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Tony in Phoenix says watching Tiger was incredible, UUU dudes that tuck their eyes into their hats, first caller on Infinity Network, gets racked 04/15/24
Ryan in San Antonio calls about the old Jim Rome shirts, the shirts came with Orenthal stickers 04/12/24
Mike in Albuquerque talks about the old Orenthal t-shirt 04/12/24
V in the Fee canceled his wifes ultrasound so he could listen to Juicemas, sings 12 Days of Juicemas parody 04/11/24
Kevin Frazier interview, co-host of Entertainment Tonight 04/11/24
What's Your Beef? #177 - Calls from Joe in Orlando, John in Omaha, Ed in San Antonio, Nooch in New Orleans, Anthony in Pomona, Paul in Erie, Vince in the ATX, John in Omaha, Steve in Green Bay, Dylan in Vegas, Scott in Arkansas 04/11/24
OJ Simpson passed away, show open and Juicemas calls from Mark in Hollywood calls as OJ (21:10), Max in San Diego (23:36), Mike in Philly (25:50), Dom in Erie (34:35), John in Little Rock (36:26), Steven in Orlando (39:50) 04/11/24
Silk Brah calls from Mammoth mountain, Jen got a new job, Silks dream gig is teaching middle school, talks Dodgers 04/10/24
James in Portland on Big Head doing Alvie’s job while he was out making babies 04/10/24
Vic in Victoria wants to introduce himself to the Jungle, including Rick in Buffalo, Geoff in Lincoln, and Parody Larry 04/09/24
Rich in Orlando says players love playing for Coach Hurley 04/09/24
Mike in Hartford was at the Final Four, UConn is 6-0 in finals, Dan Hurley is too good for Kentucky 04/09/24
Mike in Clearwater on the kooks looking at the eclipse, get a life losers 04/08/24
Ross in Lexington wishes Cal the best, wants Rick Pitino back 04/08/24
Rick in Buffalo on the Stefon Diggs trade, thanks Nick Caserio for being dumb enough to trade for him, the eclipse is for losers, declares it Smackoff season 04/08/24
Kevin in Kentucky loves coach Cal, hates other Kentucky fans, Cal is staying in conference 04/08/24
Big Head plays his soundbite montage in place of The Week That Was 04/05/24
Scott in Wichita baits James Kelley into running him by stating his name and age 04/05/24
Joe in Orlando has an idea for Big Head so he can play sound drops while making picks, tries to get run by stating his age, gets on the Watch List 04/05/24
Vince in the ATX wants the Cowboys to take advice from the Texans and Bob McNair 04/05/24
Show open, notable clone Nick Caserio is making moves for the Texans 04/05/24
Jake Rome's 23rd birthday, reset of his calls as a kid 04/04/24
What's Your Beef? #176 - Calls from Mike in Milwaukee, Mack in Grand Rapids, Casey in Savannah, Miles in Charleston, Ben in Driftwood, Jeff in Omaha, Duke in Boise, Chad in Biloxi, Anthony in Pomona, Vince in the ATX, Bill in Sacramento, Aaron in San Antonio, Erron in Diamondhead, Josh in Iowa, Paul in Erie, Scott in Denver, Vincent in San Antonio, Kenny in Nashville 04/04/24
Adam in Arkansas would hate for the Muss-bus to leave the station, he’s done amazing things for the Razorbacks 04/03/24
Chris in Fayetteville says the Razorback fan base has become an abomination 04/03/24
Bo in Arkansas is a huge Eric Musselman fan, there are too many idiots in Arkansas, wants him to stay with the Razorbacks 04/03/24
Justin in San Antonio is sitting in traffic eating his Old Trapper beef jerky, comments on Dave in Portlands call, thinks bullying will help Portland guy 04/02/24
Amber in Portland responds to Dave, talks about the 3 point line discrepancy and how bad the Trail Blazers have become 04/02/24
Dave in Portland says the city is falling apart, painting a 3 point line is like brain surgery 04/02/24
Bill in Portland got run for not being ready 04/02/24
PJ in Denver on Rashee Rice’s car being involved with drag racing and an accident 04/01/24
