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14 year old drunk at Steelers game
1800-636-PING is a gay club in LA 06/07/05
1984 Cubs Cardinals 06/23/05
4 soundbytes in one
5 Year Old Crackhead
A Dude Getting His Freak On With A Horse
A.I.'s Mom Blows up Reporters
Adam Ant Starters Pistol
Adelphia stops carrying porn 02/25/05
AFI Movie Quote List 06/23/05
AJ Burntee blows up on Marlins 09/26/05
Alamo Bowl reaction 12/29/05
Allen Iverson practice reset 10/06/05
American Karaoke Scandal 05/04/05
Americas Cup Boat his whale 02/16/05
Amish Buggy Racing
Andrew in Victoria BC asks Rome about the history of Jungle song parodies, prompting Rome to reset their history (w/ resets of Terrance in Sierra Madre, Three-Day Weekend, JD in Nashville, and Iafrate) 06/03/15
Andruw Jones Gold Club conclusion
Angel magic powder bag 04/27/05
Angels beat Yanks in 5-A rod is a punk 10/11/05
Anna Benson thrown out of WSOP 07/11/05
Ashlee at Orange Bowl - Rome's Take
Ashlee claims she was not booed 01/14/05
Ashlee Simpson is not popular 06/17/05
Ashlee wants to go back to signing 08/16/05
Atlanta Hawks Josh Childress asks for Orenthal Reset
Auburn Makes Nat Champ Rings 01/06/05
Bad Flight experience 07/26/05
Barnett going to get fired at CU 12/07/05
Baseball Geek
Battle at the Bridges 07/26/05
Beau Bridges at Nebraska 09/27/05
Ben Roethlisberger 07/13/06
Bernard Hopkins 06/13/06
Best of Mike Tyson -- Top 10 12/24/04
Best of Remote 07/18/96
Best of-AJ MacLean 09/05/05
Best of-Alex Trebek asleep at the wheel 09/05/05
Best of-Ashlee Simpson and Howard Dean 09/05/05
Best of-Bill Singer 09/05/05
Best of-Jesse Palmer 09/05/05
Best of-John Daly and REggie Love teabagged 09/05/05
Best of-Juan Gonzalez 09/05/05
Best of-Mullet Night 09/05/05
Best of-Porn 09/05/05
Best of-Rosie of Fat and Ashlee 09/05/05
Best of-Wade Boggs and a gay ram 09/05/05
Big Ben impersonator gets jail time and emails 10/25/05
Bill Callahan calls OU fans f-ing hillbillies
Bill Callahan reprimanded by Big 12 official 11/04/05
Bill in San Diego cracks Medford
Bill Plaschke
Bill Platscke Green Bay reset 10/25/05
Bill Singer gets a new job 02/07/05
Bill Snyder retires 11/15/05
Bo Jackson and Jerry Rice on reality tv 10/20/05
Bob Costas and Jeff from Richmond reset 11/03/05
Bob Tway gets a 12 on the 17th hole 03/29/05
Bode Miller admits to being drunk skiing 01/06/05
Bonds Has Beef with The Press
Boone Huge Call 08/05/96
Boris Becker with emails
Boston new affiliate 07/25/05
Bowling a sport 12/29/05
Brad hangs up after 132 minutes 12/07/05
Brad Smith rolls up Nebraska 10/24/05
Brady Quinn or Matt Leinart 12/09/05
Bret Boone acts like an ass in Vegas 12/02/05
Brian Albers reset 10/05/05
Brian Bonsall, child star DUI
Brian Giles obsession with nakedness 09/06/05
British Open take
Britney gives Jacko advice 03/14/05
Britney Spears Is Pregnant 04/13/05
Britney stones the Yankees
Bubba (Clinton) Wants a Talk Sow
Cab Drivers
Cablinasian mentions Stucknut donations to HisGrace 04/27/09
California Smokers Get Wacked
Canadian Border Skirmish 08/17/05
Canadian emailer reminds us Canada does not have soccer 12/20/05
Canadian Passport
Cardinal urinal up for sale 09/23/05
Cardinals-Astros reaction 1 10/18/05
