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Jimmy Johnson with stories about Janis Joplin, Terry Bradshaw, and Barry Switzer 03/27/20 - Stucknut Takebox - Jim Rome audio archive.

Stucknut Radio: Smackoff 28 Wrap-up Show
Guests included: Kaleb in Green Bay, Brad in Corona, Sean the Cablinasian, Leff in Laguna, James in Portland, Jeremy in Green Bay, Dan in Denver, and many more!

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  Jimmy Butler rips reporter for using word coalescing 03/16/21
 1 in 4 teen girls has an STD 03/11/08
 1-0 game in Coors Field 04/17/06
 10 year anniversary of personal appearance smack for 11/11/11 11/11/21
 10 year anniversary of Vinnie Mac winning the inaugural Hackoff 04/16/20
 1000 dollar mint julip 04/12/06
 102 year old woman makes hole in one 04/09/07
 10th Anniversary of the Pacers-Pistons Brawl (aka the Malice at the Palace) 11/19/14
 13 Year Anniversary of the BOHICA call 07/26/18
 131 Hookers arrested at ASG 07/17/07
 15 year anniversary of Rome falling down the stairs 11/10/20
 15 year anniversary of the Toby in Houston call 06/24/20
 1995 Smackoff Segment 12 - Dave in Irvine, Mark in Denver 04/14/95
 2 Masterbuilt smoker winners, Rick in Buffalo and Tyler in Edmonton 08/22/18
 2 on 5 basketball 01/10/08
 20 year anniversary of Pete Gillen's Duke is Duke, they are on TV more than Leave it to Beaver reruns. 03/17/17
 2002 All Star Game Recap 2002
 2009 Radio Row - Monday - Hour 2 01/26/09
 2009 Radio Row - Monday - Hour 3 01/26/09
 2012 Smackoff Announcement - All past winners invited including Sean the Cablinasian 04/16/12
 2012 Smackoff reaction, Chael Sonnen and Mike in Indy recaps 05/21/12
 2013 Hackoff - Part 4 - Kasey in Pensacola 06/07/13
 2014 Smackoff Announcement - June 27 - Journey Prize Package 05/22/14
 2015 Smackoff prize announcement - $5,000 bucks 06/11/15
 2016 Smackoff Announcement, date and prize 05/13/16
 2016 Smackoff Recap 07/05/16
 2020 is the Year of the Brah - Reset of the Silk vs Alvin feud 07/24/20
 20th Anniversary of Attack on Nancy Kerrigan 01/06/14
 25 year anniversary of 'Certainly Duke is Duke' 03/17/22
 4-20 falls on Easter Sunday 04/14/14
 40 Year Old College Student and Canadian Fish Scandal 02/08/12
 40 year old marries 16 year old 06/22/07
 40K hookers in Germany for WOrld Cup 06/09/06
 420 eve, Carl's Jr. has a CBD burger 04/19/19
 80-year-old Charles Manson engaged to a 26-year-old woman 11/18/14
 80s rock bands 06/12/08
 80s rock bands 06/11/08
 911 anniversary-Ohio State michigan-manning bowl 09/11/06
 911 call reset and Rome talks about killing animals 12/02/05
 911 call-man catches robber 07/28/09
 911 Dispatcher Mike Forbess - Do you want us to come over and shoot her? 04/14/05
 911 operator falls asleep 05/01/08
 @USCHolmey predicts the Texans Bengals score on Twitter 09/15/17
 A clone recognized Adam Hawk at a sporting goods store, recognized the Griffey tattoo 02/13/18
 A Jim Rome rap song was released 19 years after it was made by Str8jakkett 02/28/18
 A look back at the Brett Favre Dilla Hunt 01/25/17
 A recap of the story of Silk running for city council 10/08/20
 A Ross Geller lookalike stole beer from store, clones thinks it's Dozmati 10/24/18
 A troll in Utah was running the fake Matt Patricia burner account 12/07/20
 A&M mad at Seattle for 12th man 01/30/06
 A-rod back page mess 05/30/07
 A-rod batting six 10/03/06
 A-Rod Day 2 Hour 1 09/21/06
 A-rod digs deeper hole in NY 03/14/07
 A-Rod has an orange face 02/10/09
 A-rod hits meaningless jack 05/23/06
 A-Rod passes out during child birth 05/07/08
 A-Rod sex tape 07/21/08
 A-rod strikes out with bases loaded 10/05/06
 A-Rod talks about Testing & Marriage 02/21/08
 Aaron Hernandez (aka Aaronthal) in an altercation with a prison inmate; with e-mail reaction 02/26/14
 Aaron Hernandez (aka Aaronthal) revealed to hug and kiss Patriots owner Bob Kraft, with Clones' reaction 03/31/15
 Aaron Hernandez committed suicide - Hour 1 and interview with Ben Volin 04/19/17
 Aaron Lewis from Staind butchers the National Anthem at Game 5 of the World Series, with Twitter reaction 10/27/14
 ABC News picked up the rescue story on Curtis in Morro Bay 09/13/19
 Adam Hawk asked a Hot Pocket question on Twitter, @Hotpockets responded 10/13/17
 Adam Hawk brags about his 1.85 GPA and having no student debt 06/24/20
 Adam Hawk completed the LA Marathon, reaction from his trainer Eric, Fabian in LA, and Eric Byrnes 03/25/19
 Adam Hawk doesn't know who Kevin Mitchell is 03/29/18
 Adam Hawk explains the JTP 03/14/18
 Adam Hawk gets a high five denied by Rory McIlroy, clones react to Hawks outfit 02/19/18
 Adam Hawk gives an update on his cat tattoo, talks about the meet-up with John in SD 01/15/18
 Adam Hawk gives update on his back, he's got a tee time in San Diego Saturday 04/18/18
 Adam Hawk inducts Steve in HTown / Stucknut into the Jungle Hall of Fame 11/29/19
 Adam Hawk injured his back while putting on a golf shoe 04/09/18
 Adam Hawk is limping, claims it's from a stair workout 06/25/19
 Adam Hawk lost his car 10/11/18
 Adam Hawk mails it in for guest hosts, never heard of Eddie Haskell 07/20/20
 Adam Hawk ran a half marathon in preparation for a full 03/04/19
 Adam Hawk recaps his weekend at the Riviera Golf Course 02/17/20
 Adam Hawk rode his bike to work, 21.1 miles 08/11/20
 Adam Hawk runs a 10k after a month of eating healthy and abstaining from alcohol, finished 1192nd place 02/13/17
 Adam Hawk talks about Smackoff videos and his weekend, playing golf at Torrey Pines 05/26/20
 Adam Hawk talks about Tiger Woods Masters win - Mrs. Hawk, please don't listen to this 04/15/19
 Adam Hawk updates the clones on tennis tinder 04/08/20
 Adam Hawk will document John in SD's tattoo, reveals that he is also getting a tattoo of his cat Griffey 01/12/18
 Adult Alarm 03/14/08
 Adult Alarm reset 12/05/07
 Adult that brought baseball glove to game missed ball and it hit a woman 11/01/17
 After a man died from inhaling psychedelic toad venom, a Spanish porn actor has been charged with manslaughter 06/04/20
 Agent Zero wants a piece of Duke 01/26/07
 AI and C-webb apologzie 04/20/06
 AI traded to the Nuggets 12/20/06
 Air Tran drops Vick 06/01/07
 Airline reset 03/02/06
 AJ Pierzynski walk off HBP 04/06/07
 Alan Martin has eaten at Olive Garden 95 times with his Pasta Pass 11/05/14
 Albert Belle arrested on DUI, indecent exposure charges 03/26/18
 Albert Belle tracking device 02/17/06
 Albert Pujols walks on ball 3 05/01/07
 Alex Rios throws 2 run homer 09/01/06
 Alex Rodriguez invites Jeremy Lin to crash with him 02/27/12
 Alex Trebek outtakes and possible replacement 11/12/20
 Algae problem for Olympic sailing 07/01/08
 All You can hot dogs at Dodger games 01/11/07
 Allen Iverson skips team bowling alley event 11/30/06
 Alvie and Ritt are missing, James Kelley flew in to run the board 06/13/22
 Alvie answers an ATP about how he got his job 04/17/19
 Alvie cut off Romes take on Dwyane Wade with shark music 06/22/16
 Alvie has guest suggestions for podcast episode 200 11/10/21
 Alvie in studio, KB on the board 12/18/15
 Alvie killed a roach on the soundboard 10/22/21
 Alvie Mashup - Marky Mark, Sandstorm, Yoko Ono, All the Way Turnt Up 12/01/17
 Alvie plays soundbites during the sports update 04/29/20
 Alvie produced a new Christmas classic, Choke the Calls featuring Reggie in the OC 12/22/20
 Alvie produces cat porn with Yoko Ono audio 09/23/22
 Alvie produces Geoff in Lincolns song about Ritt 10/15/19
 Alvie sits down with Rome on Radio Row 02/08/22
 Alvie slowed down Matt Nagy's pennis and Cracker Jack's line 11/07/19
 Alvie talks about his birthday plans 06/03/22
 Alvie's Christmas songs - Raider Mike and Dr. Dave 12/21/20
 Alvie's John in Little Rock Mix 06/26/18
 Alvie's Spooky Mix 2020 10/30/20
 Alvie's Spooky Mix Volume 9 10/31/19
 Alvin bumps Thomas Dolby for Jim Rome's Birthday 10/14/16
 Alvin calls basketball games as a side hustle, dude dude yes yes! 04/26/18
 Alvin gets challenged with Hall and Oates songs, ends up playing animal soundbites 01/17/17
 Alvin Montage 09/28/06
 Alvin play calls the ridiculous Bam Adebayo block on Jayson Tatum 09/16/20
 Alvin's computer crashed and doubled the LT Buzzer audio 10/17/17
 Alvins Mix 06/26/07
 Alvins Mix 01/10/08
 Alvins New Mix 01/26/07
 Alvins new mix 07/28/06
 Alvins updated mix 11/29/06
 American Idol wannabees call for karma 08/05/08
 American Idol wannabees get rejected 08/08/08
 Americans are Fat 05/30/08
 Americans eat 554 million Jack in the Box tacos per year 01/05/17
 Americas Best Racing uses clone references in their live reads 05/01/19
 Americas Funniest Home Video reset 04/18/08
 Amputee gets back her stolen leg 01/09/06
 Amy Winehouse snorts vodka 03/10/08
 An adult company wants Gardner Minshew to endorse special puppets 09/20/19
 Anderson and Gallows reaction, chat with Adam Hawk 02/15/19
 Andre Rison owes child support 06/13/07
 Andre Smith bolts NFL combine 02/23/09
 Andrei Kirilenkos Back Tattoo 05/10/11
 Andrei Kirileno "allowance" 03/02/06
 Andrew Bogut and Joakim Noah retire, resets of Boguts crank references and Noahs Cleveland smack 12/04/20
 Andruw Jones faceplants 08/30/06
 Andruw Jones falls down the steps 03/14/06
 Andruw Jones signs minor league deal 02/09/09
 Andy Gresh filling in for Rome, Beaks fat smack 11/26/20
 Andy Roddick blames fast food for losing 07/31/07
 Anna Nicole Smith dies 02/08/07
 Anniversary of Eric in Orlando glossing James Kelley 'Flight Deck' 06/07/21
 Announcement reaction 07/11/06
 Announcement Reaction 1 07/11/06
 Announcement reaction 2 07/11/06
 Announcement reaction 3 07/11/06
 Announcement reaction 4 07/11/06
 Announcement reaction 7 07/11/06
 Announcement: Jim Rome will release a new podcast every Tuesday 08/21/17
 Antonio Davis goes into the stands 01/19/06
 Antonio Davis-Show open thoughts 01/19/06
 Apparently some people still use wallets 06/15/21
 Apple recalls computers 08/24/06
 April Fools Day 04/01/08
 Arizona Cardinals have championship belt 08/14/08
 Arizona State-Arizona battle 02/08/08
 Arod and Jeter no longer best of friends 02/20/07
 ARod on eSports: This is the first generation of kids that will not outlive their parents. 08/20/19
 Arod Opt out 10/29/07
 Ask the Pros - J.B. in the 785 asks about Jake and Logan getting into radio and guest hosting the show; Rome recaps his sons' appearances on the program 01/29/16
 Astros are going to the World Series 10/23/17
 Astros cheating scandal 01/14/20
 Athletes who call into the show 07/15/09
 Atlanta is back in the jungle 06/23/08
 ATP - Bella asks about Rome and Janets first date, Rome talks about liquor 07/22/20
 ATP about Rome's hiking, talk with Hawk about losing weight and Sober October 11/02/20
 ATP and Ritt's The Week That Was 04/09/21
 ATP from Bella - Better neighbors, Cali or Wisco? Hawk talks about his bike ride to work 08/17/20
 ATP's - Geoff in Lincoln thinks that Edward Moreno is Choc 08/29/22
 ATP, Has Hawk ever baked at work, The Week That Was 07/27/18
 ATP, Parody Larry wants to sing a Beatles song, Rome talks to Hawk 09/12/18
 Audio tribute to Vin Scully by Alvin, plus reaction 09/30/16
 Austin Huff is leaving the show 06/08/18
 Austin Huff was a seat filler at the Oscars 03/05/18
 Auto racing brawl 09/26/06
 Axl Rose butchers an acoustic version of Welcome to the Jungle 10/24/12
 Bad Arena songs 02/06/09
 Bad College Baseball deek 05/19/06
 Bad Family Fued contestants 07/16/09
 Bad Music played during McGahee injury 01/20/09
 Baker Mayfield thinks he saw a UFO in Texas 03/04/21
 Baltimore is back in the jungle 09/08/08
 Bang 03/18/08
 Barfield family brawl 08/21/06
 Barfield family brawl update 08/23/06
 Barry Bonds Celebrates His Felony 04/14/11
 Barry Bonds goes Paula Abdul 03/02/06
 Barry Bonds hour 1 08/08/07
 Barry Bonds Hour 2 08/08/07
 Barry Bonds Hour 3 08/08/07
 Barry Bonds tests positive for amphetimines 01/11/07
 Barry Bonds wants case thrown out 01/25/08
 Barry Hinson rips his Southern Illinois team 12/18/13
 Barry Manilow new Vegas Deal 03/27/06
 Bart Scott on Tom Brady, the NY Jets take toilet paper to London 01/02/15
 Bart Scott suggests Josh Allen use Viagra to fight cold weather 01/14/22
 Bart Starr being extored by 81 year old woman 12/07/06
 Baylor asst coach resigns for public urination 10/19/07
 BCS mess 12/03/07
 Bea Arthur dead 04/27/09
 Bears fan changes name to Peyton Manning 02/08/07
 Beckham wants to leave America 02/05/09
 Bed and Breakfast take with emails 11/05/07
 Bedpost befuddles burglar 06/05/08
 Ben Affleck goes to Jack in the Box before rehab 08/24/18
 Ben Francisco and Cliff Lee trade 07/29/09
 Benny Scholl heard the take on his National Anthem, tweeted that it was funny, Rome sends him followers 03/09/21
 Bernard Pollard fan club shirts 09/11/08
 Bernie Ecclestone is 89 and has a pregnant wife, his first kid was born in 1955 04/03/20
 Best burger debate - In-N-Out versus everyone else 11/14/16
 Best of Hour 1 09/03/07
 Best Of Hour 1 12/24/07
 Best of Hour 1 12/25/07
 Best of Hour 2 09/03/07
 Best of Hour 2 12/24/07
 Best of Hour 2 12/25/07
 Best of Hour 3 09/03/07
 Best of Hour 3 12/24/07
 Best of Hour 3 12/25/07
 Big 4 plus soccer before congress
 Big Ben accused of rape 07/22/09
 Big Ben motorcycle accident 06/12/06
 Big Head Bets discussing the Smackoff 06/23/22
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NBA and NHL Playoff picks 05/28/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NBA and NHL Playoff picks 06/04/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NBA and NHL Playoff picks 06/11/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NBA and NHL Playoff picks 06/18/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NCAA picks, gets run for picking against the Gaucho's 03/12/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for the Championship Round 01/22/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for the Divisional Round 01/15/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for the Wild Card Round 01/08/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 1 09/11/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 10 11/13/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 11 11/20/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 12 11/25/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 13 12/04/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 14 12/11/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 15 12/18/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 16 12/23/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 2 09/18/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 3 09/25/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 4 10/02/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 5 10/09/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 6 10/16/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 7 10/23/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 8 10/30/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's NFL picks for week 9 11/06/20
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for 1st round of NCAA tournament 03/19/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for February 12, 2021 02/12/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for Final 4 of NCAA Tournament, plus Ritt v Gavin 04/02/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA and NHL 04/16/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA and NHL for week of April 23rd 04/23/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA and Preakness 05/14/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA play-in games 05/19/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA Playoffs and PGA 05/21/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for NBA, NHL, and Kentucky Derby for week of April 30th 04/30/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for Sweet 16 of NCAA Tournament 03/22/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for Sweet 16 of NCAA Tournament 03/26/21