Luka Doncic was a bartender, as you know 04/01/24
Mike in Clearwater has a beef with Dino in Vegas, worst case of jungle tourettes with the I Can’t Wait song 04/01/24
Jack Savage's last day, he's moving to London 03/29/24
What's Your Beef? #175 - Calls from Vince in the ATX, John in San Francisco, Kenny in Sacramento, Mike in La Quinta, Edward in Tennessee, Jay in Philly, George in San Francisco, Bill in Baltimore, Ryan in Tampa, Joe in Kansas City, Tim in Austin, Josh in Solana Beach 03/28/24
Matt in LA wants the Dodgers to go a full season without a scandal 03/28/24
Taylor in Lexington says the standard is the standard, wants the old Calipari back 03/27/24
Shane in Louisville talks about the past Kentucky basketball championships, wants to stick with Coach Cal 03/27/24
Reaction to the Baltimore bridge 03/26/24
V in the Fee says Shohei stinks, what is he hiding? 03/26/24
Eric in South Carolina wants to talk about the ref show, Jim is too hard on refs 03/26/24
Peter in Northern Michigan has a problem with the new NFL rules 03/26/24
Jack in South Carolina says Ohtani picked the wrong dude to be his translator 03/26/24
ATP's - Jardy in NC with new handle, Songs about Alvie 03/25/24
Kevin in Texas on the Texas A&M vs Houston game, the Aggies shouldn’t have only relied on Taylor 03/25/24
Miles in Charleston is enjoying NC State in the tourney, questions Big West teams 03/25/24
Nick in Myrtle Beach says gambling scandals doesn’t keep us from watching 03/22/24
Kentucky Coach John Calipari interview 03/20/24
What's Your Beef? #174 - Calls from Brian in Michigan, Liz in Falls City, Joe in Missouri, Jim in Denver, Paul in Erie, Steve in Cleveland, Will in Nashville, Vince in the ATX, Josh in Encinitas, Nick in Myrtle Beach, Dave in Kansas City, Scott in Denver, KT in Wichita, James in Pensacola, Ed in San Antonio, Edward in Syracuse, Troy in Salt Lake, Jordan in Arkansas, Scott in Denver, Mark in San Antonio, Parody Larry, Anthony in Pomona, Ben in Driftwood 03/21/24
Eric in Castle Rock on Stucknut Steve working for nothing 03/20/24
Mike in Portland on Alvie playing the wrong song, thought frickin Ritt was on the board 03/19/24
Mike in Hartford is sick of colleges moaning and groaning about the bubble 03/19/24
PJ in Denver responds to Manny in LA, lost sleep about how pathetic Manny is 03/19/24
Brian in Utah reacts to the Anthony Edwards dunk over John Collins, ready for the team to move to Kansas City 03/19/24
PJ in Denver imagines Mike Tomlin using a dual QB system 03/18/24
Manny in LA talking Trubisky, the Bears, and Justin Fields 03/18/24
AJ in Virginia went Louisville, Pitino made the right decision by not going to NIT 03/18/24
Mike in the Bay got excused early from jury duty, bent that cow poop nation is talking about the Lakers, Alvie ran him twice 03/15/24
Kevin in Indy is a UPS driver, talks Raiders 03/15/24
Mike in Clearwater with a story about going to a friends ex-wifes wedding and being dead to his friend 03/15/24
Vince in the ATX with a take on Jerrah's All In comment 03/15/24
What's Your Beef? #173 - Calls from Tim in Austin, Rob in San Antonio, Ed in San Antonio, Mike in the Bay, Mike in Canton, Bobby in El Paso, Duke in Boise, Anthony in Myrtle Beach, Vince in the ATX, Jeff in Pismo Beach, Mac in Indiana, Paul in Georgia, Zach in Stockton, Ben in Driftwood, John in Little Rock, Robert in San Antonio, Jacob in Arizona, Skip in Texas, Kyle in Texas, Timmy in Greenville 03/14/24
Jackson in Sacramento doesn’t care about the Lakers, the Maloofs are long gone 03/14/24
Zach in Stockton says the real Kings fans know that the team is up and down, but still excited about their run 03/14/24
John in Little Rock gets a Golden Ticket based on his body of work 03/13/24