Cardinals-Astros reaction 2 10/18/05
Carl Lewis Reset 09/19/05
Carlos Zambrano internet injury 05/23/05
Carolina Panthers cheerleader scandal 11/07/05
Casino peeping toms 04/27/05
Cecil Fielder is broke
Certainly Duke is Duke
CFL Player gets manured
Chad Alvarez take
Chad Johnson does CPR on football 10/10/05
Chad Johnson guarantee 11/17/05
Chad Johnson proposes to cheerleader 11/21/05
Chad Johnson thinks about a guarantee 11/14/05
Chan Ho Park sucks 02/15/05
Charlie Weis buyout only 1.5 mil 10/24/05
Charlie Weis contract extension 11/03/05
Cheeseburger Slut
Child care worker gives 5 year old son crack
Chiropractor Guy
Chocolate Foam
Cities banning smoking
Clay Aiken debit card and emails 04/26/05
Clint Barnes hurt carrying groceries 06/07/05
College football recap 11/28/05
College Football weekend 09/12/05
College Football weekend 10/31/05
College Football weekend recap 11/21/05
Colts and Frank Solich 11/29/05
Company Spells Todd Helton Wrong on Gloves
Cool mom has 9 felonies 07/26/05
Cops reset 08/19/05
Crack smoking tennis players 11/07/05
D. Young Refers to Bonds as Jesus 04/25/05
Dad Saves Son and Kills Bear
Darin Erstad is a gamer 10/11/05
Darryl Strawberry is advisor to Mets 01/10/05
Darth Vader 1
Darth Vader 2
Darth Vader 3
Darth Vader 4
Dave Matthews dumps crap in a river 08/08/04
David in Poway 09/05/96
Defense Attorney Ronald Miller is porn actor Don Hollywood 04/21/05
Deion Sanders Hot Dog Cooker 02/25/05
Dennis Connors boat sinks
Dennis Rodman announces that he's getting married 08/19/96
Denny McLane works at 7-11
Denny Neagles gets a smoker
Depressing Commercials-Streamlink (with emails)
Dick Cheney's 5 heart attacks
Dick Vermeil goes for win against raiders 11/07/05
Dikembe Mutombo-Walk in the Cake
Dirtiest County
Dixie Chicks Suicide
Doc Mike on Smackchat
Doc Mike on Soccer
Doc Mike on the jungle condom
Dodger Season ticket holder must pay a lot 03/28/05
Does Terry Francona sound like Rosemary in Houston? 04/16/14
Dog Holocaust
Don Johnson Owes the Market
Don King 11/08/96
Dont go Vlade on me
Drew Barrymore drunk at a mets game 08/29/05
Driving range guy attacked by a bear 07/28/05
Drunk registered ice cream sex offender 06/15/05
Dude Slams 50 Hotdogs in 12 Minutes
Dudes Looking In On Cheerleaders
Dudes Set Up Golf Course With Hookers
Duke hits 40 footer to beat VT 12/05/05
Dungeons and Dragons 03/10/05
Dusty Bakers Kid in the World Series
Dwight Gooden hits his wife 03/14/05
Ed Belfour Drunk 2000
Ed Hochuli is yoked up 10/03/05
Ed Rooney
Ed Rooney take
Elgin Baylor Draft Day reset 04/22/05
Emails after Philly station visit 05/18/06
Eric Gagne calls the Dodgers Cheap 10/06/05
Erica Enders correspondent segment 11/17/05
Euro Reality T.V. - Transexual
Fake Danny Wuerfell at home depot
Fat Actress
Fear Factor
Fifteen pound burger 05/03/05
Figuring Skating
Firefighters in Littleton invent a new game, Buttball 03/22/02
First WNBA Dunk
Flashing Hockey mom
Florida State Busdriver
Frank Beamer-Theo-Rueben Droughn DUI 11/02/05
Frank Robinson caught sleeping
Frank Sinatra has a big crank
Fred Couples Drops an F-bomb 03/21/05
Fred Smooth takes his mom to the Sizzler 03/14/05
Frozen Pizza
Furcal to the Dodgers-Kent-Izturis not down 12/06/05
