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'I hope I dont run into any barriers' Tweets from Billy Joel and Sonny Bono 04/26/22
80s Resets - Facts of Life, Who's the Boss, WKRP 10/26/11
@Brian_C60 tweets 'Yanks vs Sox is always a great match up for us /s/ Sir Paul & the Lads' 10/04/18
@GarbageManBrad resets Larry in Santa Maria's Chael Sonnen vegetable call 01/23/17
@GarbageManBrad tweets about the plastic surgery addict that wants to look like a Ken doll 02/09/17
@Jeff_fromthe919 resets Tommy from NC's call 03/12/18
@SeanHesterEsq recap of Mission Valley BWW visit, ATP about Hawk 12/17/18
@SquirrelTew with a Suzanne Vega tweet for Luka Doncic, Alvie can't find the audio 08/10/21
@StevePHX (A-Rod lipgloss), @Denlesks (Teddy Ballgame thawed out), @AlanInRaleigh (Billy Joel DrinkedIn) 10/04/18
@Stucknut resets George in Tampa's 50 pound carrot call 03/06/18
@Stucknut responds to Coach Prohm's son getting free Dairy Queen for life 03/04/15
@TFPWillEat tweet resetting Chris Hansen soundbites 05/19/17
@TommyFrom_NC with a Princess Di - Queen blast 01/11/19
@TotalBigE tweets about Najeh Davenport, gets blocked for the week 03/30/17
Adam B Near Toronto Calls Ally Sheedy Ugly 03/08/10
Adam B Near Toronto gets BLOCKED 07/20/09
Adam Hawk gets ridiculed for his shirt 01/02/18
Adam Hawk teases Gallows and Anderson appearance, Valentines emails from Sarah T. and Denlesks 02/14/19
Addicted to sex 09/03/08
Additional reaction to Lance in Topeka singing a Music Box Dancer parody (includes reset of Eddie in Boise singing Barry Manilow Copacabana parody) 07/17/14
Adelephant - Tweet from @radum27, Alvin plays along 09/19/17
AJ Hawk nails Two Quinns 01/03/06
AJ Pierzynski Reaction 10/06/08
Al in Miami Beach Reaction 01/13/11
Alan in Raleigh with a Menendez Brothers email 03/04/19
Albert Haynesworth emails 10/02/06
Alex in Tampa email 05/04/06
Alex Sanchez Emails 04/04/05
Alex Trebek heart attack email 12/12/07
Alpo email-Julian in DC 05/22/06
Alvie is a fantasy expert, Tweets from @45gotFAT @BennyInWisco 09/08/17
Alvie is a home school teacher, Tom Cruz vs Cornhole lady 12/17/20
Amanda in Baltimore email 04/07/08
Amar'e Stoudemire poems, Jesus in Chicago with a Diana Nyad reset 02/17/15
Amber in Portland wins a Golden Ticket with an email response to Ed in San Antonio 04/14/23
America email cracking Canada 06/04/07
Amy in Baltimore has a degree from Harvard and Yale 03/10/08
Andrein Ottawa and Larry Hagmans Liver 02/18/05
Andruw Jone lesbian emails 12/06/07
Andruw Jones Spelling Bee emails 04/16/08
Angel Cabrera-bowling guy email 06/18/07
Apollo Crudd email from Fillup Withmore Hotfudge 05/18/11
Appalachia email 01/08/08
Arcadia emails 07/17/07
Arthur Blank fried chicken email 12/11/07
Ask The Pros - Alan in Raleigh: Are there any Clones that are unblockable? 03/11/15
Ask The Pros - Beef in Grand Rapids wonders about memorable instances of Clones calling their shots (inspired by EWU coach Jim Hayford) 03/18/15
Ask the Pros - Bryce in Topeka asking about the history of the buzzers 03/25/16
Ask The Pros - E-mailer suggests that Clones be allowed to name Rome's next horse BISP, BOHICA, SedakAttack, Slumpbuster, or The Sound Trapper Makes When He Clears His Throat 03/23/16
Ask The Pros - Email from The CEO - Who joins Jim, Janet, Jake and Logan if the Rome family appears on Celebrity Family Feud? Rome says it would be Randall (WFI) in the OC 06/03/15
Ask The Pros - Merlin in Portland wants to know when and why Rome dropped the show's 4th hour 08/24/16
Ask the Pros - Sarah T. asked Rome who his celebrity crush was as a teen, Rome laughed his way through a list of hotties 05/18/15
Ask the Pros - Steve in HTown asking if we can ban Sarah T during Tom Bradys suspension 04/25/16
Ask the pros question from @SarahTinProv, low hanging fruit Tweets from @LeeInVan, @DanLouisville, and @magic_uno 02/25/15
Ask the Pros, Benny in Wisco gets in with generic rapid fire questions, Vic in NoCal wins with a question about movies 02/24/16
Ask the Pros: Nicki in Houston - Asked Rome about his favorite Smackoff 06/05/17
ATP - Bella asks who Romes favorite superhero is 11/12/18
ATP - Bella Bee asks Rome about his favorite internet rumor 02/10/20
ATP - Chris in Biloxi asks about the Blink-182 video, Twitter contest 01/13/17
ATP - Crew members that used to call the show? Hawk talks about 10k with Keith Arnold 02/19/20
ATP - ever hang up on an athlete you thought was fake? Twitter contest, @Ian_Soper wins 09/23/16
ATP - Fake Kaleb (Camping), Sarah T. (Speedos), Jamie in London Ontario (Bombay Sapphire) 05/03/17
ATP - HedstromBacon - Do you send new employees to Stucknut for a Jungle manual? 05/15/19
ATP - Hedstrombacon asks if Rome has ever been to a horse auction 04/02/18
ATP - History of Jim Rome's studios 11/27/17
ATP - How did you get into punk music and would you let a current XR4Ti member host the show 11/30/20
ATP - How to handle Holmey and Randall in public, email requesting SD Chargers song backwards 10/10/16
ATP - Joe in Superior asks if Rome would rather party in Vegas with large group or Randall, Larry, and Lance 09/26/16
ATP - Ken in SA - What would Jim do if Logan broadcasted a Jake 'ass-chewin' on social media 01/16/17
ATP - Nicki in Houston asked if Rome went all out in Little League 07/11/18
ATP - Nicki in Houston asked if Rome will get Dusty when Jake leaves for college 08/15/18
ATP - Origin of Alvie's Dude Dude No No! 02/09/18
ATP - Origin of Goodnight Now soundbite, Twitter contest - @DrewWestLA 10/21/16
ATP - Origins of Alvie's Dude Dude No No, Sal in Arkansas gets blocked on Twitter 04/27/22
ATP - Origins of the term 'take' 12/23/20
ATP - Penske Organization reset, what type of sunglasses does Rome wear 04/05/17
ATP - Sarah T (does Rome do coke), Bella B (favorite meat, white or dark), Lou in Escondido (playoff stats count towards career stats) 10/09/17
ATP - Susie in Wisconsin - Favorite show soundbite? 10/23/20
ATP - Tony in Iowa City - Good Montana vacation spots? 02/15/19
ATP - Tony in Iowa City - Is Jake jealous that Logan gets to be on the show 06/06/18
ATP - Tony in Iowa City - Resets the Rex Streak, Steve in Phx with an Indiana Jones 'wrecks' tweet 06/18/18
ATP - Tony in Iowa City asks if Logan is interested in college yet 11/07/18
ATP - Tony in Iowa City asks what it would take to vacate a Smackoff championship 03/28/18
ATP - Tony in Iowa City asks where the 'ehh lets not get into that just yet' soundbite came from 04/16/18
ATP - When people ask what you do, do you respond with 'first, Im a dad' - Sark in Century City 06/06/16
ATP - When was the last time you loved yourself? 10/06/21
ATP - Where does the awkward soundbyte come from? Jacoby Jones 03/07/16
ATP - Which SiriumXM station would Jim Rome choose to guest DJ? Lithium 07/24/20
ATP - Why did Romes kids stop calling before school starts? 09/11/17
ATP - Why does Dr. Dave get run on the podcast? 04/11/18
ATP - Zack in Wisco - Did you try Culvers? 11/16/18
ATP and Tweets - Jeremy in Sconny (Disturbed), Francis in Glendale (Crossfit and bumsmack) 02/26/20
ATP and Twitter contest: @SmileyYYC, @TotalBigE, @TFPWillEat, @a_Troia 05/15/17
ATP Bella Bee asks Rome what he smells like 04/24/17
ATP from Phil in Missouri, Nicki in Houston, and Brent in Rocklin 03/30/18
ATP John in Windsor, Hayes in the 562 04/07/17
ATP's - Cindy in Glendale AZ gets on the Watch List, Mike in Indy sighting 05/31/23
ATP's about SiriusXM from @hedstrombacon and @phx_nolagirl 02/21/18
ATP's from Brent in PC, Hawk describes the break room 11/13/20
ATP's from Pauly in Indy and Sarah T, call from Matt in LA, and email from Joaquin 07/18/16
ATP, tribute to Shared Belief, @Jeff_fromthe919 won Huge Tweet 08/25/17
ATP, Twitter Contest, and 10 year anniversary of Mike Gundy rant 09/22/17
ATP, Twitter contest, and call from John in Little Rock 12/15/17
ATP, voicemails, last segment 12/11/17
Attack of the Clones Part 1
Attack of the Clones Part 2
atxhobogrl 02/01/11
atxhobogrl - on James Buchanan Scotch 02/21/11
Baby Jessica tweets and emails from @chrisinstpete, @StevenCrowtown, and @philinmissouri 10/16/17
Back to back (Joe in Bugaha) 03/18/05
Bad Twitter contest, Haley Joel Osment 09/16/14
Barbaro emails 01/29/07
Barry and Beckham emails 01/11/07
Beauregard in Pacific Palisades is excited about Ritt Day, Rome wants to know more about him 02/11/21
Beauregard in Pacific Palisades takes a run at Braemar Country Club in Tarzana 02/15/21
Bed & Breakfast emails 11/29/06
Ben Bartch Smoothie Emails 02/27/20
Ben emails asking Rome to take Brandon in SLCs call 03/02/11
Ben in Jacktown - Ricardo Montalbon Haiku 01/15/09
Ben in Jacktown - Six Shooter Email 06/05/08
Ben in Jacktown email 08/30/07
Benny in Wisco email about OJ being an exterminator, wars bums using roaches as harmonicas 07/26/18
Benny in Wisco's special Fat Tuesday email glossing the Twitter clones with FAT names 02/28/17
Bernie sends email to explain his Ritt v Hawk song 12/02/20
Bill Callahan email 07/23/08
Bill Clinton email (Joe in Bugaha) 04/14/06
Bill in C-bus email 04/28/09
Bill in CBUS email 03/06/07
Bill in Cbus email 03/22/07
Bill in Knoxville and Joey in New Bedford
Bill Parcells Jap email 09/20/05
Bills Mafia e-mail reaction to Rex Ryan signing Ritchie Incognito to Buffalo Bills, including Mark in Buffalo going with Rome and Marty in Bills Snuggies and Johnny Manziel acne smack 02/09/15
Billy Donovan hairline email 06/04/07
Billy Martins car and JFK plane 01/17/06
Blaise in KC (Billy Joel Reset) 01/03/11
Blaise in KC - Eight is Enough helmet email 04/16/08
Blaise in KC - Huge email regarding local radio hacks 01/04/12
Blaise in KC - Must Be Fat Matt Perry 05/16/12
Blaise in KC and Pattesour in Bugaha - who is stealing from who? 07/30/14
Blaise in KC Blasts Vic in NoCal 03/10/11
Blaise in KC blows up Georgia 07/24/08
Blaise in KC email about drummer of Def Leppard. Rome drops a moratorium. 06/25/12
Blaise in KC email-gets warned 01/14/09
Blaise in KC hates Canada 05/28/08
Blaise in KC Ichiro Quote Machine 11/23/11
Blaise in KC informs Rome that Robin Thicke got fat. Tweets from @BlaiseInKC, @RayInSaintPaul, @Stucknut, @chrisinstpete, and the Growing Pains theme song rewritten by Blaise 10/19/16
Blaise in KC on Syrup Eatmore Waffles 04/25/11
Blaise in KC on the MMA 04/28/11
Blaise in KC Sporting Trapper 02/23/11
Blaise in KC with a John Denver plane crashing tweet 08/23/17
Blaise in KC-excrement email 09/23/08
Blaise tweets about bums using pizza boxes as laptops, Rome mentions moratorium, Stucknut lists active Jungle moratoriums including Tina Yothers 07/24/17
Blocked text from a GED holder; Pryor's Wonderlic score 08/31/11
Boatie in Pearland What is a Mexican Mullet 11/23/11
Bob in LA Heterosexual 02/21/07
Boges and Joe in Bugaha emails 01/16/09
Boges email 01/06/09