 Big Head Bets James Kelley's picks for the Masters, NBA, and NHL 04/09/21
 Bill Belichick - Starch me up 11/23/21
 Bill Bellicheck on Jeopardy 01/23/08
 Bill Callahan cracks Tom Osborne 10/19/07
 Bill Callahan fired at Nebraska 11/26/07
 Bill Callahan needs to quit 11/06/07
 Bill Clinton NFL Commissioner 03/21/06
 Bill in Syracuse reset 05/15/06
 Bill Parcells says Philly is not Vietnam 10/06/06
 Bill Parcells says Philly is not Vietnam 10/09/06
 Bill Simmons on the World Champion Red Sox
 Bill Walton cracks Shaq 02/12/08
 Bill Walton gets in Twitter war with an airline for losing his bike 11/15/16
 Billy Packer uses the word fag 04/06/07
 Billy Sims Crashes The Emmys 08/30/10
 Birds at Comerica park 06/13/07
 Bitcoin is on the rise, Rome mentions Ben Mezrich 10/15/21
 Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire arrested for indecent exposure, clones react 02/13/20
 Blue Tooth Guy 05/16/08
 Bo Jackson airline reset 09/11/06
 Bo Pelini reaction 12/07/07
 Bo Sox back to back to back to back off NY Chase Wright 04/23/07
 Bo Sox win force game 6 10/19/07
 Bob Howry grill injury 04/30/07
 Bob Stoops involved in pyramid scheme 06/21/07
 Bobby Fischer dead at 64 01/20/08
 Bobby in Alhambra - Wants Tony Stewart to go to prison with a big predator named Bubba. Hopes Smokes booty-hole gets smoked. Rome gives a shout-out to Bubba the Love Sponge 09/17/14
 Bobby Knight quits and emails 02/05/08
 Bobby Petrino leaving for Arkansas 12/12/07
 Bode Miller (show open) 02/17/06
 Body Modification gone awry 05/15/08
 Body-slamming politician from Montana broke reporters glasses 05/25/17
 Boise State Reaction 01/02/07
 Boise State-Michigan 01/02/07
 Bombay Sapphire 08/11/08
 Bonds fined 5K for wristbands 04/20/06
 Bonds responds to Schilling 05/16/07
 Bonds-USA v Canada 05/15/06
 Bonus Box of Chaos winners 06/04/18
 Boo Weekley fights an orangutan 03/20/08
 Boo Weekley goes chip-chip to win a tourney 04/17/07
 Boo Weekley misses 3 foot putt to win PGA event 03/05/07
 Boston bans racist chants 09/13/06
 Bowler has 300 game with his dads ashes in the ball 04/23/21
 Bowler Pete Weber calls it a career after 41 years on PBA 03/19/21
 Boxer Andy Ruiz Jr. beat Anthony Joshua for the Heavyweight title, Weighson Sherbert reset 06/03/19
 Boy George arrested 11/13/07
 Braces 06/30/08
 Bracket Guy 03/20/08
 Brad in Corona calls to smack on Kaleb and Vic 06/24/15
 Brad in Corona reset 01/12/09
 Brad in Corona takes out Jay Mohr and Israel in LA 12/09/11
 Brad Lidge traded to Philadelphia 11/08/07
 Brad Lohaus busted for theft 01/17/06
 Brad Pitt does a commercial for Chanel No. 5 11/28/12
 Brad Wilkerson golden sombrero 04/10/06
 Brandi Chastain's HOF plaque looks nothing like her 05/22/18
 Brandon Marshall hates the Packers, compares the Bears season to Charlie Browns tree 12/13/12
 Brandon Roy Leatherman Tool 03/27/07
 Braylon Edwards shoe gaffe 08/11/08
 Brett Favre and Man Ram updates 08/04/08
 Brett Favre Chicken Dance 02/11/11
 Brett Favre comments 04/03/06
 Brett Favre Dilla Hunt 01/25/10
 Brett Favre Hour 1 03/04/08
 Brett Favre Hour 1 08/05/08
 Brett Favre Hour 2 08/05/08
 Brett Favre Hour 3 03/04/08
 Brett Favre Hour 3 08/05/08
 Brett Favre named captain 09/03/08
 Brett Favre needs to sit 09/22/06
 Brett Favre retires 02/11/09
 Brett Favre throws last second interception - uh oh! 01/25/10
 Brett Favre traded to the Jets 08/07/08
 Brett in New Jersey says the Derek Carr experiment is over 10/31/22
 Brett Myers calls reporter a retard 08/27/07
 Brett Myers gives up 3 jacks 06/11/08
 Brett Myers has a bad night 05/15/08
 Brett Myers near no hitter 06/05/08
 Brett Myers sent to Triple A 07/02/08
 Brett Myers v Allen Iverson soundbytes 05/28/08
 Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 03/09/12
 Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 03/23/12
 Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 04/20/12
 Brian Beckner's Friday Facts 04/27/12
 Brian Giles resets 04/16/07
 Brian Sabean says Tampa should sign Bonds 08/15/08
 Britney Spears is a mess 02/21/07
 Britney Spears stoned by the NFL network 01/17/07
 Britney-Jay Stew office-Carl Lewis 02/23/07
 Brooks Koepka loses train of thought during interview, rolls eyes when Bryson DeChambeau walks by 05/25/21
 Bruce Pearl shirtless 01/22/07
 Bubba Watson buys the General Lee 01/24/12
 Buck Oneil in poor health 10/05/06
 Bud Selig thinks he is making a heroic effort 08/02/07
 Buffalo Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer arrested for allegedly punching a minor and threatening to kill his family, with Twitter and e-mail reaction 07/13/15
 Buffalo Tour Stop has been postponed 03/13/20
 Bulgaria team tests positive for roids 06/30/08
 Bumperr 06/06/06
 Bums and retards 03/02/07
 Busch stadium to go smoke free 03/20/07
 BYU mop fight 06/20/07
 Cable and Gas Guy 01/24/06
 Caddie is broken off during middle of round 07/31/07
 Cal Ripken sucks reset 10/29/07
 Calabassas bans smoking 03/17/06
 Calls from Cops-including dirty sanchez refernce 11/29/05
 Canada has no olympic medals-flame war 08/12/08
 Canada still has no medals 08/15/08
 Canada still medal-less 08/14/08
 Canadian cops punish drunk drivers with Nickelback tunes 12/01/16
 Canadian crackback and reaction 11/07/07
 Canadians are not euros 04/16/07
 Canseco says he has dirt on A-Rod 07/30/07
 Cardinals hail mary, DeAndre Hopkins, Blake Shelton's hyperextended scrotum 11/16/20
 Cards GM Cracks Fan in Online Chat 01/22/09
 Carl Lewis reset 01/17/06
 Carl Nassib of Las Vegas Raiders announces he is gay, pledges $100,000 to Trevor Project 06/22/21
 Carl Pavano hides injury 08/29/06
 Carl Pavano not liked 02/16/07
 Carlos Boozer suing Prince 03/22/06
 Carolina cheerleaders fired for sexing up 11/17/06
 Carolina Panther CHeerleader Probation 03/14/06
 Caron Butler quits Mountain Dew 12/05/07
 Carson Palmer cracks Ohio State 07/21/08
 Carson Palmer Doctor is a flip flopper 01/13/06
 Carson Palmer reaction 07/23/08
 Casey Fossum throws 47 mph curve 04/14/06
 Casey in Vegas 10/28/04
 Castrating lamb with your teeth 01/29/08
 CBS launched a YouTube channel for the Jim Rome Show 01/19/21
 CBS Soap Opera's cross promote the NCAA Tournament 03/18/21
 CC Sabathia Gives Up Captain Crunch 02/15/11
 CC Sabathia leaving the tribe 02/15/08
 Celtics blow out Lakers and win title 06/18/08
 Certainly Duke is Duke 02/05/07
 Chad Johnson intervention 02/08/08
 Chad Johnson wants his sex back 08/06/07
 Chael Sonnen fired from UFC and FOX for testing positive for drugs; Rome will not make him forfeit his Smackoff title 07/01/14
 Chael Sonnen responds to Mike in Indys tweet about Smackoff rematch 06/12/12
 Champions Classic recap - Michigan State vs. Kentucky, Kansas vs. Duke 11/13/13
 Champions league drug testing 06/26/07
 Channing Crowder Anne Frank Rant 11/08/10
 Channing Crowder Calls Referees Anne Frank 11/08/10
 Channing Crowder cant find London on a map 10/26/07
 Channing Crowder drives into tree and leaves the scene 01/24/08
 Charles Barkley gambling problems 05/04/06
 Charles Barkley golf reality show 08/15/08
 Charles Barkley hour 12/14/06
 Charles Barkley owes 400K 05/16/08
 Charley Hoffman wins PGA event with a mullet 01/22/07
 Charlie Weis needs to shut up 05/08/08
 Charlie Weis Tears His Knee Up and Reaction 09/15/08
 Chess Boxing 07/25/08
 Chicago Cubs win game 7 of the World Series 11/03/16
 Child Molestation take 03/06/07
 Chinese athletes take deer penis 04/02/08
 Choc allegedly killed a mouse 08/26/21
 Choc had a bad experience with LA traffic 11/21/22
 Chris Benoit discussion 06/27/07
 Chris Benoit discussion 2 06/27/07
 Chris Benoit discussion 3 06/27/07
 Chris Benoit discussion 4 06/27/07
 Chris Benoit discussion 5 06/27/07
 Chris Benoit discussion 6 06/27/07
 Chris Benoit discussion 7 06/27/07
 Chris Carson fires back at fantasy football guy 11/10/20
 Chris Cooley comments on drug test 05/08/07
 Chris Couch 1st PGA tour win 05/01/06
 Chris Hansen caught cheating on his wife 06/30/11
 Chris Hansen was arrested for bouncing checks 01/16/19
 Chris in Valencia - Huge Call 01/03/07
 Chris Simms and Kyle Shanahan get tattoo's of each others initials 08/31/06
 Chris Snyder Fractured testicle 07/03/08
 Chuck E. Cheese changed name on GrubHub to Pasqually's Pizza to trick customers 05/19/20
 Chuck Heston dies 04/07/08
 Chuck Liddell knocked out 09/09/08
 Chucky Brown Red Lobster reset 03/09/07
 Ciara and Russell Wilson launch fragrances inspired by their love 11/18/20
 Cinci mayor wants another shot 04/05/07
 Cincinnati mayor horrible first pitch 04/03/07
 Circus Animals-Phillies cockfighting DVD 03/30/06
 Cito Gaston 07/01/08
 Citywalk tour stop reset 06/29/07
 CJ McCollum responds to a tweet with I'm trying Jennifer 06/16/18
 Classic Soundbytes Part 1 03/16/06
 Classic Soundbytes Part 2 03/16/06
 Clay Matthews on WWE 02/11/11
 Cleveland blown up by Pittsburgh 09/10/07
 Cleveland TV host Bruce Drennan calls fan a 'fair-weather idiot' during epic rant on postgame show 04/02/21
 Clippers and Rockets are a great NBA rivalry, Austin Rivers wanted his dad to get a technical foul 11/14/19
 Clippers beat Lakers by 48, with e-mail reaction from South-Side Mike in Chicago 03/07/14
 Clone autographs 09/22/06
 Clone Civil War 01/04/06
 Clone named Bernie submits a terrible song called 'Ritt vs Hawk' to the tune of Mission Impossible 12/01/20
 Clone on Clone crime 10/11/07
 Clones dont ge the Rex joke 02/19/09
 Clones take oral out of context 08/26/08
 Clones try to find a better word than Kook 04/27/18
 Clones try to guess the new announcement, Rome and Hawk talk about WoodScopes, another SJP call from Bob in Calgary 02/20/18
 Clones try to guess where Jim Rome was for the past 3 shows 05/11/21
 Clones try to guess who the new guy is behind the glass 04/29/19
 Clones want Romes take on the man that took an acid bath at Yellowstone National Park 11/18/16
 CM Punk's rant and Jim Romes invitation to finish 06/29/11
 Coach with a gun 06/15/07
 Coaches dont like wearing helmets 02/28/08
 Cody the Ragdoll Legend almost killed Sapphire, then took a dump in Rome's fireplace 09/21/22
 Cold weather in the east and midwest 01/15/08
 Colin Kaepernick gets hooked by Twitter troll, with e-mail response from Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) 02/19/15
 College World Series update 06/25/08
 Colorado coach faces assault charges 01/10/07
 Colorado elementary school bans tag 08/30/07
 Colts have 8 guys in pro bowl 02/09/06
 Colts vs Pats. 01/17/07
 Come on Eileen 06/25/08
 Community college thoughts 01/05/07
 Conference title games-Bill Parcells 01/22/07
 Congressman wants Mike Vick to get hammered by NFL 05/21/07
 Conor in San Diego calls with thoughts on the Chargers moving to LA, said the Spanos' are rats and kooks 01/12/17
 Conor McGregor apologizes for his whiskey Proper 12 selling out 11/16/18
 Cop Ruck sucks 10/05/07
 Cops Rant
 corvette guy 06/09/06
 Corvette guy update 06/12/06
 Cory in Cleveland hates his roommates girlfriend 02/15/08
 Cory Lidle dies in plane crash 10/12/06
 Cosmic Golf Shot 11/28/06
 Costco is discontinuing the $1.50 Polish Dog 07/10/18
 Cougar Hunting in LA 02/04/09
 Cougars That Seek Out Jim 02/07/12
 Couple got married at Costco 11/30/18
 Craig Biggio 3000th base hit 06/29/07
 Craig Biggio bent he cannot wear cancer pin 03/23/07
 Craig Monroe strikes out 5 times in 9 innings 06/15/07
 Craig Ochoa NFL replacement ref is ready for the Hack-off 08/10/12
 Craig Sager tribute 12/16/16
 Crazy Tennis Dad 01/20/06
 Crocodile Hunter dead 09/05/06
 Cruz Pedregon drops a video on Twitter for Jim Rome 03/07/17
 Cruz Pedregon will put the Smackoff winners name on his car for a race 07/19/18
 Cruz Pedregon's co-crew chief Eric 'Hop' Lane was struck and killed by a car, GoFundMe information 10/22/20
 Cuban vs Stern 01/26/07
 Cubs and Padres throw down 06/18/07
 Cubs are a mess 06/04/07
 Cubs spending spree 12/07/06
 Curiosity killed the cat Michael Vick killed the dog 08/22/07
 Curt Schilling says no to the Yankees 07/23/07
 Cute airline couple reset 04/21/06
 Cycling Soap Opera 05/18/07
 Dallas Green cracks Pat Burrell 12/06/06
 Damon Amendolara plays old Hackoff calls for Romes Hall of Fame induction 11/08/19
 Dan Hawkins reset 03/02/07
 Dan Hawkins reset 08/20/07
 Dan Hawkins reset 10/15/07
 Dan Hawkins take 02/14/07
 Dan in DC - WHO WANTS TO SEX MUTUMBO 01/23/09
 Dan Shaughnessy hair 03/23/07
 Dan Shaughnessy hair reset 05/17/07
 Dan Shaughnessy look a likes 05/20/08
 Danika in Jacksonville won the Jaguars Fan of the Year 01/14/21
 Danika Patrick goes after Milka Duno 07/21/08
 Danny Almonte married 05/19/06
 Danny Granger wants a batcave 06/19/08
 Darin Erstad to the White Sox 01/24/07
 Dark Gable-JD in Nashville 10/04/07
 Darrell Arthur and Mario Chalmers get caught with weed and women 09/04/08
 Darryl Reid calls out the cops 02/10/09
 Darryl Strawberry book about Mets 02/12/09
 Daughter of Lombardi trophy designer wants Tom Brady to apologize for tossing it during Super Bowl parade 02/15/21
 Dave Roberts has 3 pennis 10/07/21
 Dave Serrano-UCI coach 06/20/07
 Dave Whelan is leaving the show after 15 years 09/02/22
 David Beckham debut 07/23/07
 David Beckham kicks a ball in someones groin 07/01/08
 David Duval +13 thru 14 04/06/06
 David Halmberstam thoughts and memories 04/24/07
 David no longer in Albany 38 emails 05/01/08
 David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez on steroid list 07/30/09
 David Stern addresses gambling scandal 07/24/07
 David Stern interview reaction with email and phone calls 06/13/12
 David Stern JRIB reset 05/16/08
 David Wells has gout 09/26/06
 Dead Air for Barry Bonds homer 05/30/06
 Dean in Omaha wars JD in Nashville's breathy Michael Jackson parody; Rome resets the Chad in Portland-Mike in Wichita feud and JD's call 10/04/07
 Dean in Toronto - Email ripping on Americans 10/09/14
 Death, Taxes, and Matt Schaub Pick 6's 12/01/15
 Deep Dive: Look back at Brett Favre's Jungle moments, interview with Jeff Pearlman 04/01/20
 Deep Dive: Look back at Ryan Lochte 04/10/20
 Deep Dive: Look back at the Tiger Woods saga in 2009, interview with Robert Lusetich, calls from John in Houston, Dan in Spokane, and Parody Larry 04/03/20
 Deion hates Tiger being called an athlete 08/24/06
 Delvin Young throws bat at ump 04/27/06
 Delwyn Young blows up JD Closser 09/28/06
 Denlesks wants Rome to know that Christian Bale gained weight 09/08/17
 Denny Neagle Train Whistle reset 09/24/07
 Derek Bell arrested on crack charges 04/21/06
 Derek Jeter voted most overrated by peers 05/03/06
 Derek Lowes dad
 Deshaun Watson is not happy with Texans owner Cal McNair 01/08/21
 Detroit Lions go 0-16 01/05/09
 Detroit Lions ridiculed on Jeopardy 11/27/18
 Detroit to Get Robocop Statue 02/17/11
 Devil Ray base running gaffe 04/13/07
 Devil Rays Mascot guarantees opening day win 03/31/05
 Devin Hester 7th inning stretch messup 04/12/07
 Dhani Jones arrested for dancing 03/28/06
 Dial up modem reset 03/22/07
 Dial Up Modems 03/21/07
 Diamond Geezah Wins by a Nose 02/25/11
 Diarrhea is the great equalizer 08/29/06
 Dice K pitch count 07/17/07
 Dick Cheney hunting accident 02/13/06
 DIck Cheney hunting trip 11/08/06
 Dick Cheney throws out 1st pitch 04/11/06
 Die Hard thoughts 07/15/09
 Die Hard-I am going to count to 3 09/09/08
 Diego the tortoise, famous for saving species with his high sex drive, starts retirement 06/24/20
 Dino in Vegas submits a Replacements parody song for Here Comes a Regular 06/21/22
 Disobedient Ones 01/24/06
 Disturbing update on the Florida State face eater - GRAPHIC IN NATURE 08/24/16
 DK Metcalf got carted off the field for diarrhea 10/03/22
 Do not mess with Gary Sheffield 05/01/07