Gallagher hits a fan 07/14/05
Gambling Awareness in Childrens Programs 01/11/05
Gary Barnett fired 12/09/05
Gary Moeller
George Lucas to appear in new star wars film 02/23/05
George Michaels Retires 02/18/05
Georgia basketball exam
Getting sick before the NCAA Tourney 03/14/05
Gino on Smackchat 11/04/96
Glen Campbell DUI
Golf course hookers
Good night now deal with it
Goran Ivaneisavich fag quote
Greek Judo Solitaire Suicides
Green Bay bad call 11/11/96
Guy puts 8675309 on ebay
Gwynn does Rickey
Haircuts 11/09/05
Halloween Cough Drops
Hardees 1400 calorie burger
Harris poll credibility issues 09/28/05
Hazing Wrestling
He hate me 5 kids 5 women
Heath Shuler to run for Congress 07/19/05
Heywood Jablowme
Hobo int he windshield (the beginning)
Hobo on the Windshield
Hockey palyer quits NHL to drink
Hogan Says No to Cockfighting
Home Depot
Horny Goat Weed
Horse sex
Hot Dog Hookers-Best Of 09/05/05
Hot Dogs and Sex (Hookers)
How To Get Your Email Read On Air
Howard Dean 09/26/05
Howard Dean reset 06/22/05
Howard Dean with emails 05/04/05
Hulk Hogan tells Roy Jones to knock off the cock fighting 04/07/05
Human Head found while fishing
Husker offense ranked 99 in the country 09/15/05
Iafrate Motors
Ice Skater takes a dive
Ichiro take where Rome checks the temperature 11/16/05
Idaho weatherman think the Japenese are controlling the weather 09/22/05
If I see Barry Bonds I will fight him
In Home Dentistry
Indiana Dorm Room Porn
Infomercials 08/17/05
Involuntary sperm donor 05/23/05
Iowa Porn Class 05/18/05
Is Carrot Top Gay?
Isiah Thomas cuts in line at DMV 08/29/05
Izzy & the Basebrawl
J-Stew gets a ticket from a red light camera
J-Stew Liqueurs
J-Stew orders Liquers
Jacksonville Jags ice cream truck 07/13/05
Janet Rome on Scarface 04/27/05
Jason Blair NY Times gaffe
Jay in Las Vegas brings on Nice Radio 12/08/05
Jay Mohr - Ghost Story
Jay Stew and T-Rodge argue about dinosaurs 04/26/05
Jay Stew Blind Date Hall of Shame
Jay Stew first movie release on DVD 05/19/05
Jay Stew in the WSOP
Jay Stew locked out of the mom
Jay Stew locked out of the mom emails
Jay Stew movie reaction 05/03/05
Jay Stew new car Part 1 05/31/05
Jay Stew on cover of Murder at the Presidio 11/07/05
Jay Stew Wall 04/18/05
Jeannie Buss reaction 03/30/05
Jeff Gordon 7th inning stretch 05/25/05
Jenna Jameson wants kids
Jerome James takes up for Rashard Lewis 12/07/05
Jerry Reinsdorf ordained minister 06/20/05
Jesper Parnevik forgets his clubs 04/06/05
Jet fans stabs other Jets fan 11/29/05
Jets and Curtis Martin positive 11/14/05
Jets news is not positive 12/07/05
Jets QB situation is not positive 09/27/05
Jets wont serve beer at MNF game 12/20/05
Jim Does Chowd Impressions
Jim Lampley millenium reset 10/25/05
Jim Rome is MIA because of hangover
Jim Tracy fired 10/04/05
Joe Dimaggio Part 1
Joe Dimaggio Part 2
John Daly buys hometown golf course 10/13/05
John Daly Original Take
John Daly v John Niems
John Daly vs. Niems
John in C-Town - Lunch with the monkey, monkey monkey monkey, war furball
John Kerry-Lambert Field
John Ritter dead
John Trapper Remix
Johnie Cochran dies 03/30/05
Johnny Damon face first into center 06/01/05
Jose Lima - Karma...Believe It!