Bohica tweet from @Stucknut, Jon Jones emails from Dan in Denver and Denlesks 08/23/17
Bonds and Zito emails 02/20/07
Bonyraider sends an ATP through Sarah T, asks Rome if paper crumple is real paper or soundbite 09/14/16
Boo Weekley Emails 09/22/08
Boris Yeltsin emails 04/23/07
Box of Chaos suggestions 05/30/18
Brad in Corona songs - Jeff in Southfield vs Lance in Topeka 06/23/20
Brad Lidge sucks with emails 04/03/07
Bradford Lidge email 06/06/07
Brenda Warner emails 09/08/06
Brett Favre Chicken Dance Reaction 02/11/11
Brett Favre emials 05/16/07
Brett from Bugaha with a Taco Tuesdayson Chewart email, resets J-Stew's iconic lines 07/23/19
Brett in Bugaha (@pattersaur) blocked for Doc Rivers oily face email 01/24/20
Brett in Bugaha @pattersaur - Shrapnel tweet from Edward James O. 12/04/18
Brett Keisel sounds like J-Stew - Mike in Parma 01/30/12
Brian in ATL - Rachel Smack 04/26/05
Brian in Charlotte resetting Fake John in New York 10/25/19
Brian in Pit cracks on JoeyD 01/25/05
Brian in Pitt and Dustin in Tulsa 04/04/05
Brian in Santa Monica - Alabama Redneck Email 09/29/08
Brian in Syracuse back to back-War Francis in Glendale 01/10/08
Brian in the ATL (Tina Yothers Moratorium) 01/12/05
Brian in the ATL - Larry Hagman
Brian in the ATL on Starbucks 01/12/05
Brian in the ATL's email address 03/25/05
Brian in the ATL-Carolyn Hughes 04/17/08
Brian in the ATL-Rafael Palmerio 04/17/08
British Open emails 07/17/07
Britney emails 12/07/05
Brocktologist - Ken Grubby Jr walk up song at Golden Corral 03/25/14
Bruce Pearl Wisconsin girls in shorts reset 04/02/08
Bruce Pearl-pat summit email 01/23/07
Bruce Springsteen DWI emails 02/10/21
Bruce Willis achieved obesity 05/16/19
Bryan Adams apology email 01/07/09
Bryan Adams-cuts like a knife 06/05/07
Bryant Gumbel emails 11/30/07
Bryce Harper contract reaction 03/01/19
Bryce in Topeka with a Vinny in Indy reset, un-wars blunted up stoners 04/21/14
Bum email - Rome melts down 02/22/08
Bums emails 05/16/08
Buzzer tweets - Office prank guy and Ritt 01/17/20
C Heston email 03/21/08
C-Dog in the Nati - The Guy in the Cubicle Next to Me 05/17/11
Cablinasian email 04/20/06
Cablinasian responds to caller 05/19/06
Cal Ripken sucks email 10/09/07
California hate email 01/09/08
Callahan emails 12/05/06
Canada crack emails 02/23/07
Canada Crack-Chad in the Arizona desert 01/08/08
Canada email cracking US fat people 01/11/07
Canada v America 06/20/08
Canada vs USA 06/06/06
Canadian citizen ship test email 02/09/07
Canadian Cockfighting emails 02/19/09
Canadian Thanksgiving Tweets - Blaise in KC with 3 in a row 10/10/16
Cardinals-Astros emails 10/18/05
Carl in Rosemead reset 02/06/09
Carl Lewis email reset 05/29/07
Carlos Beltran email 10/02/04
Carmelo emails, Geoff in Lincoln with Matt B - SJP rusty spurs 11/20/19
Carney Emails
Carolyn Huges Derek Lowe 08/26/05
Carolyn Hughes email 09/09/05
CC Sabathia Gives Up Capt Crunch - Reaction 02/15/11
CC Sabathia Haiku
Chad in Glendale - Nickelback Early Warning System 02/24/11
Chad in Portland - Magic email 07/16/07
Chad in Portland e-mail: "Middle fingers and herpes live here" 11/27/06
Chad in Portland emails-Reggie Theus 06/20/07
Chad in Portland gets chewed out for sending a "herpes live here" e-mail 08/20/07
Chad in Portland-Erv 08/20/07
Chad in Portland-Magic 08/30/07
Chad in Portland-Magic email 07/23/07
Chad on Rat Shanahan 09/12/11
Charles Nelson Reilly email 05/29/07
Charlie Weis boiler email 09/13/07
Charlton Heston email 08/23/07
Charlton Heston email 11/05/07
Charlton Heston email 12/03/07
Charlton Heston email 01/07/08
Chaz Heston and Scott Peterson cement emails 01/15/08
Chaz heston email 01/20/08
Chaz Heston email 01/25/08
Chaz Heston email 01/29/08
Chaz Heston email 02/08/08
Chazz Heston (Bombay Sapphire) 08/01/09
Chris Benoit email 06/26/07
Chris Chelios-USA v Canada emails 01/20/06
Chris in Canada gets BLOCKED for Ron Goldman e-mail 10/28/10
Chris in Fresno - Capt Crunch Reaction 02/15/11
Chris in St Pete - Back to back emails about Fat Axl Rose 03/22/12
Chris in St Pete - Emails about HOF game being better than Olympics, T.O. rode Greyhound to tryouts 08/06/12
Chris in St Pete - Gilligans Island movie pitch with Mama Cass as the island 04/05/12
Chris in St Pete - Lakers take, war losers dressing up as Santa and asking cougs to sit on their lap 12/14/12
Chris in St. Pete introduces TheFamily hashtag 11/21/13
Chris in Toronto email 03/01/06
Chris in Toronto reaction from Canadians 05/14/20
Chris in Toronto-Tim Couch email 03/06/06
Chris No Longer In St. Pete wants Rome to let the Clones take over the show before Thanksgiving vacation 11/25/14
Chris Pronger teeth email 07/24/07
Christopher Bowman emails 01/09/08
Chuck Heston email 03/07/08
Cialis email 11/09/07
Civil War email 01/08/08
Clay in Buffalo - US Economy Smack 09/16/08
Clay in Buffalo back to back 02/06/07
Clay in Buffalo email 06/10/08
Clay in Buffalo email and reaction 08/26/08
Clay in Buffalo hates the tourney 03/20/08
Clay in Buffalo on Philly 07/16/07
Clay in Buffalo reaction 03/20/08
Clay in Buffalo-5 series 11/01/07
Clay in Buffalo-Hillarys chins email 02/05/08
Clone Generated Segment - @Wells_InThe_360 asks 'Whats a sound drop from the Jim Rome show that can also be said during sex?' 12/04/19
Clones arguing about the fate of the Hackoff 04/23/14
Clones give Rich Flores credit for everything 05/30/19
Clones react to Bryson DeChambeau's 'driver sucks' comment 07/16/21
Clones respond to Pete Rose's story about Joe DiMaggio's hog 06/05/19
Clones sound the fat alarm for Adam Sandler 08/31/20
Clones try to guess who Rome saw on the elevator. It wasn't Steve from Stucknut. 02/06/17
Clones try to name Jungle Racings new colt 10/26/21
Clones want Rome's take on R. Kelly 07/17/17
CM Punk Reaction and Joaquin email 12/18/14
Coco Bisp 01/20/09
Corey in Buffalo Reaction 01/05/11
Corey Pavin is a gopher email from Greg in Glendale 02/21/18
Crack pipe haiku by Dustin 11/28/05
Craig in Bluewaters compares the disfunction in Green Bay to whats happening in Alabama (Brandon Miller) 03/01/23
Craig in Houston - email responding to Tim's call 03/22/18
Craig in Tampa - Andrew Dice Clay Rips on Jay Stew's Gut 12/27/11
Craig in Tampa - Bad Top Gun reset 06/06/11
Craig in Tampa - Billy Joel's been through a lot of houses 08/22/11
Craig in Tampa - Jack Nichlaus getting Axl to make calls 06/20/11
Craig in Tampa email about Dexter Manley LMFAO 07/18/12
Ctown email cracking the D 06/04/07
Damion in SoCal - Back to Back Emails 11/03/05
Dan in Denver email comparing NBA players resting to Smackoff participants not calling throughout the year 03/20/17
Dan in Louisville - Triple U - Guy who wants to eat healthy the day before Thanksgiving 11/25/14
Dan in Louisville e-mail comparing Johnny Manziel to Alfred from MAD Magazine 11/24/14
Dan in SF email - War CJ Wilson being nudged into a dance circle to Rock Lobster 07/17/15
Dan in Toronto email - Federline in AZ 09/15/16
Dan Shaugnessy Email 12/09/05
Dana Altman inbreeding email 04/06/07
Dana White interview interrupted by music, email from Joaquin 02/06/19
Dane Cook got fat - tweet from @MPiazzasBacne, Alvie explains fat alarm 02/14/18
Danika in Jacksonville tweeted if the Jaguars keep Tebow, she'll lick Ritts head 08/16/21
Danika in Jacksonville tweeted that she is going to the NFL draft in Cleveland 04/22/21
Dark Gable responds to Willie in KC
Darren Clark fat David Duval skinny emails
Dave in Madison with an e-mail suggesting a human wall for NASCAR racers 02/23/15
Dave in Saint Louis non hunter 11/15/07
Dave in Saint Louis takes a run at Chad in Portland 08/30/07
Dave in Saint Louis-Arod haiku 02/09/09
David in Albany (Merm) 08/01/09
DC emails welcome back 07/16/07
Dean (no longer) in Omaha Email Contest 10/14/10
Dean (no longer) in Omaha Rat Family Reset 10/04/10
Dean in Omaha email 01/08/08
Dean in Omaha-Jay Stew dentist weakling email 11/14/07
Dean in Omaha-Nebraska Notre Dame email 10/04/07
Dean in Omaha-War Nebraska stealing Michigans top HS recruit 08/03/07
Dean in Toronto email in response to American sucker-punch 10/09/14
Dean No Longer in Omaha - Jay Mohr as Diceman, J-Stew so fat he wears a smock 08/24/11
Dear Ron Just Relax 03/29/06
Deeply Offensive Twitter Contest - Paul Walker blast 08/29/14
Defense of Detroit emails 07/13/07
Del Mar Recap - Shey from the Bay tweet, John in San Antonio call, Randall's big day 08/29/16
Denlesks 420 email 04/20/18
Denlesks email - Clone Thanksgiving Potluck 11/22/19
Denlesks email - Happy Thanksgiving Eve 11/27/19
Denlesks email about Girth Brooks, Hawk and Rome talk about 24 hour fast 01/21/21
Denlesks email about Rome's upcoming Wisconsin vacation 06/28/19
Denlesks email for 420 04/20/20
Denlesks emails a Dr. Seuss inspired poem for Adam Hawk, with Twitter reaction 03/02/17
Denlesks emails an updated 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' 12/20/18
Denlesks tweet - Adelephant loves her plant based diet 09/18/19
Denlesks wins Huge Tweet of the Day with rat family reference 12/11/16
Denlesks with a First Day of Spring poem 03/20/19
Denlesks with a Jungle Oscars email 02/25/19
Denlesks with a Jungle related sonnet for World Poetry Day 03/21/18
Denlesks with a SJP inspired story 03/25/20
Denlesks with an e-mail, appears to be about Joey Bosa but ends up being about Randall in the OC; also cracks on Vic in No-Cal, Irie Craig, Boatie in Pearland and Lance in Topeka 08/30/16
Dennis Fratella with an e-mail trying to add Giants pitcher Derek Law to the Rat Family; Rome apologizes again for creating the Family and resets how Logan found out about it 10/12/16
Dennis Green emails 10/17/06
Denny McLane works at 7-11 emails
Des Moines tour stop reset 04/16/08
Detroit economy email 05/08/07
Devry email 06/06/07
Dexter Manley Email 04/14/05
Dick Clark & AJ Hawk 01/03/06
Dick clark email 01/02/07
Dick Clark emails 01/03/05
DJ Mark Goes Back to Back 09/15/09
DJ Mark in Cleveland Cracks on UCSB Crime Rate 02/10/10
Doc Mike DiTolla, a known faxer, responds to Nancy in Fort Lupton (pre-Smackoff era) 1994
Dodgeball Email Contest
Don't sleep on the Bengals D - Tweets from Siegfried and Roy 02/07/22
Donnie in the 312 misses one of Rome's jokes and jumps him for it on e-mail; Rome chews him out 10/27/14
Doug in Milwaukee resets his own call from 2009, a Jeff in Richmond impersonation 01/18/23
Dr Feelgood email 06/17/08
Drew in DTLA email sparks a Morning Zoo rant 07/25/12
Drew in West LA asked if Rome was driving through the 909 to recover a stolen car 11/10/17
Drew in West LA cracking on Irvine 02/23/18
Drew in West LA emails about an old take Rome had on diarrhea, provides audio proof 11/30/17
Drew in West LA emails about Gabe Kapler, Rome resets the great equalizer 04/12/19
Drew in West LA gets Rome to do an Andy Rooney impression 11/29/18