 Dodgers win the World Series 10/28/20
 Dog Hunters-romes cat 03/13/06
 Dominic Rhodes DUI 02/20/07
 Dominican baseball player Elvis Lebron banned for life after attacking umpire with bat 05/25/21
 Don Shula says Patriots should have an asterik with emails 11/06/07
 Donald Trump and Rex Ryan at New York rally - Trump with verbal gaffes and misrepresenting Ryan's achievements 04/19/16
 Donald Trump blows up Rosie ODonnell 01/09/07
 Donald Trump goes after Rosie O Donnell again 01/10/07
 Donald Trump v Barbara Walters 01/11/07
 Donald Trump with GOP debate smack 09/17/15
 Double Dutch 04/03/07
 Dr. Dave in Chicago Christmas song 12/19/19
 Draymond Green (aka Draymond Groin) accused of slapping a heckler in a club in East Lansing, MI 07/11/16
 Drew Brees broke Peyton Manning's record for career passing yards 10/09/18
 Drew Brees making a comeback? Jameis Winston has a passion for playing football 05/16/22
 Drinking at work 08/08/08
 Driving range guy 07/10/06
 Drizzle in Wichita loses his Golden Ticket for inactivity 05/21/20
 Drummer from poison accused of rape 03/31/08
 Drunk fan leaves a voicemail 10/31/17
 Duante Culpepper denies sex acts 03/23/06
 Ducks up 3-1 over Senators 06/05/07
 Duke Mascot gets hurt 02/28/08
 Dwight Smith Viking Sex 08/28/06
 E-Mail: Riley Cooper vs. Richie Incognito 11/05/13
 Earthquake in Midwest 04/18/08
 Earthquake reset 07/30/08
 Earthquake Smack Is Not Funny 05/18/09
 Earv Johnson with more Twitter magic 05/03/16
 Ed Hochuli is yoked 09/05/08
 Ed Hochuli take 09/22/08
 Ed Thomas shot and killed at high school 06/24/09
 Eddie Griffin killed by train 08/22/07
 Eddie Money wants to hire Willie Randolph 06/27/08
 Edmonton fans riot 05/30/06
 Eight Belles euthanized at Derby 05/05/08
 El Manuel went dead last 07/24/08
 El Manuel wins again 02/26/08
 El Manuel-Romes 2nd horse 10/10/07
 Elderly man punched at Costco over Nutella dispute 09/23/15
 Elderly woman destroyed the Phoenix Suns owner 12/14/18
 Election results for Tommy Tuberville, Tito Ortiz, and Silk Brah 11/04/20
 Elgin Baylor draft day reset 01/25/08
 Elijah Dukes mom takes up for her son 06/15/07
 Eliot Spitzer caught with hooker 03/11/08
 Eliott Spitzer resigns as governor of NY 03/12/08
 Els says Mickelson is man to beat at Augusta 04/13/06
 Elvis Andrus uses Baby Shark as his walk-up music, Alvin plays walk-up music for entire Rangers team 03/26/19
 Email from Randall in the OC about E-Takes, Kyle Brandt announces that he and his wife are expecting 01/04/16
 Emailer wars smoking dope with Kyle Brandt at the Albuquerque event, Rome and Kyle discuss weed, KB gets glossed Kyle Blunt 11/10/15
 Emil Brown hits reporter in eye with pellet gun 07/30/07
 Empty Control Tower reset 01/04/06
 England banning ice cream truck music 07/22/08
 Eric Byrnes comments on drug testing 03/03/08
 Eric Church cancels his concert to watch a basketball game 03/31/22
 Eric in Andover-as a homosexual 06/21/07
 Eric in Falls Church returns, e-mails about Sammy Sosa and wars Rome buying the Rams for him. Rome welcomes WHBO-AM 1040 in Tampa to the Jungle 01/07/15
 Eric Musselman DUI 10/23/06
 Eric Wynalda Reaction 04/04/07
 Eric Wynalda reaction 04/05/07
 Eric Wynalda reset 01/24/06
 Eric Wynalda reset 06/09/06
 Erik in Falls Church update 02/09/09
 ESPN reported that Brett Favre retired 08/03/10
 Evil Kenevil dies 12/03/07
 Eye of the Hawk 07/29/19
 Falcons' Keith Smith eats food from Chipotle 'about four or five times a day' 11/09/20
 Family in arkansas has 17 kids with emails 08/03/07
 Famous Dodgers 08/14/08
 Fans in Milwaukee shout out to Jim Rome on the DA Show 07/22/21
 Fans yells 'overrated' as Bryce Harper hits a home run 04/02/18
 Fantasy Football Guys 09/01/10
 Fantasy Trade Guy 09/22/11
 Fat Americans 01/12/09
 FAT infomercial 03/21/08
 FAT!!!! with Charlton Heston email 11/05/07
 FATthew Perry 10/28/11
 Female doping cyclist busted with a beard 03/31/08
 Fergie butchers the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game, Let's play some basketball! 02/19/18
 Fernando Tatis hits grand slam after Rome mentions him 05/13/09
 Fight broke out during a game of cornhole GIT! 05/09/18
 Fights at Chucky Cheese 01/09/09
 Fire Alarm goes off all morning 09/12/08
 First jungle engineer 06/15/07
 First show of year, Opening segment, CBS Sports Network TV simulcast 01/02/18
 FIU-Miami fallout-announcer fired 10/17/06
 Fla player thinks they are the U not miami 09/03/08
 Flameout Friday - Rome recaps the best Flameouts in show history, including results from his Twitter poll, Matt in Cleveland, Fabian in LA, Kyle in Green Bay, and Dr. Dave in Chicago 12/15/17
 Flight Deck in studio again to break down the upcoming NFL conference championships 01/17/20
 Flight Deck in studio to discuss playoff bets 01/10/20
 Flight Deck in studio to give his weekend picks 02/28/20
 Flight Deck in studio, weekend picks, sets over/under on Hawks marathon 03/06/20
 Florida dominates Ohio State 01/09/07
 Florida man wrestles alligator to save puppy 11/23/20
 Florida Spring Breakers don't care about the coronavirus 03/19/20
 Florida State recruit Cimmeon Bowers arrested for eating weed 01/22/14
 Florida State sucks 10/23/06
 Florida wants classes cancelled for football game 01/04/07
 Florida wins National title 04/04/06
 Florida wins title-Thom Brenamen loves Tim Tebow 01/09/09
 Floyd Mayweather wrestling update 02/26/08
 Fonzie jumps the shark, emailer Chris in Canada points out that he said "I told Potsie Id do this" before the jump, callers react 09/13/10
 Food Program 03/21/07
 Football player descriptions from scouts get borderline erotic 01/25/17
 Former Atlanta Falcons star Jamal Anderson exposes himself and masturbates at a gas station (MATURE CONTENT) 12/15/16
 Formula 1 president in alledged nazi sex scandal 04/02/08
 Fox is going to air an OJ Simpson interview from 2006, If I Did It 03/02/18
 Frank Solich denied new trial 08/24/06
 Fred Smoot isses curfew 01/05/06
 Free Breakfast at Dennys 02/03/09
 Fresno State wins CWS 06/26/08
 Fullerton Callers on the screen 01/13/06
 Funny e-mail Address
 Gainsville back in the jungle and reaction 07/13/09
 Gallantine Run 05/08/08
 Game Show Memories 02/12/09
 Gary Condit impression 02/20/07
 Gary in Vegas reset 04/17/06
 Gary Sheffield says Latin players are easier to control 06/04/07
 Gas station sex pills 08/22/19
 George Bush calls Todd Walker Tom 04/04/06
 George Karl says a win is better then sex 04/25/06
 George Lucas grand marshall Rose Bowl parade 12/12/06
 George Lucas' Daughter Is In MMA 06/03/08
 Gerald Henderson whacks Tyler Hansbrough 03/05/07
 Geremi Gonzalez killed by lightning 05/27/08
 Gerrit Ritt guest hosted a segment for his birthday, calls from John in New York, Matt in LA, Andi in Rocklin, and Parody Larry 10/14/20
 Gerrit Ritt plays Horse by himself, trash talks and calls out NBA players, chats about it with Rome 04/17/20
 Gerrit Ritt starts the show with Game On, plays soundbite during interview 04/09/20
 Getting sick for the NCAA tourney 03/12/07
 Gilbert Arenas birthday party 01/03/07
 Gilbert Arenas Halftime POker 04/19/06
 Gilbert Arenas has a huge pool 08/06/08
 Gilbert Arenas thoughts are phony 08/02/07
 Gilbert Arenas wants to dial it down 07/23/08
 Gimme Back My Son take 05/24/06
 Girl asks NY Giants Jerry Lin on date 02/17/12
 Gisele Bundchen hires divorce lawyer amid tension with Tom Brady 10/04/22
 Glennon Raffe talk and Ram It 09/11/17
 Going to a movie by yourself 04/27/09
 Going to the video store 04/28/09
 Golden Knights advance to finals, thanks to Wayne Newton 05/21/18
 Golden Ticket D-Day, 3 people got choppered 06/22/22
 Golfer kills bird with ball and emails 03/08/08
 Golfers can shoot geese 07/31/09
 Gonzo in SA Show - Epic Spurs talk, music of Crystal Fighters, and Andrew Schlecht of Thunder podcast Down To Dunk 05/17/14
 Good Bros let go by the WWE, ATP about Rome's kids day drinking 04/15/20
 Gordon Hayward seemed thrilled to find out that his wife was having another daughter 07/10/18
 Governors super bowl bet 01/25/06
 Green Bay v Detroit-why 09/25/06
 Greg in Vegas on Lampley 01/04/07
 Greg Maddux wins 320 04/13/06
 Greg Norman finishes 3rd in British Open 07/21/08
 Greg Oden out for year with emails 09/13/07
 Greg Owen meltdown 03/20/06
 Grifter take 06/26/07
 Gronk is taking it Day by Day 01/31/12
 Grossman wasnt prepared 01/05/07
 Gruce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 01/20/08
 Guess That Sound... Kawhi Leonard laugh 09/25/18
 Gun debate 12/06/07
 Guns-N-Roses grand prize drawing, Pauly in Indy wins trip to Detroit 04/15/16
 Guy blows up Anna Kornikova 06/27/08
 Guy wants to go shirtless at the yard 06/19/08
 Gym guy 02/25/09
 H-Town Station Visit - Hour 1 - Andre Johnson 08/21/07
 H-Town Station Visit - Hour 2 - Steve Francis 08/21/07
 H-Town Station Visit - Hour 3 - Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell 08/21/07
 Haiku 2004
 Halloween and the Spooky Mix 10/29/21
 Halloween Block: 2018 Spooky Mix and story about Amethyst, lady that plans to marry a ghost 10/31/18
 Halloween is for kids 10/31/07
 Halloween recap 11/01/07
 Halloween take 10/31/06
 Hammer taking up for Bonds 03/13/06
 Hank Aaron passes away at 86, reaction and call from Spencer in Madison 01/22/21
 Happy Stoner Holiday, clip of Ritt on a game show 04/20/21
 Harrison Ford lands his plane on the taxiway 02/15/17
 Harrison Ford update - Told tower he was flying a helicopter 02/18/17
 Harvard fencing coach got fired - admission scandal 07/10/19
 Hawk alludes to using weed to treat bad back 07/16/18
 Hawk asked Tom Brady a question at a Super Bowl presser, updates Kyle in Green Bays trip 05/10/18
 Hawk confuses Greg LeMond for Greg Louganis 09/09/20
 Hawk did an interview about radio on Facebook last year, clones just found it 01/12/21
 Hawk discusses Brad in Corona's appearance on the Woodscopes 12/10/18
 Hawk doesn't want Alvie to order Ritt any more hot chocolate for the office, interviews with Hawk, Ritt, and Cindy, call from Greg in Penn 03/18/21
 Hawk gives an update on his marathon training 03/18/19
 Hawk got hacked! 09/14/17
 Hawk had to walk a half mile during a 7 hour family car trip to clear his head 01/02/20
 Hawk informs Rome about Kyle in Green Bay current situation, including sleeping in his car 05/09/18
 Hawk injured his back playing tennis 09/17/19
 Hawk is fighting City Hall over a health code violation 10/26/18
 Hawk is jacked up on mushroom coffee 11/12/20
 Hawk leases a new Hyundai after he tricked them into giving too much for trade-in, he and Alvie are Hyundads 10/22/18
 Hawk lost weight 08/17/18
 Hawk made a Box of Chaos using supplies from Joanns 06/01/18
 Hawk on golf etiquette, tuck in your shirt and don't wear a backwards hat 07/29/20
 Hawk recaps Elk's betting app results for The Open 07/22/19
 Hawk recaps his trip to New York for Rome's Hall of Fame induction 11/11/19
 Hawk recaps his trip to Pomona Raceway to see Cruz Pedregon 11/12/18
 Hawk recaps Rick in Buffalo's appearance at Kit's 08/27/19
 Hawk refers to the University of Washington as his alma mater, because he smoked a cigarette on campus 02/26/19
 Hawk showed up to work even though he's supposed to be on paternity leave 01/25/19
 Hawk talks about his time off with the new baby, you gotta do what you gotta do 02/05/19
 Hawk talks about Luis in Palmdale's journey, walked a 5K 90 days after kidney transplant 02/26/20
 Hawk talks about Paul Walker and training for the marathon, email from Rick in Buffalo 11/30/18
 Hawk talks about the 2 week vacation 08/13/18
 Hawk talks about Tinder for Tennis 08/19/19
 Hawk took the day off, clones think its related to his marathon training 01/07/19
 Hawk wears an outrageous outfit to the Riviera, thought Tiger would recognize him, reaction from clones and call from his friend Ryan in Long Beach 02/18/19
 Hawk with another marathon training update, carb loading with corndogs and lots of stretching 03/19/19
 Hawk's baby is due, Rome asks why they planned to have a baby during NFL playoffs 01/18/19
 Hawk's doctor told him to lose a few pounds 05/16/18
 Hawk's goal for finishing the marathon is under 5 hours, clones react, call from Lance in Iowa 03/06/20
 Hawk's last pre-marathon update, Keith is also running it 03/22/19
 Heat win NBA title 06/21/06
 Heath Ledger dead 01/23/08
 Hee Haw 01/06/09
 Hefty Mickelson gets another penalty, reaction from SJP 07/09/18
 Henry Waxman looks like a freak 02/14/08
 Herb Sendek new coach at ASU 04/03/06
 Hip Hip Hooray 10/02/08
 History of the Hackoff, Rome entertains bringing it back, call from Rex in ABQ 11/28/18
 Hobo in the windshield reset 09/26/06
 Hockey Mom 01/24/08
 HOF demands - Clones suggest what they want in return for voting for Rome 05/22/18
 Hoff does metal 12/14/20
 Hole in one Green 05/03/05
 Holly Hornbeak suing Hank Williams 04/05/06
 Home Brew guy 09/24/08
 Home Run Derby 07/10/06
 Homeless people wait for ps3 11/15/06
 Homelessness is not funny 02/22/08
 Hong-Chih Kuo Styles His Jack 06/13/07
 Honking in the middle of someones backswing 03/19/08
 Honking in the middle of someones swing 08/04/08
 Hope Solo blows up Team USA 09/28/07
 Horse Racing talk 11/06/07
 Horse update 01/09/08
 Hour 1 08/27/07
 Hour 1 08/28/07
 Hour 1 08/29/07
 Hour 1 08/30/07
 Hour 1 08/31/07
 Hour 1 09/21/07
 Hour 1 - Al Davis 10/01/08
 Hour 1 Atlanta 09/19/08
 Hour 1 Shaqs rap on Kobe 06/24/08
 Hour 1-ColtsBroncos-USC loses-Steelers suck 10/30/06
 Hour 1-Michael Vick indictment 07/18/07
 Hour 1-Michael Vick indictment 07/19/07
 Hour 1-MMA 06/02/08
 Hour 1-Shaughnessy 01/28/08
 Hour 2 08/27/07
 Hour 2 08/28/07
 Hour 2 08/29/07
 Hour 2 08/30/07
 Hour 2 08/31/07
 Hour 2 09/21/07
 Hour 2 Atlanta 09/19/08
 Hour 2 Shaqs rap on Kobe 06/24/08
 Hour 2-Jim McLaren story 04/24/08
 Hour 2-Michael Vick indictment 07/18/07
 Hour 2-Michael Vick indictment 07/19/07
 Hour 2-MMA 06/02/08
 Hour 2-Robinson Peete-Kramer 01/28/08
 Hour 3 08/27/07
 Hour 3 08/28/07
 Hour 3 08/29/07
 Hour 3 08/30/07
 Hour 3 08/31/07
 Hour 3 09/21/07
 Hour 3 Atlanta 09/19/08
 Hour 3 Shaqs rap on Kobe 06/24/08
 Hour 3-Machowicz-Simers 01/28/08
 Hour 3-Michael Vick indictment 07/18/07
 Hour 3-Michael Vick indictment 07/19/07
 Hour 3-MMA 06/02/08
 Houston Astros won the World Series 11/02/17
 Houston Nutt text messages 04/18/07
 Houston rapper Slim Thug recruits Dwight Howard via Twitter 07/02/13
 How to listen to the Smackoff 06/17/20
 Howard Dean take and emails 02/04/04
 Howard Johnson wants to hear Thomas Hearns 09/19/07
 Huge Bass Caught in California 03/21/06
 Huntington Beach City Council is looking to issue a vote of no confidence in Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz 01/28/21
 I like big putts and I cannot lie 03/11/20
 Ichiro hates Cleveland (with emails) 06/12/07
 Ichiro wants clean dugouts 03/20/06
 Ideas for 2/22/22 02/21/22
 Iditarod dog abuse 03/19/07
 If I had to rape a girl reset 04/20/06
 If Oakland Raiders go 0-16, Rome will lead campaign to bring them to Los Angeles 10/27/14
 Iggy in Springfield taped call reset 02/28/06
 iHOP giving away free pancakes 02/24/09
 Impromptu Jukebox Friday of Jungle songs 09/04/20
 In Santa Barbara, callers would ask Rome to announce lost dogs, Rome rants on traffic reporting 02/14/97
 Inbreeding may not be that bad 06/05/08
 Indian Gender Bender fails Gender test 12/18/06
 Information on how to submit Smackoff videos to CBS Sports Network 05/20/20
 Internet in the car is a bad idea 08/26/08
 Iowa blown out by OSU 10/02/06
 Iowa Hawkeyes lost to FCS North Dakota State 09/19/16
 Iowa loses to Indiana and emails 10/16/06
 Iowa loses to Northwestern 11/06/06
 Iowa loses to NW 11/06/06
 Iphone wagering 06/26/07
 IQ Take 10/31/08
 Irie Craigs New Band - Substance Abused Foundation 10/04/11
 Irish Spring take 08/20/07
 Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac are dead 08/11/08
