scott in Denver wanted in to sing a parody but got cold feet, Rome takes call from Ben in Driftwood, reset of bad parodies 05/10/24
Mike in the Bay Area was wrongfully accused of a crime, went to prison for 9 months, talks about Ippei being a fall guy 05/09/24
What's Your Beef? #181 - Calls from Jackson in Tucson, Ryan in Sacramento, Mike in Vancouver, Don in Detroit, Mike in New Mexico, Damian in Salt Lake City, Jim in Corona, Andy in Phoenix, Josh in Solana Beach, Rich in Virginia, Bill in Sactown, Steve in Tracy CA, Buck in Texas, Vince in the ATX, Jimmy in NC, Bill in Tucson, Troy in Salt Lake City 05/09/24
Brenan in Wisconsin wanted Coach Prime when Wisconsin had an opening, glad they went with Luke Fickell 05/08/24
PJ in Denver on Coach Prime, the nepotism and his hypocrisy has destroyed his legacy, describes Boulder Skank 05/08/24
Mike in Hartford appreciates Rome going in on Coach Prime 05/08/24
Brandon in Jersey talks about the rules of the Brady Roast, gets run for joke about Kaleb french kissing his hand 05/07/24
Robert in Corvallis is excited about the X launch, there will be listeners from all over the world 05/07/24
KC in LA on the Lakers coaching situation, 2020 championship was fools gold, wants Steve Nash 05/07/24
Andy in Phoenix wonders why there were heating packs on the sideline, gets run 05/07/24
PJ in Denver says Jamal Murray throwing the heat pack on the court was his best shot of the night 05/07/24
Mike in Clearwater is surprised that Jamal Murray throwing things on the court is not getting more attention 05/07/24
Mr. Jones in Atlanta is a Lakers fan and LeBron hater, he’s not bigger than the franchise, gets run for self gloss 05/06/24
JD in South Carolina says LeBron has a horrible track record of hiring coaches 05/06/24
Lisa in Texas on the Lakers, AD is #1, LeBron #2, new coach needs tough skin 05/06/24
Vince in the ATX says Jerruh makes him want to die 05/03/24
Matt in Green Bay compares Philly fan letting Knicks fans in to Dave at the Lorelei letting Mark in Boston in 05/03/24
What's Your Beef? #180 - Calls from Max in San Diego, Duke in Boise, Jackson in Tucson, Kimberly in Houston, George in Houston, Michael in San Antonio, Ron in Bakersfield, Troy in Salt Lake City, Kenny in Nashville, Carlton in OKC, Ken in Lindon 05/02/24
Max in SD calls with a sales pitch for new cameras, Rome talks about sales reps 05/02/24
ATP about the English Beat playing at Rome's 50th birthday party 05/01/24
JD in Philly on the 76ers/Knicks series, doesn't want tickets sold to New Yorkers 05/01/24
Texans GM Nick Caserio on Payne and Pendergast (Sports Radio 610 Houston KILT), talks about his drive-by in the Jungle and callers that sing 05/01/24
Reaction to the Nick Caserio call 04/30/24
Nick Caserio responds to the Monti Ossenfort interview, says Iafrate and Parody Larry should be the only callers singing, war’s Michaels Dad 04/30/24
V in the Fee on Coach Ham and the Lakers getting knocked out of the playoffs 04/30/24
Jimmy in NC thinks JJ Reddick will be the next Lakers coach 04/30/24
Rob in Tucson is a perpetual, pervasive LeBron apologist, disappointed with the Lakers 04/30/24
Brendan in Savannah likes the Falcons drafting Pennix 04/29/24
TJ in Austin on Anthony Edwards and the Wolves crushing the Suns 04/29/24
V in the Fee on the Vikings draft and Lakers meltdown 04/26/24
What's Your Beef? #179 - Calls from Mike in Vancouver, Jay in Humboldt, George in Houston, Neiman in Montana, Andy in Phoenix, Vince in the ATX, Matt in Green Bay, Leroy in ABQ, Kenny in Nashville, Cesar in Austin, Bergie in Florida, Josh in Solana Beach, Anthony in Pomona, Mitch in Arkansas, Christian in Sarasota, JB in South Carolina, Bob in Boston, Rich in Philly, Eric in Colorado 04/25/24
NFL GM compared Caleb Williams to Prince, story about Prince getting booed off stage at Rolling Stones concert, calls from John in Anaheim Hills and Ron in Bakersfield 04/24/24