Jose Lima is 11-3
Jose Lima opening day meltdown 04/04/05
Jose Lima Opening Day Meltdown 2 04/04/05
Julius on Magic 'Magic stuck his tongue in Isiah mouth' 1994
Jungle Cruise 04/12/05
Kansas rolls up Nebraska 11/07/05
Kansas State in trouble 09/09/05
Kareem Loses Coaching Job
KC Chiefs in trouble with the law 08/19/05
KC Chiefs TE coach Maced before the game 10/04/05
KC Royals Brawl 07/18/05
Keith Foulke-Ohio St TE hate mail 09/14/05
Ken Caminiti Thoughts
Kenny Smith explains the NBA Lockout
Kenyon Martin My Kidney My Kidney
Kid Locked in Trunk
Killer Foresomes
Kinko Fake IDs
Kirby Puckett is a bad man
Knicks naked shower fight 12/19/05
Knife wielding maniac 07/27/05
Kool and the Gang Jungle Bumper 02/17/05
Koren Robenson shows up to jail drunk 07/22/05
KSU Thomas Clayton arrested 09/20/05
Kwame Brown says he is not a bust 07/15/05
LA Galaxy win MLS cup 11/14/05
Lance in Louisville on hold entire show, doesn't get on the air; Rome reviews his history 07/22/13
Larry Brown @LBSports fills in as phone screener, clones react via email 12/13/05
Larry Brown crank reset 11/10/05
Larry Johnson does not like KC 12/02/05
Latrell Sprewell cannot feed his family
Latrell Sprewell Yacht injur
Latrine of Death
Lawerence Taylor Completely Messed Up
Lawrence Phillips sells ring for 20 bucks
Lesbian Fueled Rampage-Tatum O'Neal 04/08/05
Lesbin Soccer Drama
Levitra Commercial
Lewis-lua (USA Today)
Line 5 never works reset
Little Al beats his wife and loses weight
Little League Coach fights umpire
Little wife beater
Liza Minelli Party & State fair take
Llyod McClendon steals 1st base
Logan Rome is born 03/10/05
Luis Polonia-Pedophile
Lydell Ross rips off a stripper
Magic Johnson 30 Burger Kings
Magics Tongue in Isiahs mouth 2000
Mailbox Golf in Lincoln Nebraska
Male Cheerleader
Man bribes cop and gets arrested 04/26/05
Man dies at gym and it stays open
Man jumps off Eiffel Tower on accident 05/18/05
Man Ram and Joe Torre 10/12/05
Man Ram cuts off Johnny Damon
Man Ram dissapears into the wall 07/19/05
Man Ram has IPOD sunglasses 07/14/05
Man Ram hit in dome 05/10/05
Man solicits sex for steaks 05/02/05
Man Vs. Beast (1)
Man Vs. Beast (2)
Man wants his sentence 33 years for Larry Bird 10/21/05
Manny being Manny (show open) 07/22/05
Mariano Rivera on Ebay 04/08/05
Mark Chmura wants to play football again
Mark Cuban at DQ
Mark Mangino on the BCS
Mark Vedral (Nebraska football player)
Marlin draftpick Heroin OD
Marlins batboy milk scandal 08/25/05
Marlins have the mumps 2000
Martina Hingis Mom-Horseshack
Matt Lawton busted for roids 11/03/05
Matt Leinart upset about cheap shots 10/05/05
Mayors meltdown
Merkur confession - Caller names Jim Romes crew the XR4Ti
Merkur confession reaction 1
Merkur confession reaction 2
Miami Dolphins ruin winless season
Miami Heat to retire Dan Marinos number 11/14/05
Mich player masturbates in front of women
Michael Campbell gets hot start Tiger struggle 12/09/05
Michael Irvin crack pipe update 11/28/05
Michael Jackson theme park 01/23/06
Michael jackson trial update 03/28/05
Michael Jackson update 03/10/05
Michael Phelps DUI
Michael Strahan teeth gap reset 11/17/05
Michigan State riots 04/04/05
Mickelson puts the green jacket on Tiger 04/11/05
Mike Maroth is 0-9