 Isiah Thomas found guilty 10/02/07
 Isiah Thomas resets 01/10/08
 Isiah Thomas resets 02/21/08
 Isiah Thomas-I just got back from being blown out by 45 11/30/07
 Isiah Thomas-new 03/19/08
 Isla Vista Flashbacks 07/12/06
 Jace Fry's fiance destroyed him on social media 09/27/18
 Jackie Chan does porn 09/26/06
 Jacko Alarm reset 08/29/06
 Jaguars coach Urban Meyer goes viral for party photos, videos - with reaction 10/04/21
 Jaguars fire Urban Meyer after 13 games, he kicked the kicker 12/16/21
 Jake and Logan pay Jim a surprise birthday visit 10/14/13
 Jake does not want to sleep with Logan 07/24/07
 Jamaal Tinsley car shot up again 12/10/07
 Jamal Anderson snorts cocaine on toilet - allegedly 02/09/09
 James Dolan kicked someone out of a festival because of a sign they were holding 03/15/19
 James Dolan's band was on the Jimmy Fallon show 03/09/18
 James Harden shows up to camp a bit heavier, report claims that he is the real Rockets GM 12/16/20
 James Harden's ugly black shoes 08/24/16
 James Holzhauer's win streak finally ended on Jeopardy 06/04/19
 James Kelley is opening a car/dog wash in Colorado 05/06/22
 James Kelley is texted Rome about the draft even though his wife is giving birth 04/25/19
 James Kelley lays out odds for a fight between Ritt and Hawk, clones react 11/20/20
 James Kelley reads Mean Tweets - Calls from Rick in Buffalo, Slava in Moscow, Christian in Maine, Silk Brah, Nick in Iowa, Matt in LA, and Adam in OKC 06/29/18
 James Kelley won big on a futures bet, Hawk wanted to buy in 02/08/21
 James Kelley's The Week That Was, pays homage to Kevin the ponytail audio engineer 11/16/18
 James Posey flattens Kirk Hinrich 04/28/06
 James Toney VS Randy Couture Was A Sham 08/30/10
 Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant with emails 12/19/07
 Jane Slater Tweeted that the Cowboys players are not happy with the coaching staff, call from Michael in Portand 10/20/20
 Jason Avant gets cut by the Carolina Panthers; Rome is stunned by the news, Clones react on e-mail and Twitter 11/18/14
 Jason Avant signs with the Kansas City Chiefs 11/24/14
 Jason Giabmi on roids due to dad 03/23/06
 Jason Grimsley house raided by feds 06/07/06
 Jason Kendall will fight 05/03/06
 Jason Stewart "J-Stew" - According to Jim outtakes 03/10/06
 Jason Stewart 9th anniversary 04/22/08
 Jason Stewart coldplay ringtone 10/30/06
 Jason Stewart on ESPN with Ocho Cinco 03/18/08
 Jason Stewart Sings Weighson Sherbert 02/25/11
 Jason Stewart skydiving 07/23/08
 Jason Stewart wants Alvin fired, calls out Jesus in Chicago 10/31/14
 Jason Whitlock Hour 1 04/10/08
 Jason Whitlock Hour 2 04/10/08
 Jason Whitlock Hour 3 04/10/08
 Javon Walker robbed on the strip 06/17/08
 Javon Walker tells a whack story 06/18/08
 Jay Cutler appeared on his wife's TV show 07/10/18
 Jay Cutler chicken and raccoon saga update 07/03/20
 Jay Cutler is hunting a Chicken Serial Killer 06/26/20
 Jay Gruden spewing BS about Redskins being a few plays away from being 7-2 (includes reset of Ray-Ray in Tampa flaming out) 11/12/14
 Jay in Tulsa does a rhyme 05/02/07
 Jay Mohr - Talks about Last Comic Standing 2002
 Jay Mohr Chris Berman Reset 10/25/10
 Jay Mohr Guest Hosts - Hour 1 12/27/10
 Jay Mohr Guest Hosts - Hour 1 12/28/10
 Jay Mohr Guest Hosts - Hour 2 12/27/10
 Jay Mohr Guest Hosts - Hour 2 12/28/10
 Jay Mohr Guest Hosts - Hour 3 12/27/10
 Jay Mohr Guest Hosts - Hour 3 12/28/10
 Jay Mohr Hour 1 11/23/07
 Jay Mohr Hour 1 04/11/08
 Jay Mohr Hour 1 07/07/08
 Jay Mohr Hour 1 08/20/08
 Jay Mohr hour 2 11/23/07
 Jay Mohr Hour 2 04/11/08
 Jay Mohr Hour 2 07/07/08
 Jay Mohr HOur 2 08/20/08
 Jay Mohr Hour 3 11/23/07
 Jay Mohr Hour 3 04/11/08
 Jay Mohr Hour 3 07/07/08
 Jay Mohr Hour 3 08/20/08
 Jay Mohr Hr 1 Seg 1 02/16/09
 Jay Mohr Hr 1 Seg 2 02/16/09
 Jay Mohr Hr 1 Seg 3 02/16/09
 Jay Mohr Hr 1 Seg 4 02/16/09
 Jay Mohr Hr 2 Seg 1 02/16/09
 Jay Mohr Hr 2 Seg 2 02/16/09
 Jay Mohr Hr 2 Seg 3 02/16/09
 Jay Mohr Hr 2 Seg 4 02/16/09
 Jay Mohr Hr 3 Seg 1 02/16/09
 Jay Mohr Hr 3 Seg 2 02/16/09
 Jay Mohr Hr 3 Seg 3 02/16/09
 Jay Mohr Hr 3 Seg 4 02/16/09
 Jay Mohr Impersonates Vic the Brick Jacobs 12/27/11
 Jay Mohr On Hanes Commercials 10/25/10
 Jay Mohr on ISU Head Coach Paul Rhoads 11/21/11
 Jay Mohr talks about Podcast and Brock in DC 07/13/11
 Jay Mohr's take on ON THE DOWNLOW 01/17/11
 Jay Mohr-Hour 1 08/13/07
 Jay Mohr-Hour 2 08/13/07
 Jay Mohr-Hour 3 08/13/07
 Jay Stew acting retrospective 03/03/06
 Jay Stew acting retrospective 11/01/06
 Jay Stew acting retrospective 12/05/07
 Jay Stew acting retrospective 2 11/01/06
 Jay Stew blind date reset 08/30/06
 Jay Stew blind date story 02/26/09
 Jay Stew Dorm Room porn reset 04/08/08
 Jay Stew in webisode with Ocho Cinco 02/21/08
 Jay Stew Liqour reset 03/29/07
 Jay Stew Liquors reset 09/28/06
 Jay Stew movie career 12/08/06
 Jay Stew new movie lines 12/05/07
 Jay Stew reaction 03/22/06
 Jay Stew Wisdow Teeth reaction 11/14/07
 Jay Williams cut by nets 10/25/06
 JD Drew with Red Sox-ManRam sweepstakes 12/06/06
 JD says Shamone picture and Mike Call reaction 10/23/07
 Jeff from Richmond Returns 11/13/09
 Jeff in Cbus reset 11/01/06
 Jeff Passan lights up Cal in Vegas during an interview 10/06/16
 Jeff Schmaridza-Hoffman 02/16/07
 Jeffrey Toobin returns to CNN after suspension 06/11/21
 Jeopardy contestant guesses wrong nickname for Joel Embiid 03/05/20
 Jerome Bettis Bowling HOF 04/12/06
 Jerry Jones misuses Superman-kryptonite metaphor 09/21/17
 Jerry Jones says Ezekiel Elliott spanks himself in pregame Cowboys antics 09/25/19
 Jerry Rice retires with SF 08/23/06
 Jerry Springer walks into Travis office 02/27/06
 Jerry Stackhouse sings the national anthem 01/19/07
 Jessica Simpson fat and Michael Phelps baked 02/02/09
 Jesus in Chicago - Halloween Song J-Stews Stache 10/30/09
 Jesus in Chicago reaction 03/12/08
 Jesus Montero suspended for season by Mariners for throwing ice cream sandwich at a scout; Donald Sterling (Bigotron) gains weight and is glossed Pig-otron; with fat jokes from Clones 09/02/14
 Jeter and A-Rod 02/21/07
 Jets players crack Pennington 02/17/06
 Jim Boeheim F bomb 03/09/06
 Jim Calhoun gets into it with a political activist 02/23/09
 Jim Everett returning for JRIB's last show? 01/25/12
 Jim in Fall River reset 09/20/07
 Jim Lampley arrested 01/04/07
 Jim Lampley update 01/05/07
 Jim Leyritz took greenies 06/06/06
 Jim McLaren Story-Jay Glazer interview 04/24/08
 Jim mentioned he missed a day for a medical procedure (colonoscopy), clones suggest it was for plastic surgery 09/01/15
 Jim recaps the Sacramento station visit, clones rag on Adam for ordering water at the bar 01/09/17
 Jim Rice and Rickey head to HOF 01/13/09
 Jim Rome address the viral photo from the 80's, a young Tan Smack on a hog with 2 babes 03/25/21
 Jim Rome addresses the Jim Harbaugh tweet 08/17/16
 Jim Rome addresses the South Park appearance 09/27/12
 Jim Rome bought clothes from hotel to work out, didn't have shoes so wore disposable sandals 02/13/17
 Jim Rome Champion Greyhound 01/20/11
 Jim Rome leaving ESPN for new personal appearance smack show on CBS 01/09/12
 Jim Rome nails another NHL playoff prediction 05/11/17
 Jim Rome pays his respect to Mike in San Diego 07/09/12
 Jim Rome recaps the David Stern interview, Call from Gino in San Antonio 06/14/12
 Jim Rome rick rolling the clones by saying Jim in Fall River is on the phone 10/13/09
 Jim Rome station visit to Albuquerque opening segment, resets notable callers 11/20/15
 Jim Rome talks about the passing of Jungle Racing's champion racehorse Shared Belief 12/04/15
 Jim Rome verifying that he was born in Los Angeles, not Tarzana 06/19/18
 Jim Rome wants a part in Space Jam 2 07/23/15
 Jim Rome was nominated for the Radio Hall of Fame 05/14/18
 Jim Rome's 50th birthday - Famous people he shares birthday with 10/14/14
 Jim Rome's take on Jazz music 12/18/14
 Jim Rome's take on Top Gun 2 07/03/15
 Jim Romes birthday, KB in studio, they discuss other people that share Jims birthday 10/14/15
 Jim's 2013 Rant About Adults in Halloween Costumes, with E-Mails and Tweets 10/31/13
 Jim, Kyle, and Alvin reenact a scene from Space Jam 01/22/16
 Jimmie Johnson says recepted 07/27/09
 Jimmy Johnson with stories about Janis Joplin, Terry Bradshaw, and Barry Switzer 03/27/20
 JJ Redick DWI 06/13/06
 JJ Watt and the Houston Texans part ways 02/12/21
 JJ Watt is considering the Browns 02/16/21
 JJ Watt on Andy Dalton: Our goal was to come out here and make the Red Rifle look like a Red Ryder BB Gun, and I think we did that 11/17/15
 Joba Chamberlain is a show off 05/09/08
 Joe Buck-MLB Caskets-Kelly Tilghamn part 1 01/11/08
 Joe Cullen driving drunk nude 09/07/06
 Joe Girardi giving opposition tips 02/28/07
 Joe in Baltimore (Joe Flacco impersonator) gets run, but wins Huge Call 12/13/13
 Joe in Hollywood Reaction 10/01/08
 Joe in NYC gets run 10/21/04
 Joe in NYC stiffs Rome
 Joe Mauer has football offer 07/14/06
 Joe Namath-I want to kiss you 03/21/06
 Joe Pa carted off field 11/06/06
 Joe Paterno Interview Fail 12/14/10
 Joe Paterno makes players clean urinals 05/24/07
 Joe Torre declines yankees offer 10/19/07
 Joel Zumaya hurt playing guitar hero 12/14/06
 Joey Crawford v Tim Duncan 04/16/07
 Joey Vendetta's favorite candy list 11/04/16
 John Bale breaks hand punching door 05/05/08
 John Daly divorce #4 11/08/06
 John Daly gambling losses 05/02/06
 John Daly shirtless golf interview 04/30/08
 John Dalys wife attacked him with a steak knife 06/11/07
 John Dalys wife refutes charges 06/12/07
 John Hughes Dies 08/07/09
 John in NY had a decent enough call to keep his Golden Ticket 07/16/18
 John L Smith coaches are screwing it up 11/01/06
 John L Smith needs to be fired 10/02/06
 John L Smith reset 09/08/06
 John Olerud fake interview
 John Parr updates St. Elmo's Fire theme song for Tim Tebow 01/11/12
 John Rocker reportedly took HGH 03/07/07
 John Tortorella gets pranked on USA Hockey conference call 09/23/15
 Johnie Cochran middle school 01/27/06
 Johnny Weir meltsdown 02/17/06
 Jon Miller reaction 07/31/07
 Jonny Gomes steals the show at Royals' World Series celebration with epic rant 11/04/15
 Jose Canseco in an adult league 05/16/06
 Jose Canseco trying to buy off Mag Pipes 01/25/08
 Jose Lima on bubble with Mets 03/28/06
 Jose Lima run out of Korea 04/17/08
 Josh Rosen said there were 9 mistakes ahead of him, tweets and reaction 04/27/18
 Jousting - First Take 03/02/11
 JR Smith heads to college with eyes set on playing golf 08/12/21
 JR Swish doesn't like the size of his hotel blanket 07/21/20
 JRIB food spread 06/07/06
 JRIB Stanley Cup with Mike Mandt 06/12/08
 JRs visit to doctor 03/28/06
 JT the Brick talks about his start in the Jungle 07/29/19
 Juan Gone-Adam Viniteri to colts 03/22/06
 Juan Pablo Montoya wins and spins teammate 03/05/07
 JuJu Smith-Schuster lost his bike, tweeted about it, responds to Mia Khalifa 10/25/17
 Jukebox Friday 10/09/15
 Jukebox Friday 02/18/17
 Jukebox Friday - Max_Coits, TommyFromNC, Lance in Topeka, Boatie in Pearland, Mike_Wass 10/03/14
 Jukebox Friday - Topics: Tiger, Dallas Huff, Sparrows mustache, lady hit with hotdog, legends not RSVPing 06/22/18
 Julio Franco hits homer at 47 04/21/06
 Julio Franco turns 48 08/24/06
 Jun 01 2007 - Hour 3 06/01/07
 Jungle Album 08/01/07
 Jungle Anniversaries - George Papas dunk, Conor McGregor post-fight rant, Kyle in GB Jumpman call 11/13/20
 Jungle back on the air in Portland, call from Andre in Rip City, Portland woman reset 12/06/17
 Jungle Karma defined by Urban Dictionary 10/09/19
 Jungle Music Montage 09/20/07
 Jungle Singers 01/19/07
 Jury Duty update 06/14/06
 Justin in Boise-Idiot Kicker 01/05/06
 Justin Turner prank calls Dave Roberts, Cody Bellinger, and others 03/26/21
 K-Dirt Britney latest 02/22/07
 K-rod cheating 04/06/07
 Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker 02/05/13
 Kaleb in Green Bay @iambthewalrus responds to National Good Call Day 08/28/14
 Kaleb in Green Bay calls but gets cut off due to bad phone connection 06/24/15
 Kaleb in Green Bay calls with thoughts on Packers vs Seahawks 01/16/15
 Kansas City Chiefs dominate New England Patriots 41-14 on Monday Night Football; with e-mail reaction from South-Side Mike in Chicago and Sean in Ottawa 09/30/14
 Kansas City Royals advance to World Series for first time since 1985; with KC and No-Cal clones exchanging haymakers via e-mail and Twitter 10/16/14
 Kansas City Royals defeat Oakland Athletics 9-8 in 12 innings in AL Wild Card game, with e-mail and Twitter reaction, including Craig in Tampa and Ryan in Wichita 10/01/14
 Kansas City Royals one win away from World Series, with e-mail from Scott in Lakeland FL warring Lance in Topeka doing a parody of "We Are The Champions" by Queen 10/15/14
 Kansas loses by 32 to Kentucky, with angry e-mail reaction from Bryce in Topeka and J.B. in the 785 11/19/14
 Kansas wins National title 04/08/08
 Karl-Anthony Towns explains why Michael Jordan seemed angry at him - Yeah I like this energy! 02/24/22
 KB introduces video entries - Grossie O'Donnell Sports Minute 04/24/12
 KC owns Orange County - Kansas City Royals sweep Los Angeles Angels in the ALDS, with e-mails from Mike R. in Toronto and Martin in Irvine 10/06/14
 KC Royals host anti-pornography workshop for players, coaches 03/08/18
 Keith Arnold in studio for his exit interview 05/17/19
 Keith is at jury duty, referenced Marcia and Ito in a tweet, Hawk doesn't know who that is 10/10/18
 Keith Richards snorted his fathers ashes 04/04/07
 Kellen Winslow caught smoking weed and masturbating in his car in Target parking lot - GRAPHIC IN NATURE 01/17/14
 Kelly Tillgham part 2 01/11/08
 Kelvin Sampson and R Johnson 03/29/06
 Ken Griffey Jr. sounded the Fat Alarm 07/13/21
 Ken Griffey on the DL 04/18/06
 Ken Griffey passes Reggie Jackson for 564 04/25/07
 Kentucky loses to Gardner Webb 11/08/07
 Kentucky struggles against Tennessee but remains unbeaten; Bryce in Topeka wants UK to lose in the NCAA Tournament 02/18/15
 Kerry Wood and Mark Prior on DL 03/29/06
 Kerry Wood bath tub injury 02/16/07
 Kevin Barlow retracts Hitler comment 08/24/06
 Kevin Durant plays flag football with a fraternity 11/01/11
 Kevin Federline is fat 07/29/09
 Kevin Harlan does play by play for drunk fan running on the field 09/13/16
 Kevin Hart makes up recruiting story 02/07/08
 Kevin Love tries to draw a charge, lost a tooth 03/28/18
 Kevin Millar steps into the box to Vanilla Ice 06/20/08
 Keyshawn Johnson to host JRIB 02/15/08
 Kid goes thru xray at airport 12/20/06
 Kids write spiteful obituary for mom who abandoned them 06/05/18
 Kiefer Sutherland attacks a Christmas tree 01/06/06
 Kim Jong Il loves the NBA 11/01/06
 Kim Mulkey apologizes for 'knock them in the face' comments, @DenverrDan calls her a scarecrow 03/03/17
 Kimbo Slice is a Fraud 10/06/08
 Kings in-house DJ played Foreigner's Cold As Ice for Russell Westbrook 01/13/22
 Kirstie Alley got in a Twitter feud with the USA curling team 02/21/18
 Knicks Lose 59 gamse 04/20/06
 Knicks owner James Dolan is vape guy 12/18/18
 Kobe drops 61 in the Garden 02/03/09
 Kobe hates dog crap 02/06/09
 Krispy Kreme is offering free donuts for people that get vaccinated 03/23/21
 Kyle Brandt announced that he and his wife are expecting 06/28/13
 Kyle Brandt explains why he skipped model party 02/20/09
 Kyle Brandt guest hosting - The birth of 1-800-MEN-TOTO 07/02/12
 Kyle Brandt has a new Binaca addiction, clones try to guess the sound 09/10/15
 Kyle Brandt joins the XR4TI crew 01/07/08
 Kyle Brandt plays old audio of his DJ audition, callers respond by trying to win a guitar and tickets 06/19/15
 Kyle Brandt reaction 01/20/08
 Kyle Brandt sound 01/20/08
 Kyle Brandt talks about the Concussion movie, takes suggestions for a sequel title 11/24/15