Drew in West LA resets Romes Geisha House investment 10/26/18
Drew in West LA resets Romes Geisha House investment, Rome tells a story about a valet cropdusting his luxury sled 02/14/19
Drew in West LA resets the Brett Myers soundbite 08/18/20
Drew in West LA suggested that the audio from Greg Gianforte breaking the reporters glasses was Josh Beckett at the country concert 11/14/17
Drew in West LA takes a jab at Woodscopes 11/01/18
Drew in West LA with a Jon Rahm take, gets warned about bum smack 04/10/23
Dungeons and Dragons Emils 03/10/05
Dustin in Tulsa (Whitey Email) 04/12/05
Dustin in Tulsa - Andruw Jones 05/11/05
Dustin in Tulsa - Dave Mathews email
Dustin in Tulsa - Hideki Irabu 05/04/05
Dustin in Tulsa - Rafael Furcalhol 12/07/05
Dustin in Tulsa - That's Right Reset 05/10/05
Dustin in Tulsa - Travis' List 04/28/05
Dustin in Tulsa goes back to back 01/11/06
Dustin in Tulsa misspells haiku 09/04/08
Dustin in Tulsa-Rubios 11/30/07
Dustin in Tulsas Dave Matthews email
E-mail - Guy who buys his wife fitness equipment for Christmas 12/18/13
E-Mail Contest - Matt in Poland Springs, Jeff in Chicago (North Side), TJ in East Lansing, KJ in the 916 11/12/14
E-Mail Contest and A-Rod Tweets; Lee in Vancouver gets an e-mail and a Tweet read in the same segment 01/15/14
E-mail from Tom Baby-Back-Rib-odeau about Cheez-Its 11/25/14
E-Mail reaction to Marty in Dallas' racist call and lifetime ban
E-Mail warring Carl in Rosemead getting a correspondent piece on JRIB 08/07/08
E-mails - Mark from Boston cracks on Michigan State, Benny in Wisco takes shot at Kansas' Perry Ellis, Denlesks with Scottie Pippen poem on World Poetry Day 03/21/16
E-mails about Ryne Sandberg's Wife and Bert and Ernie; Rome goes off on a rant 03/31/05
E-mails from Bryce in Topeka about Smackoff XXI and Denlesks about Rome working on a Monday 05/11/15
E-mails mocking Cubs with resets of Tom Thibodeau laugh and Beans Taste Fine after getting swept by the Mets in the NLCS 10/22/15
E-mails to end Hour 1 - Andy in Denver, Sam in ABQ, Jack in La Hoya and John in Louisville 07/21/16
Eclipse tweets from @leeharoldoswald and @LeffInLaguna 08/21/17
Ed Hochuli Emails 09/15/08
Ed McMahon home foreclosure email 06/05/08
Eddie Money email 06/30/08
Eddie Sutton booze email 03/06/06
Eddie Sutton-Stanford Tree 02/17/06
EJO and Norv T. tweets 11/14/18
Email about Rome's dad - Jazz music and 'how does that grab ya?' 01/16/20
Email Contest - Craig in Tampa wins $500 - Topic Joe Paterno 11/09/11
Email contest - Jon Bon Jovi resets 07/31/14
Email cracking New England and Boston 01/22/07
Email from Aaron in Omaha - Private Winslow arrested 06/08/18
Email from Denlesks - Twas the Night Before Smackoff 07/19/18
Email from Janet on seadoo 05/18/05
Email from Joel H. prompts a Joel vs Joe segment 01/23/23
Email from Mark in Buffalo about Johnny Manziels complexion, wars Karen Carpenter eating Mama Cass's ham sandwich so both would be alive today 12/01/14
Email from Veal Kilmer 04/01/14
Email from Vladimir about GED holders, email and callers respond 11/20/14
Email reaction to Mission Valley BWW visit 12/17/18
Email reaction to Rome going on vacation, more Curtis in Morro Bay talk 06/28/19
Email reaction to Smackoff 26 06/22/20
Email Reaction to Tyler in Edmonton 09/22/08
Emailer compares Clarkson to a zamboni, it goes over Romes head 05/19/17
Emailer resets Adult Alarm, Give me back my son, Rat family, and Mr. Automatic 08/25/23
Emailer visited Michigan with his son, asked Harbaugh about the Smackoff 05/25/23
Emailers pay tribute to Alice the Maid from the Brady Bunch 06/02/14
Emails 02/02/07
Emails 04/12/07
Emails 04/18/07
Emails 04/19/07
Emails 04/30/07
Emails 05/02/07
Emails 05/14/07
EMAILS 06/01/07
Emails 06/22/07
Emails - Clone on Clone 02/18/10
Emails - John in San Antonio about OC skanks, Sarah T saying Johnnys face is a roulette wheel and everyone was betting red 01/05/16
Emails - Sarah T dropped acid in college, Mike in Toledo brings up Mike Ditkas gas issue 10/20/15
Emails after vacation - John in Fullerton 07/18/11
Emails and Tweets - Aaron in Omaha (Linkin Nark), Scott in Morocco (Family Feud), @TotalBigE (Mike in Indy shared title) 04/13/17
Emails and Tweets from Snags to Riches, @apollokc, @RMeierkort, @paul_in_nocal 10/10/17
Emails and Tweets leading up to Kyle in Green Bays icing 03/14/18
Emails cause show restart 08/28/08
Emails from Dan in Denver, Pattersaur, and FBI Mike. Alex in SLC rap reset. Rasheed Wallace So Gone challenge. John in Little Rock raps and gets run 08/25/16
Emails from Salty Sarah T and Denlesks about the Patriots new scandal 12/10/19
Emails out of the weekend 11/28/05
Emails with Alex in Louisville reset 11/07/06
Emails with Kevin Elster reset 04/24/06
Emails, Twitter Contest, and Alvin gets loose on the board 07/29/16
Emails-2nd segment 08/06/07
Emails-911 calls 09/14/05
Emails-alcohol 08/25/06
Emails-Brenda Warner and charlie batchs mom 09/08/06
Emails-Bum smack at the end 03/17/08
Emails-Nebraska 09/18/06
Emails-Nebraska and others 09/18/06
Emails-Reche Caldwell emails 01/22/07
Emails/Bert and Ernie/Credit Card Rant
Emails: Drew in West LA and John in HB on Josh Beckett, Matt B horseplay tweet from @PhoenixTreeRat 11/14/17
Emails: Farts
Emails: Johnnie Cochran R.I.P.
Emails: Reaction To Runaway Bride
Emails: Ron Jeremy
Emails: Viagra Sponsors Comeback Player 08/26/05
Emails: Willy Wonka
Emily in Austin - Having Sex To The Jungle 12/06/10
Eric (the loser) in Falls Church wins huge email, Auto Zone gift card 08/02/13
Eric Crouch email 05/24/05
Eric in Boulder e-mails about Travis Henry and "rubbers" and wars Carl in Rosemead 03/11/08
Eric in Falls Church (The Loser) with his worst e-mail ever 05/28/14
Eric in Falls Church - 'Shame on you email' from David Stern 06/15/12
Eric in Falls Church - Adam Sandler Yankees reset, Eric rebrands himself as a jerk 09/07/12
Eric in Falls Church - War Rome and I attending a game in Blacksburg, boozing, and hitting up frat parties 12/15/15
Eric in Falls Church - War Rome and Marty riding Wingforwarded on the beach 10/05/07
Eric in Falls Church email - almost good enough to ditch the soundbed 12/20/12
Eric in Falls Church email - Wars going to a brothel with Rome 10/15/15
Eric in Falls Church on NFL Lockout 04/26/11
Eric in Falls Church wants Austin to deliver his emails on silver plate 01/08/18
Eric in Green Bay advocates that Tom Thibodeau's laugh be added to the Halloween Mix 02/26/14
Eric in Houston-Brad Lidge emails 04/03/07
Eric in Orlando emails in response to Jeff, asks who is sitting next to Hawk, sets up the rest of the show for James Kelley personal appearance smack 05/18/18
Eric near the Canadian Falls - War self gloss day in the Jungle 04/25/14
Estelle Getty Haiku 07/23/08
Evan in the Bay - Tweet about So-Cal 04/14/16
Evan in the Bay emails about Tiger Woods playing virtual golf, takes shot at Kaleb in Green Bay 02/24/16
Exploding pineapple factory email 09/09/19
Extra teeth email 12/13/06
Fangfox wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 08/01/14
Fat emails lead to Omaha stories 06/06/06
Fat Tuesday Tweets (@ShaunBeezee, @Robinthe21Ou, @NathanInOmaha, @salejandroh, @bigsteve8921, @DanLouisville) and back-to-back-to-back emails from @StevePHX 02/28/17
FDRs legs-Brian in Syracuse 09/09/08
Fencing emails 01/13/06
Fernando Vargas Ricky Martin reset 12/07/07
First Ask the Pros of 2017: Best bits of 2016 that didn't make it in the Year in Review 01/04/17
First batch of emails 01/10/07
First email of the year - UUU New Year Guy from Matt in Poland Springs, Rome asks Steve in HTown to find first email ever to the show 01/04/16
First email of the year, Mark in Hollywood says Rome should pull an AB the next time CBS pulls the simulcast 01/03/22
First emails back 08/21/06
First set of emails after vacation 07/16/07
First text ever to the show - Carlos in LA 01/07/08
First tweet of 2020 - Matt in Poland Spring 01/02/20
First tweets of 2019 - @CmonJared Georgia football, @hedstrombacon Rome's Miami vacation 01/02/19
Flashing Hockey mom emails
Florence initiation email 07/16/06
Foghorn email 05/21/07
Francis in Glendale 10/02/07
Francis in Glendale 02/11/08
Francis in Glendale 03/12/08
Francis in Glendale 06/09/08
Francis in Glendale - Anything is Possible 09/29/08
Francis in Glendale - OSU Haiku 09/15/08
Francis in Glendale - War Irie Craig using a spongecake as memory foam mattress 03/02/20
Francis in Glendale @TFPWillEat gets his Tweet applauded by Rome 11/15/18
Francis in Glendale cracks back on Benny and Garko 06/27/08
Francis in Glendale cracks David in Albany 06/30/08
Francis in Glendale email 06/05/07
Francis in Glendale email 01/08/08
Francis in Glendale email 01/16/08
Francis in Glendale email 02/15/08
Francis in Glendale email 02/26/08
Francis in Glendale email 05/13/08
Francis in Glendale email 07/03/08
Francis in Glendale email 09/03/08
Francis in Glendale email 09/08/08
Francis in Glendale email 09/09/08
Francis in Glendale email 09/16/08
Francis in Glendale email from Danny Trejo at the exploding pineapple factory 09/28/18
Francis in Glendale Gets Blocked 02/24/09
Francis in Glendale Haiku 09/17/08
Francis in Glendale Haiku 02/03/09
Francis in Glendale on Cleveland 10/30/07
Francis in Glendale tweets about James Kelley and Irie bum smack 01/02/19
Francis in Glendale wrestling email 02/26/08
Francis in Glendale- Tobin in Chapel Hill 09/21/07
Francis in Glendale-are you a good father 06/05/07
Francis in Glendale-BF Mangino 11/26/07
Francis in Glendale-Bo Diaz 08/20/07
Francis in Glendale-Brad Renfro 01/20/08
Francis in Glendale-Canada crack 01/28/08
Francis in Glendale-Charlton Heston 08/07/07
Francis in Glendale-Chaz Heston 02/06/08
Francis in Glendale-Count Chocula 02/21/08
Francis in Glendale-cracks on Kyle Brandt 05/12/09
Francis in Glendale-Detroit email 06/29/07
Francis in Glendale-Ed Hochuli 09/17/07
Francis in Glendale-Erv email 03/18/08
Francis in Glendale-Gambling 01/07/08
Francis in Glendale-Herschel Walker 05/13/08
Francis in Glendale-Kyle Brandt smack 04/04/08
Francis in Glendale-leads to Bob Huggins impersonation 09/19/07
Francis in Glendale-Magic and Chad in Portland 09/05/07
Francis in Glendale-Marty 01/28/08
Francis in Glendale-Plaxico Burress haiku 09/24/08
Francis in Glendale-Reche Caldwell 08/03/07
Francis in Glendale-Robert Parish & Merm Off 09/13/07
Francis in Glendale-Stuart Elliot 09/24/07
Francis in Glendale-Vagina Friendly Emailer 03/14/08
Francis in Glendale-Virgo 01/07/08
Francis in Glendale-War Herschel Walker 07/13/09
Frank in the 209 glosses Keith Arnold Batman 09/17/18
Frank Robinson upset at Raffy 08/24/05
FSU student is a murderer and face eater (Face Snacks University), John in Little Rock does a Flipper parody, ATP relationship advice, Huge Call 08/17/16
Fudge and Raenthal emails 03/22/05