Mike Price stripper
Mike Scossia can interview with LA 10/05/05
Mike Tyson Knocks Out Hooker
Mike Tyson Quits 06/13/05
Mike Tyson slugs a hooker
Mike Vick aka Ron Mexico 04/06/05
Minnesota Vikings code of conduct book 11/21/05
Minnesota Vikings sex cruise update 10/14/05
Minor leaguer rips up knee jumping on home
MLB bent at milk steroid commercial 10/24/05
MLS wants to be "the league"
MNF-Desperate Housewives
Mobile home strip club shutsdown outside Tampa stadium 11/29/05
Mom gets 16 year old stripper 05/31/05
Mom runs over Dad with kid in car
Monopoly Tournament
Mr Ding a ling ice cream man
Mr T emails before the take 11/16/05
Mr T Nav system 11/16/05
Mr. Automatic (1)
Mr. Automatic (2)
Mr. Automatic - Segment 01 06/03/05
Mr. Automatic - Segment 02 06/03/05
Mr. Automatic - Segment 03 06/03/05
Mr. Automatic - Segment 04 06/03/05
Mr. Automatic - Segment 05 06/03/05
Mr. Automatic - Segment 06 06/03/05
Mr. Automatic - Segment 07 06/03/05
Mr. Automatic - Segment 08 06/03/05
Mr. Automatic - Segment 09 06/03/05
Mr. Automatic - Segment 10 06/03/05
Mr. Automatic - Segment 11 06/03/05
Mr. Automatic - Segment 12 06/03/05
Mr. Automatic reset 10/03/05
Mullet Talk 1
Mullet Talk 2
Mullet Talk 3
Najeh Davenport breaks into a dorm and takes a dump in a laundry basket 07/08/02
Najeh Davenport gets sued (with emails)
Naked Golf
Nancy Kerrigan Tonya Harding opera 10/14/05
Nancy Kerrigans new baby 04/19/05
Nascar (from the CD)
Nascar sponsored by a mall 2000
Nate Newton going to jail
NBA dress code 10/06/05
NC State reaction 10/21/05
NC State videoboard slur 10/21/05
Neb football pay per view
Nebraska lets Maine hang around 09/06/05
Nebraska might miss bowl game
Neck callers
Neuticles - Fake dog testes 10/07/05
New Heavyweight champ is 7 feet 323 lbs 12/19/05
New Orleans strip joins reopen 09/22/05
New York football bad weekend 11/28/05
NHL Cancels Draft 03/28/05
NHL coach has f-bomb tirade 10/21/05
Nice Radio Part 1 12/08/05
Nice Radio Part 2 12/08/05
Nice Radio Part 3 12/08/05
Nick Saban makes player cry 07/27/05
Niems Fathers Day
Niems MJ movie
Niems Not In MJ Movie
Niems take
Nolan Richardsons horse gets shot
Nomar signs with Dodgers 12/19/05
Northwestern lacrosse flip flops 07/20/05
Nut runs onto field on Bengals-Packers game 10/31/05
Oakland Athletics go to QB 03/29/05
Ohio St-Michigan 11/16/05
OJ Cracks on the Goldmans
OJ kicked out of VMAs 08/30/05
OJ Says He Will Take Care of It Himself
OJ Simpson coming back to LA 09/29/05
OJ's 10 Anniversary
OJs killer four some
Oklahoma Texas preview 10/05/05
Old Age Workers
Old man gets shot by wife after he contracted VD from 73 year old neighbor 09/01/05
old woman 101 gets to rub hair thru mullet 12/07/05
Olsen Twins dorm room
On this day in 2005, Jerome in Nashville made the BOHICA call 07/25/16
One year old birthday turns violent 10/25/05
Open Face Roast Beef Sandwich
Operation Shutdown
Oregon St players try to pay cab driver with pot 02/25/05
Oregon State player stopped for DUI, had a gay ram in truck 03/17/05
Orenthal will take care of it himself
OU racist baseball coach 05/02/05
Ozzie Canseco ring update 05/19/05
Ozzie Canseco with emails 05/18/05
Ozzy Osbourne Take
Padres lose 20-1 09/21/05
Palmerio is the New Pimp for Viagra