 Kyle Brandt tells a story about drinking wine, making lasagna, taking his infant to a neighbors to borrow sugar, gets attacked by dogs 03/03/15
 Kyle Brandt tells the story about meeting Randall WFI in the OC at Costco 12/08/14
 Kyle Brandt's take on George Zimmer 06/28/13
 Kyle Brandts tribute to Mike in San Diego 07/02/12
 Kyle Farnsworth does not like Rockets contract 05/18/07
 Kyle in Green Bay is on another road trip, posted pics with Wells in the 360 and Cal in Vegas, clones smack their personal appearances, Rome does a Smackoff preview 05/12/20
 Kyle in Green Bay update - his car broke down in San Diego 05/14/18
 Kyle Orton is hanging with Cindi Lauper and Lindsay Lohan 08/27/08
 l Star Game Finishes Anyway
 Lachemann bakery 03/29/07
 Laker snowboard injury 03/02/07
 Lamar Odom Loves Candy 06/01/09
 Lance Armstrong running NYC marathon 04/20/06
 Lance Berkman 2001 story 05/15/08
 Lance in Louisville (soon to be Topeka) vs. Ryan in Wichita 12/13/13
 Lance in Louisville e-mails about moving to Topeka; Rome resets his history, promises to let him on next day 12/12/13
 Larry Brown crank in the face reset 01/24/07
 Larry Coker out at Miami 11/27/06
 Larry Johnson on JRIB 05/16/07
 Larry King, legendary talk show host, dies at 87 01/25/21
 Laugh & GIMME BACK MY SON 03/13/06
 Laurel or Yanny? 05/16/18
 Lauren Tannehill leaves an assault rifle in a rental car 01/16/14
 Leave Britney Alone! 09/01/07
 Lebron goes 1 on 5 and beats Pistons 06/01/07
 Lebron has laser pointer in his face 01/26/06
 LeBron James focusing on staying positive despite costing Cavaliers a game against Spurs; Rome responds by bringing back The Garden 11/20/14
 Lebron James House and Food Courts 03/28/07
 Lebron James is a Poor Sport 06/01/09
 Lebron James versus Courtside Karen 02/02/21
 LeBron took an elbow to the back, sounded painful 03/28/17
 Lebron wears a Yankee lid 10/05/07
 Lebron wears Browns gear for a commercial 01/16/09
 Leff in Laguna submits 2 RSVP videos, from Straight Fire and Henry Winkler 07/18/18
 Lefty works with Butch Harmon 02/21/07
 Lendale White sucks 01/12/09
 Lenny Dykstra spent 9 hours dumpster diving outside a Jersey Mike's 06/19/19
 Leo Mazzone tattoo 03/29/06
 Leonard Fournette got fat! 07/18/22
 Levitra Dropped by NFL 01/10/06
 LeVon in the 209 gets BLOCKED from the Jungle for e-mail containing "cho-mo" (child molester) blast 03/23/16
 Limo Drive Rosie horror story 01/11/07
 Limo Driver story 05/17/06
 Lionel Richie admits that Stevie Wonder can see 12/13/19
 Lions fan gets 0-16 tattoo 01/08/09
 Live baseball is back, KBO baseball in Korea 05/05/20
 Live TV reporter doesn't react to car crash, anchorwoman makes lame gas prices joke 02/23/12
 Lizard back to SF-Kenny Rogers not going in game 1 10/04/06
 Logan asked Jim about the Rat Family 02/21/17
 Logan is obsessed with the Rocky movies, with reaction from Clones 08/05/14
 Logan Rome has a mullet 07/16/07
 Logan Rome Scores 6 Goals In Soccer Game 09/27/10
 Lonnie Smith wanted to kill John Schurolz 11/07/06
 Lou Pinella says cubs will win 10/18/06
 Lou Pinella takes Carlos Zambrano out early 10/04/07
 Loyola Chicago's old mascot was a hobo, prompts bum smack 03/28/18
 LSU blows out Ohio State to win NC 01/08/08
 LT good father reset 03/29/06
 Madison Rising destroys the National Anthem at the Daytona 500 02/25/14
 Madison Wisconsin has a new affiliate 01/03/07
 Magic Johnson tweets that Kobe should be considered for MVP, along with 8 other players 11/06/14
 Mall massages 04/21/08
 Mall Take and emails 10/30/07
 Man catchers HR ball with baby in hand 05/08/07
 Man Cave Reaction 10/07/08
 Man eaten by bear 08/22/07
 Man gives 14 year old son steroids 01/15/08
 Man lives to 106 on wild women and good liquor 02/11/09
 Man loses bet and has to name son Isiah THomas 02/10/09
 Man loses daughter in poker game 02/28/07
 Man on blow tries to cut arm off with butter knife at Denny's 09/02/08
 Man pays convicts for sex 02/15/08
 Man pretends to be Jeff Turner for sex 06/05/08
 Man Ram does not go 08/23/06
 Man Ram goes Man Ram 04/25/07
 Man Ram styles his fly ball to the CF 04/03/08
 Man wants kidney back for divorce 01/08/09
 Mandt brothers productions 08/28/08
 Mandy Moores mom is a lesbian 03/14/08
 Manning brothers lick race 07/03/08
 Manny being Manny 10/23/07
 Manny Ramirez pinch hit grand slam 07/23/09
 Manny Ramirez selling his BBQ on ebay 03/21/07
 Manny Ramirez To The White Sox 08/30/10
 Manny Ramirez traded to the Dodgers 08/01/08
 Manny Ramirez wants a new deal 07/29/08
 Manny wants out of Boston 09/29/06
 Manual Buzzers 03/09/07
 Marathon update from Hawk, shoe shopping at bow-tique, Rome talks about South Beach vacation 01/03/19
 Marcus Smart vs. Jeff Orr, with e-mail and Twitter reaction, including Quinn Pitcock e-mail 02/11/14
 Marie in Lynchburg reset and more reaction 02/09/18
 Marion Jones has $2000 with emails 06/25/07
 Mark Davis and Jon Gruden go to Warriors game, Twitter lights them up with personal appearance smack 03/09/18
 Mark Madsen returns to LA 07/21/09
 Mark Mangino beef and chicken email 08/30/06
 Mark Mulder bombed 06/21/06
 Mark Richt plays ping pong with recruits 02/06/08
 Mark Richt's Hot Dog Delight 02/20/20
 Marrying a stripper 11/06/07
 Marshall Faulk thinks he is smart 09/22/06
 Marty in NoCal 11/21/06
 Marty in NoCal calls to remind Rome about the 10 year anniversary of his first call, plus Twitter reaction 11/22/16
 Marty segment 05/02/07
 Marty wants a wax fugerine of Rome 01/25/07
 Marty-Valentines Day 02/14/08
 Marvin Freeman WAAAAH reset 09/24/07
 Marvin Lewis bans Chad Johnson list 11/03/05
 Mary Ann from Gilligans Island busted for tree 03/12/08
 Masters Dinner 04/03/07
 Masters reaction 04/09/07
 Masters Reaction-Tigers receding hairline 04/14/08
 Masters recap 04/10/06
 Matt Cassel detailed a wildly dysfunctional fight with ex-Chiefs coach Todd Haley 11/10/20
 Matt in Cleveland global warming reset, 6 year anniversary 03/31/17
 Matt Leinart rocking a beer bong 04/02/08
 Matt Millen fired 09/24/08
 Matt Morris traded to Pirates 08/02/07
 Matt Schaub was put on Earth to do 1 thing, throw pick sixes 12/01/14
 Matthew Broderick email 05/05/08
 Maury Povich misses the US Senior Amateur 08/30/06
 Maury Povich trash segment 04/15/08
 May 25 2007 - Hour 1 05/25/07
 May 25 2007 - Hour 2 05/25/07
 May 25 2007 - Hour 3 05/25/07
 May 28 2007 - Hour 1 05/28/07
 May 28 2007 - Hour 2 05/28/07
 May 28 2007 - Hour 3 05/28/07
 May 30 2007 - Hour 1 (kobe) 05/30/07
 May 30 2007 - Hour 2 (KOBE) 05/30/07
 May 30 2007 - Hour 3 (kobe) 05/30/07
 Mayweather beats Hatton 12/10/07
 Mayweather v Hatton 12/07/07
 Meatwhistle 01/24/07
 Mel Gibson as a gun-toting Santa Claus in 'Fatman' trailer 10/09/20
 Members of Ratt take control from the drummer, Ratt Partnership Agreement 11/30/16
 Mercer upsets Duke 78-71 in NCAA Round of 64 with e-mail and Twitter reaction 03/21/14
 Metal Detectors 06/05/08
 Mets fire GM Jared Porter for sending explicit, unsolicited text message images to female reporter 01/19/21
 Mets players are giving their fans thumbs-down, reset of Mike in San Diego Bochy call 08/30/21
 Miami crying at Florida 09/11/08
 Miami Dolphins ruin imperfect season 12/17/07
 Miami is a new affiliate 10/23/06
 Miami player murdered 11/08/06
 Micah Owings hits 2 run jack 05/01/08
 Michael Irvin has gun pulled on him 01/14/09
 Michael Jackson acquitted 06/14/05
 Michael Jordan - The ceiling is the roof 03/06/17
 Michael Phelps eats and dominates 08/13/08
 Michael Phelps plays beer pong 02/11/09
 Michael Strahan garage sale 04/23/07
 Michael Strahan retires from NFL 06/10/08
 Michael Vick lobs the bird 11/27/06
 Michael Vick sentenced to 23 months 12/12/07
 Michaels dad 04/08/08
 Michelle Rodriguez using electronic cigarette at Knicks game 01/08/14
 Michelle Wie shoots 79 at Sony Open 01/13/06
 Michelle Wie whiffs and gets an 8 10/13/06
 Michigan coach meltdown 02/29/08
 Michigan loses to App State Hour 1 09/04/07
 Michigan loses to App State Hour 2 09/04/07
 Michigan loses to App State Hour 3 09/04/07
 Michigan loses to Oregon 39-7 09/10/07
 Michigan-Ohio State 11/13/06
 Michigan-Ohio State 11/14/06
 Michigan-Ohio State 11/16/06
 Mickey Mantle cocksucker ball 06/20/06
 Mike Forbess reset 04/24/06
 Mike Gundy FAT 04/01/08
 Mike Gundy latest post game interview gives us a new soundbite 10/29/18
 Mike Gundy meltdown and reaction 09/24/07
 Mike Gundy reimbursed a local radio host for a lost over/under bet 12/05/18
 Mike Gundy reset-FAT BROCCOLI VACUUM CLEANER 04/03/08
 Mike in Nashville is a Pittsburgh native that owns a bar in Nashville 06/05/17
 Mike in Wichita 09/26/07
 Mike in Wichita on Vacation 09/29/08
 Mike Leach gives dating advice 09/24/08
 Mike Leach ticked about Crabtree 04/27/09
 Mike Nolan got Tabasco in his eye, Rome tells a story about a bully at summer camp 10/27/20
 Mike Piazza HOF Mets 04/21/06
 Mike Piazza press conference reset 04/06/07
 Mike Piazza retires 05/21/08
 Mike Tice fired 45 minutes after gam 01/03/06
 Mike Tyson released an EDM song 10/27/20
 Mike Vanderjagt comparisons 06/06/06
 Mike Vick and dog fighting 04/27/07
 Mike Vick apologizes for missing spring training 07/27/07
 Mike Vick dog fighting ring 05/14/07
 Milwaukee named US drunkest city 08/25/06
 Minnesota Twins with epic prank on starting pitcher (and Wichita State alum) Mike Pelphrey 03/26/14
 Minor league - Jacko Night 01/26/04
 Minor league cash drop gone bad 04/17/06
 Minor League Love boat night 04/18/06
 Minor league umpire meltdown 06/05/07
 Miracle cat story 10/13/06
 Miss Teen SC email 10/10/07
 Miss Teen South Carolina 08/29/07
 Miss Teen South Carolina reset 09/28/07
 Miss Teen South Carolina reset 10/15/07
 Mitchell Report Day Hour 1 12/13/07
 Mitchell Report Day Hour 2 12/13/07
 Mitchell Report Day Hour 3 12/13/07
 MLB All Star game reaction 07/12/06
 MLB down with crank ads 01/10/06
 MLB sleeper buses - recycled 80's rock tour buses? 07/31/20
 MLBPA turns against A-Rod; Rome introduces the A-Rod Alarm 01/22/14
 MLBPA wants to eliminate accidental roid tests 01/23/06
 MMA fighter Khetag Pliev lost finger during match, still wanted to keep fighting, Rick Allen reset 04/02/21
 Mo Clarett update 08/21/06
 Monkey Monkey explanation 06/19/07
 Monmouth wins play in game 03/15/06
 Monty blames American Food for Being Fat 08/24/06
 Monty blames American food for being fat 08/25/06
 More Charlie Weis Reaction 09/15/08
 More examples of Jeopardy contestants struggling with sports clues 03/28/14
 More Jacko Reaction 06/26/09
 More possible Hackoff RSVP's from Dr. Dave in Chicago, Andi in Rocklin, Bo in Nashville, Lauren in Naples, Mona in Knoxville, Fabian in LA, and Edward in San Diego 11/28/18
 More reaction to Ritt stepping on Diane's serious phone call, interview with Alvin 12/04/20
 Moron caller reset 06/16/06
 Most and least popular MLBers 05/18/07
 Mount Textmore and Reaction 06/19/09
 Mountain Biker Caught with 400 lbs of Pot 06/19/09
 Movie take 08/03/07
 Mr Automatic 07/20/07
 Mr. Positive - Mitch in San Bernardino 03/20/12
 Munchkin at Astro camp 02/28/06
 Music segment and drinking at work 08/08/08
 NAACP taking up for Mike Vick 08/23/07
 Naked coach update 09/08/06
 Name Romes new horse 04/04/08
 Naming your kid ESPN 04/06/07
 Nancy Kerrigan Tonya Harding anniversary 01/06/09
 Nascar Meat 03/30/06
 Nascar new car of tomorrow 03/26/07
 Nascar Wine Drinkers 03/06/07
 National Dog Day - Rome resets dog related topics 08/26/15
 National Handshake Day 06/25/09
 National Handshake Day 06/29/17
 NBA and other events suspended due to coronavirus, Hour 1, calls from Tony in Sacramento and Jason in Baltimore 03/12/20
 NBA bubble - Adult video provider offers free content to players 07/02/20
 NBA draft lottery 05/23/07
 NBA Final ratings are low 06/13/07
 NBA Finals 06/21/06
 NBA to hold tryouts in Vegas 03/30/06
 NCAA bowl games before xmas 11/29/06
 NCAA bracket breakdown 03/13/06
 NCAA flu pandemic 03/13/06
 Nebraska and Notre Dame tanking 11/05/07
 Nebraska DB calls his shot 09/13/06
 Nebraska fires Steve Pederson 10/16/07
 Nebraska Gets Embarrassed By Mizzou 10/06/08
 Nebraska got smacked 09/18/06
 Nebraska loses to Oklahoma State 10/30/06
 Nebraska reeling 10/15/07
 Nebraska thoughts 09/14/06
 Nebraska-USC smack 09/12/07
 Nebraska-USC week 09/10/07
 Nebraska-USC week 09/13/07
 Ned Yost tirade 05/16/07
 New email address 07/31/09
 New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (aka The Gronk) and his family look to play Celebrity Family Feud 06/03/15
 New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (aka The Gronk) tapes the number 69 to his practice jersey as a joke 12/04/14
 New Fit Alarm for when celebrities or athletes lose weight 06/26/17
 New Hot Dog Champion 06/04/07
 New Mexico bans cockfighting 03/13/07
 New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton to be portrayed by Kevin James in upcoming football movie 04/13/21
 New rewards for getting the RPO Podcast into the top 10 09/26/18
 New Voiceover Guy 07/21/08
 News of Junior Seau's death 05/02/12
 News site mistakenly runs dozens of obituaries 11/18/20
 NFL draft time cutting 05/17/07
 NFL hall-of-famer Kevin Greene dies at 58 12/22/20
 NFL player runs from cop in Pearland Texas 04/04/08
 NFL Pulls sponsorship with Levitra 01/10/06
 NFL ref has house vandalized 01/19/06
 NFL Rookie Symposium 06/25/07
 NFL shuts down Ron Mexico jersey 05/29/06
 NFL VP of Broadcast Planning Mike North sounds like the Chicken Man 05/13/22
 NFL wont air Two for the Money ads 10/07/06
 Nick Lachey takes up for Huggins 08/26/06
 Nick Saban clown suit 10/19/06
 Nick Saban lie reset 10/30/07
 Nicole Ritchie DUI 12/11/06
 NIT Brackets announced 03/14/06
 No guns at work 10/19/07
 No more doughnut runs 01/11/07
 North Carolina QB Sam Howell claims to have never eaten anything but chicken, clones call out Brian Webber for McRib addiction 01/05/21
 North Texas naming rights 11/17/06
 North v South 10/26/07
 Northern Colorado punter situation 09/13/06
 Northern Colorado punter update 09/15/06
 Northwestern soccer hazing 05/23/06
 Norv Turner rejects Axls 'time to die' 01/04/12
 Not leaving when the bars close 01/13/09
 Notre Dame-Nick Saban-Jim Lampley 01/04/07
 O.J. Simpson gets a shock in his sleep By Nicole Brown look-alike in viral prank 04/05/22
 Oakland forgets bats for games 03/28/06
 Oakland Raiders avoid winless season with victory over Kansas City Chiefs, with Clones' reaction on e-mail and Twitter 11/21/14
 Obama wants his blackberry 01/13/09
 Ocho Cinco beats a horse 06/11/07
 Odell Beckham makes a spectacular one-handed touchdown catch for Giants against the Cowboys 11/24/14
 Ohio St tickets upset at ticket allocation 12/01/06
 Ohio State cereal 08/31/06
 Ohio State implements new behavioral policies requiring fans to remain seated during plays; OSU's SID Tweets oldies songs with Stand in title 09/04/14
 Ohio State Linebacker tasered 02/03/09
 Ohio State not hungry-Changes to BCS 01/10/07
 Ohio State poll gaffe 09/07/06
 Ohio State riots 01/08/08
 Ohio State v USC 09/09/08
 Ohio State-Florida reaction 01/09/07
 OJ denies being Khloe's father 01/10/18
 OJ estranged from USC 01/03/06
 OJ says he might be father of Anna Nicoles baby 03/07/07
 OJ Sex tape 06/12/06
 OJ Simpson got kicked out of a Las Vegas bar for being belligerent 11/09/17
 OJ Simpson has a take on the Carole Baskin husband disappearance 04/02/20
 OJ Simpson new book 11/15/06
 OJ Simpson take with soundbyte and emails 09/17/07
 OJ Simpson was on Sacha Baron Cohen's show 08/28/18
 OJ Simpson-Denise Brown reset 11/14/07
 Oklahoma judge whacks off 01/05/06
 Oklahoma woman tells cops 'I have to poop so bad' before high-speed chase 09/22/20
 Old School Caller Day 02/05/08
 Old School resets 01/18/06
 Old Timers Day at Shea 04/13/07
 Olympic Cyclists wear masks off plane 08/06/08
 Olympic Dissapointments 02/17/06
 Olympic Sex App 02/12/14