Garko and Benny tell Francis in Glendale to get his own tickets 06/25/08
Gene in Minneapolis - ARod Email 11/21/06
Gene in Minneapolis fires shot on Ohio State 11/13/07
Gene in Minneapolis trifecta 06/30/08
Geoff in Lincoln gets Boaties The Mole Face Rock reset for National Mole Day 10/23/19
George W-Shaq email 01/23/08
Gina in Indy Reaction 12/13/11
Grabastic emails 01/03/06
Greece emails 09/28/06
Grifter emails and more reaction 06/26/07
Guaranteed FB comment read and guaranteed ReTweet, Gino in Boise 07/11/12
Half and Half mask emails 06/11/08
Halftime show featuring Ashlee Simpson, Fergie, Yoko, Carl Lewis, and Roseanne Barr 01/13/23
Hall and Oates Maneater Email 01/07/09
Halloween Twitter contest, Dave Whelan's last day 10/31/14
Hedstrom's email about his trip to Texas and how Steve in HTown is the greatest person he has ever met 06/24/19
Hedstrombacon gets a block threat for Dexter Manley Tweet 11/27/18
Hemmet California email 04/14/08
Herschel Walker 04/15/08
Herschel Walker email 06/30/08
Hildee from band Manic Bloom emails Rome about a new song, wars a lot of things 08/31/11
Hip Hip Hooray Reaction 10/02/08
Holmey in Newport Beach - Email about No-Cal 04/14/16
Holmey in Newport Beach - Email about slimy Phil Jackson, Rome told Holmey to frame the email 11/13/12
Holmey in Newport Beach - Gene Rayburns phallic microphone 06/04/12
Holmey in Newport Beach email about Rome being a tennis gigolo, challenges Rome to a match 10/06/15
Holmey wanted to remind everyone he knows where Rome lives 05/03/17
Horrible e-mails from Seth Tenor and Bob in Tempe resetting Benito Santiago and Mark Mangino 05/31/16
Houston emails 08/20/07
How to Beat the 420 Drug Test 04/26/11
Howard in ABQ - Skip Bayless Sucks 05/11/05
Howard in ABQ 6 emails 02/07/05
Huge email about WV 03/28/05
Huge Email Contest - Blaise in KC won a TV 09/30/11
Huge Email of the Day 11/16/07
Huge Email of the Day 11/15/07
Huge Email of the Day 11/30/07
Huge Email of the Day Contest 12/07/07
Huge email-Brett Myers and Albert Belle 05/19/08
Huge text contest 11/09/12
Hump Day email 06/13/07
If I have to rape a girl reset 02/15/08
Iggy in Springfield reset 01/08/08
Impromptu Jukebox Wednesday with love songs for Jordan Love 08/11/21
Irie Craig getting run Reaction 02/18/11
Irish Spring email 01/23/08
Isiah Thomas cement emails 01/15/08
It's just a piece of metal, signed Tonya 02/19/20
Ivan Lendl teeth email 08/28/08
J-Stews pant seams, good job, good effort 06/06/12
J.B. in the 785 with a Portland Woman e-mail; Rome resets Brandon in Portland's 2014 call about "Portland Woman" 05/04/16
J.B. in the 785 with an e-mail cracking Nick Saban and Vic in NoCal and asking for a Lance in Topeka call; Rome accuses him of being Lance operating under false identity 07/16/15
J.B. in the 785 with e-mail comparing Donald Trump's sports knowledge to that of Jeopardy contestants 04/19/16
Jack Nicholson set off the Fat Alarm 10/23/17
Jake in NYC points out that Rome's cellphone flashlight is on, gets on Watch List 06/14/23
James Harden crossing over Wesley Johnson emails, Roland in Pittsburgh, Matt in Poland Springs, Ryan in Minny, Stucknut resets Mike Forbess 03/01/18
Jaromir Jager email
Jason from Humbolt - Rick in VA Beach Reaction 02/24/11
Jason in the D email - RoboTiger 06/01/05
Jason in the D email - Whiteys dad 10/03/05
Jason La Canfora coughed during his interview, clones react 01/08/21
Jason Terry on JRIB reset, Adam Hawk gained weight - joined a gym and fake bakes 05/15/19
JaVale McGee screams to let teammates know he's open, reaction from other screamers, Eric Snow gained a few pounds 02/11/19
Jay Mohr-Detroit emails 08/13/07
Jay Stew Dinosaur emails 04/26/05
Jay Stew Dream email 05/30/08
Jay Stew liquors reset (Dustin in Tulsa) 01/13/06
Jay stew ratings bump 03/03/06
Jay Stew Wall of shame (Dustin in Tulsa) 01/13/06
Jay Stew-Hero or loser (Brian in Bugaha) 01/17/06
Jay Stew-Kellen Winslow 05/04/05
JB in the 785 email resets Louis Slungpoo 09/23/15
JC in Calgary 420 Email Crashes Rome's Opening Segment 04/20/17
Jed in Illinois @JedinIllinois gets blocked for Najeh Davenport tweet 01/09/19
Jed in Illinois @JedinIllinois tweet: Accept the head. - The Dr. to FlightDeck's parents after delivering him 11/01/18
Jeff from Richmond reaction - Reset of Oren in Denvers call 05/03/18
Jeff from Richmond's Christmas card debuted on tv, clones react 12/15/20
Jeff in Chicago (North Side) cracks on Adam Silver's ears with a hubcap blast 05/06/14
Jeff in Lincoln emails about Guns n Roses reunion, gets Fat Axl reaction from other emailers 01/05/16
Jeff in Lincoln sets the tone with the first email of 2017 01/03/17
Jeff in Phoenix Relic Hunting emails 03/14/05
Jeff in Syracuse and John in Pueblo email 04/04/08
Jeff Passan vs Cal in Vegas email and Twitter reaction 10/06/16
Jeffrey doesnt get the joke about SCU 09/05/08
Jeremy in Sconny email - Glosses the Cowboys as the Fail-as Clownboys, Rome does a FailClowns reset 01/07/14
Jeremy in Sconny email - Glosses the Dolphins 'Feminine Sharks', lays out Dantallica song requests, Jewel email from Steve in PHX 10/29/15
Jessica in El Paso email 09/11/15
Jesus in Chicago emails about Steven Seagal wearing bras. 03/05/15
Jesus in Chicago returns with an e-mail slamming Packers QB Aaron Rodgers 01/08/15
Jesus Juice arm bar 05/28/08
Jesus RayRay and Fabian Trifecta Reaction 10/29/10
Jewel teeth email 01/29/08
Jim Benton gets Harden tweet read, Rome thanks Benton and Stucknut, email from Denlesks 12/16/20
Jim Benton's mother had questions about the fellas in the SI photoshoot 08/15/17
Jim mora and larry robinson emails 04/18/06
Jimromesvacationplanner 08/28/06
Joaquin email - MMA guy punches ATM machine when it says insufficient funds 06/21/12
Joaquin email - War ordering the pay-per-view fight on grandmas cable bill and making a surprise visit 04/28/15
Joaquin email - Wars cornhole fistfights 05/10/18
Joaquin email for the Mayweather McGregor fight 08/25/17
Joaquin in San Diego with an e-mail about MMA heading to New York, wants equalizers (weapons) in Madison Square Garden 03/23/16
Joaquin MMA email 02/04/15
Joaquin MMA email 01/17/18
Joaquin on Chael Sonnen 10/18/11
Joaquin with another great MMA email 12/06/12
Joaquin with another MMA email 10/17/17
Joaquin with another MMA email 10/08/18
Joaquin's MMA email and Raamstein ringtone 12/07/11
Joaquin's MMA email from dudes that order for their girlfriends at Olive Garden 09/12/12
Joaquin's MMA email from dudes with Richie Incognito jersays and use girlfriends Pandora skips 11/15/13
Joaquins UFC list including pouring bottom shelf vodka into premium bottles 04/16/12
Joe Burrow has small hands, Fat Tuesday emails 02/25/20
Joe in Austin - OJ performed 2 neck surgeries in 1 night 09/09/11
Joe in Bugaha - 3 emails in 1 day
Joe in Bugaha - Adam Dunn humping the pole 06/20/08
Joe in Bugaha - College World Series Email 06/20/05
Joe in Bugaha - Council Bluffs is Stupid 10/31/08
Joe in Bugaha - Firing John Robinson 10/28/05
Joe in Bugaha - Labor Day Smack - Good job!!!!! 08/29/08
Joe in Bugaha - Orenthal Email 06/03/08
Joe in Bugaha - Retief Goosen Email 06/20/05
Joe in Bugaha - War Wheat Thins & History
Joe in Bugaha back to back 06/06/07
Joe in Bugaha email 02/05/07
Joe in Bugaha email 01/14/09
Joe in Bugaha email cracking Canada 06/08/06
Joe in Bugaha email-losers who cannot afford cable 10/23/08
Joe in Bugaha emails 06/13/07
Joe in Bugaha Jason Giambi email 05/12/09
Joe in Bugaha upsets Rome with an e-mail comparing Siegfried and Roy to Bert and Ernie 2004
Joe in Bugaha with a Herschel Walker e-mail, wars the people who war Carl in Rosemead 07/29/08
Joe in Bugaha with a Pete Rose e-mail, wars Carl in Rosemead 04/02/08
Joe in Bugaha with a Toby in Houston reset, wars Stucknut.com buying out livewithmom.com 06/15/06
Joe in Bugaha-3 emails 09/06/07
Joe in Bugaha-3 emails 09/04/07
Joe in Bugaha-3 emails only 1 gloss 01/23/08
Joe in Bugaha-a member of the 85 Royals 03/10/08
Joe in Bugaha-A rod telegram 10/30/07
Joe in Bugaha-Aaron Rodgers 10/03/07
Joe in Bugaha-Adult Alarm 11/14/07
Joe in Bugaha-Amani Toomer 09/05/07
Joe in Bugaha-Andruw Jones spelling bee 04/16/08
Joe in Bugaha-Atlanta email 06/23/08
Joe in Bugaha-back to back 07/24/07
Joe in Bugaha-back to back 09/10/07
Joe in Bugaha-back to back 04/17/08
Joe in Bugaha-Baltimore 03/11/08
Joe in Bugaha-Beer Flavored Popcorn 01/13/09
Joe in Bugaha-Ben Crane 01/06/08
Joe in Bugaha-Big 12 11/12/07
Joe in Bugaha-Bo Diaz-Alvins Mix 08/03/07
Joe in Bugaha-Bo Pelini 12/07/07
Joe in Bugaha-Bobby Petrino 08/06/08
Joe in Bugaha-Brad Lidge 09/19/07
Joe in Bugaha-Brad Lidge-War eating at the stripclub 09/20/07
Joe in Bugaha-British open bad teeth 07/17/07
Joe in Bugaha-Christopher Bowman 01/10/08
Joe in Bugaha-Chuck Heston 02/15/08
Joe in Bugaha-Chuck Liddell 09/09/08
Joe in Bugaha-Cleveland Indians 10/22/07
Joe in Bugaha-Dan Shaughnessy 02/28/08
Joe in Bugaha-David Beckham 11/08/07
Joe in Bugaha-David Beckham 02/05/09
Joe in Bugaha-David Duval email 06/29/07
Joe in Bugaha-DC Crackback 07/16/07
Joe in Bugaha-Dee Snider and Barack 06/05/08
Joe in Bugaha-Dennys and Jessica Simpson 02/03/09
Joe in Bugaha-Detroit 06/25/07
Joe in Bugaha-Detroit 07/13/07
Joe in Bugaha-Detroit 07/18/07
Joe in Bugaha-Detroit 08/13/07
Joe in Bugaha-Detroit email 06/25/07
Joe in Bugaha-Doctor J email 07/23/07
Joe in Bugaha-Dog Family holocaust 03/11/08
Joe in Bugaha-Dolphins 10/15/07
Joe in Bugaha-Dr J idol 07/23/07
Joe in Bugaha-Earthquakes 07/30/08
Joe in Bugaha-Eddie Griffin 08/22/07
Joe in Bugaha-Elgin Baylor draft day 01/25/08
Joe in Bugaha-Elgin Baylor Draft day reset 06/26/08
Joe in Bugaha-Eliot Spitzer 03/11/08
Joe in Bugaha-emails on Nebraska 10/16/07
Joe in Bugaha-Eric Gagne-Piece of Crap 04/01/08
Joe in Bugaha-Erv and Ark couple bout sex 08/06/07
Joe in Bugaha-Estelle Getty 07/23/08
Joe in Bugaha-Gary Miller-War Marty Mortons 01/20/08
Joe in Bugaha-Greyhound Dogs 10/01/07
Joe in Bugaha-Hall of Fame 01/13/09
Joe in Bugaha-Idiot Kicker 04/21/08
Joe in Bugaha-Irvine pizza email 06/19/07
Joe in Bugaha-Jared from Subway 12/06/07
Joe in Bugaha-Jay Mohr 02/02/09
Joe in Bugaha-Jerome Bettis is from Detroit 04/14/08
Joe in Bugaha-Joe is a loser 10/31/07
Joe in Bugaha-Johnny Miller 01/14/08
Joe in Bugaha-Jon Kitna email 06/29/07
Joe in Bugaha-Judas Priest 07/22/08
Joe in Bugaha-Julio Franco 08/23/07
Joe in Bugaha-Kirk Ferentz 10/01/07
Joe in Bugaha-Kobe Bryant 01/10/08
Joe in Bugaha-Kyle Farnsworth 04/21/08
Joe in Bugaha-Larry Robinson 05/05/08
Joe in Bugaha-Madison tour stop temperature 01/29/08
Joe in Bugaha-Magic Johnson TV show 08/01/07
Joe in Bugaha-Mama Cass 02/08/08
Joe in Bugaha-Marion Jones 07/23/07
Joe in Bugaha-Marion Jones 09/24/07
Joe in Bugaha-Mark Grace 02/13/09
Joe in Bugaha-Marty 07/16/07
Joe in Bugaha-Marty Cordova 11/30/07