Par 6 on the Asian Golf Tour 11/04/05
Paralyzed golfer gets 2nd ace 08/26/05
Parameters of the Jungle
Pastrami Burger 03/18/05
Pat Buchanan hit with salad dressing 04/04/05
Pat Tillman on Arizona
Patrick Ewing Gold Club
Paul Abbott takes a piece of Harold Baines bat
Paula Abdul has sex with a contestant 04/25/05
Paula Abdul involved in a hit and run 03/18/05
Pen Sodomy
Peyton Manning AKA Javier Lopez 01/27/05
Philadelphia joins the Jungle 10/03/05
Phillies still cracking Larry Bowa 09/23/05
Phish concert creates concern
Pick 6 scam
Pierce College Baseball Porn 03/21/05
Pissed off at Willy Wonka
Pizza guy arrested with child porn 10/12/05
Play in Game is a joke 03/14/05
Playboy Has Women of Fast Food
Poker becoming a problem
Porn On TV
Porno ball
Pornstars on Snowboards
Portland Trail Blunts
Premier radio kitchen
Press Your Luck 07/14/05
Psycho little league coach 07/29/05
Pumpkin hits Pizza Man
Queen Latifah DUI
Quinn the car fixer on ice fishing
Quinniapiac gives up 35 runs in 2 games 06/07/05
R Kelly kids book
R2D2 gets a DUI 02/28/05
Raffy comments on the earplugs 09/01/05
Raffy Palmeiro name calling 10/05/05
Raider Fan SB reaction 1
Raider Fan SB reaction 2
Raider Mike
Raider Mike Blast 2000
Rain in LA 02/25/05
Ralph Sampson child support 10/31/05
Ralph Sampson deadbeat dad 05/16/05
Randy Johnson four bombs in an inning 08/22/05
Randy Johnson gets no run support
Randy Johnson is a red ass 01/11/05
Randy Johnson kills a bird
Randy Wolf is a star wars nerd 05/19/05
Ranger pitcher takes one off dome 09/22/05
Rashad McCants calls UNC jail
Rashard Lewis DUI 12/06/05
Raul Mondesi wants to quit
Reagan or Reegan got run
Reality Show-whos your daddy
Reality Star Arrested 04/12/05
Reality TV (Jesse Palmer)
Recap of J-Stew's Blind Date
Red Sox beat Yankees 10/21/04
Red Sox beat Yankees-Segment 2 10/21/04
Red Sox beat Yankees-Segment 3-D Lowe interview 10/21/04
Red Sox beat Yankees-Segment 4 10/21/04
Red Sox win pennant 2004
Red Sox win series-Seg 10/28/04
Red Sox win Series-Seg 11 10/28/04
Red Sox win Series-Seg 12 10/28/04
Red Sox win Series-Seg 2 10/28/04
Red Sox win series-Seg 4 10/28/04
Red Sox win Series-Seg 5 10/28/04
Red Sox win series-Seg 6 10/28/04
Red Sox win series-Seg 7 10/28/04
Red Sox win Series-Seg 8
Red Sox win Series-Seg 9 10/28/04
Red Sox win World Series-Seg 1 10/28/04
Reggie Gator on loose in LA 09/21/05
Reggie Jackson is a racist
Remember the Episode Part 1
Remember the Episode Part 2
Remember the Episode Part 3
Rene and Marcel Lacheman 09/21/05
Reset of Rome on David Letterman 11/04/21
Reset of Willie in KC's Moo Moo Madison song 03/12/21
Response to Charles Barkley 12/29/05
Rex Hudler
Rey Sanchez gets a haircut during the game
Rich in Anaheim Hills
Rich in Anaheim on Bugaha 2000
Rick in Calgary resets the John & Trapper tandem call 05/06/14
Rick James
Rick James Dead
Rick James is Dead 2
Rick James take 2002
Rizzo gets a DUI 01/27/05
Robert Blake arrested for killing wife
Robert Palmer dead
Rod Stewart interviews Ramseys
Roger Lodge on shaved heads
Role of Music In The Jungle
Rome 41st birthday-Jake bday wishes 10/14/05
Rome adjust the thermostat 12/19/05
Rome anniversary brings flashbacks 07/19/05
Rome compares Nebraska to Creighton 09/09/05
Rome does station one liners