 Olympic swimmer Klete Keller used dog walking app, came home to 2 shirtless guys on couch with personal lube and a camera 08/30/18
 Olympic Women's Hockey - Team USA defeated Canada for the Gold Medal 02/22/18
 Olympics Organizers Ask Keith Moon to Play Closing Ceremony - Lee in Van Def Leppard text 04/13/12
 On election eve, Rome gives his political opinion 11/02/20
 One Shining Moment has to go 04/08/08
 Online Education 11/08/07
 Online Steroid Ring Busted 02/28/07
 Opening Coll Football weekend reaction-good smack 09/02/08
 Opening segment after Red Sox choke job 09/29/11
 Opening Segment of the Year 01/07/08
 Orioles Base Running snafu 04/17/06
 Orlando Cepeda arrested 05/03/07
 Orlando Hudson Lifetime and Informercials and email reaction 06/06/07
 Oscars and Romes favorite movie 02/20/09
 Oscars reaction, Eminem 02/10/20
 Oscars take 02/23/09
 OU player says all i did was take cash 04/05/07
 Overhyped Lebron dunk 07/23/09
 Ozzie Guillen does not like reunions 03/21/07
 Pacer strip club shooting 10/06/06
 Packer fan duct tapes 7 year old 01/17/08
 Pacman Jones arrested 08/25/06
 Pacman Jones goes to strip clubs to eat 08/10/07
 Pacman Jones Stripclub incident 01/15/08
 Pacman reset 11/13/07
 Pacman soundbyte impressions 06/21/07
 Pants off dance off 06/08/06
 Paris Hilton says Britney is a good mom 12/13/06
 Parker McLaughlin-PGA Golfer who knows Obama 01/16/09
 Parody Larry finished his Hit the Road Dak song on the voicemail, reset of The Grump rapping 10/12/17
 Parody Larry gets on the air after three days on hold and tries to become Haiku Larry; Rome runs him and chews him out 04/10/15
 Parody Larry in San Francisco does a parody song of Beverly Hillbillies on Jed York and takes shots at Lance in Topeka 12/22/14
 Parody Larry is on hold to try to break a record with 3 run calls in 1 show, Rome doesn't let him back on air 05/28/20
 Party Guy Hour 1 08/01/08
 Party Guy Hour 2 08/01/08
 Party schools 07/24/08
 Pat Summit sings 02/28/07
 Patrick Mahomes puts ketchup on his steak 11/15/18
 Patty Hearst wins dog show 02/12/08
 Paul Byrd wonders why people hate Barry 05/25/06
 Paul Cartneys wife
 Paul McCartneys wife
 Paul Westerberg screwdriver accident 01/04/07
 Paula Abdul airline gaff 04/18/07
 Pay Phone smack 03/31/08
 PDA update 11/27/06
 Pebble Beach Pro Am 02/10/06
 Pebble Beach Pro Am this week 02/06/07
 Pedro dots Jose Guillen twice 04/07/06
 Pedro says he dominated and did it clean 02/15/08
 Pee Wee Herman at the Dalas Cowboys camp 08/05/11
 Pepperoni shortage during pandemic, Tweets from Keith Arnold 08/18/20
 Personal appearance smack allowed for 11-12-13 day, Charlie in Lawrence looking for Jungle Caramel 11/12/13
 Pet parrot named Eric saves man from house fire in Australia 11/05/20
 Peta does not want the Ravens using Ravens 07/03/08
 PETA tells Ben and Jerrys to use breast milk 09/24/08
 Pete Carroll holding pro seminars 11/16/05
 Pete Carroll meltsdown with Sanchez going pro 01/16/09
 Pete Rose at baseball camp 08/03/07
 Peyton Manning cannot change his name to Peyton Manning 03/29/07
 Peyton Manning idiot kicker reset 01/17/06
 Peyton Manning Sweet 16 Party 03/06/07
 Peyton Manning weird commercial 01/14/08
 Peyton Mannings head 01/17/07
 Phil Jackson and Mark Cuban 02/08/06
 Phil Jackson Brokeback Mountain 11/15/07
 Phil Jackson only wants to coach home games 06/24/09
 Phil Mickelson meltdown 06/19/06
 Phil Mickelson meltdown 02/20/07
 Phil Mickelson rolls in Georgia 04/03/06
 Phil Mickelson wins at Riviera 02/23/09
 Phillies lose 10000 games 07/16/07
 Phillip says Jesus Christ could not help the Lakers 03/12/07
 Philly fan eats horse crap after the Super Bowl 02/05/18
 Piece of Crap club 08/01/07
 Pig Latin take and emails 04/27/07
 Pilot lands plane in Hudson River 01/16/09
 PING soundbyte and take 06/20/07
 Pitt QB Kenny Pickett's hand measures larger at pro day than at 2022 NFL scouting combine 03/22/22
 Pittsburgh SB riots 02/07/06
 Pittsburgh Super Bowl parade 02/04/09
 Plane Crash Smack in Soccer 01/13/09
 Play in game 03/12/07
 Play in game 03/18/08
 Players Champ recap 03/27/06
 Podcast preview with Chris Archer and voicemails 10/24/17
 Podcast Voicemails 11/14/17
 Podcast voicemails after the Smackoff 07/25/18
 Podcast voicemails mocking Jeff in San Antonio 10/17/17
 Porn during the Super Bowl 02/02/09
 Porn spam 09/18/06
 Portland new affiliate 05/12/08
 Postal worker border skirmish 02/27/08
 Pot smoking mother 09/13/06
 Potluck guy and Michael Jordan's Catch 23 fishing boat wins sailfish tournament in Florida 01/27/21
 Preview of Podcast voicemails 10/03/17
 Preview of the Podcast with Charles Barkley 06/27/18
 Price is Right contestant bids $7000 for a basic hammock 10/08/14
 Pro Bowl Hijinx 02/16/07
 Pro Bowl in London 12/07/06
 Pro Vick argument 07/24/07
 Pujols mad not getting MVP 11/30/06
 Pumpkin patch 10/30/06
 Purdue player busted for stealing condoms 05/19/09
 Race for worst in MLB 05/03/06
 Race In America Conversation Part 1 - Calls from Rob in Oakland, Ross in Arkansas, Kenny in Nashville, Carla in Idaho, Russell in the Bay Area 06/01/20
 Race In America Conversation Part 2 - Calls from John in Santa Barbara, Tobin in Chapel Hill, Chris in Oregon, Ody in Orange County, Paul in Santa Monica, Steve in Omaha 06/01/20
 Radio or TV 01/18/06
 Radio Row Week That Was 02/14/22
 Radio terms, update from Hawk on Christmas card submissions, mentions WoodScopes lineup 12/14/18
 Raiders 0-16 09/18/06
 Raiders are a mess 09/23/08
 Raiders still looking for a coach 02/10/06
 Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul get in a fight 10/22/18
 Randall added to the Deca Yeah 07/26/19
 Randy Johnson is ugly 04/21/06
 Randy Johnson love child 03/29/06
 Rangers pitcher back to back to back 04/17/06
 Rapper winks at Romes wife 04/03/08
 Rappers on Roids 01/15/08
 Rashard Mendenhalls 911 Tweet 05/03/11
 Rat Family Open 03/14/08
 Ravens rookie Ben Cleveland discusses his acquired taste for squirrels 05/18/21
 Raw Dog it 06/10/08
 Rays First Pitch Problems 09/30/08
 Rays First Pitch Reaction 09/30/08
 Razor Rudduck wants to sell u a trash can 12/13/06
 Reaction to Beaks in Studio City's call 11/03/22
 Reaction to Bob Diaco Interview; Lance in Louisville/Topeka glossed a Scorpion and Energy Vampire 12/18/13
 Reaction to Chris in SE Wisco's call, Rome explains why he couldn't go to Kit's Place, gives love to Stucknut 02/03/22
 Reaction to Hawk's attack on dog culture 05/12/21
 Reaction to Jason in Oregon's call, beat by ex-step son 01/20/21
 Reaction to Mike in San Diegos passing 07/02/12
 Reaction to the Jim Rome rap song, plus phone calls 02/28/18
 Reason to go... pee on a girls leg on airplane 08/12/11
 Rebecca Black remixed her classic song Friday for the 10th anniversary 02/12/21
 Recap of Buffalo CloneStock, email from Rick in Buffalo, audio of Kyle in Green Bay's table slam 12/19/18
 Recap of Ravens vs Browns, Lamar Jackson left with a 'cramp' 12/15/20
 Reche Caldwell reset 01/24/07
 Redskins draft pick hit in groin by paintball 06/18/07
 Referee injured by cannon at Maine Maritime Academy football game 09/27/19
 Refractory period 02/26/09
 Reggie Evans 10K grabbing 05/02/06
 Reggie Evans gropes Chris Kaman 05/01/06
 Reggie Jackson on A-rod 08/29/06
 Remembering Whitey Albers and Melvin 06/14/22
 Reminder about Year in Review show, use hashtag #RomeYIR 12/20/18
 Reset and reaction to Gavin in Illinois' flameout 04/09/21
 Reset of Brad in Corona's call to Brian Webber 11/05/18
 Reset of Gaucho Bill's rat family fax 06/03/21
 Reset of J-Stew's call screening techniques and Boaties Moleface Rock 02/16/21
 Reset of John in Little Rock's greatest hits 03/16/22
 Reset of Kevin Durant shouting out to Toby in Houston 04/19/19
 Reset of Leff in Laguna and Brad in Corona from day before 06/16/20
 Reset of Mark in Humboldt and Johnny Scabs' calls 05/04/21
 Reset of old school Smackoff callers - Willie in KC, Otis in Austin, Kerwin in Riverside, Jim in Fall River, Doc Mike 06/04/21
 Reset of old school Texters, Ron Full of Rage 11/27/18
 Reset of ponytail guy doing the Week That Was 09/24/21
 Reset of some of the best first calls, Brad in Corona, Mike in San Diego, JD in Nashville 05/20/22
 Reset of the Self Gloss segment - 5 year anniversary 04/25/19
 Reset-Teacher admits she smokes weed 09/13/06
 Resets of Mark Grace audio 06/25/20
 Resets of the dog getting invited to the Smackoff, Jim in Fall River donkey call, Tommy in Detroit oorf 12/08/20
 Results of the Radio Hall of Fame - Jim Rome didn't make it this time 06/25/18
 Retrospective on the Hackoff 06/20/14
 Reverse LT Buzzer 06/22/21
 Rex Hudler reaction 02/13/09
 Ricardo Montalbon dead at 88 01/15/08
 Rice player plays 4 positions 10/04/07
 Rich Fantasy Baseball Guy - Pig Farmer 10/26/11
 Rich Flores gifted Rome a signed 'Henry Winkler jumping the shark' poster 12/17/18
 Rich in Anaheim Hills 111396 11/13/96
 Rich in Rochester jokes about Sammy Watkins' premature touchdown celebration, wars Buffalo Bills playoff talk on local radio 10/27/14
 Rich Rodriguez DUI 12/11/06
 Rich Rodriguez family receiving threats 01/09/08
 Rich Rodriguez Josh Groban Take 12/03/10
 Rich Rodriguez messes with UM tradition 05/08/07
 Rich Rodriguez Reaction 12/03/10
 Richie Sexson given steal sign 04/24/06
 Rick Brunson books appointment with masseuse under the name of Patrick Ewing and sexually assaults her; Rome gives this take with Enya bumping in background 07/10/14
 Rick in Buffalo goes after Vic in Nocal, ends with a bad impersonation of an explosion 01/25/18
 Rick Pitino Reaction 10/01/08
 Rick Reilly
 Rick Sutcliffe and Ramonce Taylor 05/15/06
 Rick Sutcliffe part 2 05/15/06
 Rick Sutcliffe part 3 and Rome on AFHV 05/15/06
 Rick Tocchett busted in gambling ring 02/07/06
 Rickey Henderson back with Mets 02/13/06
 Rickey Henderson stealing promoters money 01/25/08
 Ricky in Seattle submits his own Smackoff promo, reaction 05/11/22
 RIP Alex Trebek 11/09/20
 RIP Eddie Van Halen 10/07/20
 Ritt disappoints everyone with a decent The Week That Was 06/10/22
 Ritt gets to handle The Week That Was duties since Alvie is missing 06/08/22
 Ritt hasn't had sugar in 30 days, Hawk says Dr. Pepper is a kids drink 09/15/20
 Ritt is a fan of Weird Al 08/04/20
 Ritt is drinking hot chocolate 11/20/19
 Ritt plays a soundbite at the end of the Taylor Heinicke interview, upsets Rome 02/18/21
 Ritt plays the wrong bumper music again, 2nd time in 2 weeks 01/28/21
 Ritt plays the wrong bumper music, Lust for Life instead of Up All Night 01/14/21
 Ritt took the entire commercial break making hot cocoa 03/25/21
 Ritt with a parody song for Jose Quintana's dishwashing injury 07/03/20
 Rob in Cleveland The Grump calls for 2nd day in a row, gets run again 07/07/15
 Robert Dozmati got married on Zoom 01/07/21
 Robert Horry hits another big shot 05/01/07
 Rock Show - Pooldoc Recaps 2012 Ranch Bash 03/22/12
 Rockies fans vs Brewers fans 09/24/07
 Rockies owner thinks Colorado is better 10/29/07
 Rockies retiring numbers 04/05/06
 Rocky Balboa on the Hippy Lettuce 04/27/11
 Roger Clemens Hour 1 02/13/08
 Roger Clemens Hour 2 02/13/08
 Roger Clemens Hour 3 02/13/08
 Roger Clemens love affair 04/28/08
 Roger Clemens Mindy McCready update 04/29/08
 Roger Clemens with John Daly ex wife alledgely 05/01/08
 Roger in Massachusetts thinks Joe Flacco should retire, doesn't want to de-minimize his injuries 02/13/19
 Rome - Your Mama in Bulk, YO! reset 12/14/10
 Rome addresses the rumor that OJ 'Stinky' Simpson wears diapers 12/09/16
 Rome addresses the Shey from the Bay Twitter video 02/14/17
 Rome and Hawk break down the Big Lead article - Have a Take and Don't Suck: Inside the Twisted Minds of Jim Rome's Call-In Empire 06/18/20
 Rome and Hawk discuss the James Kelley personal appearance smack 05/21/18
 Rome and Hawk go over more of the HOF vote suggestions 05/22/18
 Rome and Hawk talk about best relationships formed in the Jungle 03/11/21
 Rome and Kyle discuss weed, then talk Smackoff 06/16/16
 Rome and the Clones mourn the passing of Dave Geeting (aka Dave in St. Louis the Non-Hunter) 07/28/16
 Rome announces another 2 week vacation 07/31/20
 Rome announces he is going to Houston 08/20/07
 Rome announces new contract 07/11/06
 Rome announces that the radio show will be on CBS Sports Network TV 10/17/17
 Rome apologizes to band nation over Tweet 01/02/15
 Rome asks for rant requests for the CBS NFL show 11/06/18
 Rome backed into Janets car in the driveway, who's at fault? 08/28/20
 Rome breaks down a quote from NASCAR promoter Bruton Smith 01/16/97
 Rome breaks down the fastest run calls between Ryan in Wichita and Parody Larry 09/05/17
 Rome breaks down the Stella Artois commercial with SJP and The Dude 02/04/19
 Rome brings up Stucknut again 04/23/08
 Rome Burns On Favre/Sterger Scandal 10/08/10
 Rome calls for an end to court-storming in college basketball, accuses Kansas State of ruining it after fans get violent following win over Kansas 02/24/15
 Rome Calls Out Gonzo In SA (Guitar Fail) 11/17/10
 Rome checks in with Hawk about Jeff in Richmond's appearance on Stucknut Radio 04/30/18
 Rome checks in with Hawk, talk about vacation, birthday party, and marathon training 07/08/19
 Rome claims that the Cleveland Browns are America's Team 10/08/18
 Rome Compares the Crews' Degrees 10/31/08
 Rome cracks on Metal Detector Guy 10/01/14
 Rome cracks on mimes 07/28/14
 Rome discusses Johnny Rotten and Greg Norman 11/24/20
 Rome does a straight soccer take, Gregg Berhalter named USMNT coach 12/05/18
 Rome doesn't like his chowd family from Boston 01/17/97
 Rome doesn't want to talk about Jessica Simpson gaining weight 09/20/17
 Rome eulogizes the late Gene Wilder, pays tribute to his role as Willy Wonka, with Tweets from Chris in St. Pete and @paulcarney1978 08/30/16
 Rome explains that Romeageddon was a one-off, clones come in with fat smack, Alvie plays alarms 10/05/17
 Rome forgets his passwords 07/13/09
 Rome gained 7 pounds on the Wisconsin trip, but lost it in 1 day 08/10/21
 Rome gets another prediction right, the Nashville Predators over the Anaheim Ducks, with clones cashing in and reaction 04/28/16
 Rome gives away snickers for blackberry fix 03/03/08
 Rome goes off on the karma and Chris Everett 08/10/07
 Rome got FAT during his Wisconsin trip 08/13/18
 Rome got his seat bumped from first class to row 20, he was 'first on the downgrade' list 01/14/19
 Rome has a fake twitter 07/23/09
 Rome has a take on hand shake guy 06/30/16
 Rome has harsh words for UCSB student who ran on the court during UCSB-Hawaii game 03/07/14
 Rome has phone problems 06/27/08
 Rome has spam in his inbox 02/15/08
 Rome has to spend most of Hour 2 defending his decision to discontinue the Hackoff 04/22/14
 Rome hates Canadian PSAs 03/18/05
 Rome Hates Halloween 10/31/08
 Rome hates on Clay in Buffalo 05/08/08
 Rome hates Starbucks 04/07/06
 Rome hypes Dublin band Gama Bomb, wants to be in a video 08/31/21
 Rome in Philly 05/17/06
 Rome interrupts the Week That Was to wrap up the Larry, Rob, and Lance calls 11/06/15
 Rome interviews new EP Tom Di Benedetto about the Count Chocula gloss 08/11/21
 Rome introduces the newest crew member Gerrit Ritt 05/01/19
 Rome jokes about skipping his Showtime show to get high on 4-20 04/21/15
 Rome just noticed that Alvie wears his headphones backwards 01/12/21
 Rome lays out the 2017 Smackoff odds from Stucknut 06/21/17
 Rome lays out the Smackoff 25 odds from Stucknut 05/14/19
 Rome lays out the Smackoff 26 invitee list 06/02/20
 Rome leads off the show with a soccer take 10/11/17
 Rome leaves after hour 2 to catch a flight to Tampa, Brian Webber fills in 02/04/21
 Rome makes a pitch to LeBron James to be in Space Jam 2 09/20/18
 Rome meets one of the Olsen twins 12/11/06
 Rome meets Rachael in Houston 08/22/07
 Rome mentions he was sequestered in Ontario CA for 3 days, asked clones to guess why 01/11/19