Ben in Driftwood sent a new song, Rome teased it but didn't get played 03/13/24
Mike in Hartford says that the NCAA tournament is not wide open, 3 teams above all else 03/13/24
Lyle in Pittsburgh on Anthony Grant and Dayton's chances in the tourney 03/13/24
Charlie in Chicago talks about Packers free agency 03/12/24
Bob in Green Bay owes an apology to Packers GM Gute 03/12/24
Neiman in Montana is a Raiders fan, wants to know what the bowl-cut has to do to get a QB 03/12/24
Larry in Albany says the NY Giants biggest problem was scoring, not happy that they let Saquon leave 03/12/24
Vince in the ATX talks about Jerry Jones’ lack of splash in the free agent market 03/12/24
Jake in Bakersfield is a Vikings fan, says good riddance to Kirk Cousins, he’s a yipper 03/12/24
Jack in Pittsburgh says Pickett is not in favor with the fans so he’ll welcome any other QB 03/11/24
Sam in Harrisburg is trusting that the Steelers know what they’re doing by signing Russell Wilson, afraid Russ is washed up 03/11/24
James in Portland claims Alvin is out due to a scorpion stinger to the shaft 03/08/24
Scorpion stung man in his testicles while he slept at Las Vegas hotel 03/08/24
Nooch in New Orleans votes to let Ryan back on, Ryan in Sactown finishes his call, reaction from Anthony in Pomona 03/08/24
Ryan in Sactown talks about Kings vs Lakers, gets run for an interview, calls back and Rome lets clones decide if he gets back on, votes via calls from Lane in Claremont, Ben in Driftwood, and Jerry in Richmond 03/08/24
James in Portland takes a run at Alvie and James Kelley 03/07/24
Nooch in New Orleans talks about Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul boxing match announcement, gets on Watch List 03/07/24
Dave in Orchard Park says the Bills can’t get it done with current roster, wants a youth movement 03/07/24
What's Your Beef? #172 - Calls from Damon in Grand Rapids, Ryan in Tampa, Pauls Dog, Mario in Phoenix, JD in Philly, Deke in Boise, Vince in the ATX, Neiman in Montana, Orlando in Oakland, Dean in Torrance, Jacon in LA, Kenny in Nashville, Steve in Idaho, Paul in Erie, Lance in OKC, Tim in Arizona, Anthony in Pomona, Mike in Detroit 03/06/24
Ryan in Tampa reacts to the nude bowling take, talks about nudist colonies in Florida 03/05/24
Balls Out Bowling is back, where nudity is required - Pennsylvania 03/05/24
Mack in the 219 wants 40 Golden Ticket holders to get filtered out by a series of questions to test their intellect 03/04/24
Steve in the ABQ wants a Friars Club roast for the Smackoff 03/04/24
Anthony in Pomona doesn't know why people keep suggestion Smackoff formats where clones die 03/04/24
Frank in Texas has an idea for the annual Smackdown 03/04/24
Mike in North Dakota wants a Hunger Games style Smackoff in Vegas 03/04/24
Mike in Boise wants a Smackoff playoff 03/04/24
Lane in Claremont dreamt that Rome did Smackoff 30 live from Vegas 03/04/24
What's Your Beef? #171 - Calls from Jim in Iowa, Tim in Montana, Mike in South Carolina, V in the Fee, Jay in Humboldt, Neman in Montana, Jay in Providence, Vince in the ATX, Brian in Charlotte, Ryan in Tampa, Matt in LA, Nick in Houston (Nick Caserio), Scott in Pensacola, John in Anaheim Hills, Ben in Driftwood, Bobby in Houston 03/01/24
Jeff from Richmond RSVP’s to Smackoff 30, added more members to his hype machine 03/01/24
Tim in Houston reacts to the Anthony Kim rant and reset 02/27/24
Bills’ Dion Dawkins gets a Golden Ticket for his comments on the Jets 02/27/24
Will in Richmond has a haiku about Romes high school buddies, the Menendez brothers 02/26/24
Vince in the ATX is a repeat offender, has a bone to pick about the response to his Jerry Jones beef 02/26/24
Parody Larry has a song for Alvin to the tune of Luka, gets run 02/23/24

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