Joe in Bugaha-Mercury Morris 09/02/08
Joe in Bugaha-Mexicam 09/13/07
Joe in Bugaha-Miami and Florida State 09/10/08
Joe in Bugaha-Michael Barrett-War Phil JACKSON 08/05/08
Joe in Bugaha-Mike Ditka 11/05/07
Joe in Bugaha-Monday Night Football 11/27/07
Joe in Bugaha-nearly banned 02/26/09
Joe in Bugaha-Nebraska 11/05/07
Joe in Bugaha-Nebraska fans email 08/10/07
Joe in Bugaha-no credit dan shaugnessy email 03/18/08
Joe in Bugaha-Oklahoma grab bag 01/29/08
Joe in Bugaha-One Andrew Pettitte 06/10/08
Joe in Bugaha-one day contracts 02/06/08
Joe in Bugaha-Oregon email 11/05/07
Joe in Bugaha-Orenthal 04/18/08
Joe in Bugaha-Orlando Hudson 08/20/07
Joe in Bugaha-Orlando Hudson 09/20/07
Joe in Bugaha-Pacman Jones 06/18/07
Joe in Bugaha-Pacman Jones email 06/29/07
Joe in Bugaha-Peja-War soundbyte 05/20/08
Joe in Bugaha-Phil Mickelson and Bartolo Colon 07/31/07
Joe in Bugaha-Ping Pong 02/06/08
Joe in Bugaha-quitting 12/17/07
Joe in Bugaha-Rachael and Chyna 08/22/07
Joe in Bugaha-Recepted and Stoled take 10/23/07
Joe in Bugaha-Ryder Cup-War montage 09/23/08
Joe in Bugaha-Seattle Supersonics 11/14/07
Joe in Bugaha-Speedbag Ventura 10/04/07
Joe in Bugaha-Stucknut email 06/25/07
Joe in Bugaha-Stupid erv email 08/07/07
Joe in Bugaha-Tobin in Chapel Hill 04/16/08
Joe in Bugaha-Top Gun 08/17/07
Joe in Bugaha-Top Gun 09/19/07
Joe in Bugaha-Trevor Hoffman 10/03/07
Joe in Bugaha-Triple U-Tommy Lee 03/13/09
Joe in Bugaha-US Soccer 10/29/07
Joe in Bugaha-US Womens soccer team 06/23/08
Joe in Bugaha-Vic in NoCal 04/23/08
Joe in Bugaha-War Marty legalzoom dot com 01/17/08
Joe in Bugaha-Wingforward update 10/22/07
Joe in Bugaha-Wingfoward 07/29/08
Joe in Bugaha-Zo 09/11/08
Joe in Bugaha: Boatie is not a racist, resets Marty in Dallas 04/15/08
Joe in NYC cracks Joey in NB and Dick Weber 02/14/05
Joe in NYC with Show Misconduct 03/31/05
Joe in Superior with an e-mail warring Rome naming his next horse Sedak-Attack in honor of Lance in Topeka 02/23/15
Joe in Superior wonders if anything will replace the Hackoff (includes reset of Ryan in Wichita) 06/18/14
Joe in Tampa suggests Jill in SacTown Host on 420 04/14/11
Joel in Canton - George Foreman Crack 05/12/05
John Denver email 03/28/05
John Feinstein 06/12/08
John in Louisville compares Geno Smith to Dennis in Oklahoma City 10/27/14
John in Louisville compares the New York Jets to Clones who flame out on the phone, resets Fabian in LA, Toben in Chapel Hill, Will in Portland, Vinnie Mac in Des Moines, Ray-Ray in Tampa and Matt in Cleveland 09/23/14
John in Louisville resets Rob in Cleveland the Grump (aka The Dump) flaming out when he tried to rap about Parody Larry 06/15/16
John in Pueblo email 04/03/08
John in SA emails about Star Wars dorks 12/17/15
John Kerry email
John L Smith and Howard Dean email 02/08/07
John Mark Carr email 01/08/08
John Rocker email (Joe in Bugaha) 03/30/05
Johnny Cochran emails 01/27/06
Johnny Miller (Joe in Bugaha) 06/16/06
Jon in Huntington Beach ripped Eric in Falls Church's music bed - Loser 07/15/19
Jose Mesa email 06/12/07
Juan Gonzalez 1996 email 03/20/06
Jukebox Friday - Brocktologist, Chris in St. Pete, Steve in HTown Stucknut 05/31/13
Jukebox Friday - LeBron, Don Johnson, Mellow Yellow, Bengals, and Olive Garden guy 11/07/14
Jukebox Friday - Winner @Daytripper20 with Hate Everything About You, Yankees to A-Rod, entries from @RayInSaintPaul, @DonnieINNDurham, @SouthsideMike81, @EDnSantaPaula 03/13/15
Julian in Edmonton-War Carl Lewis 07/24/07
Julio Franco and Larry Brown emails 04/21/06
Kaitlyn Savage in Texas conspiracy theories 09/08/16
Kaleb in Green Bay calls out Evan in the Bay as worst Tweeter, Rome and Kyle ponder who is the worst 02/24/16
Kaleb in Green Bay emails about Rome's family going to Wisconsin, doesn't want Jim to get fat 07/27/18
Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (@iambthewalrus) with an e-mail making fun of Perry Ellis' age and containing bum smack 03/21/16
Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) wins Twitter Contest and $50 O'Reilly AutoParts gift card 04/24/15
Kanye Wests mom-Aaron in New York City 11/16/07
KC Royals email 05/19/05
KC Royals email 01/27/06
KC Royals sweep Detroit email 04/04/08
Keith Arnold poem from Denlesks and email from Rick in Buffalo 05/17/19
Kelly Clark Bar-son 10/25/11
Kelly in Louisville-war me 12/17/07
Kelvin Benjamin email from Greg in Bugaha, Alvin sounds the Fat Alarm 05/02/17
Ken in Mission Viejo email sparks a segment about Romes dad making him listen to jazz music 05/09/17
Ken in SA email about wrestling with his wife, Rome doesn't want to hear it 07/13/16
Ken in SA email from Danny Willett's pet Ratt, puts Ken in lead for Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/11/16
Ken in SA resets the tennis reporter, Drew in West LA asks if Rome yells during Logans games 04/06/21
Ken in San Antonio wars Logan asking for a shout-out from Toby in Houston; Rome warns Randall (WFI) in the OC not to tell Jake and Logan about Toby in Houston at the next horse-race 02/13/15
Ken in San Antonio with a Johnny Manziel acne e-mail, Rome smashes the e-mail printout on his desk 07/30/14
Kenny George-Tommy Lee email 01/10/08
Kenny in C-Town with a Greg Pop-A-Zit blast 05/28/14
Kenny in the D e-mail - Matt Stafford's face fat, Detroit kids not getting Xmas presents 12/17/13
Kevin Cosgrove email 09/24/07
Kiefer Sutherland Tree emails 01/06/06
Kim in Sacramento bumsmack song reaction 12/17/20
Kimbo Slice Emails 10/06/08
Knoblach email
Kobe v Karl Emails 12/14/04
Kobiyashi Email 07/10/06
Kyle Brandt Emails 10/03/08
Kyle Brandt guest hosting - Rams leaving St. Louis for Los Angeles; John in Louisville with an e-mail cracking on St. Louis and including bum smack and Najeh Davenport reference 01/13/16
Kyle Brandt Reaction 10/03/08
Kyle Brandt texted Rome from a dentist office 03/08/19
Kyle conducts a rapid fire Ask the Pros, plus the Twitter contest 12/09/15
Kyle in Green Bay reaction 11/15/16
Kyle Moss emails the show 05/13/09
Lance in Honolulu with a Jamarcus Russell blob email, Rome talks about a trip to Hawaii as a teen 05/04/20
Lance in Louisville gets into the Twitter contest 09/11/13
Lance in Louisville in the e-mail contest, wants to bust Ryan in Wichita in his bleeping mouth 10/21/13
Lance in Louisville in the Twitter Contest for the second day in a row 09/12/13
Lance in Topeka (aka The Scorpion) e-mails a Neil Sedaka haiku on National Haiku Day 04/17/15
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) e-mails to crack on Colin Kaepernick and wants to fart in his face; Rome declares it to be in the Top 10 of worst e-mails ever 08/29/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) with an e-mail about Rome's upcoming show at Del Mar, wants to sing Neil Sedaka parodies and fart in Parody Larry's face 08/23/16
Lance in Topeka (Flatu-Lance) with an e-mail comparing Peyton Manning's stalling on his retirement annoucement to Rome's stalling on taking his calls 03/03/16
Lance in Topeka (formerly Louisville) risks a lifetime ban from the Jungle, but Rome doesn't let him on 01/24/14
Lance in Topeka (formerly Louisville), aka The Scorpion, with an e-mail about rooting for the Jayhawks in the NCAA Tournament 03/17/14
Lance in Topeka e-mails asking why Rome finds him annoying; Rome repsonds; Blaise in KC and Ryan in Wichita lead the crackback 05/29/14
Lance in Topeka e-mails to try to negotiate airtime with Rome after being on hold all day; Rome refuses the offer 04/22/15
Lance in Topeka emails to urge Rome to give Grump a chance to respond to Mark in Chicago 12/03/15
Lance in Topeka not invited to Smackoff; Boatie in Pearland is invited 06/26/14
Lane Kiffin hired Charlie Weis Jr, tweets from @BlaiseInKC and @MikeDForThree 01/17/18
Laron Landry busted for PED use; Dave in Washington State e-mails on the subject and Rome responds 09/30/14
Larry Browns crank email 07/02/08
Larry from Radio shack reset from @jamieingreenbay 11/16/21
Larry Hagman email (mike t in c-town) 03/29/05
Larry Hagman replacements email 04/27/07
Larry Hagmans liver 02/07/05
Larry in Tulsa Says Mike in San Diego is Baddest Man 04/26/11
Last Dance emails from Drew in West LA, Denlesks, and Steve in PHX 05/04/20
Lee in Hartford-The brothers Menendez 09/08/08
Lee in Van 'Rae Carruth' and Blaise in KC 'Presidents Day' emails 02/20/12
Lee in Van elevates the conversation with a Brady Bunch email 01/03/19
Lee in Vancouver - Pranking Hitchhikers 03/02/12
Lee in Vancouver - Wives can't Tweet with 140 character limit 05/16/12
Lee in Vancouver email - Cleveland fans are excited to get soap 04/28/16
Lee in Vancouver resets someone using Jim Rome's name on the strip club poker machine 03/09/18
Lee in Vancouver with a Johnny Manziel Clearasil e-mail 01/06/15
Lee in Vancouver with a Rat Family e-mail about Gary Gaetti 01/15/16
Lee in Vancouver with Rae Carruth email 02/07/12
Leff in Laguna submits 10 Tweets about Jay Leno's motorcycle accident 01/27/23
Leff in Laguna with Tweets about LIVers 04/04/23
Leff in Laguna with Tweets about Sean Paytons package 03/29/23
Lesbians email 08/04/08
LikesToFightGuy LTFG Reaction to Jerry Kramer Interview 02/02/11
Linda Tripp email 01/08/08
Lindsay Jacobellus Visa Check card 02/17/06
Liza Minelli-Damion in So Cal 02/17/06
Logan Rome email 07/24/07
Logan Rome's 2-seam fastball, Hawk hiking with IPA's, suits and sneaker guy 02/15/21
Losers who cannot afford cable 09/19/07
Louis in Austin - Steve Garvey Email 04/25/05
Louisville goes down emails 11/10/06
LT reset 07/24/07
Luis Polonia email 01/17/08
Mama Cass email 02/06/07
Marcus Allen emails himself 08/26/05
Marion Jones headgear email 01/10/08
Marion Jones lamb castration email 01/29/08
Mark in Austin on Andrei Kirilenkos Back 05/10/11
Mark in Pittsburgh - Herschel Walker Email 06/26/08
Mark Madsen reset 03/03/08
Mark Mangino spraying the club with gravy 06/18/08
Mark Redman email 07/10/06
Marshall in Newport Beach - Email about 'Brings his dog to the field guy' 04/26/13
Marshall in Newport Beach with an e-mail resetting Jason in Redding's scripted call from previous day 06/30/15
Marshawn Lynch hit and run 06/30/08
Martha Burke email (Joe in Bugaha) 04/22/05
Marty and Jim make a good airline couple 01/26/07
Marty email 01/04/07
Marty email 03/22/07
Marty emails 01/19/07
Marty ordering roses for Jim on proflowers dot com 01/29/07
Marty same shirt email 02/21/07
Marty tattoo emails 05/22/07
Marty wants the hoodie 01/22/07
Mary in Nashville and Martys email 01/18/07
Matt Hughes Interview 05/21/09
Matt in Poland Springs email - War the spelling bee adding Boaties choking on spit to the words next year 05/29/15
Matt in the Fred - Flapjack Eatsmore Hungryman 05/09/11
Matt in the Fred - Horrible Big East Refs 03/10/11
Matt in the Nati - Greg & Joe Are Unsavory 04/01/05