Rome donates 25K to Katrina 09/01/05
Rome explains why there are no callers 11/29/05
Rome falls down the stairs 11/10/05
Rome has a recurring college dream 05/09/05
Rome has mixed feelings about Chyna 09/19/05
Rome interrupts the show to talk about arm wrestling 04/08/05
Rome is late for Hour 3 05/24/05
Rome Mocks SI's Rick Reilly
Rome on George Foreman 11/04/96
Rome recaps the James Bond callers from previous day 10/15/14
Rome reminisces on Pat Tillman; includes interview clips with Tillman from 1996, the Clones' reaction, and Dennis Dodd with the Huge Call 04/22/14
Rome resets John in San Antonio being stripped of his Golden Ticket from previous show 06/15/16
Rome returns 08/15/05
Rome Reviews COPS 07/19/05
Rome Reviews Fear Factor
Rome Reviews Star Wars
Rome revisits the Rob in Cleveland-Lance in Topeka tandem call; Clones gloss it Callpocalypse (includes e-mail from Leff in Laguna Beach and call from Vinnie Mac in Des Moines) 09/03/15
Rome starts the show over 03/22/05
Rome Talks About Merkurs
Rome tells caller I have ESPN
Rome Turns 40 10/14/04
Rome won't give back the 4th hour 11/16/05
Rome's Advice To Clones Who Try To Rap 12/22/09
Romes hates first time long time
Ron Jeremy Is A Guest Speaker At Oxford
Ron Mexico Banned 04/15/05
Ron Zook fired
Ron Zook in a frat fight
Rory Sabbtaini walks off from Ben Crane 06/13/05
Rosie O Fat Kirstie Alley fued 03/24/05
Roy Oswalt fishes with dynamite 10/25/05
Roy vs Montecore
Royals 2004 disaster
Royals lose 16 in a row 08/16/05
Royals lose 17th in a row 08/17/05
Royals lose 18th in a row 08/18/05
Royals snap 19 game losing streak 08/22/05
Ruben Droughns DUI 11/02/05
Runaway Bride Interview Was Represensible
Russell Crowe throws phone 06/07/05
Russian Cyclist-Lightbulb
Sacramento blows up Detroit in video 11/09/05
Saints owner and the fans 10/31/05
Sales Tips 05/24/05
Samari Rolle hits wife on V-Day 02/16/05
Sandwhich Guy; Whitey Hates Kids; J Stew's Son
Savannah St goes 0-28 02/15/05
Scented Bowling Balls 03/15/05
Screamer Huge Riff
Sean Taylor Doesn't Know His ABCs 01/10/05
Semen Frosted Brownies 03/11/05
Shaq cracks Jerry Buss 12/20/05
Shawn Green Beats The Dodgers 04/27/05
Shawn Marion bad interview resets 05/19/05
Show open-Chad Johnson, NFL 11/28/05
Show open-Dodgers hire Grady Little-Bluejays spending spre 12/07/05
Show open-Eagles rolled on MNF honoring Reggie White 12/06/05
Show open-Miami-Michigan 11/17/05
Show open-NFL recap 12/19/05
Show Open-Nice Radio reset 12/09/05
Show Open-Spurrier-Neb over KSU 11/14/05
Show Open-USC-Mich v Ohio State-Colts win 11/21/05
Show restart-Bob in LA Heterosexual
Sidekick while you drive 04/26/05
Sidney Simpson arrested 01/20/05
Silk the wanker 2000
Silk the wanker
Sir Ginalot
Skip Bayless on Mr Automatic 07/08/05
Skip responds to Chuck Barkley 12/28/05
Sklar Brothers interview 'Bruce Jenner' 10/10/11
Smokers Suck
Snowboard Slut Take
Soccer conspiracy and Penske organization 12/20/05
Soccer fans free beer 09/23/05
Soccer Hall of Fame 04/20/05
Soccer Rant
Softball Guy
Softball Player
Some Dude Rows the Pacific Ocean
Sound Clip: Allen Iverson
Sound Clip: Ashlee Simspon
Sound Clip: Carl Lewis
Sound Clip: Howard Dean Scream
Soundbyte Montage 06/29/06
Space Jam
Sparrow thwarts domino record 11/17/05