 Rome mentions Smackoff.net website 05/16/12
 Rome mentions why he missed a few days, he had hernia surgery 07/16/21
 Rome misplaced his HOF trophy, found it under the sink 02/11/21
 Rome nails another NHL prediction, gets negative feedback, might retire giving out free picks 04/17/19
 Rome nails another NHL prediction, some clones think the audio is doctored 05/11/18
 Rome on Celebrity Maps 01/28/11
 Rome on Golf 10/19/04
 Rome opens by ripping Roger Goddell for his handling of the Ray Rice situation, followed by e-mails comparing Goddell to Matt in Cleveland, Justin in Huntington Beach, and Lance in Louisville 09/11/14
 Rome pays tribute to 19-year-old cancer victim Lauren Hill 04/10/15
 Rome played the Boogie Cousins 'fat boy' clip at the dinner table 03/08/17
 Rome previews the OJ Simpson 'If I Did It' special 03/09/18
 Rome previews the voicemails for Podcast episode 5 09/22/17
 Rome promises a segment of personal appearance smack, rat family, bum smack, and/or the Toby call for getting his podcast to number 1 on iTunes 09/26/17
 Rome pulls 5 suggestions from the Box of Chaos 06/04/18
 Rome puts the hammer down on Star Wars dorks 02/03/97
 Rome ran into Andy Reed at Javier's 04/16/18
 Rome ran into Jeff DiTolla at a baseball game 05/09/18
 Rome Reads 420 Drug Test email List 04/26/11
 Rome reads an email over Photograph 07/22/09
 Rome reads an open letter to Joaquin in San Diego, awards himself Huge Call at the end of the show 02/12/15
 Rome reads tweet from Steve in HTown @stucknut about the first email to the show, using the E-Takes form on the website in 1999 01/04/16
 Rome recaps his Hall of Fame induction ceremony 11/11/19
 Rome recaps his Wisconsin trip 08/14/18
 Rome recaps Smackoff 23 08/14/17
 Rome reflects on the passing of John Thompson, call from Danny Swartz 08/31/20
 Rome resets calls from Brad in Corona and Irie Craig to Grant Napear 10/18/18
 Rome resets notable Tampa callers from the past 09/18/15
 Rome resets Oren in Denver and Jeff in Richmond's feud 05/15/17
 Rome resets the 'worst segment ever' on its 7 year anniversary 03/25/16
 Rome resets the Kyle streak after Kyle Van Noy's interview 02/11/19
 Rome revisits the Slash in Brentwood call, determines that Slash got the buzzer before saying I'm out 01/08/16
 Rome revokes Golden Tickets for Marie and Ryan 'Ron' 05/15/18
 Rome Rips Barry Bonds 03/23/05
 Rome runs down most of the 2016 Smackoff participant list 06/07/16
 Rome runs down the 2016 Stucknut Smackoff odds 06/29/16
 Rome runs Tweets that are over 140 characters, Alvin introduces a new Twitter Buzzer 11/09/17
 Rome says Phil does not choke 06/13/06
 Rome sets the tone for 2019, no more Ray Liotta or Irie bum smack, Hawk lost his running shoes 01/02/19
 Rome shares his thoughts on Smackoff XX, recaps last five Smackoff champions (Brad in Corona, 2009 & 2011; Vic in NoCal, 2010; Chael Sonnen, 2012; Mark in Hollywood, 2013) 06/26/14
 Rome shouts out to Smackoff OG's, gives Otis in Austin a Golden Ticket 06/22/22
 Rome spends most of Hour 1 recapping action from NCAA Tournament Rounds of 64 and 32, including Northern Iowa's meltdown against Texas A&M and Middle Tennessee upsetting Michigan State 03/21/16
 Rome starts show with Mike in San Diego reset, Giants win the pennant, email from Eric in Falls Church 10/23/12
 Rome takes RSVP's for possible Hackoff return, calls from Matt in LA, Josh in Detroit, Parody Larry 11/28/18
 Rome talks about a gift from 25 clones - Space Jam baseball bat, Hawk gives an update on his car 10/15/18
 Rome talks about a road trip to San Diego during the holidays, Jake was his camera man for Instagram post 01/07/21
 Rome talks about his induction to the Radio Hall of Fame 08/12/19
 Rome talks about his old XR4Ti 04/28/22
 Rome talks about his past NHL predictions 04/17/19
 Rome talks about his recent trip to Wisconsin, Badgers tailgate/game 11/05/18
 Rome talks about Hurricane Harvey in Houston 08/28/17
 Rome talks about the Clone weekend, Woodscopes and Green Bay CloneStock 09/10/18
 Rome talks about the Sports Illustrated photo shoot from 1996, mentions archived images from Stucknut 05/12/16
 Rome teases a major Jungle announcement, clones try to guess 10/16/17
 Rome thanks Stew for Hot Dog Cooker 01/13/06
 Rome thinks LA beats Phoenix 05/01/06
 Rome thinks Lance in Topeka has a better chance of being considered one of the Jungle's best callers than Geno Smith has of being the NFL's best QB 07/28/14
 Rome Tweets to Follow Ryan in Wichita 05/10/11
 Rome will appear on the Woodscopes, clones react 09/07/18
 Rome's 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Prediction 04/11/18
 Rome's 2019 NHL playoff predictions 04/10/19
 Rome's computer has a virus 07/27/09
 Rome's Racoon Problem 10/07/14
 Rome's rant about Fireworks Guy 07/03/14
 Rome's reset of NCAA Bracket Guy 03/17/14
 Rome's take on astounding ESPN article about Tiger Woods - weird, awkward, nerdy, baggy, cheap, obsessed with Navy Seals 04/22/16
 Rome's take on Black Friday shoppers, with e-mail response from Martin in Irvine 11/12/14
 Rome's take on Bon Jovi 10/31/18
 Rome's take on National High-Five Day and High-Five Guy 04/16/15
 Rome's take on the NFL protests, plus LeBron calling Trump a bum 09/25/17
 Rome's take on the OJ interview 03/12/18
 Rome's thoughts on Powerball Guy and Detroit Lions fans who want to buy wedding gifts from Matt Stafford's wedding registry 02/11/15
 Romes 0-16 Dream 09/15/08
 Romes recap of the Smackoff 06/24/19
 Romes son Jake gets busted for an unapproved bat 04/14/11
 Ron Artest 07/29/08
 Ron Artest denied entrance to Hollywood Club 01/25/08
 Ron Artest table leg story 07/13/09
 Ron Kittle emails 02/24/09
 Ron Mexico takes up for his brother 01/26/06
 Ron Popils daughter 07/23/08
 Roommate beaten to death (Best of) 05/29/06
 Rory Sabbatini bolts charity event 12/17/07
 Rose bowl recap 01/05/06
 Rosie quits the view 04/25/07
 Roy Jones Jr likes cockfighting 02/09/07
 Roy Scheider from Jaws dies 02/11/08
 Roy Williams is cheap 09/28/07
 Royals are horrible 05/23/06
 Royals dugout fight 09/13/06
 Royals lose 12 in a row 05/25/06
 Royals lose 13 in a row 05/26/06
 Royals out 2-11 04/19/06
 Royals score 10 in first and lose 08/24/06
 Royals vs Bluejays for Gil Meche 12/11/06
 Rubix cube world record 01/17/06
 Rugby player has opponents tooth pulled from his head 07/17/07
 Runaway Bride and Johnny Miller 06/17/05
 Runaway Football Cart in Dallas 12/19/11
 Russ Ortiz demoted to pen 04/25/06
 Rutgers fans go off on Navy with emails 09/13/07
 Rutto bites another player 01/07/09
 Ryan Howard didnt get the memo about Nickelback 06/19/14
 Ryder Cup recap 09/29/06
 Saddam Hussein is dead 01/02/07
 Saints players sleeping in front of market 03/27/06
 Sales is Rough 12/17/07
 Sales Reset 07/21/09
 Salutation rules 11/28/06
 Sam in Connecticut got run for bad call about Tiger Woods, gave us a huh? soundbite 02/21/18
 Samuel Jackson lights up an L.A. entertainment reporter 02/11/14
 San Diego is back in the Jungle, call from Rob in SD 04/12/18
 San Francisco Giants shut out Pittsburgh Pirates 8-0 in NL Wild Card, with e-mails from Bryce in Topeka and Scott in Frisco 10/02/14
 Sarah Jessica Parker email 05/01/08
 Schilling-Manny 12/01/06
 Science proves soccer is most exciting sport 01/05/06
 Scott Olsen suspended for insubordination 07/17/07
 Scott Pioli hired by Chiefs 01/14/09
 Scott Spiezio cut after arrest 02/28/08
 Scott Stapp will play Frank Sinatra in a Ronald Reagan movie 12/18/20
 Scott Weiland writes open letter to Charlie Weiss 01/10/07
 Scottie Pippen sings Take Me Out to the Ballgame at Wrigley, joins the club 10/24/16
 Seahawks rookie Kemah Siverand was released after sneaking girlfriend into team hotel dressed as player 08/25/20
 Sean Casey has his car vandalized 04/24/07
 Sean Taylor Hour 1 11/27/07
 Sean Taylor Hour 2 11/27/07
 Sean Taylor tribute 12/03/07
 Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting for Rome, show open 11/27/20
 Sean the Cablinasian promo 04/27/06
 Sean the Cablinasian promo 05/02/07
 Sean the Cablinasian recaps his Smackoff call on his Houston show 610am 06/21/19
 Seanny the Cablinasian retires per Jim Rome 10/11/07
 Seattle Mariners made a Bad News Bears play 06/04/19
 Seattle Mariners serves toasted grasshoppers at the ballpark, Rex Hudler reset 04/12/17
 Secret Santa Rant, with e-mail and Twitter reaction 12/18/13
 Seg 3-BCS and calls 12/04/06
 Seg 4-UCSB wins soccer title 12/04/06
 Seg 6-Romes rodeo trip 12/04/06
 Seg 9-BCS mess 12/04/06
 Segment 2-Sir Edmund Hillary and funny emails 01/10/08
 Segment with Building Alarm 02/05/09
 Sergio calls out TIger 09/21/06
 Sergio complaining about locker rooms at Ryder Cup 01/07/09
 Sergio Garcia spits in cup and emails 03/26/07
 Sex 06/21/07
 Sex with cars 05/22/08
 Shan Foster cant wait to play in the NBA 07/01/08
 Shaq and Kobe have babies 05/02/06
 Shaq and Kobe make up 01/17/06
 Shaq has a bruised scrotum 03/10/08
 Shaq has expenses 01/23/08
 Shaq says MVP award is tainted 02/27/07
 Shaq to Cleveland 06/25/09
 Shaqs rap breakdown 06/25/08
 Shaun Livingston dislocates his kneecap 02/27/07
 She are the manager 04/17/09
 Shoot Heroin like a champion today 01/10/07
 Shortest segment ever 02/07/06
 Show Announcement: CBS Sports Radio will be available on SiriusXM 02/20/18
 Show open 03/28/06
 Show open 04/19/06
 Show Open - Getaway day for Thanksgiving weekend, Patrick Mahomes puts ketchup on turkey, email and Twitter reaction 11/25/20
 Show Open - Jacko is Dead 06/26/09
 Show open - NBA boycott, comments from Chris Webber and Robert Horry 08/27/20
 Show open - President Trump served fast food for Clemson championship team 01/15/19
 Show open - Robert Kraft charged for soliciting sex at a massage parlor 02/22/19
 Show open - Rome talks about the shooting in Thousand Oaks, takes calls 11/08/18
 Show open - take on Tony La Russa's DUI 11/11/20
 Show open - The Milwaukee Bucks win the NBA Championship 07/21/21
 Show Open - USC Crushes OSU 09/15/08
 Show open before 2 week break, Alvie goes crazy on the board 07/27/18
 Show open-Agent zero fails-Hefty-Punter blown up at pro bowl 02/12/07
 Show open-Albert Haynesworth-Michigan State-Jason Grimsley report 10/02/06
 Show open-Arizona Cardinal meltdown 10/17/06
 Show open-BCS-Bill Callahan 12/05/06
 Show open-BCS-UCSB wins title 12/04/06
 Show Open-Big Ben 06/13/06
 Show Open-Big Ben on the Show 06/12/06
 Show open-Big Ben-Chris Simms-Notre Dame-Ryder Cup 09/25/06
 Show open-Bonds 756-Kevin Durant goes pro 04/10/07
 Show open-Bonds and Glavine reach milestones-Agent zero plagiaris 08/06/07
 Show Open-College Football recap 09/18/06
 Show open-Daisuke Red Sox Artest 911 Miami Football 03/07/07
 Show open-Delmon Young-Carl Pavano 08/30/06
 Show open-Dice K-Billy Gillespie 04/06/07
 Show Open-FSU miami colorado loses 09/05/06
 Show open-GiantsBarry-Tiger JOhn Smoltz 04/04/07
 Show open-GMU and UCLA in final 4 03/27/06
 SHow open-Joey Crawford-Charlie Manuel 04/18/07
 Show open-Kelvin Sampson-Roy Williams-Coack K 02/20/08
 Show open-Kenny Rogers tickets 10/23/06
 Show open-Kobe needs help 05/03/07
 Show open-Man Ram and Dwyane Wade 02/22/07
 Show Open-Miami brawl-Detroit Tigers-Mets-Iowa loses to indiana 10/16/06
 Show open-Miami Heat blown out-OSU Mich-John L Smith 11/01/06
 Show open-Miami murder-Chiefs QB-Dick Cheney hunting trip 11/08/06
 Show open-Miami set up 01/29/07
 Show open-Michael Ray Richardson and Diego Maradona 03/29/07
 Show open-NBA playoffs-Carl Pavano-Chuck Liddell 05/24/07
 Show open-NBA playoffs-Yankees-Man Ram goes Man Ram 04/25/07
 Show open-NBA scandal-Sergio meltdown 07/23/07
 Show open-NBA-NHL bumped for Preakness 05/21/07
 Show Open-NCAA Day 1 03/21/08
 Show Open-NCAA title game preview 04/03/06
 Show open-NCAA Title game recap 04/03/07
 Show open-NCAA tourney 03/19/07
 Show open-NCAA tourney 03/26/07
 Show open-NCAA tourney-Pacman Jones 03/12/07
 Show open-Nebraska USC 09/15/06
 Show Open-Nebraska-Notre Dame-Spurrier 09/14/06
 Show open-NFL Draft-Maverics 04/30/07
 Show open-Pacman Jones and Hank Aaron on 755 04/11/07
 Show open-Schaub-Yankees 03/22/07
 Show open-Schilling on Bonds-Barry cracks Costas 07/26/07
 Show open-Schillings Bloody Sock-Nascar fixed 04/26/07
 Show open-Sox win WS-Arod opt out-Patriots coast 10/29/07
 Show open-Tiger wins again-Yanks Sox 08/21/06
 Show Open-Tigers-Brad Penny-Soriano 50-40 08/25/06
 Show open-Tim Hardaway-Agent Zero 02/15/07
 Show open-Tim Hardway 02/17/07
 Show Open-USA basketball loses 09/01/06
 Show open-Utah Jazz-Lefty wins the Players 05/14/07
 Show open-World Cup 07/10/06
 Show open-Yankees 04/24/07
 Show Open-Yankees and Padres 10/04/06
 Show open-Zac Johnson wins Masters 04/09/07
 Show openBilly Donovan-Cavs go to finals 06/04/07
 Sidney Ponson to the Yankees 07/14/06
 Silk Brah and Tito Ortiz were featured in a Spectrum News 1 report 10/07/20
 Silk Brah is in charge of mobile homes in Huntington Beach 05/05/21
 Silk got fired for going to tour stops 03/21/08
 Simon the portable game 01/17/06
 Singapore airlines bans sex 11/05/07
 Six Degrees of Kenny Rogers and the Jungle 03/23/20
 Skip Bayless on Maurice Clarett 08/09/06
 Sklars Guest Host Hour 1 - Shaq on WWE, Snoop vs Gasol 12/29/11
 Sklars Guest Host Hour 2 - Caron Butler interview, Jerry Jones 12/29/11
 Sklars Guest Host Hour 3 - Bruce Jenner, Independence Bowl broken by mascot 12/29/11
 Sklars Hour 1 07/18/08
 Sklars Hour 2 07/18/08
 Sklars Hour 3 07/18/08
 Sklars namedrop Steve in H-Town & Stucknut 07/05/07
 Skull Bong 05/09/07
 Sleeping through the alarm 05/13/09
 Smackoff 2012 invitees and mention of Stucknut odds 04/19/12
 Smackoff 24 announcement - July 20th 04/30/18
 Smackoff 24 Preview 07/19/18
 Smackoff 25 is 50 days away 05/02/19
 Smackoff 25 preview - Canadian bros, Rick in Buffalo, Benny in Wisco, Kaleb in Green Bay, Mike in Indy 05/08/19
 Smackoff 25 preview - Chasing the 5-time champ 05/10/19
 Smackoff 26 Announcement - June 19, 2020 04/22/20
 Smackoff 26 recap 06/22/20
 Smackoff 27 Announcement - June 25, 2021 05/21/21
 Smackoff 28 Recap 06/27/22
 Smackoff 28 will be June 24th 04/20/22
 Smackoff Announcement - No more studio visits, the Leff Rule 06/25/18
 Smackoff announcement will be next week 04/17/20
 Smackoff Eve - opening segment 06/23/22
 Smackoff history - Jim in Fall River 06/20/18
 Smackoff profile for RSVP's 05/17/22
 Smackoff Profile: Brad in Corona 07/13/18
 Smackoff Profile: Chael Sonnen 07/10/18
 Smackoff Profile: Current Golden Ticket Holders 07/16/18
 Smackoff Profile: Iafrate 06/28/18
 Smackoff Profile: Mark in Hollywood 06/27/18
 Smackoff Profile: Mike in Indy 07/18/18
 Smackoff Profile: Rick in Buffalo 07/12/18
 Smackoff Profile: Steve Carbone 07/09/18
 Smackoff Profile: Team Canada - Matt in Vancouver and Tyler in Edmonton 07/11/18
 Smackoff Profile: Vic in Nocal 07/17/18
 Smackoff reaction 05/11/09
 Smackoff reaction 2-Rachel sounds 05/11/09
 Smackoff reaction 3 05/11/09
 Smackoff Recap 07/23/18
 Smackoff recap of 2017 Golden Ticket holders 06/26/18
 Smackoff season has started, time to move content from Twitter to the show 03/27/19
 Smackoff XXI set for June 26 05/08/15
 Smash Mouth smashes LeBron James on Twitter; Clones begin smashing LeBron with resets of 90s bands and songs 06/13/16
 Smoking Pipes 05/29/08
 Smooth jazz reset 02/05/09
 Snowbird Buzzer - New way to run clones when Joey Vendetta is hosting 07/03/17
 Snowboarder hot dogs and falls 02/17/06
 Snuggies and Shamwow 01/06/09
 Soccer and Porn 04/18/08
 Soccer fan Inflatable cranks 02/07/06
 Soccer Jail 03/22/06
 Soccer messes 11/26/07
 Soccer player gives faschist salute 01/24/06
 Soccer player traded for meat 02/28/06
 Soccer Porn 10/31/06
 Soccer Racism 04/13/06
 Soccer title is like getting knocked up 12/05/06
 Social media didn't like Adam Jones putting ketchup on his tacos 05/06/20