Matt in Vancouver email about that prickly a-hole David Stern, SteveInPhx with AC Green reset 02/05/19
Matt in Vancouver email unwarring America 05/26/16
Matt in Vancouver emails an apology to Stucknut 05/14/19
Matt in Vancouver sends an email response to Dr. Dave 02/28/19
Matt in Vancouver with e-mail resetting Bobby Petrino's motorcycle accident; followed by Seth in Denver with an e-mail trying to add Mets manager Terry Collins to the Rat Family 05/31/16
Maveric and Goose-Tad in Kalamazoo 09/29/06
McGregor Mayweather emails from Joe in Superior and Andy from Denver 07/17/17
Meatwhistle email 02/21/07
Meltdown emails and resets 04/16/07
Menendez brothers tweet from @philinmissouri 02/14/18
Miami crackback email 01/29/07
Miami crackback emails 01/26/07
Miami Hurricane email 01/03/06
Michael Strahan gap email 01/29/08
Michael Strahan haiku 01/20/08
Michigan crackback email 09/10/07
Mike Altman email 01/25/08
Mike at Duke Grad School email and reaction 11/14/07
Mike Gundy email 10/16/07
Mike Gundy email and reset 10/15/07
Mike in Akron email 07/03/08
Mike in Buffalo email - Unwars people air-drumming the Phil Collins solo 10/18/17
Mike in Buffalo email about Hefty, calling him a fat bum 07/09/18
Mike in Buffalo email resets 'war bums using scaffolding to play Hollywood Squares' 06/18/18
Mike in Buffalo gets blocked for Beaks and bum smack 09/18/19
Mike in Buffalo with a fat Ben Affleck email 03/30/18
Mike in Chicago Non 7 Wood User 04/27/11
Mike in Crackon cracks on Gino in San Antonio 02/06/08
Mike in Crakron - B-More VD email 09/08/08
Mike in Crakron ITS OVER!! 04/24/08
Mike in Crakron on female callers 06/18/08
Mike in Crakron with GED Smack 12/10/09
Mike in San Diego 10/19/09
Mike in San Diego 09/28/09
Mike in San Diego - Al in Miami Beach Reaction 01/13/11
Mike in San Diego - Andrei Kirilenkos Back 05/10/11
Mike in San Diego - Bob Costas - Jeff in Richmond Reset 11/16/11
Mike in San Diego - Hard Bill email 08/30/10
Mike in San Diego - HUGE email of the Day - 5 Best Sitcoms 12/27/11
Mike in San Diego - Laker Retaliation & Smackoff Invite 03/02/12
Mike in San Diego - LBJ Thinks Hillrod is Corny 05/03/11
Mike in San Diego - Reaction to Jerry West Interview 02/18/11
Mike in San Diego - Robocop Reaction 02/17/11
Mike in San Diego - Steve Fisher Interview Reaction 02/22/11
Mike in San Diego - THE DOWNLOW 01/17/11
Mike in San Diego -Fantasy Baseball Pig Farmer 10/26/11
Mike in San Diego ANGLES is Trending on Twitter 12/08/11
Mike in San Diego Blasts Israel in LA 12/21/10
Mike in San Diego Crazy Pipes 01/06/11
Mike in San Diego Criticizes the Tebow Centaur Tattoo 12/08/11
Mike in San Diego Emails The Sklars 12/31/10
Mike in San Diego Fatros Blast 08/23/10
Mike in San Diego Gives the Ball to the Sklars 03/29/12
Mike in San Diego huge email - Wars Stucknut 12/29/10
Mike in San Diego on Ben Mezrich 10/25/07
Mike in San Diego on Sir Freaking Charles of St. Andrews 03/03/11
Mike in San Diego on Steve Bartman 09/28/11
Mike in San Diego on the Barry Bonds V Sign 04/14/11
Mike in San Diego Reaction 11/03/10
Mike in San Diego Tweets Curtis Granderson 02/25/11
Mike in San Diego Wins Huge Email 12/13/10
Mike in San Diego Wins Huge Email 12/20/10
Mike in San Diego Wishes the Jungle a Happy 420 04/20/11
Mike in San Diego XR4Ti Crew email 10/27/10
Mike in Toledo and Denlesks email about Fat Tuesday 02/09/16
Mike in Vancouver-Hiroshima email 03/07/08
Mike in Wichita-child predator by chad in portlad 07/26/07
Mike Shanahan rat email 11/14/07
Mike T in C-Town - Albert Belle Is A Freaking Nutcase 06/23/05
Mike T in C-Town - France 06/23/05
Mike T in C-Town - HAPPY??? 03/25/05
Mike T in C-Town - Hot Air Balloon Email 11/01/05
Mike T in C-Town - Milli Vanilli 11/03/05
Mike T in C-Town - Steak for Sex email 05/02/05
Mike T in C-Town - Tobin Sucks 06/17/05
Mike T in C-Town 4 emails 09/20/07
Mike T in C-Town Email 04/29/05
Mike T in C-Town email - Non Hunter 04/14/05
Mike T in C-Town, unemployed? 11/29/05
Mike T. in C-Town e-mail about Clay Aiken, the Paula Abdul sex scandal, and Bert and Ernie 04/25/05
Mike Tyson turn off your station reset 02/21/04
Milton Bradley emails 06/22/07
Mindy McCready 2nd chin email 05/01/08
Miss Teen SC reset 01/24/08
Miss Teen South Carolina 01/23/08
Miss Teen South Carolina Billy Madison email 09/28/07
Miss Teen South Carolina emails 01/17/08
Mitch in Wichita - OJ Cutting Thru a Hot Brown 10/24/11
MMA email from Joaquin, Rex Lee email from Drew in West LA 10/02/18
MMA-Emails 05/24/07
Mo Clarret lives here 11/10/06
Mo Clarrett beer truck-milk truck 01/03/06
Mole face rock emails 12/19/07
Monica Lewinsky emails 02/07/08
Mop fight emails 06/20/07
Moratorium on John Denver, email from Denlesks for Billy Joels birthday 05/09/19
More Hip Hip Hooray Reaction 10/02/08
More Marty in NoCal Twitter and email reaction 11/22/16
More reaction to Jeff in San Antonio's call 10/13/17
More Tweets about homeless Irie Craig 08/16/18
Moron Mascot 01/15/08
Mr. Automatic reset from @SquirrelTew 10/16/17
My Tom Brokaw email 03/20/07
My Tonya Harding email 03/20/07
Natasha in Vancouver email 02/10/05
Nate Burleson reaction from @RandallintheOC @AaronSlam13, Hawk reaction from @MrToxic @Jeff_fromthe919 @MikeDForThree @Brian_C60 @DenttekJason @Struvee406 @DrewWestLA 09/06/17
Nathan Peterman out in Buffalo, Rome reads an email from Rick in Buffalo 11/13/18
National Anthem emails 02/06/06
NBA players pulling out-Bob in LA Heterosexual 03/31/05
Neal Mandt reaction 03/07/08
Nebraska broken banjo email 09/18/06
Nebraska crackback email 08/30/07
Nebraska crushes California email 09/19/07
Nebraska email cracking USC fan 11/13/06
Nebraska email cracking USC fan 05/29/07
Nebraska emails 09/06/05
Nebraska emails 09/15/06
Nebraska livestock email 03/21/05
Nebraska-oregon trail email 09/18/06
Nebraska-USC emails 08/31/07
Nebraska-USC emails 09/06/07
Ned in Indio, 68-year-old Clone 08/05/14
New coke email 09/01/06
Nick In Iowa with a 'finish the cut' tweet, regards Brad in Corona 02/04/21
Nick in the Nati un-wars Cinco de Drinko Guy 05/05/14
Nick in Vancouver - Conan the Spermarian 05/17/11
Nick in Vancouver email 06/04/07
Nick in Vancouver with an e-mail cracking on old people eating cat food 09/06/07
Nick Saban emails 01/03/07
Niems and Whitey's Dad reset 06/26/18
Notre Dame and Lampley emails 01/04/07
Notre Dame email funny 11/27/06
Notre Dame hooker emails 08/06/07
Ocho Cinco-Britney Spears email 02/08/08
Ohio State emails 01/02/07
Ohio State hate email on USC 07/23/08
OJ looking in Buffalo for housing 11/01/05
OJ's Silver Anniversary - Adam Hawk used to work for the lady that interviewed OJ 06/12/19
Opening emails - Charley Casserly, LeBron James, National Cereal Day, spam 03/07/19
Opening segment emails 05/15/07
Opening segment emails 05/16/07
Opening segment emails 12/12/07
Orenthal-Mike Holmgren 02/07/06
Orenthal-People die everyday 04/24/08
OSU and USC checklists 09/12/08
OSU fan check list 08/27/08
OSU USC checklists 09/10/08
OSU USC checklists 09/11/08
Osweiler tweets from @stucknut, @OneCardMonty, @Spikeandkel, and @StevePHX 09/05/17
Pacman Jones make it rain email 10/19/07
Palandrome emails 08/23/07
Paris Hilton MMA email 05/24/07
Parody Larry with an e-mail cracking on Cam Newton, calling him "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" and glossing him "Fig Newton"; Rome declares the e-mail to be "truly terrible" and worse than an F 10/13/16
Patch gets blocked with Kirstie Alley email, war Lady Bums using trash bags as prom dresses 01/15/20
Pattersaur Brett in Bugaha glosses Irie Craig 'Irie Beg' 04/25/18
Pattersaur email about TO living under a concrete ceiling 11/16/16
Pattersaur with a SJP / Dee Snider poem 03/21/18
Paul Allen chicklets 01/23/06
Paul in Albany - Clay in Buffalo's Assets 09/16/08
Paul in Albany resets Alex in Louisville and Iggy in Springfield's calls 04/13/21
Paul in Connecticut - Phillip Eatmore Hoffman 04/25/11
Paul in Louisville - 1st email of 2012 01/03/12
Paul in Louisville - Jay Stew Porn Take 09/16/08
Paula Abdul emails 03/18/05
PB&J Sandwich discussion: Clones suggest tortillas, marshmallows, and Holmey says jelly is ass 12/16/16
Pearland smack 04/04/08
Peter O Toole email 05/05/08
Peter O Toole email 05/20/08
Peyton Manning Sweet 16 emails 03/06/07
PHD Emails 06/21/06
Phil in Dallas @philindallas becomes first Twitter user blocked from the show with a Baby Jessica Tweet 11/06/18
Phil in Missouri email wins Guns-N-Roses tickets 04/13/16
Philadelphia haiku 10/03/05
Philip Rivers retired, email with all of Alvie's kids names 01/20/21
Phoenix affiliate reaction - @BlaiseInKC, @CalinVegas, @PCBrent1, @DanLouisville, @IamTrent1999, @pranil101 02/18/17
Pi emails 01/12/06
Pinnochio email
PJ in Denver with a Rome and Marty Valentine's Day e-mail 02/13/15
PJC tweets that Odell Beckham is an average injury prone pre Madonna, Stucknut responds with pre Debbie Gibson 03/26/18
Pliska in Portland 04/27/09
Pliska in Portland - Iowa Smack 05/13/09
Pliska in Portland - Rocky Dennis Bruce Jenner 05/19/09
Pliska in Portland - Rubber Crank 05/11/05
Pliska in Portland - Tara Reid Drunk 05/11/05
Pliska in Portland email 01/15/08
Pliska in Portland email, says Bruce Jenner has testicles and a vagina, Rome says 'screw you Pliska' 05/26/05
Pliska in Portland Haikus 06/05/09
Pliska in Portland-Doctor J 05/12/09
Pliska in Portland-Pacman Jones War Bruce Jenner 07/17/07
Pliska with more Bruce Jenner 05/31/05
Poker problem emails
Priests email 06/21/07
Quinn Snyder-Dave in Saint Louis 02/13/06
R.L. in Seattle gets BANNED FOR LIFE from Jungle for e-mail suggesting Rome and Marty double-dated with Bert and Ernie 04/04/16
Rack me! Mark in SLO - Emails sent to Rome with recycled takes 09/26/12
Rafael Septein email 09/01/06
Raider Mike and Boatie brushing off Liam Neeson throat punches - @Aaron_in_AZ and @DrewWestLA 09/13/17
Ralph in Orlando Email 11/23/07
Ralph Sampsons childrens email 08/31/06
Randall (WFI) in the OC has a reputation as a stalker 04/03/15
Randall in the OC tweeted that Kevin Hart should of said he was with Jungle Racing 02/06/18
Randall in the OC tweets about his nap at Del Mar 09/01/16
Randall in the OC tweets about Map Nation (Miss Teen South Carolina) 09/07/17
Randall in the OC with a Ron G / OJ email, Rome says its the worst OJ reset ever 01/24/19
Random emails 09/20/05
Randy Johnson and Canadian Doggystyle 01/11/05
Ray in St. Paul with e-mail calling conspiracy theorist losers like the Anaheim Ducks 04/19/16
Reaction to Boston Phinn's call from Jesus in Chicago and Lee in Vancouver 02/02/15
Reaction to Brad and Leffs calls, Dong Day preview 06/20/23
Reaction to Hawk's spiritual moment, peyote 01/02/20
Reaction to Jeff in Southfields call 06/23/20
Reaction to Joe in Las Vegas from @JB_in_the_785, @yelwad, and @LeeInVan 04/08/16