Spelling Bee 01/10/07
Standford Band is Over The Top
Stanford loses to UC Davis and emails 09/20/05
Steve Elkington hunting reset - Laced it 10/04/05
Steve Francis - We're the worst team since sliced bread 01/06/05
Steve Mariucci gets fired 11/28/05
Stewart Elliot reset 05/10/05
Stoled emails 05/26/06
Subject Manning Reset 11/15/11
Susan the Nazi
T-Rodge Talks About Kicking It at Dodger Stadium
Tampa Bay Devil Rays Protest 04/22/05
Tax Day 04/15/05
Teacher Found Smoking in Teacher Lounge
Ted Williams Forged Document from Bloodsuckers trunk
Temple goes 0-11 11/21/05
Terence in Sierra Madre 02/10/06
Terence in Sierra Madre Huge Call 111296 11/12/96
Terence in Sierra Madre on neckonics
Terence in Sierra Madre using a jug to tune of Niems 11/26/96
Terence on Michelle Smith 07/25/96
The Garden 12/08/05
The Laugh-reset 10/21/05
Theo Epstein quits 11/01/05
Theo Epstein quits 2 11/01/05
Thor steals the show at Jay Stew cast party 04/27/05
Tiger misses cut for first time in 142 weeks 05/16/05
Tiger Woods is a Bad Interview
Tiger Woods leaves PGA early 08/18/05
Tiger Woods Ranger Rick 07/18/05
Titans WR busted for having sex in public 05/24/05
TO apologizes and emails 11/04/05
TO upset about everything 11/04/05
Tolbert gets run for beavis and butthead reference
Tom Brady blows up Marty Schottenheimer 10/06/05
Tom Brady porn addict 08/16/05
Tom Sizemore arrested with rubber crank 02/14/05
Tom Tolbert Dr Boudreaux Reset 07/11/05
Tom Tolbert Dr. Boudreaux reset 01/10/18
Tony Gwynn impersonates Ricky
Top Gun volleyball scene - Skip 12/29/05
Tracy Porter Travis Rodgers HS Reunion 02/14/05
Travis Rodgers has a 3rd child 12/12/05
Travis Rodgers in studio and reaction 12/16/05
Truck Full of Bees
TV dinner investor dies 07/20/05
UC Davis beats Stanford 09/19/05
UNI beats Iowa and some other emails 12/07/05
USA vs Canada 08/10/04
USA vs Canada (whole hour) 08/10/04
USC Halloween prank 11/01/05
Viagra causes blindness 07/15/05
Viagra comeback player of the year 08/26/05
Viagra Sponsors Comeback Player Of The Year 08/26/05
Vida Blue gets a DUI 03/16/05
Video Game Murder 03/31/05
Video Poker
Vikings sex boat cruise 10/12/05
Vikings sex boat update 10/13/05
Village People cop is on the lamb 10/24/05
Vince Coleman tarp 05/23/05
Vince Coleman tarp being auctioned 07/27/05
Vince Young makes case for Heisman 12/06/05
Wacko Jacko Documentary
Walmart Dating 04/12/05
Webster skates a speeding ticket 04/18/05
Wendys Chili Lady arrested 04/22/05
West Virg riots after win over VT
West Virginia Burns coaches 03/28/05
What does Errrrrr and War mean?
Wheelchair Race DQs
White Sox Dog Day 04/19/05
Whitey is DJ Humor....
Whitey returns to LA 10/04/05
Whitey's Birthday
Whitey's Last Day in the Jungle 03/02/05
Whiteys Dad
Whose Your Daddy - TV Show
whyyyyyyyyyyy 06/21/06
Willie in KC reset 02/26/09
Willis McGahee reaction 10/27/05
Wisconsin wants to hunt cats 04/14/05
Woman tries to spend 36 days with scorpions
Words for the Mullet
WWE to begin testing for steroids 12/05/05
Wyatt Sexton thinks he is god 06/15/05
XM radio
XR4Ti Crew - (Chew It)
XR4Ti Crew is Born
XR4Ti Crew Talks Golf
Yankees pissed at Rangers 10/03/05
You got a big dump in your pants 3

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