Louis in Phoenix first call since 1994, add Suns to list of failed super team experiments, gets run 04/24/24
Jacob in LA says it’s ridiculous what Hunter Wendelstedt did 04/23/24
Greg in Indiana is a retired UPS driver, umps like the one that ejected Boone are ruining baseball 04/23/24
Matt in Green Bay on LeBron blaming the replay center after the loss 04/23/24
V in the Fee is sick to his stomach about the Lakers, blames Diarrhea Darv, wins Huge Call 04/23/24
Dave in Kentucky on Jerruh offering Kentucky players double to play for Arkansas, he hit some dudes horse right in the mouth 04/22/24
AJ in Arlington talks about how pathetic the Mavs played in the first half 04/22/24
Jay in Humboldt calls for 420, gets run for talking about taking a growler 04/22/24
PJ in Denver says the Nuggets will sweep the Lakers, making it 12 in a row, gets run 04/22/24
V in the Fee on the Lakers, D-Lo, LeBron Blames, Diarrhea Darv, still says Lakers in 6 04/22/24
Fabian in LA calls for 4/20, needs positivity from the clones 04/19/24
James in Portland responds to Tony in Phoenix, Shaky A and Shaky T 04/18/24
Tony in Phoenix flames out on his 3rd call of the day, gets blocked 04/18/24
What's Your Beef? #178 - Calls from Ty in Boise, Dave in Tustin Ranch, Brian in Green Bay, Duke in Boise, Dave in Louisville, Damon in Boise, Bergie in Florida, Paul in Erie, John in Tucson, Tony in Phoenix, George in Tampa, Vince in the ATX, Kenny in Nashville, Ty in Boise 04/18/24
Scott in Denver impersonates the tennis reporter, asking about Tony’s call 04/18/24
Tony in Phoenix AKA Shaky T gets run while reading a poem 04/18/24
Mike in Hartford says Arther Blank should show respect to Bill Belichick 04/17/23
Matt in Green Bay talking about the Packers and Bucks always laying eggs 04/16/24
Tony in Phoenix calls back for 2nd straight day due to the Jungle crack, responds to the reaction 04/16/24
Tony in Phoenix says watching Tiger was incredible, UUU dudes that tuck their eyes into their hats, first caller on Infinity Network, gets racked 04/15/24
Ryan in San Antonio calls about the old Jim Rome shirts, the shirts came with Orenthal stickers 04/12/24
Mike in Albuquerque talks about the old Orenthal t-shirt 04/12/24
V in the Fee canceled his wifes ultrasound so he could listen to Juicemas, sings 12 Days of Juicemas parody 04/11/24
Kevin Frazier interview, co-host of Entertainment Tonight 04/11/24
What's Your Beef? #177 - Calls from Joe in Orlando, John in Omaha, Ed in San Antonio, Nooch in New Orleans, Anthony in Pomona, Paul in Erie, Vince in the ATX, John in Omaha, Steve in Green Bay, Dylan in Vegas, Scott in Arkansas 04/11/24
OJ Simpson passed away, show open and Juicemas calls from Mark in Hollywood calls as OJ (21:10), Max in San Diego (23:36), Mike in Philly (25:50), Dom in Erie (34:35), John in Little Rock (36:26), Steven in Orlando (39:50) 04/11/24
Silk Brah calls from Mammoth mountain, Jen got a new job, Silks dream gig is teaching middle school, talks Dodgers 04/10/24
James in Portland on Big Head doing Alvie’s job while he was out making babies 04/10/24
Vic in Victoria wants to introduce himself to the Jungle, including Rick in Buffalo, Geoff in Lincoln, and Parody Larry 04/09/24
Rich in Orlando says players love playing for Coach Hurley 04/09/24
Mike in Hartford was at the Final Four, UConn is 6-0 in finals, Dan Hurley is too good for Kentucky 04/09/24
Mike in Clearwater on the kooks looking at the eclipse, get a life losers 04/08/24
Ross in Lexington wishes Cal the best, wants Rick Pitino back 04/08/24
Rick in Buffalo on the Stefon Diggs trade, thanks Nick Caserio for being dumb enough to trade for him, the eclipse is for losers, declares it Smackoff season 04/08/24
Kevin in Kentucky loves coach Cal, hates other Kentucky fans, Cal is staying in conference 04/08/24
Big Head plays his soundbite montage in place of The Week That Was 04/05/24
Scott in Wichita baits James Kelley into running him by stating his name and age 04/05/24

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