Reaction to JT the Brick and Steve in HTown, Hawk talks about the Stucknut Smackoff Aftershow 06/17/20
Reaction to Justin Forsett interview (rat story) from @Stucknut, @dlh1029, @RiddyBadluck13, and Sarah T 01/29/19
Reaction to Kaleb, Leff, and Liz's calls 04/17/18
Reaction to Mike and Dave's tandem call; Call from Dee in NorCal 06/27/17
Reaction to NBA boycott, Karl Anderson Luke Gallows podcast preview 08/27/20
Reaction to Ritt playing the St. Louis Battlehawks soundbite during the Taylor Heinicke interview 02/19/21
Reaction to Rome hitting his head on the camera 03/05/20
Reaction to the Astros Jim Crane press conference 02/13/20
Reaction to The Grumps call and the Twitter contest 11/05/15
Reaction to the Ritt vs Hawk song 12/01/20
Rebecca T - Jacko Email 06/26/09
Rebecca T email 08/04/08
Rebecca T in Myrtle Beach email 05/08/08
Rebecca T in Myrtle Beach-Oscar Meyer email 01/14/08
Reid cracks Tobin and Rachael 09/05/06
Reid in Austin - Bobby Simmons Email 06/20/05
Reid in Austin - Meaningless Bowls Email 04/22/05
Reid in Austin - Ryan Leaf email 04/26/05
Reid in Austin - Satan Loves Barry Bonds 05/12/05
Reid in Austin on West Virginia 05/24/05
Reset and reaction to Curtis in Morro Bay's call from day before 06/27/19
Reset of the Charlie in Lawrence call, Rome wants to give him a Golden Ticket 01/09/19
Response to Le'Veon Bell's upside down Tweets 11/08/18
RG in Peoria with an email about John Bobbitt and Super Dave, Rome asks Hawk why he brought the email, Hawk blames the room 01/04/19
Rich North of the D sends a Spoiler Guy e-mail and gets chewed out by Rome and clowned by the Clones 02/19/14
Richard in Cerritos resets the Monica Seles has beaver-like chompers e-mail from 1994 07/03/14
Rick Ankiel email cause John Daly reset 03/10/05
Rick in Boise email about men that takes a glove to baseball games, wars the JTP 04/12/16
Rick in Buffalo email about the upcoming CloneStock 12/18/18
Rick in Buffalo email about Vic's attempts to win the smoker, ends up winning a Masterbuilt smoker 08/22/18
Rick in Buffalo email leads to Woodscopes discussion, Brad in Corona is scheduled guest 12/06/18
Rick in Buffalo loses his Golden Ticket via ATP 10/11/17
Rick in Calgary turns Lauren Tannehill reaction into Canada vs. America; Blaise in KC and other Americans respond 01/16/14
Ritt catches heat for stepping on Diane in Niagara Falls' call with soundbite, lady clone caller, lady clone button 12/03/20
Ritt injured his calf playing basketball at the gym 01/11/22
Ritt used to be the president of a kickball league 02/26/20
RJ and Dr 07/23/07
Rob in Buffalo with a Chipotle Kelly e-mail 07/02/14
Robert Goulet email 10/31/07
Roger Clemens emails 02/28/06
Roger Clemens leftovers emails 05/01/08
Roger in Austin - Grillup Eatmore Hotdogs 04/29/11
Roger in Boston - Hillrod Gives Rome Congrats 05/03/11
Roger Penske Organization email
Rollie Fingers - Fred Goldman
Rome accuses J.B. in the 785 of being Lance in Topeka and calls Lance weird; Tommy from NC cracks on Lance via e-mail 01/09/15
Rome addresses Mike Glennon and the non-existent giraffe family @DrewWestLA, @RandallintheOC, @Denlesks, @TFPWillEat, @PatrickLineber1, @SarahT_in_Prov 05/02/17
Rome allows fat smack for the day, calls from Christian in Maine and Steve in the Nati 01/15/19
Rome allows previously bannable topics 04/12/22
Rome cracks Amanda in Baltimore 06/09/08
Rome doesn't like small talk with the bank tellers 11/19/16
Rome emails himself 05/03/05
Rome emails himself 02/14/07
Rome gives Blaise in KC an F for an e-mail about a Donald Sterling-Viv Stiviano reality show, then gets annoyed with TommyFromNC for sneaking bum smack into a Tweet 10/02/14
Rome hates the emails 03/14/05
Rome reacts negatively to a Sonny Bono e-mail 02/18/15
Rome shouts out to Holmey in Newport Beach 01/26/12
Rome threatens to ban J.B. in the 785 for Ernie and Bert e-mail 02/20/15
Rome threatens to ban Matt in Vancouver for sophomoric Kellen Winslow e-mail 04/22/16
Rome treats Thursday like Friday with a double Deca-Yeah, then chews out Trey in Cheyenne for bum smack 07/03/14
Rome world cup Brothers 03/28/05
Romes horse got lucky email 10/11/07
Ron Full of Rage BLOCKED 04/17/09
Royals casket email 01/10/08
Rubix cube emails 01/17/06
Ruby Tuesday files for bankruptcy 10/08/20
Rudy Giuliani's hair dye and Costco's return policy 11/20/20
Rumplestiltskin in Houston 01/17/06
Russell Crowe got fat - Tweets from @iambthewalrus @Jacob_in_NorCal @TedInPittsburgh @Chadinthe502 @Stucknut @NancysKnee @MomsOopsBaby 03/28/17
Ryan in H Town email 08/30/07
Ryan in H-Town - Virgins at stucknut 07/17/07
Ryan in H-Town Rachel Email 05/04/07
Ryan in H-Town-Ralph Sampson 07/24/07
Ryan in HTown - War EBT 05/22/09
Ryan in HTown - War Naomi Harpers Gape 05/22/09
Ryan in Wichita - Najeh Davenport poem 10/08/15
Ryan in Wichita sends email about Corey Pavin's addiction to gouda cheese 06/13/12
Ryan not Ryne in South Bend Blasts Blaise in KC 02/23/11
Sandy Duncan - Brian in the ATL wars Joe in Bugaha
Sara Jessica Parker email 04/30/08
Sara Jessica Parker email 05/27/08
Sarah Jessica Parker email
Sarah Palins daughters doctor pepper 09/09/08
Sarah T emails about Simon and Garfunkel, gets put in time out until Coach Mark Helfrich references Sarahs email 12/11/15
Sarah T emails Jim reminding him that her birthday is Friday 12/20/16
Sarah T in Providence starts fight with Greg in Sun Valley 11/07/14
Sarah T in Providence wins a PPV with a 420 submission 04/20/23
Sarah T in Providence with Gilligan's Island smack; Rome resets Parody Larry getting run four seconds into Gilligan parody 03/11/15
Sarah T. email - Del Rio dances at the Sands 03/09/17
Sarah T. had another use for CD cases 10/09/17
Sarah T. in Providence emails gift list for Lance in Topeka, Greg in Sun Valley, Johnny Football, and Mark in Hollywood 12/19/14
Saxon in Nashville - Angels Email 1 10/07/08
Saxon in Nashville - Angels Email 2 10/07/08
Saxon in Nashville email 06/27/06
Scott in the Bay - 25000 Tweets 05/10/11
Scott in the Bay-330 miles from Francis in Glendale 11/07/07
Scott near Beaverton - Great Cubs Haiku 10/02/08
Scott Peterson Total Recall divorce 11/14/07
Seabiscuit - Brian in the ATL 12/14/04
Sean Taylor Emails 01/11/05
Sean Taylor poor taste emails 11/27/07
Sean the Cablinasian guest hosting - Reads Tweet from @Hedstrombacon about Stucknut 11/27/20
Seg 2-rodeo and Soccer emails 12/04/06
Seg 7-Rodeo emails 12/04/06
Segment 2-emails-war wallet chains 10/16/06
Sergio Garcia emails 07/23/07
Sergio Garcia spitting emails 03/26/07
Sev in Ottawa email 09/17/07
Shawn Kemp Helmet email 04/16/08
She-Clone in Denver Emails In About Men 02/14/11
Shirtless Emails 06/19/08
Show Open - Brad in Corona sets the tone with a Meat Loaf tweet 01/21/22
Silk Brah asks about Jim's night in HB, reset of Mutt in LA call 09/08/21
SJP eclipse tweets 08/22/17
Skip Bayless email on Clarett
Sklar Bros. Email Contest (Mike in San Diego Wins) 07/06/06
Sklars rip Francis 12/29/06
Sopranos Seinfeld email 06/11/07
South-Side Mike in Chicago with an e-mail suggesting Rome get Jake an XR4Ti for his 15th birthday, resets Parody Larry's appearance on Radio Row 04/04/16
Spurrier emails-Texans win and ruin winless season 10/31/05
Stan Brooks email 12/14/06
Stanley Cup email 06/08/07
Star Wars Emails & Darth Vader reset 06/03/08
Steve Garvey email 05/05/08
Steve in H-Town - 3 More Hours of PMS Crap 07/14/08
Steve in H-Town - Stucknut v Mom 05/09/05
Steve in HTown (New Email Address) 10/07/05
Steve in HTown - Dan Shaughnessy/Bob Ross email, too much time on his hands 12/09/05
Steve in HTown - Go to Hell! 07/02/07
Steve in HTown - Loosers at Stucknut 05/23/06
Steve in HTown decodes Rome's plea that personal appearance is not show fodder 02/01/16
Steve in HTown RSVPs for Houston event 11/10/10
Steve in HTown with Facebook/Twitter back-to-back comments regarding Kyle Brandts disturbing basketball video 07/21/14
Steve in HTown-Chaz Heston 12/06/07
Steve in PHX 3-peats National Dentist Day emails 03/06/19
Steve in PHX email - I need 16 to add a 1, Kip 03/15/18
Steve in PHX goes back to back with two e-mails; Rome declares him the show's top e-mailer 06/14/16
Steve in Phx has an issue with contractors 09/16/20
Steve in PHX Tiny Dancer Email 04/18/17
Steve Irwin Devil Ray email 02/26/08
Steve Irwin email 09/05/06
StevePHX sends an email from 'Rocky Dennis swiping left on Tinder' 07/21/16
Stu in Manhattan - Celebrity Clone Maps 01/28/11
Stu in Manhattan - Nebraska Checklist 10/06/08
Stu in Manhattan - New York City Checklist 03/29/12
Stu in Manhattan Blasts Brad in Massillon 02/23/11
Stu in Manhattan returns with an email from Rams fan 01/14/19
Stu in Manhattan returns with e-mail cracking on Wichita State, gets chewed out by Rome 03/17/14
Stu in Manhattan welcomes Birminghams new affiliate 08/13/12
Stu in Manhattan- US Census Bureau Rpt on GB 02/09/11
Stucknut email-John in Pueblo 02/08/06
Stucknut emails 04/26/06
Stucknut fact checks the Bud Black interview 12/09/16
Stucknut resets Nikki in Sun City 'Man Candy' 02/14/18
Stucknut resets the J-Stew dorm room call 03/10/20
Stucknut tries to transcribe Methleen's call 06/22/23
Stucknut tweets about Astros Tal's Hill, Rube in Richmond takes a run at Stucknut 09/28/16
Swine flu emails-Francis and Clay 04/27/09
Tang email 01/22/07
Tang Emails
Tattoo emails 08/20/07
Ted in Houston Calls Out Jesus In Chicago 10/30/09
Ted in Pittsburgh - Arkansas hog call or Kelly Clarksons mating ritual 12/06/12
Ted Kennedy skotch emails 05/16/08
Telegram emails 04/09/07
Text contes 09/12/08
Text contest 01/07/09
Text contest 01/12/09
Text Contest 01/13/09
Text Contest 01/14/09
Text Contest 02/02/09
Text contest 02/04/09
Text Contest 01/15/08
Text Contest 01/16/09
Text Contest 01/20/09
Text contest 01/21/09
Text Contest 01/22/09
Text contest 01/23/09
Text contest 02/06/09
Text contest 02/05/09
Text contest 02/10/09
Text contest 02/11/09
Text contest 11/13/12
Text contest 12/03/12
Text contest 11/14/12
Text Contest & Show Close 06/04/08
Text Contest & Triple U 06/18/08
Text Contest - Dee Snider 06/03/08
Text contest - Possibly the last one ever 12/20/12
Text contest - Steve in SLC, Gino in Boise, Ryan in Indy 07/10/12
Text Contest - Triple U 09/29/08
Text Contest and Triple U 06/19/08
Text Contest and UUU 06/10/08
Text Contest featuring Jesus in Chicago 05/16/08
Text Contest-3 blcoks 02/26/09
Text Contest-all text handles 04/17/08
Text contest-blocked 03/03/09
Text contest-BP in Htown gets blocked 02/27/09
Text contest-featuring a block 01/08/09
Text contest-featuring a block 02/20/08
Text contest-Francis in Glendale gets blocked 02/24/09
Text Contest-Leonard in Rosemead Triple U 07/24/08
Text contest-multiple blocks 03/02/09
Text contest-triple u-charles schwab 05/12/08
Text contest-Triple U-Michael J Fox 06/27/08
Text contest-TV guide reference 01/09/09