 Softball guy 10/15/07
 Somebody asked Rome if he knew Erie Craig, Choc and Big Head went to Javiers 06/17/22
 Sopranos ending sucked (with emails) 06/11/07
 Soundbyte Montage take 06/29/06
 South Korean fencer kicked off team for facelift 01/13/06
 South Park NASCAR Take 10/14/10
 Southern Sando and Tan Smack resets 09/28/22
 Space Jam 20 year anniversary 11/15/16
 Space Station Golf 03/09/06
 Spain basketball photo mocks Chinese 08/15/08
 Speedo guy 03/21/08
 Spooky Mix 10/31/22
 Sports and Jeopardy! don't mix 01/17/14
 Spreewell gets his yacht repoed 08/23/07
 Spurrier cracks on Georgia 09/10/07
 Spurs in a haunted hotel 03/26/14
 Spurs with 4th title in 9 years 06/15/07
 Stanford Tree Drunk 02/17/06
 Stanley Cup-Mickelson caddie 06/20/06
 Starbucks take 09/21/06
 Steeler fan has heart attack after Bettis fumble 01/18/06
 Steelers player charged with pimping 05/14/07
 Steelers porn email 05/24/07
 Stephen Jackson flys Southwest 08/26/08
 Stephon Marbury at the bus stop 02/20/09
 Stephone Marbury takes up for Michael Vick 08/22/07
 Steve Alford leaves Iowa 03/22/07
 Steve Bartman ESPN Documentary 09/28/11
 Steve Bartman turns down 25K autograph 07/24/08
 Steve Belichick sounds just like his old man 12/06/19
 Steve Carbone Radio Show Promo
 Steve Elkington interview 06/22/15
 Steve Elkington resets 05/18/07
 Steve Foley shot 09/05/06
 Steve in HTown's a man! He's 40! 05/22/18
 Steve McNair and Arturro Gatti thoughts 07/13/09
 Steve Spurrier wants to rip Sterling Sharpes number 02/09/09
 Steven in Green Bay finds it rich that the clones are caller him a stalker, sings a Niems parody for Geoff in Lincoln, gets run 10/10/22
 Stoled bases and recepted 03/20/07
 Stone Cold Day - Reset of Smackoff cameos 03/16/18
 Str8Jakkett released a new Jim Rome rap song 03/29/19
 Stucknut Day on The Jim Rome Show 05/04/09
 Stucknut sex email 04/25/06
 Stucknut tries to induct Chris Taylor to the Rat Family 10/01/21
 Substitute teacher sex change 02/28/06
 Super Bowl Prop Bets 01/25/06
 Supermodel tears up Terrell Owens 06/24/09
 Susie in Wisconsin submits a XR4Ti song, Puttin' on the Ritt 12/10/20
 T.O.-Clean Dugouts 03/20/06
 Taking credit for stupid things 08/04/08
 Talladega bans fans from track 05/02/07
 Tank Johnson gets 8 games 06/05/07
 Tatum Bells alledgely takes Rudi Johnsons bags 09/03/08
 Team USA hitting on chicks at Olympics 08/14/08
 Team USA vs Australian Rugby 08/28/06
 Teddy Dupay telemarketer with email 06/27/06
 Teen baked her grandpa's ashes into sugar cookies, fed them to peers 10/19/18
 Temple loses 63-9 10/13/06
 Tennessee student Corey Zickefoose robbed by football players but doesn't want them to get punished 11/13/09
 Tennis player drug excuse 07/15/09
 Tennis reporter congratulates Rafael Nadal for a win after a loss. It's a win anyways. 04/05/17
 Terence In Sierra Madre 2002 2002
 Terrell Owens is not selfish 10/18/07
 Terrell Owens Once Again To 09/29/08
 Terrell Owens oversleeps 08/29/06
 Terrell Owens-Hour 1 09/27/06
 Terrell Owens-Hour 2 09/27/06
 Terrell Owens-Hour 3 09/27/06
 Terrell Pryor to Ohio State 03/19/08
 Terrell Pryor to Ohio State-Day 2 03/20/08
 Terrelle Pryor gets off in bball game 02/26/08
 Terrible College Football Rule Changes 02/19/09
 Terry Francona wants to quit chewing 03/01/07
 Terry Glenn nude at hotel 02/05/09
 Tex Winter reset 01/23/07
 Texas 30 Baltimore 3 08/23/07
 Texas beats Ohio State in Fiesta Bowl 01/06/09
 Texas CB suspended 09/05/06
 Texas Oklahoma grab bag 09/12/07
 Texas Ranger emails 08/23/07
 Texas Tech may fire Mike Leach 02/19/09
 Text contest-featuring two blocks and a marty-rome snuggie text 02/23/09
 TGIF - Keith brought sausage breakfast sandwiches to work 02/08/19
 Thanksgiving Leftovers - Mike Tyson v Roy Jones Jr, Nate Robinson v Youtuber 11/30/20
 The 420 Meets the 911 02/11/11
 The Birth of the Adult Alarm 06/28/06
 The clones wanted Jim Rome to know that Vince Neil has gained weight 01/18/17
 The console broke, calls weren't working, Alvin and Choc were unplugging wires 12/13/21
 The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman 02/03/14
 The Fray butchers the National Anthem at NCAA Championship game 04/03/12
 The Gerrit Ritt Show 10/14/22
 The Glossary Part 1 1992
 The Glossary Part 2 1992
 The Glossary Part 3 1992
 The Hackoff is NOT coming back (includes reset of Lance in Louisville) 03/19/14
 The heckler who hooked Draymond Green (aka Draymond Groin) was a Michigan State football player - Spartan-on-Spartan crime - with Rome's thoughts and call from Austin in Grand Rapids (Michigan Wolverines fan) 07/12/16
 The Laugh montage take 03/22/07
 The laugh reset 01/24/06
 The Mix at Double Speed 10/15/07
 The Murphy Curse 10/22/15
 The Nate Rule - play royalty free techno any time a Nate is mentioned 09/19/22
 The new nba ball is out 12/12/06
 The Origin of Iafrate 06/19/09
 The Pole Assassin and her Monkey 11/02/21
 The Rat Family 01/24/08
 The Show Goes South 12/08/04
 The Situation Blows Roasting of the Donald 03/16/11
 The Smackoff will be streamed live on Periscope 07/25/17
 The studio door is squeaky, clones suggest ways to fix it 12/10/15
 The Warriors dance to Fergie's National Anthem with the Fergie Remix Challenge 10/29/18
 The Week That Was - with tributes to Randall 07/26/19
 Thermostat problem 01/24/06
 This Guy Tiger 03/03/06
 Tiger fires back at Sabbatini 05/15/07
 Tiger vs Phil 11/14/18
 Tiger Woods and his daughter 03/06/14
 Tiger Woods complains about not being able to activate his gluts; Rome clowns him with malfunctioning robot noises 02/06/15
 Tiger Woods daredevil 04/24/06
 Tiger Woods hits group in front of him 11/17/06
 Tiger Woods injured in single car accident, multiple leg injuries 02/23/21
 Tiger Woods is back 08/13/18
 Tiger Woods is back and your coworker in the red polo will let you know about it 11/30/17
 Tiger Woods misses ball mark 02/26/07
 Tiger Woods out for year 06/18/08
 Tiger Woods receding hairline knee injury 04/16/08
 Tiger Woods thinks hes playing like an 18 handicap 12/05/07
 Tiger Woods wins 500K at blackjack 04/19/06
 Tigers score 19 runs on Royals 07/22/08
 Tigers tank lose central 10/03/06
 Tiki and Tierney congratulate Adam Hawk on finishing his 2nd marathon 03/09/20
 Tillman family upset about investigation 03/27/07
 Tillman reaction 03/27/07
 Tim Duncan retires after spending his 19-year NBA career with the Spurs, with reaction from Clones 07/11/16
 Tim Hardaway reaction 1 02/16/07
 Tim Hardaway reaction 2 02/16/07
 Tim Tebow was cut by the Jaguars, Danika doesn't have to lick Ritt's head 08/17/21
 Tito Ortiz criticized TK Burgers for not letting him in without a mask on 01/20/21
 Tito Ortiz got sworn in, had problems speaking 12/11/20
 Tito Ortiz resigns from the Huntington Beach council 06/02/21
 To Catch a predator 04/30/08
 Toast 11/07/07
 Toby in Houston calls JT the Brick about the Smackoff 05/25/12
 Today in Jungle History: 2003 - Detroit Tour Stop 31, 2005 - BOHICA call from Jerome in Nashville 07/26/17
 Todd Bozeman doesnt like ham sandwiches 02/06/07
 Todd Gurley dropped his phone in the toilet 12/17/20
 Todd Marinovich arrested in Irvine for trespassing in a resident's backyard, found naked and carrying a sack of meth and marijuana 08/23/16
 Toledo football scandal 04/03/07
 Toledo news team is woke AF 03/28/19
 Tom Brady in game sound - 'Lets go to the lake' 02/10/12
 Tom Brady is gonna be a father 02/21/07
 Tom Brady out for season 09/08/08
 Tom Brady was thrown out of park by a Tampa recreation worker 04/21/20
 Tom Brokaw story 07/23/07
 Tom Coughlin compares himself to Hitler 03/30/07
 Tom Cruise recorded berating 'Mission Impossible' crew over Covid protocols 12/16/20
 Tom Penders heart attack technical 01/24/06
 Tom Thibodeau's scary laugh 02/25/14
 Tom Watson chokes away British Open 07/20/09
 Tom Zbikowski Fails Drug Test 04/26/11
 Tommy Lasorda passed away, reset of old interviews 01/08/21
 Tony Allen injury after whistle 01/11/07
 Tony Berzanard wants to fight the Mets 07/22/09
 Tony Dungy retiring 01/12/09
 Tony Hawk podcast preview, Drew in West LA hyped as great skateboarder 04/14/20
 Tony in Cleveland reaction 03/13/07
 Tony La Russa charged with another DUI 11/10/20
 Tony LaRussa DUI 03/22/07
 Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson in Mexico 01/09/08
 Tony Romo changes a tire for a couple 09/12/08
 Tony Romo dumps Jessica Simpson 07/21/09
 Tony Romo dumps Jessica Simpson at an iHOP 07/28/09
 Tonya Harding 911 call take 03/20/07
 Tonya Harding and LT reset 09/29/06
 Tonya Harding is finally getting a movie 03/03/17
 Top Gun 03/14/08
 Torii Hunter mishap 10/05/06
 Tracy Morgan talks quarantine on the Today Show 04/08/20
 Travis Henry Discussion 10/02/08
 Travis Rodgers choking on a sandwich 02/08/08
 Travis Rodgers gets a cramp 08/12/08
 Travis Rodgers holding the Stanley Cup (with emails) 06/08/07
 Travis Rodgers holding the Stanley Cup Part 2 06/08/07
 Travis Rodgers holding the Stanley Cup Part 3 06/08/07
 Travis Rodgers holding the Stanley Cup Part 4 06/08/07
 Travis Rodgers holding the Stanley Cup Part 5 06/08/07
 Travis Rodgers roommate story (best of) 05/29/06
 Travis Rodgers vacation 04/04/08
 Travis Rodgers weight loss update 01/17/07
 Trevor Pryce finally breaks the losing streak 11/09/18
 Trevor Pryce has lost 6 straight picks on the RPO Podcast 11/05/18
 Tribute to Terez Paylor 02/10/21
 Tribute to the replacement referees 09/27/12
 Tribute to Trapper in Dana Point 01/26/21
 Trick bowling 06/21/06
 Triple U sponsors 06/26/08
 Trot Nixon 0-9 07/10/06
 Troy Hudson album sells 78 copies 08/01/07
 Troy Smith - I'm Officer 04/04/16
 Troy Smith has stripper cred 12/20/06
 Troy Smith thoughts on In-N-Out 01/05/07
 Tubby Smith leaves Kentucky for Minnesota 03/23/07
 Two Handed handshake 03/14/08
 Twolves tank and secure lottery pick 04/19/07
 Tyler Hansborough dunks on 7-7 guy 01/10/08
 Tyler Sash tasered after leading cops on drunken scooter chase 05/14/14
 Tyus Edney skips interview to take a nap 02/03/97
 UC Irvine wins another CWS games with emails 06/20/07
 UCF phone sex line 09/03/08
 Ugueth Urbina to the slam for 14 years 03/28/07
 UNC crushes Duke 02/12/09
 Undefeated Kentucky falls to Wisconsin in the Final Four, with reactions from Clones 04/06/15
 Update on Adam Hawk's back issue, chiropractor visit, and clone reaction 04/11/18
 Update on Adam Hawks car, it was picked up for no tags 10/11/18
 Urban Meyer may give schollie to student 03/10/08
 UroClub 05/28/08
 US Americans reset 09/19/07
 US Coast Guard has to rescue an idiot who tried to run in a waterproof ball across the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to Bermuda 04/26/16
 US down 2-0 06/14/06
 US loses 3-0 in World Cup 06/12/06
 US Navy ships overcome by pirates 03/20/06
 US Relay team upsets France 08/11/08
 US Skeleton coach suspended for sex 01/04/06
 US Soccer out after loss to Ghana 06/22/06
 USA v Canada 12/09/04
 USA v Canada and Marty 02/07/07
 USA Wins the Ryder Cup 09/22/08
 USA-Canada border skirmish 10/25/06
 USA-Canada reset 03/09/06
 USA-Canada segment 2 03/09/06
 USC Football problems 04/27/06
 USC loses to Oregon St 10/30/06
 USC overcome by jock itch 08/14/08
 Utah Valley vs. New Mexico State brawl and court storming, with e-mail and Twitter reaction 02/28/14
 V Young pissed at Pacman JOnes 06/22/07
 Vagina Friendly Mayor 03/13/08
 Van Gundy wants every team in the lottery 03/28/07
 Vernon Davis appears on Family Feud and gives creepy answers 06/30/15
 Vic in NoCal explanation 05/14/07
 Video game emails 04/08/08
 Video rants from Brett in C-Town, Danielle in Tampa, Curtis in Eureka, and Nick in Warcal 04/26/12
 Viktor Hovland is driving to every PGA Tour stop with the help of heavy metal music and Red Bull 07/02/20
 Vin Scully live foghorn 07/30/07
 Vin Scully lost his ring at Costco, rant on Costco, email and Twitter reaction 12/19/14
 Vince Young is troubled 09/09/08
 Vince Young may be nuts 09/10/08
 Virginia Tech reaction 04/17/07
 Visanthe Shiancoe Has Alcohol Talk with McNabb 04/26/11
 Vlad Guerrero grand slam 05/02/07
 VP Debate Preview 10/02/08
 WAC bans bad chanting 01/17/08
 Wake Forest radio announcer Tommy Elrod fired for giving confidential info from Demon Deacons football team's playbook to the Louisville Cardinals; Rome would add him to the Rat Family if he were to bring it back 12/15/16
 Wake up, bitch! 11/07/17
 Warren G sings Take Me Out to the Ball Game, messes up the lyrics 05/02/16
 Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden reads his players' Tweets publicly during team meetings 12/10/14
 Water main break floods Pauley Pavilion at UCLA; prank caller to KABC-TV Louis Slungpue pulls fast one on anchors, suggests break came from cherry bomb down a drain or someone taking a massive dump 07/30/14
 Wax Museums 01/25/07
 WBC returning in 2009 11/15/06
 Webster speeding ticket (best of) 05/29/06
 Week That Was 03/02/12
 Weird Cubs injuries 03/03/08
 Welcome to Pound Town 04/19/22
 Wendy Williams is a gas, nerd creates Zoom Escaper 03/17/21
 Wes the fat kid with first email to RomeyYouRock at gmail.com 12/13/11
 Wesley Snipes take 10/18/06
 Westbrick jams out to Beyonce before exercising $47 million Lakers option 06/28/22
 Whats That Sound: Clones ask the origins of Brah!, a car!, and This is the Game, Doug! 03/27/18
 Whats that sound? Clones try to guess. Answer: Patrick Reed breaking his club 06/17/19
 Whats that sound? Clones try to guess. Answer: Rice LT Calvin Anderson solving a Rubix Cube behind his back 09/08/16
 Whats that sound? Gronk with a minigun. Clones try to guess, Alvie caters to their requests 05/08/18
 Whats that sound? Clones try to guess. Answer: Elon Musk fails at smashing a window 11/22/19
 Wheel of Fortune contestant mistakenly calls Sir Isaac Newton 'Tom', Creed might reunite 11/06/20
 Wheel of Fortune not very kind to members of Military 01/07/10
 When Rome was on The NFL Today, Boomer Esiason left the Clones a Christmas present 12/19/16
 Where is the Stanley Cup 06/20/06
 White Sox Blow Up Dolls 05/07/08
 White Sox go back to back to back to back 08/15/08
 Who came first silk or irie 06/15/07
 Why The Phone Calls Didn't Suck Ths Week 12/04/09
 Wichita-UC Irvine battle 06/11/07
 Wife rips Husbands bag off 05/18/06
 Wife rips off husbands bag update 05/19/06
 William Hung is an actor 01/06/05
 Willie in KC Tweets a promise to donate $5000 to charity if reinstated, invited to Smackoff XXII and wins; Rome awards Willie Huge Call but remains undecided on his fate 05/11/16
 Willie Nelson busted for weed and shrooms 09/19/06
 Wisconsin band geeks gone wild 10/13/06
 WNBA fight 07/23/08
 WNBA gambling 04/20/06
 Woman calls 911 because her chinese food wasn't good, paid with credit card, demanded cash back 07/10/15
 Woman hit by concrete at Marlin game 10/04/06
 Woman sues Juwan Howard for giving her herpes - GRAPHIC IN NATURE
 Womens bball coach and reaction about her being a dude 01/10/08
 World Series of Beer Pong 01/07/09
 World Series of Poker final table is set 07/17/07
 Worlds strongest men pulling Jet Blue 02/22/07
 Wrestlers - VD Take 01/13/05
 WWE's Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows tweeted Rome a video, became the Official Tag Team Partnership of the Jungle 10/09/18
 XR4TI 2021 resolutions - Hawk will swear less, read more - Ritt hired a personal trainer 01/04/21
 Yankees lose ALDS to Yankees 10/08/07
 Year in Review preview, Jeff in Southfield and Jason in Harrisburg 12/19/19
 YMCA played for Brian Fuentes 04/06/06
 Yucking It Up on Pre-Game Shows 10/29/10
 Zac Sunderland-17 year old sailor 07/24/09
 Zach Johnson backswing distraction alternatives, bagpipes, Beatles music, Yoko screaming 07/17/15
 Zack Smith had sex toys shipped to his office 08/20/18
 Zambrano breaks bat over knee 04/26/06
 Zidanes Mom 07/12/06
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