Text Contest-with nice reference 05/13/08
Texticular cancer 04/16/08
The birth of the Giraffe Family 03/09/17
The Canadians call out Benny for being a scared coward 06/27/18
The Funke Monkey blocked for Louie Anderson FAT tweet 03/02/12
They're just parents 07/24/07
Tiger Woods #EclipseSolar tweets from @BlaiseInKC, @kevie1021, and @Jeff_fromthe919 08/22/17
Tiger Woods bald email 06/17/08
Tiger Woods-John Smoltz emails 04/04/07
Tigers Email
Tina Yothers haiku
Tobin in Chapel Hill emails 03/30/05
Tobin Sucks Emails - Caller gets run 03/30/05
Todd near Lexington on Tennessee 05/24/05
Tom Brady emails 02/21/07
Tom Brady Reche Caldwell email 02/21/07
Tom in Brentwood e-mail cracking on Johnny Manziel's zits 03/27/14
Tom in Calgary - Ray Ray Reaction 03/21/11
Tom Lee email-BOHICA new meaning 05/28/08
Tommy from NC email - My daughter won a French Open. Regards, Bill Belichick 05/28/19
Tommy Lee email 04/18/08
TommyFromNC gets BANNED FOR LIFE from Twitter Contest for Mickey Rourke Tweet 09/12/14
Tony Gwynn with Glen Rice reset 05/23/05
Tony in Abq Reaction to Mendenhalls Think Tweet 05/03/11
Tony in Albuquerque - Capt Crunch Reaction 02/15/11
Tony in Albuquerque on Anthony Robles 03/21/11
Tony in Riverside email resets Dr. Boudreaux, Rome wants it reset again in 2039 03/21/19
Tony La Russa drinking email 02/26/08
Tony LaRussa email 02/11/08
Tony LaRussa gun email 12/06/07
Tony Parker Raps in French 06/27/05
Tonya Harding emails 03/20/07
Top Gun by Skip Bayless
Top Gun email 04/03/07
Traci Gold emails
Trapper Chili fest 06/15/07
Travis in Appleton - War Kicking Cancers Ass - Huge Email 01/24/12
Travis Rodgers Emails 10/03/08
Travis Rodgers Reaction 10/03/08
Triple U Text-Tommy Lee Pole Vault 05/15/08
Triple U-Big Brown-Najeh Davenport 05/19/08
Triple U-bums 02/13/09
Triple U-Najeh Davenport-Big Brown 05/19/08
Triple U-Pee Wee Herman-Nate Full of hate 04/27/09
Triple U-Stevie Wonder 08/13/08
Triple U-Tom Lee bedpost 06/05/08
Tristan in Vancouver 05/16/07
Tweet from @bouche1 about Javier's dress code, Alvin goes through his soundboard of peoples names 04/25/18
Tweet from @shoxrox17 Sounds like Noah Syndergaard has a Thor arm. Regards, Mike Tyson 05/01/17
Tweet from Eric in Orlando regarding the NBA boycott 08/27/20
Tweets about 'show me the video' and 'Ill catch you, guaranteed' 12/04/18
Tweets about bad investments 12/08/20
Tweets about Frank Gore and Mike Tyson 05/05/20
Tweets about Ikea furniture 07/31/20
Tweets about Justin Turner and Kaleb in Green Bay 10/29/20
Tweets about Matthew Stafford's vacation and Adrian Peterson's interest in Giants - from @DrewWestLA, Keith in St. Paul, @RayInSaintPaul, @Matt_InVan, @TwelveWood 02/16/17
Tweets about Mito Pereira's choke job 05/23/22
Tweets about Ray Liotta and vape guy 12/18/18
Tweets about Vanilla Ice getting arrested and KG going back to T-Wolves 02/19/15
Tweets and emails - John in SA met his idol Billy Joel, Colonel Sanders met American Idol Kelly Clarkson 12/08/15
Tweets and emails from Liz in Phoenix, @RandallintheOC, Jason in CBus, @TheMianoPan, @Jeff_fromthe919, @Denlesks, @RitchDaRuler, @love_dem_birds, @realbrockpete 02/16/17
Tweets and resets before Bill Romanowski's interview 01/28/19
Tweets from @JBinthe541, @NathanInOmaha, @stucknut, @tedrickdancin, and @MattTheQuick. Also an original song from John in Little Rock about Leff 01/23/17
Tweets from @LeeInVan (wife smack) and @JohnnyScabss (John Denver blast) 05/10/18
Tweets from @RayInSaintPaul, @stucknut, and @evanforsberg. Rome says they suck and are terrible. 07/08/15
Tweets from @TodriffNicholas, @austin_barnes1, @Siever, @RichInThe970, @stucknut, @TylerWilliams_G 07/25/17
Tweets from Stucknut and Blaise in KC about Josh Gordon's new job 09/04/14
Tweets on Johnny Football, Scott Stapp, and Vic in Nocal on Adam Silver 12/01/14
Twelvewood with a tweet about efforting Jake Rome for WoodScopes 10/08/20
Twitter contest 09/01/15
Twitter contest - @DenverrDan, @RayInSaintPaul, @JC_in_Calgary, @AlanInRaleigh, @dataminer_1999, @ChadnLA 11/18/16
Twitter contest - @FrankInThe209 wins with question about the Daily Jungle 01/05/17
Twitter contest - @GamblinEngineer, @denlesks, @BrianlnRochestr, @stevephx, @RichInThe970 (Winner) 07/21/17
Twitter contest - @love_dem_birds, @StevenCrowtown, @AlanInRaleigh, @WarLadyClones, @GABEinthe604, @Gordon_Hatthorn 03/03/17
Twitter contest - @MikeDForThree, @Denlesks, @BennyInWisco, @DocSergio21, @stucknut 10/20/17
Twitter contest - @OneCardMonty won with 3 Doors Down Kryptonite reference 09/21/17
Twitter contest - @Stucknut, @MikeDForThree, @chrisinstpete, @theStruvee, @LuisInPalmdale, @Uspsdriver, @BlaiseInKC 02/18/17
Twitter contest - @VicNocal, @TommyFromNC, @stucknut, @Jeff_fromthe919, @SirWalterCity, @TFPWillEat 04/28/17
Twitter contest - @zpatterson15, @Zonks11, @AveryGwyn, @TotalBigE, @chrisinstpete, @jgraffius 02/24/17
Twitter contest - Blaise in KC wins gift card 12/04/15
Twitter Contest - Evan in the Bay wins the gift card, @CrocOfTwit @EvanInTheBay @TheRealMozzi @AlanInRaleigh 03/25/16
Twitter Contest - Theme was Marty in NoCal and Jim Rome's anniversary 11/22/16
Twitter contest - Vic in NoCal wins with LeBrons cramp haiku, @ApolloCrudd, @DanLouisville, @AlanInRaleigh 06/06/14
Twitter Contest - Winner @mongosmash2135 06/30/17
Twitter contest - winner @SirWalterCity, ATP asked by Joe in Superior 10/07/16
Twitter contest @phx_nolagirl, @WhacKaMolePro, @CEEJAY024, @engineerhunter - JT the Brick Smackoff call reset 07/24/17
Twitter Contest featuring Joe in Superior, Chris in St. Pete, Kaleb in Green Bay the Walrus (iambthewalrus) and Ryan in Wichita 08/07/14
Twitter contest with Kyle Brandt hosting 02/12/16
Twitter contest, @JB_in_the_785 wins with bad National Poetry Day reset 10/16/15
Twitter contest, ATP (does Romes kids listen to his music), RIP Quentin Groves, call from Matt in LA 10/17/16
Twitter contest, Cal in Vegas response, Ray in St Paul wins 10/14/16
Twitter contest, Rome gives extra time, Kyle Brandt tells story about losing laptop at airport 09/29/15
Twitter Contest- @BlaiseInKC, @TOfromthe360, @Ian_Soper, @TommyFromNC, @NathanInOmaha 12/19/14
Twitter goes to 280 characters, Johnny Manziel got Fat! 11/08/17
Twitter reaction - Drew in West LA on Dodger Jim, Vic in NoCal on Buffalo, Johnnyscabs almost gets banned 10/22/20
Twitter reaction to Lorenzo Alexander interview, Francis in Glendale wars lady clones sliding into his DM's 12/12/17
Twitter thugs call Sidney Crosby soft @HitmanCanadian, @Avalanche43, @JC_in_Calgary; Giraffe party @crazybiloxi 05/02/17
Two man luge with photo 05/18/05
Tyler in Edmonton with an email about fat Americans not needing the smoker, wins a Masterbuilt smoker 08/22/18
UC Irvine baseball with emails 06/19/07
UCLADodgerFrank has Alvie produce a My Sharona parody for Ryan in Sactown's Pomona 05/04/23
Ugueth Urbina haiku 03/28/07
Undefeated Lives Here & Reaction 11/10/06
Unfunny unreadable text of the day 03/11/07
Unicycle over the Grand Canyon Email 06/22/09
Uninspired unfunny unreadable text 03/18/08
Uninspired unfunny unreadable text of the day 03/07/08
Uninspired unreadable text of the day 03/12/08
USA vs Canada 09/29/08
USA vs Canada Women's Hockey reaction, border skirmish, Nickelback and Creed blasts 02/22/18
UUU - Automatic Block - Brian Dennehy 06/29/11
UUU Text of the Day - Bummerly love - sponsored by Dane Cook 03/17/08
V. Stiviano added to self-gloss montage 04/22/19
Various emails 03/25/05
Various emails 08/29/05
Viagra award 08/26/05
Vic in NoCal announces call return 06/25/09
Vic in NoCal calling Brad a 'bag' 07/26/11
Vic in NoCal Cracks Joan in Visalia 09/18/09
Vic in Nocal email to reset Willie in KC's Moo Moo Madison call 07/27/18
Vic in NoCal emails 04/07/08
Vic in NoCal gets the Cheesiest email read, wins contest, UUU's Subway sandwich artiste asking what you want after telling them 'everything' 05/25/10
Vic in NoCal My Team Doesn't Get Enough Respect Guy 12/12/11
Vic in NoCal on Bryant McKinnie 02/22/11
Vic in NoCal on Hank Williams Jr 10/04/11
Vic in NoCal on Irie Craigs Band 10/07/11
Vic in NoCal on the OG 10/18/11
Vic in Nocal tweets that he is the best caller ever after 6 straight top 4 Smackoff finishes 07/22/15
Vic in NoCal will miss beating up on the Hackoff champ in the Smackoff 06/20/14
Vic in NoCal-Charlton Heston email 04/05/07
VP Debate Reaction 10/02/08
Wade Phillips emails 01/15/08
War a bum using another bum as a bed 02/26/08
War Big Sports 590 06/12/06
War Botched vasectomies 07/21/08
War bums using empty cigarette boxes as blackberrys 03/06/08
War Bums using fundip as blow - Apollo in KC 04/07/08
War bums using scaffolding to play Hollywood Squares 10/04/12
War Corey Pavin winning the rat family open 03/11/08
War EBT 05/11/07
War Gary Gaetti in the Rat Family Softball Game 09/16/08
War Jim firing balls thru Martys tire 02/06/07
War Liquor fueled lesbian 01/24/06
War Marty and Jim watching the sunset 03/06/07
War Marty buying a Rome fathead 06/05/07
War Marty firing rocks 02/06/07
War Marty sending Jim a singing valentine 01/26/07
War Marty slapping a GPS on Romes car 01/26/07
War Martys locket with jims picture 01/26/07
War Mike Piazza impersonation 05/23/06
WAR Montage 09/22/08
WAR Montage 2 09/22/08
War more bums 05/03/07
War my roommate breaking up with his girlfriend 02/14/08
War Peoples personal appearances 06/13/07
War Rome and Marty joining the mile high club 06/05/07
War Soundbyte 05/30/08
War soundbyte emails 05/20/08
War Soundbytes 05/16/08
War soundbytes 05/27/08
War soundbytes 05/29/08
War Soy Sauce 10/25/05
War the laugh 09/01/06
War the quad yeah sounding like my wife in bed 02/05/09
Wass in Scottsdale email about Benito Santiago, Rome asks the clones for fresh material 12/02/15
WBC emails and Jay Stew reset 03/15/06
Weatherman and N.Orleans stripper emails 09/22/05
Wes the Fat Kid email - Chael needs to sign up for Stucknut to prepare for the fight 06/19/12
Wesley Snipes emails 10/18/06
Whig Party email 07/26/07
Whitey emails an update of his whereabouts 06/15/22
Whitey Emails the Show
Why are the Clones called the Clones? Because Rome got eight consecutive e-mails comparing Jose Aldo to Dwight Howard 11/29/16
Wichitard email 02/23/07
Will Flight Deck handle TWTW? Rome resets a story about a failed attempt by a guy with a ponytail 11/14/18
Willie Mays Johnny Unitas (Joe in Bugaha) 05/17/05
WNBA email 07/12/06
Woody Allen email 01/16/08
Woody Allen email 01/17/08
World Cup emails 07/10/06
Worst Texts Contest - Wass in Scottsdale and Gino in Boise 04/11/12
Wynonna reset, email from Vince in West Covina 03/08/18
Yankees email 09/09/05
Yoko Ono ugly email 12/10/07
Your mom and I were just wrestling 07/03/08
YT Racking the Trolls 03/13/07
Zumaya (Sexy Back) 10/25/06

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